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Sunday Lecture


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so nice to see everyone is morning
prints from canada local
and jeff kids this year from the anti-gay than set to thank you for coming and sorting jefferson things he wants to
bring to your attention after the talk today

so i have an online news service
america online i haven't been able to figure out how to
now go on the world wide web and
waste my time there but
but i do have an online news service that i can easily read
which i do a lot so that i can
be aware of some of the things that are going on in the world
no am i know that
what i read an online news or when the newspaper
isn't exactly the same as what's going on in the world
what i read there is what the traditional the tradition of journalism in the democratic christian west has defined as what is going on in the world but still it's important because it's assured
concept so
i try to read it
it's a little distracting
to read all these things
there are going on some of the very far away from where i am where we are
sometimes when i read them i get agitated
i get angry frustrated
most often i get very sad
and i know that probably i would be more peaceful
and happier if i didn't read the online news service
but even so knowing all this i read it anyway
because i think it's important
that i read it
and although it's very nice to be peaceful and i'd like to be peaceful
sometimes being peaceful is not the most important thing
so i'm gonna tell you some of the things that i've been reading online you know what all these things but
i thought i would tell you anyway

often i do this in seven days machine the sixth or seventh day i often bring bring in the newspaper
and read the headlines so people didn't forget you know
what's going on in the world around them
so everybody knows that the country of pakistan
didn't exist as a country
before the mid twentieth century
and that it came to exist as a result of the
bloodshed that happened around the time of gandhi's
work in india
pakistan was always
part of india but as when the muslims came in india
that's when buddhism disappeared from india entirely
in any hindus converted to become muslims
and so the muslims in the hindu hindu people in india have been at odds with each other in murderous ways for a long time
and one of the results of that was the partition of pakistan in the forties
and that's the issue of pakistan was why gandhi was murdered he was actually murdered by a hindu
fundamentalists who was upset that gandhi was accommodating and tolerant
of the muslim interests
anyway today in pakistan there is a very strong fundamentalist muslim government
in pakistan
marital infidelity is punishable by death
an old punishments of stoning and cutting off of hands and other limbs is still legal
i was talking about this with my wife and she told me that she heard on the news that in pakistan there is a very high and increasing rate of suicide among women
because it under the strict regime women are enormously restricted women who formerly had careers and so on are now unable to leave the house without
religious restrictions and so
this is disturbing to many many people
everybody also knows that in the province of kosovo and yugoslavia
there's a lot going on the serbian minority in kosovo
has been trying to suppress a liberation movement and by the albanian majority ninety percent of the people in that province are of albanian descent
the serbians are trying to quash that rebellion and there have been many mass killings by the serbians that have been documented
and we all know that this is very much in the news now the international community is trying to bring pressure to stop these atrocities
but from the point of view of the yugoslavian government it seems quite unfair
that the international community will be trying to do this since when the russians
quashed tried to quash a rebellion in chechnya nobody threaten the russians
and when the u s was responsible for the loss of many lives when it suppressed by assassination and warfare popular uprisings in latin america and asia no one said the u s should be bombed for it's since in other countries
so from the yugoslavian government point of view they don't understand why
they're the bad guys
this is from their point of view a internal issue
right now as we're sitting here together there are the leaders of the
ah hopeful state
and the israelis have been meeting
to explore the possibility of another step in the peace process that's been going on for many many years
but every time they try to get anywhere there is another terrorist attack people are killed
and israel there's a very strong right wing religious party
which part of any part right real religious parties who feel as if the west bank territory's have been ordained by god to belong to the jews and cannot be given up
to the palestinians
and so they are threatening to withdraw from the government if netanyahu would give up an inch of territory
education is a very strong weapon in this war
palestinian children and in some of the israeli communities jewish children are taught
as an integral part of their religious training
to hate members of the other side
for many communities and talent among the palestinians to be a palestinian means by definition that you
harbor a deep hatred against jews and in many
parts of the jewish community in israel the reverse is true

maybe you are reading the news a few weeks ago the person the diplomatic person and american person who was in charge of the program of us sanctions against iraq
in protest because he felt that the sanctions against iraq were not the stabilizing the iraqi government at all
but instead we're only having
an enormous impact on the people of iraq particularly children and he estimated that because of these economic sanctions preventing the iraqis from selling oil and so on
about six thousand children are dying each month in iraq
because of malnutrition and poor health caused by
bad water and lack of basic services as a result of the tremendous bombings
ninety ninety one during the gulf war
the us also
has had sanctions against cuba for much longer than against iraq because iraq was our friend and ally and saddam hussein was a close associate of the leaders of the american government for many years before the events of ninety ninety one
the del castro has been an enemy of the u s since the fifties and there have been economic sanctions against cuba for all that time and although cuba is doing better than iraq there is a crushing poverty in cuba
largely due to the us sanctions against cuba
i know you know all this but
i just thought it would be good to remind you in myself
this summer
i was in guatemala
one of my sons is living there
in guatemala there is thank goodness a tentative peace after about thirty years of on and off guerrilla warfare
disappearances and so on
in guatemala they used to be small group of wealthy land holders who were keeping everybody down but that changed about forty fifty years ago now there's a whole class of people in the army which is very repressed repressive and
there have been up to now a military dictators who came from the army to rule the country
that whole thing started in nineteen fifty four or so
and this is not
the opinion of wild conspiracy theorists this is documented
proven that in nineteen fifty four i think it was nineteen fifty four the cia americans central intelligence agency participated in an assassination
of a
democratically elected popular president of guatemala he was killed and from then on
who he was an exiled in yeah he was tortured that right and taken out of office
yeah thank you
after that the army pretty much was in control and up
many of the officers were trained in the u s supported by u s dollars
this is the same story happen in chile which we know more i think it's more
well known
so these things were done by our government ah
on our behalf
a financed by tax dollars
and although you could read about these things in a newspaper somewhere the convention of liberal journalism
did not include much reporting about these events so they were somewhat obscure to most people

