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writers on the bodyshop the can to emphasize those things which are you need to act like cash
so however soak away the our attitude about reception she's a little on the esoteric shock and shades
it's not explicitly stated anywhere in some tests
in one way and our understanding of bishops is different than added
so it has to be the understanding as to be put together from the general context the whole family condition
so today i am plan to speak to you
for the only child the class really historically to give you a little background about where these precepts come from him and their development
that is actually apropos to
what be
so start we have to go back to the time
and david very beginning me how created which is called the service
which are like dislike created today
practicing today
did you hear began as an informal group of students around the kitchen

the word word on only wedding version for
i wish she's good
the body of rules and regulations the i am a why a person could be kind or
the vinaya is is the
literature about the regulations for the case the community
new york
and the vinaya is a rather large region much about six volumes six three hundred page by
the actual list of rules is quite short
public schools of buddhism had somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred fifty
for had somewhat more for women
hard yeah it's just there is some have you do with limited to reply
have you been with age of ordination whether you can vary quality pitch
show so
this body rules as read a short but the literature and which explains their background how they came about it he's rather large and
we don't know of course when it is literature
to what extent is historical into a scanty for us it works put together later that we can all of this little choose totally for up until about one hundred g suite
so it's very hard to know
but it seems that there was
a clear intention in the literature to convey a sense of the rules the body of rules in developed rather situationally rather than being a tenancy act by the buddha thinking what i mean by the i'm in the of the actual the original saga with something very simple
and i believe the first ordination ceremony performed by to definite
is he was asked by a disciple

what she we start indications that there was that the
society of on waivers the collect around either
in a long historical tradition of forest aesthetics which and being a pattern of religious like india for centuries before the buddha and the basic modes of i expected behavior were already pretty much established
in the culture
and in fact the major precepts buddhism
are not at all that different from what you would find a guy interest in do texts about the life of of a show me how or pathetic longer
what was expected out himself he was not as though the the basic understanding of how much should be paid something to put it he founded on the spot the main rules were already basically a part of the culture to religious culture in you
there are other great teachers at the time of the buddha who also had
our communities and of celibate
monastic practitioners who followed also a very similar to mode of life
the the general dimensions of the regulation of the community room
we're rather i would say obvious fact to those who were off i don't think it requires and he was a big surprise to the attitude of prostate cancer
just the fact that i think assume although not necessarily by all strata indian culture because
the period of time involved the dominant looters forest from the society was vedic hinduism metastasized sized animal sacrifice
so it may be the provenance of
a vedic and bench who came into the buddhist like had to be reminded they would you give up all animal sacrifice to the something
anyway to get back to my main threat to the
the literature about the presets and in the pali canon
presents the material as though
ah something fresh which china came up originally there were no rules and and somebody does something in the community somebody kills
a frog
i forget i have to look back to others you to find out what if example yes they have several examples of various kinds of each sort of here
what characteristically occurred in the formula is that the lay people the lazy borders can help them has to community complained to the black
that they observed a monk not doing some can they did likely to me feel bad if you like supporting such a proof
so interestingly enough the arbiters or the the people who keep the monks reply are the those who support them
delay our supporters from whom the been extinct for all these were the ones who are their supporters of the his feet and the buddha calls for it for the miscreant to come forward
and if you have to remember the boot is omniscient so
trying to conceal your mischief and the buddha is not please read it anyhow
so it's never the case that the person did it they say they did back with on end goal is exactly the
so they always act as and then going to ask
you sound like
the formula inauguration due to all as from next and oh brother was this intentional be
and then he says if it was her voice and there's always examples given in every example open of been i have been up rule for example has been done intentionally and i feel politically government intervention and indicated it being done intentionally
the buddha in announces to the community or just is not a good thing to do this is not what a buddhist monks you do we should refrain from this activity the future and those who do this thing it shall be an offensive charity and gives the consequence the most siri
as ones are expulsion from the avoided
and those are called five grave his deeds
which correspond roughly to the first five of these not exactly the fifth from is gift but first foreign way our food great palaces
and then there are five different lesser right is
the i couldn't put on probation
to tomorrow
that china national serious and then
one which
a person has to confess before the whole assembly in it unless lesser ones still simply involve be reprimanded by an elder and then there's a whole body the largest seminaries miscellaneous want to
which there is not just here for more like details
in so
there are two things to be observed from this origin of the buddhist precepts one is the first of all they're not a kind of commandments from on high which are
a negotiated at some kind of strictures
what he served to point out that is why did they were whether or not a formula is exactly historical it seems pretty obvious that the the the compiler and of literature wanted to make it clear that it was built up out of experience out of experience and inquiry to the buddha
and in fact that the bhutto was recorded to extend towards the end of his life but if after you die they wanted to change the benign any are welcome to and would be up to them
so it was clear that can grow a brilliant idea of the vinaya was that it was
it was a body of
behavior behavioral guidelines that
what was considered necessary and helpful for the accomplishment of the task of practice
the next point is that
the consequence
a perpetrating these misdeeds was basically some version of being excluded from the community so
these are not he might say universal moral laws that free
like a blanket cover every living being very practical
indications of how a member of the buddhist community is expected to behave and if someone cannot be named that way it simply means they can't be part of that community but that family they can go elsewhere if you know
so there was a sense of this is our rules for our community these are our household
prefab modes of behavior if you can't behave this way you can't be part of the buddhist community
so the scope of the precepts in the early tradition is somewhat modest you might say time
some blankets or coefficients with the extent that the people who don't live that way or somehow condemned there is a course in the background of these precepts
and understanding of ways a kind of what is the consequence of karnak thieves
but these were not
that that background was not so much contained within the rules and sell themselves would rather than proposes a buddha statue
but related data is this idea of intentionality that the ethics of buddhism in it isn't ethics of attention
and sometimes we go to rather ridiculous lengths in the literature to to some example of funny tasting out in the gardens of the rules some of the rules it's very hard to think of us have a
have an unintentional
an example of the of the rule but they they really dream work hard because they want to make it very clear that what is the key here based on the greatest idea of kind of for intentional action the intentional for conscious willful
perpetration of the team
not that it happens accidentally your consciousness
it will have occasion i think top of a lot more about just what this distinction implies because it's very important for understanding of right action

