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Dining Room Class

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ten shirt
have a few things i want to bring up today
hussam continue with her steady of the lotus sutra and also
i'm going to be a going up to the city tomorrow a be gone the fourth coming back on the eleven so i just wanted to talk about a few things before i go
and also i know some of you know but some of you don't know that
kerry last election
kerry lost the election bush won re-election
so ah
have we may be feeling various things through some of us may be feeling one way and others have a stealing another i ah
i'm not exactly sure how we might want a process that or make some space for that i actually thought youd be at the end we could just
go into twos and just talk to each other something like that i don't know exactly what
i just i feel great great concern and nothing
ha yeah great great concern for this world

i wanted to thank everyone for all her work vape ah
did for the ceremony less made a i felt that the effort of all of a hard to make her
to meet the ceremony happened and one especially think the ino and dawns for all their work on practicing them instruments and beautiful all i hope everyone raised their eyes during the ceremony and or looked at the altar
beautiful and
i appreciated you very much
couple of things i just want to say about practicing with the cold
i think we're right at that point where it is probably will be getting colder and colder it was thirty four the other morning he was a so nancy's cow and she drove out her for ah strange river
ah so there is those of you who don't have heat in your room i think it's
important to keep your body temperature even if you can use the dining room for breaks if or after supper come in here and read have tea
wearing layers is a good idea know some of you have warm under robes and others if you don't and if you don't
you can wear a skirt or pants under your robe wear layers of underwear you might have a set but were two or three you know just layering is good
some of you know the story of my first practice period where i had a very thin rope in fact it wasn't even a robot was a skirt and a caravan top that tucked in and looked like a role but it wasn't really wrong
is a skirt and cap and it was very thin cotton and so i had a skirt under it and then i i didn't like long underwear because i liked didn't like to see costs like of its long underwear so
then i were other layers and in sweaters and i still wasn't warm so i added more and more until i was sort of
looks like really i was just a could barely get the skirt around in button because i was like a penguin better than it looks like a penguin can work in zendo and still i wasn't warm and i realized that my
inability to warm up was that may i was
not relaxing my stomach and i was tense fighting the cold bracing against and that very action which was all day long made it impossible to actually warm up i was i was constricting myself
and this i was right next to a fair and even if i moved a little bit away from the fair i would be to call that have to be right next to the fair me very happy to be here
so what i learned that if i just relaxed paste turmeric is like the cold was different so
also keeping an even temperature people have gotten chilblains i'm one of them these sores and your hands so be careful to not go from very very cold very very hot warm your hands up
in the shower
before going into the plunge hands and feet or eaten warm don't dip your hands freezing cold into the hot water the capillaries my understanding is the if you have circulation problems they don't open fast enough and they burst and enough that's exactly what happens but so have been told
and i'm sure you have tricks other tricks that you please share each with each other your tricks of what to do how to keep your hot water bottle warm all night long
so please take good care of yourselves with the cold
and also it is
a usual thing for the leader of the practice predecessor to leave during the practice period for a week here there ah and
you know most of the contact that you have is with each other throughout the day at work and in the zendo and serving and all the other activities not necessarily with who's ever leading there's that kind of contact in ducks on in seeking someone around or class lecture and so forth but mm
most of the time you have contact with your fellow practitioners rate and the image of that is polishing polishing a due roxie know racks they become jewels in the
in the dual polisher in the rock polisher where their tumbling around and they're rubbing up against each other and in in the course of doing that all the rough edges get polished away and shine forth with your jewel like this so you how we polish each other but
that that practice goes on our
mostly that's what's going on
polishing i was reading this account of a different practices are i think can korea japan maybe were in this polishing process they hardly have any contact with the abbot and then they're never supposed to speak directly or ask a question directly in eyes cast down and
they have dogs on but not so much daily interaction and
and the the senior practitioners train the newer people and just like is happening here but in this system if there's
if you
make a mistake or do something not the way he retrained it's not like afterwards they call you and you do a little review and how did it work and oh i forgot all will be sure they just yell out mistake
that rate and the middle of service that a better idea on that
