Hokyo Zammai Class

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so today we're going to start there
a study of based on haku in commentary and the five ranks
before i start
can you really hear me
norwegian now
this is the beginning of the third month and practice period and we just finished our seven days says sheen
and during the shane and know we
fishing area very intense and our energy is
intensely concentrated
and after sheen and a in his day off personal day
you know that no person
impersonal date and and numbers and then
our energy is kind of disperses you know we feel a kind of let down may be or change to change in weather is changing sometimes it's a little bit hot or clear and and sometimes it's raining we don't know quite what it's going to be and
we've been here for two months so there's no
how can we get a little bit out of tune maybe
then we start to feel tired a little sake these things start happening
so far practice perry has been relatively free of
the fitness and people been a mostly for it to have been very nice and don't know that's a record or not but
now is a little bit of
falling off
someone magician how name and players who once wrote down on the
check and
what does a call that a can to tired
west arrest breast which is no one has ever written that before
think there's another one on earth as don't feel like
that's so energy is turning into
one person writes rest and then someone season oh and then someone else writes arrest and pretty soon it becomes a kind of fed this how effective business fans begin
so we wouldn't be careful that we don't start a restaurant
we go to bed pretty early we get up pretty early and we worked pretty hard all day and sleep is one of the deprivations that we often feel
but we have work day when we get up later and going to better their and we have
him a personal day where we can have and we can risk you can sleep all day if you want to
so it's not like we don't have space for
we do
but i'm
i'm not a totally opposed to rest
i'm not totally opposed to that
i would rather that
we take a morning arrest if we have to read and get sick
or fake it you know how to they are six or so you feel
if you know take some time
some reason or another
and he did it's good if we have a little bit of a buffer reds and people getting sick
this is a radical and share ideas but
to little give a little
flexibility i think it's okay but if we
take advantage of that or misuse it then it can destroy the whole idea
so i would like us to be
careful with ourselves if we need to take a little you know
cold rest
i think it's okay as long as it's within reason reasonable
and that an indulgence or i don't feel like and and something on here
you know if you can't keep your eyes open in here tired and you're filing a lot of the play lay down
but you know what i'm saying
so within reason i think it's okay to do too
rather than saying i'm sick which is an excuse to say tired or on a rest for a period or something like that
i think that that's better
does it be honest about it you know i'm tired and he did such a little bit of rest and like that better because otherwise we feel that way to get sick and i know
i like us just to stay pretty much healthy
then keep up our energy that's an okay
he can do it really liked
within reason
you know gets very i didn't hear and less the doors are open will get used to it to the breeze blowing through the empty
i think i'm for to me excavators yeah
hey did you oh yeah and
that thanks everybody for get earlier
okay so haiku in was born and
and sixteen eighty nine and he died and seventeen sixty nine and he is credited with the revival of the rinzai school in japan
and he was a very dynamic teacher
and he a systematized the
cohen system
in japan
people used coins
zen zen teachers use clients throughout well i don't know the song dynasty i don't think so much in the time don't see lot of the on stories come from the tang dynasty but they were not use so much as columns are you go on tradition started later
and not necessarily systematically practice but the because haiku in wanted to have some kind of
the structure for reviving the
ruins i scrolled his systematize to go on
had created a colon system which pretty much is what the renzo school practices today

in the ruins our school that they're too
studies that are the end of the current system one is the precepts which is interesting because we usually think of presets is what you study when you start to to practice but these the current the precepts and the interpret of of study
and also
haiku and recommends the five ranks as the end of study whereas some people think the five she just you know a beginner's model for practice which it is
haiku and things of it is the as
and the deepest
model for study so within pract within the writ this a then school you have many different divergent
attitudes and ways of thinking about practice which is very nice
we should have different ways even though our way is the best

okay so
it's a nearby i'm using a difference
i'm using the original from my page numbers are not your page numbers
and so easy
i'm trying to find you know there's probably somebody exchange
page eighty nine
eight nine eight nine

