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oh pages or bailey have got begun to gather itself together and at at the end of an hour and
yet he did everything in his long and struggling with it to try to make it successful
it isn't because people have reacted to do for offers the head to some degree and falling with warnings browning could already see and know of himself by the tiny roads ardella
exactly what his so-called negative qualities what would they will work
authenticity i think if i can remember a passage in this is one of them most essential things from
for crowning
i'll i'll take a restless and

we'll see if i can find on

may come over again but but

he had them in the character that seems to me takes place in a poet between the airport than riding from as browning had from adolescence what i notice in what i looked at is one are they writing what
they begin to write what do they take hold of and the period between not know when they're thirty and thirty five l and in a if we are one of the things that had give me in little hint that maybe those ages changes gertrude stein said that them in her day know what know umair
a new one day she was not a modern rider in this and she used he but than the other hand she ever a small strong identification with he and of her own mind and i haven't been getting mail think about the her identification with the by the time he had her burqa she said and no writer knows what he
it really is dying and jellies twenty eight know american and the making american so that's right your early she didn't have a i get knife and six seven but then and but then them maybe they got younger she didn't know he thought people like hemingway who never did know what he was doing
and in her mind since he was imitating her sentences she thought he certainly didn't know what he was doing so she gave him more credits and i had at the point of issue it seems to me today it is between thirty and thirty five ah
and that that that's something not quite that what knowing what you're doing a little earlier but but the point in which to work is actually and get becomes engaged and something is going on inside dello it becomes the first work in which robert browning fully engage and he knew the risk of and he went all the way
he went further and and he himself did want one of his father's financing the production as of the first three books and and and his own immediate family their admiration is beginning to as at one point being hauled and are there the point in your work or
people are appalled at the situation of the
of the political situation which is frequently net now as i read this over and over and over again it seems to me that uplifting that picture is that is the pot as the history
ornamental know it's illustration or throughout and it to seems to tell us something of a of the impulsive of of the and constantly switching back and forth voices switching sides and wealth to give a lean as something lights with an impact an immediate occupying have any other
in order to imparted to to get a full sense of where you are ah and that same full sense in the rider means that and that robert browning must have had a more and more intense sense since he could ride a dramatic monologue for anyone of what the dramatic monologue with sound like have any reader
that that's what that's what sort practices in this poem is identifying first with poppy and that an n n and with them with scenes in the forest and so forth and identify and by identifying finally with almost any human being it sees in order to try it out what it looks like over there and and cut and come into a sense of who is or dollar
which remains the big question and with this sense of the reader robert browning didn't miss it all on what is negative credit we're going to say and they're and they're incorporated and sourdough by the fact that one one from browning risks and bordello it's a term are our period greatly myers i
came up during the war period i know what they were wholesome second world war breed risk began to be taught by critics who weren't in the front lines and the and strategies that partisan review you'd thought they were the pentagon and ethnic new made that all american literature turned into a whole series of strategies and and an eminent language lasts
that that plus the the decoding you know the cia
a cio the cia a
influence an illiterate attitudes that that that still predominates in art criticism and browning's day that the tftp to come around there was the that that the poem is to be serious but they liked to be serious like tennyson were been greatly stretch unless you wanted to do the stretch
your enjoyment and brownie had only one way to to to be served well he's still try to make the poem accessible in his first printing and wasn't he he must have heard some of the stories that are all right some of them went direct to him he heard plenty of that he then drunk driving to
isn't that had been the fourth writing that fruit very first printing and evidently in this printing than twenty years ahead and follow the one of the the addition that has the the
preface the one friends and abused and hair
eighteen sixty three he he he he prints his preface and that's the one i really began we read it the first time do mill sand who is a would just come and would just begun to be a reader of browning and responsive but again no
reader browning was was happy about this about this on dear friend let the next poem be introduced by your name therefore remembered along with one of the deepest of my affections and so repay all the trouble that ever cost me i wrote a twenty five years ago for only a few counting even in these on somewhat
more care about a subject than they really add
but we have
we have right away in the bomb the passage i read to last time where where browning still very much very close to the man with a diorama with pointing pole and hand
pointing away as we go to so for once i face the friends summoned together from the world's for and dropped down from heaven or cast up from hell to hear the story i proposed to tell and and those features and brought down from heaven that kind of humor of who has gathered here but it's not the humor alone of we've gathered here because
a browning is assembling his readers from all from of the audience of the totality throughout his between our time
i'm predisposed to wonder about the references that come at times in this to the need for many lives in the the important thing about reincarnation is not our their reincarnations but why are human beings haunted by the idea of reincarnation
i give you if you take the key concepts an absolute death of this and that all of them were haunted by
when the ebitda in in a system of belief you're hot your exclude you you if your form being haunted is to argue against the others but absolute death which is of of the individual soul which is a present to in judaism for instance and and and and certainly argued by many greeks
and the great puzzle anyone would have even as a child but how does my how did my personality or how do i possibly circa survive on my life as a i am a body and and the living body must be a aristotle defines a soul as the as the body's feeling of its own lifetime and
and the lot advance of its lifetime so all the time you i sent the since since the since the body extends in a aristotle here is daringly the ah this is on the soul and i i'm not and it maybe it's also pseudo aaron donald
since i thank you if it suitable aristotle aristotle sure that gotten this good
we find we've got a we've got a body in that sense him in the in the dimension of time as well as space and a essentially aristotle is say is that soul as space is being haunted that where you are right now being haunted by the time in which it he said from first coming into consciousness and it's apprehension of the
times and ways it will die so it's like the plan of a poem and sell for ah
an endless and heaven and hell come in here to be some extension in in in an inspiration in it from coming from yeah his readers from throughout time coming from the other world yet readers in the other world so episode would be so we have the atmosphere of a century that would deepen to
virgil it's them you call up from heaven and hell but you talk with them to and sciences and and in a sense if you look at the look at that early writing of pounds
pound actually a
lb actually introduces a an atmosphere of silence and and in the beginning of the cantos
illustrated above of the fact that ulysses and in the final counts ulysses has gone down into an actual sounds boring bot pouring blood into the foster to consult with the dead so the voices of the that are coming back in the ghattas and this is the this is the the counters are written at at at at one end of a long
period intensive period of of spiritualism throughout them the educated middle class of europe and other end
an american european american they began in the become at the very end of the of the eighteenth century and intensifies who so browning famous and offer is kind of confrontations with home also has an in this imagination of the population that would read this one throughout time but he hasn't for another reason bitch
cause if and when he thinks about his fellow victorians the ones who are alive to read he feels less and less confidence by comes it's so data or more and more daring so the as a in is competent would contemporaries we did at all he has to become an essential sense of a unreadable
as pounds said to his bother with pound rogue to to his father while you should read brownies or dello takes five or six times read it or also that's actually a ford madox ford don't brown toward told pound he should do to get into the lump on my sourdough or read it five or six times since she's seven time
