Hokyo Zammai Class

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the fisher program director for marie

who tried to do it
actually had a transmitter

first time

and furniture you a demonstration has a story
one day he begin
a damn sure was
he's either eating his breakfast
christian a regime
the remote came on
i'm sure
i'm sure
do you understand
the differentiate i think so
the berkshire
what matters is
the share and here
editor note
the merger
this way to show what later if
the photo
isn't a buddhist symbol
it was stolen
who turned into fifty jaw crusher actually
remote do a circle
he said what later fish
hey different
how to explain very restricted
the terms
wisdom have inequality
wisdom of equality
is horizontal
the horizon
everything is equal serious one
here's one of his yeah
but when it's turned
it becomes the wisdom of great perception
differentiation in other words hierarchy see everything as it is it's differentiate

michiana as
the senses
when it's turned
it's called run
the wisdom of great activity
beneficial activities

the great round mirror wisdom
the ally of israel wins

this is all in low
the for reasons can be a good knowledge
madame blavatsky
and twenties
was a mistake
a woman
the very powerful actually in
i think it was the twenties
hi baby before
and she started the theosophical movement
and she to all the symbols
one of her disciples was a major alcott
was revived
southeast asian buddhist tradition and meditation was present
so she was interested in mystery implementation meditation and these things into this cancer she popularized symbol
a german
he picked us up
and introduced it into the nazi movies
because he said as a powerful symbol visit
i believe it was the only way
elizabeth use both ways
whew both ways
as a symbol
join that way to chew for can we has a hard
and the symbol going the other way to keep fit into any other way to designate issues uses entering the entering the marketplace
this is to enhance the tenth of the last the picture
so this is definitely a problem with buddhism host of highlight in tradition and support low transmission
people sometimes say we shouldn't use this
sensory the nazis financially students
i think you should use it because
you can be like to buddhism and shouldn't be launched as because it was taken you to mention the earth
so i like this idea
this is symbolizes the is known as before
three bodies

it's not wrong just never ready

traffic as the other ancient
the ancient
our days
lots today as kinda one was one variation

predicted with the food
oh yeah
that's one way of doing it
hurry when susan
fancy ways

i can't remember his name at an effective
hey that you mentioned
he also list
the so
very simple anything to go like this is the basis
because this is
this is a france
which is up and down and that's the basic
the of a life
this to me
where is exactly the face of it and where we are right yeah
the the house on the village made were
the inactive and he acted me
where exactly time and space
her emptiness informed
so on each moment that's the on
when christmas winter and i went to girls lutheran church in naples and very sentimental naples long beach yeah the invariant under struggles all around the church and learn them was a christian cross superimposed on a cross of st andrews
in a circle which made it a spoke wheel of dharma yeah we shouldn't supplies
he's also pictures and is

he says
mine said the attacker for my shin
inside the circle
his center the center and then is

that means changing the world
got such and sometimes and
simplicity of it was referring to
sandra from
in the contract
it's and churches
but i'm not sure what the variations of
hi i'm understanding
when strung with a swamp
reminds me by phone from france of from or viral galaxy know
an office

must remain on earth
oh well it's a perfect for practice
which is
how fight about the news
see you see them to do with chest something
i mean setting oil damages
he is a real
that's the other part is that this is the access
it all turns on
a month
it disappeared
when condenser is is a
he was
a beneficial actions
for these folks the this
times which dig into the editor

so no
i'm going to start
i wanted to bed
i'm an accurate
hey who spoke into around
page ninety work

elsewhere and he says followers and the way even though you may have procedures that internet threefold learning

have to analyze it little bit
but i rarely get over this
hey come back to my analysis new friends
followers of the way you will know you may have pursued your studies and a threefold learning
yeah that
there's a young musician as a threefold learning is and
precepts meditation and study those are the three legs and buddhist practice for you all of buddhism so even though you mean then rich been steady along and imagery for learning continuous needs are many campaigns and image information if you have no
not directly experienced the for wisdoms you are not permitted to call yourselves the two children and buddha
followers of the way if your investigation has been correct and complete at the moment you smash open the dog came in the eighth or a consciousness the precious land of the great mary wisdom instantly shine forth but strange to say delight in a great perfect mirror wisdom is black like lacquer finishes
what is called the rank of the apparent within the real so this is the first
depict the first one the apparent we didn't read in other words mostly dark
so what he does is just outline
how to five ranch for study and then he goes into each one of them so i'm just going to read the line and not get into explaining so much
there is a cohen and case number eighty section and movement record mine
an image each one has their own light
so if you wanna read the koran with the trick my favorite color
number eighty six and booklet records
just as extracurricular
the than ever be attained the great perfect mirror wisdom
that's the first race you know enter the rank of the real within the apparent just the opposite where the phantom
phenomenal side is in the ascendancy
when you have accomplished your long practice of the job or somebody you directly realize the universal nature wisdom which had universal nature wisdoms the same as wisdom of equality just a different name for that
which is a horizontal
so he actually you can see how this issue

