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Monday Class

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don't know this of of lawyers
good evening
why not fair names to make that
i'd i'd just like me know that gary michael susan
martha farah finish said
when that the and yeah carol arthur crystal
yeah your guess diana with
and we have some visitors connect your students and their students and guests retreatants are here to welcome to the class and six
and we have two people who are going to recite tonight yes
sarah and mia right
do one of you wanna go first
sarah kay
oh before you begin or there extra copies that could be given out to
so for those of you for whom this is your first class were studying
the universal recommended instructions for as and or pecans or thingie
written by dog in van je

who can
the way is originally a graphics and operating how could it big contingent on practice and realization that your vehicle or self sufficient what need is there for a special effort
in the the whole bodies way from dust who could believe in a means to rush it clean it is never apart from asbury plays what is these of traveling around to practice and yeah there is a hair's breadth deviation it is like the gap between heaven and earth
if the they like or dislike arises the mind is lasting confusion suppose you are confident in your understanding and enrich and enliven gaining the wisdom that know that a glance at in the way and clarify the mind around the as an aspiration to reach by the heaven you are playing and the entrance way
but you still are sure to the vital path of emancipation consider the buddha although he was wise at birth the traces of his six years of upright sitting can yack be seen as voted on although he had received the mind ceo his nine years of facing a wall is celebrated still if even the ancient sages will i
this how can we are today dispense with wholehearted practice therefore criticized the intellectual a practice of investigating words and chasing phrases
and learn to take the backward step that turn the light and shines it inward body and minds of themselves will drop away and your original base will manifest if you want such a thing get to work on such a thing immediately for practicing than a quiet room is suitable
he then drank moderately put aside all involvements and suspend all affairs do not think good or bad do not judged true or false give up the operations of mind intellect and consciousness stop measuring with thoughts ideas and views have no designs on becoming a buddha how could this be limited to sit
a nor lying down at joy sitting place spread out a thick mat and put a cushion on it said either in the full lotus or half lotus position in the full lotus position first place your right foot on your left thigh than your the foot on your right thigh and a half lotus simply place your left foot on your right thigh tie ropes this day and or
arrange them leave me
then place your right hand and you're on your left leg and your left hand on your right palm some tips lightly touching straighten your body and set off right me neither left nor right neither forward nor backward align your ears with your shoulders and your nose with your navel rest the tip of your tongue against the front of the roof of your mouth with teeth and lips
together buckshot always keep your eyes open and print softly through your nose once you have adjusted your posture take a breath and exhale fully rock your body right and left and settling to study political thing think of not thinking not thinking while kind of thinking is that non thinking this is the essential of
and the then i speak of is not meditation practice it is simply the dharma again of joyfully is the practice realization of totally culminated enlightenment
it is the co on realize traps and snares can never reach it if you grasp the point you are like a dragon gaming the water like a tiger taking to the mountains for you must know that the true dharma appears of itself so that from miss dark dullness and distraction or struck aside when you arise from sitting move slowly and quietly
calmly and deliberately do not rise suddenly or abruptly and survey the past we find that transcendence of both mundane and sacred and die while either sitting or standing have all depended entirely on the power of sauce and in addition triggering awakening with a finger of banner and nina loma to affecting real
alization with a whisk of best to staff or a shot thief cannot be understood by discriminative thinking much less can they might be known through the practice of supernatural power they must represent conduct beyond seeing and hearing are they not a standard prior to knowledge and views this being the case intelligence or lack of it
is not an issue make no distinction between the doll and the shock waited if you concentrate your efforts single mindedly that in itself is wholeheartedly engaging the way practice realization is naturally undefiled going forward is after all an everyday affair in general in our world and others in both india and china all equally
hold the buddha seal while each lineage expresses its own style they are all simply devoted to city totally blocked and resolute stability although they say that there are ten thousand distinctions and a thousand variations they just wholeheartedly engage the way and then why we behind the seat in your own home to wander in vain through the dusty road
elms of other lands if you make one misstep you stumble pass when it's directly in front of you you have gained a pivotal opportunity of human form do not pass her days and nights and thing you have take you have don't help
you are taking care of his central activity of the buddha way who will take waste will delight and inspire from a things down besides form and substance or like to do on the grass the fortunes of life like a diet of lightning and feed in an instant vanished in a flash for is honored followers of sand long accustomed to grow up in for the elephant do not doubt the true dragon
devote your energies to the way that points directly to the real thing revere the one who has gone beyond learning and is free from effort accord with the enlightenment of all the buddha has succeeded the samadi of all the ancestors continue to live in such a way you will be such a person the treasure store will open of itself and you may enjoy a free iraq


the o am very familiar perfect and alternating between him and gone as and realization that my clothes self submission was being there very special offer him the whole body is street from not too quickly even a
teens russia clean it has never apart from this very planes wanted do some traveling around practice and yet there's a have run deviation and in like the gap between have vendor if elites life and it's like horizon in the mind and often confusion suppose your com
event in your understanding and written enlightenment hanging going zone their nose and a glance that hanging the way and verifying the line arousing an aspiration dreams where the heavens you are playing and the engines way but use use allow short of the vital part of emancipation
please don't be rude although he was wise and burnt and sixty and jason's on a six years of undergrad can yet be seen as remote evolve although the address new the mines hill is nine years of facing a wall is elevated still if even the ancients agents were like this how can we today
