The Fourth Precept

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his corresponds to a stretch of use it
if an english word right
if we use the word right and very wide variety of
if you look in a dictionary or you're right about age is key
and i something like right on brightness

right also has a physical need to as an appropriate steps to make something to say right but you're right some
right issues for backup section job
and needs means the rightness of the way things could be the are the underlying principles upon which because most of the universe is based

so need something like the truth
of things and that means of course the particular teachings of buddha dharma that he stopped by the food of the teachers
it's also time
taking refuge in the dharma

a first of all is a willingness to recognize that such a thing exists at all
i improvement people kind of step
to be willing to acknowledge that
there may be some countries
non arbitrariness to university you can find out about are eager to be in accordance with not required

but somehow it seems that
a direction and the last several hundred years
has been to accept that idea of more and more war in the round of
oh a scientific world to realm
the physical universe into and to abandon that you've worn line of work in floral africa
which was the first just the first you know prior to the science of the gauge everything it was universally accepted
there was some
god's law hours and kind of universal principle of
oh how to do things and
he was out
your immortal soul can be i know product and package incorporated and as someone i was recently was pointed out
behavior that we would take to be extremely bizarre or psychopathic today with customers to be
quite acceptable or you know several hundred years ago recent speech idea of bringing somebody alive
for heresy
you not
today we think again and saying but it was actually have a socially accepted practice it was soon to be rather passionate defense that what was important to the society was out you and the status of your soul and god
as i understand the rationale bizarre is it may sound today
you got somebody to repaired and then burn them quickly for the had a chance to backslide to have a quick and he went off and the purchasing the writing in our moral tone
you know what to look out with several hundred years difference to just it all seems completely trashy for
at the time i think it to you know the people who perpetrated this was the where the moral leaders of the society
the other driver anyway
but i think they i i think a and passionately of gives you in first
and more more son if you will be counted as well as anyway
get all based on the idea that important thing in the like a some guy
being in accord with some moral principle of the universe and you know the details of
of how atoms behave so forth was not at all of interested people pulling out
you always can do i think vary widely accepted authority of of what science that the body scientists tells us that yesterday
they misbehaved mr way and stuff the year
practical out on the wall that is threatened us all back and we figured out those things about him the first and we can manipulate you use them that they are true is what
may destroy us on the other hand there has come you know more and more relativity into the realm of human behavior and so it's actually rather difficult for helping us to imagine that your views on
not arbitrariness or non relativity about
ha ha
our own choices and actions
the kodama years specifically meetings not so much of the law of gravitation right
magnetic attraction but the law of karma
and be
the inescapable with of that whether you believe in it or not doesn't matter
at the functional process will occur rather in personally as a kind of
inescapable logic to the way to your organization

what i would calling recently are hard wired
charlie tablet you know the way we're wired together he was just a certain way and whether or not you
we just of get where you're not even have all sorts of other ideas about it just happens to be that way and
and this is supposed to be the dharma which the buddha
you put discovered or
gotten inside it to and simply convey
in very much the same way that scientists don't believe a they bad sign that they discover it for through observation of course script
repetition checking things out
come to this knowledge
so although there is no god exactly improve isn't there is a sense of
some sense of of dharma at a kind of absolute or
not exactly arguably although you may not be made it perfectly acceptable to approach it with a certain degree of skepticism not expect it to
q are taken at face value without question in fact
the whole string of teaching represented by cnn is more than europe required really to replicate the experimental process of the with yourself and true a yarn with to yourself by
when you're actually not not expected to worth of guess it isn't considered to be enough to simply accept it because you read about it because we fear it could also that you'd have to test
so you are
take refuge in the dharma don't mean a willingness to question your own presuppositions and beliefs and a willingness to try out the
worldview of buddhism but it doesn't imply that you have to fit your accepted uncritically early out
without trying it out yourself by explain
she might say
again using with science and average death
you know what you study science in school a lot of out of high use that certain classical experiments are to farming labs or die you
you can see how that particular
a piece of knowledge of was originally derived
and that's considered as lab work now that's considered to be necessary as we've got a books and you're not considered to be a well trained scientist for biologist or whatever has you're going to die fashions that we've actually seen it and begun to experiment
actually considering how the knowledge was derive in our faces
so in the st waiters and experimental body experimental lord
mostly found in education alive practices which can reproduce the inside to garner which the buddha and his successors
our contain
i can't push this science now you too far
it's not
you know part of the dharma it a discovered is that we live in a non repeatable drinkers