get into your very very used to it and immersed in it and then let it come forward the opposite of what you'd do if you're in a course and because in a course you'd have to you'd have to sort of cracked the poem and and be able to answer questions about it and have it in line but immersing yourself in a poem and actually beginning with
sardar of years is as is the second time i have been in this pomp neither
neither time was another contact of of course but it was talking to the poems or how was i going to qualify must always be in my mind yet the real thing you do is sync more and more into it at bronte knew that in the sense it was to be
it was to be a teaching but a teaching that had no task to it and that you didn't innocence path
if you feel your tested when you enter it but it doesn't test you includes you and every point when you think it would test you and ended and while brownie would say the one thing that victorians were ready to take seriously would be history and an abounding and is almost sure to be saying right away it's
and some get sir
that's decoration
they were prepared to take philosophy a poetic philosophy is has been perfectly polite way the day it's a broken into play or reading book so on
some people waste their time making it uncomfortable philosophers read their texts but offer those who want to have a full and philosophical pleasure
i know brian is not antagonistic and and in in in in trying to make it uncomfortable on i'm not going to do i say that maybe he is for fought for the reader who's going to go with this bomb with the purposes that they had had
but the other thing about having readers who are time i do know because as as robert duncan began coming into the sites of robert duncan which would be a lying about my thirtieth year or so
before in oregon so there only about a year or two and air by the time when i realized i was gonna ah stress struggling with a couple on bombs in correspondence with pound but having lost all of my local audience practically or all
for various reasons over the balance ball
i thought well maybe you maybe i don't have any readers you find it in letters where i picked her i have a reader but she happens to be four hundred you come in four hundred years before now time doesn't have to time doesn't have any sequence so how in the world as you my reader when the when the book as in england or your hands no matter what so you have to hurry up
right ago
this is this is not on hand
the n and but i think that might have been part of it from edwin browning has that address that comes in this address to friends and and even in essence contain
i wrote it for only a few county even in these on somewhat more care about its subject than they really had
my own faults of expression where many but with care for a man or books such would be surmounted and without it what avails the thoughtlessness of either so and first that that wonderful word care that you care for someone actually involves
kerry and and and it is staying by it and and searching out the quality or once you found it once you found it and began to care you don't leave it
ah it certainly there are a handful of a handful of very large handful of of
not bombs but poetry's that i care about and an end as if pounds is one of my mind every time i turned to it as again address caring as you care for a mad old honor or something as a and but so it but purse
and is not if you search out all of the word you the you you it's question is always on your mind and you read it carefully and so the two things carrying means not only is both one was valuable words about love and prep of browning by the way also use love or lovers i am many lovers he says that the in august
as a your equipment i many lovers and women it's probably going by readers when he taught by lovers too
and hidden there as if there is a political grief and infidel not not agree a good a great not agree browning has or comes to but remember so dello discovers the people either real basis that the palms directed to and this i think it's from
because we get the language that big thing you look at in the dictionary comes with the people not from hours or from anything you can to the people
at a area
very busy stanford party i mean it was inhabit advice and stanford people i'm thinking hepburn a party
i found myself
sitting next to a young lady who was they were talking about computer poetry and i said well but no matter how to computer does it can't be one if it's coming up with words in machines don't make words words are
not just the media human events that they happen to be already know one adds to the meaning or anything what we do is begin to appreciate and begin to feel what's in the word and she said what what can you make out a bay and simple of bearing important in committed to zukofsky that we can make nothing out of
hour but even that difference if you were to feel it in a word and if you go to your o e d my young lady
everything short of reaching for biting her and the non friendly regular leg going to come in a non dracula unfriendly way
i said and she said well words don't mean anything in themselves
the language that brownie gets his the people and in a way i think browning himself comes to this and up
the in the course of short l o v he was very much minded at the exceptionalism of the god
certainly felt it in that he then he himself was an oddball and an insult
was maggots sad that he was exceptional that that was the trouble is readers were happy and then he finds but the language and the one by the way where he loves to look for words are obsolete isla he loves to it he loves to grab the word the last time it was if it was
and and and and have operating in the palm i wasn't really on wild members of this people that people have that every
yet they are the readers finally is the language comes from them and the basis is the language if they cared enough that's the political brief that's hidden in a bomb like odell it's also the despair something much deeper than than a grief that in finnegan
because although finnegan's gone outside of the dictionary's although it's brought everything together into a very strange language indeed it knows do if you cared you would come in it would be an accessible language but it has it has a very bitter very hostile attitude for the back that a block ulysses written with roma
marketable clarity in absolutely the people's language was rejected by
tons and tons of people i mean it was not language so there was no way of a significant the the readers didn't care
they didn't care how they talked on the street car they did in on the streets they didn't care when their own words came back for them they didn't care for them
ulysses is filled with the taught went with the speech of the people filter and and it with that speech of the people who profess to say to well i don't think that disturbed joys he hasn't wearing long to jokes of bodies learned rated but the book was already viewed it was it still has viewed as something for the educated at some a
other like and en route reading had lost the care or the language a lot of the care
the politics of it is the people don't care about the people
i think we face today
then to there
the lack of care no member of the people longed to the people and the concept the people hits and so on and so on it's all ago but it's that and that
that in his letter is
it is that word care i blame my own faults of expression where many but with care for a man for a book on thought the with care for any man you would be searching this poem i've become to find this man sourdough
his men brought me but browning know going to find himself when he finds ardella not because now he's identified with soda dialogue by baby so he has got one of the things we know about the people what is it when somebody makes up a fictional person
that one of the difficulties in the and purely eighteenth century dorn and self identifies gunslinger and now proposes more and more and eighteenth century and an attitude but i'm talking about a nineteenth century attitude with the nineteenth century city centre idea of a democracy and and hand of what the people who were the kind of dickens has for instance and
and and
and that the readers of begins add a
the in a gunslinger which which is remarkable because you do have it if it it suddenly swings around to have a fictional person likes or dello is in this poem
and at the same time it keeps a great deal of distance of as fictional person because one it with because ah
gunslinger has to be absolutely woody woodpecker sophisticated all the way through the hop-on
he never really gets to be a he never gets to have fun and a more than the surface well that that that five finally dorn has convinced the there's not a negative society our state compared with that's why in the sense also woodsy available
wits can with is available throughout gunslinger yeah yeah and i'm taking one because i'm taking this bond because it's from in its scope of of edward thorns gunslinger
is in every way potentially the scope of
i've got temperamentally is not going to be like rubber bands so we had to worry about it but it's got a lot of the same features a lot of the feature of have interior thought of having of having a
when you begin to sketch out who the characters are or while have much more chaucer on mind and and and an end and the a flashy yeah
pop chaucer
since they have to do with being
not even that is becomes a lead becomes our monster good
what all about being to at on being a central we find over and over again into our itself and being here is a depth of brownie having no answers the one point the and an amusing amusing gunslinger because i think it's to pick up our time that we feel we've got answers and i'm all right
this is this general we did i know to what degree do i think this a but but but we are told and sense we've got answers and and and and we can write them we were tempted off to write a poem in which we know it all with with in which that a palm of of ah ha and especially i guess an american attitude of it and
end and and not then exploratory

