March 9th, 1980, Serial No. 01884

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that you can tell with a man city or a book
actually actually with
get repeated inaccurately and and i
i've got several no answer my mind that joyce must have had
in escapes it is man by the time
more than that you have a little guided tour of history and everything by a guy who points out things will find her dislike infidel
i'm not quite ready to get married
down on the generator like
if the funny way of being able to turn on the mock blind without getting caught in your shocked by having by having an narrator
john berryman who ended up in the hands
i am much in belief aqui party when you're going to start
because otherwise we continuously forward from are two o'clock and then we decided it must be a
the support
what's more fact month ago i love the
my absolute opinion

i think



bubbles subject
he was under criticism for what
a very good work of folly of which he published anonymously
it father financed pauline and his father's finance the publication of paracelsus and also store devil
but but the first book was published anonymously to got browning felt it had been so much of a confession and away he had met however to objectify that meant to lift from the poem ah
the element of invasion of the poet dong seoul yet in the very proposition coming after cheats with the proposition that ah
the your great moments in poetry and and and in our english poetry they keeps advanced the idea that the life is a veil of soul making a soul creating and browning well in for for instance advance that and to ideas and makers that far extend the first proper
of other tradition and poetry where where the word maker with what they used for the bullet
dunbar lament for the makers would be a primary to look at but walk with the proposition their of what the makers did chaucer with the maker that makers had died and we have a great lament the moment of of this transition but the word maker remain so one browning returns to the makers see the makers of of
and and andy was buried he took that key thing the veil of the whole making my rough and every other but bumper rightly i don't want to work with require into a footnote what the phrases as how it exists even and and duncan line that you can get away from it man he picked it off and proposes
that that a forward he both near and wants it and at the same time wants to distance from and part of the adventures of an adventure did of thing before i come to his distant thing i want to read you a framework because it's a remarkable poet
and the poem
i read it and tire because it's blocked both are usually read pilgrim's progress don't read the author apology for your book and in the author pod reported block something's myth for one fundamentalists who took up pilgrim's progress and myth or already been if i remember in hervey court and one either for
ashman and though how you approach funding and everything would length make you want to think of him as a primitive and somebody will act as the deputation of the relation of the rider and reader
and yet the brain for a pilgrim's progress point five thing is that the title of pilgrim's progress is in the similitude of a dream and i'm not yet known preface that the president of the remarkable poem and the opening of belgrade
progress is as i walked through the wilderness of this world i lighted on a certain place where was a dan and i laid me down in that place to sleep and that i slept i dreamed a dream i dreamed and behold i thought a man clothed in with rag danny
at a certain place with his face them his own housing a book in his hand and a great burden upon in class
that ah
yep what would
wherein the primary of one our equipment with the smartly the bar like that the level than one pound off victim to download with offended with the burden on the back
for those are not have much yeah bernie mac with house mode
not much
for responses defenses last this and along with wife had lamb
like to learn and adapt

the before provide
my own paragraph
the development of congress
that's the reason i feel them
explore for classes
where's my house
remarkable success five

if i walk you know
i lied it on a cliff twenty one of death
the middle class
collide with

if is naptime
what they wanted a marker for
why have been marked by an and mark life i did not understand that by
then if i had hundred fifty like another which on
i said
now that the blog i liked the blame for right
our national day with
alibaba offers on the way for more than five as i said that is nothing went more as myself
dan yan com life by spot for the south of the fire was no effect on i said
i mean so
i've survived from the life imprisonment without the thought an idea
well so i just have enough from the
up to thirty five hundred one
did i undertake their life me my name
though i had specific for laughs festival
all that for blanket
the board back his
the white walkers
weren't any doubt right
no doubt about that
aladdin's lamp one that
right i a second
i love found at one point i him
general counsel
oh my god
melbourne feet
the law i like the succeed
but i forgot my writing because when i think i nonstop that of blood go in a nine hundred sixty have a nice senses and ethics
take a side effect that
hundred and seven
have not bought their character i have entered on a film though i'm locked in love with selling so that it does and envy and have i like actually got that got all right the sergeant
image that don't get out of case is no matter what to do if you're going to go in for it all their idea of gay
you fuck ah management of right i thought letter does live with that provides that federal law to get that know i love them over
the minutes the writer and blogger
times and box
liberals method
it is the vomiting an ultra leftism
what i have to offer or large and eat when i liked i bought like an evil for one week there it was but we didn't have a holiday
oh my life i bought of
the author fun
our underwrites with i said i thought that the for
then they get i thought makes me happy do with a very different one for have
as the paper added
when you know what a right flag on their life
i am in part founded but it ought to do
but in my twenty five it life
i writing the people at the like
sep if were very vivid and and
in that part of letter to the
the back and look all getting said
the matter that writing a letter to online to each time for longer than i am not write out a one i
and over and forgotten about i'd a letter to always help
at all
i get right
yeah well he added
that bad or the following failed and looked upon the earth
where's that point and that's you written like a pipe
i one for money
after really
current have yet to paragraph the and but
and i wanted to talk about meanwhile i will turn lightweight that butter and right as i've had fell by the i tried one
your to work for multifamily works and business