new directing realize the universal nature wisdom and for the first time enter the state of the unobstructed interpenetration of new madame and phenomenon so the to those to the first of the second grade or simply opposites and was that's the foundation for
ms emptiness emptiness is form
so the first printing is form is emptiness all forms are empty
in their own nature
inherent nature in their own
snowmen on yes let's newman and the second rank is phenomena
in the ascendancy
so to disable them is not be satisfied here but must enter into intimate acquaintance with the rank of the coming within the real which is the third rank we have a little dots
and i are surrounded by
and it's all there and years in a net page that i headed out to you

this is after that by depending upon the rank the arrival at mutual integration which is the fourth rank
she will completely proved a marvelous observing with them and then projecting election wisdom at last year reaching the rank of the energy attained when she's a fifth rank and after all coming back to sit among the cold and ashes for a coven ashes okay
so then
we read
i really did or why pure gold that has gone through a thousand snow things does not become or a second time that means
just get to the essence my only fear is that a little jane will suffice you how priceless is the marriage and shouldn't step by step practice the firebrand should be apparent in the real by this practice you met on the attainment for wisdoms but you personally prove it the three bodies also are wholly embraced within your own body
have you not read in the day genes show on now she'll go your run when the eight consciousness is are inverted the for wisdoms are produced when the for wisdoms are bound together the three bodies are predicted therefore so k died she died on a know compose this verse
your own natures familiar with the three bodies when it's brightness is manifested the for wisdoms are attained he also said the pure dharma chi is your nature to perfect seberg and high is your wisdom to marry a pneumatic tires are your activities now we start on something new
the poem tosa and real kinds vs on the five ranks
so for each one of these five georgia and apparently wrote a poem to epitomized
or at least to get you into it somehow to get to your mind around it
so this is in everyone translates these verses differently
but here's the the translation from the text from rating which is zen dust
the apparent went into real that's the first french
the apparent within being hidden with him for you know the real is
sensi in an apparent is hidden
the apparent within the real in the third watch of the night before the moon appears
no wonder when we meet there's no recognition still cherished in my heart is the beauty of earlier days
so this has the meaning kind of them
before the moon appears over the dark right
so no wonder when we meet you can't recognize anything because there are no outlines to know so in the dark of all things are one
this is why we used dark as a
a metaphor for the absolute
when you turn off the light
everything stops
no differentiation
when you generalize you see all these everything in its uniqueness all these and ah
no vertical
how the inequalities of hierarchy
but she'll still cherished and my heart is the beauty of earlier day and eddie which
and vague memory of the way things were
so plunging into the dark he let go of everything
this is i just letting go of everything you know you you haven't been every year
this is immediate and real
how the olive
it passes like a dream
so here's what haiku and says
she's the rank of the apparent within the real denotes the rank of the absolute
the rag in which one experiences the great death shouts car seat down and enters into the principal
the great death a on
in the book with reagan
join is it
he can become
for anyone could be dumping yeah like of case for the when you want to find out about something about a company car about the great deal does a person who has
guy the great def come back to life again
let's could go on
so when the true practitioner filled with power from her secret steady meritorious achievements and hidden practices suddenly burst through into this rank the empty sky vanishes in the iron mt
and crumbles
in other words
above there is not entirely covered the head and below there's not an inch of ground to stand on so that means
everything is
everything that you depended on before you can depend on
anymore you see through all of your false dependencies
so this is really the purpose of practice is to be able to see you all of your phone dependencies
and when we come to tassajara
ha we find ourselves in sometimes in shaky ground because all those things we depended on and
and so by my you you learn to depend on
the essence rather than and the on crutches
practice becomes difficult can become very difficult yes
i then he was acquitted season
have a real dependencies if you think they're real the real
we don't always need what we depend on
so often we from dependencies and then depend on them
so a name will depend on dependencies too much we lose our centers
when we really depend on earth
center for service be
today we can stand up without needing to the right or left or forward or backward
so that's why we practice straight buster
totally void totally backward don't blame from side to side
so ah when i'm sitting jazz and this is doesn't
straight up and crossed
know need to one side of the other
horizontally was tabled pretty over stable