well i would say then carrying all from means caring about the man of the book
not just to surmount the fault of expression but then i pointed and we've we've had we already served a couple of times go to times they done go point out that faults begins to be an important part of of the expression for brown not that he had not the fault of expression but the expression of of
up of what paul is becomes almost essential as the poem be good by it's not completing it it'd get gets deeper and deeper and and and and more entangled with his course i blame nobody least of all myself who didn't like them then and since for i lately gave time and pains to turn my work into what the many might instead of what the few months
like but after all i imagined another thing at first and therefore leave at i find but he still wanted to give some these the read the summaries because he was still reaching out to make it accessible crying over and over again and these are some of you will have in your additions what what comes as some of these summaries
in which at the top you've got shelley departing barone and appears and and and and and on that than we know who those beer come not near now and so forth them
this is a summary book one his boyhood in the domain of acheulean how a poet's soul comes into play what denote such a souls progress how poets class at length version honor or shame which may the gods and
bird from sir dello now in childhood the delights of his childish fancy which could blow out a great bubble being secure a while from intrusion already is summary is getting into as i love summaries and clear it all out by getting it just on other matters about it comes and new born judgment design
that he needs sympathizers he therefore create such accompany each of which leading its own life has qualities impossible to a boy so only to be appropriated in fancy and practiced on till the real calm he means to be perfect say apollo and apollo must one
day by daphne but when will this dream turn truth for a time is ripe and he is ready
handbook to this bubble of fancy when greatest and brightest bursts at a court of love a minstrel things saw dello before palma conquerors him receives the prize and ruminates how had he been superior to a glimmer this is answered by a guy
amore himself one who belong to what he loved loving his art and rewarded by it ending with what had possessed him a more done with sourdough begins and in in the poem itself on a glamour and many the commentaries i got are viewed as as the poet who supplied it
by sir daallo i grew more dies by the way right after sardar clothes sings a this the song better and
at the same time as the more doesn't he comes back full fledged in the in the last book as gardella guys and lado is viewed by almost all i'm not that i'd be at the market too frequently all the way through and as being almost a caricature of
ah the critic the a muslim take a very negative take on nada but not a when the palm money appears seems again like one of those interior voices of a development in which sardar ardella has an auto and as an egg more
and pama is very clearly in the bomb on what a thing or but also also something so idle hands
the these become interior persons as well as exterior person they're not only they're not masks when they come in their own person
since palm portrayed over and over again as the one a star the one thing that is above for dello and will move him
so the and all his proliferation
an and is constant change that will be a constancy
ah not an inspiration and is a real movie she's the mood for on one thing to start on the incidentally she's the moon and then and one cheats the moon is a c
and and so he did the in that movement he has deaths would would quickly we know nothing of were they not move by the moon and and and in in the absence of parma he is sometimes poetry goes then that's a good deal of the first book in that because there's a collapse within the first book or and
and it's restore it comes back
one farmer comes in personally into the picture again but even that fugitive a lot where is she does she is hearing that song when he sings and and then she does come in later it comes in again to to to reveal to him that that that he is alan grier his son and as
and to urge him into a political of well at palmer stands that's that's why i wanted them will begin with her how the beginning the only half an hour often begin with the appearance of start l and in in the dante because it's in and at the point of sardar long
which isn't in the seventh book seven and eight of the purgatory on that one that we get our first look across to the
to the fact that so appears in the lunch and in the attic at the close of the anti purgatory or anti room or anti territory of that the beginning the big the beginning of the coming up to the beginning of the for victorio and and
and beyond
what way if i remember rightly see be teaching
let me see were clearly i will open will open know
six and seven has book six and seven that's like of you
and remember it's in relation to this poem that that that was related with the italian studies that that the crowning first heard of start aloe and gotta lead toward toward the he was not so della did not write in italian he wrote in a problems also so
browning's accounts of of his poetry would be in translation so forth and and and his
and what is italian centeredness is because you think you have the sotelo that appears in the in game
the divine comedy
and at first and the divine comedy when they come upon so dello
a virtual and and dante does not recognize so it all it's getting dark it's toward beyond the towards the end of coming toward evening it is sardar i'll take them forward to by they rest that night people flipboard before coming into purgatory on the mock morning and and gardella it's so dark this or dello there are no longer shadows
and bordello can't tell the da days a and tell the difference between virgil and thought that large oh and a casts i'm in dante casts its shadow sun shines in the in in purgatory and and on the cast a shadow but but but with we've come to the time of shadow and and so that
the dante has taken to be a shade and he's not ready in well he's not going to record be recognized back for there has no exchanges and then to
and i my lord the virgo go away with greater haste for already i grow not weary and before and look the hillside that now a shadow cast we with this day will onward go answered he as for so far as yeah we may but the fact is other than thou do
dumbest ere thou art above he shalt thou see return that now is hidden by the slope so that they'll makers not is raised to break but see their a soul which placed alone solitary book at toward us it will point out it was the quickest way we came to a lombard
seoul how was the haughty and disdainful and in the mood movement of thine eyes majestic and slow not it said to us but allowed us to go on watching only after the passion of a lion when he couches yet did virtual drawn towards a praying that it should show it to us the
in that spirit answered nodded the man but of our country and of our life did ask us and the sweet leader began mantua and the shade all wrapped himself left toward him from the place where first it was saying oh man when i am for dello of vice city voldemort to and
the end one embraced the other
no oh man montalbano us on so dela dela to of data
and one embraced the other of our italy da slave and then
dante seem is himself to predict robert browning's broken sentences with start out toward something and mid way we won't take up that where we left off
and one embrace the other and then all of us are right there and the rest book how of goes ah italy doubt slave hostile of whoa vessel without pilot and mit door of no misdeeds of provinces but a brahmin and on and on and on we go against the emperor against airtight so forth and that and and so as not to sell
and fill the next scandal the that we find ourselves back with with sword l when we go out into space and in in in in a ah
and i
outlet in a burst of outrage toward italy toward the city florence as ever and this is the outrage of caring if we go back to the protests of a palms of adult that the time of the vietnam war there was a great difference between the pole
poems of caring or the element of carried by the way which i think robberies and present there all sorts of stages and carrying care of knowing caring and unknowing gary unknowing carrying is the one in which you are envious or angry because you care but but it dates the entire expression of hatred than so what and and and streams
fourth this is not what naughty is baby for when when he's been fourth one is dreaming for about the be trial and as as for instance women is when he rides eighteen presidency they'd be trail of democracies by democracies becomes were those who believe in democracy
i never got very excited about whether mr hitler did or did not betray factors and method it wasn't a betrayal of any idea i knew of but the but the betrayal by the soviet union of communism went to was an m of was in my mind is and tirelessly over and be a fundamental recognition