so you can't exactly repeat the experiment get exactly the same results because no two people are and no to instance of the universe are precisely alive
once you discover is
the dharma added it is revealed through you and your own experience which is to some extent you leave
so that's why buddhism can't be taught in a classroom again can be talk like you teach your english literature is because
part of the process of teaching it to someone is he was embracing them to created himself
out of an individual material and
at the same time you you teach are also creates are you
so in fact the process of
featuring madonna and in the west is is created new buddhism
he didn't know his expertise to say how the actual experience of it for us is not the same because we're we're not orientals we often have a very different culture and folklore
i have this is confusing the to said with include this aspect but
you know how want you to safely i put isn't isn't exactly science i am
i had a dialogue about this with dr hobbies
he didn't really agree with me i said you know buddhism as a lot like science because meditation practice like during an experiment on yourself
we are really out of work out
you know
maybe we should emphasize the religion side of things
but maybe yet to technological and idea of what i meant by and then more the original sense if you try something out rather than just taken on faith is believing it his aristotle said shows you know many hundreds of years in europe
basically the authority very to was aristotle know you've tried it out of custody bridge
when people like galileo credits dropping down and watch what happens
and i was all surprised no one really when it's amazing to think back and realize it for a long time i recruited anybody to do that
i just wasn't
but it's also equally surprising from orient point of view but in the entire history of western society culture it never really occurred to anybody to do yoga
and sit cross legged for ten or twenty years to see what happened to me to to and oriental for any motors and she's like an obvious experiment you're going to do it in way most obvious basic fact is shaved week we would suddenly appear in his body mind and what is it what's going on well but you're gonna find yeah
and if you do it but in spite of it's obvious
no one ever tried it is far and i know i mean maybe you know you can take christian mystics get a lot of solitude and his prayers so for me to sort of
what kind of yoga don't talk from got on the whole it never really entered for become a part of western culture at all
and so a great deal of what
he's taken for granted and sort of obvious
about the world
in cultures which reason first and he's he's not part of our experience not so
we have a great deal of skepticism about you're not to be haven't done any of the and in the ground out
we don't have you know centuries and centuries of of the gradual infiltration of that body of knowledge into the general
make something you know just what as in our society there's a sort of infiltration into the general body of knowledge from the basic discoveries tenants of science that which is more like should check it out of your family to personally
no one's really a very age by television set because it kind of goes along with what science for you and radio tv
but you know it took a long long time to the expected for that
method progression to to build up
so in the same way
the idea of dharma or of away for the dow some underlying principle of the way things go
he is something which i think it's rather hard for us to have essential
maybe if we find it if it offends are higher
the sense of individualism your more freedom you feel as though he should be free to create our own jarmo should be under some constraints
have some that
the are think but that's a little bit like saying we should be free to fly
we can be in should be free to jump off the roof fly and there's no reason why we should be restricted to that and you know the reason that we don't think that is because you know i suppose somebody tries to provide that was all the experimentation was necessary to determining the not something that the average person should should really attempt
the simply was bears on a dime of that fence as he worked for us to to to be to fly and the same way
certain things that you very much like to have a happy to pay for instance be banished life for all the wonderful good
and behave how an issue and a ago
one of the story points of buddhism practically speaking is in one has to get get through one's had the fact the inescapable fact out
what we call suffering which means related he will be
principally haven't to get it to be a very while unless the train
we do not come out of the moon finished
this is you know with donna
of our particular nature the kind of consciousness that we have the kinds of kind of eased if we are you can we are not finished being
well we have to work
here's some special he worked that we need to do in i like to
to complete our potential and is is called practice
again in in oriental society the idea of living your life without a sense of practices the traditional society ways rather bizarre and we'd be wiped off the in human be like some have original
hairy creature
happy for us we are images more that
and much as possible we should live free them all restraints or limitations you wouldn't want to do
it's just a very different idea and
you know when you go maybe others have mentioned it in in in china chinese and in five languages that there isn't a worthy correspondence correspondence in our english word freedom
because it's not an observable back the those cultures
rather hear words like being in accord with or the feeling of being one with the dharma in a way that you feel your inward feeling is you feel good you are a piece
you have a feeling the and but it isn't you don't have some arbitrary ability to do whatever you want to do

i mean for having for americans freedom includes the been with the ability to throw it can can down you just need a pet
however we think it's you know should be with not think that's on the edge and elders