this is called
this this is printed in as and dust which is an out-of-print wonderful out of print text
it's called the five ranks of the apparent and the real
so the translation uses the terms apparent for to phenomenal side and the real for the numinous side
the orally transmitted secret teachings of the monk who lived on mount toe that's toes on
the design is mountain
so they
the teachers were known by the name of their mountain often toes on his don't be shy i'm thinking liang j
towson the okay
but toes on this is not name the monk who lived or not talk
so on
he says this is haku in
we do not know by whom the jewel mirror somebody was composed
from secchi toe oh show the a christian or show and own gun or show
so you're familiar with these names right
the best you could to get there was transmitted from master
to master and handed down when it a secret room
secret room is site
the transmitted to transmit in this neighborhood
secret is a funny word private i think is better
did you actually secret it's it's like intimate
you know
it's like to

when people to people get together and act intimately
it's kind of secret but it's not secret it's intimate private so they're definitely
so is transmitted from master to master and handed out within the secret room never have its teachings been willingly disclosed until now this dishes
characteristic of
chinese and japanese zealand is it there are some things that are esoteric
there are not public
and just handed down from one to another and and kind of
the holding your courage to your chest
and dharma transmission is kind of like death
in iraq and the schools this is something that happens between teacher and student teacher and
i'm interested and is not public
so many things that are public now and by knows about which are very secret before and but nobody knows they have been just think well this is on public property
so many things are coming out now which before were very intimate which are no public in the public domain
for by to chatter about like five ranks
take back the a source of
russian change your time
jesus would do a hailing him can go and tell him and it's like what you're saying and then telling
it somehow becomes an shallow or misunderstood and start acting on that misunderstanding and everything goes hey i think the dutchman
because you want to be sure that something is done correctly and with somebody with a had understand number so they can contain it right so this is your diamond transmissions like that and transmitting these various things like that is a he want he wanted to be sure that it's the right vince of who understand
hands with is being transmitted and is not just kind of broadcasting it helter skelter but using it in a way as a source teaching

know it's very interesting because suzuki roshi
almost never
they taught us anything
that was a doctrine or been aren't something that was like this
he knew all this but he didn't talk about it he just spoke using this as a source he just spoke in a very plain ordinary everyday language but when you study when he was talking about and and the way he he taught you trace it back and you can trace it back to all these
so in that sense i think that it's not like one keeps it for themselves but it's one has the source and they use it and transmitted in their own way for every teacher transmits something in their own way which is
ah her way of
a more intimate way actuation been the teacher the student rather than something in between
so then this is one of the problems with the five rags is that
originally it was a transmission document
it said
well when you have transmission from fit teacher to disable the
there there are in our school three transmission documents

visiting sixty seven year contract and things which the student companies out and and in this study
and this is like
if it's private
you don't show the documents around but the source of your teaching

okay forever
catchy bianco which is what you receive when you have layered nation
he already knew what areas
that's one of them and the other one is called dg which means the great matter and is a kind of document of
i am map of practice and it is she show
which is the main
transmission document
and it's a circular document which includes all the and sisters in how
relate to each other
not so esoteric but it's it's a special thing you know
you can look up the she show it is a about cocteau games
her formative years in china
percona dawkins formative years in china
it has a copy of and organs she show
and it touched a little bit about it