ah closer to home in our own country ah
despite the strong economy
poverty and injustice is pretty common
in not often
few years ago we had the rodney king trial
which shocked a lot of people
that the police would behave in this way but many people were not shocked at all
bye by that because there are a lot of american citizens of color who were quite aware all along that the police and the government are basically not their friends
and everybody repeats quite a lot at the percentage of us citizens and prisons
is very high higher than it was in south africa during the time of the apartheid
and i really i don't have statistics at the moment i don't remember but we all know that
the population in the prisons in the united states is expanding at a tremendous rate
and there are more bond issues on ballots for building new prisons than there are for building in schools
everyone also knows that in the prisons
the overwhelming majority of the population is people of color
and the overwhelming majority of them are in prison ah directly or indirectly related to drug issues
and that
drug issues in
communities dominated by people of color are probably a result of poverty and racism
this is normal in america we all know this is solve it we don't think of it as an outrage or something you know unbelievable we think of it is pretty normal it's lamentable
but it's pretty normal
here in our own county
just a few miles from our peaceful zendo here
we have a very famous enlarge prison
this down the road
in which many many hundreds
of people of color are suffering these injustices
and once in awhile on some evening
when we're
during ourselves or sleeping perhaps one of those people is being executed killed by the state
for those crimes
i recently i not on the online service but at a conference
use health and youth i found out that a high percentage of homeless youth on the streets of america are gay
in the reason why that is this because it's not unusual for a young gay person to be discovered
by his or her parents to be gay
and then be kicked out of the home
because of this and end up on the streets
and we all are aware of the recent story of this twenty one year old man and wyoming who was a pistol whipped killed
more or less because he was a gay person
at his funeral
think yesterday
there was a sizeable and very vocal group of people
protesting the public
ha outcry against this
again i know that we all know all all of these things but
ah it's important to bring them into our meditation hall so that we can remember
that this is our world
not that this is the only thing that is our world but these things are
in our world
and when we sit in zazen
we have to breathe in all of this world
and accept it
and when we breathe out you have to breathe out
relief in peace
in hope
zazen is not an escape or denial of the world we live in
it must be a profound love for that world and an acceptance of it and the cultivation
a from mind that wants to heal that world in mind that is capable the cultivation of a for mine that is capable
conditions co production is one of the cornerstones concepts of the buddhist teaching
condition coal production means that things arise not separately but always in cooperation with each other that things co-produce produce each other
that in reality there are no separate things as we conventionally understand things
there is only the mutual arising of interrelated pattern moment after moment
practically speaking with this means if we understand it
is that what happens in this world is always our sorrow
and always our responsibility
and we have to make our mind and our heart big enough to see it
and to accept it not as elsewhere
or someone else but as exactly our own breath
when we practice zazen
period after period month after month year after year
we see our own mind intimately
so much that we have been unaware of
so much that we have not wanted to acknowledge
will come up eventually
and we will have to get used to the patterns of our egotism
of our greed of our hatred
my jealousy of our fear these things will be part of our meditation practice
and we get to see how persistent they are
how deeply rooted they are right in the middle of the person that we call myself
lately i've been feeling that the point of buddhist practice in a way we could say is transcendence
when i mean by that is that the point of our practice is not that we're trying to work on ourselves and improve ourselves exactly
rather were trying to see through ourselves to go beyond holding on to ourselves
but this cannot be done
by leaping over ourselves somehow
or by pretending somehow that we're not there
in the name of emptiness and nirvana or something like that
we have to know that we are me every one of us as me you know i am myself and as me
he's exactly
all of my confused and nasty
mental states
this is deeply what me is
and if we're going to go beyond it we must study it well
we need to breathe it in
and we need to breathe it out
we need to be aware of how it unfolds
we need to be aware of how common it is how persistent it is
we have to learn how to appreciate
that which we deeply wished was not there at all
that which we deeply wish we could avoid by practicing
we have to learn to face and even appreciate
we're all deeply conditioned and human conditioning is a very ancient in a thorough matter
if you sit and look at your mind more and more
you will see that your mind isn't only you remind
it's your parents mind your culture is mine
the mind of your racial group or of your gender
we all want to be free of these things in a way we are free of them already
nevertheless it is necessary that we see how it is that these things come up in our minds over and over and over again
and when you meditate at first maybe you think you're gonna go beyond this you think that when you sit on the cushion you're not a man or a woman or a white person or an african american person there is just breathing going on there is just thinking going on
so in some sense this is true but also we have to appreciate there is still conditioning
and we are a man or a woman or a gay person or an asian person
and a much deeper level than we ever thought
we are bound to our conditioning
all of our own history and all of the history of oppression and confusion
passes through our mind passes through our life
in the present moment of are meditating mind stands all of the past
there is no way not to meet the past
in the present moment
the true and complete present moment
is not an escape from the past it thoroughly includes the past in it
and we can see we can know that the mind that arises now is the whole history
of our race of our species or gender or a family lineage
we can't escape our destiny we can't escape our heritage
and it's true as i'm saying
they put his practice is a way out but a way out doesn't mean a way around
it's it's a way through
that means that each moment of our practice we have the chance to liberate all of what has happened
we have the chance to turn all of it around for the good
every moment that chance arises and it's our work on the cushion and off the cushion to meet that moment