yeah whoever your training person is just yelled estate and then you have to figure out what it was you know this when are they say are now it's just different that's a different method you know you know i you know how training method and it's probably some of you may really like that type of very direct very instantaneous none of this
checking in and let's work
ross how can i help you know you just a day
so we happen to be doing the other tape i don't think we we yell out at each other but we do point out and that's part of this polishing practice so please
i really understand it in that way we how we learn and develop and we find ourselves refine our practice
also in other practice centers there's there may be indifferent cultural sense of sort of body or time about boundaries the other day and in tavis lecture
when i visited a ag
for this big ceremony
i was ribs gisha for the dogan memorial ceremony end
the the none in charge of telling me where to go and and what to do
just to took a hold to me and shoved me you don't like go here no here and like pulling me back for the and for her it was i just it was in anything i don't think she failed twice you just that's how you
you get someone to do it they need to do who doesn't know what the you just push him
and my feeling was i wrong watch this arise at me was they get your hands off me i thought whoa where
i really i really had this thing rise so but culturally there's different cultural understandings of body contact and boundaries and touching and so forth so i think i understand it's pretty unusual to push somebody here or shoved them or or touch them actually to show them
usually we use our words rate and if we have trouble using words we asked somebody to help us to say what we need but i'd like us to just be aware of that
on occasion it happens or if you're working with somebody close so they may
wow and traditionally you know hitting and mean all the stories include kind of bodily events but culturally speaking does her culture anyway it's unusual it's really unusual to shove somebody move them around or touch in order to palm
so any question about anything and i said there or
you can you want to bring up about
the ceremony the coals polishing each other
we're way down the elections
a hand or you to me said a hand know it's a stretch can your interests when you sit down relax your stomach that you've touched just of yeah
i just want to mention that there is a going exercise of pretty in the hands on the stomach and doing thirty six revolutions one direction and thirty six the other direction the little bit of pressure nausea really fewer ah
i sometimes do before i get out of bed in the morning and when i get into better to to two and if it doesn't seem to relax the i do it again yeah eventually the terms and it also as could perchance
getting cozy and to feel that part of your body thank you know when a swim in the baby for i go in error of my surrogate i never thought exactly what that was but it's just relax relax going into the cold yeah
this is just about physical correct yes when i was doing kit in in texas
and cutting corners i couldn't keep up his priest picked me up from behind and that in a corner
and sent don't ever cut corners
and i can't watch it's like i watch people make like orders know what i think that at all
it's like when you have that immediate difficult rex and and something never ever kiss i i don't mean to say never never ever i think they are there is the right moment you know no idea where gums just i mean ah
i just like that story ah yes i do try like the image of you being raised up inserted a pop data yeah was shot a to cut down i didn't even know it lets me
my yoga teacher judith lasater over the years has developed
a way in class where she says may i touch you before she does corrections which used to be unheard of i think the teachers used to just do things in you expected that but for various reasons in this in the with the culture of the people who come to her classes she asked every time even if you've been or student for thirty years she says may i touch
you as very it feels very respectful
but there are times like posture suggestions that's a touch sometimes movie someone's mood dry and kin hand her whatever so it does happen i yeah
i just wanted to make a comment about the sir yes last night because i was chiquita allows fact which means that i get to think with them do after this
and going into it i had a little bit of apprehension about that and i just wanted to share with their advantage of the feeling and the last night was like when you've had a party at your house and all the gifts have gone home fulfilled and satisfied there was this this sort of buoyant
the emptiness of the sendo snack which are very light and and
quite lovely quite wonderful thing and you say was a wonderful place i wish you could have all a president
it is a wonderful place to spend the night after that sir
did you all go to sleep okay anybody have trouble getting to sleep due to energy of the ceremony union there was a yes your topic in the sweet
yeah i was a little concerned about that the ceremony supposedly is to be done at twilight which gives you a little more time to wind down but
we need a a dharma what we need a buddha hall it tessera because we do everything in the zendo and you know the dawn's and you know totally set up the altar totally took it down for dinner totally set it up
so it didn't work out logistically to have it early and then have dinner and so's a little bit later than usual but i think if everybody slept okay glenn
