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Monday Class

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did you say name's him go he have a going this way linda julia michael arthur from what what's the name of the school you can from
the athenian school
and you're here for a couple days and matt hussam do things for them yes
this class is
a class could getting and medication text written by a zen master from the twelve hundreds japanese zen master from the twelve hundreds and it's ah
called the food comes as or the universal recommendations for zazen your meditation
those of you would just come to my work were coursing along in the middle of this so we also just got finished with a one day sitting many of us in the room and we are really wondering how it is that this class can scan through
since we've been
have you got a done book but have you got the dining room boat and propose that which you've you've entered a picker
so we'll just see how it goes i think some people have decided not to come to that because they knew tired after the one day sitting but i'm glad to see most everybody here
ah so greg
february of screen is greg greg has volunteered to recite this evening you ready
as this however
right i might have to start over if i start to have your something if you start to high or to via a harpoon guns are no pathogens
keep what if whatever you can that
a about like i suspect i would put that crocodile tank that you know
who can
the away originally perfect and all prevailing how could it be contingent on practice and realization that way pounds of sufficient for me there are special effort in the the whole body is free from dust to could believe that a means to rush it clean
it has never apart from this very place what is the use of traveling around to practice and yet there's a hair's breadth deviation have like the gap between heaven and earth if least like or dislike arises a mind is lost and confusion suppose you are confident in your understanding and rich and enlightenment eighty mannerism that know
was at a glance attaining the way and clarifying the mind arousing an aspiration to reach for the haven't you are playing in the entrance way that you still are short of the vital path of emancipation
consider the buddha although he was why that burn the traces of his six years without upright sitting and yet the seen as for bodhidharma although he has received the mine seal nine years with facing a while and celebrated still if even the ancient sages realizes how can we today dispense with wholehearted practice therefore criticized the internet
actual practice of investigating words and chasing phrases and learn to take the backwards death as turns the light and shines it inward body and mind that themselves woodruff away and your original face will manifest if you want such a thing to work on such a thing immediately were practicing down a quiet room and suitable eat and drink moderately but side
all involvements and suspend all affairs do not think good or bad do not judge true or false give up the operations of mind it's wrath and consciousness stop measuring with thoughts ideas and views have no designs on the coming of the how could that be limited to sitting or lying down at you're sitting place read a big
man and for the accretion on it said either in the full lotus or the half lotus position and the follows physician first place your right foot on your left thigh they had left for on your right thigh and the half-blood is that besides your left on your right by tyrone loosely and arrange them neatly
then place your right hand on your left leg and left left-hand on your right palm functions lightly touching straighten your body instead of right leaning neither left nor right either forward or backward align your use with your shoulders and your nose with your navel rest of the tip of your tongue against the front of the roof of your mouth and teeth and lips together both shots always keep your eye
eyes open and free softly for you does once you have a just use your posture who didn't take a breath and xl fully rock your body right and left and settle into steady immovable spitting think a half thinking not thinking what kind of thinking is that while i'm thinking this is the essential artisans and to the zaza i speak
a is not meditation practice it is simply the dharma gate of joyful ease the practice realization that totally culminated enlightenment it is the call on realized traps and snares can never reach it if you grasp the point you are like a drag and gaining the water like a tiger taking to the mountains are you must know that the true dharma peers of itself
so that from the start illness and distraction or struck aside when you arise from sitting room slowly and quietly calmly and deliberately do not rise suddenly you're abruptly in surveying the past we find that transcendence about mundane and sacred and dying while either sitting or standing of all depended entirely on the power as as and
in addition triggering awakening with a finger a banner and meal or a mallet and affecting realization with a whisk of fits the staff were chef you cannot be understood by discriminative thinking much less can they be known through the practice of supernatural power creep they must represent conduct beyond seeing and hearing are they not a standard prior to knowledge
age and use this being the case intelligence or lack of it is not an issue can make no distinction between the down and the sharp witted if you concentrate your efforts single mindedly that in itself as whole heartedly engaging the way practice realization is naturally the file going forward is after all an everyday affair in general and are
our world and others in both india and china are equally hold the seal while each lineage expressive its own style they're also think about it to sitting totally blocked and resolute stability although they say there are ten thousand and distinctions and a thousand variations they all just wholeheartedly engage the way and about then
why leave behind the seat in your own home to wander and a to the just few rounds of other lands if you make one step you stumble past when directly in front of you who you have gained a pivotal opportunity of human form do not pass your days and nights in vain you are taking care of the essential activity of the good away
who would take ways for the live in a spark from a flintstone besides form and substance or like the do on the grass the fortunes of life like a dart of lightning and even and vanished in a flash please on our followers of zan long devoted long accustomed to groping for the elephants
not doubt the true dragon devote your energies to the way that points directly to the real thing review the one who has gone beyond learning and it's free from ever accord with the enlightenment of all the buddhas succeed to the samadi of all the ancestors continue to live in such a way you will be such a person the treasure store will open have itself and you may enjoy it
isolated hundred percent and i had this
so next week as or last class the may have some volunteers for be safe for the less than a lot of
sarah mia
anyone else for
hey sarah me a thank you for voting
