March 9th, 1980, Serial No. 01883

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the bruised and some wreck
sunlight to be diffused for that sunlight neat with as scum at first a million fibers of our job we nursed to spread themselves battling the troubled main and shattered by those rocks to hold again so kindly blazed that that same blaze to be
rude or every cluster the multitude still hasn't been new classics ties elements new m an amulet exchange of pulses balance of nature in the nature till some girl unfancied yet
exuberantly plough but surface solid now continuous one
now in the purposes of the surface purposes of the bob this is this is describing a a a
grow forward of complex and tumultuous a uprising of the crowd following the emperor and calling upon the emperor to come and and and the other side the pope or us the people are we have asked the people were as a neighbor they all it i once went within
love the pope for us the people who began the big gun the people carried on the people bus to keep the guys are often dwell with them see you
or they do principles that lived each not one in the two principals were right back at that bald men earthquake that must divide from things continuously divide things and and it's other motive is not only these cleavages the broken sentence
browning is them mask the trouble of the browning syntax these the master the broken subject the program satin the broken and and and and repeated earthquake judge and he also argues
right now i don't know in this bomb where he argued but i am because because this i've gotten from a couple of from sit from other conversations of these scholars one of the great arguments he has against the arrogance of the poets who call upon the sea mean browning with a great score in about here i mean he added and a caricature of the of up
up the party of is period i think on to i was blushing a bit as i read his character is i'm always exulting in the glories and whatever hundred and on like brown he doesn't mind been receipt but what he what really got him was here i am a we are meeting to see the small as of man beside the vastness of the be
and the tremendous news of the stars and the great and whirling orders thank god the day when we open up physically don't find great whirling orders will be look at the stars good that's it you've been blown forever
but it itself so it looks as messy as we do and the university somewhat back together again given until i get another great and glorious ordered
but but frequently and duncan land you've got mine i usually have just the just the glee of getting up the button all that grandeur that one could immediately have from see or or a heavens particularly browning did not really like the diary waste on a when they met
when they when they be me man as being possibly the universe that you were going to address the or you were arguing or your immediate isn't one as if they were used to how bad that isn't how and how nowhere man is or what if what a little pygmy is why you want
but let's read it again because you can see it right away contained in here and even more vividly than when he when he strikes out against the monolithic see that the see there and yet choking with the joking and broken with the same forces that men would be for robert browning that his own mind and
and uncertainty that the poem immediately became from it is really a picture of of what it's like of our won't be in a robert browning construction
cliffs and then i if i come to a period i'll tell you
i'll go over them so you'd get an idea of it can come together but he writes by paragraphs on let's let's give let's give the paragraph let's give the paragraph the paragraph begins at two o five and in at two thirty seven
and at the emperor to cut the emperor to come it's a it's an enfolded paragraph because it's just follow what cry
all right but as the paragraph because and it really doesn't make them the emperor to come is crowd a few editorials all and some that left down with a crash of swords spears shields one fighter on its bellow to our field scattered along took station here and there and carried it till now with little care
kenneth but cry for him how well three buttons longer question okay we got that the number one of them in in in the paragraph cliffs an earthquake suffered jumped in the midst the beach domineering crest which not say such another growth and wrath from out can
see a certain choke would we'd grown since or the water twine and dangled wrong to think too fast accumulating round to sure to over riot and can found their long brilliant eyelids with itself and unless a second shot save shoal and shell world
the same the drift wide alas the bruised and solid wreck
then sunlight to be diffused for that for that not went for that sunlight neat which as gum at birth the million vibrant the by job we nursed the ready to spread themselves mapping the troubled main and shattered by those rock took
cold again so kindly blazed that that same blade to brood or every cluster the multitude still has a new class ties filaments an ambulance exchange of pulses than of nature into nature till some growth on fancy yet exhibit
currently closed the surplus solid now continuous one called quote the pope brought the people will begun the people carries on the people but to keep that guys are off and dwell with us and we'll see you
and then the paragraph say the two principal