electric i've got my own flattered that prevented something like that period from of dry by the glamour that themselves is that
having all right wow
this was a recliners
oh sam
the installer
he a are talking about it was not
i exactly valley
and he says
found to can't catch a fly ball with the floor
that guy from
my friend to fly out of article so it's better recipe
the blind
well as
right now's a saddle
that's a pretty good traffic afterwards
as well as
said he had an accident
they'll never been to drafted friendly reform
award for
yeah not work
love writing about word for it didn't know where he finds work
we're right
how like you have that way
that i a know
is added a lot of lot of watch
that looks like david browning the reflection points and grounded and the for may have another comment with
you think that are always on the mix coleridge did not get you know with my rock edge
how did not appreciate this is off and and never want it would like better care of him if not then
lot of water without a lot of states certain floor
after the body robert brown with do that invite about
james walker
every theft
he a of work like that and yes we also
so that the absolute confidence censorship
good for the whole thing and as the same i'd like this kercher
what makes why
like will watch it all the stuff for guess
not the an african at all
a nonsense myself
have thought
can one
yeah but i'm surprised
go to think like god rather than life
the korea is set of it
like point
was a party with one
the in outdoor water waterpark
perfect for like
which clouds yeah we've been very good
the method or something is thirteen is said to have lot of athletes are the crowds that is clear and it's got it falls in a fruit fly to benefit
a from the family worry about everything
bye by grafton by said
one bit on the ground buddy was
it's the kids got blown out of the on don't want to wait to go to plug for second and it's nor does it matter what parties to have not be confused
yeah but we're from the ground gets worse than
because the via for old
average the war
by the catholics
have said
for it
a lot of effort
can go what what


definitely our
the and there you are
because it isn't o'clock
the that will go back
he only said with after about five times of water
get them parker boy
yeah talked about
got that one
something that the boy
where it
as everything before everything was fine
you have
why right
then you go
want that fair
this happens to supply
occupy the whole step forward held that all that know floor
he thought he is that
thank god
well let's see how services companies other people months luck it and that are universally to that for
love to to with larger than the outfits fifty seven contract and the war
that's if that's the whole circle not think that effects that know to
of ethics
the wrote about
they brought out a good like you know how you want to go to therapy
is located
more influence or so
and it asset
it's a fact that and like right on my phone reception isn't fun
for those who wanted to like
why would we want to have
but no matter what happens
and he laugh about the obsessed with headset whatever
a whole universities
you got a large man
i think that it's the definitely why
ankara photograph recycle extra protection says
and which means know thyself
comment the the like
i was standing next very excited
interesting as we will be bookmarking live together card
half of all people of
and and contents and the rejected the to tell me what the village
the five with very false or think about that
like all the f have been somewhat conflict black that you would somehow
with man
yeah kathy and and next to me i've never i've got scared
moderate are cooperating about
you're fed up
i'm sure
it will be over but like with like a very much go to what's been happening
what happens the long rest of it
like i'm not going to him
what happened that like watch that rights of on
in one lot
this is that what
why we to be all you have to think about it yourself with them bottom of the hat that the brewers we're not going anywhere if you can do acting to for the weekend
always preferred a
i feel that your very funny funny it would be handbook the girl but it's important to address
let me the be off it
the court system is not a very few was forgiven market
men can park over there from covered
well i been to the wrong in britain to
phone and all that positive
can you give up now
aleppo and a been of a lot of and but
writer them are no extradition
a vital
was a good appetite
at that time
and thirty one of them to walk me down for says
transcriber of
one child to the ever and i managed to wait it up and then i find it i don't know what i bought all of that was worried about the dollar lab and but i just thought that was left good i fly
the detailed classes had a children that
it looks as good a job as it is that began for that
the fact that this just so the world itself on
it was like that before
books is rip and like desire that same provides the foot of bed
the novel that yeah saying nothing
now than a gospel
robert argument that about from the online or the other back
yeah right
by the time tough luck
compact different thought that by approximately four has access code for obviously haven't brought a gun laws
that makes that other developers that chiaki all have happened
that's the weekends the people of this is why

i have found that
you put out by ah

and offensive that
that's what actually to fly to south
two floyds right way
label or
and everything
and attack slovak
is delicate already as long as the brownie
can be
long before why that is not function
is that right foot the that
the it
so electrical
they are kidnapped rock area that is there to check for
yeah right

a good exercise
the topic that's the effect market is is the point quickly got foot
or lot
it worked for
what's known as an hour
that's another thing
i'm provide to go the desert that's a like
happened that they are it are a content
to connect with girl
they didn't an internet
if you've given up with that why
and lucky
what to go at the facts of dancing my knowledge
when you start to that
that not into the infant
all for and
both law never picked it up to
the government met a terrible
rather than for church
and that insert yeah the
in love with be right
i thank god obama
what's the outfit
then on let's remember hope for not on or
to great
that would and
whether they are important
hell does the the divine company with an is not the by of not for our birthday
there's the by birth to it's been said
what are their insistence that for order
they thought dozen places
photography and a little video gives them one so that's the key
that said
we want to from
but i got were loaded with clive party could like
five hundred fifty
hey go that far
he lives on the market flow
that's not what about it was a lot of to the young norfolk about it it's essential to begin with first and all the and love
it was love the thought
lucky and die
