Mountains And Rivers Without End

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Mountains And Rivers Workshop, Mark Gonnerman, Stanford Humanities Center, Kresge Auditorium

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good evening and welcome to gary snyder reading mountains and rivers without in my name is mark donovan i'm a graduate student in religious studies organizer of this reading and convener of the stanford humanities center research workshop breeding various nighters mountains
and rivers without end it is my privilege tonight to welcome you and introduce gary snyder in organizing this reading and are year long workshop my aim in large part has been to foster a sense of community among scholars through explication and exploration of various long poem were
off to an excellent start for as you will see in your program numerous stanford departments programs and offices have contributed money time and ideas to make this evening possible i am personally grateful to the office of the dean of humanities and sciences the center for east asian studies and to the new center for buddhist studies
how's wherein the center for buddhist studies open at stanford this year it's purpose is to support scholarship on buddhist traditions and encourage greater public understanding of buddhists acquired describing the center is available in the kresge foyer please pick one up during intermission or
on your way out if you don't have one already
i'm also grateful to numerous individuals some of whom are listed in the program i'd spend special thanks to carl bielefeld professor of buddhist studies and co-director of the new center who shot mind kenai and good sense of humor have made our work on this project a pleasure i'm also very grateful because tanahashi for pay
painting the beautiful bristlecone pine canvas that adorns the stage
i'm thankful the gary for writing program notes for the evenings reading which you i hope have in your hand and i've just been asked to announce the the pamper channel channel fifty one will broadcast was reading on november seventeen seven thirty in the evening many people have come together and contributed in in making that evening possum
bull and i urge you to read through the list in your program and remember all of the people with gratitude and the thank them when you see them
before introducing gary i would like to explain briefly are your long research workshop at the stanford humanities center
our workshop will meet throughout the year approximately six times each quarter usually on monday afternoon treat to hear eminent scholars from stanford and elsewhere discuss mountains or rivers from their own areas of interest and expertise the seminar will conclude with a day-long symposium next spring on may sixteenth of
saturday and i hope a published collection of our papers
our workshop again this afternoon with a fine general introduction to the poem by professor anthony hudson of the university of puerto rico at my egg was tony is are completing many years of work on a commentary on the palm will here tonight he followed the palm over the years as various parts of been published and different literary journals
information on how to learn more about the workshop is on the back of your program please feel free to contact me directly
this workshop is sponsored by the humanities center with funds from the andrew w mellon foundation as the mellon foundation charter explains their grants are intended to promote projects urging the well being and well doing of humankind
i want to say it quickly that if you want to get on the mailing list for the humanities center there was also the sign-up sheet for that in the foyer so you can learn about their many fine programs
when i cooked read the mellon foundation and charter i thought oh that's perfect for gary slater has throughout his life worked tirelessly to promote the well-being and well doing of humankind
born in san francisco and nineteen thirty and raised on small farms and washington state and oregon gary has lived most of his wife on the pacific rim the west coast of turtle island and then japan for more than four decades he has inquired deeply into ben and other forms of buddhist practice and east asia aesthetics practices and for
arms fundamental to mountains and rivers without him
harry began finding his own voice of a young poet scholar at reed college whereas interest in native american traditions motivated a high level work for the bachelor's degree in anthropology and literature is nineteen fifty one be a thesis he who hunted birds in his father's village the dimensions of a high of myth
published at nineteen seventy nine still repaid careful reading after one year and graduate school at indiana university and to have three years at the university of california berkeley where he studied east asian languages here he discovered his authentic voice as a poet while working and backpacking in the sierra nevada in the summer of nineteen fifty
five since then he has published eighteen book of poetry and prose translated into more than twenty languages and have received numerous honors including three years as a and foundation fellow a guggenheim fellowship the pulitzer prize in poetry for turtle island and nineteen seventy five election to the american and
enemy of arts and sciences and nineteen ninety three and earlier this year the john a award for nature writing and the ball engine prize for poetry
since nineteen eighty five here he has served as professor of english at the university of california davis active and creative writing program and the program and nature and culture
he inhabits american farmstead in the yuba river the yuba river watershed of the northern sierra nevada where he is an active founding member of the ring of bone vendor
you have married to carol coda stand for graduate who are unhappy to say is here with us tonight and has two sons and two young stepdaughters