and if i think maybe ready rather although course western legal system does incorporate some aspects of intentionality
have fun you know the idea that we hit somebody with a car if you were driving too fast but you didn't see them me some sense of we didn't intend to it so it's worth it negligent homicide
negligent manslaughter involuntary now involuntary manslaughter which is
i i think in some circumstances even a mr nutrients not so serious crime and as it goes to pre meditated murder wishes to aren't his idea of serious harm
with before buddhist
so are within that but but but isn't clearly understands the possibility of doing wrong things and not a to do so
so what that distinction if we will have to look at more closely because it seems to be quite important for understanding of the precepts

but two hundred and fifty regulations the precess were for the the the months for the monastic community
and the as monastic community a buddhist lay people were expected to follow five or protests on special occasions special days are special kinds of the year would follow tenth
and again it's fire very similar to the first five
list of the my first by i mean and conservative of the ten last one for ten prohibitory precepts and so
first five of those the
the bodhisattva precepts here is actually a combination of the three refuges which is the first section the three what's called the three pure presets which you don't find exactly that forms can be terrified or a fairly good is tradition and then a ten profit
dr been talking now that point a prohibitory precepts side of the teacher
this or
a body of regulations for the much was called the credit workshop
and of coordination as a month mitch
about to keep all his private option precepts
and the earliest ceremony of buddhism fact the only ceremony
other than ordination which was
for an individual and the only good ceremony that was ever done for some centuries was called in for such as ceremony which we still do
some permanent
posada was performed at the new moon and the former
hmm it consisted of a gathering of the fork categories of buddhists
monks nuns lay hand way women
all got together
the entire body of the two hundred and fifty fifty product your presets would be decided by the elders in the community one by one
and after each rule
he would ask three times richer when if anyone in the community as violate this he said and then anyone prepared with was supposed to confess publicly
and if no one had violated in the elder was supposed to say
sanga is curious respect to the mission
as far as i know the ceremony is still performed in is very close to its original four km know she locked in burma thailand places like a terabyte a traditionally been is the tradition of the culture
this a body of regulations the vinaya has been the
the bedrock and common thread that all buddhist traditions
the denial was the thing about which all buddhists and the most agreement and they've been
smallest real change
so and a choice on the famous chinese buddhist pilgrim who went to who went to india and seven patriots to
the famous centers of buddhism there came back in she said
we have this idea from reading books that somehow the my on our great equal kitchen and in a some great schism in buddhism and a kind of snarly to chose from across for fancy something on neonics it's true the literature sometimes as a bit of the to credit quality
but actually shines down he said yes i saw money on an ounce and any other months looking at the same the are the same monastery well the same deny have the same goals and it seems that the difference was that the and a month studied my other suitors new guinea hundred bucks a good decision
so the brotherhood of months seems to have been
far closer a bob and a particular doctrinal differences at least in the early stages the need for it

