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the mind

what about this morning will continue with where we left off last time but ah next time i want to start
i know
i want to go back to him the five ranks in two am
study from harpoons commentary on the five ranks but not this time next time even if we don't finish the whole tokyo's am i
know from this point on is some more or less examples
video learn a lot that's new but
it's all interesting eucharist
but i do i do
do a more thorough
steady over five ranks so would start doing that next time but this time or continued
and i think we were on page forty

if i'm running let me know
but i think recruitment page forty
come to the part where and studying about
a hair's breadth deviation hair's breadth hair's breadth mediation
or is it hair breath now heres cigarettes
hair's breadth deviation of will fail to record with the proper entertainment
so it's kind of like into a an instrument
musical instrument
a little bit off and tuning is wrong thirty is not so good and doesn't sound right
so the slightest deviation beans failure of attunement
a slight deviation from it from it destroys the perfect harmony so it here we have it again
and a slight deviation and you are not in accord with the harmonious attunement that's complete
in chris the is that if there is the separation of even a hair's breadth there won't be harmony
even the slightest twitch was a great know
so he kind of get the picture that
if you're not in accord
perfectly into perfectly in harmony with
the mirror that it doesn't tell you the right it doesn't
i reflect correctly

if you look at their right hand side and said that there's a note the sentient mean you know the adventures and i think he studied dissension made before but a hair's breadth difference in heaven and earth are set apart it's a famous poet permission to me
and then by jean
seems to say the immediate a mirror like awareness should not have the slightest hair of grasping love for anything at all
and in the book of serenity shows on asked elder to
this is i like this case case shifted to the bulldozer early
so asked elder dumb the buddha's true reality body is like space
who is true reality buddy is like bit
the true human body is the whole universe and other words
how it manifests form that from manifests formed in response to beans like the moon and the water how do you explain the principle of response the response is
have you expressed explained it
principal unresponsive or said
like looking like an ass looking in a well
sarah said he said a lot indeed but you only said eighty percent
does it what about you teach your and sanctions at it like the will looking at the ass
so it's like you look in the well this is response i look at the well
and see your reflection
the ass u
then went about the ass looking at and
you know i mean yeah there were a well looking at the ass
if such that's the principle of response
so we always looking at something from our own point of view
this is the realm of duality we're always looking something as something from our own point of view
ah that's
ah yes
scale like

non duality
that's non do allergy
yes so down the point of view of non duality
hands bye bye

i was
the hello small
well yeah that's so if the well looking at the acid is
you know if i explain that
which you're going to go away with this picture
let's just digestive and just eat at atheist ball of what
and i have been lit it gives you a stomachache
yes you said a lot indeed but you only said eighty percent so that means that it is you said the right thing but but that complete the complete part is like the well looking at the ass
which means were you when you hear you
when when the as is looking in the world that well becomes the the that a reflection becomes an object
so we say oh this is me but that's the object that's the reflection but the reflection it as is also looking at the what is reflected
so you can't take this totally literally
reflections you know don't have consciousness back
but you have to see what
because we see things as objects
some it's
it has to do with not seeing things as objects and i see yourself as an object
when you look at that when you look at reflection or you see an object oh that's my reflection but actually that's me
the mirror itself as me myself
so this is why when suzuki roshi chance to a to toes on palm
he he did it in his own
more like his comment comentario translation it don't try to see yourself or the world as an object
the you who is seen as an object is not you yourself
i go my way now and every press say every everyone's look i see myself
this is the well looking at the ass
we speak out as big way up
here is getting louder
charles area
he thought
after that's again

that a flight deck
yeah you know so
ah is coming back to
a hair's breadth deviation
ha ha
to the mirror
reflects things as it is
the mere only reflects things as it is but if a mirror has a mind of it's own that doesn't do that for amir has some idea about things it doesn't reflect things as it is a reflex things it according to partiality
or discrimination
discrimination means to divide
and compact compartmentalized
so in discrimination we take one thing and chop it into pieces
so we live in discriminated time
with this one long piece of tax but which discriminated into little pieces
we have one whole piece of cloth and were discriminated and put it back together and call it a suit
so you can use discrimination but
it should fit
the you are discrimination should fit the absolute like a box in his live