here's some new interest in trying to to but you know the initiative to stop it's really to try to legislate that by by by greed basically of by making it a valuable monetary were hoping to change people's behavior rather then i think know in japan it's much
more to send you don't have a law about it how would be kind of security but rather simply train your shoulder you know i'm posting from the lounge just shameful
now you go for into the trashed would be considered blocked by
to any read to just five thousand gallons
because i know how out
corporate operating within what you just grow up as the minimal acceptable behavior and the same way you wouldn't advocate your pants not mean are should ever be considered you i'll create year to get that isn't a job me i think we accept that
and to degree
helping anybody would computer that to be you know a rack and which fenton of freedom and connect you know if the i'll have to deal with where you draw the line
but the idea of time i used for that
real freedom or real liberation really means to
find defensive record with the diamond all around you
which requires
practice can do so do it instinctively
so again part of what it means to take refuge in germany's to be willing to run
oh to expose your own people tree tree precipitation
and kind of attitude of radical questioning that can expose the hidden assumption will be all
it hardly needs
author to be willing to question the substance abuse site which
required a certain energy and fix buddhists particularly in in the west rather like
not exactly to be fairly in accord with the
i've done and assumptions of society
i was going to stay in fast food is lounge with the rebel
how may be going with a little too far but certainly
to be a buddhist
and the credit circumstance
it makes you a little bit radical
because you are you're operating at the level of basic assumptions question
and as you can see with the next wonder she's song that you end up
through this experimental
our investigation into dharma you end up you never avoided
creating a somewhat different kind of society of fun
a society which is based on principles of done yeah
and lsu
if not for
as the culture
well it
a more into coaching
yeah our entire society can be know will be going the wrong direction a certain contacting their fine
no not to put yourself in accord with what which was strange reason called the foolish common people
development ministry
you know this is the phrase it actually a technical term
i mean you know just ordinary folks who don't have much sense of anything and they do all kinds of things with you
i get if you can
not much consciousness in it
so you align yourself and buddhism with
a vertical and horizontal society a vertical side of
of the lineage or the predecessors of those people in each generation of who had been through the foolish common people and they're doing and if they are they are the society that you align yourself with to try to be worth it
and horizontally in your own site you allow yourself to align yourself with those people who are committed to
some kind of contract life
and naturally enough yes if the balancing act that if the able to function within at the flying
while you're your it as aligned with a different society and there a problem
they have found
if you have to function
every day thirty people fifty nine hundred eighty third expectation
yet in a secure line
down if you are a fundamental of the way down
well that's where the whole idea of song that comes into healthy because the saga traditionally and i want to start with talking about the traditional institution founded to saga has ever been a exclusive club with some time on which team you are
a the wall if never know wall
in which the zombies separated from
the inside and on the whole history of buddhism has been in the direction of
breaking down the wall to whatever extent the existed rather than going into a restaurant i'm talking about that the idea of the bodhisattva vow living in the world and safe i'll be for i would say that buddhism started out with more sense of a wall and later
came up with there worth more than initially of the world we the ordinary world been a dangerous place for spiritual practice in the one shooting some way of retreat from the or minimize your contract for the this tends to empathize
the monastic vocation
and that's what monks and nine do and early buddhism tending to a poor among known as the examples of those who seek dharma and everybody ought to be somehow coffee
more and more i think party at the from pressure from the option
who can get to go on you there was a different movement and in which maybe this parallel to it which was on the other direction to treat the saga nodding a refuge from
and it's diluted society to you him but rather a
a refuge for the whole society
the really it was ultimately there for the benefit of any
and of course for to function as been officially they hadn't had some
a potion contact and role will unify and it's a have you participated in society in great
ah but added they'd the critical advantage of his found the for an individual is did it it gives you refuse to give you a place in which you can
the inevitable conflicts and tensions between the kind of after you're making to live a more conscious
the of life and the inertia of
daddy large and always trying to pull you down
the the father gives you the court to new canaan
if you look for it to fit then center
however when people come from
i mean how did they all get here he wouldn't live in the well
we don't really talk about this too much for them back to pakistan scenario good
he's fairly well known not only in the united states and foreign countries
means that from everywhere people either way here
the like time
or not
ah the mere existence of such a place in the fact that there are people maintaining
an institutional continuity of buddhism
is extremely important people live i'm sure if you would probably be back to your own life it
the difference between now and point five years ago when you would only a few scattered books that you find hidden away in the metaphysical bookstores by be in a few added experience exotic things now and now there's all these proliferation actual
dharma centers where there are people
trying to to live the kitchen
it can get system to whole thing
and already i think you can say that
