Jukai: How Do You Manifest The Precepts In Your Life?

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those shows that the prefer those roads
aren't you may notice that show missing persons here this evening
well sort of people in the practice period who were by receiving precepts on sunday
our machine sewing the russell
just now and into a few minutes ago i was over the river them
this is not unusual and every word we say it now we're going to start sort of mf and we're not going to do the burn
every year the i tell you throwing rocks or experience to throw
true and available overbearing true
moments before the ceremony
maybe power of i'm not tough enough and we don't care proper which don't get it search the week for we can't do it this time but will have a permit tough
so if been talking
because we were having a ducati
on sunday
this practice to we've been talking about entering the broader array

there's something about my head i want to sit about this i would like to apologize
two people in the sunday
who are affected by the fact that rescheduled the to car on the derby gay pride parade and i deeply read that and will try to be more aware we will be more aware next year
the super a source of sam
paint for some people saga

so we have been discussing entering the road
and we've been discussing it looking at the ceremony which we're going to do on sunday
on first
repentance to buy a vowel or taking responsibility for all of our actions of body speech and mind
in that in that process
renewing our vows to be more alert and awake
as we
andrei and read everyday life so we can express food
our true nature
interactions of body speech and mind
nature's after i read the precepts are about that a bed to take receiving and giving of precepts us about his
she's some particularity to ah
hi we express
fundamental nature
love to merit
in our interactions with one another and in every aspect of our daily life

so begin with repentance
and then
if com so we invoke the presence
there the buddhas and ancestors
to come and be recess
and join us for the ceremony of giving and receiving as a buddhist precepts

and then we
we purify the space
refers tomato as we've true at our mind with repentance
hey take refuge in the triple treasure of buddha dharma and sangha
me a from i
darwin's actually as we so desperately web this rock sioux
now we chat was each stitch the japanese version of taken refuge number but soon
and the no means to plunge into without reservation
service as message the literal meaning is to plunge into
the brutal and true nature
but pajama which is the truth of our existence and the saga which is the harmony of our beings
so we we throw ourselves wholeheartedly
without reservation
into this triple treasure of put a diamond sangha
and then
we take the through pure precepts of which poulsbo last week
bowing to mitch
i'm vowing to
refrain from
harmful action
van to
make every effort to live in a rationing
how to do what is good
and vowing to live for the benefit of our beings
recognizing that all things it does not different
then ourself
the men will have ten
that of kinds of ten goals precepts sometimes the ten specific precepts
the time precepts which
i have been given to us instead of guideposts to actions which
lotus cars particular
well as well they called groove the they cause particularly deep suffering and so these these precepts are
our to call attention to
specific actions
that we want to be through a rear about want to take up the practice of avoid i'm showing to take up the practice
i'm not lying to pick up the practice of not misusing sexuality to take up the practice
i put lying then he'll get me wrong or to tell that to practice of night not intoxicating mind or body of self or others to take up the practice of not surrendering
the concept of practice of not praising self that the expensive errors or sometimes that's translated not putting yourself up by putting other people down
to take up the practice or nothing creating you are not being stingy
to take up the practice of non-hybrid era
and and to tell that the practice of not ignoring the through treasures of put a diamond sangha
so am i think read and
the precepts or something to r
hmm so rules out here to stay with their mind
but i found it's important for us to
explore examined investigated
where's the source of these precepts wanna come from
what does the origin of them
and we'll explore that
an our practice of zazen
this is information so only after you have broken a true practice in the zendo
well that practice be extended into your daily life
and extending of zazen into a daily life
does what preceptors
and how investigate the source of precepts
is it says in
as we become more
ah the of interest alert to
our innermost request
is as and
we will find that the precepts are simply or try and move that will try to say how it is
we want to live
how it was from out on air
around this
of actions and their consequences for own inner awareness of right create suffering
i vow to am suffering
refined these precepts
grow and flower out of that vow to end suffering
so few times as any
during surgery is speaking of amazon's in
and this action our speak i was not learning meditation is the diameter of repose and bliss
the protests realization of total culminated enlightenment
what's the tigers grass people like to draw them when he enters the water when he gains the water that's a time when when she enters the mountain
from you must know that just say as in
the right dog is manifesting itself
just the of zazen the wrote damn is manifesting itself
so as zazen
is things
overview how is the basis of our precepts
is the source
of living our arrive
according to our innermost request according to our deepest intention
according to our actual fundamental being
the season
it was awesome
the road damn is manifesting itself
and as we settle ourselves on ourselves in zazen