an extraordinarily self discipline person very articulate a vision of life that helps us all understand what it means to live with integrity and become truly human more humane in our treatment of each other and all life on the planet we cohen habit is poetry and prose have long served to defend nature and human
nature drawing attention to the wildness of human imagination and those places where inner mind escapes and outer landscapes coincide
gary feathers character was celebrated as jaffe writer and jack kerouac's nineteen fifty eight book the dharma bums a book area says his quote essentially accurate essentially accurate in its depiction of his and jack kerouac's adventures in marin county in the spring of nineteen fifty six
in this book we first hear of mountains and rivers without in
know what i'm gonna do of jaffe in carol apps report i'll do a new long poem called rivers and mountains without in and just write it on and on a scroll and unfold on and on with new surprises and always want what went before forgotten see like a river or like one of the real
long chinese silk paintings that show two little men hiking in an endless landscape of gnarled old trees and mountain so high they emerged with the fog in the upper silk boy
i'll spend three thousand years writing it it'll be packed full of information on soil conservation but tennessee valley authority astronomy geology when songs travels chinese painting theory reforestation oceanic ecology and food chains
not a bad introduction at all to the poem that was completed forty not quite three thousand years later in april nineteen ninety six congratulations to gary later on remaining true to his vision with grace gravity hard work in good humor gary slater have labored steadfastly
give us this gift of mountains and rivers without him thank you welcome to stanford and now welcome to the present stage

try again working punctured
thank you mark run a forum
a wonderfully generous introduction and a thanks to mark in particular for is
if i may see so many vision in making that he should do this at stanford for a whole year
so that i have to run to keep up and find out what people are going to say about my point
it's wonderful i'm i'm delighted in deeply touched and i'm very grateful to mark for his son is a wonderful energy and commitment to this are exploring this particular piece of poetry and my gratitude to all of the other people are are from on
the department of religious studies from the humanities center from continuing education and other sectors are that i've got behind us so generous
i'm charmed
i always thought stanford wasn't intimidating place
your have program notes tonight
this is going to be a somewhat longer poetry reading them some it's not just going to be a fifty minute hour
please relax with it i'm not going to
give you the taste of what an indian or east asian poetry reading would be like
although i wish i could maybe someday i will
in india and in some parts of east asian a musical performance poetry reading or a dramatic performance might well start at dusk and run till dawn the next day
i went to my bush-era just outside to delhi without ginsberg in the early sixties to poetry readings that had twenty five and thirty ports reading it will do our starting at dusk and running till dawn with maybe eight hundred dollars thousand people this is our tours
wandering around napping buying snacks that the little of stalls are on the outskirts of the event
candles flickering launched age children running about all night children crashing that's art that's my idea of performance
ah one of the things that we have washed in the occidental world in terms of artistic experience is the patience to to explore and to experience these extended the dramatic and literary events
seven or eight or twelve all along that were very much part of asian life and probably part of the our our experience of drama in europe as late as the middle ages
but we're not ready to bring that back quite yet
ah however of feel free to fall asleep
which is okay in asia and don't feel free to walk walk out to come back
there will be a break
and i don't think actually that all of this is going to run much longer than two hours
since there are program notes ah
i'm not going to stop and make too many comments as we go but treated treated more directly as as i would like to treat it as performance
i'm very grateful to cause tanahashi comes here tonight up for this marvelous backdrop
as the program not say mountains and rivers without end
was composed over the years ah am a shadow of to controlling artistic metaphors one was the a horizontal are east asian and scroll of landscape painting the show children
the other is japanese noh drama
which i was
privilege to be able to attend that numerous times over the years that i lived in kyoto and a no drama performance at one of the no houses the no theater houses starts around eight in the morning and runs till about eight at nine
and is always a set of five place again it's a performance that calls on you to relax be present but not be to present
and not be anxious about your enjoyment up in either
which is also true poetry mean the one complaint that one hears from students most about poetry is i don't understand it
whoever said you had to understand it
only the high school teachers say that
what a mistake in teaching poetry
you don't have to understand it you just have to listen to it let it sink pm come back to it come back to it again forget it if it doesn't do anything for you but the taste the flavors so no drama no stage has one stage set design element always
he's it's a great pine tree painted on the backdrop
ah the talismanic poem of this whole series is called the mountain spirit and the one that is closest to being in the structure of a know plate and that comes towards the very end of the performance tonight