the spends with all and practice therefore put i of him who actually practice of investigating wearing them shaping raises and then take the in fact that and alive and china's of inward body and mind of themselves will drop away and your know things will manifest if you want such a thing yet
from such as they immediately boy fact then acquire more suitable eat and drink moderately put aside all involvement and has banned all of their do not think that or bad do not judge jury falls
intellect and consciousness stop measuring with thoughts ideas and you have no designs on becoming a buddha how could that be limited to sitting or lying down and you're sitting place without a big man and for a cushion on it said either in the full load as or half of his position and the full load
position first place right through your that guy then knew that word on your right thigh and a half london's and replace to left good on your eyes i i wrote lives the and arrange that gave me then lays right hand on your left leg near that hand on your right palm thumb it's likely attaching stay
yeah near body and sit upright leading neither left nor right neither forward or backward in your ears with usual older and you know that with your navel rest the tip of your tongue against the front of the roof of your mouth with teeth and lived together both shall always keep your eyes open and breeze off the fear now
once you have adjusted your posture and take a bath and exile fully rock your body of i love and several angeles area related
they have not thinking i'm thinking what kind of thinking is that not thinking disappears and july two thousand two thousand i've become if not met the practice it is if leave it on again of joyfully the practice realization enough to be accommodated enlightenment and in the car
and realized class and snacks and that too
if you grasp the point you like a dragon in the water like a tiger taking the i'm boy you must know that the to lima appearance of itself so that die dive dullness and destruction and eyes on his side when he arrives when sitting slowly and lively and com handle even the do not advise
as a br about the intimidating and we find the transcendence of both mundane and sacred and dying while a new sitting on zapping of all depended entirely on the path of zaza in addition to being away from a banner and you know another that the patient
as convinced as that yourself he is not be understood but in a that this can have nothing much less than maybe now bit the practice of supernatural power they must represent conduct the out seeing and hearing are they not a standard required knowledge use this being the case
it's intelligent silicon is not an issue make no distinction between a dollar a shot with it if you concentrate your efforts in line to me that in itself oh i get way that it's realization as naturally up the file going forward is after all an everyday affair in gen
role in our world and others both india and china all equally old nephew while each lineage new specimens that some style they're all made good the
a lot in as stability
why although they say are ten thousand distinction than a thousand variations they are just so i to engage the way gazan why behind the seat in your own home wonder again visit us the around the motherland you make london staff he's done all of us directly in front of you
you have gained have no opportunity of human for do not pass sunday night and day you are taking care of the of than to latvia no way moon eclipse was alive and inspired muslims and besides form and something that i could do on the gods versions of life like a third lightning
indeed and then vanished in a flash these on their followers and then long accustomed to groping for the element you know down to drag it to devote your energies to the way that points directly to the real thing with in the one who has gone beyond and three from effort according to the enlightenment evolve
sixty-eight the tsunami of all the answers to continue to live in such a way and you will be such a person that the treasure store open up though and you may enjoy a dream
you very much
for those of you the one
worked and and learning it may how did you find it to be a a useful in gave her yeah
i think i'm may just chanting it every day i remember the first time i realized i knew the heart sutra by hurt you and i hadn't tried to memorize it was just and then there was the day shift around me i couldn't believe it all those nonsense syllables or or unknown without no meaning catch them
and so that the capacity to learn things in that way is great for human beings is really great and we don't exercise it very much so i think you find when you when you know my heart it comes out from yeah what comes out from you when you need it you know these phrases and words will be there
wait you can use it freely
so thank you all for
making that effort to to have known of the help
this is our last class and i was hoping we could talk about the
think of not picky mrs we've been for those of you who are here for the first time we've been going through this and the posture points last couple weeks talking about posture points pretty thoroughly and now
we're at the point where it says think of not thinking not thinking what kind of thinking is that non thinking this is the essential art of cells in
ah you know i was concerned it then there's a paragraph after that and the next paragraph talks about when you get up from sitting and i really didn't want to find that we're at the end of this evening's
i'm and a half without talking about how to get up from city and i thought we just spend a little bit target my kidding from city them back to the fate now thinking so
and that second page when you arise from sitting move slowly and quietly calmly and deliberately do not race suddenly of abruptly
so i just want to mention that when you get up from city i think there are other traditions where the bell rings and people leap off to the cushions and at to do kenyan for and you may have practicing it with groups that
really get out of their pasture fast and scanned up right away
but i just would like to recommend if you're not already doing it to actually it doesn't say rock your body right and left foot
the way the lineage coming through situation was that when the bell rings you bow your hands open up on your legs and then you do the rocking first a little bit and then little bit more and let the art candle wider and wider big room-by-room until
you know stretch out and then carefully and cross your legs make sure your feet on a sweep pull up on your toes revenue bad if you need to and then swivel around clockwise and stepped down
so in the am
in the so trani
it can we get p now i just saw me know if it says make come
okay admirals or well maybe we'll put those out leader sorry for those of you who am i can send a maybe two people who are outside
in that particular
meditation takes a touch of rubbing the body like rubbing of rubber yourself and
the m the other meditation meditation checks say
the chamois genuine when you come out of somebody moves slowly and arise calmly do not be hasty are rough after you have left samadhi or concentration always employ appropriate means to protect and maintain the power of samadi as though you were protecting an infant
so that the emphasis is on
you know
i'm not destroying your concentrated state of mind or state of mind
and in a ten cuckoo the be early version of frequencies of he takes it pretty much from that when you arise from city move slowly and arise commonly do not be hasty your rough and all times protected maintain the power of samadhi but in the for cancer thank you that we chant and that's been studied he drops