there are no private properties but
all belonged to them
world and creation the betrayal of that ah why communism out what an outrage as a betrayal of democracies and united states is an outrage a result so that saw that so that that as a source of right you rage because of a disappointment and a betrayal and the trail of what the thing is
so it's a bride siddhanta who believes in italy not not a he didn't believe in a massive city states you believe in italy so he's rent enraged that italy doesn't gather up doesn't become something that city states immediately have to read
he is enraged at at at at at
when he's enraged and pope's are all personal because they've betrayed their manhood because he does not give much to the office of pope not daddy structure
is centered the emperor and and i'll for foreign look up with there's a poem sardar was that he was quite famous for that was very much on dante's mind and it gives him the model for for on why the sword elo
who is the other man june
although born born and go you don't come close enough for dante to make him that
that that's one aspect of it but the other aspect of the sword dello in that kind of his sardar delos own high sense of honor and his outrage that expressed in this
lament for
the bowman and for the poet them and black gods
but in body as as a a a e as a warrior and poland this is a little love
on a little hard for us drone who would go park
well as protestant types with very strong biased pacifism
to countenance but and dante still strongly belonged to a the the dual apollonian kept character of the bullock one that song second the sword and and and that one proves the other in its field
and this is certainly worth sardar eloise
the troubadours have both questions but it's not just jousting and sardar was talking about
i would lament sir blackouts and this simple melody was sad and sorry heart and i have indeed reason for it since in him have i lost the lord and good friend and all worthy qualities have with his death disappeared so mortal is the laws that i have not the faintest hope that it might ever be made good and
less in this way that his heart be cut out and the great novels eat of it who now live disheartened then they'll have hard enough of that act is the theme that enters and all at eating at the heart business that the beginning of the canada my question more and more as i i'd begun at last
last guy my question in in caring for the candle deeply and for bound is what happened because nn and because i think of them in in in it and first in the dialectic sense that as we have nothing else we draw on at this level of but the other one is in a in in a sense of another kind of mystery that
would be coming back to the lives as i said i found him the expression of having a series of lives will take other lives to come to that and so forth that comes at times and browning some sourdough on a sense of a have a dream unfolding to time of of something having to happen what was the extreme refreshed
can remember friday aneurysm and self-worth was also concerned with how widespread operations a repression work that made pound retract what he would have to know about eating the hartman
see in the very theory of the cantos you can they can be eating the heart but you can't come across what it means you can't come across the part is being eat now or that unique are eating the heart to have the bravery of it won't so where where in this poem is clear what the heart means that they'll have hard enough
the in the candles in these these themes
the he was he he was trying to drive probably faced with the friday and reading assembled and dreams by the way that images were just images more and more and yet they're not of course in eating the heart is not but the troubadour here at all definitely leads to some are a real debate let the
let their first deed of it because it's need is great the emperor of rome if he wants to conquer the melanie's by force for they deem him conquered and he lives deprived of his heritage in spite of his germans and straight after hamlin the french king eat a bit then he'll conquered castillo which
she's losing through his stupidity but if it annoys his mother he will not eat of it at all for it well appears from is repute that he does nothing that might annoy neuer this visit this is the this is a a a a a troubadour a poet in state of outrage at the breakdown of of feudal honor
and and and and bauer and keeping of the feudal order which was done by the sword and and of the english king i would that since he is unclear ages he eat a good deal of the heart then you'll be fine and worthy and it will recover the land on account of which he lives without merit and of which the
king of france rod sims and he knows the to be faint hearted and it behooves the castilian came to eat of twice over since he has two kingdoms and he's not worthy by one but if he would eat up it it behooves him to eat of it in secret or if his mother knew that she'd beat him with sticks
i would that the king of aragon would eat of the hard for that will relieve him of the shame which incurs here for my say and mio since and no other way can he went on or through anything that he might do or say and next i would have what that one gave up the heart to the king of the bar for it was more were
the other count that now is a king so i years a it's wrong when god causes a man to rise to great eminence than lack of heart makes him decline in merit where the counter to lose there's no need to eat well of it if he remembers that which you used to possess and that which he now possesses for if with another heart
he doesn't make good as lost it does not seem to me that he'll make a good with the one he has in him and it behooves the problems ah account that he eat of it if he recalls that the man who lives deprived of his heritage is worth hardly anything and even though with great striving you depends a maintains himself there's need for
certain that he would use of things the great nobles will wish me ill for that which i say well but let them know rightly that i write them as little as they need
fair recompense only provide provided that with you i could find mercy i scorn each man who holds me not his friend
as i
said last time
my the one scholar notices that while
ah but rhonda ball is in
the infernal and blamed for causing schism and dissension a poet whose word dante greatly admired and blood and in whose
sir ben de cervantes an opposite raleigh in no way is is is guilty of a major sin like setting people against each other yet if at if this seventies had ever been carried out if of what underlay at them if they'd ever been given the heart all of europe would have been at war i think he's saw all of your was than and
moreover over their territories they hadn't played
after the greetings dignified and glad had been repeated three or four times they have to be repeated for your four times because when last heard dante was all going on against of of abhorrence at the end of the last canto he's still roaring against florence after the greetings dignified and glad has been
repeated report kinds or download brewing back and said who art thou
air to dismount were turned those spirits where they do ascend to god my bones by octavian had been buried i am virgil and for no other sin did i lose heaven then for not having faith that's answered than my leader as one who see it suddenly a thing before him were he marvels who believes and believes not saying it is it is not
such seeing he and forth with bent his brow and humbly turned back toward by leader and embraced him where the inferior clasps open that's marvelous with the inferior clasps that that the notes that have gone on ever since dante little lead there are where does the inferior clasp and who is the enveloping
it leads to wonderful wonderful fantasies
all away from the feet yea man to the hips and to just under the arm with the image compromising the clouds being hit
oh glory of the latin said he by whom are tongue showed for all its power oh eternal braise of the place whence i sprang what merit or what favorite show at the to me if i am worthy to hear thy words tell me if thou comes from hell and from what poster through all the circles of the woeful realm answered he can came i hear
ear a virtue from haven't moved me and with that i come and it's this crux one one coming up from hell and a virtue from haven't moved me and we begin to get announcements from thereon we get announcements of be a creature and so dallas is that comes in the palm and pivot
does not only the end of the anti purgatory oh but it's the pivot that the point what we're very soon a virtual can i go beyond the anti purgatory and and be a teacher will lead them
and if in the ascent
well i'm
i want to pick up the references to palmer this was to give you a good to give you a lead to to
do what palma is in this them
tags when she appears at one of the early things i said and i think weather and although it is curious that he changed the name from veneto to palma and and
it enabled him for instance to have a reminder obama in the scene where they care aware that found found with as curiosities is presented

