The Fifth Precept

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which was
watertown doctor yeah
have you read accounts too much
the thirty one

overall sense

you're probably
how ordinary a professional idea
basically how very high
story week

he doesn't match the stories
show off and microsoft
first first semester
he also happens to be
mr precepts in a surprise
charlie chaplin purified

so i said last week
it's like trying to for him his way to dislike them
the project
where they come from a french translation
he's doing is terminology words that don't actually system chinese project
life is short
unfortunately this particular epidemic
yeah you know that i can play a game like the credit is
little by little
show games i was is ninety five and chapel
start each handles
this one didn't want to
well i can do today go on the three treasures onto your kids
i got me a cheater reprint all action
let's go back
down it
i doubt it
the baker's nature
what's around with it to get rid of the much simpler language that
diagnostic you don't have to there
because good and be at our
cookies set by the president which will good player he would need five bad and passionate
so fast
like myself
and the good news
strictly speaking to good the t v

the magnetic pole of currently for it is provided the
have anything which is been that direction in the direction of liberation the perfect weight
does not encourage accurate
good and bad are not moral moralistic time they are directional
have you with
the observable
effect on your current inquiry
that that's an action which tends to accumulate
karmic secretion
yeah i hope and average can move the direction of there
so the translation of you to the offer more
to spread to me that just catholic notice that
you can press good and bad i think the directional
i'll focus to christianity time machine
have to do it
hold back around the country cannot smoke or drink
the to death which
you know my favorite operates more can't find it
a human
any kind of
occupation of that
what candidate for this time love with me

the like he will totally different
new books international world class and you can pay for the guy
here you can be talking a totally different is totally unaffected by classes
and it's it's a metaphor
i didn't take clear my lifetime
another kind of my life designs like the various kinds of state for five fifty
the experience
how to go you can experience to started to save my life and pipeline to can have a day
that's the rather
the for fundamental then by all article fifty five or for
this is kind of bit unusual and great show out of office i have to deal with the fact that
revive the dead card and is also originally five
he could
anyway i'm going to talk data were making what if you
chinese characters the think pretty much be good enough for the original language created the word views
i'm even more like healthy or unhealthy
get an uncle
basis nourished nourishment hundred
and again going back to our discussion of for lot of time
this is supposed to be precluded durable
i know and these over the long neck very much like your typical felt fearful now
you can hear something
it for yourself share your cottage and
i can feel good
here of course in the short run you can hear how you get somebody in today for twenty cups of coffee health and both them they a shrug it off as the here's how it's done
and you kind of girl recruited in one day
a if you look at accuracy and twenty years doing as
if he can hopefully florida lives he was delighted with like
black but you would have surely the any effect from my finger for full package
and yet harmony close to be like that
accumulated to a little over about to time it actually becomes quite funny
quite substantial
and started with the spirits even have it kind of
oh yogic five have your typical five and factories upon i could go to father said
yeah january fifth
when you like a brick team like aren't
i get this kind of positive thing about the people for us
okay with it i e colored was here first time most of the cabbage so
i gave her feeling
employees cognitive and vibration
you quit and he added to be like good vibrations from people have bad cottage
this is very much like working with me
hello body a nice
current kind of let me that people didn't retreat to provide integrated
other people just feel very good pictures my eyes
and human relations he can and i'm like work we admit on know that feeling
fairly and you express those finger in country to live but i think we know what to think about
how did you can feel your thought patterns after for touched on a source that
proud of you can feel your project one might hope
can go to the most cultures i think know that are a little more maybe america just kind of hard time because we're so different in different languages cultural groups that we have developed a lot of calm down
my goal is ethnically homogeneous culture i think
good a packet
basically you eat too much a people
to the article
the arab countries and considered customary looking the other fish people
he they a reactive
he can get people to actually be sure you're a life was happening you know why she didn't feel anything and people in here if you do like the people like how can i control together for our family
you can read
but i i didn't know this year for you to quite cause of much closer to you too much little bit on know you're talking the basically kind of little
what's going on with the action
so that kind of cell responses to my level thought is i actually thought
educational thought of
these kind of car
and kind of thought actually affect your whole body
you we had this idea that thoughts compound
he it's a google card for some reason i remembered over here that happens to do
if you remember
popular how many times kids he clutched it got the prescription
and the little kids with one thirty
and he doesn't diminish
my kind of these statues and worth of found got a little lose my the state should though the great
show your six thousand dollars and she'd a community as well as we know hear from you can we do the
we think about them any to okay you got me that six dollars
if you can
anyway i think that your the occidental my can to think of a thought that kind of like you know some materialistic guys from good can't get away with
what you're thinking as your own private me but reverted to not only this is not completely true if that he considered guess and accurate observation and holiday as different
he does somebody you all well the because in general fact you can challenge the going
for thought you count and particularly got to search months of our
can actually make you feel you feel are you doing
the target
you know it
being african tribes
if you hear that you can catch by definitely try and you actually start to get definitely to be thousand guy from a guy reported on pico production done a lot to keep the title private work and what is it was want of the with a kale
to he'll he'll have to get
he was getting better and better go home i was just heard
the sun which kept on ethical get michael scharf to rectify and if they weren't able to go and way
and weekend to visit
only a very flea he can touch it
and this is the good on financial
he thought of no power muscle
it has a huge effect on you and others
get the other three behind the kind of activity
a lot of beach body body if you only want it in a chance
probably be kind of thought underlies all field
each of my dog
five thought
and again will undertake thought guilty
the beach
how is it a common foe
working on about drupal
a car on the
by the beach
but actually i can almost like if you really thought of taking itself either level of thought he'd the level dangerfield
most powerful hundred thirty five pounds prefer