well you know twenty years in the time span of buddhism was not actually very significant yet but going in twenty years i would say that
founding of all the various and buddhist dangerous
in the west is beginning to have an impact on society as average as well but it's very difficult for an individual to do much both the individual can do is to join his or her energy with a saga which condemned have sufficient
in fact to for you relate to the society at large back i think through the saga
rather than
you know if people are talking about how difficult it is for damaged it
i'm from a kennedy with with to try to figure out how do
cope with your work situation where other people are not that and i
i'm expecting actually
how to talk about them as you go on quests
but i wouldn't attempt you were to raise your hopes too high on export it was not whole lot to do
as one person
just you know you against the world but to the yeah
the port structure of the song i do a great deal
no five or ten people together as a saga
can do a lot more for themselves and for others and of st barbecue people each operating alone out there with those questioned well the simple fact of the
this is that an order of okay
you can help you for all of the handsome that i have to a certain time
of pocket like to be on
why he hadn't the world
more open to
because of the ability to recognize
contract and car before
nowhere as we're concerned about a delegate because and that
a the population yourself
because because we're a team of expected
well recognized
for your income is pretty low
i mean i suppose you could think of various explanations for the different
i think we understood probably simplest explanation is good at any which has been interested in kurdistan
if something that has two or three by the phone after china construction and beverage
and but even here somehow
here now for no doubt yeah but a course in ancient india was launched at word and people huge country
it just you know if any possible explanation you know one possible explanation which may not make us feel so good at it a good job
there is some racial different chat
are those cultures in genetic stocks they had more energy to yup'ik experience with coming around to it a little bit remedial
anyway i be i don't know how fruitful to speculate on your readers it certainly does seem to be a fact that has taken us our culture a long time in spite of many centuries of
have contact with the you know beginning with the european explorer way back in the for two hundred and fifteen hundred
you know the jesuits were the first
westerners to come to japan and fifteen hundred
and there are a jesuit track
about vittoria can show the teach you the mysterious then school and they wrote about it and they studied actually and they had hadn't actually quite a lot of respect for a
in fact the yet good first impression in japan was it was a very civilized country by your team can we except for two things which the judge with found calling one homosexuality or there was be fantasize both which the time would rather complex
and bet you thought well you know either either country where can you expect but they're doing pretty well given the fact they haven't heard the good word and the course the japanese on the other hand it what they were seen
from the west was totally barbaric and yeah you know
but they couldn't believe how inferior your competitors
yeah these first contact between countries you have pointed up reading why and it is true that the by most ordinary standards of no health and be well fed and cleanliness all those things a japan and china were
the most advanced
the realization in the world some laundry the time
maybe about seven or eight years
they were definitely most major respects more advanced
so it's true the cultures are much older man and just developed differently
maybe developed with less discontinuity it be
shamanistic groups of use practices which go back into the stone age will one
maybe have to do with also with the historical development of christianity which for whatever reason is pretty self of many of those strands within it which became a yoga practice like not getting another thing
those things were historically purged from christianity quite early and so do not do remain in the dominant spiritual traditions of our society and they were never purged from india
that also get creature could figure am a coincidence that apparently the dock in reincarnation was was an acceptable belief in christianity children are hundred
on the in general don't have read that relegated
but some council on a knife and he decided it was begun for wet food that point on and was nowhere reincarnation be talked up unless you wanted to be one of these people that
dr pepper
anyway it's interesting to speculate why is that gap that we haven't
somehow develop the side of myself
an extra money to pay our are true
mean in america we don't we don't we don't even have the contrary the european cup five by her we rejected define the extent to which there was continuity iraq as part of what america was rejection of europe and was built by people who rejected europe feel noise
where i can just now get back to be like been left behind the your at much less for europe
anyway we're getting a little bit partial funding
happy to get
of everything in a very long you how you here
i don't really like the idea of you thought of
and race being superior to any other damage radio before thousand years ago
now they're filming challenges insects and photo do you make my overall and were practicing yoga can teach me that you know the cash on shipping it takes for having your hat and for something like can cook it be and i have a guaranteed that you like that
he acquired the a typical idea if you know if you're honest you can bring up
water or you don't think that and you know in the water the early and teachers are basically did not see how people like i said that could make much headway cooking workers you weren't japanese now idea
from was probably even in poughkeepsie
a larger more that training from the you not to digital
let's get our cars
all the japanese and demonstrated it gets to priori that netflix i drive young car
the get back on the we are talking about being an currently surrounding thing coming out of your room and imperfect than having to teach me