so last week we were discussing in detail the section about the posture and i had thought we would spend this class on the section think that think that we really didn't get finished with posture and or
also read with saying what what we want to ask questions we didn't get to discuss it that much your talk about it so i thought
we'll just see how that goes how far we get a maybe the next class by picnic not thinking or we'll see if we get started with it today but some that we haven't talked about the breath at all
is the breath and also getting up from city which skips the think that thinking for when you arise from city so that's
another product that might be a useful thing to talk about in terms of the pasture
now i think we're a real little giddy tonight
okay well
i also thought
you know those of you some people may want to leave early or something if you feel like you need to just because you can
ah your ensure and of your rope for something so please excuse yourself if you feel you need to leave room
are there any questions from last time about posture points or have you tried any of these things we talked about him
the rocking the body and the placing the hands and then if you experiment in their case your posture to reflect some of these
yeah thank the question i was reading on warm smiles from now live anderson's book and in one of the lectures he talks about seven points of a sort of contact i guess and i was wondering how they relate you know you can tell us what the seven point sarkozy did in lecture
and he didn't know the canada
seven points of contact even your body with i find it may be like if you take you know why say maybe your thoroughness guess here are you know your teeth your time you know maybe your gaze original counters fucking a so we've got one page
it's phone you've got to safeco and that is that one or two
and one for the backs of okay let's count so one for the bags you know me too nice one too so there is that tripod of of sit bones and knees so that's let's call it three and then we've got here that's leg over the leg is that one well it's
let's wait on that because if you don't sit there way then it wouldn't be able just to be the nice of one two three hands as for right
tongue against the who for the mouth would be
five teeth together six lives together seven insane lipstick colour lips together teeth together
i'm not true
wait and then i contact me i visit these are point of contact so maybe i mean that's that's a good good guess
oh seven points
you know if this part where it says or anyone quot questions or comments or things you've been trying yes i have question about the torso or what what happens when i was quite that all myself or word
well where do you want your
aspire to be a relation to your triangle
just as yeah the young
via spine well this is an instruction that
actually though because doesn't say it but i've heard read sandwiches too
bring your spine deep into your body and it's a kind of image you know what would that be exactly you're not really forcing your spine into your body but you know part of yoga practice is to be able to visualize an image
image your body you know if you take a yoga class sometimes they say things he's far out things like breathing to your side bodies know things like that
make space between your intercostal muscles and know and you you just hear that as a suggestion and then you can image that what would that be like with your own consciousness so so in terms of bringing this by deep in your body to imagine deepening your spine what what is that isn't as a visualization for yourself so the
the spine
ah if your legs are crossed it's supported without very much muscle support if your legs are
in burmese or in a chair or says a you need more muscle to hold the spine up but at the lower part of the spine is a slight
and and not over the arch but a slight curve it's actually the natural curve of the the spine has an s curve it's natural so in that lower part you don't want to round it back like that and you don't want an overarching like that or you can stream so
so a slight curve and then the young
the ribs that's very interesting that you asked because i was just mad can tell ya i was just looking up and grey's anatomy about the ribs maybe grace can tell me how the ribs are actually attached lower down but but in any case you're when you're reading your ribs you don't want
your ribs can are rising and falling and rising for you you stretch up and you raise the sternum actually the sternum bone of the breastbone is raised up but the rib cages not like you don't pull back or crunched down you don't want it
bring yourself so upright that your lower back crunches down of the lower ribs crunch back so you have to be careful about that overarching her kind of in the interests of pulling up on your upper body sitting upright that you do this crunching so the
breastbone is lifted but the ribs do not
ah lift up it's the breastbone lives up and out is that speculate this joanna to the sternum pull this partner well it's it's not like this it's it's almost a visualization it's it's an adjustment of
up from here up and it makes your scapula go down go down and back scapular this sort of slide down and back and that
scapula thirty am
she was shoulder blades them the little women's right and those this campaign so they they go down and the certain comes up
so i think it's important not to over arch animals were intense your body
but there is something about where the ribs or look in the pelvis how there is anyone who can
well they're mostly a mean i was there mostly are bound by the back muscles not buy anything in front i mean they're bound to each other there are a frat house to muscles but even at the bottom they're not connected to anything anteriorly except
muscle muscle in the sternum so basically they're they're just sort of really low like bellows you know if you think about the action of bellows
they're sort of freely floating except along long about ah
yes it's true i think my hand seven different women who had said yes
can helped by that
before getting on the extreme stress from for and seven years and the same circle
is anyone else experiment with raising their hands yeah i prefer the opposite i don't really have that for a half bath and a half life and low by side rate and be more proper and i ended up getting that from the who else experienced there
yeah i raised it and then it was tense or here and all year
yesterday or unbridgeable united states a natural social about
national to go
grab interest dancer of the restaurants extra muscles year to hold your hands of it not restaurant say on you last night
so i pursued removed and you have no prejudice slight hill lot of applicants gonna take a little bit of muscle
but well there is resting against your belly is where they're grown in arresting and to rather than
well i think that's interesting to hear that a number of you had more strain on the arms when work
i was wanting to say a action was only have one asked you today is
and i was it seemed to me that alive as game for the shoulder is and not know through opening up and have to either go that's true but maybe the shows were are coming up with them with the merger with them yes i think thank you i i i do think that