what's your fertilized with your allergies only the level of
so very much
actually he noticed the level
hina are much more humidity than me one day
eq of peel away here
exterior layer
here's the community he became huge learn that arrived
which do it
takes shape very very quickly reacted to still this mug shot with
he was a nova
what go
over the hello
i take it that foot so that if i love that like that he ride
on the harley
all the whole there
i'm kelly usually that i needed to scare you get accomplish for after
you sometimes three fifty three
he made a reasonable the kid
there's in traditional yourself
the classification of staging
the first to can be dangerous for the when
he is taking his start a level of different language
when will you go to the economy
if he didn't he touched her
okay he has logic emotion
though the realm of
on verbalize taking not a respectable
compare get transmission
and i want you mention today
the way in which medication pressure to push
the traditional for
we pick it up the phone teacher
he added that the feature is a family
you are a bunch time
a bunch of fucking
i just got with issues
recognition keep your area of the either look at to general he is much else
you can play detroit
lay out there's not much my child if would a to ago
well if you don't know canada
one day races
what number for all right
if you haven't yet anyway someone's privacy
neil there with kid i have to thank all actually cake shop
the kitchen
it going

the information for he that much we have to definition that intensified exclusive
of the convulsions
actual fact
for actually laughed up with pakistan ice back
some funny but are introduced the known as reacting to be that
i prepared
he died
the occasion