so he says
the division passions are non-existent enlightenment is non-existent some saw is non-existent nirvana is non-existent everything's gone that's this state
this is the state of total anti solidity without sound without odor like a bottomless clear pool it is as if every like a cloud has been wiped from the vast sky so this just cleaning the board this board making a board trees
so too often
let me just management
hence you m
in zen sometimes it is a phrase
the bottom falling out of the black lacquer bucket
when done for them to the black lacquered bucket it's like everything's gone things know bottom
it's a bottomless
hello to

so too often know a disciple
considering the attainment of this rank to be the end of a great matter
great matter is i come
the go home the to way
he's the reason in the way
i'm and past
hum indulgences the true matter is the matter of birth and death
resolving the to matters resolving the man who birth and death
when sizes if you are not totally dedicated to investigating the matter of written test you should go to the place down the street

so now too often the decide well considering attainment a district that to be the end of the great matter because it could seem like it it's tight
a total immersion
and is discernment of the buddha way complete clings to it to the death and will not let go of it
such is called stagnant waters in
such a person is called an evil spirit who keeps watch over the corpse in the coffin
even know remaining absorbed in the state for thirty or forty years
that one will never get out of the changes that have the self complacency and inferior fruits and project buddhahood
it's like someone pushed it doesn't all the time never gets up
whenever he doesn't he never goes to the kitchen countries to
but someone who
just thinks it as in his without a anything else is what you're supposed to be doing
the practice
this is really to protect your of
do i do
has does have a certain
enlighten me
but it doesn't express it anywhere
not express it's only it's called this is like
dead zones and are dead practice watching over the corpse in the coffin
forever so
no discipline for wikihow she would not have never let anyone sit zazen what you're doing kenyan heroes people who ended just sit through you know for security
hint exactly and when everybody on i think their children with already off
we were never allowed to go and agenda and sit by yourself
here's what's your feeling that
spanish tradition for tradition consent tradition yoga
do not retreat for certain period of time and saddam hussein has spent decades to city
curious like your feelings
about about and
i'm not going to criticize their tradition but if they did that in our tradition
the recall watching
however the dead corpse in the coffin
but i don't know what you
so i really don't know more advantageous
what about weight on this of nice about it is nine years of a cities still ready to extension that
it looks like body and never got off the time
prevented the men of speaking
surgery he gave a selective very little instruction has just pretty much said
sit down here yeah
not not possible
so a good thing should pick up
and as the teachers room
kitchen has to feel very much but when you read literature be very careful
hi you take it and fears
the level of body down and something for nine years sharing at the law i'll never moving is a kind of them
the even scarcer mallet
you know if i need
instead of meaning that the with if it's stated in such a way that it looks like he said never got up but i think what it means is that his dedication was so strong
yeah he was moved by anything
have what that means for name is he said and wasn't no bones and it doesn't mean didn't get up
that but i to think of he he didn't of yeah so this doesn't mean you should do nicely
this means that you shouldn't only do them even though it says as an omen we have done so inside and only needs
does it mean only two and with the next express
the desert and in all of your ingenuity
how of activity if you if this with practice means
it doesn't mean that when you're sitting on it own time is that practice in when you're doing other things it's not practice
but everyone falls into that we are finding that i don't want to it
has been i do everything right
but everything is breakfast
even the things that you don't do right and practice
if you don't see everything you do in practice you're not practicing
i mean you may be practicing even we don't see it that way but
if you wreckage with you couldn't make an effort to
see everything you do in practice
this kind of question doesn't
you understand this kind of christian
whether you understand what's somebody that's why there are five ranch and not just one
the first range is talking about
you've been so understanding your booty diamond
just sitting and using the world for nine years when i getting up
it's just emphasizing something and it's emphasizing one st francis the story and an acre of his own blood diamonds in alone
isn't that really happened
it's a story to emphasize a point
and this is all in the southern pin zen literature and stories to emphasize a point
and sometimes they emphasize a point and too expensive some other point
but the
that's why it's important
two not so much depend on the literature but campaigned on the practice as you say to them