that font in in in the palm and and would work were still in the first one and if you took his boyhood in the domain of excellent and gotta look on the other pay you might come across that
the essential things we read last time that the entrance and as i remembered an entrance into this into this area
well is this we begin with pass within ah as the discreet description burrito get a all it time every time we come across it though what evokes it is a lesson all mama back to in mantua
territory half as as as a slow which is the beginning of a paragraph and that's on the preceding page account richards thousand verona my yeah i think that but we're not where at the beginning of the were just after the passage where dante appears in mantua territory half a slow half pine tree forest
maple scarlet oaks breed or the river beds even mention old jokes with sand the summer through so moving in through the man to a territory mincha michio is always the river mitchell is one of the announcement through and brew and brew dramatic as for instance the fact that bill
leave or of the once the word conceive follows close upon i will
you you will hear this tale of fidelity told the who will many years odell story told but mentioned this sequence of michio and then the appearance of going to the castle joke was sad the room summer through but tis morass in winter up demand to a wall there was some thirty years before
this evening's coil one spot reclaim from the surrounding soil quito just a castle built amid a few low mountains furs and largest hit their main defiles and rings vineyard bound the rats some captured creature in a pound is artless wonder still precludes distress secure beside in its
own loveliness so appeared with every head below above the castle at its toils the lapwings love to glean among a great time pass within a maze of corridors can drive for sin and and one week we had that little passage where that what where where we do see
sir dello for first appearing up from a time when palma seems to discovered him but but but the whole passages such a such a dream of a fun
a fantasy that the one that we don't know about what is an erotic dream as ah dollars himself while we we we do now because finally because in in a three say
thank god nothing think in parma does finally tell us or on account of that rock she remembers that room so yes she must have straight through the room scenes or daallo and his and his
sleep near sleeping fantasy and leaned over him and and and and passed through in that gloom
and so sin
they're difficult times that work work work work and yet
is it were pass within an and sin as rhyme yet sin seems to run through this thing actually because the this is on the soft core of the part of the of the victorian period of and in his greatest moments is the one place for victorians could see
the wild orgies and was to open their milk and illustrated by doorway or to open their bible illustrated by dory and and little children could see wonders beyond belief i mean all of the are and luggage i i want to get a lot of a big parties down there among blame for phenomenon people are riding around and might do
think that mom and daddy and the read them look like that and if they will if they were not clothed in truth and virtue of an independent
dusk winding stairs dem galleries got past you gain the inmost chambers gain at last and maple paneled room that hayes which seems floated about the battle is there gleams a sunbeam over it will turn to gold and enlight grave and characters
our unfold the eighth the arabs with wisdom everywhere what shade mark them a moment those slim pillars may cut like a company of palms to prop the roof each kissing top entwined with top leaning together i think we're at a reverie and truth almost to an end
in fact them unless we believe that mr freud made up floyd in simpsons have one rather than noticing them in the the palms is parma maintenance and and ended the presence here through out of something so were again in one of those erotic reverie
in which in in which did did so dello of did so adela go that far and dream at one point or della says yes only in dreams did he go that far
the ended and and and yet the poem won't let us settle with that for one thing he does run off with he does rape one of the meetings rate is is is to is isn't rape and rapture by the way remember either same word be in a rapture ep and and
he does run off with a burn for far too
richard while an alma and an almost haunting to see
god like a roof company of palms to prop the roof each kissing top entwined with top
leaning together in the carvers minds i'm not a and owls flushed cheat combined with straining or head shoulders purple hair diffused between who in a goat skin their of vintage graceful sister palms we've got palmer and sister palm
but quick to the main wonder now
a vault see thick black shadow about the ceiling though fine slits across the bunkers suffer like by bits upon a marble in the midst nice do a delish grey street cambridge fond of group rounded each side of it were one sees uphold the shrinking
oddities of just tins marble like eaves lily flesh now our theme of sevens going through and through and broke beneath her makers finger where the fresh first pulse of live shot brightening the snow the fonts edge burdens every shoulders so they muse upon the ground eyelids half close
some with meek arms behind their to dispose some crossed above their bosom some to valle their eyes some propping chin and cheek so pale some hanging slack and utter helpless like dead as a buried vestal whose whole strength goes when the great above shot heavily so dwell
these noiseless girls patient to see like priestesses because of sin impure pennants forever who resigned endure having that once drunk sweetness to the dregs and every eve again now eve as eve an end to come every eaves or delos visit bags pardon
for them
constant as eve he came to sit beside each in her turn then eyes adjusted that then
palmer as well as not have an egg the more words more apparent it is not only heard a person of the palm herself but also in appearances like this or on these curiosities each because we see the this young man
moving through her an erotic a reverie in which sin is essential to the erotic fantasy itself and the begging harder for them in which he he
sits beside each in her turn sculptured new figures of these green ah ah
he had young girls surrounding the font the font by the way for those who have ever not grabbed all out of this font the font is not only this phone the a font that was moved one retro over when
selling guerra built the great deal for retro the but
when she died she was buried in the barn
and what palmer eventually discloses to to saw dello i see no difficulty for year for instance that that that and that the screen would seem to be an ornaments and since as as leno evidence and solemn guerra was the father god allah but
we're in a realm not have that but also in a realm of fantasies and the palmer who may have revealed to saul bellow that his father was so selling guerra and his and his mother was redrew
come dangerously close to be the palm ago at other times and the bomb and one of these corporations have a come back to the pump
and so is it is at his mother's tomb unknown to him but that he comes and and an end to the young girl that retro once was he gives her pardons for unseen she's committed when she passed from her virginity and do
her pregnancy in his burnt
constant as if he came to sit beside each in or during the same as one of them a certain space and all made a the same and i'm in the the syntax the same as one of them comma a certain space the bewilderment produces it a referee
which all of a sudden is isn't saying that he was the same as one of them this is the kind of thing only possible by but browning's make entering into a place where the set what were the sentence and the syntax become confusing and confused so some things views and and and are mistaken
readings andrei and along with i read we read it again with gradually make out what it surely is but one it was before remains
the principal i can remember very well from title over the great discovery about the is it there are not had they must have been added since it's in a nursery in that i had until i was three year i think they moved me out like by is what aged when they move you away from when you were in the same room with your sister and and we get it
evolve your own in in in in that room with my sister i i can remember the lights would be turned out and then i i i would start know that that was actually a bunch of clothes on a chair but it was clearly a gorilla and i would get up there and courageously get lie in violencia with a bunch of clothes on a chair and turn the light off and go back and neck with play
early gorilla again
between he's two fast will remain there was very little and and in a way this is clearly a girl a land of you and if the atrium and one is valuable and poem by the way to that the islamic regime that those of viewer into poems get way into the mandela delicate job
because we don't have to practice deliberate confusions but but if if you get in there them they will appear in the right way that dump routing isn't loading as he kept trying to clear it up and ah made a great indistinctness and all made a great indistinctness billy saw sunset slant cheerful through the but
dress jenks gold seven times globe surely our maiden shrinks than a smile stairs or as if one faint grain her load were lightened one shade less disdain obscured her forehead yet one more be slipped from off the rosary whereby the grip keeps count of the conclusions of its charge then
with a step more alive the heart more large you may depart lever and every one to linger out the pennants and mute stone ah but saw dello
tis the tail i mean to tell you
and then he appears out of that out of this is is is is coming in here at that phone he appeared for the first time and n n word close with the palms do that they would that these were other palms that were sister palms and then you move down the curiosity so carry oddities
romaine and and and and the mother retro remains as if they belong to accompany the carry ah that these are a company anyway and and there and and then they are identified in and brought in them in sardar delos mind with his dalliance as he comes to want to be more of a and
more like apollo their apollo's powers of women and and the listener than those listening to the poem will be will be
will be women
let's get to him who were palm of pox and tells it