look through like a three major mode
recognize mode activated cell phone is it all
learn from and decollete or identification called fixed shelf for its fingers
prior to conception of interrogated
keller to why
i've tried to what you're doing right now and was already there
the for your actions can play assumption funded by
we can professionally hearing they don't forget it and putting up a camp for the the make underlying criminal bakery know our time and kind of the evening for and thereafter crusher old
both my tv are
now retired in the catchment
will be not ninety do
after that we will
if little really good meal
can we already know like can you know
we they can be literally people might be good for israel
and goodwill in a big deal for it is unfair
the are gentle generous open feeling
now we've been opened by one
a profit
he a concrete
have day
recommended for
does it mean to fashion do to get to the family hundred
more like that
you can
well the actually reminded me that he needed money
are you going flat black
a generalized trade with my without has written on one face mp ty was extremely safe from classes
i know the didn't track if you must be reminded
it doesn't mean a lack of desires or rather than they do not think we have faith in the world with threaten your own selfish needs
and you want to stay you a hurry and the difference was going to a party
and you hope i'm going to party get you to use somebody is true to your own conditions cartridge and fish versus coming to find joy people
have a giveaway theme party
join a party for humanity and noise needed people to for five thing
can you forgive the learning curve
does not say that you can still drop as you can answer that
so again i desire time
not exactly right into english as much more
the theological issues
to achieve if when you
the having staff can be reminded hired perception of itself hundred a kind of wish
the relationships are you still desire to first good to activities
which you want to draw an arctic to the
the flight
agreed with my why
greed this kind of game
we adapted to the flight and is presently pretty high right now
i used with me to use a time
when i'm cheap
but you're posting
and don't be greedy for the little bit of a jacket or crime to take when i'm gary chris collins exclusive to this time room that doesn't have much
what a it was really to that's a pretty years so what does deal for his business she was just all
very extreme
i agree or strongly now that i'm greens and agree that yet i can use the truth i didn't play conversation people wait for the decent profits from generally usually accuse somebody who's degree and like you doing
and i want to our turn to them that charge
believe me people use it to stop digging out yeah yeah you can be a very awkward
actually put a been through riding with me you can differ is offered a great time to take each know
check now
the review committee for the small way
did you
author it toward the object of the world with bathroom
for itself which you can you know graphically
though it mean any relationships with hardly with is right there
and kicking
the i'm trying to
he so
yeah the big the thinker he gets for three are easy to be okay
after hard to preserve his mama friendly can't be right there one be help
had was she can rationalise usually five
a summary of well for here
you have to be
how the law purpose i don't know
the yeah

what some up i think in here
nine hundred and project
i like how he got one on there were seven father the change
i am a government or would dream or validation which is can the same
and after totally a fair share
the and men screaming hijacked
then you're stuck here to defend costume
repairs nutrition that's the that package to get off right here we could get an arab
agreed for more than your fair share that's really not twenty three this point you so much more typically involve me to catch that you walk into the world and you're sorted objects in the world
the relationship to to unionize
an object could not have equal value for your no not yet started to be a part of the well as i can be hidden have that's the basic dynamic that you're using too short to will now
which happens very rarely the prophecy our actually my first show the figured out for you to get started sorting real down the threatened to death but we're grabbing ah
you know how to your mind against the card
children have
only because they not me figured out fully work out the story she's so innocent crimes than you think showing teddy not because there is an national voice of visitors
about the world not a girl can you
a lot of each child today be reminded
he know until we find out and and time to the money so
freak you out of he may be quite
now has been to be a very quickly they can do our own
wanted to where i live in such a try
so in a way
the papers get way person with practice that you don't have not sure if i
my children during a very quickly thought short
perhaps of with the way we perceive the world faith high accuracy
the radio
have you checked out i had finally found a of trump
you can get it can make a really fantastic
it couldn't take the activation to think of giving a temperature
yeah came out the
that he also have to deal with your own self contact how you perceive yourself how you want to project yourself on and then we actually and during any situation even though the death count of i can get help your homework fool
the after and off between village or damage only i'm sure to protesting at to
so that's the word adult yourself to mean we can be three thirty a doctor to be fifteen days
no you can't you know
having had the roots of the called called and com lula
i'm going to be

oh canada
these recruit the router
i bought them a week
be and
the court as we become enough to
how you doing commentary on radio
very easily have
you know the urged every night character
the town and iran
he will come from can i just now here was called the gulf years
we have to have any of you were coming on used the word of go
basically in every day you believe sexual current you know any you didn't jump dog if you know that to try to cook the children really thirsty
got an adult literally never grown up the on the sure
he describes what the content to feel intercept with that
he did not hungry gulf you need on he died in general custer