can you figure out the that music
this seminar
been more happy to work out of five percent
what what does that both it
like god
i did a good
yeah that's one of them
you're talking about
not like
sounds a lot of the subject area
like more than that it is not specified and it's that the airport
by the car
with the part
what the pope
let's face it
and boy
am right
the vicar of law and is a
provide for
and also
however from depressive symptoms consensus was god that we've not that work or
the word have
and the only difficulty as executive what what the hard part is that is a letter from the outside that is a bigger because i a beggar capital job and haven't since we wrote a letter
or that fact that uses than ever before in which the can recognize to get with that that that get sick or in rome had sent him beautiful gifts and jar by defense systems but
and the my non successes
i mean needs to be a little more than a wonder to note that the powers that it was can't think of we are the that show
lovely month before before so that's what i am
well as the same way in cape fear is great mom would take
i think will be a little more real to great effect
more on multiple separate right but for the six much but his brief case
and footsteps
that's adapting censorship
comparison exit the handwritten note
ah that was a lot more effective
no wonder that
the day and and on wednesday
that waterhouse
the taxes little manager said
our existing and in my portrait for the problem is that
forgotten what
gonna as only wrong
yeah why not a sit down the block of the guy
every level or i'd wanted to get theory is that
the is
the novel and yeah the thing that seems that sounds an awful lot
have you ever tempted to development and that's why they will be read by generate for love rather than battle
what next
another for fact that he often from if i didn't look much preferred that filthy progress in it was luck and then that leads from the program
what felt good now
a melancholy with love was yet to fly from falling
little than direct of it well rounded slip them that's how love is love the man
south back
do i know more like job without a car
like fell down know not what yeah go for those are was
the given
going by
hi mark

if i make it the problem apocalypse too
why we are
a great
individuals for it
and how are different from the largest
your dog
found water that they smoke for by form
ah ha
that's the
they typically like
weren't perfect but i don't think that
i'm fine i'm not that one not rail
but like like partway a very popular
backdrop for part
you count like i said
the bar that
i was not a lot of fun
how much how fearful of love
got it
accidents and a lot of and
what degree the path
to do that
a boyfriend
it's nice that the bobby brown
like like your will not you help
let me for burnt out
not for drive hard fighter that once in a fire at once
lot of a lot of i just got
the very fact we are contact and so what is going to fight gone away
in hundred bucks
i want to bot
minerva with the fifth that have occurred
lok sabha version
good for ya
okay well
except for four actually practical
wouldn't go with you gotta go on that
maybe of becoming a closer look like get poor boys in what will happen
yep the library third out
this the be handled i have been what
go down
rock climbing
mardi rock no
sorry get it
he recalled
and then discarded up
the concepts
why wait for
the lives of that appear chrome
hey that the south america
and so to write whatever whatever of it
because right to round is like
lockett said l five
souter does not the house not time learn by yeah
i not get for
damn but then lifted not like
countywide lot

i've been cottage ah
what was it like not be more seven why did like
i went back and exactly
i found not only the not have gone about rob iraq but found it will not know i play the month
he lowered hi
well as a matter of fact want to have to present the light of what a while
one note that boy is that you're acknowledging that separately
yeah to call a bath low then
i'm not only not only a word right about said about and and barbara what
would give them a lot if you're right about round rock wore a lot left
oh like the now i have worked out that
the like
with the foyer
the planet five
we're gonna go for
this isn't going to another boy
if the fifth army went on
if i can feel the effect
that would find a of grandpa and he would buy own as reminded me i mean that and sixty nine yes i am aware that if somebody money on life without the grand grandeur like very aware of it so i put like them guarantee for new back again and shelley dow spirit come not near that you come now
not near now not this time desert type cloudy place to scare me now that this time refers to of act that one he wrote pauline shelley's was a spectre throughout the work is he as he wrote and when he wrote and when he wrote paracelsus shelley and baits and browning lets him and by
a directly bump on
and i and he exercises run this born to expect that scares him
pounds started candles with the evocation robert browning and in the first than the first version of mechanics were loads of you school were not your kind of i'll read you that that opening the very opening of canada's is proposed and and
ghosts right away now spirit that translated into ghosts
hang it all there can be but ones or dello and sourdough was put in
italics pound insisted on italics i haven't looked at my candles to see of the deluxe of gap but since or get through the first as this as we all as bush points out there get through all early printings of a pound is talking about the book about the poems or dello but it's also a pockets a book book-length phone
now readers can be a scholarly readers can be so careless that i have read other scholarly works on pound that assume that there's only one heart as one pound is saying here is are only one the historical sir dello
and and always didn't care who always wants to warn up and can't stand any other author than pound to exist so town must be improving robert browning and it's own earn points out that propound means he knows very well that robert browning sourdough is not the real car dello and so one pound really comes to write the cantos he does away with all the robert browning stuff and
we arrive with these or dealt with the with the dante a he born and mantua
and as cleared away or all the rubbish meaning the the atmosphere robert browning
but pound would have known it campaign calories but i do not mean to do to demean and kennard scholarship is it is partisanship and almost all points with bound is is very libel indeed to overlook or try to obscure may make just such
an announcement is if founded improved on the robert browning but the the line that
that sums up saw dello when the final robert browning version comes in is don days and data himself had an imaginary gardella when cordell old prayers in the for guitar yo