the point the mountain spirit is to a great extent
about the spirit of the bristol conn pine
the bristlecone pine for those of you who may not know and haven't looked at your program notes
is a rare high altitude survival of the last ice age actually in relic stands out in the great basin where it has retreated up to eleven or twelve or thirteen thousand feet since the climate warmed up
and lives in these isolated pockets at high elevations where for some reason on these highly and hospitable in the highly hospital that habitats it lives longer than the other tree on earth
and so there's a group of bristle confines up in a white in your mountains in one particular area where there are a number of trees within several acres there that are all over four thousand years old
and i have visited that little group of trees and financial community with them a number of times so this or so cause tanahashi painting is not just any fine
i guess that the japanese binds are based on new year the japanese three needlepoint or aka months in red wine but this is bristle combine and cause has caught to look and the flavor of bristol bristol complaint beautifully here
so i'm very grateful to you cause of for having young given us this an extra bit of magic which will be used to get i trust okay
headless streams and mountains chief john woo jin
clearing the mind and sliding in to that created space
i have to stop i forgot something here
start again
some quotations
the notion of emptiness and gender compassion milarepa
and dog him
an idiot buddha said
upended rice cake does not satisfy hunger
an ancient buddha mean some wise old timer
the chinese quotation chinese proverb or painted rice cake does not satisfy hunger is like car gregory bateson who used to say the map is not the territory or like alan watts who used to say
the menu is not the meal
a painted rice cake does not satisfy hunger dog in comments
there are few who have even seen this painting of a rice cake had none of them has thoroughly understood it
the paints repeating rice cakes are the same as those used for painting mountains and waters
if you say the painting isn't real then the material phenomenal world is not real but dharma is not real
unsurpassed enlightenment here's a painting the entire phenomenal universe and the empty sky or nothing but a painting
since this is so there is no remedy for satisfying hunger other than repeated rice cake
without painted hunger you never become a true person
famous mind boggling that guide
endless streams and mountains
chicha move jin
clearing the mind and sliding in to that created space
a web of water streaming over rocks air misty but not raining see him this land from a boat on a lake or abroad slow river coasting by the path comes down along a lowland stream slips behind boulders and leafy hardwoods reappears in a pine grove
no farms around just tidy cottages and shelters gateways rest stops roofed but on world workspace it's a warm damp climate
a trail of climbing stair steps forks upstream big range work behind these rugged little outcrops these spits of low ground rocky uplifts layer and uncles gorgeous slant flurries of brushing cliffs receding far back in high above the beaks
a man hunched over sitting on a log another stands above him lifts astaire a third with the role of maths or a loot looks on a bit offshore to people in a boat
the trail goes far inland somewhere back around to be lost in distant for hill slopes and back again that a village on the beach and someone's fishing
writer and walker cross a bridge above a frothy braided torrent that descends from a flurry of looks like flowers temples tucked between cliffs a side trail goes there
so i read that no like what happened here
a man with the shoulder load leans into degrade another horse and the hiker the trail goes up along cascading stream beds no bridge insight comes back through chink pill or liquid and bars another group of travellers trails and
at the edge of an inlet below a heavy set of dark rock hill's to more boats with basket looking a boatman in the bow looks lost in thought
hills beyond rivers willows in a swamp a gentle valley wiki far inland
the watching boat has floated off the beach
at the end of the painting the scroll continues on with seals and points it tells a further tail
one one way saw this that the mayor's house in hoedown town year twelve o five wrote at the end of it
the fashioned or of things has no original intentions mountains and rivers are spirit condensed who has come up with these miraculous forests and springs pale ink on fine white silk
later that same month someone named lead quake added most people can get along with the noise of dogs and chickens everybody cheerful in these peaceful times but i why are my tastes so odd i love the company of streams and holders
dm of way law no date next wrote the mountains hold up the water the water holds up the mountains the mountains good down into the water
in thirteen thirty two gerson ads this is truly a painting worth keeping
it has point call upon from the sun and jin dynasties that had survived dangers of fire and war make it even rarer
in the mid seventeenth century one one don't have a look at it wrote
my brother's relative by marriage one soon is learned and has good taste he writes good prose and poetry my brother brought over his painting to show me
the great qing dynasty collector the on jin biao on it but did not write on it or cover it with steals from him it went into the imperial collection down to the early twentieth century
john vaccine
a remarkable taiwanese collector and art dealer sold it in nineteen forty nine now it's at the cleveland dark museum which sits on a rise that looks out for the waters of lake erie
step back and gaze again for land
it rises and subsides
ravines and cliff like waves of blowing leaves
stamped the foot