if i wasn't on the account you have not gotten the feeling that there is a of children and for my thing more record the thing and adopted at the you have something to the quarter things that you may lose the complainant childhood or referring the did a fatality of people
the coming becoming lost wonderful and treatment and perhaps you know that the maybe they came out the window bit more perfect than mccain
became a couldn't treatment in england where well we have to get the right vocabulary really discuss these things accurately a matter of perfect and quickly
you are born not black but we clearly delineated propensity for create delusion
the main reason
and anybody who lives my children knows but it doesn't take long to start expressing it began on a whole they expected less restrained and even adults few i mean adult you don't learn but you can't scream and amp up down and throw it can ruin a for to get what you want you could have even a new they of those men compete for you
the main reason of children a period us to be from my orientation so for be fit
it takes them a while to get hotter didn't
they don't their parents for those behaviors don't run should be we have our ability to love
to let go they don't hide everything quandary quality something that you
you go up by
karmic repetitions but there's no idea buddhism and somehow children iraq in infant or pure because in fact of suitably they're not who i didn't really talk about that i got of think partly probably have met the idea of the of the parents being acquired but if it's not so much
that they're actually born with the pattern that the development the propensity them and the pattern good at definitely that difference right and then i met
if there's some idea of a off project to
but are an accountant to do with and or to prefacing and i cannot you where is that
it that from what acquired to
i'm not sure i've got this idea that i i
now i have decided that there was an idea that if and said that when you child to might be able to
but that's what apartment by being an accord with your surroundings
the that that children might be able to be to do
can you and different
yeah well if they do you problem that really account
it doesn't really know it fairly significant that that's true and that is true children on older
the guards were baldwin i think dogs are because you don't think so much so in accidents my fingers slightly more or less a dualistic in their perceptions their perceptions or more
you know
if not awaiting perception is
if that your misperceptions could not get awakened
and they're bound to awaken though it's nothing that you can really looked you very hopefully and
children movie i saw quite financially as they become interested more and more interested in trying to get what they want it often do and i'm afraid that
the the idea of children be more purity innocence if you are not really much of a good idea
if you want to talk about somehow to
group of people talking earlier for towards
generosity you been loving company if there is it that believed to be completely acquired the children that that you can all the women the daddy are you come out of away with them houses degree hey over the country without it or the other potential to he are you have both and your the conditions that you live in determine how it goes
yeah you know you to go up according to the law of karma and their partly use round
oh for a drink a thirteen mp to develop well too bad circumstances you to world but it's not like can have to train them to be to be have after logging in pakistan yeah yeah
give me the first and it after the trial of the impact that it i think what the free agent
a child
whatever every that if it's not part of everything fit separate let's make the mantle or three man who pay for survival the man
the earth
sure if you make an air and time
if a graph as a lot of those things would get the in yeah great again a
security though the phoenix as your order to get off sexual behavior but then have to be learn either there's a cave
the good work together and that the first things that happen rather child from the man show me how as and grow up and buddhism really a job fair and say
is i mean i think the main good as idea for children and child raising did you raise the child in such a way that
the dharma is accessible to them when they're old enough to see that
but practically speaking
the earliest age i've never seen anybody practice dog him started from their own observation feeling of why you would do with adopted key
and that's about i would go much really i think you have to go through the work
oh making an adult body mind
which is good a certain can fish your parents and society can provide and there are the spiritual genius in school had some great spiritual insight the age of seven eight but on a whole
basic situation of truly is the fairest heritage credit and and everything that they do good or bad on will not to contract
you might say that you know where i tried to explain this before his death
he good job
buddhist practice is
continuation into your whole life of what you do when your child to figure out how to survive but the world all about the most people just don't continue that to stop when biologically process is completed but actually the point at which
parties began to that when you have the equipment necessary to actually make something
that kathy figured out our physical the bible further divided and conquered there is that what we i think that keep your dad are difficult to i over realize you'd think they'd that there's a lot more than two picnic
given you have to act because you weren't what's going on what did i get you already have preferred to move in the that that's right and
that say in extension adult here and if it comes earlier in your life
could be costly the proposing
you know some people are spiritually precautions that you have a spiritual crisis really was
you'd be kind of crisis but for other people that happens the young healthy was natural to have a midlife that would be time biologically when it was natural begin asking awkward questions or images question and yeah