this thing about protecting and maintaining your somebody and just says when you read the city move slowly and arise commonly do not be hasty your rough near as from sitting with slowly and quietly calmly and deliberately soap so he dropped that thing about protecting the samadi which i find interesting
and in the other two meditation kicks also doesn't say anything about holding a protecting your concentration practice
which could be just part of the oral tradition that people understood that you know going from zazzle into kenyan into walking meditation is it's can to you in users in practice into a walking moving meditation practice and i just wanted to mention the kenyan is a wonderful
practice that town many people miss i have noticed
the morning and i think
for many of especially over fifty you know we actually have to go to the bathroom
often but i also feel like some people use it as a break as little bit like well i think i'll i don't know what just kind of get out here for well and breathe a little fresh air and run around the cloud harm and come back here so i would highly recommend practicing kenyan the m zazen in action you know moving and this kind of
slow walking especially during the session where you
the effort to have an unbroken you know your day just flowing from zazen to in two thousand and two meals and break and just one uninterrupted flow and i think
you know if unity is what we always say if you need to use use the bathroom please go right ahead otherwise remain in the sand or doing
la communication
so carefully and cross carefully stand now there any questions or they had come coming out to pasture yes your your point about killing years people going i'm really experienced it as a kind of almost the flow of energy at the center in some way
me with other people who go out of first i find it really disconcerting for now you're used to eight yeah well i think that's true it's like a mass exodus and sometimes and i think guess to himself and
are not that will confuse they thought they were supposed to say it up and everybody's leaving christian there's people who go to work you know our zendo is such that
many people have to go to a town trip will help in the kitchen or whatever gone the guess prove himself there's a lot of reasons as it going to the bathroom also that people are leaving so basically you know eyes cast down as you don't have to
see what else is happening in the room but just for yourself just
just decide whether this is katie timer or not for you but i just want to encourage you to practice kiki
kenyan is it means
sutra walking and and it's and i think it comes from the sutras were like a suitable or sutra comes from suture the same route suture was sewing that the palm leaves or whatever the the ratings were they were sewn together the earliest ones else
citrus right and sutra wow can you actually it's like taking stitches
these little half steps
o k in any other question mark arising from sitting as i listened one time to end
very advanced teacher giving southern strict instruction and saying when the bell rings and i'm cross your legs and way for the feeling to come back and i thought well that kind of supposes that you know we expect that we won't have any feeling in our legs you know and so i
kind of brought this up with her as a point like well
no i mean if there's something we can if there is a way we can adjust are sitting so that we don't expect to lose feeling in our legs isn't that better you know and so i just want to do i just wanted to hear you say that actually that that's not like strength standard or normal or yes
or even a good idea to let you know took to sit there with no legs pharmacy yeah yeah
the for some people especially in burmese know one leg in front of the other there's a tendency to for the legs because of the pressure on the legs and
to hear that they fall asleep pretty easily some of you who sit in burmese really expect actually that your local probably for free
i think the danger at that's
when when your legs are in hand for full lotus or in a chair or sega they don't necessarily fall asleep as much as what i have noticed over the years and sometimes just a little more height or moving your like a little bit one way or another will alleviate that's falling asleep the the danger and falling asleep
it can be if this if the pins and needles or the sleep
numbness stays through kenyan or through a respirator through a break which may mean that there's some damage to the sciatic nerve which had people have ruined themselves with zanuck nerve damage where they have been able to sit at all or have numbness in their legs all the time so it's it's really
somebody could be very mindful of if your legs are falling asleep and they don't come back like just about as soon as you on cross and stand up but i am
as ren said it's not necessary that you should expect that they fall asleep i think there's ways to work with that with the different cushion set up sin place here legs different ways and
so yes i don't necessarily expect but i know some people do experience that every almost every time you
it seems to me that in anna really as very much to do with the nerve of the way it actually your products you know that where it comes from your spine it crosses your buttocks mr saying yeah and that sometimes just even a very slight alteration yeah no and experimenting with different configurations of cushions
will you know i mean it's made me very minute change that will make a big difference yes the sciatic nerve is about as thick as your thumb and it comes down the products and down your leg and sometimes this african right really hit it right on the edge of that and
yeah i'm cutting up the eggs tennessee and hybrids and year old check because adequate pressure
enter book appointments and yeah was a question is if are purposely thinking here lower that world anything
press in ghana
for those rooms have cushion high cushing hey and configure guess
i switched to
a much easier
also a sad i get as if there's a big weight changed like pregnancy are gaining weight or losing weight there's things like that that affect sciatic nerve
and the on a cushion that's too hard foods too hard ah
this is all part of fee you know like talking about meditation or doesn't like a sport you know like what are the best running shoes was how to protect the nice and derby so i think it's good to share these things with each other what's worked for you it hasn't him
okay shall we go to think now thank you
okay i want you to know i have been i told matt when it came to walk me to class and i have been immersed in think not thinking how do you think not thinking non thinking
for for hours and i realized and kabul beautiful has a big thick chapter and and i found all show things i think not thinking
so i i'll just
bring forth my understanding of it at this point in my life and and we can talk about it
so this particular section of the for kansas saggy is different from the old version the first version and this is a kind of problematic thing for soto zen and r o same why
so in the that chengguan jing wei
he says
whenever this is after you settle your passion regulate your gps we should relax your abdomen do not think of any good or evil whatsoever whenever a thought occurs be aware of it as soon as you are aware of it it will vanish if you remain for a long period forgetful of objects you will naturally become unified