i think myself that is a tremendous shock to recognize all these things
it's a shock to realize
that one is a human being
to recognize this is what it is to be human being
if you are human being you know that you have
a strong moral sense we all have it because there is language
there is the possibility of understanding another because there's empathy
there can be remorse and sorrow and where there's remorse and sorrow arises a strong need to be compassionate the helpful
at the same time
if you are human being you know
that you are capable of great hatred
you are capable of committing great harm
and you know that that capability is enormous
and then it never leaves you
and you have to respect it
makes you humble
anything that anyone has ever done in this world
good or bad
you are capable of it
you will see this if you sit
with your own mind long enough
the mind is like the great ocean
you can find everything in it in their places where it is immeasurably deep and unexplored
in our mind we see the human conditioning of greed hate and delusion
which is the same for any of us and we can see the force and power of history
which is different for different ones of us we can see how history moves through us in the shape of our present mind we can see our personal history the history of our family of our gender or race
and we can see all of that working through our life i right now
and then we will know
that pakistan
or vietnam or part-time or kosovo or latin america are just
blood emblems
of our own line of suffering as it meets history
these are the things that happen
this we must respect the to the things we can't gloss over
these are the things we have to investigate grieve over understand accept
and dedicate ourselves deliberating
only when we have appreciated this can we begin the real work
in classical texts of buddhism there is a stage called
omniscience stage a practice called emissions
omniscience means that you see everything
without exception
but emissions is not a
special effects
superpower like clairvoyance or something
omniscience means that you see all things in their true aspect they're fluid aspect of emptiness and inner connection
when you see one thing and it's aspect of emptiness then you can see everything
in that one thing
in each one thing is complete
so if you are a woman
you can see everything in being a woman and you can see that being a woman is empty
have any fixed reality
if you are an asian person you see that everything is included in being an asian person but there's no fixed reality
to being an asian person
well we can see things like that we can celebrate and honor our own mind our own conditioning
but we will need to diminish someone else
if you're an asian person
there's an african person in that
if you're an african first there's an asian person in that
a palestinian person
who can appreciate the empty nature of being a palestinian person can thoroughly be a palestinian person
it can see that being a jew is included in that
there is no need to hurt someone else or diminish anyone else
the buddha did not promise us that suffering would disappear in the goal of the path is not to go to heaven
as long as there is consciousness there is going to be some suffering
and in the human world there will always be
the suffering of death and disasters that happen
suffering of loss
suffering of love that is unfulfilled
suffering of economic setbacks and
while the many things one wants that one doesn't get
there will always be some suffering
but it is really not necessary
that we hate one another
when disrespect one another
or that we endlessly go on suffering the consequences of this in our world this kind of suffering is made by people
and it can be reduced by the wisdom and courage of my activity in your activity
everybody's different from everybody else
we say that there are men and women asians africans white people brown people
but if we really get close to her mind
we men and women and asians and africans and white people and so on we see that every person is more different than that
we see that really the closer and you get you see how little the general categories of this kind of person or that kind of person applies
because we're so different
so if you want to generalize asians are like this if you look at to asians need they're not like the same way you know if you say women are like this we look at two women they're not the same way
everybody's a different world
and then the difference each one's difference
each was uniqueness is an endless endless depth
so when you really look at your mind at this level you come to the bottom of the ocean
there's nothing you can say about who you are
you are completely a mystery to yourself
and you can see what a strange thing it is to be someone
what an oddity to think that one is someone
to speak about this world as though it were something
to want anything to find something or lose something
all of these things are very strange to contemplate
i think if we if we all appreciate in our mind this level it would be impossible for us to harm another or to hate another
we would know that we do not understand ourselves and that we do not understand one another
but this would not make us hateful or fearful
instead it would make us enormously curious and interested
about one another and all the colorful strangeness of the human and non-human world
and we would want to know everything about everybody and we will be amazed by every bit of it
this is how little child is they want to know everything about everything and they're amazed by it all
you have to teach a child to hate things and reject things and say these are the things i'm interested in and this is i don't want i'm not interested this has to be learned
but it's not so hard to teach this to child easily they learn this
because they have the capacity
to learn this
so we might ask why his hatred such a common thing then
why is it so natural to have this capacity to hate is it just something in our minds this is just some something that we can easily meditate our way through
it seems that were you know when we talk about it why are people so intolerant what's matter with them
but it's not that simple
people hate one another for very good reasons actually
where there is hatred there has always been wounded
and where there's wounding there's fear
people hate one another not just start of the blue
often they hit one another because they feel wounded by one another
and that or they have wound another out of their own wilderness and every one desperately needs satisfaction for their wounds and hurts
the palestinians who hate jews don't hate them for no reason
the root of their hatred may be in part blind prejudice but it really isn't fundamentally blind prejudiced
they feel they've been wronged
they know that their families and friends have been killed oppressed
in ireland
it's just listening on the radio the people from the ira or not lunatics they're operating out of hurt and pain and suffering
so hatred is not some some thing in mind that will go away for a nice
the hatred that we see in the world has strong roots
and we have to respect that
we have to find those very roots in ourselves and by not to act them out in our own lives
and we can do and we have to do what we can to prevent others from act of them up and mostly we have to understand
we have to have a long patients
we all want to practice
in order to be more happy
and that's a good motivation to practice
but as we go on we see that it's not possible
to be happy by ourselves
because when we walk the path of happiness we come to see that our individual life is completely implicated with all other lives
we do not have a life outside of all of life
we will always be dissatisfied always be thirsting for more
if we practice thoroughly enough we will see
that the only way
to be happy ourselves
is to embrace everything and everyone into care about it
and carry me is that we would suffer
with everyone
and try our best to understand the nature of that suffering