so just the fact that we can say and acid a well is discrimination
but if if the world is looking at the ass as well as the as looking at the well then that's the box fitting the live
started in back
this aspect
the crash by and
there is

there are various various ways it feels like
why am i having so many problems
what's the root of my problems

why do i have been pumped yeah
like the people talk about when
just feel like it's stickiness is good and actually sticking his fears i am i'm off today
how come nobody likes me

well how can we never meet
quite right
how can how can i don't really meet with things quite right
atonement yeah tournament is not meeting is when things that you know when notes are out of tune there are beats
better the ready the so when you turn to instruments you listened for the beach that are detected in was
the and in no beats than it's authentic and turn when you when you don't hear yourself
and fit you hear yourself
when everything is perfectly into you disappear

i can really get in
a habit out of the pattern
right about that
yeah but attunement is good because when we're in in tune with ourselves and with
the universe
everything flows
he turned the east of i don't let that turn but everything flows
easily when and so this is called harmony
a harmonious practice
bringing harmony to everyone free from hindrance we say it all the time every day
pretty haven't in harmony to everyone free from hindrance is exactly where it is about
i'm out of atonement minced
so when when we when we interject or our ego then it causes bumps
when and so the ego is the biggest hindrance to are more harmonious
that's i always talking about liquor via you know in order to
merge with
i'm hit
hundred were injured in your ego is what
the stands in front
you know
it's a hindrance
and yes
isaiah and zealously economic radio and have best

yeah that's right so
this is what practices about
the not letting go of the hindrance of ego so that you can be yourself
you know we say you should express yourself completely it means to let go of ego
then you will be expressing yourself completely for you all know it
knowing it will know it knowing will know it
see the the the problem we have a go of video is that they do we think that will let go of ours that most precious thing called myself and i won't know it
that's that we all have their problems you know what happens when there's no more consciousness
we'll get to that when we study the five rank will know who knows it the study who knows it
began pump everybody wants to hear way and to say
he said
and assuming it attunement the cell phone
his pains still painful yes
pain is always pinterest
it was nothing
emotional pain is painful
two men you know and tournament when you feel pain you just you totally painful
version he didn't have an ashtray
a version now
no aversion and know grasping
it's called to secret is as him
no version and are grasping i just hope for you're handling the place we had said if you don't want to make this
the put you put your hand we've been friends
why why do you put your hand away
because it'll foreign otherwise
you know i can't understand your question minutes
we carry the logic too far
you know
when you're in attunement you know oh this is hot
this is cold

you have some freedom from grasping and you have some freedom from version
in other words it's not a version based on ego are grasping based on ego but when you stick your head in the fire you don't keep it there because you don't burn your hand
this all in relation to
self arises with grasping introversion
you will i still have itself even though there's no grass the erosion snap no none in the sense that we mean self
the sense that we've been self is when
self arises when is grasping erosion and discrimination based on self
that's what we mean by self arising who as self doesn't arise
there's simply
as and buddha says she nominates just rowley on
just rowley on

there is a different is at all the a the relates to the morning that checking in his hand to the earth
put his head to the or
eight enlightenment that a moment
there's a difference between the moment before the on a professional
is that has best deviation in their me
there's a bridge that happiness today
not sure what exactly that that is ruining touches the earth is it's
calling the earth to witness his enlightenment
but you know if you want to look at it when
is it is inversion when buddhist steps as a baby
his steps forward take seven steps
and he puts went and towards the earth in one hand toward the sky and buddha's birthday we have this little statue the report
sweet tea over
you know that ceremony and so this is shocking money as a baby
actually siddhartha sticking when finger up to the sky and one hand of the earth and he says i alone am the world one hundred one
and you do i alone and what what sounds egotistical right
but we have to understand what the word alone means
alone the root of alone is at one
so alone has a double meaning of opposites
at one and alone
so where we think of alone it means isolated
and when we say at one it means totally merged
so it's a wonderful word and actually alone because it has both
this this into it in independent individual his aunt one with the whole universe so there's no separation there's no
no out of tunis know hair's breadth difference

