Mountains And Rivers Without End

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Mountains And Rivers Workshop, Mark Gonnerman, Stanford Humanities Center, Kresge Auditorium


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Auto-Generated Transcript

another ah
the fringe ago if you like point from the young he's taking boonsboro the money for removing disasters to thank you in the running
on a walk around town know
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no no what that done has yeah yeah for actually i grew up with your water with your got on data
studio city of yeah the media million two million gp or not g days you need know why you're more someone of you do yeah no problem can be very vulnerable nora get the on your iphone problem on gri our formato namo got out and no data yeah yeah number worthy body on t t
you right have some awful she can do dora or no yeah for more
my favorite language it's magical sanskrit which as mispronounced in japanese
which has no meaning in sanskrit either dani magical launched to know universe nobody knows that me
so we can't do it every day
if the intention is to spread the compassion through all the coin of the universe
old wood ras stinking house
the whole universe is an ocean of dazzling light on it danced the waves of life and death
the service to the spirit of again
kylie and earth maker whirling about in the world wins on the middle loch nest looking and fifty stretched it to cover the waters and meet us and for
us critters hanging up together something like three billion years
three hundred and something million years the solar system swings around with all the milky way
ice agents come one hundred and fifty million years apart they last about ten million then warmer days return
a venerable desert would rat nest of twigs and friends plastered done with amber urine is a family house in news about a thousand years
and four thousand years of using writing equals a lifetime of a difficult time
a spoken language works about five centuries
the lifespan of a douglas for
big floods big fires have couple of hundred years
a human like blasts speedy a generation twenty
hot summers every eight or ten
four seasons every year twenty eight days for the moon day night the twenty four hour
and a song might last four minutes
a breath is a breath
all this in five thousand eighty six coyotes gets
how can go over elk don't care dear field mouse snowshoe here ground squirrel jack rabbit deer mouse fine squirrel bieber jumping mouse chipmunk would wrap pica housecat flying squirrel dot j our cream fish snake grasshopper cricket grass pint
nuts row seats mushrooms peppers red line orange peel matches rubber tinfoil shoestring pink reg two pieces of a shirt
the greater yellowstone ecosystem
and around the great basin people even kept the pollen overseas robbie burns cook ducks and geese antelope squirrel beatles chum and suckers ten
thousand years of living in the fountains of cameo human droppings in the mamluk thing
great paul would rat heaps would rat nest shield plate news sheepskin like coins coins piled up for centuries placed under overhangs caves and cliffs at the bar
antique gold color orange yellow urine amber
with shreds of every bush the group a thousand years another rain another name
cottontail boy said
when rat makes me puke
sinead one his grandmother's blankets
stinking everything up pissing on everything yeah the old wood rat makes us all else fails
coyote says
you people should stay put here
learn your place to good thing
me i'm traveling law

cross legged for carol
cross legged under the boat and grow dim light dinner done thinking to we live in dry old west
lift shirts bare skin me touch that all touches love need point making
always knew same stuff life after life
as though milarepa four times built a tower of stone why each time was the first
our love is mixed with rocks and streams a heartbeat a breath again makes place in the dizzy ghetto
living this old clear away the sizzle of edge them
scratching rings on the cape fly one sip tea punch on bones we do you hear what com
hi i'm gonna go to the young
most dumb spacious point in this whole sequence called the mountain spirits
and this is somewhat different pace
and then what you've been hearing so far though i will not slow down as far as no drama with flood
ha i will be in a certain sense singing parts of it
ah singing has a broad range of possible means
is you know if you listen to our a music from all different corners of the planet ah the operatic or lyrical or a meter the voice of western europe is with lots of melodies by far is far from the only kind of see the thirtieth md
the the word chant muscle is from i read that means seeing and yet chanting
ah what we would figure out some people who've been chanting as not singing and yet check is a kind of see
that is not
usually acknowledged in the occidental into music these days he said is quite different in many other cultures are quite different with other kinds of voicing the voicing our of the singing in no drama people time is a surprising kind of voices for the western year i can
we do it but i heard a lot of it yeah i like to play around the edges of it so pig is not by
the mountain spirit
he texas
the smurfs we love lie
sees less will you love lie
red sandstone me the old all mine
cece less
no lie
red sandstone and white to more my
why the all night south from the know
through can forge to bridge paul
past more lonely
pale go
past tongues of embassy low stopped to and the and gold granite the use of the east sea love love
ah here i am arrived in bishop
owens valley called or yahoo now do not so long ago
ranger station on main street
i am a traveler
i want to know the way to the white mountains and the bristlecone pines she gives me maps
but rail
to the rome at camber lie
where the oldest living the
right on rock and a
thank you for yourself
i go to the past turn north and the d
kalina evening i find an opening where are steep dirt side road all a perch in the round dry the rooms prickly pinyon pine boughs shame lead us
a view to the last chance range and make our town
nearby a rocky point
passing the tiny scat arrangement on a bench
stand on a dark red sandstone strata of crap at the edge plane after plane of desert ridges darkening eastward into three black babies
a voice
you know a bit of a wanting to the war crimes or
you are is real
like the use walking on more
on the road
but what do you know the role than stolen
or free sure to speak go of all that the above time what all
still i'd like to do that point
i answer back
today is the night of sessions in style
mere fuck the brilliant star of perseus crosses the ridge at midnight i'll read it then
who am i talking to i think
walk back to camp