dogan says somewhere on we can only see as far as our i have practice can reach
any one of us has a limited view
i haven't limited view that's why
turn on the online news
try to expand my view a little bit that's why i talked to people and try to understand what they experience
we all have to do that we will have to open up our view
remember that our view as partial
we have to listen to others open up our world
so that's what have to say today and i thought i would
i've been reading last time i was here i think i read a poem for you from paul salon and i wouldn't read another one that i think is
feels in the same territory that i'm speaking paul salon
as i mentioned last time
survived the holocaust
so deeply the nature of these problems that i've been speaking about
the name of this poem is clashes the fountain

you prayer you blasphemy you prayer sharp knives of my silence
you my words being crippled together with me you my hail once
and you
you you you my later of roses daily worn true and more true
how much oh how much world how many pants
you crutch you wing
we shall seeing the nursery rhyme that one do you hear that one with the hue with the moon with the human being the one with the scrub and with the pair of eyes that lay ready there as tier upon tier

you prayer you blasphemy you prayer sharp knives of my silence you my words being crippled together with me you my hail ones and you you you you my later of roses daily weren't true and
more true
how much oh how much world how many pass
you crutch you wing we
we shall sing the nursery rhyme that one do you hear that one with the hue with the mud with the human being the one with the scrub and with the pair of eyes that lay ready there as tier upon tier