it's not at odds with itself and but but it is also this that that seems to me the syntax a dream because not enough really ambiguity we've got here we've got things choke together and ripped apart by earthquake the i think the ambiguity is conceptual and away and and n n n
for instance when we brought we've got a choice of figures but this violent action and and and growth and inner growth intertwining growth
tangle with up for some that's something an ensign does not address
benzema an ensign and a generation where and when they turned to it can read magnificently entangle i mean they're they're they're they're very good reader or but the fact that it was interested in ambiguity is it is a problem that does not mean the ambiguities when they appeared and robert browning's what i'm getting at the ambiguity of whether it is referenced the authorial voice or or
or robert browning boy or the ambiguities you can come up and the you and the r r r one of the modes but the other mode is one of
fractured fall
bain and all those dimensions and then you'll see why you'd think about factor bulk and vain that all like intertwining
finding filament thing is same thing all look exactly like the same thing the the main look like feldman and and you come to class time filming like it's like our word cleft i cleaved in the mean think the word cleave means to cut and to be joined
in one
and they cleavages both seeing that the to thing to the other end of the two things aren't aren't a cold
clap in plan
is blind displays offer me to despise two things together right supplies so some some so the were reading spliced first and we're not used to read anything about all some for instance and i'm in i have no wonder i turned to this because actually i would come up my
my my brother poetry would present some problems that are very similar to a rubber running
ah the as well for one thing when i articulate sentences into phrases that's not norton to make it easier and all but the phrases that got away from syntax all that one phrase belongs as much to the preceding one as it does to the following one know no choice can be made and and and and
so it says it says a series of things that would otherwise be a paradox but are not a paradox because their coexistence is that that at that in which you can make no decision and would say different thing
and these machines and browning he gets into by the way of course he gets into the tackle and he addresses the tangle absolute indirectly this i mean his sense of his own writing it is better in this passage describing what the critics
the critics problem than the credits work
ah and e holy addresses
addresses and eminent but he sees that of course he makes us see it we can do a thing about it and n n n and you can see how lint how few we're going to turn to get into gardella first place is not a masterpiece i've been no one in the world i mean we are i'm not correcting an oversight and i were getting into a bomb that was experience
by very writer as as as as as be a joke weed is the job with but but but but what i'm the adventure i wanted what do we find in the complete to me one of the things in the joke wages is it is a that that is of promising is on
that it still keeps everything together and puzzles over them one day back to be formed a tangle at the
jefferies collages of collages in
jigsaw puzzles and when i weren't jigsaw puzzles which i do in in an impressive
but when materials needed for collages ah
they so take over my total body that when i try to read i'm trying to fit one word into the next word and when i am an end when i dream i try to fit one seed and they was terrible at love the i mean you did you give it i
try eating flan and try and as if it were a jigsaw puzzle that you had to fit in every little part
so i obviously i prefer a tangle it doesn't quite do the same thing to me that a jigsaw puzzle does with everything defined and actually bedding and yeah i've written passages and what surely in which i've said surely the beauty and poetry must be that each part of fifth
as you ride think that the fact that feeling that the word is bit and that the phrase bet is extraordinary by in it comes very near to the drawing an arrow and hitting the mark when when more salt that the drawing the arrow created the mark or whatever think that i just stumbled on his end
no thing about the you but but in yeah my and that's a welcome meanwhile we're talking about a fitting and being a tangle here it's a snarl of yarn is it and if it's exactly the opposite and it's not exactly and yet it is one in which splices you will it will only
join the more surely jogging butters when he had splices you will island from island and lonely more are gone surely join the tangle that you actually have to talk get tied into an undying and and so forth as unguided them
well let me leave forward m
in my
if i buy oh

well let me to prepare our that
gov to come to the bridge where dante appeared in the and in in the opening a book and next time i'll begin with the dante and then go to the dont a problem with bardella which means that why will i will read or out loud next time for delos vantage with the one that got famous and and and give you some idea of
a of the of what along with it but of of how how gardella appears as a key on in an inland in the of the problems about for delicate appearance in purgatory of but i'm going to read now from pay am
two hundred
well right ahead of work

i think
yet brief a three ten beginning with pretend because i want to come upon allow me to the by month when the confederacy when when you can find when i haven't become a phone