this is the essential arc of so tiny it's the first one then the temple code of first for kansas and that dogan wrote the earliest version he came back from china says
once you have settled your posture you should regulate your breathing whenever a thought occurs be aware of it as soon as you're aware of it it will vanish if you remain for a long period forgetful of objects you will naturally become unified this is the essential art of thousand zazen is the dharma gate of great ease
so it's almost word for word work since said in the so journey he pretty much lifted those very you know we talked about all this past year now it's what what is the practice of the mind you know how do you work with you're thinking your mind and it's almost exactly then we go to the for concepts angle which came later
or refraining and at once your regulator posture take a breath and exhale fully swing the left and right sitting fixedly
think of not thinking this is carol translation and we've been doing a settle into steady immovable city
how do you think of not thinking non thinking this is the essential art of zazen
and then zazen is not the practice of jonna and the sugarcane sources and g as as and chin is the same thing sitting fixedly think of not thinking how do you think of not think you're not thinking this is the art of thousand and the bento same thing think of not big game these were all later meh
annotation checks so so what i say there's a kind of dilemma here for soto zen it's
dogan is supposedly trance
transmitting the pure dharma that came from his teacher jean straight from shakyamuni buddha all the way down to his own teacher and to him that he is now bringing to japan so what is the first thing he writes he rates you know
whenever a thought occurs be aware this is what he wrote pre-suit whenever thought as a curse be to suit as you're aware of it will vanish if you remained forgetful of objects
and then later he brings up this thing about think not thinking so does it mean i mean this is kind of a dilemma here
that he didn't actually get think that thinking from eugene
why didn't he say that the first place if that was what he was trying to transmit and if if if you didn't get it from eugene and it's his own what he's come to through his developing practice over time then is it the authentic dharma come down from shakyamuni buddha to through his teacher you know so
there's this this
a problem for for orthodox soto zen
you know looking at two governs rating
yes that means that there is really this honest to get this
belief or
right word but that all these teaching the sutras or adirondack what body and in general you're referring to but that all this stuff really is one hundred percent all of it came directly from good and hasn't been changed and added to a long way for really think
bet is well i think
you know the lineage itself that we chant you know people she will today for you know that is you could say
there were times in zen history where they may be fudged a little bit in sort of you know but the but dog dogan is actually saying what he states over and over and over again is this is this practice that i'm teaching yet the zazen practice and gt is the authentic transmitted practice that shocking
the buddha did and mean he brings up in five chances are easy to claim the cosmic it's the claim he's making and it's the claim
this is where the historical
the historian who looks at the material finds these things that in over here that doesn't quite they couldn't have actually transmitted because they lived in different places or whatever so but the sort of religious
oh i should say the orthodox teaching you know is that this
even with and i think you could say even with these the fact for lineage isn't you can't actually prove that it went in that exact way i think you can see if you if you look at the teachers and go back to the six ancestor into a shakyamuni buddha taught you can make a case definitely for
this non to a practice of of sitting
ah and that's and go in in particular is really stressing this now historically speaking this that he has tried to bring this new teaching into japan this was new and he really needs to make case for this to for his new students who have come from other teachers and
ah or who have left other practices and decided to go with him so he's very big on this yeah
but there is but here we have this the fact that he he wrote this earlier one and talked about forgetting of objects so so then the question is is think not thinking
no different really from this earlier thing but it's just talking about who and different way are interpreting in a different way or
but the actuality of it is the practice is just the same so these are the questions that become
i brought into relief you know by studying these these two looking at these two together
so think that thinking this comes from a on and the con is jaco son again day or shown is sitting
zazen see
let me read it from mom it it's in enum
the farcical called zazen shin and doesn't shin shin in this case is a needle like an acupuncture needle it sometimes translated as a lancet
and it's it's a needle that like an acupuncture that is used for healing so it it became used this this particular it's chin it's different than the meinhardt she and it's a different character this shit is used for teachings that are like short teaches at maxim's that's another translation of and that are used to
help people for to point to submitted to one
he'll body and mind so this is as and chin or and it's a needle for zazen but kind of a funny translation of it unless you think of acupuncture new you you would necessarily a needle doesn't carry that in the west so much or more and more ideas been so it doesn't show it starts out well great mass
younger son
is sitting a monk asked him what are you thinking in the still still state now this translation of still still state is god's will god's uchi what are you thinking sitting there and got to go to cheat and go zoo
is the character it's it's repeated for emphasis goats who is a character for a table like mountain so and it it means some lofty steady kind of like a mountain so what are you doing there sitting there in this steady stillness like a mountain goats goats
cheap and they translated here is still still
state or mountain still sitting
and another translation of it is

now now did i doing here is a song
while younger son was sitting among as what sitting in got to go to cheap got to go to cheap
he is like immovable sitting tough sitting steadfast steady hair a mountain so
so yeah cause i'm sitting there you can picture this person sitting in thousand and persons this is a corner of about thousand and itself so
what are you thinking in zazen what are you thinking in this gotta go to cheer and this steady immovable mountain like stillness and the master says
this translation is thinking the concrete state of not thinking
and our translation is think not thinking and this one is
the monkeys was thinking and go to go to t and the master said think not thinking now in japanese
thinking is she real s h i r y o real and not thinking or thinking of not thinking
for sheer your
and then non thinking is he shitty oh so it's this cheerio for cheerio and he showed you are these all these thinking and not thinking in the unthinkable
for when she
yes yeah