so sardar download had entered poetry in dante and no longer in his own case is own cases obscure so daunting could do more with our download and you could do with other with a but but also importantly on all right okay where are my but will have a little dash of the of a little summer
year of this or ardella what in the legend of sourdough and poetry the dante knew very well they get they do it because he had to the bulgaria one dia summed up that robot sound poetry and he was entirely familiar with or not the character you meet now at all and brownies or dello you never dream me with robots old boy
the one and here he dies or thirty the berlin's on board died in his eighties
email and last time i referred to richard the third in is hum oh how how when you take a person over into your history you see to it that the that that they have been they've come into the imagination and immediately to have what they never had before and and is what is right for them to have i mean you can make a fee out of a character
and has been ever got to be have been
then it becomes it and is all in shakespeare land that that richard and an empty for very clearly there the in it's absolutely clear dante i mean a browning he does exactly that because browning knew very well i mean the only only references the as to a wedding when he learned about a facade della was the as he wrote poems
in french and provence ah in long the dock and and he was known for two kinds for two things that happened in his poetry he was thought to be by don de da de may have invented him as ah
the first of in the tradition of robots of the provence where
the love was purified was proposed to and a purism proposed another word love was entering the imagination and the bronx troubadours or the other ones who at the end of the a but in the sanctuary just at the end of the thirteenth century after the other gnc increase
say the troubadours they've gone far beyond the alba jensen's to propose that all of sexual love what whatever the imagination that means that leaves the body of or ganymede right with fainted dead away or well i'm right with you lost than the loony loan or wherever they put him on poets were walking around and
driving on
advanced state and privation they were living on the edge of the knife called hunger
and i said this was exquisite this is the only and it's one you ain't getting that that's their i mean that they found a magical formula that when that when you got it it wasn't there at all and when you didn't get it it was in the imagination and the imagination with everywhere so there was no way of getting i mean every little foul was there when you are i must okay footnote
for my ancient and for moments when when the aged theosophist and at the time i remember i had i had let her rights function the orgasm because i really want to blow her mind and quotes like you've been want to do to your age and aunt when you're when you're about as smart as twenty two and she's a she's sixty or whatever she wants it that one
and and ah i wouldn't did she is annotated all the way through the rice which gives you were actually write his book like the think anyway
and driving me to sacramento in nineteen forty two on twenty three years as were driving along she says them you know bobby that don't look that comes in your eyes after having sex for three days as a while they'll be fired and bruce do
she's said that's going to takes three days for the sex entities in the eyes to get down when they want to be were all and things going on and says when you're you're very lively in the eyes and as sex entities really want to be their words going on and you know they can i enter do a dazzling out there and fry it did she says if if you if it's after three days they get down there they've left
and i everything's left all the parts of the body you can be wow as the to also catch on them all the rest of the bahadur you must be completely dog and more and more cells and only because the general jewel she says want to take sex over she says it's simple but everybody when you're really turned on an incident happened with very on friday and message but it was cut it with it was very much
much where the be ecstatic college and in there in had finally in there when we will come to this again and large loop round in the fourth the fine afford a lecture we will be back in a description of the of the
announcements of the court of law and astounding manifestos like brett brown's manifestos which were issued by the poets in the very just before dawn day at a point when the other and crusade is completely over and the poets exceed the allegations in the event in in the idea of purification of up turning into fire not burning up but a turning into by
buyer of of both love and an infant and sexuality realizing that that there was a secret hindi and the agony of expectation that body and soul were in when something was not required that had to do with and we're back at it on my loops ah
aren't not that careless but they're a little like a dream i don't see the use of them at the time when i start but back exactly at that thing that hovered around the universalist interpretation and christianity that you do not arrive at heaven till everything does
and and and the difference between remember freud and not eighty ninety nine and very worried about whether i'm things genitally centered know that never actually it seems to ignore the great impropriety because he realizes that there's a polymorph was perverted body ah he hasn't yet gone
on the place the of that are the contemporary biology when they see that indeed there said sexual identity in every cell of the body mean their little brains out and sell your skin which is laughing off on all of them have the same they did for a long time they were going to had to get it they have they dropped that if they did not have a fair amount of xolo or on
over they couldn't tell anything about the sexuality of what they were looking at and then they found that lo and behold it's everywhere than every single cell the body exactly the same information exactly the same thing going all right then the
the poets had then come to along the line of some possibility to to to to the edge in which the unrequited was going to be living on longing
ah at one point at which i won on a diet to lose thirty pounds i realized that if the what we do in our civilization eating is very much like what we do with sexuality we cease to exhaust our appetite
we want to requite are learning other words if there's a little it is a fire in the room eighty others were there with buckets of water and would put it out
and how to put life out almost fine lees of in the picture know we're reversing this whole thing to do to living on the edge i and i wrote during the great one i was dieting i ceased to be dieting i said i return to hunger to really realize i'm own i've been eating not because able and i've been destroying taste by
bouncing everything because i wanted to destroy the hundred