o k what we have shall we move on into the lotus sutra and we have two people one person who had volunteered as to recite later so i have caved in everyday you ready to we say sera sure and where's as
rent a really good so whichever wants to go first
our opera
at that time the world honored one surrounded by the for different kinds of believers received offerings and tokens of respect and was honored and praise
for the sake of the body softphones he preached the great vehicle sutra entitled to measurable evenings
a law to instruct the body was one that is guarded and kept in mind by the buddhists
when the buddha had finished preaching the sutra
he sat cross legged in go disposition and the entered into the somebody of the place of the vulnerable meanings his body and mind never moving
at that time the heavens rained down on the of flowers great man and in two hours montes shack of flowers and great module shock of flowers scattering them over the buddha and over the greatest suddenly
and everywhere the buddha world quaked and trembled in six different ways
at that time all the nuns and monks lay women delay man heavenly beings dragons not shown as diverse as sure as tomorrow's can read as maharajas human and nine beings
as in the assembly as well as the petty kings and the we're rolling sage kings
everyone gathered in the great assembly having gave what they have never had before
as filled with great joy and pressing their palms together gazed at the buddha with a single mind
at that time the buddha emitted a ray of light and the tuft of white hair between his eyebrows one of his characteristic injuries riding a eighteen thousand worlds in the eastern direction
there was no place that right not energy reaching downward as far as the of each held and upwards to we are encouraged to heaven

i rained down the reign of the law filling the whole world
the one essential law
to be practiced according to ability
justice those thicket forests
herbs in trees according to their size luxuriant we develop
the law of essential oneness hoo the law of all buddhas
ever it's essential oneness
what can be it's time you
causes all the world
universally to gain perfect well beginning
gradually by its observance
all attain the ways permission
shriver cars and pratica buddhas
who dwell in the mountain forests
our in the final bodily stakes
hearing the law reach fruition
he's are named herbs

and game in crowds
as to body started
who are from in wisdom
who penetrate the triple worlds
and see the highest vehicle
these are named shrubs
and gain increasing growth
those who practice meditation
and gain transcendent powers
who hearing the doctrine of voyage
rejoicing greatly in their minds and knitting innumerable raise save all living beings
these are named trees
and gain increasing growth
no kashyap her
i preach the law of the buddha
the law
no cassiopeia
the law of all buddhas
is just like a great cloud which filled with the same rain
enriches men and women and blossoms
so that all
bear fruits
it is like this cassiopeia
by numerous reasonings and various parables
i preached the law of the buddha i preach the buddha away
this is my tactful matches
it is the way of all buddhists
what i've said to you all now
is the various truth
ah schreiber guns come
to attain nirvana
the way in which you walk is the body start for way
by gradually practicing and learning
all of you will become buddhas

q a doing much
would anyone like to volunteer for the next time
so i have the one person from last time and this judas
then came that that'll be three for next time

that poem that i read and i think was posted about tom
how delightful mountain dwelling so solitary and tranquil that i wanted to read another translation of that
joyful in this mountain retreat yet still feeling melancholy steadying the lotus sutra everyday practice exams and single mindedly what do you love and hate matter
when i'm here alone listening to the sound of the rain in this autumn evening
joyful in this mountain retreat it still feeling melancholy
studying the lotus sutra everyday practice exams and single-mindedly what do love and hate matter when i'm here alone listening to the sound of the rain in this autumn evening

so during the sashimi we went through
a number of chapters including a chapter
i think
we talked about the parable of the herbs we did the
a magic city parable of the magic city and each not that we did it but we we brought it up we we
you know tasted it and so i'd like to move onto chapter age which is called the five hundred disciples received the prediction of their destiny and in this chapter's there's
few things
to watch for one is the parable of the jewel which i think we're familiar with the jewel hidden in the clothing that's in this chapter and there's also the point where those five thousand people who left you know earlier get predicted so that that's an interesting part of this and and a few other
things i wanted to bring up so it's on page one seventy in the cut keto translation there's some problematic things in here as well which oh
bring up so it starts out am
who is one of the disciples son of mighty yanni that's his mother and
made my triana is means the fullness of loving kindness and he had
i heard about the prediction of that for great a disciples that were just predicted in the chapter before or you have a chapter before so could shop yeah a booty and cut yeah yeah ned mode galiana were all those for very foremost you know very famous disable
as they were all predicted and he felt ecstatic joy one of those sympathetic joy moments for a corner and he second emulate the buddha and put his hands together and bowed down and went near to the buddha and then the buddha began