yea being breeze up from the flyer
from the valley's sold and the
the does said the to sink in a deep blue behind the palisades to the worst
needle clusters shooting in the wind listen cuz the sound gets better
mountain ranges violet things back thing
puff some sailing dark cloud a big al's swift soft with between the trees on the bedding stretch out blankets on the crunchy dry pine needles such one raj
on this ground
the and strike my sleep
if the know orchestral here if you're very interesting sound behind him right now
yo yaw
a song approaching in the three
bitter ghosts that kicked around schools like a all happy ghosts that stick a flower in their own skulls mti good and evil that's another stupid dream
for streams and mountains clouds and the goalie shoes is there ever animals can eat euro shams always wearing down shearing thrusting the plates crumpling
still up with the ice carved certain dendritic cabin was fractal stream that grips on the old sides bitter ghosts that give their own schools like a ball what's it all for
a movie or swift them streaking like a tossed white pebble arking down the sky
the mountain spirit stands their old woman
why ragged here
if the glint of algol altair dinner sunder are they are not saying
i came to do you
i can't say no
i speak
the point caught the mountain spirit
we're walking under foot or
streams and mountains never stay the city walking on walking under foot or three streams and mountains never stay the same
as the mountains lives than dolphins underground
dost over the show layers of
display how it to lay in
but dresses fractured lou the friction only some to fall each things a heap of risks fabulous slow speed blue
flakes weathered off the buried lock trick thought and old flew down and settle somewhere ever lower down gives a glimpse of street substring is work in july
abraded gritty mud wash slide quiet lifts me to the raven next the sky
calcium spiraling shells no land plants them when sands and stones wash down the baron planks of magma swollen or plans slurry to the beach ranges into rubble old chores buried by debris or lapping trough of type like
zumba goons oh i'm rich wave washed soothing shales and salts a thousand miles of just the we see bottom riffles waves swirled turn them to by squiggly slime swimmers many armed millions of tiny different tracks criss crossing through the mud
trailer by winding salt sludge calcite ridges diatom things drifting own swash of court see sam three hundred million year be rolling on and then
ten billion years ago when ocean floor
glides like a snake to the the continent crunching up
old sea bed till its high as else
sandstone layers script i'm winding tracks and limestone shines like snow
where in chile mean skrill
when the x strokes stop the silence grows deeper
peaks like buddha's at the high
sen waters streaming down to the deep center of the turning world
and the mountain spirit all these one dream
he all sides things like walls or clown pebbles smooth of sloshing in the he old woman two years shifting sand tell the wind
nothingness is state lasers
mountains will be buddha then
when bristled cone needle agree when scarlet hence the man flowers are red
mountains meet the people to stories from the past of pine nut gathering baskets quickly fall of help but grinding kerry healey
ghosts of last landscape
herds and flocks towns and clan
great teachers from all bands tucked in war vulcans in the hat store did they be christmas mouth milling for team in villa thirty one small room
who's lost
crane laugh
lake lavon on come on him
walking on walking
under foot
the terms
the mountain spirit whispers back
all our and saw
he is sacred to the me
bristlecone pines live long
on the taste of carbonate
spiraled standing coiling dead wood with the living
four thousand years of mineral glimmer spaced-out growing in the icy area sky quite bombs under summer stars
the mountain spirit and
like ripples of the king real seem then stop i
the old arms all limbs twisting why the scanner comes up on that ground stamp the foot down
and then she's gone
ceaseless we'll of lines
red sandstone
and my dog
a few more shooting stars
back to the bed roll sleep till dawn
hurt burst
why did up to keep you looking
open enough to keep you moving
dry enough to give you honest
prickly enough to make it tough
green enough
to go on living
old enough to give you dream
now we're gonna finish with
the final point
finding the space in the heart
i first saw it in the sixties
driving a volkswagen camper
when the first gay poet and a lovely but dangerous girl with a husky voice
we came down from canada on the dry east side of the rangers grand coulee blue mountains lava flow caves and the alvord desert the pronghorn ranges the glittering obsidian paid dirt track toward via seldom see
the roads late september thick frost of dawn then follow a canyon and suddenly opened to silvery fletch that proved over the edge oh
ah the
awareness of emptiness brings for a heart of compassion
we followed the rim of the player to apply to a bar where the road's end and over a passed into pyramid lake
from the smoke creek side by the ranch's of wizards who follow the tpp
the next day we reached san francisco in a time when it seemed the world might get a new way
and again in the seventies back from montana i recklessly pulled off the highway took a dirt track onto the flats got stuck scared the kids slept the night and the next day sucked free and went on
fifteen years past
in the eighties with my lover i went where the roads in
what is it yours for a day looked out where it all drops away discovered a path of carved stone inscription tucked into the sagebrush
the best things in life or nothing
words placed by an old desert sage who died to use know
think shorelines see high on these slopes long gone like long drive
cutthroat trout spirit silt
columbian mammoth bones four hundred feet up on the wave etched beach ledge
and the curly horns desert cheap outlines packed into the rocks
and turned the truck onto the player heading for no not bond grey dust boiling and billowing mile after mile trek was and featureless left the car cost to a halt on the crazed crack flat hard face where
winter snow spirals and summer sun peaks like a cure or nowhere to be or not be all equal far reaches no bounds sounds swallowed the way no waters no mountains no
bush no grass and because no grass no shade but your shadow know flatness because no not flatness no loss know him so nothing in the way the ground is the sky the sky is the ground know
place between just
when with breeze ten mouth leeward time be here
we meet heart to heart league hard to find too late with a kiss the goes to the ball
don sun comes straight in the eye the tooth of a far piece called king lear
now in the nineties desert night my lover's my life
old friends old trucks drawn round great arcs of kids on bikes out there in darkness no lights just planet venus glinting by the calyx crescent moon and pasting grasshoppers roasted in a pan
they all somehow swung down here sons and daughters in the circle eating grasshoppers reversing
singing sutras for the insects in bewildered
the whiteness the foolish loving spaces
hot hot
walking on walking under foot for to
streams and mom never stay same
the space goes on
but the web black brush
tip go to a point lifts away