characteristically in buddhism if you look at be literature of when they imagine people becoming long-term so what i think they felt with an affair or early adulthood
but the good decision to seek the dharma with something that would occur to you about the age of twenty i don't think they allow
anyone to be fully ordained to the sound of a cord injury
twenty or should i thought today
that you only child but historically but that's not considered job that you know
more like church school
so the actual decision to practice is one of you have to make yourself and for like you know been old enough to drink or drivers are old enough to blow you have to have a kind of the ability to make a geography yet
the one thing i've had that that
if we divide your child to grow up
i could
you'd better have it
he could connect to be worth a read that
i found that
or even he wanted
a boy
actually be able to peacefully
how does that happen
it does that and practically clinton cannot be a big difference in like one
to be pretty good
i know
well it would be nice if it without a straightforward
but unfortunately it's a lot more complicated really critical japanese children are really just the way you say but very few japanese young adult have a wider interest whatsoever in anything happen to do for you because there's a lot more going on
a child growing up and get the parents you know if the whole society and their peers and and is what seems to be app and the amazingly enough most about for probably not read that why you need here we are
i'm a week and in size releasing the be present recension as somebody st how interesting
video can be
ah it's something that it's come up in the society culture you're not it's not acceptable
the party
i'm is very inferior and doesn't operate i mean you didn't you know on a whole the whole god remember the incarnation is not central good the thought of something that buddhism took on india in the way to what was happen but still there either
and that
very difficult really adequately explain what happened to put on a date when you seem to be like dislike if you raised one person perfectly with you every before they become a criminal he raised somebody like eleanor roosevelt
at is horrible childhood everything went wrong now treated between the same
are there examples that always know that you know speak during hard to
you are you can say is that be the way in which people delicate not exactly fully accessible to irrational mine
the military to have children and you know the children i mean to get active for a question children very very dramatically in the way through the are the people who care for finding can tell stories about how radically different than the word go
i'm not moment they can now you're just given and some it seem very non dualistic continues and all that other children can profoundly realistic from the first hour
magnificent are
actually you know i what we mean by non dualistic thinking not really what should give me a little bit more like
i really can't get into much detail vegas
sure what we showed our resembles that of to attack one but it's not for the getting like the st louis
it's more like be the fool possibility of the guard selfishness haven't yet occurred
when they seem to be promoting in a in a the of innocent but
typically not exactly the same at all
it's something that if it were young then before this would be much easier because you just kind of and how to breathe it and keep it can be a hard
perverted a distorted but actually i think the message here is that this is a profound existential problem for all to the been and it doesn't come naturally to anymore
in fact
that idea here is something a little language and
yeah there's no real short cut the cake and in the tech that you read buddhism adaptive that proved that they give you a good point of buddha
in fact you know who is that you know spiritual get our lives basically get a terrible time as the most of the great
a spiritual teachers and i'll go get it does seem to be historically the case if those people who develop into the greatest ages work part of that
and there was hardly anyone for whom it came leave it
and yeah
the an interesting point that suzuki roshi mentioned several times and a people keep your you and mention too many villa which is that if your superficially skillful something you had a knack for something
you've actually end up having a very hard time as
so in some ways actually historically those who had the most difficult
a spiritual journey i made the best teacher and think that we had the most impact on people
and those who had a easy failing on hold because we're not talking here about some kind of like being able to draw we're talking about
seeing through are fundamentally addressing the universal condition in and from that point of view the more you suffer the morning you get it
if you are insulated from older you get enough apply in buddhism in able the celestial beings who
for some long a period of time are kind of clean and new and suffering are considered to be quite
historical sorrowful creatures because they they don't know learn
it just got live in it and you know put this kind of absorbed the idea that such beings existing about really examine too much nowadays they get there are such been
they're in a very bad situation because
they can get in touch with anything they don't stop cyber they don't have bodies they don't die and what will after the yeah we could eventually though this good situational an and after feel quite hear that they wasted too much time and what that means for us practically is that any human being in a situation like
like that where they are insulated from all
back to life and speak or in a very dangerous circumstance
because when they wake up to it don't have so much remorse in feeling like they've missed out that will be very hard to recover
yes i am i found children
the chosen for cat can we hurry up by the husky now and spiritual leader he wrapped by the problem confident that every county and the very
educating him
you're feeling it don't have to do i was in new york and i i almost went into it and i somehow thought it was one of these exorcist type of them
because and you know it's on a shiny i added
artistic exactly like back and an electric telegraph idea
yes i too early here