i'm not the the food is the not thinking or the unthinkable and he i don't know exactly what the character means it's it's non non thinking or beyond thinking is another translation for he sheer you'll either beyond thinking or non thinking now
you might feel like
you know it's all it's like what are we talking about here what is this now i'm thinking thinking and unthinkable think of the thing it's it's just like a big mess it sounds like a big mess and i just want to read this to this
so i'll just read it and you can just absorb it as
so yes how can the state
so after he says what're you thinking in the still still state or what do you think he and go to go to cheat the master says thinking the concrete state of not thinking basically thinking of not thinking i'm thinking the unthinkable the monk says how can the state of not thinking be thought
in the master says it is non thinking
the and then don't goes on experiencing the state in which the words of the great master or like this we should learn in practice mountain still sitting and we should receive the authentic transmission of mountain still sitting this is the investigation of mountain still sitting which has been transmitted in
buddhism thinking in the still still state is not have only one kind but yeah croissants words are one example of it these words are thinking the concrete state of not thinking they include thinking as skin flesh bones and marrow and not thinking as skin flesh bones and marrow the
a monk says how can the state of not thinking be thought truly although the state of not thinking is ancient still it is how can it be thought about
and it goes on in the still still state
how could it be impossible for thinking to exist
and so forth so i want to try and
look together at what these terms are are looking at and is it is it really that far out is it really like i give up i don't even wanna think about fish and or is it something we can
ah in some
it is that so foreign so
so as i said down one of these classes that there's nothing hidden in the first in the first thousand instruction that were given were told everything you know and this non thinking
or beyond thinking includes can include both are thinking mind and thinking or or not thinking my it includes both it's beyond thinking so what is beyond thinking and ins as an instruction one thing that is said is
after all the pasture points then it's sit there and if a thought arises
just let it pass through just let it go like a bird flying to the sky maybe some the you can just remember back to years as instruction like a bird or cloud you know rises up in academy floats law makes a shape and then ago was it arises moves through and this is
you can't say that this is thinking because the usual way we use the word thinking is that we make an effort to put her mind to something to pursue it to reflect on it to turn it to add to it to elaborate to
get involved with it this is this is thinking how we usually understand thinking
so it's and this kind of the cloud image at the cloud moving across the your mind
as a thought if you let it be and don't pursue it as pseudocyesis don't invited to tea don't elaborate of don't
get involved with externals get involved and pursued an ad and add and add until that's
i'm thinking okay be it's a thought yes it is a thought what else is it and yet it's not thinking it's not cheerio and our usual way of thinking but it's not not thinking it's not some blake getting rid of thoughts you know how also in the first day
as an instruction here said don't try to push the thoughts away don't try to make a blank state of minor or
if a thought arises you noted it goes through any and it goes away now this is sort of reminiscent of you know that it vanishes you know objects some
i'll be aware of it and as soon as you're aware of it advantages you know so is this is think not thinking of another way of talking him up objects that vanish you know if you if you you're aware of them in the advantage we don't know exactly but this is you can ponder that yourself so
a mistake that often we have is that our effort are supposed to be to get rid of thought somehow right to and often because thoughts may be disturbing painful mentally emotionally painful or physical things are happening
and sensations are happening and and he can't stand it and it's a kind of so
when you're sitting our effort is not to do anything you know to cast all cast aside all involvements se sel affairs you know do not think good or bad it's just alert steady sitting in go to go to cheat like a mountain aware alert steadfast
asked mountain city
and then just like as a gmo she says your your stomach is constantly digesting and six reading and all the rest of your body is producing whatever it produces hormones and lymph and by and just give but you're alive you know your life and the brain is also produce
sing thoughts will produce thoughts of verbal
bird will sing frogs will croak a thought will
prime to make yourself any different than that
so what is it like the seven gods who go to cheat were you thinking and go to go to cheat
thinking of not thinking how or thinking the unthinkable how do you think the and think unthinkable non thinking or beyond thinking so
ah i for me i think it's important to feel like this is not so exotic this is not go and trying to pull the wool over eyes or something or make it very young
esoteric and
mystical far out thing i actually feel like he wants people to sit and realize their true nature and he feels us in and mean he you know is the the entrance gate this body practice
he's i think talking very directly about it but as as caraveo filled says that kind of beauty of go in as that he can say it he can have chapters about it and fascicles and talk over and over and over without us feeling like it's been revealed are like it's like we can't get up we can't get a ahold you can
can't grasp it in the way we usually grasp concepts or oh yeah i get it you know sure i get it it's it's the getting it or the understanding of it has to be realized to sitting got to go to chain and and the more you wish i've been doing for the last week the more
you try to get it through
kind of grasp it with the mine it evades you know you can you can't grasp hold of it in that way so so as a as a medication instruction
though we are actually on the very first day were offered this very simple practice which we don't understand i certainly didn't i thought i told you that the instructor didn't know what he was talking about
it's gotta be more than that it's
so this mind that neither a and we also talk about neither
pushes things away
can try to get rid of which is hate or holds on it grasps and attaches to which is greed
and is not confused which is the delusion so the mind that neither grasps or pushes away what can remind it that what kind of mine is that and that's
a my man has his let go is let go of grasping his let go of pushing away is just steady alert and sitting go to go to cheap
but but aren't using in in the inferior go
using this metaphor groceries
mean just the apprehension of mind theory the this is picture
no these just
you don't touch the images that way
on sunday i mean isn't this metaphor or an attempt to grass
what is
well rascal yes this is a concept this is a story this is an instruction that's been given
to realize the inconceivable so we give each other these concepts you know because we upgrade in his words but during his you know
we're also you know we're not supposed to rely on words and you know what does he say about them don't chase after phrases and so forth
so it it