i like first burns
in accord with the precepts

and as we get too busy to separated from ourselves in rushing about
rules track
answers clearer with gardens this in a most request
which brings the precepts to live in a daily life

last you
we had us
let a precept class and we we studied precepts together
and other people
wrote them soon as was thinking the precepts and i'd like to share as he were a couple of them said
i think the words of the precepts
i like the breath
a guide for our focus
those latest the press and a soft as the rise and fall into a blow and as concerned as constant
the strength of words and so they're flexible nature meaning spend with of times and for general guidance for ethical sensibilities
sub judice and each day of our life when will listen
the precepts are to server in conversations with ourselves and our friends
they're not want a stone bridge like stone bridges but mineralized means food the within the way to make a life of my mother's

so in arizona we keep coming back to our serve to or tubing
to become more and more intimate worse
how do i want to live this life
and to bring in two inch activity each moment to always have a question is this how i want to live with this l i want to live
was this the most important thing to shun returning and returning and returning having that be
was present
this life you know what would live for a moment of time
this moment is our life
so this married
to be awake and aware of how were
creating your life with this action of bodies with your mind

david said she says
now our ancestors and all bidders who uphold buddha dharma have more that the true path of enlightenment to sit upright practicing in the midst of self reference samadi
those would enable enlightenment of india and china fellow this way
it was done so because teachers and the as personal transmitted this excellent method as the essence of the teaching

from the first time he made a teacher without engaging in any other activity should just a rabidly suit
and thus straightaway body and mind
so this whole hearted sitting
is following the precepts
and these precepts
come alive
in our life
through a whole hearted sitting

the same commission says you should know how to apply practice in her everyday life
the most important thing is to be completely involve who you are doing and not to do something just as a means of
joining something should work to things you should bushings as a practice as you practice as in should do everything as a practice as you practice as
in russia and just to practices and is the purpose of practice
in practices and for the circles as in
so if you do everything
does he do rather than each thing you do you do for the sake of doing it and not for the sake of some dessert
this is carrying signs them into every activity and ran from do everywhere activity that room you can be a route
and notice
whether your activity
in tune with your innermost request whether it's in tune with how you want to live your life
when you can bring size and into everyday lives and that really the precepts will keep themselves

if you are
in town or in touch
who is your a bad
as you go through the activities of you arrive
if you notice some hesitation
pay attention
before you plunge him to an activity if you notice
no you don't go awry ensuring mobile i shouldn't do that listen pay attention
i the interfering
about how this action fits in a last request
in this way you will bring your actions more in line
was your intention
and refined
but we will be follow the precepts
that of the people in the class last to read a little poem was he chose of to temp specific precepts and i'll share them with you
i take up to row of not killing
treasure my life a treasure our lives
plaid and bird and wow so lives woman child and man their lives
song and sky and sea birds spade and us all our lives
i think that the not stealing
they measured everything that's come adrift
i would do try discerning that was smart for me
and i should only
don't know if it's smart for me
i think up the role of not misusing sex
passions was love note was so sweet
chemistry closeness that my son will clear direct and shoes like land
i take up the of not special faslane
rouge that move with the right
these are the words i seek
i think that the role of not intoxicating body and mind
insurance best dressed up and out of said
this this be enough just as it is

i'd take up the world of not slamming
oh that confines brings his birds man wakes up each moment which is that word

i take up to of not prison myself at the expense of others
looking out
a hand risers and the minutes list
a fine here
is it my hand

i take up the of not being possessive of anything
one measured and that's come adrift
i only wanted this hold on to nothing

i take up the role of not harboring a real
where a bubble essence rousing slow or fast
most parts
no press by rock being rock heroes in his marriage image being
let me find it
let me find it
i take up the role of not abusing the three treasures
when was loud
rainbow it's parent enough to be good
another day spiders and sleeping souls can see can absorb
a bright that always commerce
now i've seen the dan i'll never unmarried
i'm the rationing every morning

when you said
with these precepts

what do you find
was it you
when you hear these precepts what is your response
what is your hopes and our most request
for how to live this precious arrive
here we have been driven

you must know the just the incense and the right dharma is manifesting itself
when from the beginning dullness and distraction for struck aside

please find
your response
to these precepts there's a very sad for
however come to write life in your life
how would you manifest your true nature
well after america

please join us sunday if you can throw the ceremony
vcu who have received the precepts are invited to renew of hours at the time the ceremony

then please
in yourself
your deepest request of how to live