Hokyo Zammai Class

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an engineer
ninjago on
how many are you near me
i know how many real are unfamiliar with those and go on
how many of you are unfamiliar medallions ginger go on
you're all familiar with it
try not to startle the buddha and then the moon
the heart of the of get a ginger gardens to study the buddha ways to steady oneself to study oneself into forget oneself to forget what itself is to be enlightened by the ten thousand diamonds to be enlightened by the ten thousand and and needs to be free from one body mind and mind the note of
others and no trace of enlightenment remains and has chosen his enlightenment is continue forever
just talking to my negotiate with and
i expressed my
feeling that
dude your current that this part of ginger columbus
duggan's way of expressing the five ranks and he agreed with me
so the this came out so i am i think i have a feeling that he wrote this after we disgusted
no bergen didn't
a scribe
much credence to the
five range but he incorporated the five ranks
i'm in his own writing and presented in his own way
so this is a we both of which happened in here and so i put a dish
mmm turbines
described five ranks and two different ways
and if you rode your
yeah you'll see that that's says another way of describing it and akin roshi in his commentary uses the other way which militias a shift or orientation for the first one service for the second language
ritu for the third one correct them achievement for the fourth one and virtue upon virtue for this interim you'll find out the in both charles luck and eigen description for this that's a more
kind of step by step
try to go away
a practice
and i made some comments on the limb
bringing whole thing up to date
for the first one is like to turn on
our return toward ashley
the second went into tune in
berlin is to drop out
and the for is to do your thing completely and the purpose for out

the time it also because been
you can take that away
if i am time will switch to the road
it's good for you understand any note
so i'm going to start to hear on the page already lived up which i don't know your page
my sunday photo ninety one and ninety eight and where it says but if the student having reached his state
anyone have been her kids
i'm changing the wording a little bit as well and started
but if new instead of the students
when are new having reached his stake where to be satisfied with it
then it before you will be looking at a deep pit and fixation and a lesser rank a bodhisattva hood
so this is a haiku edge way of driving you on and that many be content with years what you see allusions or be satisfied with where you are
complacent i think completion is good
weren't you know we should be settled where we are we shouldn't be complacent about where we are com places
change singers
calm place hence
something about place
he'll be compilation
with future
together with complacent you are
but i'm in a nice
lazy ways
shows why is this so because
you are
move conversant with the department of the modi sandra
nor do you understand a casual conditions for a buddha land
no i went a little bit about a brutal land
yeah each one of us has everybody has a m
the sphere of influence
everybody has assured influence
sometimes resent
gee i have no power i have no authority to actually every one of us has a fear of power and authority and influence and even when we feel we have no influence that's influence
so i used car dealer has a sphere of influence on the corner of venice and whatever events and
a bodhisattva has a sphere of influence which says yard hora so to speak
hermes everyone has an aura hey you are s
sometimes i can see your aura knows as later on your head
but hum
we do have a someone has measured the element of our of a fraud
the light of shrugs give us
i don't think i don't open the measured in the same way we are human beings but everyone has an aura i mean it doesn't look like a painting i'm a horror didn't look like st anthony's but it hits and it's a
hum energy shield maybe calling an energy shield
and that is energy field
is unique to everyone's
so a buddha shield is a buddhist field influences not necessarily trying to make an influence anything but it simply
the influence going to play said we say tassajara as a kind of power pushed
it has a it has its
certain influence
an aura and
field of implement and flint with the monks practicing and times of higher
hums decision quite a powerful waterfield
so individually for each have a body such as an older butterfield and collectively we haven't heard a powerful to the field
so when people come here they'd come into our buddha shield
the influenced by that we don't have to do anything you should make their bed and feed them
so summer time is where we experiment where where are buddha field is expressed and people come into that tree of a very important time because this is how we were the world mitch
ah buddha
who are both in push as its own it don't feel its own kind of them or
in combination with the monks
and it hasn't a buddha field becomes a buddha field
so it's a a powers but with the butterfield
so you can is a lot of
strength and i like they're here
a move anyway we
i practice here in the summertime it looks like we have jobs
but they're not jobs job is chevy that you get paid for
we have positions
practice positions so so much practice positions to make the best someone's practice physician is to cook the meals someone's practice position is to take care of this end of it's really all the same that the different positions of the same practice
how we can port ourselves is what enhances this route field
if we realize that that's what's going on and not just we're doing is known to get to practice periods and
there is a pay off for the parents should be within an activity
not with what you get
of has to be within the activity
so this is a good field
and a row you have a clear understanding and the universal and true wisdom
universal and general to some is equality with them which is the wisdom of when us is transformed
bananas the transformation of manas becomes the
universal wisdom craig interment will eat carbs at universal wisdom here and we call it
wisdom inequality
where that's the horizontal
so he says i'll know you you have a current standing at the universal and true wisdom you cannot cause constant shine forth the marvelous wisdom that cut on comprehends the unobstructed interpenetration for the manifold dimas
marvelous wisdom is the model is observing wisdom which is
when one of the jonah
has transformed into the into the miles observing was in which
comprehends the unobstructed interpenetration of all dharmas that's the verticals
to see how
i have come through it to understand the wisdom to comprehend how everything is interconnected
and and hierarchical
we don't take away the positions and in a horizontal
it doesn't matter what in position is with the position of anything is that much
but in the vertical with a position of each thing is important
trees are trees and are not shrubs flowers flower and tree the tree flowers small country has been an an end a mouse's his little and a elephant is days was only in comparison for an aunt
mouse of huge
so megan little religion arbitrary but
in a horizontal a mouse is equal to an elephant a tree as eagle do a flower
a row who has a clear understood elder you have a clear understanding of the universal and show wisdom you cannot cause to shine forth and marvelous wisdom the comprehends the unobstructed interpenetration of the manifold donors the ancestors in order to save you from this calamity
he had provided the rank of coming from within the real
that's the third grand prize coming from an real and if you look on your chart you can see where that is that's in the middle
that's the black dots surrounded by the white field