it can't be realized through the grasping of those words are those stories of those instructions even it has to be realized through
cause you got to cheat body but but that's the thing that's like when i mentioned about
that first coin and show your roku or
the world entered one
a the seat
for the dharma of top grade and he just sits there doesn't say thing right and manjushri hits the gavel the dharma of the dharma king is thus
there is nothing to say right there is and yet
through a great compassion of our who doesn't ancestors they left us words that we are not to rely on or chase after but will
encourages yeah i mean how can we be certain that
this is kind of
a metaphor that will begin is what girl who was talking about i mean as some way historic area over the years this kind of metaphor be attached to dragoons coming up the clouds yeah end and letting things go i can't cite it right now i think come
i'm trying to take a suzuki roshi if he uses clouds
or birds i think suzuki roshi is birds flying across so i think there are you can find their masters who use this these kinds of meant for us yeah
listen and i like the translation
and when on same time dozens and rod in hand
focus on the content of my thought and started to look ahead
the belief that there's somebody solid thinking that pot
and what's interesting is that all far seems to have that's the basis of all about sense to be a solid finger believe from the solid into the now i can sit and think about my day i can sit think about last week and i can sit think about what somebody said to me or what i should have gone it's all around somebody solid
and yet moment by moment there's no solid person is no is not necessarily continuity itself at least in a sense of anchor and so i think about and can be unthinkable that's what comes concept
not of now
i think you know that this practice this is we're talking about practice and when
when you see
just like lisa said that the thoughts themselves whatever the content is they all have the same
quality you know they all are we usually we identify so strongly with the content the content side of it that we're not paying attention to the the causes and conditions or or the m
the cloud like quality of how the thoughts arise and vanish the surprising and vanishing because we we we began thinking of the what it is you know and what she said to me in canada but if you if this is the turning back
as well if you look at the mine that things
the m
the thoughts themselves all that's why it's that do not think good or bad do not gauge right and wrong because they all are empty of you know that they all have the same quality it's not that we don't come
ah perceive of you likes and dislikes and those kinds of things but them like and dislike are equal in their emptiness are equal in that same quality of
condition called production of five dependently coa recent quality of them
so we usually get caught in the content and this practice of allowing the thoughts this i find it very helpful this digestive you know like brain secretions these thoughts that they're in zazen to just allow them to be secreted with
out this grabbing on and will wake up in zazen to the quality of the thoughts of themselves you you have it
if you know i can really i'm straining my place here
takei must be unthinkable
people when
anyway sitting and go to go to cheat you have a opportunity if you to
realize the insubstantial your thoughts
rather than we usually think of them as very solid and and also this insubstantial substantially of the five scandalous
yes it also missing finger at a silly categories to say what i teach goes against the stream so am i mean i think of it is deconstruction it's not like you make it happen but to
not big on top of you
is to go against what you would normally get game ordinarily and so to turn that like you said can i thank you so i'm going against or tendons on a tray game constructing that tendency to yes because her habitual way of thinking is a thought comes in you presort you go after
it you get to the bottom of it you you
you know it's this whole mechanism a very intellectual thinking my way
analyze yes analyze and were perfect for this is kind of my question yes my learnings yes so what is it what what happens if
you had this thought passing by like a cow the next thought is hold that
our with a close and then your next thought is that whole thing like it's the whole thing of what you're talking about it's mean that seems like what happened with mediaset i try and do that and then
and i see the spot come in that know i want to look this closer and i am very confused about whether i think i think at listening to you i feel like i should be trying to get rid of that and when i say well in this closer actually just do it let that girl and then but the next i of you but i want to look
this you know i want to think about it when i get involved in it but then other people seems like i've been told well that's just what's happening in your mind just watch it so i get very confused yes
i can't say strongly enough how much i
do not want to give the impression of getting rid of anything you know
so the the this thing of 'em i think this is the a pitfall of even talking about his we begin to think oh i supposed to get rid of these they'd come up and i gotta get them out you know and and that thought that second thought of i want to really look at this no no i can't i gotta get a
out here you know i think actually the practice of sitting and got to go to cheat
ah is a kind of their subspace there there's some spaciousness there
it also i should say sometimes inserts in there is something we are preoccupied meaning we are a be even before we sit down we are occupied like an occupational army that is there like yeah like and i mean that's in as occupying and you cannot find
ah there's still space you're just taken up with some crisis kind of thing or something that is just
so so you sit with that you sit with troubled body and mind you sit with preoccupation
and you give space to that but it but also there isn't still the effort is especially with your body it's body the body practice is so important which is why we spent so much time on the pasture things first because you're sitting in this way as best as possible to give yourself
the most
to help yourself to help yourself through your body practice and
and you know i know that suzuki where she wants said that someone could bring a little notebook in two thousand with them could jot things down because they were so troubled by these thoughts and they couldn't sit so okay just strap write it down you can think of it later you
ah so this this is the quality of our house in some time but i really want to emphasize that
just your effort to sit with troubled body and mind with preoccupation with obsession
is that all right you know that's just it's to not worry too much actually about what the content is to not
if the the effort to just sit there and and this is because practice realization are totally undefiled so just you're taking the posture just you're sitting there years practice realization that the the faith or the the practice is based on enlightenment right now it does cannot be so
terribly concerned to have some faith that you just sit and this is realizing
your practice yes ma'am just before he said we're very african must have some kind of food that's really wrong to sit there and because this national tenants due to one or two on top of version i was just trying to out what to do that every time you pop out the way to you never turn provided