if you imagine a whole if you're thinking you have to hold your hands up you know then you begin to strain in through here and feel chance him through there so it's there is no holding in the shoulders the shoulders are completely back and relaxed
anyway ice i'm not dumb as there's also the the eggs under the arms and we haven't talked about that the
i'm imagining raw eggs in your armpits and i've never actually
never tried it out over
so so there's this round in your armpits so you don't want a crunchier arms down right because that would be a mess and you don't want to hold em way out because then the egg drop so that's another a posture point in terms of having this round circle there's also this spacious just under under your arms
so if you're calling like this and trying to do it that's tension in and of itself to so
please keep experimenting with it in and looking at the met your just versus i was back justin thomas of who worked on them i heard about this are i think she said bring your arms straight out and then sort of bring a pan something about that you can we do that because we've not to be repeats
there just haven't around the earth or river
as a way of getting the proper spacing and do not like this us out here but the and service
there's a couple of hands up your lance him i'm just going to say i really don't you have a rate of my arms coming together to my mcgrath's so i feel like the planet
you're like the surface friction that he my fingers and they've done it supports my arms and away so so kind of i think of it is like an inverted art you know how to archery will like a higher way i think of it kind of upside down there wasn't eat image and inverted extra happen also yeah so your arms filter
of we just we were and also i find it like just an inch up or down and make a huge difference in your back and yeah yeah yeah so just playing with that yeah just an interconnected age
will also when i i thought when when you think that all the holding is because obviously gather as some muscular contraction there has to be a tiny bit but if you think it's all going up that's not then that hurts like when i do it when i can come holy all of that hurt but you realize
that a lot of is the way is to wait of this is swinging for your body your bond i don't really want some of it have not i mean yes like all this weight is not dropping down it's it's we didn't work because the so when you realize that your body supports maybe seventy five percent of it that the
yes sir
my teaching about this has always been that it's not appropriate for everybody this cosmic hundred and there's some people that it's okay for another people it's not okay
i think they are and that you have to that yeah to find find your own way with it whether it is a perfect view
has everyone send the attendance cheap
yes okay i'm concerned i find those interested business drive and i found that attention than like shoulders or my that was national movements how hope in the hand and fingers is obviously some bath and anything else in circular
sometimes there's a lot in the wrists for people and if you see there soon as you look in the mood or isn't really around circle it's a squared off thing and to make a square if it takes you know is a lot of tension in the hands
it's another hand hugh is
about the risks and it seems important me lending they're like within a kind in alignment with the hand and let it at displays display as they find it in does gifts can straight into the hand
well you know anatomically people are different but it's not it doesn't have a straight
it's a rounded it's a round circle the whole things around circle so however however that have so you can see if you're holding the putting it together in a square tape way that that may have a lot to do with and to those of you at
that my that actually kind of thing little bit to get it against my
well it the i don't know that decision of my
oh i see what you're saying so laterally they're they're kind of that
well i think it could do that a little bit i think my as a little that's what i felt like whether my others give they an outward more alignment of them will experiment and do you think about those eggs think about your eggs and knew that i should see what what happens here yeah
now don't you think you could talk about posture forever yeah i've had that christian on my hands are really big and psychedelic my mother's really the to and i look around and every else you're gonna looks really small section
do but i will
does exactly know and i think i think square and to sound like overly paranoid about back with your looks like
who are looking at my
yeah that's what you need a rocks and for it then you can hide
jay lane that
has anyone been lucky christians were either
oh at lunch or yeah you have your certain partners that you get to the look at when you
i'm just really have perfect it i know it out
found founded
hundred and back
anyway posture never and you can effectively
that's a great slogan isn't it
so as long as you have a body you know there's gonna be your one works with their pasture and as we get older and
you know various things happened certain things certain drag around more than they did with the reactionary and hundred
i'm to various you know the am a christian means between the vertebrae a little lowered sackey things they
get you the fluid leaves and you know also sorts so so there's knit there is no such thing just
just to remind you of as a perfect posture you know there's there's no such thing as
it's each everyone's body is completely different and we have to make adjustments people have scoliosis they have one leg blogger than the other they have all sorts of things so everyone's posture is perfect just the way it is we just work with it just like that in fact
and there's a story of the secure she'd wear out
if he said that there is various people so many was sitting kind of like this and he said their posture what they were making very sincere effort to to continue their practice in your posture is perfect so it's more of what year
what kind of whole hearted sincerity you have a new practice that's the most important thing and then we just we work with our pains in our problems in our bodies as they change you know year after year when it's a crushing stone was thinking today about making never adjusted
why known as i display of business never noticed this that if i do make a little change it has everything and so i usually lack of the heck you know that i read it goes on and burning you know it's kind of like you know if my correct my head yes a hex
so i tried to catch him as a of an indian gentleman so iraq had been burned it's one reason to turn
yes change because you get it you get settled in so i did
yes that's right the and then i can turn everything's leaning towards that whatever vacant or where it would have thought and yeah right shoulder
so i'll ask my wife comedy exactly what it gets corrected them
