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This human body is the entire world in the ten directions. Can you be stopped? Bodhicitta. Compassion. Thinking. Hatred. Not indulging in habitual thoughts of hatred. Say no. "Body and mind study of the way" Dogen fascicle. Precepts.

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intention i vow and to taste center of the law to dinosaur
i wanted to let all of you know that linda's mother miriam
he entire world at the ten directions is the true human body
the entire world of the ten direction
when the ten directions are the entire world
the for midpoints up and down by the ten directions
consider the moment when the front and back
vertical and horizontal are thoroughly mastered
to consider means to understand and to resolve that this human body
i'm divided by self and others
he's the entire world in the ten directions
to consider means to understand and to resolve that this human body
i'm divided by self and others is the entire world and the ten directions
when someone tells me that there are thinking about going to the monastery i usually ask them this question
can you be stopped
our practice of manifesting through our very own life
the unfathomable shape of been awakened the beam of a buddha is entered through this question
can you be stopped
it's been my job here lately a green gulch to encourage people
your practice
which for me is a very encouraging thing to do
but what i've learned in this job is there really isn't any job at all
there's just the amazing opportunity to witness
the part of the enlightenment but he kicked up
as it arouses itself
no matter how tall or short order young thick or thin
they start bodhicitta
greitens the face and puts twinkles in the eyes a monk
today we are all here to be monks
which means to me that we are here
to open our minds and open our hearts to the possibility of perfect freedom
can you be stopped
in the book places that scare us by emma children the wonderful to doesn't teach her
she talks about bodhicitta chapter called the excellence from bodhicitta
body means awake enlightened it also means completely open
and that means mine
the man's heart
can it means attitude
at times this opened heart is as tender and vulnerable as an open wound and in part
can be equated with our ability to love
even the coolest people have this tender spot
even the most vicious animals love their offspring
or as hurt to trump on the she said once everybody loves something even if it's only tortilla
the body kit car is also equated with compassion
with our ability to feel the pain that we share with others
the suffering with other
which is why we built protective emotional systems around ourselves from the first place
out of a fear of this pay to shared pain
with others
but it's fortunate for us that this other ability isn't body cheap got is like a crack in the wall the gabbard defense system
and as we practice we can learn to find this crap can make it wider and to step through it into a world of interconnection
the true human body undivided by self and other
given that the entire universe is this true human body it may be useful for us to break it down into parts for the purposes of our study
master dogan suggests to name of a parts for the universe study with the mind and study with the body
for most of us studying with the mind in traps us instantly and the familiar patterns of our opinions judgments and view
suzuki roshi thought that there are two types of wrong thinking
the first time
he's called wrong view
and it's fairly easy to correct
example is my hat is in the laundry room which quickly drops away when you find that your hat is on your head
the other type of thinking is called habitual view
and this is very very difficult for us to renew
they're called canes and they travel with us
most of our lives
he insulted me baby me she defeated me he brought me
but those who think such thoughts will not be free from hate
the case of an obituary view when i can't find my hat the idea occurs to me that it's been stolen
and the pain of being victimized lingers long after i find my hat on my head
and this of course says nothing of the actual theft of both hats and heads that have been going on
among this human race since its beginnings
and those and gullible markings the pain of those losses are habitual use that we inherit generation after generation
and yet those who think such thoughts will not be free from help
so i wanted to talk a little bit about some practices that you might try today for engaging with the mind that hates
i was recently telling a friend about an occasion when i had an important insight into one of the prohibitions from the old wisdom teachings that has to do with monks not going to picture
i thought this was kind of a quaint old fashioned prohibition to keep the young adolescent monks from engaging an erotic fantasies
just like our our ratings for movies attempt to do so in our day to protect our children from so-called adult entertainment
and then one morning i was sitting in my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee
and i noticed suddenly what kind of thinking i was doing
and i was thinking in a very unfriendly and unflattering weigh about one of my friends
and as i reflected on those thoughts i realized that i didn't even believe any of them they weren't even close to what i thought about my crap they were more like a cartoon a coarse breadcrumbs
when i noticed this way of thinking it stopped instantly as if embarrassed to be seen
as well it should
so this precept about not going to pictures came alive for me at that moment
not indulging in these habitual years
that fill our minds with hateful thoughts confused thoughts lustful thoughts
the only mechanism that i've really ever found that works well on this particular kind of habitual thinking is modeled by manjushri guides you on the main altar here
normally manjushri is holding a very sharp sword