is what our mood an issue
yes well yes it's complete merging of buddha nature
whenever apart from it even when we make mistakes
mistakes there buddha nature
you know when suzuki or she talked about
who is buddha
he said well when you are
when you're hot you're hot buddha when you call your cold water when you're sitting as as in years us and buddha when you make a big mistake your big mistake buddha
so within practice everything is that you do in buddha's activity
so ah ah
a hair's breadth deviation
his hair's breadth hair's breadth deviation buddha

isn't it
find that
you have to speak to i you have lived like a well hooking up the ass you i sort of to and one is percent murphy saying the observer is the observed and the other one is that last week and singer i said
when the is like a hall thought to like a voice in the hall one knows that that voices out on zone
so i want it that's kind of related to the here during the holiday as a voice but you can get that's not that's not new selecting an ego realize that's not new in every the structure and given yourself see it all but it's not it was attacked the well seen as
where the first one i say you have more like the wealthy the as
yeah the observers the observe
more like that
then it wouldn't be like
the noise
ha noi is noisy mind is not true mind
there's another wonderful
the cool breeze blows through the empty hall
i like that one
he said in practice everything from the active
within practice years ago
outside of factors that the case outside but not act
outside a practice is
simply egotistical activity without
collective and fifty one and this is exactly yeah
happen as long as you have the awareness
no such thing as egotistical buddha
the statistical buddha yeah egotistical good
is supported understands this is egotistical
you always
enlightenment is understand a realizing your delusion
when you realize you're deluded activity that's enlightenment
then inactivity
the in the time realize that's right
whether you were a you may or may not
you may not be able to him
you may only be able to realize it