okay thank you

in italy
so this the discussion period if anybody wants to bring up something doesn't have to be about the lecture
necessarily but something about dharma practice yes
the line between understanding and resistance my neighbor tries to take my land
or if my
another people tries to take the land of my people
oh i look at that what is austrian yeah
i was talking to one of our students here on that very point this morning
so one thing is life isn't easy and it's not simple
so we know
but i am sure that it's possible
or resist injustice
without hatred
and i my belief is that if you disagree or or resist without hatred in the long run your strict position is stronger although it may not be so in the short run which means that if you are committed to being peaceful you have to understand that you may
loose sometimes you met you may not
be able to win your point of view or keep your land
it doesn't mean that you acquiesce and having it taken away from you sometimes you stand up and protest vigorously but that can be done without hatred
so in the end i think peacefulness requires a kind of renunciation
so in other words that means you taking my learned i understand you i understand the reasons why the causes and conditions of you're doing that
i'm going to do whatever i can to prevent that from happening i'm going to use all my intelligence all my i'm going to call all my friends i'm going to do whatever i can't make the prevent that from happening but i'm going to and i probably will this i probably will hate you in the process but when i do i'm going to be aware of the of that that in my mind and i
not going to try to emphasize that and then try to work with that and be become peaceful much as i can and i'm going to know that if you end up taking my learned that could happen
and if it does happen i'll have to give it up but i try my best not to do that that's how i feel i'm also aware of the fact that my as i said before my i have practice only sees as far as it can see and i haven't experienced tremendous injustice is that of huh
happen to people so i can't say they're in the wrong for feeling the where they feel it's easy for me to say these things you see it on it when i mean that's why i was trying to say am i it
people who are have hatred and resistance and so on and that's understandable and that's we have to respect that
you know not just the all well they're just full of hatred but i believe my belief is that is possible to resist and oppose
with strength but without hatred anyway it's something that's a that's an ideal that i work toward and and i encourage others to work toward so yes yup tom
just a couple days ago of an irish american scottish background and great routed to arizona
yes is a good number eight hundred years yes and maybe parents grow my get a couple years ago i make a deal is my patient but i think i'm gonna die because you believe in something in you have to create magic that he created that received a warning
king and other movements which right to amend our way to rigoberta menchu
the are and i think the inspiration of people who believe nonviolent an action has worked with century and got into dead rabbit essentially it's hard for us to accept it
national but i think you'd get you didn't defend something going to kill us and he was he died because he was so sad about the division in this country and the many to be ill and he felt responsible he led the yes it was a tragedy for him yeah but an instant
it was hard time to refill to so yeah but where martin accused up but my impression is that these are these fellows beat each other vigorously and and years ago got be right because they like a yeah no i agree here yeah it's funny because on the way
to give this lecture i turn on the radio and there were two women on the radio this is the nymph pr two women on the radio who are i guess there's a play never you know about this is a play i think in new york
where are people who actually were in the ira are putting on this play about their lives and these are these are we were two women who had been in the ira and now are embracing the peace process and so they were being interviewed and one of the things they said they'd basically said the same thing i said in my talk
they said if you if if if if we all have just think that the people who are in the ira were just deluded people are overcome by hatred and that there weren't reasons why they were the where they were and did what they did then the peace process will never work and will never understand that's what i was one of the points i was trying to make yeah
and it's an amazing thing when when that happens like in south africa you know when they have south africa you know has won the most amazing things that anybody ever did in the world which is this reconcile what they call it but they have a commission a truth commission anything colorado truth and reconcile unbelievable you can you imagine a government having a truth and rare
conciliation commission and willing to bring out the truth and forgive people unbelievable you know so when these things happen after many many years of tragedy and hatred it gives us all hope and i think that's the situation now in ireland where we hope if it if it continues but yeah no i'm sorry if i imply that
i certainly didn't mean to imply that gandhi was responsible for the the tragedies or the partition of pakistan or anything like that no i agree with what you said that he yeah he didn't he wanted it to be one country i think and he wanted to love them muslims and that's why and that somewhere you know i read that
i forget what i was reading but
go i think i was reading some essays by the mexican poet octavio paz who writes the most wonderful essays if you ever have a chance to real i think it was who who said that
horrible as it is and this is echoing what you just horrible as it is it seems as if
a piece comes with soccer their sacrifices or meet you know and when you think about i mean sacrifice and at this level a sacrifice of a gandhi and martin luther king you know that that seems to be what happens you know that that anybody who
is working for peace at that level is that a tremendous risk
and often that's how peace comes restrictions
eric yeah yeah right
right so it sort of terrible to think about that but there's some truth to it
yes martin
the last couple of nonsense and amount of time watching on actions
oh online yeah
tremendous turmoil i know and i notice
i was getting more and more tense sure stressed out
so i just i wrong week ago
i realize i haven't changed so i started getting out more
you are sitting there that much but
this venom
the drastic changes i just three days to i'm just taking better care of yeah manager yeah
yeah absorbent
so much
ansonia yeah be there just see what's going on
and stuff can really affect you know i know should try an experiment you know and give all your money to someone else to manage and for a little while are certain amount of it how about this give a certain amount of your money to someone else to manage right and then take the same amount of money and manage it yourself
and then
see how who makes more money and then you can figure out how much it cost you created i mean could you make more money than the other guy in you have to pay the fees and everything you can figure out how much it costs you then you can figure out like how much peace of mind is worth
you know i mean sure there would be an interesting experiment and
yeah we should try it is that as an experiment you can always take the money back and competitive and then what would it be like what it would be like to to the log onto the inner internet and read this is interesting to to see all the news but you're not investing some
body else is responsible you're not responsible would it be different to see the news of you
if ah should do another practice period martin
at happened
from your talk about
right the
root a year
yeah very person who usually
five the yeah yeah i guess i thought about that i i guess i would think i would say that
our fear of losing what we have also comes from wounded this you know i mean like wilderness is so according to buddha my interpretation would be wounded this is the condition of samsara you know and even if we can't say these things happened to warn me these traumas or tragedies as long as we're in samsara you
were wounded and therefore we're afraid and therefore we're protecting already you know what what we haven't even have never lost and that fear is what is what causes all their grief yeah
yes i'm you know today when you talk about the conditions in chile the road something in me that that if it's a constant problem because here are in the united states people talk based on things that they here in the news
yeah i know this has nothing to do it has nothing to play now reality and the reality chilly when everything happened was one that is not known by people yeah and people always wanted to say that the cia did all this ah which is not the reality and also leads the chilean like
