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i don't know safety to speak
i'm happy and
given up on he richmond high

a long time ago i used to
he pushes the begun

i was so maybe with a small meditation recently in southern california
and these are mostly doctors medical versions
after the sad day asking some questions in one of them said
i understand them in sand really emphasized posture austria's great port
and he was i can see the real evidence of extremes
or other communication and the last time i was here somebody asked about austria
so i thought about it
i thought about my own teacher of worship

and what he did instead of on posture
because he said
the way we do that here it's kind of your first car
the sitting posture
i've also been doing some writing about the various schools of buddhism
now that we know much more adapted hearing schools that support
and comparing it to
my experience it very music i'm a musician and
and you know if music there's two ways to learn using there's the way i was taught originally which is more than western academic approach and to big music can be learned scales that you learn exercises and the play pieces and so forth it comes off the page and
for mozart which i did a lot of when i was yeah that's a pretty good way to learn
but there's another way to learn music to which is much more common and you look at the whole world extra learn by ear
if you don't even read music music is extra you you hear the music and then you know you can pick up how did you wait error fabulous positions around the world right now jazz musicians
how often away the old days like that
and it's dangerous to generalize but
on the whole the vagina for example in some other school supplies and it's more like at least at the beginning he seems like live music from she is if you like to read music to the scales prostrations and visualizations and launchers and support
and our way
he is a lot more like learning by ear
when you come here i noticed when i came here and they were doing zazen instruction your interests like
thirty years ago like idea i used to give it to hear
and i'm sure when the people left how many of you were here for that
we'll find out if i
when it's over you think well
it's actually a whole lot to understand
that's it that's and then you think oh well they're just given me the alimentary instruction must be lots last more themes that these people here who live here know about that cannot tell him
well actually both are true both are true but
what's your being given the zazen instruction is a lot more like learning music by year okay
you said this way
the range your body in certain way
hands and your eyes
a attention to the brett support this is there's almost nothing there really much you can say promises when somebody your friend asked you after the session today well you went to meditation instruction it's epicentre what they teach you and if you said what it was they would say
yeah ready for lunch now
but and so our first exposure to and then goes if you sit regularly or sip how many have you done like one day city tour seven bases
yeah quite mostly
then it becomes a whole nother order of magnitude because then you sit there hour after hour
it's difficult physically to sit like this are actually one of this little secrets is it's easier to sit for seven days like this than in some other posture if you're staying awake as if he said primary
you can actually doing and chairs some people do
i'll get to that in a minute but
how do you do it what what's really going on here and so the first and i remember when i was beginning pupils
you know i'm assertive person that wants to do things right i want to know the correct solution so i was constantly fiddling you know my body trying to figure out what was what was the real posture ones the right posture and i think that was my question from a group said california ro posture seems to be
be it's not like any old ways okay with you go to a sad place can teach you to sit like this so there must be something to it well there is something to it is
it's our nuisance
which doesn't tell you much except tells you something
and that exercise of point you know who you are your body on a question like this it's really the first gate of zen practice
grieving is included a city reading between school you become
what happens in the mind of course is a little bit
it's also a posture but not where we think that was posture usually think of posture is you know as my back really strange or some people you know sit in front of mirrors to make sure that they're not be anymore you know
chin really mean there are instructions he's are actually yoga instructions i was talking earlier to
to michael about this
it may seem as though other schools of buddhism don't emphasize this posture quite so much with all the yogis including to that tradition everything this is this is buddhist yoga and it's those of you who study actual yoga know the actual posture and the details of it are pretty important not because
cause anybody's watching or matters whether it's right or wrong but because
ah when you sit this way
you start to become transform your week
so our first effort typically is trying to figure out posture from the outside
this is my body here are my bags here in my shoulders
you know
exactly how is exposed to all be a range so really the first process it's just you become aware you start to become aware that you really do have a body and
subtle changes when you sit for a long time subtle changes in your posture for example if someone here comes in adjusts your posture can seem huge you know from the outside is some will think that inside of feels some das going on because you become something is happening to you
your awareness of fun
i hope they explain carefully than when somebody does that and i don't know how often that it's guy gets it is it's really it's not correcting your posture this is very important
your posture is view
however you are and it's constantly actually changing as you are changing so
if you're someone who who adjusts a person's posture we have to understand that when you go to that person's place and put your hand on her body
it needs to be with great respect because this person's is already pregnant
however it may be
and you may think you're sitting this way it's easy for you live here used to study ballet happened to be a member of something you may think oh that's great i have a leg up on zen practice
i don't have to suffer but actually
this is true of almost everything and practice it's not quite that way
if things are easy a cursed they'll be difficult late
if things are good and i'm speaking from experience and things are difficult now bill that's that's what the epic
so if it's very hard for you to sit like this
the notion that somehow we've been cursed with a difficult body
is he said that thought aside this is just you and if the best you can do is some slumping posture and
you can't sit up straight well that's you if someone adjust your posture it's not okay your posture before it was not so good and now we're making it better it's just
someone else comes into your sphere and
touches few it's another way to know about the pasture at all
practically speaking and speaking seven who has gun at a lot to be doesn't really matter what people will go actively they were sitting ten
the real change the real change comes from inside
the last year it's something we impose on the bucket
we do it this way but actually and that's okay we start when that actually the same time we do that each time and the cushion
inside something is coming how it's kind of like a you know that
hen pecks from the outside that chip bags from the inside the inside
the inside is why this is yoga and not just some
lol interesting exercise and six chemistry