yes for were exactly we're all connected you know it's all one thing and you you know if you're carrying a certain side of your body's doing something in and it's great it's not just this side that gets opened up if there's a whole emotional thing about what what it was all about that you're carrying it that way in the mad opens and yeah and so
was constantly changing really and that you know you hip hurts one year and then it's your ankle and your neck and then it's fine for while someone told me today they have set a seven day session they had no pain they have nothing they just
it really changes all the time map
yes the sun it seems like going to be really useful to you on the other check stuff out i'm here yes you're an elegant and either any early near as around
have be better but i don't know if they're up and i do know people who set in the nude in front of a mere to really look at what their pasture look site
i'm not really how's it going
you know in the suitors that talks about
meditation is a sport and was telling someone today that it's like a sport where just like if you're into tennis or something it's like you're constantly you're interested in canada latest things and the latest issue
a you know how your serve his and and working on your overhand and you know it's like that it's it's you work on it that way it's not like oh here's my question that's it it's it's an ongoing thing
i find your active to view is that well let's talk about the breathing because we haven't really talked about that yet
let's see
i went with it
it's the align your ears with your shoulders and who knows with your navel rest that we talked about this but the quietness of all the mouth apparatus language connection things right look let's go on to always keep your eyes open and she softly through your nose i just want to say that in
jury the ten type thing he has eyes closed i have mentioned today i think jury says keep your eyes closed and
but when he says
to block out the lights
and so there's some commentary that says well that he doesn't really mean closure the way he just means closed just enough to block out the light but then someone else commented on it saying but how can you black out the light unless they're actually close so than in a back and forth this is a very this is a hotly contested point
about the eyes but i'm
and as usual i can't locate it
but in the
in the so tiny
yes or the younger so shiny and one eighty he says he really feels strongly about the eyes right let's see
if you and the top that turn mon ching way if you attain some mighty it's the that i should remain slightly open in order to prevent drowsiness if you attain somebody somebody being one thousand and concentration with the eyes open it will be the most powerful in ancient times
were amongst eminent in the practice of meditation always sat with their eyes open more recently the chan master file un one year on to criticize those who sit in meditation with their eyes closed so they may have been criticizing jury the south his as closed likening their practice to the ghost cave of the black mountain
surely this has a deep meaning known to those who have mastered meditation practice so
soldier he says the eyes are close
let me just look for a second regulating body
regulating food regulating body breath in mind
ah visualize the body relaxed
then he should close his eyes this is the practitioner jury says when he closes his mouth the upper lip and teeth should touch the lower ones and the tongue the palate then he should now he says he then he should close his eyes
to shut out the light that's jury so
but then dogan that i should always remain open that i should always remain open and then in the second fuca to think he says breathe gently through the nose
and then in a shovel kenzo zazen chin close your lips and teeth the i should be kept open neither too widely nor too narrowly so you get the you know each one as a little bit different
close the i should be properly open neither too widely this is
bando whole the bottom one i should be properly open needed to widely nor too narrowly do not let your eyelids cover your pupils nor your neck deviate from the line to do not let your eyelids cover your post
famous closer than do not let them cover your pupils well it seems i've read your people who wouldn't have given any like it though right that sort of your that's really that's for the light comes in through the pupils so so that's again not totally closing them but and what i was saying today about gentle eyes that
they say that the i should be like elephant eyes which
in my imagination i have a kind of a disney dumbo a healthy my and but
you know just very gentle not any tension around the eyes to have half-open have close
and ah and breathe softly through your nose
now i want to just jump to the next one after you have adjusted your posture take a breath and exhaled fully
rock your body right and left and settle into steady immovable city so we've talked about the rock in the body right left with this exhale
i'll take a deep exhale and let all that around this is something that i forget myself and i have a feeling that people are not doing that as a regular thing before they they they start sitting where you
once you've adjusted your posture meeting cross your legs gotten your ears and line and the tongue teeth and all that breathing gently through nose and then you take a deep what he doesn't say a deep just take a breath and exhale fully and my understanding is you take that through the mouth
and let out all the air the foul air sometimes they say let's see jury i think does say foul air

sit erect like an inanimate boulder without allowing
body head and limbs to shake this is the proper way of regulating the body okay

oh jewelry goes into kinds of breath the different kinds of breath in detail but i can't find racists take a deep inhale exhale let's see does the first one see it
a breeze gently through the nose
regulate your breathing actually relax your abdomen
i don't see this
about a exhaling through the mouth
oh in this shop against us as and chin that's the i'm and page one eighty one second from the bottom having less regulated body and mind take a breath and exhale fully so this taking a breath and exhaling fully all of the air out and then begin your breathing through your nose
so ah please tribe apis
and maybe couple times and then begin the breathing through your nose uk in in yoga
if you take a yoga class they sometimes say the x helpfully you know before like pranayama practice so it's a yogic practice
now this breathe gently through your nose that the breathing in thousand is
it should not audible meaning your neighbors should not be here it it's there's jury talks about different kinds of breath for different kinds for cancer breath audible gasping course and restful so the odd
double the gasping and the course breath are all not are recommended but the restful breath the first three or improper in the fourth is correct so what is audible griff
when one sits in meditation if the breath is perceptible to the ear it is audible
and etc
what is gasping breath when one sits and meditation although the breath is not audible if it is not free and is obstructed it is gasping you know how sometimes if you're feeling tansy you just can't you just can't breathe just naturally it's caught this is gasping course bridge