i like bob as a as a manipulated by the cia yeah also is not the reality what was in that country air in the early happen so ah i i have the situation where by were you living and at the time he had this happen there were you know young men
i guess a army young man at italian i was so that they could go without saying going on forever could you explain what were your virulence i had to happen their number one i voted for a yam that though i was a socialist at that time for him belonged to i'm a middle class upper middle class know but
i was socialist you know studied trust guinea with the i'm going for it so
yeah they got elected by thirty three percent of the votes and the rest of the division right are the country
and he said that he was gonna expropriate only the the crucial companies a chilly like an offer and things like that but he went ahead and expropriate two hundred industries in the first are a year now so then those industry start not making money because
was our was national national nationalised was not producing money and by the second year there was ah an inflation of sixty percent a month and sixty percent a month you know multiply by twelve noon at seven hundred percent inflation so you receive the money and you have to go on
buys things right away because then afterward and value so what happened is that are also a yen to start going into the judicial our which is a separate our from from the prison in choosing judges and themed people that were of his on his i know
and then the country start going against that and also with the view that he was gonna to procreate only via a bit the top critical things for the country but he went to that the middle class because a chilly truckers you know you get to trucks three trucks they're all independent people that
he wanted really into the middle class and so by the time that the could happen are all the professional associations of chile they were on strike and so no professors were allowed to work and ah all of the commerce was shut down and the minds were also
go on strike and then when it did it is that all the truck drivers which actually is a very long country being a shut down to at the same time you have the women of chile were hitting parts at seven o'clock at you know
in protest in the gotta taste and the against the govern well and also they were marching in front of the the house of the general finishing calling them bad names because they were not doing something for the country not opposing allende opposing a younger and same do something for this kind of it was completed
the barrel lives and so i might believe is that the cia communicated the generals of all the all the different divisions in chile and going to have a you know because the cia had ways of communicating without getting to be known and so i think and also
so they gave the go ahead of the president at that time was for that they would recognize the new precedent as a legal precedent if they take home with it
providing nixon up with okay might even have what for by wrong but i'm wrong with a temperature of the yeah yeah
and so then the strike happened but like i say most of the country was was paralyzed yes yes and that is a reality so is not that the cia us it's all of this right now you thank you for for filling out the picture and
when you look at something close up it's always a lot more complicated than you know the bad guys in the good guys for sure and yet i my belief is that the american government let's put it this way
was not was operating in chile when it had no business to be operating in chile in the first place and in the second place i don't think that the interests of the american government wherein the in the wellbeing of the people of chile i think that they were in the american interests were operating in to to their own yeah
thrown enter the own there to cover yeah he's right right now who knows what would happen if the americans were uninvolved completely it seemed as if president allende was an intelligent man and maybe he blew a totally blew it perhaps he would have less we can imagine he would have said wow this is not working
pretty obvious right we have to reverse course now maybe he would have been able to do that maybe not but what would have happened if he had had had the time to do that we don't know what would happen and it's not like yes it's not like these countries are sitting there and the cia we all know that the cia is actually rather than competent
when will we know that you know because they never figured out that the russians were falling apart you know or if they did they didn't tell anybody so there are either incompetent or the not even telling the government their own government what's going on you know or a combination of both so we can imagine that the cia is in control if they're going to do this and they're going to do that and everybody's just kind of so it is complicated
yeah and so i appreciate i didn't know you know that iowa all that i push a central role go
yeah so here's another view i think well here another view i for today and especially for black america didn't have enjoyed being and get the i was in brazil made my friends were next our children under the i am regime and my understanding what the henry kissinger was not a chilean invested a great deal of money especially with the drunk or
i'm going to bring the total browser the country intentionally and loving it paid off on the general and the guy to go from kill myself i'm trying to save the fact and arts and artists in chile you have your own mythology we take our responsibility for our imperial system intervening in chile and unfortunately as you don't know the president and time
you don't know the role of henry kissinger and the millions of dollars spent to paralyze your entire system reagan who we have a president who's being impeach why don't you a peach i am going to constitution reaching the military i've never to be in geopolitics and the history of jimmy why they're so yeah so this
the trouble
you know this is this is the trouble with
no not not not not what i mean the trouble is it's hard though when you look close it's more complicated and of course i was quite aware of the fact that i was listening this whole litany of things every one of which we could stop and we could say let's look at this more closely and i was sitting there thinking i hoped and
nobody minds this because there's to be somebody there who knows you know so i but the point that i was trying to make that i think stands regardless of where with all of this is that
because of misunderstanding greed and a lack of an ability to empathize and before others these things happen and we fight a we look at the all many years later we can fight over what did happen and nobody really knows what happened certain things we can say or established facts but even that if we look real close to that
you know i don't know how established those back i have if i remember i prefer a very close friend who was an expert on the assassination of john kennedy and he did research for many many many years on that and i remember i would go talk to him you know over and over again and all the stuff and i just came to the conclusion myself that
on some level history is a mystery you never gonna you're never going to you know even the established facts if you want to if you want to spend enough time looking at them there's doubt
you know so there's doubt about all this but about our mind and about about what hatred does there's no doubt about that i think so i appreciate your point of and i think your point is well taken that it's not correct to say
we can say that the cia is entirely responsible for this or that happening we can say that the cia was not a force for good and i think that's true
and and i think we can be i think as an american citizen a person has to feel badly about that as to feel like this was done on my behalf i was not aware of it or i was aware of it i didn't complain in whatever i think we have to take responsibility for the up but we can't say it's so simple you know so i appreciate that yeah
so yeah
caught having surgery and one yeah
he was caught having surgery resumes out what is the his were arrested
he's in a hospital in london yeah for medical treatment and while rear he's been arrested
point for the cry for various crimes just made his name but eventually you will get is what what why was he she committed crimes and spain punish enhance your finances
when who in july
i say
i see or manage every submit your brain
now we should i think so debris diluted man yeah perhaps go to his maker in from his manager workmen yeah
hey let's take a moment to breathe in all of this
you're really to slight settle with all of us and then and then breathe out some peacefulness