walk with it clamp turn the greeks come in ah streamed through boulders mountains walking on the water water ripples every hill
i walk out of the museum
no grey clouds over the late joe march reads
all ghost range of the sunken river come again
stand by the wall until their too
walk the pair
sit the reins grain the inc wet the brush i roll the phone white space need out in tip the boys black lie
walking on walking
underfoot or turns streams and mountains never stayed the same
old bombs
out there walking around looking out for food a rootstock a bird call the see that you can crack plugin digging sneering snagging barely getting by
no food out there on dusty slopes and scream
carry some look for some go for a hungry dream dearborn
dell sheep bones hunger home
out there somewhere a shrine for the old ones the dust of the old bones the old songs and tales what we ate who wait what
how we all prevailed
night highway ninety nine
this is a in no drama terms this is a journey song when journey
it's one of the oldest one of the earliest points in the mountains and rivers written in the very early sixties and read it all and give you a taste of it
written under the sign of jazz
night night or highway ninety nine now is interstate five
runs from ah the canadian border vancouver bc down to tijuana mexico in those days it was ninety nine
nothing left
everything is it permanent
even the concrete highways disappear into the underbrush
so close
only the very poor or eccentric can surround themselves with shapes of elegance soon to be demolished in which they are forced by poverty to move with leisurely grace we remain alert so as not to get run down but it turns out you only have to hop a few feet to one side
and the whole huge machinery rules by not seeing you at all
that was the port lew welch
we're on our way man out of town go hitching down that highway ninety nine
too cold and raining to go out on the sound sitting in ferndale drinking coffee baxter in black been to a funeral raymond in bellingham the helena hotel can go to mexico with that weak heart where you boys can go sell i stay here
picks up a shack get a part time job he disappeared later may be found in the river
in ferndale and doing here without on trail crew glacier and marble mount there we part
tiny men with moustaches driving ox teams deep in the cedar grove
what brush him pants snooze
split shake roof barnes overbury fields white birch chicken coop
winter's coming in the mountains shut down the show the bunks go back to school and the rest if the road
strawberries picked shake blanks split fires all out and the pack strings brought down to the bally's set used to graze gray wharves and hacksaw gothic com's shingle mills and stump farms over
now down the highway mount vernon
fifty weary indians sleep in the bus station strawberry pickers speaking quality udall turn at ruined and for schedule and rostam
under apple trees by the river banks of junked cars
b c writers give hitchhikers rise
ever it
the sheriff's posse stood in double rows flogged the naked lovelies down with stocks of devil's club and run them out of tone the ever massacre painting fourteen while shingle weavers lost their fingers in the tricky feed and t of double
skip a couple hundred miles
east marginal way seattle the hitchhike zone bowing down across do amish slew and angle out and on night rain wet concrete headlights blind the coma
eating peanuts i don't give a damn if anybody ever stops i'll walk to san francisco what the hell
that's where you going why you got that pack
well man i just don't feel right without something on my back
in this character and milkman overall picks me up i have to come out here every once in a while there's a guy blows me here
these guys got babies now drink beer come back from wars says i'd like to save up all my money get a big new car go down to reno and latch onto one of those rich girls i'd fix their at last
nineteen year old north dakota boy he's but can we get married next month
do centralia in a purple ford
car struck dead dough by the skookum check with
fat man and a chevrolet wants to get back to l a too damn bored now
air brakes on the log trucks is and why stand in the dark by the stoplight
big cars to by drink coffee drink more coffee brush teeth back of shell
hot shoes stay on the right side of their yellow line
toledo castle rock free wait for leave no stop lights and know crossings only cars and people walking old hitchhikers break the law how do i know the state cup
told me so
come a dozen times into portland on the bomb or hasty up late at night
does kicking up behind the trucks night rides who waits in the coffee stuff nine highway ninety nine
so okay on
met an old man on the banks of the columbia river growing potatoes and living all alone so okay i'm asked him the reason why he lived there he said boy nobody ever asked me the reason why i like to be alone
i'm an old man i have forgotten how to speak human words
portland sawdust downtown buttermilk corner all you want for a nickel
zoo jara gave gautama buttermilk no doubt says okay on that's all it was playing buttermilk
and on down a few hundred miles oil pump broken motor burning out salem x lager selling skittered cable wants to get to san francisco fed and drunk eugene guy just back from alaska to don't like the states now do
much more suddenly
a woman with a kid and to bales of hay to roseburg
a saw mill worker young guy thinking of going on over to eureka for redwood logging later in the year two dillard to assembly of god pentecostal boys from a holy roller high school one head speaking in tongues to canyon do
grant's pass i picked up a young mother with two children once their house had just burned down
i'd picked up an italian tree surgeon in port angeles once he had all his sauce and tools all screwed and bolted on he has been a bike
phoenix reading anderson the road that's followed goes forever
you have a minute crossed and left behind