he was gazing at the buddha you know this think oh you have the pure gaze of them and then broad gaze of gays of anyway this gazing you're gazing at the buddha the buddha than speaks to purina to the assembly and says what a wonderful student parent has been poor know as the foremost in giving dharma talks preachy the dharma
and he said except for the world entered one you know
who the the way poor speaks about the dharmas is really just the best his is
he he pitches with it's equal to the is no no one equals his lucidity aside from the buddhist so his lucid explanation of of the teachings so he tells her wonderful purity is to everybody and then he says for long time point has been practicing with seven
good as of the past and and then he predicts porno
and he says at porno will continue the point his name will be radiance of the law and he'll continue
preachy and his five hundred disciples who are with porno or also predicted and those five hundred were also be named radiance of of the lot so there's this
prediction of that particular bodhisattva i mean that trevecca
and the top of page one seventy seven
let's see so then he does it inverse again telling how wonderful foreigner is and
and this prediction and then
and how long were you know the righteous law and the counterfeit law how long those will alas in these lands and so forth and then at the top of seventy seven he says shop yeah you now know of these five hundred self reliant ones that's the five hundred that he just predicted who are poorness
you know
steady with porno and then he says the other band of travel cause will also be like them and this other band or the five thousand who left to these who are not in this assembly do you proclaim my words so he says
as a sharpie those five thousand and eight left before they're going to be also predicted would you please let them know about that because they're not here in december so he sends kershaw putin to tell them that other band or travel costs will also be like them so that's part of this inclusiveness of of vm the lotus
this some
ah including those five thousand left
hell yes solar ask a question he thinking rather cook says good word for disciples is that true it's it's the hearers i think it translates as the here is the one who the ones who actually heard the buddhist word or and yes disciples yeah
so in this description of the buddha land that partners gonna have there's some problematic things for one thing in this buddha land there's no women no women no evil ways and know women kind which you know it's one of those things that you kind of for me anyway i
gulp you know when i read it but all the beings will be transformed and have no colonel passions so there's it's a pretty calm seen of there in the in is were reported in some places but
you know my senses ah
in these scriptures you know if you're talking to
as dr khan's said i'm celibate young monks in hot countries that didn't talk about certain things that would be very calming
that that's a kind of joke but anyway
i imagine it to a particular audience that may be some something that would be
seen as a tranquil wonderful place and with no problems or something so please include that in your thinking that
the time that's what they were trying to
in their minds
not forgetting andrew centrism
so i just one dimension that because that is in this chapter about porn and not all these worlds that these buddha that they described say that but puranas does
also in this land there's two kinds of food there that they each that their nourished by one is called
a dharma joy or joy in the dharma as food as nourishment and the other food is called
i'm giving to translations join that in the law is keto and dharma joy
law he uses lye you know instead of dharma the damage
he sometimes uses german but mostly he says law so dharma joy which is i think christina lent his name is dharma joy in her second and then gladness in meditation is one translation as a food and another translation meditative delight so these are talked about as food and
it's interesting because our ceremony last night was feeding and nourishing and giving dharma of food
the food
yeah the food of the dharma was given and we partook of it and
in technet hands commentary he described dharma joy the feeling of joy when we hear dharma talks or a steady the dharma or ask about it discuss it is a a joyful feeling often and this idea of food i know that sometimes when you haven't heard or talked about the teachings
or steady for while you get hungry i think that's an apt expression you want to hear the teaching you can't wait to hear all good there's a diameter you want to and it doesn't just like food it doesn't last forever we we we take in food at various intervals we become i know the
end of the summer people are often very eager for the practice spirit and for dharma food in that way
dharma joy from listening to dharma talking about it discussion studying the teachings
joy and nourishments of and this is in the realm of steady and then the gladness the food of gladness and meditation or meditative delayed
is that the nourishment of practicing itself just the daily the daily practice and then when you combine the two for example for her dharma talk usually the understanding as you sit zazen you know you're you're sitting in
a pasture meditative posture and having the words come in
with a concentrated focused body mind so in in that way you combine the two of meditation meditative delight and dharma joy as one one event when you're listing and studying with you know upright meditative zazen mind