the different than what it seems to it is not
as you see
virtual confusing there
that's true
i was confused too but the elephant of my doubt the rhinoceros of my dad fell down
when i began to understand is

the coming from a room real
okay with nothingness or emptiness i think is better than nothing is with emptiness my an emptiness there is a path long away from the dust of the world
even if you are observant to brew and the present emperor's name you will still surpass that aren't the eloquent worms i think he's to the eloquent one and some eloquent one the arrogant ones of your who silenced every time
in other words
were wrong deserve emptiness
the during a way to be free within the dusts of the world
the leading away from the desert that's to translate meaning away suddenly is leaning away from the dash of the world is
not being
ah for around by the dust of the world
that's leaving the deaths of the world you can't leave them to the world i'm sorry
metatags and room of the book that this was from is called dust
so we practice within the dust settled
so who then emptiness there's a pass
them then as to the world i would say there's a tab within the dust of the world and japan

john roche shares
and i'm coming from the nominal in a cloud of dust
he follows a secret road beyond the reach of dust
he excels in keeping unsure of things to mood at present yet he says more than the most eloquent tangent the past
when you can dish can be translated in germany did wage
then the the taboo on the emperor's name
the emperor i may i have talked about your friends reposing trump of the carry little were talking about it to everybody or the somebody's
certain things slack for the emperor's name is taboo you can you know when the emperor would go through town and just like now you know it when george bush goes to
some point country they clear the streets
from for a mile around so nobody to other street
graduate student china
the reason for available to the imperial into the m for a while wall trying not to go in a vm
forbidden city hello
forbidden city it has a huge walls and to keep everybody out because i always afraid of being killed camp is always so paranoid and a being poisoned or shot are shot or killed in some way and i said
the nobody around
nobody gets really big thick was so very similar actually saw the name of the emperor is also taboo you can't say because it's kind of sacred and to shag to be spoken about
how so even if you were exhorted to brew and the emperor's name
you still surpass the eloquent lens of your who challenged every time in other words
if you keep issued you can't say they don't explain he can't explain this really
if the taboo and the upper his name is legs
you can express it but you can't explain it you can be it but you can't see it
even if you can't even if it keeps her tablet would even if you
our silent
you still in his rank in this level should be able to express the dharma
that's usually what he's talking about
you're coming from within the real
with an emptiness there is a path reading over
there is a path within the dust of the world is what i would say
and that's like ginger on
the essence of ginger cohen is how your practice in the dust of the world as an extension of zazi
that's actually see regulations definition of major cohen
as how your life has extended he didn't say into the deaths of the world but into daily life how your like how your practices are standard in the daily life or how your practice
has extended from zazi in into your daily life that's kinda go on and that's the call on that you're practicing with all the time
people say well a christian soto don't we don't have cars
him the biggest con of all which is continuous totally continuously because continuous practice
continuous practice is ginger go on
that there's a con vico on which is the thing that causes to you closer to you than hands of cheat on each moment
and the call is the kind of dark and life
balance of dark and light
what is it
so toronto she was a well i don't feel much
hard practice
because you don't feel that way to practice your heart of the practice it because you're not aware of where practices
how mindfulness
mindfulness there's no practices
and without understanding
how to
practice on each moment continuously
there's no practice
no vacation
there's no time out even time out of practice
lying down his practice
during the bathroom is practice
sleeping is practice
getting upset his practice getting angry as practice
being bored as practice
no is practiced when practice practice
who is no potential practice
practice or not practice
but even if pretty within the railroad practice even when you're off his practice
you know when you forget his practice
because it's what in the circle of practice
that side
however we show once you begin to practice you can get others
no matter how far you go away or whatever you do
he may have a vague memories a simple i'm abroad i used to practice
but you still there
he may abandon this practice into something else
have you may say well that's outside the practice
it's not really
once you're aware of branches how can you get out of it
so sorry but the
his tux
that's a risky sign on
like the roach hotel
gave and
that sounds awfully sorry
yeah but it's not my fault