breath is not heard and is free it's not fine it's not its course and a restful brand better
when it is neither audible nor obstructed nor course but is continuous being barely perceptible and so fine that it is almost imperceptible with the resultant comfort and easiness this is restful breath so that's what jury is talking about now dog doesn't go into that our in-depth
about just the exact kind of breathy i don't think dogan really wants to get it to get caught in making your breath a certain way and
there's another place where he talks about the my yana understanding of breath which i'll get to in a minute
audible breaths scatters your composure gasping breath ties you up course breath tires you and restful breath quiet your mind
if you have the first three it shows your breathing is not regulated this is all meditation technique you know this is learning meditation know zazen the way dogan talks about rightly
practices and is beyond
you know course an audible and so forth but these are this is all part of the oral tradition that someone would be given and you may someone may have a problem like they can't get their breath is very tight and course and uncomfortable and they're they're not you know it's not rated for their health to keep brilliantly
so this is something you might bring up the breath has that restful so so but dogan doesn't get into it in detail i think he's assuming these kinds of things are part of what you talk about with you
field cinnabar is sometimes called is lower area this below the navel
concentrating below relaxing the body and visualizing the breath coming in and going out through all your pores freely and unobstructed lee so this is one of these visual yogic practices were you you imagine the breath it's not just coming in and out of the nose and going into the lungs
back you imagine the breath flowing unobstructed to the through all your pores in all directions kind of wide round
it's it's a visualization really
and this is a this calms and regulates the breath this qaeda
a practice if you concentrate your mind and a fine breath it will be properly regulated and all the troubles will be avoided they don't be easy for you to quiet your mind
ah so this is how to regulate your breath at the start of meditation
okay so this is this you know was very common this particular piece of the tente by jury was was very young popular you know people have seen this darwin had seen this so these are some kind of practices that
that we're done
suzuki roshi had a practice that he offered of
this is another one of these visualizations breathing in it in a shape in in an ellipse breathing out through the nose the xl up through the nose and down to this lower abdomen field of cinnabar and then having them
picture the breath coming up through the back
an exhale you know surround circle so so when you're breathing that the inhalers coming in through the nose and out to the knows you might say but you you imagine the xl coming down and then around and up through the back
xl out so this is some something you might want to try ah
while you're practicing
their quest
if on i remember the first interaction every up is concentrating on your breathing accounting yes
sometimes i get tired of counting my rapunzel i've also heard these things where you can say green an actor he frightened or something like that reading have compassion lobby
at you know anything about her
do that ever well you know this there is myriad practices that someone could do this practices were you use a word i know some people are practicing with a ticket hands
in in out deep slow com ease smile release present moment wonderful moment it's a
a breath meditation
birth concentration so
that's something i know that some people are practicing with you
the counting
counting is a venerable practice that has been practiced for millennia you know literally two thousand and five hundred years easy probably much longer than that and
there's some sense that people begin to feel like it's an elementary can practice will have done coming i want to get off as some else but there was a session that
suzuki roshi asked everyone who had been everyone in this issue to please contra breath he wanted people to return to a kind of basic practice i'm not exactly i don't know other circumstances but he asked everyone to do county and he was going to practice guy himself he was that was his thousand was going to
be counting the breath so this is a concentration practice this is having an object of mind the object being the breath and counting unifying body breath in mind with a unified that the mind that's following the numbers with the breath
and body breath so
and this is a wonderful practice to go back to if you're upset or agitated can't stop running some story you know to to do county and you can do exhale one in the hill one excel to or just xl one
bring it into your body now some people might say i can do it it could do it i've got enough money so it's not a practice for when it's not the universal recommended instructions you know but it may be something that works that your teacher wants you to work with her you are drawn to it or whatever but anyway you can breathe in
in and then it's transform in your body breathing out light and compassion and joy so that's something you may want to do
but you might want to discuss it with someone because that hat that may have the
ah what shall i say a destabilizing effect perhaps you know some of may find it can destabilize destabilizes although the most part it i understand that if wonderful practice and transformative practice
so these all these practices we've been talking about our
with meditation objects and the zazen that johannes talking about his objectless meditation
just sitting without any particular object in mind
but this isn't to sort of wipe out all the myriad other practices which are very very wholesome practices wonderful practices for stabilizing
the mind and body
and that's i think jury is talking about these kinds of
he he goes into
a lot of what can happen when your practice is not stabilized when you have difficulties and problems
for example this thing about you know when you try to make your mind certain where you start getting upset he also talks about
confused thinking and wandering mind that wandering and strained and a loose mine and a sinking mine
sinking minor amendments dull and confused and unrecorded will while the head drops this shows a sinking mind you know and there's antidotes to this that are traditional and of
germany is from five thirty six to five ninety seven in in china don't of it gets this great were reading myth and correct living when he's telling us for any lived in five thirty six two so great so
for sinking mind
they're thinking mine floating mind
now ab ever you have that we ever had that kind of
sense of your mind is kind of floating off you know kind had wandering about and floating off or thinking you know getting really grew me and down and depressed you might say that might be another way of saying depressed
that for example