this is a cabbage with do i'll get know we're i think i'm like okay because we've got up with we've got a place where as readers were being led into makers see but makers move here make it make a economics i'm mean going into the dream a leading in
the same night where's mrs line for real nine that the same night where verona and rule of your was vested in a certain twenty four and while within his palace these debate concerning richard with this is the this is our guy with the pointer telling the story telling the story free
and while within his palace these debate concerning richard in ferrara fate glide we by clapping doors what we've learned that a million times on now we say along in the sunset this is that this is that that dimension the museum and in charts in the movies over and over again them but but something that but i
but it draws us into a dream that a very brave face but by inviting as that way in it glide we by clapping doors with sudden glare of preface that vented on the dar nor care for often seen or heard until we felt this mother in the light all noises but the car
rock booming safe at last
why drains such a recess should learn behind a range of banquet room your finger that you push a spring and the wall open would you rush up on the banqueting select your prey waiting the slaughter weapons in the ways drawing and v
arie bench with sharpened ear a brief inserted signal to appear or if you simply crouch with beating heart bearing in some voluptuous patch and part to startle them nor mute nor mastered now nor any
does that one man sleep whose brow the dying laughing what is the movie and not only did as you move into the movie but the you is that earth that impersonal one you know you do so telling you that we're back in a recipe except the reader is used as the reader drawn in and in a dream of agree dream of his her burial
oh by the way one interesting thing is that for voluptuous and what no one in the victorian period had ever seems to have gotten to that would they found it disturbing everybody about the same way remember they put on sexuality over there so ladies or gentlemen all wonder when the same voluptuous experience of this
passage they didn't check out that my lesbian of on i or am i a what mean that they all all experienced the same voluptuous friends because sexuality undifferentiated they've been placed in a place where what it was covered up with close it was with it was where we're going right now it's violence we just saw it we went back on the think about this thing about the pie
time would have been written it than that eighteen thirty quite strange such a read that should work behind a range of banquet room your finger that you push a spring and the wall open would you write upon the banquet or select your prey waiting the slaughter weapons and the ways drawing the very bench with sharpened ear of brief and
to signal to appear or you'd simply crouch with beating heart bearing in some voluptuous pageant part to startle them
nor mute nor masters now nor any
does that one man sleep with browse the dying lamp playing thinks that rises or what woman stood beside him not the more the unfastened from the earnest eyes because the earth fell between are wise and loving words are yet about the room or presence holy board on the go
loom down even to her bed that bastards creeping term and so reclined the saturate with her until an outcry from the square beneath pierces the trough he springs up glad to breed above the cunning element and shakes the stupor or bad
look you morning brakes on the gay dreads and near concealed by it lean frame like a half burnt paper lit asked in some man marriage the than laid away till the armenian bridegroom dying day in his wolf what wedding rope you've got notes i i bet
burned the know how come that armenian bridegroom within their as i mean the noted
oh that close at line three forty five three forty three forty five with one double lines a frequently at the movement from paragraph to paragraph as a single line which then it dropped by yeah armenian cut them in which you towards them have burned down a man wedding then wrapped will wedding rogue to be
oh i see but that wasn't my trouble of my trouble with was who is this here on me don't i mean how come i'm in the hands of an armenian bridegroom and a backpack ninety nine and nepal i've already said that w in the backyard or it's up there are notes at times that that since the palms that exactly that but but but meanwhile what in the world while actually
of course your let along this long passage you come along broad i mean dr freud to leave by a rabbit pounding what tamimi and right
there's bad the this passage i saw your muggers we went by idea going to about idea but but was this year a browning is other i mean the and nine years and has been a bright but not gone from out of their why would i doing that judge whether the on your mind that
well next time at the by the way in in book one the the the appearance of of the of of robert browning right out front it as on an inline three forty five get the just ahead of where we are if i should falter now have three forty seven if i should falter now
it's in parentheses so when his own punctuation he makes it clear that that that he's moved up the in parentheses he moves up out of his generation of the surprise are by that of the duggars steps as that had been the duration and you ship that voice and and and the and it's in this passage that dante appear