why this i call a call on is because what makes you think you only have one by
you see this physical body is
it's not all that your
this was a bit of an abstraction to me until about three years ago i got into a coma for about two weeks and i had nobody to my awareness no breath
but i was a week
i was way from old time sideline
i can't be my body because i had the luck
i can't be my grasp weeks ahead
so to say our physical bodies who we are is insufficient
this is like my good friend lama surya das reich because spoken of you may have heard him he was a practitioner of the possum and styling meditation
focusing on breath and he met to get teaching in colorado chip most have you heard that heard about
and he explained to covering the chain ways practice was and was following the breath
and colored che said well what will you practice be with you don't have any
and a syria said that that changed his life came disabled because it's true what will you do don't have that
so the physical body is only some gross manifestation of who we are it's not the only posture that we have
there isn't in your posture and peter by to this inner body
we can call by various names
sometimes for those of you been studied buddhism we call it samberg chi or energy volume spot
this body is
hangs around your physical body it's kind of more or less the same place but it's not
physical by
and this teaches you have said
this body if you sit still it's body starts to awaken where and from the inside
posture begins to do them
so at this point excuse me
this is hot
at this point
we have to step back and look at what we mean by the word posture
even in english posture yes any means
you know what's my posture in this negotiation that's a common and users that's a common and say what's your what's your negotiating posture
you know or posture really means your attitude your how you come to a situation where you are what you bring to it
and that kind of posture doesn't have gone city like this with your back straight shoulders pay it's much more subtle than also much more important
now are beginning to get you well mean by posturing and a sense you know this postures pretty universal it's taught by various spiritual schools can do yoga so
but what we speak at a posture and and buddhist since we're talking really about boudreau
post you probably know this term we use it to refer to the way that our hands on boudreau goodrow means
well it's hard to explain what it means this is a mujer and
you know you see the buddha statues of various kinds of movies hope looks on their their ways of how with the by sacred positions
this physical posture is
here's a boudreau it's the mujer of the buddha
who you are in the world isn't movement how you behave as a move
this building has here
got an important for those of you live here is how come back to that school this neighborhood has
for example right down the street is that san hospice where people come to die that's part of the movement here whether or not
our country has a neutral
we can read about it the papers today it's kind of belligerent in right now but that's a liquor
ah something that should concern us a great deal were part of that
the country's andrea is the sum total of all of this
one of the things that i noticed coming to the building this is by no means the criticism it's just facts at the door is locked
can walk for thirty two years ever since i've used with here in there's a good reason for its inner city neighborhood to residential place can't watch the door and twenty four hours okay but it's the first experience of coming to this film is that the doors bot
and i hadn't really no i haven't i don't come here much more so when i do come i come more like to asked me like anyone of you come to adore shaping on it's why and sir talk
period many have you gone through incident
actually somebody comes into a check you out
if you look sort of satellite patriot like the
well this is okay you i'm not as certainly not the a critical but you know this is a this is two things this building it's kind of complicated it's a temple
it's also a residential grams so as a residential practice place
you know we lock our doors and series this is the way life is so it's reasonable the door shipping on but as a temple
temple meads to have an open door even in new york and st patrick's can have you been married you know which is probably the most prominent temple or church in america you go up those stone steps and is great gothic edifice
pull on those huge wooden doors you know
it's open some of the hallway in the front you know it's open because
a temple or churches where people go get something
so the architecture reflects that there is a place that can be sealed off and it's usually a priest or somebody ten minutes maybe it isn't open twenty four hours game these days i'm sure there are guards all around heavy security to terrorist target but anyway and also go to new york
go up and down here that the churches there
they were the homeless people sleep outside
distributors who thinks it's all arranged with the police and so the crazy homes for people who don't have a home and go to a church course wherewith else would they go and go to church this is a mujer of a building building has a villager
you have a mood you're in your life when you live your life when we relate to people your face your expression how you hold yourself this is all posture this is all posture and it's larger sense