and to remember that although it's difficult it is possible to act righteously in this world it is possible and there are examples of them
and that's what we have to try to do

what actually happened
take car history is a pack
yeah which version of history do we wanna believe in you know who decided that history was when pinochet did
one of the things that now you know the there's a much debate about the nature of history right people are seeing now that there's all these unknown and untold stories of history
need to be brought up
something offs
i'm curious
how do you reconcile
our intentions acceptance understanding with action because to take action to draw the line muffin and she is of course of action
for myself i've been living in your last few years and i've just returned to sweep
and i'm a paul what's happened
and how many levels but especially when you're when there's really for me my experience a lot more political discourse people talking about issues people participating
switzerland there's living eighty percent of the people amazon
no you tonight
it's considered your responsibility and here in this country
electoral system is a joke and ah
even the polls indicate one thing our representatives are doing something else
no and so i you know i find myself in this
position of great pains position of great
try to continue my work in the world but
you know i can
i'm called to be involved politically
the know that that's not my chosen identity yeah and yeah
the slang the man last week and one and the response to them on one level is heart
and on another level is for me as a game in is very destruction
i've seen more and more how as things get more and more difficult economic level catch me are the new scapes
the christian right has been setting this up and for example for example reverend phelps those to the jets of anybody who dies of aids his people go to the deaths the funerals of people who die of aids and hit
with god hates fags he's been doing this for years what i want now is why the religious community in this country has not conduct
i wanna know why and baptist church that he represents as not defrocked
a that level of intolerance hatred for me that we accept
is absolutely raise
yes i feel afraid for my life
you afraid of my life at the same time i know that it's not my best interests to hide out
no good at anything i need to step forward and be part of public discourse
yes i i accept that those are all parts i accepted
the intensity random phelps's passion
is also my passion different place but what i cannot accept his and danger lies and hatred is directly
oh yes thank you for saying the things you said
in a way you're what you're bringing up as very much like the question we began with
does acceptance mean non-action acquiescence passivity
and as i said earlier i don't think that that it does i think acceptance is something that happens on a very this is very profound effort that we make simply to recognize that this is our world this is the world it is this way
and i think that in order for us to sustain our action
a protest against some of the ways the world is
over a period of time
we have to be peaceful in order to sustain it and we can act see it strongly even though we have this feeling know i went to an event not too long ago
where youth coalition international youth coalition and they had a speaker there i wish i can remember the man's name but he stood up and on the stage and took a very they actually might talk today was in a way a response to that man's talk because he stood up on the stage in a very aggressive stance and he says
something like
well maybe people here are trying to be peaceful but he said i don't want to be peaceful that's what he said i don't want to be peaceful i want to promote conflict
because i think that there is a lot of bad things going on and i don't know and i'll think that peaceful this is gonna help i think we have to promote conflict and get out there and shake things up and he was he said and i'm not peaceful and i don't want to be peaceful
so i was in east said many things that were very powerful about things that are going on and you know and things that we don't even know about a don't inquire about a why aren't we inquiring so forth you know you can imagine all the things and so i was very moved by his talk you know and it gave me pause and
the only thing so i can i can't i would never argue with him i understand him and i understand where he's coming from
i can only say that that for for me and my practice in my life i can't promote conflict as a way of
ah acting in the world against these things i just it's just not my it's it's not a pass that i can walk at this point in my life but i could understand his passion and you know i want to be a person who can hold hands with him and i want him to be a purse
one who can hold hands with me because we both want the same things we both want justice and peace you know and i think that the biggest tragedy would be for me to condemn him and for him to condemn me
but he needs to say what he has to say and i think i need to say what i have to say i can't do otherwise and neither can hear
you say so yeah i mean i understand and one thing this is a little aside and and but i got something on the you know how you get all these forwarded messages on the internet i got a message from michael moore not a personally but you know was forwarded to me the do any of you get this message i think i said a to actually did
i somebody i sent a bunch of people because i forwarded and the message said something like michael moore's this guy who made the movie roger and me another other revision he said something like
i'm i didn't even vote for clinton and ninety six i'm so disgusted with him
and although and he just him and all the democrats you know they never stand up for anything and they're just they're just like in the republicans warmed over and i don't know them and favorite things i'm in favor of you say he said but i'm so mad that they're that they're that polls just like usa in the polls say we should go on with business
and and they're saying we should impeach the president i'm so mad about that that i'm actually gonna vote i wasn't going to vote and i'm going to go vote and i'm going to vote the straight democratic ticket
and get rid of these guys even though i don't like the democrats i'd just so outraged that that's what i'm going to do and so he's mate wrote that email message and spreading at all over the country and i send it to a whole bunch of people all over the country and some of them wrote me back and they said they already got it from somebody else you know so i actually thought i mean i don't i hate to
you know i actually have to confess that i don't mind you know expressing my political views i have my own opinions you know but i really hate to do that in sitting in the dharma seat
it will i but i don't want to do that you know because i really feel like people are coming here and they need something else from me and from us you know so i hate to say but i did but but i'm going to do that i'm going to going to do what michael moore said and he said everybody's counting on the fact that
we'll all stay home and then the twenty five to thirty percent of the population will elect all the republicans and all this stuff logo on it's not not going to amount to anything anywhere except for a tremendous waste of time but i think it would be never mind about what you believe or what you care about but wouldn't it be an astonishing thing if they had this election
in all the democrats one and all the republicans lost it would be like so incredible you know it would just as as a piece of theatre never mind the politics of it and it would be extraordinary
and so i think that would be a nice thing so but but like i say i don't who knows the people you are sitting here who knows what you think or what you believe in you know i think the important thing that i want to communicate to you and i want you to be able to hear from me is about the dharma that's why if i say vote for someone so you might not be able to
hear about the dharma you see that's why i hate to say that if i sit down off the seat and you find me somewhere else i'll tell you exactly what i think i'll tell you who to vote for if i know which i probably won't know
but but you know in this role in the seat i don't feel right about doing that so i want to be clear about that nevertheless i wanted to report about what michael moore said so i did
but you know
so there's something to be said for promoting conflict in anger as a way of and as an you know it and it is very to very very fine line you know it really is because it nothing more natural than to be peaceful and to value peacefulness and to accept and value accept
once and to acquiesce in not notice there's nothing more natural in it and that's why i give a talk like the one i gave today that's why i do it i was saying the jurf you know i'm not that well informed i'm not that political but i feel that to keep myself honest and all of us honest i have to do it to give a talk like this once in awhile just so that we remembered that it's
i said i like to be peaceful and we all like to be peaceful but there are times when there's values more important than being peaceful that doesn't mean that we indulgent hatred and aggression because i feel like in the end you know hatred and aggression is always have a losing proposition you know and if we if we hate our enemy the
they're gonna hate us back and it's going to go on and on and on i think we do have to be in the end we have to go beyond hatred but i appreciate all that you say and and i also have a very well aware the fact as i said before the it's easy for me i don't feel at this moment threatened where i can understand that you
wood and so your passions aroused in a different way than mine minor so i i appreciate them yeah so yeah hockey
michael moore email is basically a long it was i haven't seen that's basically what i said friday morning is you sent emails to send
like use the powder is free yes to reach as many people's by candies we sang yes i don't agree with democrats are not happy when so many of us a and we need to do is yeah just the first symbolics yeah yeah in the work needs to have yeah i think it would be good just
to make the statement that business as usual is no good you know yes