going to san francisco yeah san francisco yeah we came from seattle even further north
yeah we've been working in the mountains in the spring in the autumn i always go this highway ninety nine
sixteen spins forward windows open stopped at the edge of willows for a bite grass shoots on the edge of dreamed rice when square are the sierra
standing in the night in the world in wins by the overpass bridge junction us forty and highway ninety time
trucks trucks roll by kicking up dust than flowers level dry i wait turns west miles gone speed still passed through lower hills gray on the sole bay water brown grass
rydges but brush blue
herons in the tide flats have no thought for states of cars i'm sick of car exhaust
gleaming far away
we make it into town tonight get clean and drink some why san francisco know buddy
give us a shit man who you are or what your car there is no ninety nine
by the side of the road up stop
rate years shining
you know me a little
a lot more than i know you
hobbies creek haircut
high ceilings than the double mirrors the calendar a splendid alpine see scab barber yet distinct white barbara gown alone
he sat down old man a summer for grey san francisco day i walked right in on howard street haircut a dollar twenty five
just clip it close a little girl now what you want your hair cut back like that well i'm going to the sierra for a while bubs creek and on across the upper kern he wriggled is clippers as well i've been up there adult the cabin up in cedar grove in nineteen five or here
cut smell next door the goodwill for i came out sixth street a search for a sweater and a stroll in the board and concrete room of unfixed jumped downstairs all these emblems of the best to close heaped up in chile dust and bare bone glare of tables
wheelchairs battered drunks and lamps parts that boiled up coffee nineteen ten things swimming on their own and finally freed from human need or waiting a final flicker of desire to talk them out once more
some freakish use
the master of this limbo greg legged watches thinking prices as the people seldom by
the say asked rocker has to make it now alone
a few days later drove with lock down san joaquin us barefoot in the heat stopping for beer and numbers on the way the giant orange rubber shreds of cast truck retreads on the pebble shoulders highway ninety nine sierra marked by cumulus in the east
best car coughing in the groves six thousand feet and down the kings river canyon camped at cedar grove hard granite canyon walls that leave no screen
i want to try to haircut at the barber college too
so half an hour before they told me whitening use the other side
good will say deterred the ball salvation army up the coast for mechanism boots and heavy socks seattle has the best for lager gear once found a good pair of tri county boots at the under the public market goodwill store more toby seen seattle
torn down i hear and the filson jacket with a bird bloodstain
a g and me got woodard clothes for almost nothing like union during the old gal we was on our way to work the winter out up in d c
hitchhiking home the green hat gotta ride of that more later
so now hiking up bob's creek
so the trail crew tent in a scraggly grove of creekside lodgepole pine talk to the guy he says
if you see what cool on the other trail crew over there you tell him morehead says to go to hill
late snow that someone
crossing the scarred beer shit of forced to pass the winding rock braced switchbacks diving snowman sweet climb on were back dreams have to dig or wheat
a half iced over leak twelve thousand feet it's sterile boulder bank but filled with leaping trout reflections wobble in the mingling circles always spreading out the crazy web of wavelets makes sense seen from high above a dave
a world of sorts it's hi have you that few men see a point bear sunlight on the spaces empty sky molding to fit the shape of what ice left of fire thrust or of tilted twisted and cast out from this love of belly globe
the boulder in my mind's eye is a chair
why was the man dragged laden king of hell
or isn't a paradise of sorts thus freed from acting out the function some create or carpenter thrust on a thing to think he made himself an object always chair sinister ritual history
yes the mountain god again the halting metrics and the ritual limp good will
daughter of mount doom stew bomb breasts or watch t v mountain thunder speaks hair tingling study guess the like mink lashes is neither were of love
no wisdom though this be danger in the fear some flowing girl whose slippery dance in france's shiva the valley spirit anahita saraswati the dark and feet
real gate of all the world water that cuts back courts flake sand soft is the dance that melts the map haired mountain sitter to leap in fire and make up sand a dream of tree aboard of board ideas somebody
rocking chair
a room of empty son of peaks and ridges a universe of junk all left alone
the hat that i always take on mountains
when we came back down through oregon this is three years before at nightfall in the system you few cars pass
a big truck stopped one hundred yards above said siskiyou stoneware on the side the driver said he recognized my old green hat i'd had a ride with him two years before the whole state north while hitching down to portland from warm springs
an alum in the rear on the straw forgot salami and we went on self all night in many cars to berkeley in the dawn
upper current river country now after nine days walk it finally rains we ran on that other trail crew setting up new camp in drizzly fine cussing slapping bugs for these from roads we solve a cool and he said till that more
that gives my ass
we squatted smoking by the fire
i'll never get a green hat now the foreman says
fifty mosquito sitting on my broom
they must like dream
horizons gerrard turns and in the double mirror weaver the old man brings me down and cracks a chuckle
your bubs creek care good boy