so i'm just curious in that austro hundred dollars hoc where are our
well ah
the first time ever attended a dharma talk was that so koji and or she was speaking and everybody i was very very new extremely know and everybody was sitting zazen and looking down and i am
couldn't understand a word of the dermatol i was straining to it was either suzuki roshi is english at the time this was in sixty eight or or that whatever it was saying was just over my head because i hadn't heard much damage at all just read some so
i just notice everybody was just sitting there completely so that was always my that was my initial imprint of what a dharma talk was you said zazen and just heard
i do feel though on occasion there's there is i contact you know in the speaker themselves has is not looking down often they're looking and and there is something about eye contact with the audience that
makes a reciprocal energetic field so i think you can do both actually i do i think i i do mostly just listening and then on occasion i'll look up especially if there's a joke or something where they're doing something i watch but i know sometimes
there's a sense of of dermatol maybe being a risk posture time or something and i think to make the effort to sit in zazen pasture
for dharma tux is a good practice for us
and also for steady you know that to take her and an upright zazi pasture for steady feed planted on the floor i'm getting a comfortable you know think it helps with receiving the teachings through study through the eyes and ears
so i appreciated that this chapter had this food because we have been we just did the ceremony centered around the food of the dharma and how we are nourished by the food and need
need nourishment on a regular basis
we get hungry for it

so let's see after that prediction of those five hundred then there's twelve hundred more our hearts who were thinking in their minds of this is just wonderful
oh wouldn't it be wonderful we all were predicted to
and the buddha
understood what they were thinking about
and down

the he mentions at one of his disciples coun cowan denia cardinia maybe i think that has pronounced and five hundred our hearts who are convenience you're working with kodiak cardinia represents continue as one of those five aesthetics that the buddha practice with when he was doing all those the
ik practices before he sat under the bodhi tree and when he decided to wash and have rice pudding they said see ya later you know you're slipping backsliding he was one of those five cardinia and i guess the oldest of the original five so according to take our hands commentary cardinia represents
kind of the oldest the oldest of the disciples are being predicted
and those five hundred when they heard they were ecstatic also everybody's i was ecstatic and death
dancing for joy sometimes and they rejoiced and then these five hundred kind of confessed that before this time they had been thinking that they're that as our hearts that they had really completed their practice they had understood
nirvana and that they had been satisfied but now they realized
they had attained nirvana but now they know that
the buddha had taught about perfect wisdom or perfect enlightenment and they hadn't taken it up they should have and they cannot confess this
but they settle for less and and this is this whole theme you know of the different paths that the buddha did teach in such a way that it was all their from the beginning but people could hear what they could hear or he
todd tactfully according to the audience what you know like the parable of the burning house what what would help them so they realize this style is this big discovery that when they were predicted to that oh they had heard about this but they hadn't taken it up
and then they tell this parable of the jewel
cassiopeia about go tell that band of travel cause that they also are gonna be like the the five hundred
and this next paragraph is how about five hundred are ecstatic with joy and and then they tell the story of the jewel
so this story is very similar to the destitute son a similar motif of already having being
a well endowed but not knowing it you know having everything you need but not knowing it so in this story a friend goes to visit
another friend and at the friend's house he's wined and dined and they have a lovely evening together but he he gets drunk the friend who came to visit got drunk and went to sleep and the friend who lived in the house was called away on business he had some affairs he had to take care of so he
okay can't wait my friend up i can't leave him here in this state
i'll give him these jewels that i have us are so into his robe or his garment tie into his garment or so into the hem of his garments sometimes they say some jewels and nettle he'll be well taken care of i've got a goal you know so we left him there and went off on business well morning time came and
it out of bed frame and his friend was gone
so he just kind of when on his way he didn't realize that there was anything in his clothes and a jewel and he just went off to find work as best he could he went to another country and he needed to work to get clothing and food and shelter and and he took a lot of effort
he wasn't doing all that well in the world but he scraped together living and and with great effort and difficulties and years went by
ha he bumps in to his old friends and their years kind of
tattered with this still wearing the same old cloak yeah