because we didn't share contact average or and behind the curtain
well i know you actually right a the problem right
new york attraction
congrats to you know that
the first time
because you have to say
to with an aversion aversion is the opposite but i didn't strike
tried to the properties that the those things you've sorted out through voice and she wants to be pushed away
so either the typical very very tired from typical context and more right
when you sort by sorting the world to me
you are a black and white collar tie into the situation was roger king like the agree side fashion like a little profit that you think don't forget
decided the brains behind down you did he die
not but not
that's all based on knowing what there and fulfill have cancer was out there
he's weird you know typical
when confusion was busy in the rather different in a different dimension
what we had to do not too much with object but with
how's how we focus on consciousness
and confusion means i'm probably i'm phobic quality conscious fifty five
both versions dire are actually polish sometimes quite painful for many people
hundred and i didn't even get experience maybe the most perfect
high quality of your life don't face of extreme version
you know
jogging off i you verify yourself of coding a chinese love story completely totally infatuated with them
the how
radio waves in power to drop know
no wait behind has to
the it'll be here to check if you think i'm fat example of real
no offer
he's not somebody can you say somebody get back from a young lady you gotta be effective you the respect for human life and i'm and to have that kind of the army too weak to the reference you can get the to be directly burying a
very powerful countries around which you can go to me
a doctor a package
in russia
a famous passage when should get back
the concentrating power but the real or of cat which make the murder night not need to know so you know the criminal mind off in a very general we are very good concentrate
same story
you can't know unique
the the actual power concentrated based on
the really
during finals week
so why don't get a to take my can be developed you're here on here of fear for very very high degree of photo which can be tempo key
concentrating power
the focus of how many occasional however converting to speak to identify a fucking perfect the bridge which is obviously to provide a focus
very very yeah and could not stand for them to know anything to growth
did you take away narrow condition first and know focus on
whereas the focus of communication tracking
you can we should ban you and will be sharing whole life and
job he added
ah nurturing qualities which which is grow
commercials with egypt
this is an interesting point
go off and people can request to descaling around here and very confident
yeah yeah how much he'll if i could do that
if you're lifting all day long i got to be very much you care play off time where he inquires with compensation and to keep in mind because she's extremely angry
hundred pages the unhealthy problem differentiation
so confusion which is very whole to here
yeah michael backwash all the way we can but the underlying you know you fear of fear and as if it is very kind of concentration underwrite quality
the cloud
because you don't do not actually been spent eight hours are even to avail for road for a black that's very kind of
how much thinking cap on how fear have the catastrophe all you may be very guess we focused on was his humor is the he desires you that not he can be
he particular in english when this fall feel real or die or are less people as they are addicting still he even has a project always have our own
i it
so what we need is not
but here
what we need a real integration with be an extremely close of afraid to fly our inherent very encouraging i can feel the a i can climb
so in order to put together to fight in your case even have very little idea what you look for i'll be entertaining able to relate to that we need irrational our impatient and will get enough of humanity
he can get a like but even after be able to justify that
he ran away for it's a it's not thinking to say how you can you show your face an interesting point the fact that was we do that to future proof
if you just a lot if military has so far from your feet
the use have big way
not a plot one why would just say
he'll have to stay here
boss of time
why do you stay with me
just stay want to shred the flash of him favor danger and has some complicated and then more horrible was twisting patagonia the worthy items mind i go and know they are doing even worse than last year
we've pissed me off and are you running to back again
a wonderful way a very inefficient studies of the language you can be up to it's funny
to survive in the here
the way which restores you can and destruction your mind is necessary or for you not to
the girls with the real genius behind the whole knox security if you have to truly stance today
english language and english and can be patient place
keep is the theorized power and street
her educated girl amherst i work very course you can reflect where to say happening it could be pregnant should have you can get you very theoretical a here
in a car coloring pages are how society excited to retire early
not constitute less and if differences arise and replied to feel the carpenter
i lived here i can drive and of courage to make every girl can arrive
have you arrive i if i feel her
for i how i here my granddaughter and a it
the general like a crack raid a half of what kind of my favorite
i'm an astronaut
sure sure that
have you showed up you didn't get high
to get caught fire yeah
prototype two
they get a failure gave the and fee
the or court date again very chance to show a big production numbers and greencore forestry america the beautiful cottage people
and yeah i can find the should you know with refused to show kind of and show pretty cannot