the boat of a million years
the boat of a million years
both of morning
sales between the sycamores of turquoise
a white dutch freighter in the red sea for the red staff
heads best are tanker outward rust to normal
son already fries my shoulder blades i kneel on ragged steel deck chipping paint
grey all t to tinker and quite dutch freighter
the boat of the sun
the average fish the fish play in the weeks before it
salty read see dolphins ripped sunlight streak in swirl and tingle under the forward arching wave rule of the cleaning bow
hey i said
seize the pillar of the planet he was joking
dolphins toward morning
this point a section in here called more moderate than just the last two parts of it
the markets are no wait a minute i'm not a minute i'm at the market this is one called the market
ah and the market as some evokes the markets of san francisco the public market this that was the old crystal palace market of san francisco the public morgan seattle
republic market of saigon as it wasn't thinking sixty one of cut my do as it was making sixty two varanasi or banaras and it wasn't sixty two
i'm going to do a little bit of kathmandu and in varanasi here the market
come on do seventy five feet whole rose equals one hour explaining public steering of one hour explaining power steering equals to be crayfish
he goes all the buttermilk you can drink
equals hitchhiking from ogden utah to burns oregon
equals quipping dirty clothes on rocks three days some indian river
equals mangoes apples custard apples raspberries equals speaking three flats of strawberries equals a fresh eyed benito live clams a swordfish a salmon a hand for silvery smelt in the pocket
whiskey in cars out lead after dates old folks eating kick in secret
breast milk enough if the belly be fed
and washed down whose off isles
reach under group stands screen groups rack me scum on chop blocks bloody butcher concrete floor old knives sharpened down to scalpers
when spilled food when the market comes the cleanup comes equals
a billy goat pushing through people stinking and grabbing a cabbage arrogant tough he took it they let him come on do the market i gave a man seventy peice in return for a clay pot of prudence was it worth it how can i tell
they eat feces in the dark on stone floors one legged monkeys hopping cows limping dogs blind cats crunching garbage in the market broken fingers cabbage hit on the go
who has a young face open pit eyes between the bullock carts and people had pivots with the footsteps passing by dark scrotum spilled on the street penis laid by this time
torso turns with the sun
i came to buy
a few bananas by the ganges
while waiting for my wife
now the point bought a little bit of this

oh boy
i was very glad to hear from you
i know by the way you write what you said that he was just ok
yes i know you all have been busy working long hours fifteen dollars isn't bad at all
i never been but fifty cents a day i never made that five dollars a day i thought that was good
try your damnedest to hang onto a little of it so if you quit you will have a little to go on
glad you are satisfied that's all you need
guess you need good saws i hope you can get them
they cost a lot to g those boots are high
they should wear real good
sounds like you like it up there and liked to work in the timber i am glad one thing don't be drinking too much cut down once in a while
re talked like water charge too much a we don't let him teach you
crude is getting higher every place you buy a couple of calves i'll raise them for you i'm better race the more this year
the little mare looks much better and she leads
so you cook you don't mind that do you just so you have plenty to cook cooking always looked like it was easy for you do your best that's all that you can do
we had a few funerals here lately first pebble have died then gracie quarto got word boy was killed in vietnam so the two were buried the same day
just lately ninth sabrina died and was buried here there were quite a few from all over friend in his wife same that was nice
all our cattle are falling off
we had a thundershower ruined de grass a big fire and antelope wells there was smoking here said lightning started it pretty clear now so they must have put it out been hot here the last couple of days rained all around us not a drop down here i am pretty busy since everyone here is
gone watering things
well said he was real good when you were with them said i don't mind drinking but i can't stand a drunk
maybe the work is hard nothing here same old thing people always drinking than dying
don't seem to mind though
well boy i'll quit writing for now right when you can be careful drink but don't get drunk ha
tell all hello
all said hello to you
trolley was telling me she got a letter from you
my boy
as ever
like i say the program notes i picked that up off the floor of an abandoned lager skin
up in this year
and i change the needs
he falls
this is for yosemite falls
over stone lip
the greek leaps out is one
divides in spray and streamers lets it all go above back there the snowfields rocked between granite ribs terms spongy and the summer sun
water slips out under mckee shallow flows and meshed with roots of flour and moss and heather
seeps through swampy meadows gathers to shimmer sandy shiny flats been sores off ledges
crash and thunder on the boulders at the base painless playing droplets re gather see the lois and keep going down in gravelly beds there is no use the water cycle tumbles
sierra nevada could lift the heart so high fault block uplift thrust of westward slipping crust one way to raise and swing the clouds around thus pine trees leapfrog up on sunlight trapped in souls of me
nutrient minerals called together like a magic song to lead a cedar log along the hoops to get to see at last and be a great canoe
a soft breath worldwide of night and day rising
seemed passes by its own fine home thoughts going each way