how many meaningless practice is still practiced this is meaningless
once you realized
one doesn't go ways
here where have ordinary and half noida
embroidered and have been a practice would bring ordinary and putting together so how you been in practice where you need buddha behind our daily ordinary person behind
what do you make a split
i'm no longer buddha but i didn't matter what you say is still buddha
you can't wash booed off
for you can
why we 'em
password a percentage
he's inside once you lose your innocence students over

once you moved the quincy or lose your innocence and is a silver yeah
okay sharon he says and a
so much third rank
he's of the inter conversion of the first two ranks
so the first year a form is emptiness emptiness is form hurts the basis and this is the intercom version of form is emptiness emptiness at home this is pam
discover the coming from within the real coming to a the balance of activity and
the real in the seeming for to speak

winter conversion but

in simple terms being and doing
being is simply com
pure existence
they just being is pure existence and doing is the activity of being
so in order to justify our existence
we do
susan is simply be
during a solution of a were doing that mm abolition doing is during his activity
during his activities
and being is simply pure existence she loves the dark of life
may is a dark just pure existence
and during his
here's the light side activity
so here's the about the perfect balance and diffusion between doing it being what we're doing there's beings would it be there doing so whenever we do something that the
in essence of practice which is the essence of practice that within our activity were simply being
that within are being were doing
so when we do something we have a goal
when have accomplished something
you know
we say no gaming idea
which is the opposite of unusual activity been unusual activity were focusing and accomplishing something meeting some in which is okay mean that's what we do know we want to each that we have to go to work and cut the vegetables and cook 'em and him that
it's doing but went in the doing is beams
so how do you how do you manifest pure activity of being within whatever you're doing that's called the realm of practice you never need for do not need the pure practice of pure existence
you know any big mind and don't leave
the absolute
sister said an activity
we focus on activity and it's and in stillness we focus on pure existence but their voyage
do the same thing
two sides and one coins so i'm astounded a coin
you have
pure existence now the other side of the card you have pure activity
no that's not what it says
why i would say that's great
no it was said in
that's a