well here this is the and books second opens with a return
and act after his after his that will go back and pick up the pick pick up the appearance of and and new uggla more and and and then i want right now to get the the the team

i see i have last time did i'd pick up where not oh first appears
oh my no i mean it isn't i think i'd better since not all appears in here i want to prepare you for for how
when a glimmer when a more appears for
william is not a not not not and and and it's a narrow is almost i'm almost the professionalism of of a of the troubadour that so delaware's at that point by winning

i think i've getting a voice in one rise following voice do anything
there with you know
you know we probably getting

to know

have and and the other way round the guides were waiting for when he's gone
hey cause on it

mostly again because not as appearance in the form answer
abrupt and seems to just descended and come into being on my body starts to sing when when it's or d'elegance board with courage to say

a well my treble is and isn't her and i shouldn't treat it worry about whether it's a before and after
the copper
one i want is where he has his contest with with an egg lamar

i'm taking a third
yeah i guess i'm gonna get go back

i didn't mind him as a reference to nine very and

well i get this goes right into the contest doesn't it because her appearance i just started and go on darted
the right be opening an opening a book to brings not a when it is as that not as that isn't that his first appearance i've got one for two oh nine and i will be again are i let take but would suppose on on newborn judgment rex sympathy
rex rex reckons rex symphony
and anna paragraph that begins this world of ours by tacit pact is pledged on opposite day to that to laying such as spangled fabric low this this is book one and it's ended but and around the line six six seventy if you've got and we got them to seventy
too bad numbers whether by gradual rush or gallant blow but it's abundant will was balked tear down roads tardily and ones opens about from most that nurtures judgment care and pain judgment that dull expedient we are paying less favorite to adopt a times imports data
is diverted from our natural course of joys judgment poetic judgment it it it is not out of a judgment a whole situation is not oh and and any in that line of egg lamar is is is is the one to is completely in the song something browning never is an and
and actually forms a theory of not being and yet the complete song there
obviously haunting him as his travels throughout not not was judgment and and n n and is announced by the theme of judgment one for one and appeared zero and i guess we really are about where it comes visit that visit the kind of way which were well prepared unprepared to didn't get it the negative judgment of not oh is that he must be a bad credit and
an and ended nada was like very all of them saw not it was having been like their schoolmaster and show and be like one of the wrong leaders of the park and that's as and that is not at all went once when for dello is moving in the world of poetry at all not i was there an egg mars there and palmer's they're very special said
judgment that dull expedient we are fein less favoured to adopt be dimes and for status diverted from our natural course of joys contrived some yet amid the dirt very and render them it may be worth most what we go supposed bordello and selfish enough without a moral
sense however feeble what informed the boy others desire to portion in his joy or say a rueful chance broke woof and war of heron's nest beat down by march when sharp of fawn breathless beneath the precipice a bird with and soil breast and unfilmed eyes warm and the break could these
undo the trance laughing saw dello others designed a portion is joy this is the beginning of carrying is to decide the editor of the desired carrying the circulation of care between writer and reader in which there and in which the the joy once you're writing the joy is out and and given not
a circumstance it made for you friend moto moto eat from seed and pure beside us and report indeed if your word genius dawn with roads and stings and the whole fiery catalog while springs summers and winters quietly came and went time put at length that period two content by
by right the world should have imposed bereft of its good offices or della left his studies companion managed grip their friend drop learn and then it goes on into withdrawing about the people around him
and then we know so then in the opening of book second we'd gone to the to the court and ended and the and egmore and that and a figure of the poet as as that troubadour something that brownie does not lead sort and so della belong to be the woods were long austere with snow at last pink leaflets
butted in the beach and fast largest scattered through pine tree solitude brightened as in the slumbers heart of the woods are very year a which grew young again too placid incantations and that stain about were from her cauldron green smoke blank with those black pine so egg lamar gave bent
to a chance fancy but over and over again running and this as i said events is not the my imagination but the word fancy fancy and judgment and yet both edgar morin and not all in and of themselves appear and negative aspects in the thought
whence adjust rebuke from his companion brother nano shook the solomon to browse beware he said of setting up conceits and nature's dead but this is brother in a in in in a order a paltry
nadal an angler more and not old then will attach himself to soar dello as long as sourdough is poet and not a will inform
i saw dello on the on the prop proprieties of the bomb but also we will inform him on the story he will be will back is knowing the story
will return to that role whence it just preview from his companion rather not have shook the solemn list of browse beware he said of setting up conceits in nature stead fourth wandered are sore not so sure as that today's adventure will secure
palm the vision lady throughout this there are figures of a hag a which that also occur and that occurs here within this is this verse being made fun of i mean that there is it is isn't it can see as
we always move into an important part of the nature that of the poet comes from because it was when he discovered that he was the woods that he went in and that he and he was the that the land around guido and that when he returned to it is magic return he had no magic and himself that wasn't this
the woods or long as there was no and and then we have as in the slumbers heart of the woods are very year a which grew young again too placid incantations and that stain remember the stain on the brow of that of they carry out the days
about were from her cauldron but this is the stain of the leaves and self what green smoke blend with those black pine so anglo more gave vent to a chance fancy
fourth wandered are gardella none so sure that as that today's adventure will secure palm of the vision lady only pass or yeah damn mound and it exhausted grass under that break where son dawn feeds the stocks have withered burn with gold into those walks and pine and taker
buoyantly he went again is stooping forehead was his brent with do drop from the skirting from then wide open the great morass shot every side with flashing water through and through a shine that steaming all alive who shaped divine quivered and the farthest rainbow vapor
heritage he advanced but warily though miniature miniature leaked no more each footfall burst up in the marriage floor diamond jet and if he stopped to pick rose like and or molest the leeches quick and circling blood worms mental note or lodge a sudden pond would