when i was a young said student i
some parts of buddhism came very quickly
and then
but now thirty years later i can report to you that it doesn't panic the other parts comes slowly and it doesn't matter what parts come quick to you and what parts comes slow to you at the end it's always slow
it takes a long time to be included you know this man asked me if you gems posture is very important
i have to say really know awakening is very important that's what sentence about this is the awakening school
buddha to buddha means awaken just a common word in sanskrit and it's a wake
so suppose you are sick or your disable or your spine is crooked when you have arthritis are you in great pain i talked to him and last we have send student
yes a mysterious condition is back that no one can solve
he's in great pain
drugs don't work very well for it
the only posture you can take his and lie flat on its back or you can walk
so if you'd go to the zendo can see him there he's lying flat on his back back
and someone might say well you know his posture is so good can't even sit up
i talked to him for about an hour phone
so impressive so impressed with this man has
his enduring things that i'm not sure i could ensure with my ease posture so like is postures quite wonderful
and there's and i visit lives elsewhere in this incentive community as a neurological disease camp
sit very well his voice is slurred
his memories not so good but i went there recently
and green gulch and
i went to the dining room and there was a railing that hadn't been there before i used to live here so i very familiar is a beautiful wood jag style
and i asked somebody who
get that seems quite you said on this man getting
no i practically bursting into tears knew what it had cost him hell you get had to he was a bot carpenter for the season still have been of by
to do that work must've taken in such
and i thought coming get this against posture it's very generic good
he didn't come to either
so i was got a little ashamed almost you know i don't know if my posture is that good and it has nothing to do with crossing your legs whether it's full of these are half a certainty that understand them
it's posture ninety percents

most of you probably through the in other ways are familiar factor of two predominant schools at sandown oliver just work
why it's called rinzai the others called soto this is the soldier and engineer and the usual stereotype
his home greenside they do cause and they emphasize taking the flight
soto school is born know
no up attainment no special experience
well these stereotypes are exactly that they taught me much and in fact that not all correct
although i used to think that through a long time that's what each of and says about the other so
i'm one of the things in buddhism i'll give you a little secret you have to work through the prophet can't get
many of the sutures are kind of propaganda actually need somebody who explained to you what's the propaganda and what's the actual teach
some of you know the term hinayana these the company into the small vehicle to the enormous put down
he invented the other schools are going to go it can be on small vehicle
you see this all the time in the text so anyway