hundred or something and found you know if i up that we operate fifty on man
looking beyond survival com we then question feel free to take down for further and ask asked questions about locked into the credit
contact about the idea is to to that one has to happen comfortable situation for really start looking at it
now on the other hand if then implies that people had come from particular people
that has occurred when a patient care of it for denied opportunities
how would it be
integrated a good thing that in other could be very happy to help you up
on japanese culture being a very strong sense of tv
the best possible here show as wire controversial is jack exposure to busy found it very hard to understand how we could possibly try to make monastic practice work with families because from a japanese for you to present a camel your first responsibility is to be sure to your wife if your to provide
i'd give an education and not to be neither and he just was amazed that we were trying to do get the cutoff age where you can maximize that the a pure living in a situation which is more closer to his subsystems are like think you know actually me not realize you're thinking our user would prefer
i'm a time to time
but still i think the value in that society is being you do the best pitch you possibly can for your children up to excuse not to a certain point and he just hoped for the best
but you know this around
this a business of of it's it's very mysterious how i use the people
he can use the question of whose days
it's kind of game we play sometimes that i play to see if i can forget
from first glance will stay i'm getting pretty good at baker emerged to be quite for yet
four weeks or get the natural food who seems to be the kind of people each day
or people that if they go you sense to me back
but it isn't exactly intelligence or
anything it's not some new projects the it it lily has lots to do with
just the underlying intention to do it which somehow gets a wait
if you're the kind of person inches
isn't satisfy the house and how scrutinizing this aspect of human life then you just are drawn again again to practice you'll be entered
to their last people who
our initially drawn to it and getting lives out for twenty years through you for it resurfaces
and so pac
go how we were yesterday
the country isn't there a type of soil be more nourishing can see like terms of society the society for certain values over others to terms with the passion and co-author to collect and cooperation i went over good rushing for
asking and to do you stop and perceived much more likely limousines and also can
cantor be people within so so we may not actually be here bus but they have very good skiing they're still a member of a broader sauna
there are certain things to work for of to nourish conditions workforce america when she was very unlikely place about pretty much you just stay here did not and it is true the last or form of sounded i like to mention
this so called from our hearts are not great soccer which is everybody
well the historical saga that is with months nicely with men and lay woman
no the second kind of song into your sanga the people in your action practices to your companions on the air
whose names he out particular people that have to be with you
he is constantly expanding
that's what actually
i mean the european now
buddhism has a santa hat
around our entire lifetime i don't think it's been very stimulating for it you might many about appears through to syndrome
he had much impact on
although checking again with the idea but if your friend started to practice than us so hard to people speaking of sounded mean the people that you're a question of life where we that be
and then to the to widest version of with all the night
aren't you sound and
that's the standard in which you to fill your bath liberate all
yeah he said
children you know as much faster and i interpreted
patrick's day
most people
like and you're gonna have one with distinction to was thinking what the loop
well i think which you know i've got infected someone asked where the ever carry a notebook rounds you could write down ideas that young man i've only had about three idea timeline
the great man hey i think what baker oh she's talking about is intentional giving page
it's almost like family
the inner dialogue that that run through our head all the time he's to submit their people more like a year
it's the fruit of our karmic at a running tape
it isn't it isn't a current it isn't karma strict sense given current intentional act and credit mom
so it has very little power it has only distracted power doesn't have no it now
and the kind of thinking that that produces something you
ah i thought like i gotta be talking about this new creation
whatever happens i got to be that cup that's a thought because it it has implications it's consequential you change your life and game
whereas you know just sort of lying in bed
here because
you know you got the next day you're you're going to be cursed not give you different so i didn't you can tell by the consequent whether and i think children now
ah like mike a particularly just you know coffee and district which just to jackie he did you can just sit there and tell tourist who felt even allowed in touch
ah but they really thinking exactly it's more like the inner movies to use the word of interaction
we we don't have a very accurate i guess from home infestation
and so it's hard for us to talk about but i think even observe a gift
very well i can finish how is a funny story rewatched help
which i kind of like historic lou a poet now unemployed growth megaphone
as an example out
what poetry hear what the difference between language of poetry for your language and ten years
walking along in a tour of one of the hot springs places like yellowstone relief will railing is bubbling cool worldwide kind of danger
and there was a tour guide and young person with you college student who was giving a hand
being now in his foolish is called which obviously humanity to be by he was just doing a jury mechanically without much sense got and while he was doing a couple of kids don't climb up on the rail
and so firmly in the middle of in dialogue he he blurted out in a very different tone the boy whose kid back