and the sword is used for cutting the delusion as they arise
very quickly
and the sword which i find effective my own practice is the sort of know
just know
not okay
over and over again know
r booty sought for here a green gulch actually years without his sword but he's picking the weeds of habitual use out by hand he's holding a plant there
and actually yesterday i found i should so doing this very practice in her backyard pulling the weeds out by hand
no it's a very healing in to do
we can even make a bouquet of this weeds and placed them on the author
huh no of the wisdom sword is not designed to kill the mind
it's merely to restrain line so that other fresh and more
encouraging thoughts can appear
there's an endless possibility for the nourishment that can grow in mind is clear
claire we have brambles
like the fresh flowers of the spring
but as we all know it takes a lot of work
but it's the kind of work that will make you both strong and beautiful
like the body sought for wisdom
here's a reading from astrodome on studying good away with the mind
the sun moon and stars as seen by humans and by davis by the gods are not the same
and the views of various beings differ widely
views about one mind differ as well
yet these views are nothing but mining
is it inside or outside does it come or go he was there more of it at birth
why not use their less of it at death
or not
how do we understand this birth and death and use of birth and death
all this is merely a moment or two of mine
a moment or two of mind is a moment of mountains rivers and earth
or two moments of mountains rivers and earth
because mountains rivers and earth and so forth neither exist nor do not exist
they are not large or small not attainable for unattainable not knowable or unknowable not demonstrable or impenetrable
they need a change with realization nor change without realization
just whole heartedly accept and trust that to study the way with mind is this mountains rivers and earth mind itself thoroughly engaged in studying the way
in other words no mountains no birth no mind no border no hatred
at least for a moment or two
the other approach to studying the buddha way is to study with the body
and i wanted you to know that the resource for studying these two approaches the body and mind you can read and organs classical and the shop again so called shooting to body and mind study of the way and this classic
cool is a moon in a playground
studying with the body means to study the way with your own body
sounds pretty simple
but i think as we know in buddhist teaching this means to study the relationship between what between what we believe to be our own body and what we believe to be the world
is it inside or outside fast or flow upright or lean evil or holy
it's perfectly ok for us to ask for help with this problem
please ask for help with this problem
the initial help that was given by the buddha was in the form of the bodhisattva precepts
a body of a buddha does not kill the world
a body of a buddha does not steal from the world
a body of a buddha does not sexually abused the world
like the world intoxicate the world slander bragg hate or with whole anything to
the body of a buddha does not abuse the body of a buddha where the teach you know buddha or the community of business here disciples of a buddha
this body comes forth from the study of the way
everything which comes forth from the study of the way is the true human body
this kitchen is not the broken furniture of an abandoned house but the collective efforts and the accumulated virtue of studying the way
the body suddenly makes up
transparently clear in eight direction
it drops away entwined around the tree like listeria
the shape that the wisteria takes through its seasons of growth and practice is the shape of a buddha in the shape of a person in the shape of new yourself
the tree is the bodhi tree in the shape of an old barn in shape for the central
when children like to play on it and birds like to build their nests under its own armpits
then we will know that the kind of dropping away is now
at that moment of dropping away of the body there is a voice that stops all sound
at the moment of renouncing worldly life the arm is cut off and the marrow is a tank
even if you begin to study the way before the on of the king of emptiness still your practice as a descendant of yourself his employer
your practice as a descendant of yourself is endless
we have been taught by our founder should release sydney regime that mind weeds or the nourishment for a healthy life in practice that we don't need to be ashamed of ourselves or what not think or how
we behold we only need to pay attention
attention itself will take care of the rest
we are naturally equipped with compassion and dignity
none of us can sustain for long the gaze of a loving parent or teacher
the sword drops of itself and the dirty underwear finds its way into the laundry basket where it belongs
so today we have given ourselves this opportunity to whole heartedly engage in the study of the way
the study with the mind and the study is the body
therefore make every effort to stay awake
and to burn from yourself the secrets of this one precious life
when the bell rings signaling the start of the city period
put some energy and liveliness into your spine and your mudra
balance your head weightlessness on your shoulder place your tongue against the root of your mouth and keep your eyes open
inhale and exhale
the way of practice is just to be concentrated on your breathing with the right posture and with great pure effort
in this way your love and your mastery of yourself will grow up together
and please don't ever forget that what interview without exception has to offer this world in desperately needed
on inhalation the entire world arises
on the exhalation the entire world descend
like a bright green turtle
on the open ocean
how wonder
how much
have you remembered