and a as the as as the the the dime and and so the dante is you there than a direct address or a series of directed dresses in this bought from the authorial
but whether and and and they immediately start of the robert browning level of remember he said he's got the one the one we did touch upon was got the dentist the exorcism of shelley we we know that what while we've already got the man and the boat with the diorama it's not he who was scared by shelley
and robert browning to scared by jolly and that exorcisms challis for is it is browning's needed exorcism and now we have the in the direct address to dante and has speech to dante in the middle our club or a of the duration and that is in his in but one and and begin the paragraph
again a coming up with with line three boys by
the he the for he for he for he gate vein of a heart blood of lombardy as the evocation and then submit
and so next time we will be in the i would have we get the wander at low vino of on dante's i'm very interesting proposition because because bordello
this again came from and this again came from my fishing around continuously and went when i meet people talking about what's going on here and tom peterson and working on is a who told me first while he can they couldn't and this buried come to the to the ah beard
because working on his dissertation and in italian and on ana dante or whatever but but he does did have a marvelous and dante teacher at gal and she had written an article on dante and or delicate so he said i'll send it to you and and had arrived this morning and income and and it is we would say if it were asked that would
the a jigsaw puzzle piece but it also got lots of choke week so
have you kind of mathematics
something about
oh yes yes yes why why thank you
and i'm i've now got i'm bob
should also remind me at the beginning because i want to ball then what won't want line of ah
when i talked with yvonne about about the and and the and cheese and v and and a rocky baggage that well it would be welcome for it for a thing for the then center to ah that let me give these lectures here i said well i also
thought that there should be some contribution from the people attending a while we're practically to of course the fair of moving chairs back and forth until the disturbances that up of but also they should be at the contribution or office all or some there will be either a dish or something
are the box there a contribution to the zen center get upset with what will be less a for our upkeep but also for some us for a you're participating because while i nodded one the only the only form of lot let's say would you pay me is the only one that would be significant as participate in and while participation i get the participate in era
actually i do as i get back from you that the material as they go this is also the other participate in appreciation of the face we have and we have two problems with bad time and you and i together keep the that time from two to four does zen center and and we have the space and that and that one is the one who censor
have given us our wait we don't have modified by not so i

a poet of transition and also a poet however of that all or even the twentieth century little book on bravo called bullets will tell us it's or della who did not done in in that long lifetime did not come to the religion that other pod can do so very important to browning was that
his imaginary celtic the center of poetry and this be a poet who did not succeed
now not only back to the picture where palma is reader is sympathetic reader revealed to him that he is the son of saul and girl who is not only the great political power but as browning or anybody in this field new one of the one of the
brandy a little hitler's of the period the good ones all and gara comes into its actual power to terrible our sardar anticipated showdown what's our down the law of moses to with bother when it can be boring is the people and and end up since i saw era arise arises on the side of the ghibli of
gardella was born into a ghibli entirely balloon
context comes to to to project well position because in the context of up the a period as browning portrays it the in contact certainly of the agilent and and insulin girl the other side is the people
in their own place their the tyrants so that there is an opposition to tyranny ah not well i would say like my own feeling but will that would we we met and i'm gonna hopefully skip book four and five are saw in guarantee case and and i see we can get the picture power but not right now but i'm
then i have to get into it
remember browning to tell him in the course of the bombs it's browning when he returns from italy after guiding public place tells him going along to these cities and suddenly comes back i think it's all a more forceful for being in a place where all the people are speaking at home
the people come forward as if they were possibly the region not now let's think of the cast and sardar allies as given palma the sympathetic greater than though the one that that although he falls in love with to become the lady
selling girl the bother
i would venture here that what haunts robert brown is
well let you change and i'm thinking of france's right now where i'm want to get the next june
a beggar we've gotta go with the antipathetic bring your here and i don't let her to method road i didn't put that on tape the hook
an amendment of the of
gonna make an adult how to write a bad
i'm going to record by or above it all and race on the mortal whatever area so