silently encroach this way and that on palm past the burj on palmer past the burj of a new wood was gained she will emerge flushed now and panting crowds to see will own she loves him boniface to here to ground to leave his suit one's green of pine trees still opposes
but the startling spectacle map to others died under the walls or crowd indeed real men and women gay and loud round a pavilion how he stood in truth no prophecy had come to pass his youth and its prime now and where was homage poured upon sardar el born to be adored and suddenly disk
covered week scarce made to cope with any cast into the shade by this and this he had something seemed to prick and tingle in his blood a slight a trick and much would be explained it went for naught the best of their endowments were a old bot with his identity ne they can see that this days roaming lead de palma's feet was
not so they list the word palmer steel aside and dies or dello this is real and this of jure what next the curtains see dividing she is there a presently he will be there the proper you at length in your own cherished dress and grace and strength most like
the very boniface that's so it was a showy man advanced but though a glad cry welcomed him that every sound say in the crowd is themselves around this is not he's ardella belt than place for the best troubadour of boniface
on the jog john gloves eight lamar whose lay concludes his patrons quarter blog today obsequious nardo strung the masters lou with the new loot string alice named to suit the song he stealthily at watch the while l skits
to be yet another part another name of not only the song but of the lady another name of hama and n n n a
the ones left unsure with it it's ellis is the song on reddit button but the and since ellis's that is the lady in the song the song that son that he wins the prize by
it floods out and takes over mb and comes to the next surface up in which it is is as if it were a secret name of bob
name to suit the song he stealthily had watched the wild biting his lip to keep down a great smile and pride than up he struck sardar was brain swam for he new as sometime deed again so good supply each foolish gap and chasm the minstrel left and his enthusiasm missed
taking is true version was the tail not have a bolo only one avail luring her down that ls and he pleased if the man dared no further has he ceased and low the people's frank the bars have done or della was decided had begun spite of indignant twitching from is renda drew
they're the true leyland
with the true end taking the other's names and time and place for his business back to what a moments of a kind of discovery and coming up
and and coming first time i'm sure remember this robert browning is not met elizabeth bread the time of writing a poem song so that you the expectation and and and the you that is expected that the guns to be farmer is it is is a
is still in this realm of bream and of and and an end of ah
every penny
of a fell promise or demanded promise and under which one which one would call it
ah well a haunting promise be the right one but promise which haunts it and the reality of everything that's going on promise of something not yet arrived that totally changes the nature of
so as if we put hope that wouldn't stand for the to be because you did go to that st hope but but that and get that began his bought the singers of the song that their he's also about the be for a second of a singing of a himself of allah which is the other role
only what avail during her down that ellison he pleased if the man dared no further has he ceased
and then the true the true lay in the true and taking the other's names and time and place for is
on flu the song a giddy race after the flying story word may leave out word rhyme rhyme the lay could barely keep pace with the action visibly rushing fat both and back fell not a more gas than some egyptian run the harass gangland field abroad
up then bellowing fronted full his play who spied a scarab neath the dung and bound twas f is flanked is a frog and solid but the people but the cries the crowding round and proffering the briars regained some prize
he seemed to shrink into a sleepy cloud just at whose brain one site beheld with elvin there is that adelaide silent but at her knees the very made of the north country her red lips as rich the same your pc hair one weft the wedge golden and grade quite touched
his cheek as or she lent speaking some six words and no more he answered something anything and she unbound were back at that room where where sleepily the game do and and in the gloom and she unwound a scarf related heavily upon him or next warmth and all again moved the arrested magic
in his brain noises grew and alight that turned blair and greater glare until the intense flair and gulped them shot the whole scene from his sense and when he woke twas many a furlong fence at home the sun shining is ruddy won the customary birds chirp but in
trump with ground with ground presented scarf around his neck whose gorgeous heaps the ground a prize
he turned and peering lee on him rooted the women faces kind and dem ready to talk in the jungle or is in a troupe had brought him back nadeau and squat yellow and dani behr how strange a childhood spent in taking well for him so brave event since egg lamar
they heard was dead was fight and palma chosen by minstrel to report inside the for like sourdough rose to think now hitherto he had received to think now hitherto he had perceived i i'm not yet got clear my mind what the this eight
the distinction that some to somebody does anybody have some ideas about this between knowing and perceiving frowning plate of brownies on term for
he thinks now and before he had perceived but but for the poetic state brownies term is to proceed not to think
an anna and and yet i don't find i haven't found digging around a theory of perception going to dig around the scholars who break the probably tell me chapter and verse but among the thing what look for this in his dream is
but he hath available
oh yes my trouble here is not about receiving and thinking my trouble here is a but about browning's idea of thinking and receiving an idea of i'm of thinking and perceiving guy and eliza i'm not going to go to scholars it was meant the browning scholars to give me chapter and verse about where because since since he keeps making profit
auditions about thinking receiving and many other things that carried through here i am i'm not yet clear about what about how they operate into it in the ball
i probably should go to hit me perceiving since i'm a little puzzled about do i perceive it off and i'm not sure by thing
ah i perceived right
i remember once when we got do a fierce literary dot is the war on tom and he had been drinking anyways a drink people drinking and often think up reasons to getting terrible argument and allen i sat around and as he said robert creeley with great presented i said what what i can only see after room where they read also
terribly nasty things but country up and it's a to be in a flash my god i didn't know any other major part was as little receptive visit and creating went entirely in the dark had seemed to me stumbling and and and i mean the figures throughout really fond of of how gorgeous it is when you do not participate when you proceed with
offers have receiving living at in the least and ended i'd never known as day i can though not quite as near sighted the zukofsky matter behind paid
well give you get the change right in this passage about this whole passage is rich with is because we go on to get the change of the of alice light sword ella rose to think now hitherto he had perceived sure a discovery grew out of it all