so this facade of ceremony was doing most of the year in india the only time if the saga came together
because the style of practice that time was that the monks for most of the year when he was accepted it was raining would have lived out in the open by itself practice meditation
and during the rainy times of during me
we were informed of them come together and lived together today

so the strictness of the rules for the monastic community which included such things as never handling any funny
never going pretty secure a male monkey with you and you could never go anywhere on attended whatever women
and you couldn't go into the village
be where they are women around you couldn't ever been alone be alone
with a woman test hundred a month was present to do
the rules were very restrictive and also separated the monastic community and way that they live very well from the late
the movement in buddhism which became the mighty on a great deal for teaching from the very beginning had a rather different attitude about
first of all the relationship of months to lay people and also a different attitude about the role of the lakers and and practice
the possibility of practice for the lakers
and this attitude
he's one of the
ways that the my yeah no of the bodhisattva path develop it also very deeply influenced i think we understanding of how bodhisattva sought parties to understand the precepts
just to jump ahead i can say that
in chinese buddhism which she almost entirely was after the first couple of centuries money on a please be the schools are that
teradata it
listen to came from india never really took hold in china
most of the bunch after a certain period of time i did not take the full feature the full marks ordination with to and fifty rule but only took a novices are ordination nation which
it's basically this the precepts that we take now in the precepts that you'd have the for a novice monk with with vow to follow just list of precepts
and then after five years or ten years would
receive the coordination of his senior the group that was the tradition in india but he is more and more the style in china was too
and in tibet to was taking the beaker ordination was something unusual something special as you do
as some added discipline and some people like dog in matters
i never took the fall and you get to presets you used to sign his name a shrine trauma joke and when she gets kind of nervous now this month journey
this point of view having fish
and that
so if you look historically at howard we receive this point of the presets
if the grew organically out of the sense yes
the body thought for pack is something that
is quite situational inflexible need a certain flexibility and is more
involved in spirit the underlying spirit of all the precepts has been some particular list of
things that you are prohibited from doing
this time it's very much influenced by the doctrine for hire was skillful means which became a very prominent feature of
the great wisdom literature
get ah
the fundamental priests of preceptors to act with enlightened consciousness in all situations and to act always for the benefit of beads
and that we needed from extreme circumstance even violated
by one or more than traditional rules
so i'm giving you both ends of the development time because you know about a thousand and fifteen hundred years of development
so that we have a sense of where buddhism i began with sense of presets and where it ended up
you have at the furthest extreme
the tradition of a left-handed contract in which not only are the presets considered to be somewhat flexible but they intentionally broke
as a way out
very quickly making contact with
the depths of your life that are the source of how you break the precept shelter
it took the attitude that
if you want to know quickly as possible what it is you knew that could kill one possible strategy and they're dangerous for one has to be closely watched one profitable strategy which facilities you have to kill some either either really are these terms of visual you visualize their new inactive so
how about
so if you look at the entire history of buddhism what we find is not
it we find a a very definite continuity of how one should be made i want you to act in the world and then within that a wide variety different strategy on how to do it how to understanding how to limit
we mostly what i would like to talk about i think you would like to talk about class are on understanding of precepts in our tradition in our gen tradition
and practically speaking how we might go about trying to apply them
in our society in high life
situation that such as which a commotion takes up
a bit in his own book and i have
a couple of other versions of you might say modern day precepts
which i would like you
at some point out to you for us to discuss and one of them is and fourteen precepts of the
have been the new buddhist order founded by to knock on vietnam
at which the first precept for instance of jews order is one should not be idolatrous about are bound to any doctrine any theory and in ideology including buddhist one
but a destiny thought must be going mean did not absolute truth that's the first preceptor eastern oregon
can i have some other things to on modern teachers are reinterpreted the traditional precepts in your life the modern age