he says
since this is called stagnant water then such a person from an evil spirit who keeps watch over the corpse mcgovern even though she may remain in instinct for thirty or forty years or nine years she will never get out of the cave self complacency and inferior fruits of perch
a good or and therefore he said one whose activity is not leave this rank sinks into the poisonous see that person is one who brought a call to fool gets his realization in the rank of a real
no just to see that everything is one is not enough
that's the such as says
santo trenches just to see the is not enough
he said the beginning
here's a shot
one thing about
five francs in is that it seems to be that this is these are the five ranks after realization
not necessarily beginners
for begins but i don't think that's necessarily true
each a practice
but he talks about it in this way as if it is
so emerging with principal and still not enlightenment
she's like water without waves
everything is totally still
there's no
i'm disturbance
no disturbance so in order to
happy test your real understanding
he should sit zazen in the midst of the marketplace
that's why i always thought that pastry was a great place to practice especially when this when freely reserved
has all that stuff during when people are shouting industry you know
and he just sits treasury
on where we had a window and right ways and briefing way was just been thoroughfare current is going to own time
it was a drummer who didn't across the street you can be them
so it it's it's know
nice to
have no disturbances it does not real life
he realizes disturbance
so therefore the as long as a person remains in his hiding place of quietude passivity and nakedness the inside and outside are transparent and his understanding perfectly clear the moment a bright inside
he has thus gain far this far danger her practice comes into contact with differentiations defiling conditions
of turmoil and confusion agitation and vexation love and hate she will find herself utterly helpless before them and all the miseries of existence will press in upon him
he was in order to save that person from the serious illness that the rank of the real than than the apparent was established as an expedient

established by
from photography
so then comes the rank of the parents
have impairment
when in real
the real with an impairment mention it yeah
henry with to parents
the waves are

in other words you don't see the ocean for the ways
in trees
the real within the apparent a sleepy eyed grandma
encounters at dawn and counters itself an old mirror clearly she sees a fish but it doesn't resemble her is at all
to bad for the muddled head she tries to recognize her reflection
john woo
roseburg and ages him
his his translations little different he says the phenomenal moving to the new model
the dawn has come to the surprise of an old woman and she chances upon an antique mirror in which she sees clearly and distinctly her own face so different from all the images he had formed of herself
that makes relations from now on she will no longer ignore her own head and grasp at as mere shadow
so she says she's clearly and other words after coming from this rag and from his position where you let go of everything you come up and see everything in fresh way she often amina in a fresh way traditions the wisdom of discernment

so to and says
here's a disciple have remained at the rank of the apparent within the real his judgment would always have been vacillating and his view prejudiced
therefore the bodhisattva of superior capacity invariably needs daily life in the realm of the six dusts
the six tests are like since fields
cause i cause off since field
the five senses and and amount of the candyman
round along the realm of all kinds of ever-changing differentiation
all the marianne phenomena before your eyes the or the the honorable and the base halls and pavilions verandas and corridors plants and trees mouth
and you become the jewel mirror of their houses as well so toes on com
translated into various ways shun elsewhere to seek him for from him you will stray is i go on alone i made him everywhere he is what i am now but i am not what he is such should be was comprehension
united with lushness
which he did
chosen as com
there was everywhere i turn i beat myself
when she's come on wrench and infringing upon meeting
the facing mirror and in the street she information stream
showed any quotes dodian
as asian
hey hey for we were a chance billions name it's not a don't just pay a toga
a know
hundred fresh rank as form is emptiness
shake it rang is angie is insurance
no first rank as numinous all forms or energy
shake it rage she is phenomenon
in michigan rag deforms forms are the emptiness of forms the emptiness is form pressuring shortage engine this say during intermission