so let's turn the page
he reminds me of a little story
when my son was about three mr reading these books you know the hard trevor
and this one was about fire engines
so as though as a fireman and doing this the fire engines if you're reading the fire and on it and then you turn the next page you know an agent a bit and and there was a fire at and as the next street so i went out to the fire in the fire trucks that is see this is just like in the bunch to yeah turn the page
good could put that negative
so this doesn't happen to have to prevent politically
now now are a sudden or gradual in connection with this which with which are said a basic approaches
now there are a sudden and gradual on which are set up approaches to the source
yeah since they are instant and gradual aptitudes
our sect sets up five different phases round
presently the sudden and gradual teachings and created sectarian approaches well that's pretty good i this and
so there are suddenly gradual and schools and approaches are established nowadays there is a sudden and graduate school so this is all about sudden or gradual
and it comes from the platform sutra
well basically but there's always been in buddhism the and zen anyway
the sudden and gradual approaches to enlightenment
the gradual approach is step by step you learn this new in tibetan practice is very much stepwise practice
and tomato
compassionate is step by practice zen is
he jumped off the pier into the ocean start swimming
he started the top
the tibetans come to jensen and there is a odense where we end
so we started the top and go down at the bottom
the israeli to you so so we start with enlightenment and go down to delusion
we reached the my step up into the thing is that enlightenment that brings us to practice
but we don't know if that is so the thing the wonderful thing about sudden enlightenment practices that you don't have to do anything
you can just start practicing you just step into the zendo and fold your legs and face the wall breathe
you don't have to know anything you know anything about buddhism in after studied anything
so this is the sudden school
doesn't mean that you have sudden enlightenment that it means and
you're starting from not knowing
you you begin from letting go of all opinions everything you know all your accumulated knowledge
just shared everything and sit down in zazen and that's enlightened practice
but you don't know it
billions is something like
ha ha
ha one is may not know the ones that one is is good and but when is buddha
when one minute know what enlightenment as but they are practicing enlightenment
then we started to accumulate knowledge
so you know nicest way to come to
the practice is
i'm not know anything
but that's not possible only in few cases as possible
so easily read rates and the and we learned something in the we start practice so that's usual
but anyway dad
we do start from enlightened practice and then an enlightened restart from enlightenment and in practice gradual practice
the but it had the way
sudden enlightenment is described is that one
has an enlightened experienced where you see all at once
the true nature of things
that all opens up at once
so but ah so that kind of experience
is ah
usually after one has practiced gradual practice for a long time
so in killed in is is
sweeping the ground in a bamboo hit the stone is the bamboo is because of his years and years of
as sensuous practice
and giving up to the when when
what i'm opened his mind
was seems to be the bamboo i mean the stone hitting the bamboo crack oh i see it off but actually the fact that he gave up
searching was the catalyst
so children with eastern student
and when he
came to
and he was very brilliant you can do a lot about buddhism
and although from good answers
ah but his son will
not accept him his answers
so he finally felt dejected you said you know this is useless
i'm just gonna go to the monument
the national teacher and sweep the ground is a just as an ordinary monk
there's just an ad that's a subpoena i don't have anything left so i just left everything to forgot all about buddhism forgot all about
his knowledge gave up on all of this understanding and were just sweeping just as simple practice for sweeping
and then click the woke up
so his mind was really prepared by letting go of everything
where's the same thing
you let go of everything just assessment yet
the site
that's a out method to say about nature of human experience well as he is both some of both but you know if you read a platform such as
the six picture says
they're just take out the argument about seventy gradually said but some people
to understand are very much a tuned and understand suddenly other people tastes time and they learn gradually that's all
but the students divide as various and students
the teachers i'm created this gradual sudden
so this whole thing is you know in in the sand okay sekitar
criticizing these people who who
created this can gradual sudden slip
so in approach where is not
i don't have to get out
slightly less where what shut you down were lesson
a not access to credit
jumping off
study has it seems like as
as he asked me to ask for that
restoration the artist and like this and i'm not doing the same way yes that that's right vendors that casual sex cat as a
have imagined
yeah eight now like delicate always as running attack as strategy
yeah that's that's the plan
that's it it's somewhat man morpheus
somewhat know morpheus
that's a little bit like a more for
after thing is that he
zen practice is not learning something
so is dogan says it's not learning meditation
it simply the the the gate every pose and bliss
simply the gate every pose and bliss

it's not learning meditation it's

opening you know it's it's not through the head
it's through the pores that's why you have to
open yourself so that you you get it through your pores
that's why we practice over and over and over again
the daily practice
we also study
but the study verifies our practice
so if you when you come to to practice yesterday i mean in practice since as in and ideally it don't study so much but then at some point you get curious and you open a belated oh god it sounds like our practice in prison you see how that how
study when you study it
how did it verifies what you're actually doing and you can understand it better than just
taking and information
so yes you know vase and work
a harmonious practice to know
it's in the zen practice is based on intuition
so intuition means knowing without the intermediary of thought process
directly knowing directly touching without something in between without explanation
to subject experience
he can call it experience

it's some people will have an experience and in an enlightening experience
ha one ext one person's experience that seems you know tremendous is another person's everyday
bread butter
you know so when people someone's you though i had this tremendous experience
it may just be coming up to where this person is
none if you know so when we talk about his experiences that's fine to have experiences we should severe issues that we get it should we should have an enlightenment experience on each moment
does not like we just so have one enlightenment experience
that's true that does happen and sometimes enlightenment experiences you know tremendous and far above everyone else is in late may experience
a flat
what are you judge enlightenment experiences
the way i judged enlightenment experiences is prick someone's actions after
okay you had a great enlightenment experience now what
how our this person's enlightenment experience play out in two years
for six months or tomorrow
so you don't put a lot of
too much emphasis on having enlightenment experiences but we should be able to experience enlightenment all the time
we tend to take enlightenment is like this but it's like this