here's the catch me after the tiny fisher
so that we no longer in of the brain
that included as a transmission documents
it was at one time it was at one time but problem is that it became to intellectualized
and haiku and talks about that here
people used it to too much a lot of entanglements and and became a kind of
i'm misunderstood
complicated thing whereas dogan and the reason to dogan kind of rejected it was because and circular she says dogan one and something much simpler
the merge asked the teacher where do you go
where this
where you escaped from cold and heat
and can teach said when it's cold let the cold chill you when it's hot and that the cutler the he'd kill you
the this kind of teaching the dogan like very simple depict
the air conditioning
we don't know
he probably wouldn't go extravagant a cold
no i don't think you can do and that's right
china when he wouldn't try to defend japan and the summer time very hot so you used to you live in arizona as an indian
you don't mind the heat but as you live there is a as a liquor store salesman international
internet the the air conditioning
so any dog it was probably used to the heat
the when was the pain in your legs
the painting your legs kill you
where do we do with the pain our legs
so i'm going to read it again because
i could just spend the whole time on this one paragraph in i don't want to do that but it just gives keeps getting more interesting
we don't know by whom the jewel bear somebody was composed so we say it was component it was composed by maybe
sekitar or sekitar actually was is credited with the parochialism with the and
sandow tie in the sand okay it has all the elements of are mostly elements of the hotels are mine and the logos am i in some more elaborated
version of the sand okay
and if you read suzuki roshi
hum lectures on sand okay called branch exchange lot of the dark he'd get a very good understanding of the hokey i was am i
for some reason i didn't to lecture on i'm branching strange because i talked about it before the hadn't already know but it directly
segways into this anyway
so from sekitar who was in a disciple of six ancestor
and yeah cousin who was congo's goes teacher and congo who was toes on future it was transmitted from master to master and handed down in secret room so even though we say that on compose that he says did not sure where it comes from
never have it's teaching has been willing to lead disclosed until now after it had been transmitted from toes i know show he made clear that gradations of the five ranks within it and compose a verse for each rank in order to bring out the main principle of buddhism
surely the five branches a torch on the midnight road a ferry boat at the riverside when one has lost ones way the nice thing about tiger and is very dramatic and he isn't just kind of humanity a lot like dogan and actually they both use the sink and language and actually tyco and like dodian even though it
didn't like soto them
but alas and then
zen gardens that recent times or desolate and baron so this is the time of decline the serjeant means i school in in japan and of course also do the photos go
directly pointing to the ultimate then is regarded as nothing but be knighted and as and foolishness
and that supreme treasure them iona
ranks of the apparent in a real is considered to be only the old and broken vessel of an antiquated house meaning the sodo a offense so there's i've been this rivalry between the soda school in windsor school and haku enzo is criticizing the ruins a school photo school for being
you know just sitting around on the cushion
lounging around to the and so no one pays any attention to it
today's students are like blind men who have thrown away their staffs calling them useless baggage
of themselves they stumble and fall into the mud of heterodox views and cannot get out and new death overtakes them they'd never know that the five branches the ship that carries them across the poison see surrounding the rank of the real the precious real that demolishes the impregnable prison house that the to void
so when he talks about eternity to the and talks about his ears with this term
they stumble into the mud of heterodox views and cannot get out until death of it takes them and they never know that the fight ranks of is shipped occasion because the budget this is a kind of quote from the platform sutra and six ancestor
her as the most wonderful when my favorite poems by the sixth ancestor is about what
a teacher of the dharma should be like
china read it is angela this my own
in addition i edited it myself and i like to baby's way but
the he says
the end he said this stanza is for the sudden school is also called the big ship of dharma for sailing across the ocean of existence
the big shepard i've always liked that and often user myself the big ship of doma specific interest from the ocean of existence
so the sixth sense and this is a diversion i know maybe i shouldn't read it
the one who is a master of the buddha dharma and has realized their essence of mind may be likened to the bright sun in an empty sky bright sun is like by rotana that's what biogen and means he's like bright bright
such a one teaches nothing and this is the position of by china actually no china section
is the essence and like the sun buddha then
photo of the infinite light
such a one teaches nothing but the dharma for realizing our self nature
which is their purpose for being in this world they don't have any other purpose for being the world and to make people aware of erroneous views we can hardly classify realization of the dharma into sudden or gradual remember that
some will attain enlightenment more quickly than others
this way of realizing the essence of mind is above that comprehension of the ignorant ignorant means those who are ignored it
we may explain it in ten thousand ways but all those explanations may be traced back to the one principal in order to illuminate the dark dwelling place of the afflictions we should constantly set up wisdom
erroneous views keep a city environment while writing this remove us from it when we are in a position to let go of both of them
both right and wrong views or mind is then pure purity means that
bodhi is imminent in our essence of mind
and to attempt to look for it elsewhere is erroneous with are impure mind the pure within our impure mind the pure mind is to be found
and once our mind is set right we are free from dilute defilements evil karma and karmic retribution if we are treading the path of defiant of enlightenment we need not be worried by stumbling blocks
provided that we keep a constant eye on our own faults we will not go astray from the right path
since every species of life has its own way of salvation they will not interfere with or be antagonistic to one another therefore if we leave our own path and six some other way of salvation we shall not find it and if we plod on until death overtakes us we shall find only regret in the end that's another quote that how growing users here
if you wish to find the true way right action will need to directly but if you do not make the effort in the way he will grow up in a dark can never find it one who treads the path and earnest season that the faults of the world if we find fault with others we ourselves are in iran when
others are in iran we should ignore it for it is wrong for us to find fault by letting go of the habit of fault-finding we cut off a source of defilement
when neither hatred no love disturb our mind serenely we sleep those who intend to be the teachers of others should themselves be skilled in the various expedience which lead others to enlightenment
when the disciple is free from all doubts it indicates that there isn't some mind has been found
the pure land of buddha is in this world within which enlightenment is to be sought to seek enlightenment by separating from this world isn't as absurd as to search for the horns of a rabbit
right views are called transcendental erroneous user called worldly when all of you is right or erroneous or they go than the essence of body occurs
this stanza is for the sudden school it is also called the big ship of dharma for sailing across the ocean of existence kalpa after kalpa a person may be under delusion but once enlightened it takes but a moment to realize citizen
so on how and says
have themselves they stumble and fall into the mud of heterodox views and they cannot get out until death overtakes them
they never know that the five ranks as the ship that carries them across the poisonous see surrounding the rank of the real the precious wheel that demolishes the impregnable prison house of the two boys whether the to voyage
well yes to vote to voyage are a man devoid at the two things that are void or man and dharmas batman means self and dharmas means things
don dharma dharma and dharmas dharma is a word that means the law or the truth of reality
dharmas with a small day means those things of the law is about spelled the same but is a small dick yes
so the dharma is about the dharmas
it's about things dimas in in a in a wide stance means things
differential did the differentiated things
the phenomenal phenomenal side
specifically it means
the psychic physical constituents psychophysical constituents that make up what we call the person knows are the diamonds
crusher a crusher and neutral
wholesome diamonds and wholesome diamonds and neutral damage
like on feelings emotions and so forth thoughts feelings and emotions are the diamonds
specifically that were concerned with