it might be just as accurate to say that were the seven school year
because there's no curriculum never i've told you it's like playing like you read size that will a bit more light sheet music
he's a pieces and the of here it just put you in front of the piano and same
this way file your breath
gonna play the piano on know how to play the game we i
put your fingers on the keys push down
no that's not playing the piano will just try it
this is more like our way it's very sudden you know immediately you have to play the piano immediately you have to can fry
the highest highest wisdom that goods against to offer which is already expressed in our body
but if we think oh well fine i don't really have to do anything special on to see
that's not right here
ah the con
it's a posture
the world is full of commons it just depends on whether your posture is at the attitudes
coins a problem you can put your arms around
oh so very first moment we'd come to the cushion you're confronted with
the core but who you are of what would your reaction
and some people are more a of you're more comfortable learning by ear than others and this is okay this is why there's gas tens of thousands of pages
scriptures instructions include is because we're all different we all have different learning styles you know some of this sort of dyslexic spiritually that's okay you know i'm dyslexic people have to learn a different way some people don't learn through words at all a learn much more physically
security himself was actually more of a physical teach you the best way to learn from him was just be with this is very beautiful very powerful but it's also quite fragile because now he's not here
this is why would the role of a teacher in seven so important because the instructions only care you so far and then the teacher
provides the word was instruction by example

this is actually supposed to be a lecture about posture it really is actually i
i'm already stated on the topic
but it may not seem obvious

whether you move know whether you have pain or no pain
whether you get up and leave or stay
it's all contained within the merger of it's you there's no judgment here
everybody's okay to we have to start from that point
if it's if it's judgmental and there's some right or wrong in and if there's some better or worse and it's not exactly buddhism in something else some kind of skill
and we're not here to learn a skill backward here to learn and unlearn our skills skills are good for practical things but
upstairs there's a wooden board they had really just before i came down caught on
in on the hog every cent on it says burton death it's a great matter is the great hair
this is what we're up to here
it's not a matter of skill it's a matter of taking that time when we take that to hard our posture
it becomes a this posture right way
we sit facing the wall but the back of that whole exercise gives the notion birth and death is the great manner
there was a time when we weren't here
now we're here there's a time when we won't be here again
this is the whole thing this is the whole point
sometimes when your legs hurt a why
you feel like you want to be
so rude
other times
have you feel you know before when this happened i move but now i'm just going to try not to
so don't move
it's important that you both actually
no it's important to break the rules sometimes because if you don't break the rules or at least
band around the edges that whatever they tell you that you won't know what it is the whole point of you know what we now know many many different buddhist culture is not just the japanese which is that you see me to time the is for the japanese style and japanese culture is very formal has a great
formal side let's put it that way yuri everything's very precise like t-shirt
and this is important there needs to be some
structure for our posture
but one thing that if you don't live in japan we don't realize is that that's only have like only half the buddhist love you a buddhist temple first of all there are no doors
the could walk in time day or night because it's general
birthdays at gourds always over day or night midnight to in the morning it's a temple
there might be children here you might go to of meditation retreat in while you're going to the retreat you have to step over the try sequels you know there is an interpenetration of ordinary life and spiritual life that we're still working out here because this has to be refashioned for our life know america
guns were probably one of the least foremost societies on the planet
it also very individualistic so we're very used to doing things our own way so they have everybody do something the same way strikes us immediately it's too conformist so
the point of you know the was that we do and all of that the forms
is not that you should do them well there's some right way to do the party it's like a mirror that helps us see what our pasture views
without that it's very hard to see who we are
very hard to see who we are and if you live alone it's very hard you know who you are with people because you never with
if you live with someone
and you leave the dishes in sink
it's different get some feedback why are the dishes in the sand
but what kind of a slob are you
well then you know it's the same kind of thing
but if you go by yourself nobody calls you want to see you never can fry
what this solid average just maybe there's a good reason that this research and maybe you had a heart attack could have to wait the of good reason but you know unless you so in the same way we come here and it's not like you have to do things right it is more this is just a place to be where we can be completely ourselves it's okay
you know the fundamental posture of the dharma
is accept you
because already at the very beginning you have the nature of politically awakened curse completely awake you know you could say person completely awakened the your incomplete awaiting don't even say be
you're already there and
yeah you're here to discover them to keep them now
what's that tossing around am
i discovered to my chagrin stories made its way into a book to know the saga okay was com
branching streams book i didn't know i was in tent
the end of a lecture
no i i was irritated being very individualistic and very proud first i didn't like all this you know bound
particularly people i didn't like
yeah i felt well there should be some you know i should express you know i'm an american i should express how i feel you know i don't like them on nothing about and actually part of a brought it up for me a oh she said when he was younger he felt the same way all this valley kind of gets on your nerves
and so i asked him with great sincerity really i said you know suppose you bow like that but you'd have a cold heart
i put it
how is it how is your bow he said perfect
well i've been living with that response for thirty years and maybe i'm beginning to understand i told you before that
if you're quick at the beginning it gets difficult later
it's difficult beginning if you have a terrible time city it's painful from the first moment
be grateful
because there will be a day of your wife maybe not so long from now when you will have sudden suffering and and stuff cannot escape can't get up you can can't go away someone you love his gun your country is go to war and can't stop it
maybe ill
if you have that situation right on your cushion
you need three cushions this to crush your legs that's okay
the point of awakening it's not to come to a state where we don't suffer
is to come to the stage where we know answer
enlightenment can be something terrible to
we have this notion from books that somehow it's great peaking severe concert whatever
it's what it is
there are many stories of buddhist monks who were awakened at at some great crisis and of lives
it was suicidal perhaps for your face you get
so sometimes a terrible thing computer teacher to
so somebody recently as a very senior person in are said to me
you know we have to remember you can't every town
whether a person's size it is good
no one can say that even the good of said
this is very very it takes a long time understand this i'm not sure i understand very well but
to really understand that you can't say your teacher can't say that buddha can't say the universe and say it's entirely outside the realm of that completely
which means that in this realm there is no judgment and we can be very kind of other
i think maybe
one explanation although explanations really hard for pointed out the question i had about this that bow
i may say i have a cold hiring
that's maybe what i think
but here i am putting my hands to get an advantage
who's to say my art it's cold or warm
used to say how that person experiences have been they say oh there's lou god i thought he hated me that look he's going to how wonderful you are like thinking this guy
he's that good or bad you know it's just that good or bad
you know there are these stories you read about this point
native americans ups that was get them to do
came off the could just mean that i have to do some product or repair
he industry