i think to to get a firm grasp of
the background out how we understand the prefect we need to discuss a little bit
the question of crime and congeniality more detail
i'd like to start with that that and remaining time today
to continue to come next week about it to some of you and it could get another classic which we hadn't disgusting
so you can speak especially get that i think this case i want to discuss it specifically having to do with the precise
so maybe i should cause a chief
right there any questions about it

well you know if cinema with the my tradition of that
and i think it looks by people like them with the chain express the feelings that
but you know touches secret the actual practices virtue
nothing to it
he's very useful ecological
but if you're interested there are several introductory books about about contract with it's like
introduction to type of food by that can attack
one within this book accepted
which i think shed some light
and there are sections of other
ebook which hijackers
oh well they just the fifty characterization of left and right and interruption attended to the your which emphasizes t worshipping application of the profanity
driving the countries
it's kind of kind of realism then
i came to china japan it's been incorporated into she loved it
but these are rather scotland scholarship
i'd say a left-handed contract more incorporates an incorporated practices and it in witchcraft that were prevalent for six fifty seven
you know buddhism has been very eclectic they look every generation of put his teachers have looked around what was going on within the country and they've tried to use like people seem to be interested in the work featured show you know maybe today with his teachers are talking about your computer
new kid things that are near
nuclear disarmament sofa in those days
what you encounter can be like trying to put it on faith and out
needs for you
people to understand the teacher in that particular
so there was a whole wave of contract in florida
a certain period and
the rest of buddhism and nine good as western scholars are only now i think really begin to accept it is not some horrible perversion
first job
fifty years or so much food scholars started to find out about the country teaching are rather disgusting why was he generated a
but that was before i thinking what if anybody actually get it
if you need to go on account of the change
degenerative a good if you read the check and you may feel you know quite know what it's all about
in given value can tell
well it's a huge such as you can
to justice
if you really sit near the active time you touch the books to me it's not a near yonge st life
thinking your home chooses that please catch or she can't forget and in any situation or anything i can help you can find the need
sometimes be directed at the felt like economy of production and get down and in the breaking for here
and get the first precept a in another step and know it's just the one who chose to mention years but i think probably that's so i think you can become the whole world fit that was necessary it maybe he's not just speaking to go to but to all of which is patient and his observations that we can observe right today that so
hateful conflicts going on in the world are are over religion or moderately religious culture
protestants and catholics in ireland and christian yeah i still trying to get used to this idea of the newspaper nomenclature of the christian phalange you can pick up that you know that be doing this africa and they just they use it just to kind of political label you know christian phalanges this is one of the political factions in law
i'm not sure it brings me up short little bit to haven't seen christian falangist massacre call him propelled skin
every that have this option
maybe they call themselves that you know like label but anyway i think that pick not on coming out of the experience and the vietnam war which he was not religious exactly when and if you treat you know the evangelical marxism
he acknowledged the surf
semi religious event and also the conflicts of catholicism the with him in vietnam over the last couple of centuries and i think because it a lot of catholic
what about you
would probably have usually check
here's some historical reason why people
anyway i think the basic point is that it's the first time i think of it of buddhist have taken into account you know as i mentioned the the precepts basically we're a self contained