so he says
they do not know the important road and progressive practice so progressive practices were haiku and is interested in it brings ign
soto then is not interested in progressive practice
there is always progress anywhere
they are not versed in a secret meaning within this teaching therefore they seek into the stagnant water and shrub ago heard or project buddhahood they fall into the black pit of withered sprouts and decayed seeds
even the hand of buddha can that would find it difficult to save them
asher like as or
followers of buddha who listened to the dharma
and project buddhas are
someone who has realization but doesn't transmitted
when near the day
i said that it was reading from shake in instead a that a person could be a realized
buddha without having to follow up with practice the right
yeah so this is a this is could be a project buddha
a real a one who who who has enlightenment but doesn't doesn't practice or that doesn't follow up my practice
this is kind of boot into illustrations
and if you can find such as a second night storage heater on the prison house of the templates he is passionate to cell phone attached husband to sell for attachment to dermis okay and what would be this poisonous surrounding the real is a sexually overton desperate make know his idea read the boys me see surrounding the real is like
it just kind of 'em picture
it also sounds like attachment to the teach others it's attachment attachment to something
have you say that poisonous see surrounding the real would be like your body
in the sense that your your karmic condition at this moment
poison system
when you me buddy
by the form
as the result that causes and conditions from about my comment
you can you separate them from the mind

so it's
i think that
he's a time that the other
gbc a

painting for and of as bosch painting
that's the see that he's talking about

i can actually changing
he's sending key
the exchange of eternal isn't a coyote and shoes are eternal islam and nine yeah but that's those termination and nine and those two extremes

he could be but paternalism is michigan
what's a good question
ticket christians
i would start of it is outmoded damaged
self and ego
shelf and dharmas
devoid of which are devoid of any permanent nature