and to that that that's like com that's like a real bar or something that cuts through the
undercurrent of mechanical
the counter memorized or have been handled
we talk
that's the get and
who's kid is that that pm with the exactly what it means to write home is somehow maintain that tone
of intentional language network makes a great part to the
you can get one wine like that pretty easily but you get a whole poem it doesn't slip back before usually what happened to them you know middle column if if you have to a three line usually the first one thing
if partly inspired you but thing because you level of craft is not up to it you and a bright and commentary
rather than maintaining you know to be you're not patriotic
that each word kind of you just keep my out
hasn't stopped and knows the things you remember
come heart
seven is john david lewis carroll and or com one nine and it's not worth of food that's right on all kinda board of education and guys were starting you haven't you know on the last line you look out in the middle of the night and he i can fly contract
our older term paper on the
my crown even psycho historical and patient who is carol state of mind
how you able to copy
in practice gonna talk about empty i were in fact talking publicly about dealing with the garble like the wedding calling that they contained in a dialogue that better dialogue when you talk about anything might still be you're talking about trying to be spent with the
the inner dialogue and have three the mind an intentional thinking that if that would want empty mtv mind about it and well first of all i don't think that we generally would use crate empty mine
oh sure you did
hi tech
i think you might say going through the process of
it may be that the mind will empty out
that's a little different you don't make launch effort to do it because if you try you'll find it rather feed itself
but rarely you may come to
without really realizing how you may come to certainly a state of consciousness which in which you're just not doing it for one
and course the minute you noticed that you started doing you can be tricky but this fate of mind we call somebody and and it comes to your reading something that you produce it comes to you by not doing something else and a long period of time
a healthy weight
for everything relationship to the fact that you might have a kindle thought and i i get that drink professional my mind to fight to get rid of the thought that you get a job that if they can go yeah i get the timing when playing eight but in fact and wherever you can be rug but every time
you know and that's right
i came to me that everyone takes effect that way to that let them have a bad well it's unrealistic to expect them to stop sometimes because that's the way you can notice
there's something more fundamental than the ways but it's unrealistic to expect that water will not have way too much of the time but the point is if there's no when
have you experienced clear why sometimes and then for the first time you notice because water traveling just ways in the problem is that most people cause jennifer
i'm still with the way to define not with kind of filth
so we need to have some experience of our mind direct
and once you have that you're experienced of waves are you can distract think will not be
so difficult for your life won't have to say no
one catch your quite the same way because you're not identify
there is a kind of yogic practice
in which you consciously attempt you cut off all thinking
but it's not considered to be a buddhist plan a vacation
the reason he is that it's more like a gods vacation in buddhist parts or davis and has to say it's one of these celestial realms with feel very very good
and there are certain god who gave had actually lived in that round from me
did you call via the form of haven't no thought
and together consider to be sort of starlet or figures because they don't have to grapple with the problem of thing that's been lacking to take of with a little bit in a lot of really western interpretations of buddhist literature thought well that's what buddhism must be about awfully get pessimistic started is that
it's the grim pessimism of east instead of somehow tied in with it with economy of calcutta it was the way the smiths be used
but in fact this is i mean it's very likely that you know there may have been lots of buddhist got into that it's one of the common mistakes meditation practice because it's logical you think well thoughts the problems was stop it
as very you know childlike way of thinking about it and that's partly why you need teachers to identify with this vertical saga which is david to you in a written records of the teachers in the lord's hands down is that you know
after go through all those kinds of mistakes the historical buddha has been about four or five years and seems are protecting such practices before he decided it was not ultimately are grappling with pervasive problem was rather a a kind of
athletic spiritual technique to reach a certain very specialized state of conscious which
you know i saw a picture or like magazine one of these them
yoga is reputedly with data comparing himself alive at one am sticking out of three or four days may seem to agree we have hurt you
those kind of super normal capacities can be developed medical science is quite
have an explanation for how someone can survive like that but even why are these people look at you
and so forth and and the stock and cut down and kind of being suspended animals
but it was all to begin with
any more than not than now running have a nine eight hundred yard dash makes a good person
the mayor a not you can tell what use your made them with that ability
it's compare with the world's most deadly criminal could run and ninety eight hundred for a dash would notice having so good it is fundamental fundamentally ethics that's why his classes
a good in government class because really of the purpose of and the people who behave like the buddha not an affair with people who are stomachs you have an extraordinary power
they may incidentally had such galleries him
if you're going
oh wait wait to god
in my back the fanfare and your other half ago and i've been to have to go rafting
feeling like political