and n n and our our civilization glutted with commodity
it is is is often destroyed the poignancy of of the object the poignancy the beauty of a thing
the platitudes are all the time by the way the poignancy of the planet dude is good that life as it haunts in one ounce of kwanzaa hounds of love with good for browning through our when allah has several statements about the planet jude of the instead he says at one point you want jams are everywhere but as
this period wanted gems as for instance his contemporary tennison was giving people jams i mean tennison was the greatest one thought but i'm becoming become even on the thirties and where rumors still what if your own a line of poetry polished it and then add to that you polished it and if you could cut it ride yeah you're really answer
author and ended in the end of that trip would come up and trial with of and don't know to be seen how will you find the gold mine don't run in and load off the veins were more gold or in they're browning is very very aware that that his poetry is dealt with it but now they're going to be in know they're going to be at nuggets they're they're not going to be cause they're going to
be where they are embedded in the and in the and to craft to the palm by the way he follows a craft to the poem it is not to grab the policy and tennyson the difficulty of reading candace and we may come to denison yet the nineteenth century looks to be more and more like the very strange territory that crap that difficulty for the twentieth century reading tennyson is place is our differ
faculty was the polished surface with the polished stone and and had admitted to that's also in the picture that's also a perfect
well it's reached the opening and hang it all there can be but one thor dello that's the book one one one realized born but say i want to say i take your whole bag of tricks letting your quirks and tweaks and say the things and art form that's brown browning as the one says and the course of short he would will come across
positive but i keep wondering how will i come across it marked passages and he'll get more deeply held and just an open to the text would be he does refer however to the tricks of poet hands things are trick bow for browning already you can't start writing we're back at that page that i barely said the minute you start writing on it you find yourself with an old
author coming in the one who just wrote wow how are you feel now that there's an author's that line you just wrote and and i haven't ventured the step over that that that bunyan dates and and browning in front and that as you got a reader yourself namely you will need no one else because as you read the line you just wrote you are as far from that line as n
the reader will ever be
as a matter fact if you'd think you know what you wrote because you are to guarantee of you're further than any reader with be where the readers imagining what it means that you're presuming what it means you've already made a grave error you've just written a line which has nothing but what the line right and you're presuming because this is that great flaw the person said below go
the girl understand why the and i really did feel that you said my honey really not going to do map and with that line written on the hague and that now sitting on a page and new app and greed is probably the greatest diseases that are diamonds people don't read themselves they do it even worse when they read it to us in public i mean they still have read it only thing the item with my it's a
and it it has not got across because the reader has not with with the art of reading who it would be at the new art of a poem from a pound it's right there your sourdough again in italics and that the modern world needs such a ragbag to stop all is thought in
say that i don't my cat shining and silvery as fresh sardines laughing and slipping on the marginal cobbles i stand before the boot the speech but the truth is inside this discourse this booth is full of the marrow of wisdom give up the intaglio method power by tower red brown
the and then he starts evoking his is seen as it goes and
he comes back to the font ah
well tower by our red brown the rounded bases and the plan follows the builders whim both care slim grey leaps on the stubby base about the for day mohammed's windows for the alcazar had such a garden split by attain small stream the moat is ten yards wide
the inner courtyard half a swim with meyer trunk hose there are not the rock man's warm out in robes that are half roman half like the naval parts and i discern your story bear cardinal was half for runner daunting are knows that trick of the unfinished address and huh
half your dates or out you mix your errands for that great fonts or dollars sat beside now we've got the persons or dello tis an immortal passage but the font is some two centuries outside the picture does it matter thought in the least ghosts move about me patched with histories you had your business to set out so mm
much thought so much emotion to paint more real than any deaths or dello the half or third of your intensive life and called third sword l
meaning the hallway book now this reading by a poet as at least come to to the terms the jane carlisle right a rights in the latter that you ride i don't know oh i read the work and i don't know whether the man is a man or a city
or book and will act with them
since that so oracular its quality it is not for instance snippy like on tennyson's was talking about arrival ah
and the closeness here is the jane carlisle had to attend
a a another rider or that early victorian very who do quite a number i notice of people riding on browning seems to be a counterpart of robert browning and that is thomas carlyle with his propositions of the her hero and of the roy and board we have the we have the counterpart of
carlisle's propositions of the heroic in poetry ah in emerson's propositions of the transcendental in poetry and trend and the transcendental in in the poet
and at a stage in which the identity the poet seems to
we bought a new the imagination the minute the heroic is proposed to become it really seems to be eternal
whole proposition is about heroes and poetry the poet is here all the napoleon is zero i mean the great man and as estriol hero the series of perfect arrows and that remarkable and ah
is a regular of the disappearance of the her heroic from the active world and its appearance in the imagination in which you will become a spectrum
a love marx's on and off for the not a spectre on your i mean
at the it could anything tell you that what happens in marks is that the revolution has ceased to exist as a possibility in the actual world that has entered the imagination march and the politics and which vainly trying to make it happen after the fact of seeing that it has ceased its its moment has passed and has come into the imagination of mark