of a fact in picture the cat because would think of the palm again so delhi an aunt ah ah as pouncey that and a been debunked the whole poem browning does the exactly the same thing and one passage in the turn ah he's going along about what sardar was writing and he sums
up what that ought to like what said allah wants to and and then come so that dot dot dot y
yeah you're right sort aloe mean a bomb i'm writing so ryan the middle of bardella we have one of those breaks a breakthrough therapy like a layer of the thing and we bought the book in the middle of the book cordell analogy and either book
and an mrna it goes back to those of you know the canada is one of the most intoxicating thing to a when i was young but that's not the only yesterday or saw when i suddenly dawned on me that connected the connection one one a great endings of the candles and utterly candles as a cat that and so that
how but but since it started with gardella we suddenly so that dot dot dot why your rights are down is exactly what comes popping into browning my that's the point i'm working on that the level discovered to up
proteins are well as a green in depth of what the poem is not want to welby but the browning guards the young boy with also picking what will it be
and then he finds all right i met always been this presence and fathom being what is the work i have to be at then even if he made a plot as we can and drew and song gear up on it comes forward in that poem to be central at once bombers bombers there right away early she comes forward than the which adelaide in the back
the e-reader or whatever he doesn't want even gives her dialogue it won't even give him the time of day as you'd say he she carefully doesn't help with allah who years
and who he is by the way back between the writer and author isn't i mean the saddle all eleventh that we're going to talk about sourdough is the poet addresses the poem which month continuously by on a an oracle of who he is and the fact that the author appears is very bewildering
it's not mine it's not mind if the feeling the how come on
over and over again i kind of passages and poem thinking i both this have to be me who else is around here writing and meanwhile i don't get to be me i don't get to be inside my skin i don't get to be just me something to go all around now i'm all the way around because our cast of who's in this dream has expanded from parma
and an end and l o initially before palmer it sort dello and
pompey's marble opium poppy perhaps ah sardar no identifying with poppies finds that he has what is that what is the quality of marvelous a
that's early enough i should be so don't take a little time for della county here

well we may come across it when i get so and along the way but but so he had nature in that way the identification with trees the identification with landscape so there's landscape or download it becomes his first audience
remember it's present and then from there on on it isn't or dello the browning realizes on my thought i'd masterminded when it came into my little head luckily before i found a rotten but recognized and brand by the way that the other thing we do with readers will recognize recognizing our fellowship with one has already present or
ourselves rest of about we almost missed or robert browning comes up with the idea of the in writing at least in the palm
the ends are the become means
a realize poem becomes the beginning of poetry not the end of it
the divine comedy did not khloe and closes a whole realm but but it opens an endless realm it closes the problem solved so that act with a very fruitful in the province all r r r r and in that sense of humor
but it's not as summa in the philosophical sense
st thomas aquinas the difficulty of that zuma all of that retention of philosophy to write a summa is it rights and end it right a closure and does not propose that all to write the beginning opening of everything so think it's not so st thomas aquinas and fails within his summa to realize that azuma my
my beneath the beginning a things
it might be the point at which nothing he had exists
in the divine comedy it's harder by the fact that opens up for
for dont i haven't even that's where you posed in it and wouldn't be a creature discusses the nature of happened and how they become the propositions that opened a whole world the whole world is the illustrated throughout by and the and the presence of eternal time throughout the whole thing well browning is not riding assume a here at all but what is right away on his mind
as a young man is there and now we might go back to the scare of shelling that although that isn't am i mean not that browning who were not only can i not be another shelling there will never be another shelley that must be the end of jelly and yet jelly in truth is the beginning of shelley
and m and the power don't you find
because a week we the last time i addressed how we turn around because you meet at first and literature courses in which at the gorge that to substantiate your membership in a middle-class added to cover the possession of literature and that faces of the they found in the area but jeddah
in in the in a mountains that are not know milk was address to the to the parliament on the subject of education and the great promise that the that that to get that parliament to see that if you had a nation which they now have not a king the glory of kings was a poetry and poetry returned to the glory of kings by actively creating it as
and now the glory of nations would be a poetry something the middle class would never quite sure up with the victorians are