and looking rather dishevelled and and as friends said friend you know what's happening what's going on with you i didn't you know i i put precious jewels into your robe to take good care of you
and here i'll show you and he he undid the found a place in the rope where they were in showed him that he had had this precious jewel all long and he could have satisfied all of his desires of and now he can affect he says his friends
the old friend who had given him the joule says here now take good care of yourself and satisfy all your desires you and you've always had this year but you you just didn't know it
i had been wanting to give you comfort and take good care of you and gave you this tool for that purpose but you didn't discover it so pleased now you're free from poverty
so that
are you where do you think about that story
how a couple of questions or listen to
chocolate precise sorta sounds like that this is a metaphor for that we already have couldn't well as the juvenile us although we don't see it will know all of us
can reach perfect
maybe someday we'll realize that you the region
i i i think that's pointing to that yeah yeah and then i was wanting to talk is little about what you know the
three clear views on the eight reservations you said in this chapter news in i don't i can't say is it in the description of of the world's or

this was no one's
so if you can find it and then and okay
any other thoughts yes i have a question about the word tactful
tactful i thought man with tact that you've done south somewhere right you've been taxable but then i realized that it made me tactics that he is using a tactic in order to
yeah yeah interesting tactic and terrible a few i think the other translations are skillful means or expedient means so it's for like types more like the right tactic but i think tactic as as i'm
manipulation or finessing or what would be other words for tactic some a scheming you know what can attack this can i use but but for the benefit of somebody to use the exact right cactus is often tactful you know
yeah but i often use skillful means myself i like that particular translation it hits home for me rather than tactful but anyway this this is when
any other thoughts on the jewel in the cloth in the clothing yes around
the way like for the rumble earth and happiness precious jewel in their own yeah
how was hit him like i was in forever
this is like getting somewhere where no in
welcome to loners great wisdom know i guess you can kind of do the math that is person is going to figure out so readily got in the state that is a when he wakes up so album so
seems as purposely not based on you know his eyes yeah i am weeks of know i've thought of that you know if you had an outfit let's say and then somebody tied something in it would you notice you know i mean if it's your favorite sweater and it's got this funny thing sticking out the side
you'd notice but you're wearing this cloak in it's in the him sometimes he says you know sewn into him would you notice that it is it heavier down there i mean they're to have some jewels to have some addition to your outfit would you notice and you know the story of the princess and the p
so the princess and the p she was so sensitive that even on a big stack of mattresses if there is that uncooked p wasn't a good people
and you couldn't be an elusive she could you know i didn't sleep well as doing something was bothering me i didn't know what it was so there's a kind of very sensitive very aware to any you know change in your situation so would you notice if there if your cloak was heavier on this side you know
or not but i think you're right it wasn't smack between it wasn't so apparent so where he couldn't be it wasn't left on his pillow or now takes a president who was sold at that
this idea
buddha nature
presents each of us already started introduced from somewhere and sorry there from the start years so it's not something that comes in the front door and houses it's already there beside you be given from the outside given it sort of like
one says
sensitivity there in the awareness is like awareness premium
the awareness of that which is already there
he comes up together
recognition that with previously
through the sensitive
it's not something
it's not given to you it's not been done you from the outside
so if i understand what you say that this is where the the kind of analogies are the parables break down you know so so the parable of the teaching that you are there's a teaching that you hear that's given that i suppose partaker buddhists are not given that teaching day on their own realize
you know that most beings who does appear in the world to open and display and realizing the entrance to the the demonstrating and give teachings around this and we we do hear it so we hear the teaching which helps us to discover what's already there so in terms of the jewel
the jewel you could sit and you know in this case i guess the jewel is both a represents both it's the teaching and that the the jewel itself of buddha nature you know in the parable you could say it's both a teaching does it actually come from outside gate has really only a buddha and of buddha you're just
hearing your own
hearing your own wisdom being spoken from supposedly
outside but that what they're actually saying as this is who you already are so
sorry just enclosing because it's broken down for me just like you kind of the image of the crisis re the price is right yes yesterday does everyone know that that show on tv the price is right yes do you know
who doesn't know the price is rage the price is rated they they have these material items and the contestants have to guess how much how much it costs and the person who comes closest wins the item right