hannah could be
to be
a friend speculate on that
how do you really go on
so this is a haiku and presentation
that into which he starts talking about himself that into which i was initiated forty years ago in the rumors showed you that she's showed you rajan his teacher
i shall now dispense as the alms giving him dharma
when i find it superior person who is studying the true and profound teaching and has experienced the great death
i shall give the secret transmission to that person
since it was not designed for those of medium and measurability take heed and do not treat it lightly
there's a con in the book of record case forty one
does a person who has died the great death come back to life again
so this is a kind of term used in jail sometimes to guys a great dance
and then in order to really conventional at least also true and christianity isn't it
to be reached the born again
we have born again buddhist and more like the dark knight at all as open about my st john crock
we could be a resurrection for resurrection kind of the holy resurrection well now we get into
the death of old
st paul's on then
death of st paul's own then another oh yeah so manage of the first so yeah no it's not a desert the person is oh that's right other common personal so pretty out of the death of the ego i mean the the dinner
the baggage
for death of the baggage
yeah using nothing less than italia loosening of the luggage admit letting go of the the luggage this case forty one how give an answer the question of whether or not that person born again
ah yes the set and evidence weighed about one hundred dinars agree to convict diligence guys are an answer yet as is the question of okay words or corn so i'm making dinner
i understand that but i wondered if it was one of the cooperative style like a student asked the question and yeah oh yeah is there an answer given a net and i thought well the cohen never gives you an answer
so that's that the pocahontas the on is simply to ask the question here
have you add up to present to go on in order to get the full thing but just just like to just to the go on
he's just to become
i answer then he says
how vast is an expansive the sea of the doctrine
how many fold or the gates of the teaching this is no gum the third party central bell
and has it and an experienced a great death
and on a bitch and so among those among these to be sure are a number of doctrines and orally transmitted secret teachings
yet never have i seen anything to equal the perversion of the five ranks the carping criticism the tortuous explanations the adding of branch to branch the piling up of entanglement upon entanglement the truth is that the teachers who are guilty of this did not know for what principal the fiber
thanks was in instituted hence they confused and bewildered their students to the point that even a sherry putra around and under would find it difficult to judge correctly
so is the really comes down on people
he criticizing the five ranks or not alone the perversion a perversion of course is appalling as i read
or could it be that our ancestors delivered themselves in these absurdities in order to harass their posterity
for a long time i wondered about this
but when i came to enter the room or showed you the rhinoceros that my previous doubt suddenly fell down dead
do not look with suspicion upon the five ranks saying that it is not the directly transmitted oral teaching of the toes online
you should know that it was only after he completed his investigation of tucson's vs
that showed you how to and teacher
he gave his acknowledgment to the five ranks
after i had entered showed jews room and received a transmission from him i was quite satisfied but though i was satisfied i still regretted that all teachers had not yet truly explained the meaning of the reciprocal interpenetration of the apparent in the real you understand what that is
the reciprocal interpenetration of the parents real is what we've been studying how long difference between to have the interpenetration
the internet penetration of two things single he said so if we're talking about that spot where they come together and years old not the apparent knocked a real parent and we're together yes totally interpenetration now
check i went to the interpenetration and sandwich the best one of the virus now that's the that's the that's the essence
i still regretted that all teachers are not yet clearly explain the meaning of the reciprocal interpenetration of the apparent and the real they seem to have discarded the words reciprocal interpenetration which is what it's all about and pay no attention whatsoever to them
but i wish they had and unto others i was ashamed to squeeze out my old woman's thinking milk and soy the motor mouth
what he means and his feeling his children
that's expensive dances you know his self deprecation himself or
his voice he saying like i'm ashamed of myself for you know quizzically for feeding them this stuff that this poison you know where i have to come here
so is the i get a loud and he's writing as he had well know what he's saying is even though i have an ad the understanding i'm still hesitant to because i don't know how i can do this
i don't know if if what i'm gonna feed them is really like an expressive yeah i can be an expensive to them

else's evacuated for yourself
it just saying it doesn't want to that's right
he doesn't want to make a mistake he doesn't he doesn't want to do at the other people have been doing
the reciprocal interpenetration of the a real that the thing a thing
form is emptiness and excellent a free form
were no separation here no separation
that's right
all of you who wish to plumb the the debt this deep source must make the investigation in secret when your entire body i don't think secret is right word i think that images by yourself
l of you who wish to plan this deep source must make the investigation by yourself with your entire body my own toil as extended over these thirty years did not think this to be an easy task
even if you should happen to break up the family and scatter the household and not considered as enough
you must vow to pass through i think that means to become a monk
you must vow to pass through seven or eight or even nine think it's a brambles and when you have passed through the thick as at brambles and i consider this to be enough vow to investigate the secret teachings of the five ranks to the end so he's really pushes people
for the past eight or nine years and more i have been trying to incite all of you who boil your daily grill over the same fire with me to stay this great matter thoroughly but more often than that you have taken it to be the doctrine of another house
soto school
and remained indifferent to it only a few among you have attained understanding of it how deeply this grieves me have you never heard the gates of dharma are manifold i have how to enter them all how much more should this be true for the main principle of buddhism and the essential road and the sons in
that can be construed as
either docusign or zazen
dogan uses the term sons in
in the
what kinds of ways to mean zaza
have been in ruins school it means focus on
so here is the first teaching
the first teaching surgeon were showed you rajan has said
in order to provide a means whereby students my directly experienced the for wisdoms the patriarchs in their compassion and with their skilled devise the experience first instituted the five ranks
what are the so-called for wisdoms they are the great perfect mirror wisdom the universal nature wisdom the marvel is observing wisdom and the perfecting of action wisdom now
this is something that i will present to you as how that relates to the ranks
followers of the way even though you may have pursued your studies and the threefold learning which is discipline or precepts meditation and study
continuously through many calpers if you have not directly experienced before wisdoms you are not permitted to call yourselves children the buddha
two children a buddha followers of the way if your investigation has been correct and complete at the moment you smash open a dark cave of the eighth or elia consciousness the precious light of the great mirror wisdom incidently shines forth but strange to say the light of the great perfect mirror wisdom and black like lag
this is what is called the mark of the apparent within the real okay so we've come to the first rank but sometimes it's the to revert the to first ones are reversed
so i think but then talks about the elia consciousness so he's brought in three elements here
four elements
what is the five ranks
the for wisdoms
and without saying so the eight levels of consciousness
and which also and added to this are the three bodies
dominic i assembled anyway so all of these fit together or
correspond to each other
so what i want to present to you as how these for
categories our correspond to each other and nets
a little complex but
you have to lay it out for you
so that's what i'm about to do now