and so it appears a suspected it haunts the mind of europe and haunts the working class one that was the a working class like that again are present one just caches and i mean it ain't home on it by that spectre for europe the spectre the haunts the early part of this century years is is it is also the great century centuries of the transference of ghost stories
from the gothic tradition into the ghost story now who's laughed expression will be in the wasteland one point people when you've got able to cruise but outcome the same things from under the ground behind a to do to pump hotter and haunt the twenties of all things but that are there is yeah
gotta have an inviting of a project for those eager to turn to it about what about ghosts as thing as they travel through
all right let's turn to the moment when and how i mean look at i tell my time is gonna last well we're doing after okay
file open i'll read the opening passage so you get a frame
these scholars seem to inform me more than once and so i guess it may be true and i'm not venturing that are my own mind totally liquids and feel that it's forty years from the nineteen and from the eighteen sixty three in other words is cracking the beginning of our century before any deep browning robert browning reader
notices who the narrator is in in and sort out
all the nineteenth century presume that the narrator opens a spawn happens to be robert browning actually when we read it and i hadn't been so i find okay our minds are a different kind of mine would somebody and it is lava that the before or since robert browning was difficult for people to read on and difficult for himself to read a robber
browning clubs and right away to try to figure out what was going on in robert browning com and they don't really thrive until you come to the of of the dramatic monologues that we know of most familiarly people gave up on these first three columns
well they're not only gave up but the reputation that robert browning was totally understandable is due to sort on the the pauline had ah
evoke the lot of readers a over
ruskin i mean i agree the real the contemporary readers who are earnest the palm found marbles going through pauline and and continue to find marvel marbles and and in paris office so when sort old aired in its first edition on the author of parents' houses it said and and and the ones keeping up know whereas that oh
lifer to maximus i'll read the new maximum what the hell is going on and this on on that they were that if they were grab and hold of this sort of them and it came out and it was a very young boy
they gave up in droves on the and they jumped off the wagon in turns
and yet the court must have expected it must have anticipated at the for kinds of writing it because he was trying to both insisting that what was there was going to be an it's see to of into the jewels we're not going to be brought forward polished here it is that it really isn't and to r
awful word ecology but we're almost in the ecology of writing not quite yet and the ecology writing but almost coming into it with robert browning not willing to do that step three yeah more writing and rewriting i guess that i'm sure now that the first version must not exist because there is a theory and and obviously wouldn't be a theory of the first version of fifth
that may be originally he wrote it is nick native the those who find his rhymed couplets very awkward in this which is not my sentiment for all they have a theory that he must written and blind first first and that the chaos game about by putting it into rhyme couple of so we're obviously you don't have those first drafts i won't get to go run and look at first graph to see
the how much shelley came into the first round pick a hot
giving rise to this banishment
ah but one get them loop threat why why is was any scared him you see the sublime overtook to run and open bar to repeat it went when one he comes here show me how to i had actually gone with jelly and the first few moments and and and the and the sublime
lime ah
really over road and but only like a what would be my picture overrode an essential thing that robert browning had to come to an important it was on
are those of you know my what refined me deliberately addressing how much i draw them the rhetoric or of edith sitwell for instance when somebody overpowering rhetoric arts in in a century for instance then whose tastes finds read read read in and of itself apart
the majority that aboard a rat rhetorical well i can understand browning's homelessness before a certain other aspects remembered paste is also changing were coming in the sublime is in a supine is disappearing to because the victorians are coming
both that is an m broadening would share this and all victorian readers shared at they're reading a poem when to kind of seriousness that is not gonna sail along with shelly
they are already in full reaction against their romantic period against what from our a katana chronic problems with his readers sydney i mean think about his case is already end of the trouble and and she faces are quite directly he he can see that he's always going to call it because the crumble you have to propose an extreme and ease in reaction or
all the time against shelley's the one the other thing that scares one and shallying this i know are going over and over again a particularly and prometheus unbound is that
kelly's music is very high indeed but that is his command rhyme is on problem it can scare you to come into work ha ha what happens in inlet and sailing sailing rhymes and and m and whole i read poems and scene of the ponzi new vamp themselves
that's right right right out of the excitement of the palm
i would venture that something else may under in the victorian period of
what led to my
resetting a carthusian was a gentle will get a painting of arthur's and he turned to try to quote from shelley and he found any lines of it he looked at ridiculous
embarrassing and and at the breakfast a life that oh well that's because it's written in victoria you know an early nineteenth century sort of taste and it could be written in in i'm in in twentieth-century to taste so all i did was write it as if i can't work as if i were a nineteen twenties snob of them
cleaning up shelley meanwhile of course i also have experienced what i'm up against i mean watch your cleaning up if the juxtaposition is quite informative and what would we are i find reading robert browning i uncle of ice don't feel now will we are way into every form of inversion except a inverting
i'm an hour and a virgin an incline a portrait but the scare i think is very the to get back to it and in all spirit than thou spirit come not near now not this time preserve die quality place to scare me ah thus and boy with that pure face i would add to the scare on