in words that are like skillful needs a and words i only speak to one specific person your name is called out name is called out and you hear your name being called the recognition of your here during your day because ah
and you're asked to come on down
i'm overjoyed that people who just overjoyed sitcom and got extended getting to be a contestant you mean yeah will realize that is they've been chosen chosen
the way
yeah then you've gotta play the game right to claim
so so do just one second chris wiki so
so that skillful means get the you hear it's me they're talking to me and it's my turn will i sacrifice meant you but i said like craig's name you know to come on right
name that the person use the words and that's just go for means year because if you just call everybody hey buddha yeah hurt you wouldn't who are they talking to me years so we for skillfulness we say greg windows
it's a nickname for buddha you have something that works and managers have like you
does it require you to be human
the realize
like by having them
have he threw other
well they do say that inanimate objects you know inanimate objects speak the dharma to that we can hear it right so think this thing we're talking about his is maybe particularly set up
for sentient beings who have this kind of apparatus and think honeybees and trenchless do different they realized themselves differently
we just saw to actually yesterday
which proved gathered up lovingly and
brought to the sunshine
o k i saw some different hands but chris you wanted to bring up something rate just as interviewed one seventy two and the
the earth was a divine with group says
and all warranty protection of the six transcendent appleton industrialist while the three three clear users seventy eight emancipation yeah well we could look up and variously say imagine the six transcendent faculties would be perhaps purifying the six senses and but
we can look that up with the ada mansour patients would be in a three or three clear views sometimes in the back in the glossary they have you could probably look it up in their the ultimate sufficient serve their diploma okay to be clear using all three clear views or not
anybody know it's a three clear view that

there's lots of threesomes you know embolism we once had a book of the list the list of lists you know we shall have it in the library guess
the list of lists you know just a catalogue of all the different to five this that you know
there were some more hands yes
i want a piece that was just need to be encountered and able to satisfy all your five senses and i did this for you yeah as interesting or five desires
it's interesting to me get their buddha or the teacher
the that's the that's was given that
is he saying somehow on a way to
giving you satisfaction
well i think you know this is still the parable of the businessman and his french right so in that way what what would a friend maybe who's now practicing particularly he just wants him to be able they'd just get drunk together you know he wants them to just be able to satisfy his five desires whenever
you know so i think that's the parable teaching and a few
what it means for the buddha
what would the buddha want you know i think we have to make that distinction here what would be thoroughly utterly satisfying for the world uttered one you know to give us what would
so maybe the purifying the five
senses not the getting rid of but whether
but i don't think it would a i think the story is based on his story has its own
internal logic to it right as as as its story
i think of simply diversion talking about getting someone or why yeah you know i remember
one a red students telling me that
the student
thought he ought to come and be here live this life and do this but he had this other
i'm learning that jaw to travel to practices
rep said girl do it in authentic and something like that feels like it might go on even
you might actually find yourself saying do that coville that needs that passion yes explore that because
came here would eat there are a skillful means does there's nothing that skillful means you can imagine scope me suggesting any of the ten thousand things if it's if that's what meets that person in and will allow them to open and enter you know
so yeah
go to culinary academy be a chef that's what you'll always wonder if you know what do you hiding off in the monastery for if that's not what you really yeah can i be hard for teachers were might be beyond that
knowing that
in the end that one
thoroughly the book don't let go ahead and go will often you know i know that mail says to people when they ask about our nation
one of his tunes can correct me if i'm wrong but i think he says is there anything else you wanna do anything in this room travel get your masters degree have a family that i do it do that you know rather than do this other thing and then be pining for this just do those things and then come
back maybe later something so i think it's
when you say it might be heard i know sometimes
especially with a wonderful eager student you know someone may want it may arise they want to keep him there you know i remember somebody once saying that at a departing students students ceremony to someone they said good bye to the best student i never had
as they left
interesting how
well i'm i'm
i was thinking that we wouldn't go on and on this one that we would actually sit but this thing about and i just started the kitchen left
just wanted to finish this parable and then