i remember just be an endless do it really
i have a lot of time on grounds to try to figure it out and that were making as is impossible but there's just this feeling of well i have to think about it now but
the to expect to just sort of let it go that a plot and go it's amazing how great it could be and how thanks to disciple through in and out
yeah i think there's a lot of food just not really get involved with spends on a level on a certain level where you're aware of what's going on and some kind of
conscious way
yana one way
learning let you let your part
we focus on what we have to send excellent the other person's from the same you and you need is kind of work in interest is complete focus on content and of what's going on let's talk to the instead of like for
thinking that picking and seems to be done to me sit in the audience to there's still the content of is gonna understand some action during on which a story going on but you're not so focused on sort of senior lines and what if you know certain is not fair and session
there another hand that i missed somewhere
yeah two things it seems to make that birmingham it's like about
it gives us a hug to come back to you know when i'm mind this why not that complicated battle mountain lions to gets us back to come back to the other thing is i've referred to as aren't you know whether a class of birds and everything but sometimes they're not sufficient so i've made up an automatic or myself and that is a class
or toys and i'm sitting in an empty room full of sunlight may me on his apple completely empty white will on sunlight and there's a closet full of toys and most twice in my fantasies in my stories that i left appointment and so i know that at times and every once in awhile i say okay
take a toy out now and i play with a criminal and american bakshi
and somehow to get really bored you know i just have tell time effort and but if i know it's a toy of it and i'm taking it out and i'm gonna put it back in than it helps
from the choice or enemy very similar
i'm not a what's the word defiling the way
what is our
his mercy yes i added to created at this that is instruction is actually my person would be fine
didn't think of nine hundred
and i wondered yes homes and i know there's an anxiety there
true or how to dress so that's that's interesting does anyone feel like it's or you don't have to put figure in yourself whether you think that's a scary thing but i know how i felt about it's like i love the food cancers anybody kind of like to skip that part you know when i was learning it i mean i know it's like really focused on a lot this think that thinking about know what they were too
about so i like more you know eat and drink moderately guy
losing your bell data simply meant something very concrete
but yes it's it's really it's not about trying to make yourself into a town with some blank mine was just sitting there like a kind of
you know scary phantom like being you know it's more
it's point pointing to a kind of free you know he says right after that what does he say
the dharma gate of of join us in a joyful yes that's it
despite fundamentalists yes so this thousand i speak of is not meditation practice you know the all these
things were talking about last week all the specific things it is simply the dharma gate of joyful ease
so i think he right away maybe is anticipate that somebody might feel like the yikes i don't want to yes joyful ease the practice realization of totally comedy enlighten then it is the co on realized traps and snares can never reach it it's like you you're not you can't be caught by the stories in the your free
you know it's it's really
and then this these these animals if you grasped the point you're like and see a dragon lives in water right so it's like this drag and gaining the water you can see dragons fly in over the ocean and then it goes why you can just hear a hissing as it goes into the water back home you know back to its element
and the tiger or the mountain lion taking to the mountain as supreme you know back to their home where they're free where they know the everything it's their home it's like that that's that's what yes well i meant when they mentioned sphere it makes me think of in there were so attached to those stories
and we still identify with them there
the negative feeling well who am i without that story you know and so lenders that sense of gaining are entering that empty space
pulling back and i need to those stories that tell me who i am yes yes when steve weintraub freestyle practicing and heard about this some no sell for ah this this song came up in his mind which was no no they can't take that away
and i was his theme song during those early years no no like yeah
oh yes exactly like dead and i think the emptiness teaching
and teaching amounts of is the stabilizing for people and we have to be very careful when we bring up these kinds of teachings because people i remember in of the in a introduction to buddhism class kind of a survey
and we're talking about emptiness in this person you mean you know if there's no sell it was like she was visibly upset and and in the sutras it says if a bodhisattva hears these teachings and is not cowed and is not frightened and is not shaking then
they are body software you know it's so
ah yes i think there is people misunderstand and
can have some reaction of that
it strikes me that off
for example if you want to hear all about the body i mean and how it heals and are adjusting your mouth
but for me this was much more interesting and hey i just sort of thing about a kicks right away i loved it i loved it and i kind of like call on study and i think to pay or characters from the edits depending upon your imprinting from day one and live in its job
just a different cake so for me the think not thinking at some point early in my practice i got that right away the i spent my whole life dealing mentally and concept so yeah was fun it was like care the of all this is the line this is what the mine does like
not a hand does this this is the way the line why yeah some from here with the field why but i think
the friend baby gate through which we enter it is so helpful you know i may psychological type and terms may a mere briggs tesco is sensei
yeah so this is what i find all the time it's like he are you familiar with those was the whole thing let's see what are they oh i didn't actually can't remember the is extrovert introvert oh introvert sense eight verse isn't intuitive intuitive and thinking feeling so my
i was a different functions you know and everyone has a strong suit you know so my strong suit supposedly insensate which is exactly what grace says it's like you know the tongue above in and years in line and all those things that they speak to be in a very strong way i can get it through them through the body you know as
and somebody else who's thinking function is so so yes i think it's different gates different worlds really matthew adrian yeah
it seems as if there is a steamer buddhist monk
which seem so different from ordinary everyday and it's for me it's hard on the with a smile
you think he's time my buddhist finding not
and that your mind
like these
i think we do make it into an ideal are like this like we can never reach it it's not for me couldn't be talking to me i'm just slogging along here my knees hurt you know and that's it