but i can do it without me
where that allah
not everybody can see this like for interest
why we can stay

water has done
do with writing
the i can
neither by will him
the politicians affairs
is electric chairs the middle and
we need the eraser and just yeah
over here

going will be black


he's five seconds represent the five or i have seen
what a sign of back
but you got it there
he talks about the for wisdom
the february
you services mirror these to

are calling from nerve

his actions
traffic be
the highest

for those there

hershey's page seventy seven
and it'll be a lot of her

for to assemble the time
tours are no retired will be taxing for observing the university
yeah i'm really
true and monica
you know because

a counterfeit
could have
why a target for every loan


five centuries

the of a wire


here we have the firebrand who provide tradition
and then we have the five the for wisdom for which correspond

can stay with them
which were
yeah this is the wisdom mirror equality
observing an action furthered by wisdom
for listen to it
and the first two
a proper both these and mirror
because they're just opposite

dermatitis is
corresponds to
with them
some will retire
corresponds to equality
in earn
pneumatic tire are these observing
another album
has been to the beach to our entrepreneurs than obama is
chico mendes
have i don't care if i cut you down
if which covers everything she does using different ways sometimes she to lunch the very specific sometimes you lose a movie in general
for our consciousness go
the specific strategies for use in specific ways in january but in a general way like the nine consciousness which is my consciousness richard dormer higher
corresponds to derby triumph
because jamaica has most special shape of my at the big consciousness the big consciousness
divides itself into eight parts henry
to for you been

she certainly i are basically one thing the corresponding hell time for or i am i just just it down like and i'm not explaining about now i'm just kind of game with important
how i corresponds to the fine corresponds to your gift
i know you're gonna correspond to go and the five self consciousness was confident that the threat correspondences
that's how i'm doing it
planning a and i am something which is what you think different matter i understand
can you say my neck number one two three four of mine
we'll have something available that people can copy from
i do have a sheep and have you done it
is that jerk
the the yeah
productivity productivity this
who could you just provided some that the five cents consciousnesses there's a mind consciousness that corresponds to a man of dataset with asthma we can m and out miles as the wanted sometimes referred to as us an ally of stress right
confused about the nine countries
no conscious
no no i jumped at this is this is like the source
so that does not correspondent anything here directly and how to transform used to this ago in the background
in other words
yama is like you can put you in different ways one way you can take is like to scream and which the movie is playing

the superior she gave this talk about
let our life is like a movie
played out on the screen the empty screen
but without the screen there's no movie
but when you look like a discrete is that they done it
so you can't really describe the screen
because there's nothing you described
but when but when you project the movie on the screen
the tufts is the screen is functioning at the movies functioning this is the interpenetration of
for an empty house
the he can't have one the like the other
but the other way of looking get a moon is that gets the seats get the bar is donna kyle and and dynamic higher is the matrix
the phenomenon
everything comes out on the guy all the forms performs a dermatitis the described overtime
john mikhail is characterized
by bye your channels the pure dharma makhaya buddha
my china buddha pure dermatitis which is same as a more
pure means now door
the an introduction to and then my beginner's mind
video she says it's not
because people think
the zen is difficult than it is but it it's not difficult because
the pain new legs
which it's difficult because it's a it's hard to maintain the understanding of non-duality
the purity of non-duality pure means known to our nando they don't understand what you're getting a pure practices
pure practice means to non duality
so that's kind of what we're studying