the victorians are the most about moment the one that browning and tennis a random the expectation is sitting on the most about moment in which england now become an empire will have its full glory and as poets enough of course the bow off stage for sure i mean they couldn't meet you both who
suddenly disappeared from that don't don't lend baghdad glory at all
to tennyson strong strongest thing come through forward with great out in depression and anymore
which surely and not only about an impression and killed and i know the with you will get to him walking
wagamama hundred country a a picture done something happening and we are by the way in america so close in this in this period the victoria or that these were our american problem of the median like knickknack they were they were admitted that their brand of a society's reading robert browning work where in every major literate
circle in the united states
right here the end with and will close then with his letter in the next time will come to sort out who will may here or download storage dome and
that denizens and now with the hurt the that sorry he could he could he understood on a two lines in the whole poem and one was the first who will may here so dello story told in one was the last one in the bottom
and the a
who would hazard sort hello
a guard ty many that both of them were lie
but i want to read this point out by eighteen sixty three and a browning wants to reinforce his reading and view of the upon
and eighteen sixty three years of course after now isn't it is
very close experience of a elizabeth barrett reading with every sympathy the bomb so it begins to realize but but but it grows through said elo that although he robert browning gets into trouble always readers mostly the sympathetic reader does not have some magic and and i think by a my own feeling of this is that it's a grey
eight truth that we would avoid i mean and unfrequently i have and in my imaginary reader up in in letters grade draw her as she's a big comfortable a very bad a lady of a certain age is the french side namely about the age i'm in but gee she's back
because she she really lets herself go and barkley and everything else in to hurt turd
dying yet if an artist tiny shape bride and the main thing was that i'm not sure i think i'd settle just for a sort of a my mind sympathetic return merely become tolerant because it went like when at when i asked myself why is this a picture of my reader with somebody who when when i looked foolish at our that's a sweet boy who said well a boy
boys will and when i take with anyone about it he said well isn't it isn't it strange what people come into people's heads and so what i want a mere tolerant by that going to get by or here let's hear our brand be i look no wonder i identify the are deed rb music
dear friend and this is due de mille band of of dijon mill sand had come to write to robert browning a little group had who began to write browning over years drawn to his poetry he knew by eighteen sixty three that he only had a handful at all that were drawn back and back
come back doors or death to sort out as he was and by eighteen sixty three then he returns to his eighteen forty version so there is an earlier version the one i've got here and right tried to clear up certain portions but he largely does is to add
add punctuation level put in quotes put in dashes and self-worth remove semicolons and put in dashes so we tried to separate the levels of voices and tv can clear up that confusion and because you've got you have you are five or six levels so one level which design
adding them robert browning will be grew even in the middle of all that
mills and night i rejoice that mills was among the intelligent readers having arrived at that point of the dante to of announcing i was a liberal and an meant mills and exactly that i would that thing to me the most profound insight of a radical like that profound insight would be allah vanzetti
and liberal allah to stuart memo change to ornamental back than the great insight into the necessary golly absolutely dante used the term liberal as a requirement send it back our brand mills had written well at least in your second edition are you cleared up puncture
ocean about actually milton mean he cleared up on to asian you brought your brought punctuation forward so something's happening in it and as a boy i'd rather have that common in a letter or and as a than the grand clots we get literary as a weekend
next poem be introduced by your name therefore remembered along with one of the deepest my affections and so repay all trouble in ever cost me
affections salt was not only a sympathetic reader a reader who had a deep affection for what was coming into being through the courses of the call
the the one place i am certain of robert browning all the way through trouble probably cost me always troubled but can there even na minha and in those celebrated dramatic monologues always troubled and always with a deep underlying affection for but comes forward the remarkable thing is
like steady spirit absolute bound the affection we are incapable of well actually shaped brand troubles me going to henry the eighth or something but a man i mean we have faced about our reactions to the vietnam war on and and will end water jug for a prediction there or are facing nips it will have been one of the great of all of all time if
he were put on a proper stage is we and our side taking nothing had no fundamental human affection