rainbow any steady only slightly wavering with the swing of the whole spill between the rising and falling stands still
i scan drenched in crashing spray and missed
and pray
humpback flute player
humpback flute player walks all over
sits on the boulders around the great basin his hump is a pack
on with the india six twenty nine a d returned to china six forty five with six hundred and fifty seven sutras images mondelez and fifty relics a curved frame back with a parasol embroidery carving
an incense sensor swinging as he walked the pamir the tottenham to refine the punjab the job of ganga and yamuna
sweetwater cool you whole a more donna mackenzie old man a big horn a plan the san juan he carried emptiness he carried
mine only filling up the month for the humpback flute player cocoa butter every his hump is a pack
he'd get him to shave on the north wall up by a key
is a humpback flute player petroglyph carved in the wall light on his back playing his flute
across the flat sandy kenyan wash waiting a stream breaking through the ice on the south side on the south wall the pecked out pictures of some mountain sheep with curly horns
they stood in the icy shadow of the south wall two hundred feet away i sat with my shirt off in the sun facing south with the humpback flute player just above my head they whispered i whispered back and forth across that union clearly hurt
in the plains of bihar india new raj gear
the ruins of the london
of no on the university the name be are comes from sanskrit vihara buddhist temple the diamond seat
where shakyamuni i humiliating alignment is it behind
and vulture peak where he gave a great discourse tibetan pilgrims still come down to these planes the six foot thick walls of nalanda the monks all burned
the monks all scattered the books burned the banners tattered the statues shattered by the turks show on song describes the hi blue tiles the delicate debates these logicians of emptiness worshippers of tara joy of starlight
naked breasted she who says
ghost buys ghost bears ghost bighorns goes links goes pronghorn ghost panthers ghost marmots ghost owls swirling and gathering sweeping down
in the power of a saw then the white man will be gone
butterflies on slopes of grass and aspen thunderheads the deep blue of krishna
rise on rainbows and falling shiny ring each drum tiny people gliding slanting down a little buddha seated in each raindrop pearl enjoined the million waving grassy odours on the ground
ah what am i carry what's this load who's that out there in the dust sleeping on the ground with a black hat and a feather stuck in his sleep
it's all jack wilson were voca the prophet
black coyote said he saw the whole world it will brokers typically hat
the bottomless sky
the night of starlight line on our sites
the ocean slanting higher
all manner of beings may swim in my see
echoing a conch spiral corridors
the mirror countless ages bath dressing or laughing
what will today
pearl crystal jewel taming and teaching the dragon in the spine spiral quill or breath of mind
desert cheap with curly horns the ringing in your ears is the cricket in the stars
up in the mountains that edge the great basin it was whispered to me by the oldest of trees by the oldest of be
the oldest trees bristlecone pine
and all night long sunlight by a young phone a pity on fire
has i say in the program notes there
sean son used to given credit for having brought back the text of the ah
pregnant potter me to retire sutra from india the heart sutra
what's of other suitors
ah and it may be
ah certainly that he wasn't the only chinese pilgrim to have brought it back but he gets the first credit for it
on this next point
there's a light turgid chant in sino japanese
the heart sutra
if you know it cheered along
mccaw on hot the dodge in the all
congee is i was out to georgian on your harambee dodgy show can go and guy two boys a he she's you keep illegal to to his executive or a goo goos of the asia can do is on the rgb everybody knows it eg is a show how to resolve who have a measurable google goggles and z goku jr
you would of geology you will get a visa chimney music yoga visa over given guidelines you will reach in uk mobile yakubu ya didn't night she will launch the other bubble raji can what was your metrodome g jacobo w bush or call or days are die on me or
on the darko shouldn't move gay gay gay gay como will go through what a sight that don't resolve to your day on sundays or boots away on your on the the kotaku are dollars and mucosa on bovada g on your oregon bach said i didn't choose a diagnosis zabel
george you say todos you know jaw is citation beautiful call cause it's a your horror on talk shows orchestre du jour de ya de ya de are ya what i saw ya de boer g so what ah on ya she y'all
they got her a i didn't write that
one of the world's older texts though
the circle ambulation of mount of bias
the a the enactment of this point where the reenactment of it will take place on saturday eleven
around the map demo pious this is appointment which fits like a glove to activity in the real world
some students from davis a couple of years ago after studying the point if it's a point and one of the students said hey i never read up on before the maybe go for a hike
but yeah this if this is a
this kind of route through like tundra tundra is like guide to ritual and behavior as well as art
and so the circumambulate of montana pious
walking up and around the long ridge of tamo bias bay mountain circling and climbing chanting to show respect and to clarify the mind
philip whalen allen ginsberg and i learned this practice in asia so we opened a route around town it takes a day stage one
get out the muir woods and stamped on the bid right by the bit of redwood creek just what the gypsy trail crosses it even in the driest season of this year some running water mountains make springs