at launched a dog a lot of helen atom was just one demand of a bomb and that isn't that give you a grew while you can cattle by the mile with no group i mean this is an old scotch required to the poem and if it gives you grew yes and i don't get your group know and and helen can find that gurus
since that's as she got there to listen for a gross you can enter the fleet of a possible grew but what i do know about that grew grew as like gruesome exactly that position to passing the spirit of a ghost or something but scary scary that angeles something scary that edge off
oh the i'm unions have muddied the whole pond but taken up the word numinous voyages more than when greed and not enough enough that we need now just a real good scare man and and in the contrary poem that it would come in the place where the poet himself as on hand and now we're back at disarming and unending or
who who had say about disarming cake came earlier yes you know at a point you are we're back at the sense of peril of should look and challis does it in the sublime there's no description is survived by the way that it or of the drink the difficulty and emerson is that it is that if if you don't read patiently word by word and phrase by phrase and you rip it off
you get to at trends you get to jello transcendent vandalism you naughty and it looks like it would be easy with nothing scary but that's not what's there when you read it
cause emerson's got the scare very much money it is like art yeah while young is on its when you rip off young that you get the numinous and running more people run around with the numinous without the other thing that scares young the inflation it comes in his patients and their himself that he talks about the a danger that he sees is always coming up in you is no one ever got into a state of inflation
they often thought they were in contact with body when they weren't but but but but the disease i mean that there's not there's the peril and unionism is inflation and he talks about an over and over again and and ends and this is what makes an intelligible but but but unions don't run out with inflation they've run out with the numinous the go dancing weather every night but
mac to this business of this from for this this moment is getting there are other moments that certainly in in sourdough or not not only a browning and to come to zones gareth thing in part but but the for it is interesting the difference between brown and year where he banishes shelley
an innocent i mean and essentially goes into his palms or dello which is going into around in the imagination because of the its history
gobs of history seem to be in here and yet the ford is made it quite clear that this is not that can't be the historical down
in the poem the onset of dollar the poem is it i he falls in love with bama
ah she not only is is is is a she's not a a teacher role on the corner she is the sympathizer that very important for food for for robert browning was a the sympathizer who essentially a woman reading his work pauline and pauline is
just such as ah the bring serious questions about whether pauline is not god so she can composed to be a future and that's why maybe be it reaches the same five and dante of did i've stated as she isn't nor to come round because when we think about it bigotry chase instructions in dante when she start when she answered that cheese
the reader the ball
and when she comes to profound instructions to dante when he asked the nature of the imagination which is is his braggadocio is deeper tutorial it didn't exist anyplace else until it's learn that divine comedy and she gives him the instructions about water there so she is in this strange role i would not neymar the muse bot and
ah but she has are all very close to it ah it seems to be much more like that goddess that that woman of and great power that part manatees goes before in in in his column and a who instructs him and the nature of truth and an m four
also the himself or and and illusion and the imagination and and seeing through to the center in essence of things that admit that goes beyond the actual and and and
and so she becomes the reader or amenities
the muses at the beginning of hesiod tell him that in the orders of poetry he will always be in d of he will always be in the projection of truth that sound like lies and lies that sounds like a truth and and this is the nature of the making of things making up of things in pauline
after the the in the ah pauline is thirty the root of projection of the reader what's interesting is the robert browning damn does discovered that sympathetic reader who is a poet a cold poet a lisbeth barrett browning
and and on a in relation to start out over and over again she loves art l
she clearly felt it was essential robert browning that was not only inaccessible to her but inaccessible to him as he read over and and eighteen sixty for is still trying to bring out what was in the bone what was in a why it came in in the in paterson william carlos williams will still be in the same school portrait refer
the pitch plan and talking about the the a who appear as as as absolute projections of the poem working in the pinch but
the essential still announced in poetry to be that working in an element you know not what in which something actually deadly an airless is that must be brought forward
in the mystery thing or far we gladly so take it back
ah okay again for a bit of contemporary gossip but the distance between two bullets is derive a boner as idea two years ago and allen ginsberg is protesting and i find out he's protesting thought about the government alone but protesting plutonium itself which is for time in in some very loose mythology is being included
all and pluto was being merely some bad guy i may include all meaning the dappled meaning the bad ones over there and so he's got some old against plutonium i said she has been common on how one but what certainly one of the great revelations of our time and you're against it i mean what is this which are out very your little banner
for me and my wipe us out but but since it's been brought forward all trust that the mystery gone deeper
if were wiped out by a deck that and insult that the barrel must mean that the intuition that there's no one there is no going back on that which comes forward in the drain we can are to not to add admit what comes in for in this whole field then you start doing that
process of repression
i feel if you have never heard of plutonium or or or radium and social was if not yet your business but when you hear you've gotta go deep in and and find out what's happening you don't protested and then you've gotta wonder at what is this radioactivity which increasingly floods your own world what is what is that the you go and you're into the
nightmares and dreams of the fares and m m m the again because it here i'm going about lead reading life as a dream let let me go let me read aloud which was robert browning's preface to sur dello