shakespeare as affections for them unless you think macbeth is a friendly neighbor to have around or lady macbeth his affection go so deep it comes to the actual human centered and and that sleep rem revelatory center bras to what turned nothin and another nother we feel poor not pity but absolutely
affection so i'm unloading this letter but it was written and put him from the poem with every load i wrote in twenty five years ago for only a few that's a little difficulty because
yes he what he actually gotten into enough trouble with pauline and paracelsus and he obviously knew and he went through his writings of saw dello that that there would be very few reading it counting even in these on somewhat more care about its subject than
they really had
my own faults of expression where many room and by the way to in in the tradition of pounds of poets did i have more idea of sardar l of and is a matter of fact of dante and then dot then bomb
then robert browning's generation had an ad carries translation is out of that period i think ah
image because i think that's what robert browning through on but but but as with rosaries and the pre-raphaelites the dotcoms way for and then and then we're really not be forgotten began we finally arrives and tire it's up by the way with the is it's or delaware rise over and dire rossetti read sourdough allowed to the brotherhood
swinburne planes to have memorized sourdough
since swinburne had lots of claims i'm not certain and put it is i i find more than instantiation that swinburne dance around the room naked with sydney been silence in there with the witness i find a witnesses or auditory to urge to who heard i've friends when bernard resign
i have been
gardella entire in a bark but with but with care for an recommended scuba my own faults of expression where many
all his life running will be that will be a condition of brownies genius and he means that directly
the and he doesn't mean that any of them at is it in the elizabeth barrett browning when she's wishing that that when he is inspired or to group robert good get straight across
what it is it inspires him knows that a community and atheist doesn't mean that it might not be strange and and an obscure the very writing that he gets into his in batting and obscurity that it not been there initially and that is the secret of path he has to take and it is the one of his both of expression he
kept trying to clarify and for getting deeper and deeper faults of expression but may at the again i would drive it these are really loaded the fault of expression the awful thing about idiotic fault of expression both of expression that are driven deep and faced is not that their faults but they're not as
if assume there's no bot there were back at admissions are very it needs gravely do base at fault and in the absence of facing advance we get idiocies on hope we can talk with your system if allen ginsberg and faced the faults of how is that are ripping them off of them and an advancing and we thought
wow man look at that what courage to ride around with your ass in the winds on it now i'm in there and they kept they reasserted themselves ten times over and cottage in the great moments of the laundry if it faced into the ball but he capitalized on his balls the different a capitalist system capitalizes on a bob thousand and go
get interested now twenty percent her often people that are one thousand present it as recounted based into his balls
i mean it's typical bar poetry all the way through it begins to capitalize it must be the disease of our total society a capitalizing that box on anyway we gotta guy year couldn't and he taught my my own fault of expression where many but with care the word care and already been there before for reading and writing for a man or
book such would be surmounted
kick but i've wanted me back facing the fall to repair it going into the care of the both and without and what avails the thoughtlessness of people
south is also part of the message that on to get out of this dream is yes we have bought the false must be essential and a be as have essential faults than every care has taken a writing and and one the fault appears and now we're back at the fault line
i love that that that the
rock and roll group the call themselves san andreas fault had a mile baby i'm going by real balls that from which it most let's assume that it can't come from anything but above and then that must be the seriousness of it i blame nobody least of all myself who did my best then and since for i lately gave time and pains to
turn my work into what the many might instead of what the few must like
the impart that on
he writes his first of his dramatic monologue with a couple years of of shardul it cleared the way by the way and itself to the method and makes clear what the dramatic monologue would be but declare that way he goes to only one boys or to he he no longer in this is wrong and he rides them and editing the accumulate
one of those monologues and the after reflection that we begin to wonder at some began we return to a problem of gardella what puts all of this together what what what does it go exist in our mind
but after all i imagined another thing at first and therefore lee of i find it i imagined another thing at first
the historical decoration was purposely of no more important than a background requires rightly and i've come and serious scholars and we've got we've got marvelous sub to to them that really like she meant to bring their names but next time i will reason we give you their name to a mark i