the boy
no the know
listen carefully emma is not involved here got it

pure pakistan what i'm working on backyard
to practice is nuts
this is also think it's true pure practice means nine discrimination
the basis of ego
can simply buddhist practice
as what
well known duality means to wonders of petunias
and the tunis of the windows

so if you only stick to to that's not that's delusion
the only state to subject and object there's delusion
had impure
so too are one and what is to so we've seen that one matter

okay so
reese's pieces
the gist of what he's talking about
so you familiar with don't much higher and some older and new monetary right
jeremy kaja is
and the the essential your essential nature that's what dermatitis burma china is your essential nature and and it's very personal to you
we your darling kind of the great sky out there is a very personal to you if you are essential nature
samba retire is your know the old wisdom
pneumatic tire is your
presence right here in this body mind
as buddha
new monica is the buddha who walks and talks
what and so it
you know
the sutures it looks like dharma kind of some big thing out there in america is that reward body and
pneumatic tyres
but don't try my guy somebody tried to that are you
if we don't see it as ourselves it's just a bunch of baloney
that's where people say why read the sutures
wood boring or it's gonna get it or to to harder
the suitors are about you know about seen awesome but the waves are presented you know sometimes looks like sinbad something out there that's it's really about you all the columns or about you
which one somebody k is your wisdom
the don't to learn to or wisdom
manjushri when you aren't unusual yes manjushri is are not do with them contract
samantha badger is your shining practice
shiny practice bernie sanders what we used to say and i'm i can't believe it really eleven that
credit to drill a gemini
so pedestrian
let the can innumerable shakyamuni buddha's all over the world and you will be used to say originally that's a the visuals as the innumerable shakyamuni buddha's and that meet you yourself are shakyamuni buddha when you your practices
checking when you are you represent or you know you are the shakyamuni buddha
so it's all about you all that's something about you
and your practice that's when we say it
when economy to have you rid of ego trip the on about me well i mean i got that your practice

when we look at home
the five ranch
the first rank and according to haggling
who is
the return for users

is to
chose the real and the from make of a meal and in the foot
the show me
real and then
and apparently we're okay
the first ray
have you apparent
hidden within the year
has the potential a little but the real victims is black
his words
this is angeles
next was
the real hidden within
the apparent so this means by
everything is this this is the apparent right here everything is parents are white side and light is shining on everything in then reveals all of us when the light goes out where it doesn't reveal as like so that the first round the light is out everything is black like bloggers
have been talking about
the next round is when you're in the kitchen chopping vegetables
we're sitting here looking it is
these are the two sides
form is emptiness emptiness is form
that which is form is emptiness that would simply misinformed
thousand and four these are two these to balance each other this is the two sides of how things had the
apparent and a real either convert with each other sometimes one is apparent and sometimes the other dependents we were sitting zazen in it's this one
where we going to work is this life
that's why i was arrow
he had this to occur at least two are connected for when you look at the five flavoured heard that and fatness five point thunderbolt it's written like this
one two three four tonight
he's to are those two
when you have
the coming from within the real
the coming forward in the real that's the third one
the black dot in the middle into the real
there's this one

the to either one by themselves with
and that's exactly what has been talking about
when if you're real talk about here

how those for the phone interview
and one can
if reserve even if it into the tourism bureau watching the condition of for to
coffee phenomenon
this is the city
a phenomenon has not heard from
this is to see things just to wait videos
without distortion
you're not let her
some of the it's like to marriage looking at each other

see how that we've gone
i'm just be held there is
hello darkness doesn't mean
the dog there is life
but don't see it is like reading a light there is darkness but don't
taken his life
so just just be patient because i in order to explain all that
the road become clear as we study
i hope
you i don't want to go any further because
he will get bogged down to are your blog i'm i'm just presenting this as a lay out now and as we study it it'll start coming together we haven't really started yet
so if ten thirty
he said
can you as you gonna go in johnson
and if you break
hell is going to lifted his as a realist up and and it'll be next time we just start with
the coach teaching

what you know
vincent don't just study much