that he wrote an eighteen sixty three because in it he in eighteen forty when the poem was issued it really did result in is it had a result only sold about nine copies of first years only those receiving copies in and and when they receive copies everybody her
that this is in bonds could not way you want to get the by miss them very was like a stacks it's ardella back and and the
and but he still was determined to while he worked and work on and work on the palms drop trying to make it so that it would be accessible but of course his main job and as find clearer to make it that he had to be accessible to himself became must have become more and more clear to doing one is sympathetic reader and his fellow poet elizabeth barrett browning found it is is it as
inaccessible to hers was to him and experienced it in his terms i mean as at the because browning had projected and bali that
and as with pama by the way than in some way he it is clear that pamuk also doesn't understand this at all on upon movement sort all i can understand the sotelo and palma can't on and and upon disastrously paul martin to rescue sardar to make him a success to make a rule history
feels to him that he is the son of song guerra now by the way this has since this is entirely created by browning ah she's revealing to him what he is in the poem the moment of revelation to him that he's the son of sam and guerrero's them for moment which takes place so obama is both the reader and in a curious way one of them
movers inside a bomb and and she is designing that that sardar all who isn't in some way has failed to route to come to what he would be as a poet
but but we have no picture in the real-life with the historical sardar download that at thirty in brian's promptly dies he's heard there was anything there because all the or della window was a is the sort our written in later years old if he died at thirty sure had failed to come to whatever it was his book ah but
solid gara opens as the father then comes into the bomb as a father and brings up that other
scary thing that haunts him from shelley and haunts us so highly from shelly that it's the from people remember nothing else of and wait remember that the poet other want the an unacknowledged legislators and that brings into question as i said when in past
does happen is in
quotes meaning it exists as an idea of something far beyond anybody's definitions and least that's what henry james and i mean by wants to awful into a fire in the average age we put a mere they cherry and but he quotes and gb i mean it's not even friday as their approach to when he gets there
i mean since he can make shocking disclosures and then shock you out here it's existence with with with the awfulness of what you're putting quotes have given him rob iranians it's a sort of aware of that in its own way when when when a girl from for the palm saw in gara comes forward and and and hand and gives his son the major
that he should be an acknowledged legislature and change your history
oh a
burkhardt in the same period in germany projects that only three people three kinds of men make history perfectly clear burkhardt world that women don't like has been on but three kinds of man make history one of the great makers war shots you not governors or anything else and then ones
not that philosopher and the other words the same not the both forward and and he says of them that the the in the design of history
in that triangulation there are fatal misunderstandings and it gives an example for the poet that for the poet things of all the matter in religion as great matter for a bomb
while the same things while he's or impossibility because he's also of the same bernhard recognizes that st francis is both safe and bullet the church however he said so he doesn't have a matter of into to veto power entering a factual world the address should switch a me as i bought by this by putting a saint in there he's got he means the ones that it's shockingly enough is
i'm getting to our legislature players he's got a means the pope he doesn't mean the same work doesn't mean was thanking means above he means the powers in the church the powers in the church think that the poetry is a great way of getting across the essential which of the ideas and often i mean that that the laws and religion these of the makers and breakers have a history will that the jerk that it
bernard in germany advances the poet as the great maker of history is something we would need to think up today so shallying and joy is not alone in his strange convection at that point in the nineteenth century the poetry news are to germany and current gerda must have been offered persuasive that form of i bought you go go
all and can and probably to europe door that was all cycle ah but i don't think england faced any things in shakespeare that would persuade you that that the the york try this place but when i want to call your attention to now is how important sympathy is in in his preface and and eighteen sixty three brownie right
in rewrite between the third virgin and of and for project is just before the in the eighty for i guess it's eighteen forty three eighteen forty when he starts a bomb and eighteen forty four when the bomb as polished and after three versions then if when browning makes a trip to italy to get background to get the place
nana and and i find it interesting that he goes into the foam first entirely in the imagination alliance to understand the good deal does and then he begins to realize that he must then go and will find the in other words not only what a dreams italy to be but italy itself well palin
oh when i wrote the venice bomb or a i it was not a i believe no poem comes upon ah
entirely left side from some
right out of a out of your own a box of it came to me in this particular case post away breath robert browning frames his palm because it came because i was in the course of in a course on on medieval renaissance architecture and the poems i started writing a upon during a lecture on the
architecture of of the same marks and that lecture was a series by full word and so i plan but i sent me soul g i think i flunked the examination but because all during the lectures i would look at the lantern slides and and for examples of how people fail and and browning palm for instance he says i'm stan
the you in a pointer pointing to his this man's or dello and yet it took forty years were able to notice more people's i would like to work with venice and i said look at the poem is that lantern slide visions of banners repair what do you think landslide versions of venice or about i think they were landed slides but their immediate at the time when they can they actually come to the barn that's
what i mean they come past you they don't come just you and and you're in the phone
and as you go into the pond owners of the things that come through our remarkable you can't tell when they're going to go through when you go fishing for the