take a young women are doing wonderful work and on robert browning they really can catch this one because know we know something is important in the fact that that the historical thing is not decoration in here it is it in the first place is the ground everything's embedded in and more than that
at something embedded in another ground and more than that it must be the order of the imagination because it's not history
so we get the comedy the pound guy who comes up what pounds or dollars historical
i mean that's a trouble which pounds should look into because when power make this bolts which are is errors in and by the way presented in your youth oliver heard me know that i feel that it pounded not made it errors in other words he had to make every his faults are ones that go deep and profound the end of the spirit of our time
to our ball and he himself and his old age comes to despair and an and do i think deep spiritual experience of those candles
meanwhile the ones who hate him and hated the gather say they are you the old man things he did it wrong
he came i mean or invent your by me profoundly christian
i can tie the these will prove that an old testament does tells us nothing about a deep running ball jewish mysticism dots but not catholic and christian conscience of a deep running fog or i think of something entering world consciousness and entering our western poetry that that is our dream
now that we're going through and process it may go you know you can throw it overboard by the way there's more than one would dream it we all know but it's a little be a little difficult at this point for duncan to run over the budo put on a little black face and some chicken feathers meanwhile buddha was coming into our world consciousness i mean the other way around everything comes into it so it but this is the ball thirty browning
right in at one is here the historical decoration was purposely of no more important than a background requires
now twelve or thirteen or fourteen years on a thing called ground work
the word background is interesting enough no more importance of the background and my strength lay on the incidents in the development of a soul now at least by eighteen sixty three we didn't reach her delaware it also the same announcements made over and over again we find robert browning deliberately carrying
forward as a major purpose of cases and proposition of others making a result
little elf is word study is this the pound began with
and chuffed away i'm thirty one of the things got in that deep and why we closed away the question of soul from the ghetto is it a soldier at the end it is solid ingredients condition comes into its confessions but from the major party candidates it isn't mind isn't allowed to be
resident at all because mr of and because the other great disease of all of us the know at all about what's going on today that knows more about what's in this ayatollah khomeini's mind or or or could correct cargo or anything i mean it took would that the the t v mindedness woodpile
he has before tv i think he invented tv
it is encouraged but but so that declaration that very shy erasing he erases how much he is in this tradition i at least always thought so that we get a declaration and at em browning and mid course it's not going to get out of it also of course is not going to get him into the pollen in the in trouble he knows
what he can do we already though as a measure that that that he has found them he had found a steady measures that troubled but but but it's not gonna be unruly something unruly happened
you with many known and unknown to me think so others may one day think so
and whether my attempt remained for them or not i trust though away and passed it to continue ever yours written to milton and with encouraging than the sun was not a person who read on saw dello was any more confidence but rather with sympathy and run it with something
now that was not have empathy for browning
but with a poetic sympathy that as i look at more and more these victorian readers of the bomb i find quite remarkable i will i think so next sunday i'm going to begin at this point of talking a little about those readers you to come across them and raising some questions about what's happening at
what has happened now when we have got not only a sense of the at the end of the sense of literature after robert browning's time when the poem and bot we entered as a as an actual subject matter into education as such and you have people writing essays on forms and and an advance
dancing and reassuring their position on a asked about a with a current walk out of essays on my work a body of those essays are written by people who did their dissertations on my work and who were in writing near essays are guaranteed their dissertation if i should not
proved to be permanently established and the curriculum of of the teaching of english their shit out of luck with their dissertation what did you ride on that nothing so immediately they write guarantees for i mean it isn't something that well they log you i that that's not no no no that's not quite what you're reading take a look again and you're writing people who are actually go
guaranteeing by their for a a a they are on their essays the subject matter on which their profession is actually young and on mean i'd give you get your if you if you did your dissertation and t you might lament of de vivre to distant disappear of yeah how a place to end up as a document to be cured
they've gotta be sure it there permanently okay