hey don't forget who and where you are
so when where
say going from here to there were walking from here to there we want to get to from here to there and so and i mind we have the girl getting from here to there
sure but when we go from here and there in practice were paying attention to how the body than this position at a body
we taken
wow is our breath work we're walking when they rent is the position there were on in each movement
because this is where life takes place
it also takes place in the golf but the goal is not as important as where you are
you said what am i gonna do it i leave tassajara
you've already left
it's okay to think about what i'm going to do in an interview her three cycles
what am i gonna do and
practice period is almost prepared to is almost earth what am i gonna do or how am i going to
anthony go anything of the end
before coming off as getting closer closer growth is it's not getting any closer to him
it's just our mind is getting closer to and but our body that is no end it just so just one thing after another
but we created divisions
get our mind and but this is one thing after it have to know how am i going to answer session is the seven days
but if you look at seven days he have big problems
people say well what kind of editor that i have to torture she when i interspecies as well just go to bed tonight for to sleep and wake up in the morning single doesn't
just like you always do
it's nothing special about it
he's got his address and then
the next engine
the next
and each moment of zalgiris
there's know it
even though they're in there is an end to this certain activities if you look at the at it as an end to create problems
the only have two more days you know it's almost time for the builder race you already that i wouldn't say that does not practice but it's a problem they create within your practice
people say
my mind was going on all you know well i only have one minute of real practice
where you had the whole time as real practices as the editing problems within your real dentist
just a problem at all
don't get discouraged
the problem your hand wasn't that your mind with going
for thirty nine minutes
he probably energy that it bothered you
have a problem
not bothered by it
he made me conscious of a big problem
by being bothered by us for the same time you want to present
he did this as if you did
the it doesn't happen next it happened since at all
how they are alicia
when a different but they're different balances of the same have other of the two aspects of in one fence
there are two aspects of one thing and the five ranks are different
balances that
we experienced
set off
it should not see the mr finch
that's what we doesn't show all the over and over they are not to thanks
huh still miss an activity
that's one thing
actually they're treating
it's just there's the absolute and relative and integration
so there's really only one thing to signs mature so we're talking about it if they really don't exist at all
it's just the way i'm talking about something
so if you start believing is he says something
yeah some
the solidity to her division here just not right simply a way of talking about the can order to talk about judging you have to
so a discriminating on purpose
discriminating means to break it in half and look at the two sides of one thing
so do you have an edge hard boiled eggs cut in half and and this is the left half of this is a right hand but issues one hard boil in
and besides you know an easter egg because you pay one side dark and one side life
whether it's really one edge
those like humpty dumpty not like hundred employees
okay i really want to get to the essence of this thing
a lot
in this rank the miranda bodhisattva does not remain in the state of attainment that he is realized
but from the midst of the sea of effortlessness you might go over your great and cause europe grow my girl
your great uncaused compassion to shine forth
so an urgent
this is like effortless practice
the third rank is like effortless practice because
the absolute and relative are so in sync
that it's effortless
it's like riding a wave and driving away
practically effortless practice is like a surfer
whether it when the waivers
just ride the surfer ride the crest and so it feels like you're driving away but you're also riding away so it's just as place that's effortless that's what's so much when about that what the thrill of
surfing is is that
if it's totally it as one place where totally effortless
and that's why do a practice should be
totally effortless so we've spent great effort and practice center to get to the place where as effortless
so when you say his practice hard for privacy practices not hard and it's not easy it's just what it is sometimes it's hard isn't insecurity and for it's hard for one more time for one person is easy for somebody else and what's easy for some persons how with somebody else
so it's not hard or easy simply
getting to the place where is effortless
how will we do are chanting
that's what we should be thinking about the whole go on rio and and album members of the
could be
and sometimes are in such think that the whole thing's effortless
so and when we have that kind of freely in our practice all the time
we're like we feel light and the off your heavy feel
no light hearted and it's like place yeah
i am listening to that big creek out there as they the
hi i bet here
well it's beings is because your mind is is loose that it is a
do not burden down by
ah mental activity that keeps you from
being open to certain kinds of intuition

sure you know
when people are sitting zazen
and i come around to correct posture which i haven't done much here
the people are so stiff that there like statues like poured it into cement and the how person can fit that way
to do
and it's not necessary to sit with such rigidity person is not rigidity doesn't have been totally loose totally free without any without being
oh the three joints in each trigger
and the five fingers at each hand for most of us and then as the hand and wrist and their arms and ever fell these parts are independent they're already independent other way they can go like that
but if they were in paragraph or move like this
whispering flexible
why make it won't put yourself into a position where you're stiff
so in the position where years body all the punch of your body are cooperating
to do this one thing and each one is doing shazam inspired by doing suggests a little thing is doing zazen all the joint doing just that an independently
how the organs anybody doing it doesn't all the atoms in your body doings i've been independently but they're all doing it in this joyful
of harm harmonious way
how led by the desire to sit up straight
and when you exert hotness really good effort it doesn't mean that you stiff that your port and countries and if it's a all the parts are balanced so what you're looking for that it is is balance so when you get off the cushion your light and energized
he said an tired and sore
cause sometimes parts of your body do get sore and then it happens everyone
happens to me
to have this lightness and
so this is like effortlessness in this rank to my antibodies drop it does not remain in the state of attainment that's right here to go attainment i am i don't know
but from mr to see of effortlessness you go of your great uncaused humid here grilled uncaused compassion shown for it
standing upon the for
pure and great universal browse you know what those are
we are you lash for the dharma wheel that's very dramatic of seeking buddha above and shaving since had been below
so the music you know you you reach up to somebody who ah
has some ah ha
who can teach you can you and you've reached down for somebody you can help for that practice that bodyshop a practice you reach up to someone who can help you had reached out to someone that you can help
k run
this is the so called coming from a the going to the going to in the coming from this is the key to helping
at the whole thing turns on this phrase
coming from a luna going to the going to within the coming from
and i won't explain it
because you already understand it
if you're trying to understand of time
but if you just let it be that you if he would do understand it
there's kind of like the infinity symbol
the going to the coming from going to the had coming from a going if the inner conversion of
ha sometimes when sometimes year and were pure activity sometimes you were have appeared in mean pure
pure be and sometimes you were just activity
when i was young
i tried to see what specific roshi we'd have to sheen
can you say act as a shame you should sit doesn't
don't think know i'm taking a a now i'm resting from the know it just a net you just the next thing just a dozen again
and for you need the zendo just don't even think about them just go to work
just do the activity
because without without
i'm trying to create something you just do your work whole-heartedly in the same way that you do doesn't you can't take virgin with you into the he did a what he did have the same attitude indulgent as in daily life that you haven't virgin then it just all one
practice and sit all one thing
but if you think about what what are the qualities that i haven't got in egypt practice those qualities in a daily life
so that's why it's important to know what you're doing is again for quarter practice that and thoroughly