yeah i also was thinking a power were sitting at a of nicholas come on ethernet to you know left some way when i was sitting to let certain things just drop and atomic myself you can always pick a month later mean and that i couldn't pick up a good reason to a certain lines up again yeah
we do end up feeling like we can't we're carrying all this baggage you know and a certain point it's like this so how do we didn't just home
yeah or what kind of carry it this think it's go with carrying yourself forward all the time carriers of baroda it's so exhausting
and then you you actually realize i could just leave it
how we doing here is attend to

i want to just look up i know to for second am
so what would we be talking about in terms of a conventional were turning the light packets cease the environments you know cece getting involved externally and know coughing you're saying and the mind those those two meditation instructions is i think they dovetail with faint not thinking in terms of
think the unthinkable the unthinkable is it's inconceivable
what is this not getting involved in that coffee inside what is that and you know the monk in this story said how how is it sitting and go to go to cheat and dogan takes these questions of you know he uses words like what and how as sort of turning phrases or or way
ways of getting deeper into what the words are actually pointing to
let's see if i can
well as you sure
anyway to to ask what
what is
think in thinking the unthinkable what rather than that being a question know how you can play with this to to say what
he is thinking the unthinkable the mind of what the mind of what is the mind nets
not knowing the mine that's just what
which is alert ready pliant
alive sitting in gotta go to t is the mind of what so
what is thinking the unthinkable what is non picky the mind of what which is beginner's mind rather than the mind that the mind of
i know it all i've got it all i got it all taken care of you fucks that's the mind this is a suzuki or structs the my the experts mine right whose where there's not very much i'm
possibilities anymore because they are all they got it all taking care of so someone was talking with me about this phrase not knowing his nearest are not knowing his most intimate
which is the mind of what which is
this is got to go to she also
but doesn't depend on sitting cross legged and i think that's what he's talking that's why this season is not learning meditation because it isn't just sittings and it's it's more the mind of what
thinking of wonderful wonderful
i'm often comes out one that's what wonderful it's full of wonders on what just ready is
the joyful you know
was that your henry space know
so we only have a few minutes and
just kind of
this next paragraph for an addition that triggering awakening awakening the oh right before about
we find that transcendence of both mundane and sacred and dying while either sitting or standing of all depended entirely and the power of zazen and i i just wanted to say you know dog and sausage is like that the center crown jewel you know this is what to every everything he writes it says and this is what
he's offering and
but to not narrow it too
you know i have to be able to sit full lotus and you know this that's that's a kind of getting rid of a kind of harshness are doing damage to yourself it's this wide coming home and this sitting posture is the the young
the gate and the entrance and
i'm dying you know actually their stories of zen masters who at the last
they get themselves somehow into as as a pasture and die while sitting and
there's a story that i haven't my notes from ribs class about as msg who could never sit for lotus but at the end when he was going to tell to start right before he was dying he broke his legs to put them into full-blown so he could guy sitting followed a switch
i don't know how that affects you exactly but
but that doesn't sound of would work a criminal
there's something that it hits me very deeply but suzuki roshi would he was dying maybe you know this story
he was very sick and couldn't get into sasson pasture but it was the first day of session and he said because people that his death but i think it was sent her to yo-yo his disciple he said i can't sit cross-legged but you will will do that for me
everyone sitting thousand for me so this this some
love of zazen and protecting and devotion to totally devoted but you know
in this world and other worlds both in india and china are equally hold the buddhist sealed
even though there's ten thousand distinctions and the that they all just wholeheartedly engage the way and thousand so this is some
i really feel this historians
where he puts forward over and over and over

and we have a seat coming up
be you know you need to practice a full week together what was that great
the whole heartedly engage wholeheartedly engaging in a mobile city
yeah the vacancies
when they consider for me to okay them is to die
a partner
so are there any other parts that we haven't covered that you kind of been wondering about or wanted to say something about her these last paragraphs
oh i know what i wanted to save his finger malate you know whisk and shout and there's these are all
it was trying to look up all this the co-ops that go in a citing you know with these but the finger is judy's one fingers and whenever anybody asked this teacher
about anything about thousand and he would hold up one finger and his disk and people were enlightened by that this was
and so his disciple thought oh this is a pretty good i'll try that you know so his teacher asked him something any held up as finger teacher i think his teacher of european
eddie was enlightened
here's the real stories that you don't want to lump of trusted writing science out of your friend macedo don't try to new foods and then
there's there's a number of columns where they shake their staff for the you know pound the staff and there is
isn't there a banner and anonymous and years and under take down the banner yes that was a nando's story
maha shop yeah
what are they going to give you the in geneva
right bit more than the roman ball the year or anything else policy and then to take down the banner pole they used to put a banner up when you're going to debate with another teacher and he said take down the banner pool which
well i don't want to explain it but to me it had to do with and the non separateness of a nun and my a chef my mica crusher
a needle i don't know what that does anyone know what the needle is
and water yeah i don't know which color
and you know there's a number of columns were it people shout in fact i think basso shouted so loud that
nanga was deaf for three days
and was enlightened and they all have a good ending
damn so that's that's and these are this is activity this is awakened activity this is this is enlightened activity this is not i mean i i was in a situation in a group where someone read these stories and somebody was bothering them and they took him by the collar
and they shook em around you know in a poor person thought she was being assaulted and i had to meet with them we had to have a whole of reconciliation thing but he actually thought was just like the stories he was
that's us
sewn up at these are these stories are at the the expressions of an of enlightened beings who
you know henderson
watch these on sale in the days of a health advocate of the girl watch out for the hi billy it's nine o'clock and time to and thank you very much i really appreciated working together and steady miss together
and this and it's endless summer so