chant the president barack mediocrity digestive tract which we just did the durrani for removing disasters too might do
the for vous
splash across the creek and head up the gypsy trail the steep wooded slope and into the medals gold dry grass cows a huge cow pissing her ears out looking around with bigeyes bottled knows we laugh then we say excuse
as for laughing at you
hazy day butterflies tan as grass that sit on silver whether fence posts a gang of crows i can smell fried chicken allen ginsberg says what is only the simmering california world leaves
the trail wine the trail winds crossed him intertwining with a jeep road stage two
a small twisted ancient interior live oh that's what's a rock outcrop of an hour an hour of trail
the durrani for removing disasters the heat mantra
the running for removing disasters briefly now most i'm underwater not know how tragic rochelle on don't you join young attorney at the or no jupiter as you put how to achieve put her audition put a tissues that gg so sure gt jeux gt saw it just so i just simply me as she the yet for mako
a tiny short in a little pile of rocks before this tree and into the woods amaze fencing young douglas-fir redwood a new state of be son on madrone to the bare metal knoll last spring there was a bit of wild iris about here in this time
to i saw a lazuli bunting
stage three a ring of outcrop rocks a natural little and circle right when the deep sea trail crests on the ridge looking down again into the sea not far the durrani for removing disasters and hurry on them or bar
om namu evolve audio novel eva honey on normal she bought a hurry on the watch v vara but that in india
and on to a toll across the road up the old mine trail a dough a fawn silvery grey more crows
stage four
rock springs there's a trickle of water even now do the saraswathi mantra and the durrani for removing disasters
who'd been the one he added a better outside your home mom and base while on benzo on the admins are better than a only completed a bot satisfaction in the shade of a big oak spreading out the map on pick in the shade of a big oak spreading out the map on a picnic table
more than a bernstein trail to rifle camp old food cash boxes hanging from wires and a bit north into the oak woods and rocks find a neat little saddam hut built of dry natural bits of wood and parsifal crates roofed with shakes and black plastic and there's a book called harmony left
a sadhu that would be a in india we would say so do the marine county we would say a hippie
watch by the stream to tiny trickle we drink water from our botox and the food offerings are swiss cheese sandwiches sweet bread with liver worst salami olives go boku no moto from i can rapes a tony apple currant jelly sweet
butter oranges and greek walnuts in grape juice based once in the shade and rifle creek
stage five
a notable serpentine outcropping not far after rifle camp on three maitreya and durrani for removing disasters
stage six that collier springs in a redwood grow there is water trickling out of pipe the tyranny of the great compassion at one the day each in the running
california not big golden ching could been the fruit with birds the chaparral now following the north side trail
stage seven inspiration point
the durrani for removing disasters the mantra for tara or daddy to thirty two race for her a study done on direct with thirty three so her daddy daddy daddy on during would turn into this one today territory patara looking down on lagunitas the glee
team of water storage in the brushy hills and all that smog and mount saint helena fatally in the north the houses of seen in somo and sandra fell once they were large estates peacock get country club
and the rocky brush climb up the north ridge trail stage eight the summer the summit of mount carmel pious there's a ring of rock pinnacles all around look lookout and there we do the approach now power meter reader your sutra the durrani for removing disasters the durrani of the great compassion at one
the hottie krishna mantra that all she might tree or and the audio you are
all about the be the smog the heat me the whole planet not get like this
start the descent down the throckmorton on back trail
stage nine the parking lot of mountain home cars whizzed by some glare from the west do the durrani for removing disasters and the gopala mantra then across from the california alpine club the ocean view trail and goes down yellow room flowers a few
i'm still out the long descending trail into shadow giant redwood trees to stage ten the bit of redwood creek again do the prisoner parliamentary diamond sutra a durante for removing disasters the hari om om namo shiva the hottie
krishna mantra and the for valves the exact number the sidebar to enlighten
obstacles are countless i've gotta cut them down dharma gates are limitless
i bought a master in the buddha way is endless i bought a follow through standing in our little circle blowing the conch shaking the staff rings right there in the parking lot

that was the sort of manipulation of my time of bias
how short one
under the hills near the ball robert river
she laid their midst mammoth reindeer and both bones
a diadem of fox teeth round her brow ochre under her hips
twenty six thousand six hundred and forty plus or minus one hundred and ten years before now
bert reindeer pelvis bone bits in her mouth
the bones of two men lying by her one each side
diana prima when she heard me read that point last year said ah collie and the paleolithic
holly the goddess of death
new moon tongue
faint do moon arc
curl again in the west blue in dear moving dust
purple shade in a plant realm
licks lips and reaching tongue
the bear mother
she fails herself
to speak of eating salmon
teases me with
what do you know if my ways
and kisses me through the mountain through and under its layers it's going it's folds her mouth full of blueberries
we share
now we're going to take a ten minute break
and then we'll continue