you see you see all forms of the forms of engineers
which is emptiness
influence of drugs and this
so a million has said he experiencing and manyfold dharmas
you're using oneself are advancing his delusion
the experiencing of oneself through the coming of the manyfold dharmas in settore
this is just what i have been saying
this is the state of mind and body discarded discarded mind and body it is a to mirrors mutually reflecting one another without even a shadow of an image between
shadow and image between would be distortion would be partiality
said mean see just as it is
this is this it is like them
mind and objects of mind or one in the same mind and objects and runs of things and oneself or not to a white horse into the red flowers snow was piled up in a silver bowl
this is interesting mind and objects of mine are one and the same
in order to see something
there has to be an object
and as to be a consciousness and it has to be a virgin
we went through this before
the object and the subject
see by two different things but the object is an object for the subject and the subject is a subject for the object
so that
subject isn't it does not
consciousness does not come up without the object or scene
the subject needs the object the object needs the subject to be seen
sure they are just two aspects of one thing
subject and object or one
even though they also separate
the second
this is a good read
which is the rank of surreal
has the basis for the apparent
pretty stud parents experiments
this is a drag of the waves
the first was the rank of their water
this is the rag of the ways this is the rank of agitation
so surreal and a senior at two different things they are one thing
for two aspects with five s
what two aspects
the water when it's
at rest
this is a the medical or the water at risk has no
activity right
so that's the first right no activities this activity that is the is it's dynamic stillness
and the second rank as the waves
the energy the dynamics of movement
the first is the upright
second marriages inclined
so like this this is no movement everything comes to rest
this is
so this is concentrate and this is eccentric
an eccentric means that we need eccentricity and what to make things work
so is it really comes into being

so if you ignore the waves and you're only living cache lunch
the the
the ocean has to be expressed as waves
it's okay for the ocean to become the sargasso sea
you try to and sargasso sea you may never get out
events are guys are see them he never read wonderful efforts
so yeah so she is placing in it is
area of ocean
it's a i just as from your tracks for the currents are drawn around it but is to waters totally still and ships is to get sailing ships would get stuck in the sargasso sea and i it out which was there was no no end no movement at all
yeah doldrums
probably in february you can inquire about subjects

the have
a tough yeah just a verbal or visual effects
does like you don't have a sense of smell that that's right
verbal or geologists
actually yeah
have that's right
it's a bit yeah all the conditions have to be there
the the region and slip
no there's no splits
what we split it
here's the problem so we sail over there is the object and here's the subject but we don't necessarily see to the subject and object is like one thing you are both connected to the same to the two sides and one thing

how so
i'm just went in changing themselves in not to a white horse and just the right read flowers snow piled in the silver bullets
from the germany or somebody
this is what it is known as the jewel or somebody yeah this is what the
this is what to nirvana sutra is speaking about when it says the to target their sees the buddha-nature with her own eyes when you have entered this somebody do you push the great white ox he does not go away
the universal nature which manifests itself in short your very eyes can i when i gave my first time
chosen i told you this story that the very beginning there's my opening remarks
hundred teams
prison zone
johnson down on lived in the ninth century
i lived with master isa eyelid any some more than thirty years
but i lived with each diner i was on mountain sun for more than thirty years
i ain't a some food and i should be some shit but i did not study designs in
all i did was look after an ox if we got off the road i dragged him back if you champ of the flowering grain and other fields i trained him with a whip for a long time now how pretty for he was at the mercy of people's words now he has changed into the white ox on bare ground and always stays in front of my show
it's all day long he clearly reveals himself even though i him he doesn't go away
have you never know
but that's what he's referring to him
when you entered this should not eating and even though you push the great
right right direction and the way
trained in all his time you know menu friendly and even some
can he can
check it over
stuck stuck ask asked questions about that too at that ceremony is it have to beat as assets to go through all those many years before
realization or he has a sudden or gradual
how all sudden enlightenment his graduate
no gradual enlightenment and seven
if you try to start making distinctions it means that
you'd think that such a thing as length of time
when creating a length of time
someday i will be enlightened that's why we don't talk about enlightenment and scratch as as a gradual or at the end
enlighten is beginning so you just put it away didn't just practice
just okay kanji president
projector and the show and practice he got it
don't worry about it
don't brag about it
so this is what is meant by the expressions there exists only one vehicle the middle path and true for the supreme truth but as a student have reached this stage going to be satisfied with it thins before we'd be living in a deep pit of fixed
nation in a lesser rank a bodhisattva her why is this because he is neither conversant with the department of the bodhisattva nor does he understand the cause of conditions were a moodle that well and see
can drink
i think that
i should stop there because the kids to the kitchen leave
one talking about brutal and and so
the structure

i promise that we will complete this before fishing
one way or another