best live from first to last the transport or again a week he passed sucking the sweet out of each circumstance from the bard's outbreak to the luscious trance bounding his own achievement for the whole experience that were given as that make your time and or experiences paltry it his real time of
the of experiencing the south of the poet in this pond or it the the palm is still in this reverie dream and trance state where i think browning's on poetic mind very much must have been in an integrated with it and and the previous prevent just previous to that
it would be simple i guess the simplest thing to take was that perception would be the stage in which in which i'm a nature his brethren for for sardar dello from every moves from the perception of burns and of what into his roman transcend than thinking
in a
the to think now or so he begins think you will i mean you just come through like man strange a man recounted an adventure but began in perfectly his own task was to fill the framework up saying well what he sung l supply the necessary points let loose as many incidents of little
use more imbecile the other not to see their relative importance clarity but for a special pleasure in the active singing had he ever turned him back from alice to sing alice
from each fifth of rapture to contrive a song of it
true the snatch or the other seemed as wind into a treasure helped himself to find a beauty and himself or see he soared by means of that mere snatch too many a horde of fancies as one some falling cone very soft the i along the bird grease fire along to a dog's neck
then how divine the caused by such performances what such performance should exact applause from men if they advances to the fake degree they found a beauty separate in the poor snatch itself
take ellis their her head that sharp and perfect like a pair so close and smooth i laid the few fine locks colored like honey boo from top-most rock son blanche the live long summer from quotes and they heard just those two rhymes assented at my word and loved them as i loved them who have run
on those the fingers through those pale locks let the sun into the flight cool skin the first good plot than prize i needs must be a god to such or what did some above themselves and yet beneath me like they're a glimmer had set and impress on our gift so men believe and why
airship what they know not nor received like from have they fancy slow perchance not at their beck which indistinctly glance until by song each boating park be linked to each and all grow palpable this thing he pondered this
and then the and then and then igloo more appears that
i think i see reading through that and reflecting as i go that that we move from perception and but the thinking that's proposed to think
the to think now has made it should think what are we want to think now means he moves into a kind of think poem and immediately appears as a zeigler more rival and and and any that are almost arguing the of the the way of of of
it is certainly if we thought of thinking is being an operation of the mentality more imbecile the other one's self is and the whole set of comparison was in life like a caricature of iraq intelligence tests and of our period
well but we remember browning is people around him talked about or experienced him as a superior mind was a farrier intelligence and and and this must have left him feeling very much as well i'm anything but must have been aware one of the ways not to care about him was to experience him as a superior month
olivia would you have superior ideas young man and with with with
because because for him if it goes right back as pattern
well that let me give the appearance of the of a glamour and and and nachos transference and for him because i'm thinking of them as something happening within the poor people was because after this he comes he can eat he really turns away from poetry comes into a collapse of the of of of the pond and earth
of along that line after the singing that song of the bride mood mild sounds low and rear stole lonnie men a noise of footsteps near an error while the underwood was pushed aside the largest largest grazed the dead leaves crushed at the approach of men the wind seemed laid only
the tree only the dreams shrunk slightly and the shade came or the sky although it was midday yet you saw each half shut down cast flour at fluttered a road a roman bride when they do this part are unbound dresses with the say buying dark holding that famous rape
memory still felt creep into her girl the iron jill and looked thus a lamar would say indeed tis zegna more no other these proceed home hither in the woods