ah pay more attention next
there are stories like code you know me
this young boy was ready to go on his first
battle or raiders some patchy
at the last minute he broke his leg so the spotters are all how terrible he broke his leg you can gain honored by going out you to very disappointed
but then everybody on the radio parties killed and suddenly the father thinks ooh ooh what a stroke of luck he broke his leg you know this kind of think we can never exactly say what's going on
at the same time we don't walk through the world with some kind of blissful ignorance but i don't know what's going on i don't really care i just got to do what i do you have to be very attentive to our not been sure what's going on so the point
of posture good posture really beans
is happening that's good
so it doesn't really matter whether the door is locked or not lock it's long as you notice that it's why
and the implications of that in also
work with that way we work some problem in our posture maybe there's some way we could change the architecture of the buildings so there could be some vestibule which is open and some other place which is why we can do like st patrick's or other churches maybe we just let it be in like it that way but just to notice it
already it changes the situation it isn't just a case of a lot door it's a case in a locked door that somebody's paying attention to you see the difference so your posture can be whatever it is but if you're paying attention to it it's going to change
so i think back now it's hard to remember it's just like picking back to learn how to ride a bike it's hard to hundred falling off but i remember fussing so much with how does said right as though somehow there was a right way
but i was sitting right because i was paying attention to how i was sitting in the exercise trying to figure it out so whether it's right or wrong or anything fact that i was working with it needed okay
and that's what we look for that's why when you come design instruction if we don't tell you what to do
ah exact but we also go not tell you what to do you know if you sit this way
and with the hands like this particularly which is a fairly delicate thing to keep
place it's pretty hard not to pay attention
this is the point it's pretty hard enough when you're lying in bed you may think well this is the best southern posture
much more comfortable
but you won't pay attention very well
says some single stuff
the desk as he retains its families tap breeze
but you know if if you're in one of those situations where something terrible has happened to your light lying in bed becomes terrible
you can't stay there get up pace around take tranquilizers it's awful
this way becomes better at that point even though it hurts
you don't have much physical pain in our life partner