do you wanna have a few minutes to just talk about the election together just with people next to you says something that would be useful or for those of you who don't want to would you be willing to just listen while people talk
okay let's let me just finish what i am
the this parable thing about the jewel which i think is it's brought up a lot you hear about the jewel and you know children of riches and it's this destitute send and this jewel parable that that i used to love for the buddha nature that's already there but we don't realize it so
in this some
the idea of perfect wisdom
the was was the buddha put it out there was taught and
schreiber kaiser or those early
students didn't necessarily pick up on it that that's one way of talking about this
and they were contented with
extinction or nirvana
and then the but now
the buddha in talking again and teaching the lotus arouses people again with tact for reasons and displays this
a possibility so now we know we're really bodyshop as predicted to perfect enlightenment so it's it's they've been practicing for so long and hearing the teaching and it was within it but they didn't get it and now in this time where the buddhist teaching the lotus right before he died
is right they now have this they see it now they have a chance to see it now ah
and tick nine hands commentaries we've been given many precious teachings but we and i think that's true there maybe lay years later you think oh they told me about that or somebody mentioned that tamir there's so many practices that we don't take up you know that we don't hear or we choose not
to it's enough for me or like you know surrounded by water and nodded are up to drink sometimes that feeling
kind of spiritual poverty and yet there is teachings out during all different forms you know beings teaching and book sin and yet we don't take it up ah
but then there comes a time when you see that that those jewels have already been there they've been there all along so
the the next chapter have been thinking about the twenty eight chapters in and think we this is now the beginning of november and we've got two sessions and we'll see how we go but chapter nine is the prediction of the destiny of our hearts training and trained so it's
ah the younger students and those who aren't quite fully trained they get predicted to you know this wide prediction and so that's number nine
so just those of you were reading along with this
let's just keep reading with and comeback full will take it up
from nurse
and they'll also be a tova will be leading reading and copying the sutra and for nine days or less you said you would to the chanting tomorrow and the fourth tomorrow in the morning will do his recitation and i thought i would leave the copying on both days but not to the chant not to the charity okay so that we are
deciding tomorrow morning and then copying will be on the night the fourth in the nice as well
k will thank you yes so i just carriage my line of questioning certainly seems
this one and what once was all about it seems like says is really on the goal of perfect enlightenment brother whole sutra not my practice of percent of all these people that for hand nirvana confused with simulators be such a big difference between is
while it's a lot of emphasis on some goal not very much on the practice of these our hearts sauerkraut
it seems like it's just about this great goal but i think this russia earth said that in the end of it matters you attain perfect enlightenment the practice accounts accounts some yeah i think come
the am the underpinning of that perfect enlightenment
prediction thing is if we get back to chapter two which is you know the one reason good as appear in the world the one reasons that that buddhists who retain this perfect enlightenment appear in the world that one reason is to help beings so it points
to the body south a way of helping beings and compassion wisdom and compassion so that those practices are the kind of
flow through maybe of the of the whole sutra and
so this this turn from the our house who have marvellous wonderful practices
and the the emphasis are the ideal was more self realization nuts it wasn't emphasized although i'm sure are very very very helpful beings but the emphasis was in on
helping all beings as the main thing you know the main routes what urban one is yeah emphasis to help all the yes our artist of the and sits on helping or and was self realization yeah so i think they're making that distinction over and over again just ask me like individual like you were a
when and like known i guess they forgot that meant that
the bodies that the brown clear all across yeah yeah
thank you thank you all for steadiness together with vs appreciate your questions and comments
why don't we dedicate the marriage
what beverage
i was wondering if you could just the said that about probably swing
a to end errand up do know what to say
was close but a bush clearly want
the and on
obscenity carry concealed to this
so candle stick know i definitely still can't because senator kerry has conceded
the one was
last night republicans money
and and you said that that happened the conceding gives us a kiss
so that's that's what we know
shall we dedicate the merit of our work with the lotus sutra and then talk or talk and then dedicate the merit of the whole thing
let's talk and then dedicate the merit of the whole okay so please just turn to whomever to or three sees whatever you want to do and if you don't want to talk about a jiffy

so sure we'll continue our discussions later
let's see what time is it ten thirty five so sassy net and fifty ten fifty