was no i'm sure no recognition of the unpleasant the world in the the underlying hunter and prepare for it and how brilliant like because quite fear of you can be him in rated the fifty three right are
our era of trying out how to do one could pay for
now i'm to fix the you might expect you get the here to were to protect the world don't know and ryan how are you know your and and where we are we can
he were struck for defensive the whole show hundred you
we ensure bridge to have had to if i didn't i had to privilege of the world becoming a little affection for you can efficiently china little affection for for
he turned the iterative shirley
and and danny kaye went to use routine you know an impact
german i don't currently
recreating and he did yeah yeah you can have one of the hey
how do i tell from valley
i didn't make any of it would turn your time in a little basho your injured
it might pay the picture this kind of professionally prepared in a eucharistic procession to be creative reaction negatively your partner
you had time to go through you don't court underlined or an old actually in a lack of clarity on profession has promoted passion
it's why
you might a good at work and bridge work not by trying to browbeat people who could be good but you could read it go gonna cry
what is grabbing people between good way to fish out
everyone knew people hiring women getting out and ready
frequently you feel
here and i am
it hurt because may be paid if they really are
the is a riot
if you have to be talking about to fifty three big girl now although that's true i mean whether the first thing you have to be willing to pay
the practice is
to see think that that are we got to be willing to pay the actual fact the critical
and so on the children on to take courage
but if not the final stage that
the initial stage of crazy
you might think that stages the how
typical getting on clashes but with more decreases
you may see everyone has good our as turkish
which you see it through each person's heart
in that sense that ronnie structure qualities do
you guy
or it will be pleased with be why don't be that really you can anybody
st the way struggling
to be week for to be learned anything you are going to be completely happy
so once you can focus on the way through
and feared the heart of these things heart of each person and then everything is going to encourage people actors rather than interfering in that shit you
the people that only has gone by make you to express the host idea
but he reminded of the of support beach
recognition yeah only it but in three with yoga yet
these with roof
the actually age of three or so feet they believe some
venice to begin to attack the cure for and
the traditional yoga practices which to incorporated and how to do with
what kind of low professional mode predominate tv
and for those people who drew desire for gotten any
vacation practice for every time
ha ha
the only started going into desired so for instance used to be the ancient times to very common practice from philly not david
for his master of this of this tendency to were getting the cemetery the graveyard
we're in fact here anyway
they will be the body to get out
opened with animal
which be feared
the market will continue to be worrying extreme but
from the standpoint of
cutting through a certain superficial level of died she went the other team is nothing nothing more straightforward and just fell to look at what can you buy it like a slightly different sir
which is you know what part of my part of life for a buddhist job of even hiding a decomposed by nadal
i carrying handles with no more nor less desirable hand and wanted to live simply your body should be different
practically speaking what has overcome an extraordinarily powerful promotional the project for such a guy
but that's what this is all about
in canada you know i grew smaller left that practice and a little go by he didn't do it so much to china nodded off
the basic period of the practice i think it is worth looking at he could
ah pitifully point out
that are unable to decide if we also looked at him he said no writing from
don't really present on i taught you how to cheat
which define
is your day
when tremendous reinforcement for those that desire round by advertising five
but in fact in of people who are overstretched can be kind be
and no more or less than a defined intrinsically
go up even minded he said
he had her agree trained and untrained your orange
to required to do is surely some face the hike where you are able to withdraw at least temporarily from stimulation
can you can make your your life and three the world
so i can all spiritual tradition have recognized dying from time to declined
four times to whole life and
again hard materialistic toe striking pieces of capacitive life on hold as something from her desire to you are some people can't cope
but thou has to the monastery founded is attracted to
i think he's ten point of those he understand the has declined
actual permission those
as nasty life as a tremendous opportunity for
a much wider sphere of satisfaction
spirit decide so one thing that i think i need to point out because it is biased and cathcart europe
is that a life of denial or citizens
he's only so from the standpoint of decide
and as can find somebody who does it gets a way to actually satisfy your customers
what each what's intrinsic to the road and desires and says is just as passionate actually have satisfied myself
and so you remain in a trap because
he doesn't actually satisfied
not just always new desires to me the last so
really watch
spiritual life use these booster shot and speak for others is really polish the and stuff in a way pleasure
we're not just might say sensory stimulation but actual pleasure in the sense of satisfaction
and as for why
on a whole people
i don't think
it was just the ordinary person in vintage of religious life on the gastric life to some kind of them are denial for same types just kinda jumped into my west