okay so this is called this is the so-called coming from within going to the going to it in the going drum
moreover you must know the moment of the meeting of the parent opposite brightness and darkness
therefore the rank of the arrival and mutual integration has been set up that the fourth rank
to know
the moment of a meeting of the parent opposites brightness and darkness
the arrival a mutual integration
when to blades cross points there's no need to withdraw the master swordsman is like a lotus blue in the prior such a one has enough oneself and heaven soaring spirit
the arrival a mutual enrichment when to blade to blades means to absolute and relative of course
brightness and darkness when they meet there's no need to a job so this is what he calls
arrival at mutual integration
it like the loudest blooming in the fire which is a rare occurrence
but it's also like
the lotus blooming a fire to lotus and a fire or
when the water when his fire so it's the an integration of water and fire
so the heaven showing spirit
this is the fourth rank and it's like you we recall active somebody
come in his passive somebody
was active with impulsivity
this is the rag over at passivity with an activity just this is a white circle
just a total activity
without thinking about like the black is totally not there it's where like the moon full moon actually and the full moon he don't see the dark side of the moon
ha an initial very much like the moon the moon those suit phases and sometimes she's been a little sliver of of life right but the rest of the moon you know the rest of the mood as there and if you look how you can see it
had a dark
and then sometimes
the moon has a little sliver of dark and it mostly white after the full moon
so here we have just the full moon


sailor moon
the full moon
this is the replace of the full moon
you're totally life
when he won't see the duchovny me
he floor but it's that he total totally
total integration because
when one to one side
it's open

cheered louder
why rewarded want to enjoy is just a way of speaking

the normal and were phenomenal coming together there's no need to embroider across george
there's no need to clean the one of the other and they're not
you're not against each other
they're not trying to eliminate each other share the other child
yeah there's no there's nothing to sure
there's no need to
try to for anybody

going to try
how we will share the urgency you are not the you know that cause you're not pretty
the they meet like
yeah that's right as in the impulse there's no need to battle
a true
hashimoto virginia
the restaurant
the bodhisattva of indomitable spirit turns the dharma wheel of the non-duality a brightness and darkness
you spread in the midst of a shelf of the world your head covered with dust and your face streaked with dirt
you move through the confusion of sound and sensual pleasure perfectly this way above it that you are right the fire blooming lotus that an encounter encountering the flames becomes still brighter and covered and pure and fragrance so in other words you entered the world this is entering the world this
you know
a total immersion in activities where the dark side of the moon is it is that even seen
you just doing
and the more adversity image and the brighter you glow
the more and are energized you are
this is true practice don't let and don't get overwhelmed by changed but it makes you stronger
for same thing is i then actually from the more adversity you have ins as and the more difficult you know that the stronger it makes you if you stay with it
there's no such thing as long
the only how

so you enter the marketplace with empty hands yet others recent benefit from you this is what has come to be on the road yet not to have left the house to rush the house you need to be a
so i moved like wherever you are
it doesn't matter when you're on the road and help you navigate the left home person so when we can you i left her in person as as a monk
but how do you mean harm without leaving home
and ah
wherever you are you can practice
you don't have to leave your home to practice but if you practice correctly he is living home

so grown man our on your an ordinary person or us challenge
launch and the heretics can add the sanitarium
a ancestors cannot leave our homes on you or anyone to try to indicate your mind and will be more than the horns of a rabbit or the hands of tartus that a gambler the farmers mountain star he was not considered this state to be your final resting place more foreign and said such a room has in an animal
oneself a heavy fighting spirit or must me know in hand he nodded his run by rank of unity attained
i'm a rabbit
he on alignment
so that say that for
next time

what i really like to study sometimes
the various buddhist understandings of birth and death
there would be very interesting class
you're afraid
i'm thinking about that