well this is a tricky matter
to define psychological states and terms carefully
so i make a distinction between
so i defined anger this way i defined anger as being an intention to harm another
that's how i define anger and i make a distinction between anger and the energy
the energy that one applies for the good
and i think that when we use the word anger we don't make that distinction usually and because we don't make that distinction it's difficult we we it's difficult to figure out how to practice with anger
so i think there's nothing wrong with having a very powerful energy come through you like we heard from you a moment ago in your remarks a powerful energy i don't think there's anything wrong with that in there are times in which this is absolutely necessary
however i think what has to check oneself to see that the source of that energy is not an intention to harm
so given that those definitions we could say that anger is always negative
which is traditionally taught in buddhism that anger is always negative but but you really need to understand anger in that particular way in order to agree with that perspective
so tell you where that's what i feel so in essence anger and hatred are really i'll always go together
so now the thing is that we're not perfect
so it's not that i'm not saying well now you have to wait until you have absolutely no intention to harm another before you can act like saying will be political politically active and were enlightened until then sit on your cushion actually sometimes i say that the people i mean if somebody comes here you know if the practice full time residential practice
yes sometimes i say to them forget about the world
for now
and just you have something to do here that requires you to let go of that for now so sometimes i do say that but but i don't say wait until you're enlightened fully and i'm fresh of them might take awhile you know so that means what i'm saying i get what i'm saying is that we may notice that we have straw
dong energy to do something
and we may notice that we have along with that energy and intention harm or or this like and hatred of another another
we still may have to act
is lot but if we're clear that there is a intention in us and we're going to for clear that that's the intention that will lead to suffering and the test the intention even though we have to act now and this are action is going to be complicated by that intentions were clear what that attention looks like and feels like and that that's not the intention that's going to further our deep
best wishes then we go ahead and we try to try our best in the process to purify ourselves in those feelings because it's not going to be perfect you have to be a say it basically you have to be a said to be able to go into the world like gandhi was a saint martin luther king was seen in some way you're going to be able to go into the world with tremendous energy and that without hater
good that's really hard you know so we can expect that we're going to be able to do that but at least if we know that's what we're trying to do when we look inside yourself with honesty then i think that's pretty good and that's what we have to do
cause i know i was very politically active when i was young
and eight me up alive you know and i could not continue
because of fear and anger and hatred
and that's when i began practicing because i saw that i could not sustained the lunacy of my point of view and my way of been
so i find another way
so that's how i look at it because we get a lot of blood discussions about this point

is curious you just and all these points you youtube
no she's younger
to react to certain way by practicing just disappear over time
on one end i could say practice really does make our lives different otherwise you wouldn't do it
that's true i think
and i could probably say my life is different now than it was twenty five years ago
but first of all i'm not even sure that's true
and if it is true who knows why is different
is it because i practiced dharma is it because i got older
know so i don't really know
i wouldn't say yes because i practiced so diligently nine different in this in this way i don't really know i'm just trying my best now that's all i know
did you say you weren't anger
for people who aren't full time
don't practice
all the time and yet bangor from job
a typical people in new situation know
i hate to say that surface but you have to practice all the time
practicing full time is the only way to practice there is no other way that doesn't mean you have to live here be a monk or something but actually if you think that you can practice part time and do any significant work with anger you don't forget it
it will work you really have to be full-time practitioner
i think it's
you know the best way to work with anger is just have a feeling of studying anger
to recognize that anger is a very difficult emotion to have very unpleasant very harmful to one's self causes much unhappiness and then if the if you if you if you know that much and lot of people don't know them which right lot of people ah you can get quite huh
obituary to anger there are people who are habituated to anger
it's just like a dangerous drugs people are habituated of the they destroyed even though there are very body is wasting away and being destroyed by you know cocaine or heroin they're still using it right and they're going to great lengths to get it people are like that with anger to sometimes but if
you have come to the place where you recognize that anger is harmful to yourself then the thing that you need to do is study anger be very meticulous with yourself and watch what happens when you get angry what are the conditions that bring about anger what are the results of anger in your life
how does that your field in the moment of being angry how does your body feel how is your mind what kind of thoughts are associated with it and once you study anger very thoroughly and study the effects of anger in your life if you do a thorough enough you will see i believe this what i have seen that anger is not
useful for once true purposes in life
a experiential intention not because someone told you but because you've figured out on your own by your own experience that you really would like to find another way
and then
by the by the sheer practice of awareness with that intention in other words i really don't want to be victimized by my own anger anymore it just isn't good for me i really don't want it and i know that and not just do a feeling that way because someone told me too i really know that when you have that intention
and you practice full time
and look at your anger honestly what happens is
the anger gradually dissipates in your life because
anger arises because of your own actions
we think that it's the other person who did something made us and you made me angry that's never true you never made me angry you did something and i made myself angry for i was i became angry because of conditions in my life but when you start reducing the conditions in your own life that pre make you pray
set up to be angry at someone else's action than you don't get as angry and then little by little the fires of vinegar die down and it's more rare in your life so it's a gradual process there is no secret thing that you know you know it's gradually you can become less angry and your temper can become less a strong
and and yet you can still have energy for your life and energy to do things take the energy of anger and turn it around in other words
so you have to see nor equivalency
but like i say you can get another view of somebody you can find somebody will say anger is good