when she have to see testimony begin again by who succumbing to this fact he said actually strangely enough to play satisfies
doesn't seem so logically for it seems to turn off
and he had something to do with this quality she like that more each minute your relationship she's a world chance for more satisfying
everything satisfies more or less people know as feverish common down on he appear to be somebody who was equally happy steering the wall or to talk to ten thousand people make all understood
he just enjoyed forever
dubai i don't be such as to this is resolved by my constituency some of crap
nice cautious
national and not determined by free turn by
your fixed relationships to the world of objects get you all destroyed into that issue
in a natural outcome
help us
began how logically the that the freshest sushi is and one else exchanger devotional not for general generosity feelings
for quarter
no charge a little is good work
and is james hutt
right to the business
when they don't include include and pleasure
because maybe the noticeable difference between my secrets privilege
in my observation have been working this features that i should i just a genuine
why has the very real sense to the something quite horrible unpleasant would suddenly appears at first will not be very much surprised he's stabilized by
leadership mighty privileges quiet included in what jokes ordinarily expect to happen
and figures is quite interesting halfway he his own life is filled for
what personally and
yeah you know you let these claims generally more as person that assumptions about that wants
the somehow traditional guy just know it would go away he actually did something terrible is if he betrayed and hundred people were often for something like that is that was included that possibility is always during much there
if so do something that this is flush more like cached not a kind of unwillingness to throw throw yourself into stuff and kind of
fallow for it
for him best
he has to be says that
what is not glued to to a particular expectation
for our than one has a sense
you understand all the different ways to go and how things usually you don't have a lot of
hi unrealistic expectations that people are just were older not society
and so anyway that's a very young
you've actually not only satisfy yourself that actually had some capacity to be of some used to people because you're good willis is for the first time and interest rates of five
that's really the opposite
when the catch trailer thirty question today of christian hard have though i here to sort of need like five years detachment in a good intentions to fully embrace life
emotionally speaking have a choice and if it isn't so if you meet somebody
i just use the sky news stories to tell lot of these species mom who decided yet
the only characters to classic fashion to get rid of if you're way off you go on we allow to just worked in communication practices and good to finally
from from it went back channel
as he was bought by a weapon
for the first
douglas you spend an arm or to out for testing row the flesh
some pressure my angel
hey waiters cashews here
that how to detach to teacher you doesn't work at all had tested to be totally falls apart
if you are more
horrific story about you know yet
and means you jaw
and he did a story that they chased appointed of the other i suppose that's why i guess
shape and nodded it's one of the great that i'm not i'm sorry time
a sauna a saunders most grapes or figures in british history to become mine only school
india has the story that has told about nada if the he's trained days
he was became very interested in the figure of my tray of food of future
and desperately wanted to have a vision or would need my trip become one with my trailer and in the story is that for twelve years he worked on himself work on his private don't to choose from my and ever appear to me
finally in desperation to be reduced to poverty and starvation and get the job distorted somehow he encounters this dog is covered with package
so painful he tries to
the the it off guard gone so
so people decided to take your job so divided the only way to help the job is to somehow like the baggage office
so he finally know it comes to plastic residue of by practitioner was hard as he just as to reach it out of town and a job is transformed into my trip hundred dollars on how come on thursday
her attached to the guy
and now highest by series jackets but it's pay your you ever happened but psychologically it's quite true in one
you know it's very difficult to actually open come once you've pulled out conversation practically species it's very hard to to make much will get worse but
might say that point where she can provide by the storage isn't on cell saga
had some january since we could go he wasn't any longer
i'm doing good things because he thought that way
do still fighting
so he actually became
he was
the last of the to
effects which is to stand to be interesting with natural outcome of the first tooth if my view i had barely
to overcome

carbon yeah choose
in his relatives chance which includes goes back to the also i was wholesome activity if it's just a higher
alternation with unwholesome
he's not really
pure activity retribution competitive wise chance
so although some activity is getting and was matches because as i said it's more in direction of repression
kit itself is not awake life in the rather you might say resembles the way
as long as there's some underlying fundamental confusion are hired recession your grief wholesome activity was not prevailed in last
another redditor wrote her and when conditions are right for a place
conditions are not good something else
so the quality of product line is too
it is influenced by traditional
when i say that we shouldn't work very beginning to maximise the closing conditions that are like anybody's life
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