most places on the planet people lived a lot more physical pain hunger seeds watching her children died now
it's just a part of life and buddhism came out of that kind of world in fact the whole story if it's true is that a person who lived more like best that is subjective the prince
cave attention enough to notice how people live in like him he couldn't bear it
it became very painful for him city
we don't know if any of that story it's true but it has some great human truth that to go from protection and privilege to a situation where you're totally exposed and nothing is protected view is seems to be the first basic move his spiritual path
to become unprotected
then to watch what's going on
the last words if any size and instruction ought to be
pay attention to what happens from now on now you have the template you'd have the exterior form
and if you sit this way regularly
the inner posture will begin to wake up and a path will open for you
particularly if we do it with other people
because they will point to the your issues in progress
your many things with them
be careful
you know i hang out with musicians still a lot in
you know you watch them listening to somebody money
a that that again listen to it
that's really cool how did he do that they listen to really listen
and you pick it up pick it up little by little i think it's good that in american how here's all these different styles of practice and if you go to some other center and they have a much more curriculum based way getting practice that's okay that's not different than this it may
see there's not much to hang onto here but the whole point is you bring if you can your whole life
to cushion and you bring your cushion to your whole life the last time i was here somebody asked well i leave the zendo and i can't hold on to that feeling it's very discouraging i go out into the world and it all vanishes
that's okay but you know that's thinking of zazen as a kind of cardio exercise you know if you think that you're going to be as com out on the streets you are in the zendo forget it
it's not that way
we what you do carry out of the same going into the world is this quality of a posture that is a way or where they can notice things and when you come to the cushion it shouldn't be a case of at last and here it said center i can forget about all that nonsense just live inside here and
he saved my spiritual life no good
but that's not good either
we have to bring the outside in setting out and
if we can get the knack of there
then we can start to play like a musician than the music started to come
if we get stanford and quite know what to do that's when we can go to a spiritual friend the elder disabling i don't quite know what i'm doing
one good test
just ask yourself now baby with this time
in the people used to do this salon and get used to call it stop they would stop in some posture and take a look you can ask yourself what am i being aware of right now
and i just going along and some unconscious space or am i actually aware of what i what am i doing this come
what is going on i'm biting my partner but it's coming on
this has tremendous richness to it and if you bring all that stuff into your posture
this merger of life
then the music will start to come
and even if it doesn't it's okay
sometimes the music not coming is the way that music sounds for one
so sometimes you can hear about people seeing ions fabulous spiritual experiences and says she lay your case my body and i lost the islands wondered what do you think oh gosh that's great i wish i could have an experience like that i don't have anything experiences and session i just sort of sit there and
i think much happens
if you think that one story about your obsession is better than the other it's missing a whole point
experiences come and go there are times when are bored stiff they are definitely times when we think it's complete hope hogan waste of time that's all part of their it's all part of the music you know
ah part of the peace top part of the baskin said
also feel free to experiment i think it is a good idea pretty serious with his practitioners to check out other schools and other traditions because they can have something important to offer your particular learning style
as jack kornfield says and i think it's a very important lesson every school of buddhism has its shadow
now it's it's week one
and are we point probably use that we don't give a lot of former instruction or curriculum to pat
it's more like twenty five year
but for schools that provider a lot of sheet music here shadow is the sheet music sheet music is an you know i just genius and could snap of music just the notes on the page
so in the end of musician good issue
each other
suzuki roshi wellington's alive really encouraged us to study academic
mr doctrine so for better or worse i did a lot of that got quite get down and i don't ever mention the but i think it still helps me it's
hi and i thank you for listening i guess to some kind of discussion period afterwards if you want you know
top one
thank you