what is the thinking mind if during the meditation the mind is dull confused and recordable while the head drops this shows a sinking mine in such a case it should be meeting the mind should be fixed and the tip of the nose to nail it there and to prevent it from laundry elsewhere
this is the way to regulate the sinking mine case i also talks about putting the attention on the tip of the know mrs a cat you can see a have a sharpness even if you were to bring your mind to the chip your nose and also you know the air going in and out there that would be a kind of
tightening up you know from i sinking down and wandering loosely
but for another kind of my that's to talk or too tight and strain that would be counterproductive read that would be more strain and
so here's another what is a floating mind if during the meditation it the mind drifts about and the body is uneasy while thoughts follow externals you know this getting involved in extra realities
this shows a floating mind in such a case it should be pushed down and fixed down the naval to prevent thoughts from rising that's the mine will be stabilized and will be easily quieted therefore the absence of the sinking or floating state shows are regulated matzo jury is very interested in regulating the mind you know
and we don't want to go overboard on this because you'll find yourself
being a real task master you know it yet to be careful about this
ah but anyway breathe mind a low to this abdomen which jackie was asking about so we we loosen the belt and the robes
but that the orbi if you're wearing an ob you know the thick
band which is different from a belt around your waist it's this low down
ah garmin it's a kind of a belt which is right across that heart and we talked about the higher marculescu with the stomach sweater you know this area is
really protected and attended to and so to be able to breathe from not this gasping shallow audible that's usually associated with chest breathing from up here instead it's this abdomen which has a firmness
and and yet not tight not like a steel trap and but not loose and the breath
bringing your attention down low is often
advocated you know you've heard about putting your mind in your left palm you know which is down low and he says to bring the mine down to the naval
fixed on the naval to prevent thoughts from rising sea this is in other issues i really want to caution us around this you know to prevent thoughts from rising this is ah
you don't go too far with this this is this is in the case of a floating mine that's going all over the place
one way to address that with your body mind practices to bring the mind down pay attention to this lower part
but you're not trying to get rid of thoughts right or stop anything from happening or get rid of make a blank mind
do you see the different theories that a shrine to be really clear about one thing that strikes me as that a lot of these sutures and old texts or talk too much about the body you know the pain of a by and then you mentioned just now but i was a you know i came across something in
the branching streams suzuki roshi his latest book and he was talking about when he was in a lot of pain he started to really put emphasis in the horror and i was going through a lot of white paint and i started like really working with diarra yeah with a lot of just
energy and it seemed to really hope that you did alter my foster a lot to as i was doing he has spread but then in that case i was trying to get rid of the pain you know i wasn't trying to just be with it he has rented get rid of it one way of being with it when we're being with his to
take care of this lower aftermath this field of cinnabar
there's a quote or bring it next we need i think i did read wareham
dogan talks about what regime told him to which was to have the breath come from the field of cinnabar and go back go back in and out of the fields of cinnabar which is this lower abdomen so the breath so as and breath is this area is
rather than upper chest and actually when your head is a pulled up and the sternum as raise this lower abdomen is very free to move in and out
you might experiment with that but as you pulled up you keep sometimes
we hold on so tight to this area here as a protective kind of a thing that we're like steel i say steel trap because that's what it's like the bands of the muscles are just like holding out for dear life and then those organs and so forth there's a lot of emotional for women especially but men and women both the that area
the body can often be really tight but when you pull up through your your head that area of swings free eight and that's a that's a visual image of sweet free is not really swinging freebie it it can't be held tight like that if you're pulling up on your back that
the muscles more hold on and the same way when you're pulling up so you can feel the brink going in and out your cinnabar he is it's a red
sometimes it's carved in chinese beads you know you've probably seen it very intricate curvy so red stone i guess her
mineral semi precious baby cinnabar
yes for groups seeking my irritation you have to actually look at your nose and i've been like started raining here
although you see sometimes pictures of of the of eyes that are like that i think it's bringing your mind to your nose but not your eyes you the eyes would stay cast down about three feet in front of you but you'd bring your attention up here that's all so it seems to be a suggestion for drowsiness to to bring your tan
you to the the north has a sharpening quality to it the the breadth going in and out there
a stabilize mine may be either so so if you're if you're not sinking are floating it says it shows you ever regulated mind but as stabilize mine may be either strained or loose stalking a little bit about this today true overly
the tight and rigid or too loose it is strained when during the meditation all thoughts are turned on regulating it to ensure it stabilization
you get that and like everything okay am i doing it in this kind of strange thereby bringing the vital principle or prana up to the chest in which a pain is felt and i know this happens to people are they feeling in zazen they they have pain actually in their chest from a certain kind of
tenseness around trying to sit zazen well and haven't be raped in the right posture and get
you don't paint this is strained
and then the antidote to that or what what do he says in this case you should relax the my my visualizing the prana where the breath descending visualize see these use of the the this internal visualization of bringing the breadth down down down descending the breath and he says the trouble will decide
peer at once
if the mind is loose it either jumps about while the body sways in the mouth waters or it becomes gloomy
so what do you do in that case the meditator should compose his or her body and fix his or her mind as aforesaid using the body as its support now i have a question mark into this because i'm not sure exactly what that means
but i think it refers back to this floating my where you bring to mind down using the body as support i'm not i don't actually understand exactly what
