One-day Sitting Lecture

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it is true for the to target as the words

can you hear me

i confess
i don't feel like talking much
the last eleven days
we've heard words pile up on words
image pile up upon image
i wouldn't be surprising if we're all just a little getting just a little tired of it
so i'm going to try to be brief

but it does seem incumbent upon me to say something
a coma morning is not a time
to talk away our pain
or fear or grief
it is a time i think
to press for a cooler look
at the scramble workings of our delusions
both personal and collective

sanga member
acts that i announce
this sitting be dedicated
to world peace
but it must say of course all our practice is dedicated to peace and the welfare of all beings always
that's what we're here for

whatever peace and harmony or phone when sitting on our cushions
what we take forward into our daily lives
today's no different
it's just
we're more responsive to that requirement
a karmic consequences of human intentions and actions areas we have painfully witnessed
visited again upon the world
you and i know only too well
agreed hate and delusion
her phone within our own hearts
for me
the phrase we use of saving all beings
begins was sitting with that being in me
called hate
that being in me called lust
that being and be cold fear
that being in me coleridge
but we must be where
a little daily vexation and irritations we all experience
come at first to us
his guests
until slowly they took over and grew huge and become the host
and the demons
crowding out everything else

it is noteworthy i think that today is the autumn equinox
the time when the sun enters the sign of libre
the sign of peace
the sign that stands for the unity of self and other
the merging of difference in unity
how fair play and equal sharing
a time when dark and light balance each other for a moment only
like two hands touching and perfect harmony
then the scales tip
nightforce gradually begins to close in
the seasons change sometimes gently sometimes not
the buds of spring the green leaves of summer
the yellow leaves the bottom of the bare tree limbs of winter
the rhythms and cycles and endless change
such as the look and feel the more common look and feel of our impermanence
i think catastrophe only gives it an is dramatizes are passing event

i would wish to
to remind us that the story of shakyamuni buddha
is the story of each one of us
the story of being shocked into a sudden awareness
but the sites of misery
indeed we come to realize how we live in a world of men of his change and mortality
we remember that realization
that the realization of this suffering is is the motivation for moving toward the light

when we watched on our tv screens the pictures of those two
iconic tower is crumbling like sand castles
i couldn't help hearing the words we chant in the food cans housing day
form and substance like do on the grass like a dart or lightening emptied in an instant vanished in a flash
for the jingle i remember from my child which was in which ends with the words ashes ashes all fall
at that moment i think
we all knew with a sinking feeling that a world or whatever world we had hung onto was changed forever
whether for better or worse no one can say for sure
but whether in the big picture those terms even apply
it wasn't for me an unfamiliar feeling this ground drop in a way underfoot
i'm old enough to remember well december seventh nineteen for you want when the world suddenly changed
have we all knew what the same feuding we had this week that it would never be the same
get on august sixth shortly thereafter
when the newspapers begin to come up with pictures of those mushroom clouds building up over hiroshima nagasaki
we know again
but nothing would ever be the same there could be
and i think some of the same kind of experience
we felt in witnessed in
painting sixty three when president kennedy was killed
and later that same decade when his brother robert fell to an assassin's bullet along with martin luther king
and then we watched our inner cities being torched
by people enraged and frustrated by injustice

for me i must say that
still seems astonishing
astonishing how naive and innocent we seem to be
even after what might well prove to be the bloodiest century and our human history
in fact
the whole history of the world is sometimes viewed as nothing more on their page after page soaked in blood
and buried in the rubble again and again
flames smoking debris the salvage operations the bringing out bearing of the dead
if i need any reminder of why i practice
i need only summon those images

and finally

i must say that sitting as we do here today
is and must be
a kind of dying
got into the past
dying to all our plans hopes and expectations
it is this as if to sit among our ruins are paying and to let go of everything
ah our reference points

i was told that once during a session
suzuki roshi suddenly shouted i'll just die even enlightenment won't save you now

today let us breath after breath
the core of our usual strategies
let go of hatching plans and
let go of even trying to brace our hearts against iran terrifying edge of existence
we come here to unclench our minds and fists to unclench them
to gather into sit in silence and go even beyond the need for comfort or consolation

maybe it's just my time in life
but i want to simplify
to consign the rest of my days to whatever fate awaits me
instead of scolding or preaching or complaining or blaming
i feel like an old grandmother
who just wants the cradle some her child in her hands
rocket gently and murmur
there there
i'd like end with a poem

maybe to parks actually
a swimmer without a vulture peak the buddha held up as flower
my kashyap a smiled
a single flower one smile and the whole universe blue and
a single flower and universe books
it's called szabo gonzo
the true treasury of the dorm i
and that to treasury has come all the way down through the centuries to us here today
what good fortune
what could forge
the last poem
i used to on buyers for my words
now i wish someone would buy me away from words
i've made a lot of charmingly profound images with this st or that father famous for their icons
i'm so tired of what i've been doing
then one image came without form and i quit
look for someone else to tend the shop i'm out of the image making business
finally i know the freedom of madness
a ran random image arrives ice cream get out
he disintegrates
only laugh
only the holder the flag fits into and wind
no flag
rumi born twelve was southern afghanistan
thank you

i would prefer that we don't
engaging questions and answers today
if there's something in your heart some pong some
particular line or phrase are feeling that you would like to
bring forward and and it fits the time and place
let's take a minute and see if anybody has something like that you would like to say
after which will go back to city

silence is the best my travel

thank you
i'm going insane