that's ordinary mind is enlightened mind
the ordinary in the ordinary sense
ordinary in the in and buddha sense
he and intercepts in the yeah
ordinary mind is the way
shall i pursue it
well if you pursue it this stumble pastor and if you don't pursue it you ignore it so what how do you find that so we have cohen's and in
rather than giving you information we had give you something that
that makes you worked
so it makes you weren't so that's called effort to the effort in them
you're never to find out for yourself
but that's no
faculty are sharp or dull than mean some people are smart and some people are not so bright the way has no southern or northern ancestors because after the sixth patriarch the students of the six picture maybe a contentious made a contentious
issue of who is the real patriarch and what is the six picture was this sudden enlightenment teacher and shin who each and shoot was the
gradual enlightenment teacher but actually gradual and sudden i really noticed and at the same thing
two aspects of the same thing
about freshness and to say yes he didn't say rolling zones and i said that's
but they're not the same thing he says that two aspects of the of one thing
i created to geysers
they were
yeah they were corrupted
that's what say you to start and on in an incentive okay
so theoretical elaborations of sudden enlightenment and gradual conservation began india and became a major issue in chinese buddhism the platform searcher presents key differences between the southern and northern schools and xin and turns a sudden vs gradual but we don't know you know who is
xactly shit shit we probably who was one of the youngest of the sixth and sisters students
probably inserted all this stuff into platform sutra about sending gradual and the polarizing views so polarized views a sudden or gradual have their basis and different views of the awakened nature and the nature of delusion the important of sudden awakening is to emphasize and a pissed
i'm a logical chasm between delusion and realization
the light of delusion never reveals the darkness of realization even though they do interpenetrate so from whatever that means so from the platform sutra shins use palm which is grandeur own this pump gradual practice our body is the bodhi tree and our mind is a mirror bright carefully we went to
hour by hour and let no does delight and then since we know and i saw this
gotta and he wrote his own gotta which says there is no bodhi tree know stand of a mirror bright since all is void where it can the does delight so
what is tell you my gradual practice the understanding time that sudden enlightenment
and so it looks like we know one
actually both aspects are important
sudden enlightenment and grandeur or practice
both are pursued he can't have one without the other
where did the transmission goes
i don't know
because he felt that way know
you know it's arranged arranged
shin shoe
who was an old man
and he was a scholar
we know was
anima uneducated and couldn't read and but his intuitive understanding
the just patriarch shows that is intuitive understanding was
well haven't even do the gotta or not
so you know according to the suture is as well because he recognized just got a nodded and he and he said come and see me in the middle of the night know if that's pretty much fabrication
ah the fact that
he saw it he saw in guangdong as a young man with
oh that was great intuitive understanding
that this should be the person and this was a a buddha
who appeared in china
it anything having to do with the gotta particularly
he started to serve as the different stats on went on like rift i checked
our like aren't married to turn turn that yeah which team you can imagine somebody presenting the consumption that emptiness and then somebody else with it out that like might be going to say oh no we made a bet on it you prepare tomorrow's like schools night
can take like turn that phrase
now so much that he was able to present one time and the other ones i've edited by like a country and other on included both well it looks like to meet more like a compliment yeah complimentary now
yeah to rather than a discriminatory gun
got finished you should it's completed the other part that's it that's where i already seen it
so it's

so my comment is
sudden and gradual became an issue of contention among the students should read on the sand okay criticizes this kind of splitting it's not one of the other we need both
shenzhen advantage of the two
by lie
he described son from connected and i envy so powerful know factors is necessary after a great enlightenment
yeah and you see it that know
debt settlement or don't i don't ah
i think that
sheng in you know has
hundreds of students
but i don't know how procedures to them
when you're close to people
that's what it really matters
the condition your tone big audiences you know here and there but when you actually practicing day by day with people that's what makes a difference