self regulating body of law for the buddhist community there's not much reference in the traditional precepts to how non buddhists ought to behave or how are not to behave to nonviolence he was considered to be if you're in the buddhist community you should behave such and such a way so i think that the gradual universe
socialization of the precepts for through the understanding of the boys have the balance so forth we've just taken to its ultra point can make an explicit the sense that one doesn't treat even the buddha's teaching it has an ultimate thing and if maybe there isn't even any such thing as which
is something that to the regulations to say
the nfl found some problem it be considered a buddhist because
team rather extraneous are extra
this is something else
one going on
to view
there are various lists of of precepts to be
the main text from chinese food when presented with brown jobless future and buying out about job sutra
which made a source of fifty eight there are a larger list and one of the how books that does exist on the precepts and on that future is by master guan go now last year
yeah i'm going to be using that to some extent can the the lower forty eight so to speak our
some version of the the one more minor detail precepts
which shall
are kept by monks you take the for
nine is necessary or not expected for for late
because it's my understanding but of there are many different concise and chinese food to and and each have their own custom nothing
so i don't know it
i'm actually fine and fifty nine
our tradition with my passion frequency
well actually the history of a little obscure the best that i can tell us what i already said that these are essentially lame excuses
i think that theory became more and more the with these are very broad presets as will certainly find out when you're disgusting and i think that feeling what they contain all the features and if you thoroughly understand these it's enough but actually these contain the to and fifty
and it isn't a marriage that this is a less
inclusive job during the fiftieth maybe just said
there are to attitudes to take about rules one is the more rules you'd have the better
and the other attitude which is more became characteristic i think because the bodhisattva vow is the less rule cute
when enough to understand tampa
if you have a lot of rules it makes it seem as though those rules cover everything and that anything that is cover is okay
if you have only a few rules which are very broad and which don't have much sense of specificity
he says one way one side as they covered much more territory because they see not a real sense of where the rule and
so for instance there's lots of little rules
he had a traditional two hundred fifty five about your precepts having to do with the care of your clothing as a month reviewed the rules about they do not push to where it or wash at a certain way not to do the acting i supposed to leave it out the sun things that don't exactly seem very relevant but you might say all of them would be
have covered under one
rod rubric of
be mindful not covered
so i think it's not that it's not that foolish and got
lazy and time timely live and reduce the number of rules that rather the understanding of how to live with the rules and we went from transformation
and you see our form of the facade of ceremony that we do want some mud
he's interesting because not recite the precepts at all
even though that's the basis of the sharing one but we do restate is a verse or gotta a repentance or confession
which some of you know me know i'm going to hand out the whole ceremony today
which goes to all my ancient twisted climb up from beginning was creepy the provision for in a body speech and fine i now fully about
having a preceptor the community say with regard to present of seventeen and has anyone
a contract in your confession or valley all of your transgressions for all your lifetime after the credit roll everything you've ever done so in a way you know by not saying anything you're saying of much more and i think the the you know what we do as we bow a great many times
to all the great fully thought that the good
for the emphasis of the ceremony is know
is infinite confession in and ingratitude
now practically speaking i think you can pay that here's a danger in the items that actually the practical
consequences that is you you might be rather much more casual about the secret
you had some specific rule such a week for generality
in fact
you know in the latter gaze of goodison both in china and japan
they intended to be quite a bit of laxness about the precepts
which is not so good