now there's one suzuki roshi in one place and mind beginner's mind talks about pressing down on the diaphragm there's only one place in the whole book where he says anything other than just sit and completely you know settled herself self on a cell for let your
your you know natural
you know take the right posture and that that is as in mind but in this one place he mentioned to press down on the diaphragm
you know bringing her attention and law but you don't want to go to foreign that you asked you don't want to have a kind of
i'm overly pushy mind and body but there is something you might
be aware of
a slight
if you need to if you feel you meet him
stabilize yourself you can but i'm saying that with a very light here
i'm sorry if contributions may let him tell him getting in a have arms detail because because it actually sounds like you that sounds like rifles so in a way he discovered well what you do by doing
he's sitting area he feels his pain so on
acer back on you know i mean i just wonder if and away go for dominance during its reading something open he answered your own discover it because if you have all those instructions you're just going to be follow these instructions means all have been here than i could do that is available it was and stem
when sounds like he's actually saying one going to have me what i did you know the identity but he just turned at work
yes and i got this was passed on this is what worked for me you can try it but that enjoyed end of it sounded
yeah that's what it sounds like a man that don't exist anymore you know just do this now you know because he knows
well i think this was this was out and about and used in ten thai buddhism and so i think in terms of oral tradition he wrote it down but i think this was that how how were any of these things written they were out of the actual practice of meditation people disk
covered certain things and wanted their dime of buddies to know by the way if you're feeling kind of gloomy try this okay i'll try it but but each it's it you have to take each one of these things with a light light is and i appreciate you bringing it up in solos and in particular we we don't say
very much rate about these things we leave it up to each person to discover for themselves what's going on and where there where they need some attention they bring it to practice discussion your jokes on that such and such as happening in fact i remember once a sheen seven
described this sinking mind and it was sinking in such a way that they felt they were sinking the word sinking was interesting because they thought they were sinking down down like through there's off who and down into the into the sabaton time through the floor they were sinking literally and you know it was like jerk
he said it was really great to have these and because i had never heard of that quite like that that someone actually felt they were they were to go through the floor it was that strong a sinking sensation so but if we are kind of leaving it up to people as adults you know to discover on
their own what's going on with them what they want to bring up
which is why it's a good idea to one talk to somebody
it was a hand over here yeah it just seems to me as for years that why you never saying that monkey mind that it seems very appropriate our mind is very tricky it's devilishly clever and it's and so we have these bag of tricks counteract it you know sometimes this nose in an artwork's
and then the monkey mind gets around that so then you have to pull out another trick or mantra because it's always it's so clever and it's so quick that that we use one giving where l a it's a giving and then our mind learns what it is and it beats it and then we have to come up with another gimmick in it seems the trick is
to to not get attached to any one can make our mantra because then i i glance at and it's useless then it becomes useless and it's almost i can't have a rotating bag of tricks to deal with your mind as where it seems to do people understand what to
ilya same and then the outdated by a mutating virus like hundred like schaeffer and i just want to stop here for a minute to say that what and is talking about is not learning meditation this is learning meditation and i think it's really helpful to look at the literature that's there and the tradition as
and this is very helpful i found it helpful to be exposed to this kind of thing and to know that jogging is saying the zazen i speak of is now learn meditation it is simply the dharma gate of joyful ease the practice realization of totally culminated enlightenment
which is think not thinking which is why this weekend's as think he was so unusual and such a
ah you know different from all these other meditation takes they had come before which we're focusing on these kind of very simple things that you know everybody should know you know everybody should know that
you know your breath audible gasping breath is not really healthy you know these are the this is like the sport you know the sport of meditation where you you kind of exchange or pet or running shoes by because these ones are really good
so but i will i just want to make that clear that although dogan was steeped in this new this backwards and forwards when he when it came time for him to come back from china and right his meditation takes he felt like what he was bringing was the szabo gonzo
ill or the a true dharma i the practice that was handed down from shakyamuni buddha all the way through down through to his teacher and it was this it wasn't the learning meditation this will in some ways can get you in lots of
trouble trouble meeting gaining idea you know i'm going to if i do this then this is going to happen he's saying you already
your practice in and of itself is is enlightened activity is brewed activity
but this is some
often we need attention in these very areas how to arrange your robes and
bring your attention or who this lower part of your body
another question that would someone had in the world
are you finding this disturbing learning hearing all these things so i'm wondering about getting com a copy of this shirt this is actually am
from i have no idea how this translation is this is a very early book called the secrets of chinese medication by charles look to remember that it was very early it was in the sixties or fifties i think that this came out ten heart
the word an army
an army feel like i was insects are grown yes this is also the
he has been there all the expression mchugh oh have you heard the word macho
audible sensory sensory things that happened during sitting there
disturbing you know hearing things seeing things feeling things hot and cold and visual stuff so these are understood as
the products of and stabilized minds are doing meditation incorrectly where were you get it some kind of trouble people get into trouble
sometimes he has exposed to look l u k but we can directs this we can xerox distant past us out what everyone like a copy of this this isn't a whole thing
this has got
she's parts of it
heard jury is ch i h dash i
c h h is pronounced jour
tn time jury
is a selections from the essential method of sitting meditation by stabilization and contemplation for beginners but will xerox this
it starts out with a section that is a little you might not like it called rebuking all desires