i was
that you don't want different type of buddhism yeah other purposes is that a comic make that a certain sacrifices for the and eighty
this factors to tell us what haven't made that
whether just time
the world come see me
after that via yeah
the it i often tell people this it may not be the right practice for you
ah i'll be able to determine which one
we saw i might
i'm i'm
when did you know maybe you know maybe to get practice is good for you are we pushing on two hands i mean i then or maybe you should go but i often say maybe she'll go back and re discover your christian roots
i'm sure into a lot
i think people if people that come from christianity should understand christianity
before they
give it up
and i say that people who even a lot of people come from judaism and you know people were taught in a certain way that put them off so he didn't really understand the which the real basis of the original religious practice
so i sometimes send people back and say you go understand what this is before you start rejecting it
oh and that's very helpful
he said the first time i found that this practice that actually dropped the baggage that i advocate kennedy right before i could go back to protect yeah well that's right so that's what are the advantages of a buddhism is that it gives you a perspective
of and other practices and it it does help you to reconcile yourself with yeah your background practice
that really came out in seventies
and ratzinger
the catholic
assistant to the pope
wrote diatribe about how ah buddhism was siphoning off
catholic young catholics
and i wrote him back to letter
saying that
indeed you know we were i always encourage people to go back and and examine the roots and and that lead them leave their religion
the than catholic form for buddhism and i make a point of doing that
but he never answered me
it's interesting person by a missionary work
yes it is

well i'm just going to go to page forty two because it shouldn't take long
he says once basic approaches are distinguished than there are getting rules so this is to practice at right time our practices once approaches to the source or distinguished in there are getting
rule guidelines and rules the sect divisions division so establish is nothing but it's not of teaching once their distinguish their then customs and standards so when a school
as a
when schools formed in a develop standards and customs and rules and methods of practice and
this is true but this
i shouldn't divide us
we need we need to have some understanding some way to practice with and rules but it shouldn't but make us biased
my comment is each has their own way don't compare is right or wrong if it's genuine it's incomparable
so ah
we should be very careful i think not to criticize other ways and think ours is the best way
even though there's a tendency is always to think that so every school thinks this is the best way
you know every religion think this is the only way
and it's true everyone is the only way
everyone is the best way
no problem
what you said it that attitude that anyway
that gonna bring someone to something is the best way and that attitude is the best attitude well best you know and men and a comparative sense
i asked the to israel is a better they will best as as compared with worst
i'm not comparing to enriched that the media has been the best
i don't mean to compare that yet the best it's the best
beyond because it's beyond compare
so where to be cheerful in the realm of comparison
never do it accurately
good about the you mean is a day the best to
you know ah
it only goes the you only go so far
you can only take something so far
so they asked him separately they don't know what i'm saying is that
when i say that you know it i'm type and attitude towards things that a standard or a rule
so that everything has to fit into that rule or everything has to fit into what i'm saying that everything fits into that
but by enlarge it's like the attitude is if i'm no time my evil things anyway i'm talking about
beneficial practices
the time by evil branches

yeah it was january
while genuine
means not harmful to people
not evil
but january is also not quite definable
genuine it also not quite definable

johanne said that as many mind present
okay so now
well you know the various ways wiki about and who sit zazen
the whole area the whole universe is practicing surgeon
i just wanted to fun
live in extreme eastern churches and
time and i actually and concerned
system church been a participant step
make the assumption that impacts of waste is christian church i sort have been exceptionally going to just in time
they were so much for tiring
well that's right so there many christian churches that open themselves to buddhist groups and
it's gray right
a very intelligent and try to understand and and there is that surprises me that noise
makes me wonder little bit
i also know a catholic monasteries were the monks so much practice zazen so as as in is not necessarily the
has property zen buddhists
it's not the property has improved
in there are
catholic monasteries were much deserted
so when someone does and hero act very
is that or detract from are then there's a sense of the whole universe is practicing thousand
design is the practice of the universe but not everybody is in new jersey

charging the basic activity of the universe but not everybody is practicing surgeon
i'm i can explain that

so when we practices and we participate in the fundamental activity in the universe