so as i said of course syllabus the
understanding we have about the priestesses that they're not rules really at all
but rather
point that i like to make a lot is the theory of a description
awake my creativity
and from this point of view
the basis of the precepts using life yourself
when you observe the activity of is thoroughly awakened he would be
the these precepts become a description of what is she
so that's the reason why in our ceremony is
who stata
it emphasizes
the evocation of enlightened mine through the reputation of the names of the buddhist or to pass to him the body shots
and then we recite a before down
which also you might see include all the presets to

hey go from this point of view
the basis of the prefers to life like yourself
when you observe the activity of a thoroughly awake he would leave
these precepts become a description of what you see
so that's the reason why in our ceremony here
the presider it emphasizes
the evocation of enlightened high through the reputation of the names of the food is such to pass to get the body shot
and then we recite of before now
which also you might include all the presets to
just the first about to i vow to liberate all me to turn to poor numberless
as soon as you asked the question how does one go about doing this for any earlier in the realm of the precept is preset cities
the activity of
awakened that are awakened than the bow of a waste time

so we could do a clash like encouraged and clashing past in which we research the exhaust leak and in detailed with the literature of rules and regulations and buddhism and can experience tradition
and that isn't what i'm not going to do because first part of the i don't think it's really what your interest in it i know
and those of you that are we could do it it from other time but i fashioned its course as an introductory course
along long lines of the kinds of classes that we've done
on sunday mornings for years now
and my feeling is why you come and i think why was it in class because you're interested in
some very basic sense of what buddhism has to say about how to live in particular how to live in your own situations which in which the practical matters of what to do
i'm very real to you what to do with your personal relationships and what to do when your work situation with various issues that cannot have seen questionable to you and what you about it
how to deal with the everyday frustrations with
our life so forth with sure to put it that way means that pretty much everybody whether they know you're not is involved in issue about preset you consciously or unconsciously because people are making decisions for long time it are based on some sense of moral or
non well
a sketch about your life
so part of what i was a few
didn't you
what the precepts are but together we can bring out to make conscious the precepts they were already living try and see to what extent they are incorrectly or are corroborated by
these sixteen precepts that we can
he doesn't like kitchen
speaking of intention familiar had to question
it's precursor and i'm just wondering whether the having fewer detailed reception
the whether having computers can preset would require it to be more aware of necessity
and then maybe would make us when personally
some way
if somebody suggested that
as you can florida to him that you have to be more aware
your daily activity every response
well it cuts both ways
i think practically speaking when you practice
particularly if you're practicing as a month in a same sex it
what you find is that in your own like uganda recreated and two hundred and fifty per and much appreciated
you have to start recreating rules about where you toothbrush gun and how to clean the sink out and effect you know i think anyone who's practiced for a long time could probably write down if they had two lots and lots of rules that you come to because out of the practical application of each one of these presets
and we don't write them down because once you start writing down makes you think is these could be end to and can actually each situation is new there's no rule for
and i think you just you know there's think the or if there are two basic strategies human being you need specificity and are helped by specificity and i think that the power of a detailed regulations of monastic life
produce the survival of buddhism
mean the fact that we're here and able to queue the teaching i think it's due to the power of of that very highly regulated by strictly circumscribed sort of life which was strong enough to transcend the term aquino fast
spans it is trillion
a people so four hundred generations is indeed
oh that way are still fun
on the other hand

there is the question of vitality energy
how to maintain vitality and flexibility in the ag
in a situation where things are to spell now
so i think they'd actually we're talking about book
and part of life
you might say we're going to produce in discussing these precepts is kind of footnotes practical footnotes or the beginnings of your own list
you know somebody brings up and he was somebody in the office in which you can do this
number seventeen or into the next thing you say what you do in that situation you know maybe i wish to be thousands of articles lying if we if we can
a kept out it long enough we come up with many different things and
a monastic like and janice is
a largely for the first couple of years learning all these little details that are practical applications and presets for instance just give you to rape example
ah in japan were still the the washing water for your faces you know a bowler system with different
you're supposed to
fill the differ three fourths full and then
when you're through using it you you pour the extra back
and it's a very practical sense of awareness about not taking what if not given you don't waste the water you don't treat the water though there's water everywhere is always going to be waters you treat the water even though it's just a little different for as though it's a precious thing you don't and you you take more than you need than you
pour some extra back so every time you do it you're expressing the sense of gratitude and awareness about the amount of water into using
one them in hand
another example that something we do
is it will be poor them
wastewater from having cleaned our balls
in the oreo yogi ceremony vt and pour it out
the it out into the bucket and we're supposed to touch the edge of the ball to the inside of the bucket
and the the ball is you might say pure which we offer in the bucket is something dirty or pure to you touch the pure to the impurity
at vienna
it's like making an electrical contractors and forms some sense of connection that you're not
separate yourself from this bucket full of waste
it's better than wasting you are somehow connected
agree that's one of our big tendencies in life of course is to in all situations of waste or outside we tend to separate ourselves
machine whirring so there's all kinds of little things like that which are hidden or detailed expressions of these days
was shocked i think it you
general is road rules are going to be useful in your life they have to they have to be the seed of some very specific decisions that you make but have to do with your intention and
a part of this died dynamic
tension between lots of rules and a few rules has to do with this issue of intention
art thou
and what that really got years in one's life maybe that was ringing
how do i wanted to get into that topic some today i can leave that for next time i would like you said about memorizing doesn't even have the patience
these precepts are we next couple of breeze
as soon as you know them by heart
him will continue next time some if you fear of further questions
after the president goes for you want to quickly