yeah i don't like so much
but it's this is something that dogan doesn't go into which is what are the preparations that someone does who wants to practice meditation what kind of how do they leave their life and
you know you're also before us and it suggested that channel on jiggly also to that you first make a vow right the first thing
that he says in here is the bodhisattva who studies preciousness us should first aroused the thought of great compassion make the extensive vows and then carefully cultivate somebody bowing to save sentient beings he should he or she should not seek liberation for him or herself alone
the triangle and giveaway by as the so on by sense if he starts out how to use wouldn't before you sit meditation where you make this vow to the bodies up about save our beans in you carefully cultivate your your one point in this in order to
to realize this bow dogan doesn't talk about that
or how you live a life outside of he's just
he just launches in but this was known this this kind of it was known how you regulate your life and you practice the precepts in you
so he doesn't go over that material which was a kind of given
but every this has it rebuking all desires and it has a lot about it it's it's for the mail
the grenade thank you for coming it was that review macos ios
the rebuking the
now that it's it's written for male celibate monks in hot countries you know
and so it's starts so
and here it goes into will actually says male and female
it's for monks and nuns to repulse craving for form involves all pleasant appearances of the male and female with attractive eyes and brows red lips white tea and so forth so am i mean hurt you
the anyway
it's about the sense it's about getting caught incense sense objects you know and food and stuff too so it will we will
can out next week or or maybe we can do it during this we can put it out on the in office and then those of you who aren't here during the we can pick them up next week
how we doing oh it's kinda guy
ah the brace
yes as one lie under thirty thousand trips me up written he said if you want such a thing get to work on such thing
yes which that always something really like like
really i die while i'm going to dig in the yes yes yes sir
dude says something is grim cheerleading kinda enthusiasm we are encouraging ah
it's a strong statement there in the other translation it's if you want to attain such this you should practice such this without delay but it does have the word want it's true
my feeling about this new translation is
especially because it's right after talking about aiko henshaw you know twenty nine back it's like
start practicing turned into like back now there's no waiting just now do it you know like that so that's
it sounds like there's no time for gating ideas just turn the light back is how i i understand it
i understand a ninety year an apartment renters already been oh man i just don't just do it better yeah
but there's a sort of urgency about in the head fire campaign yes
i shall we keep going till nine we just have a temperaments i had wanted to read

but i didn't breed
this is the problem of having so many wonderful books
this is about
neither than so tiny that first one in our in our comparative group or in jovians
first for cancer any text talks about it but in later manuals jovian does give some hints about the breath he gets into a little bit more
and it says we are this is where we are to begin the practice by taking a breath and exhaling fully during meditation the breath should pass through the nose and should be neither rasping or restricted neither too long nor short
neither too weak nor forest and it says here dogan seems to be echoing jury so it's is obvious he knew this jury text that we're going to direct few here it is about the foul air here dogan seems to be echoing jury who recommends that before settling into meditation one expel all the foul air through them
and that when a amen a fine type of breeding yes that's that's what i mentioned before there's one other place that dobyns indulgence works where we find the information on the topic of breathe in a formal lecture given it a haiti and preserved and here's this is exactly what i was hoping i brought
and i did bring it it's this
a lecture that he gave okay a hate you shall i read it
from from dogan when amongst six in meditation he or she should first straighten average as just gonna read it as it is but you understand it's he or she okay
when amongst sits in meditation he should first straightened his body and sit erect and then control his breathing and his mind in the case of the hinayana they are basically two methods for such control the counting of the breath and the contemplation of the impure in a yannis use the counting of br
with to control the breathing but the pursuit of the way of the buddhists and ancestors is very different from that of the hinayana
a buddhist ancestor has said though you produce the mind of a mangy fox do not practice the self regulation of the two vehicles these two vehicles are represented by such schools as the shimbun reach you or the cushion school's current today
the mahayana also has a method for regulating the breath it is to know when the breath is long that this is a long breath and to know when it is short that this is a short breath
the breath reaches the field of cinnabar and exits again from the field of cinnabar inhalation and exhalation may differ but they both depend on the field of cinnabar
my former master tn tomb that region has said the breath interest to the field of cinnabar but it does not come from anywhere hence it is neither long nor short
the breath exits from the field of cinnabar but it does not go anywhere hence it is neither short nor long
this is what my former master said
if someone were to ask me how the master controls the breath i would simply say to him that it is not the method of my yana but it is different from indiana
it is not hinayana but it is different from mahayana if he were to ask again just what after all it is i would say that inhalation and exhalation are neither long nor short
so that's goggins account of buddhist reading
so he associates hinayana with this counting the britain and it's not too
ah diminish the
ah efficacy or the the usefulness of the healthfulness of counting the breath
ah but he's pointing to a practice that's not dependent on counting or dependent on
nearly anything but awareness you basically he feels the miami is to know than a long breath is long to know that a shortbread the short but his own teacher talks about this inhalation and exhalation the breath comes from nowhere that goes from nor in and out of the field of cinnabar and it's neither long nor short
meaning and beyond
category feel it's just ah
it's completely just what it is it's such this which is beyond conceptualisation you can't categorize it as long or short it's just such this

so let's get there
i will be for those of you in the practice just to remind your i'm going to tell a hard tomorrow
for ah
for five days i'll be back
on saturday
or maybe friday night riding on your sanity
last time
the last class is next week that's the sixth class from matches