The Eighth Precept

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coming around to it
anyway i'd be i'd have preferred to speculate on reasons it certainly does going to be a fact that take that's our culture long time
why do many centuries of
have a contact with you know beginning with the european explorers way that fortune
you know the jesuits were the first ah westerners to come to japan fifteen hundred
and there are a jesuit tracks
about centurion can show the teach you the mysterious then school and they wrote about it and studied actually and they had hadn't actually quite a lot of respect for failure
in fact the jesuits first impression in japan was it was a very soon
and they hadn't actually quite a lot of respect for failure
in fact the which first impression in japan was it was a very civilized country by your games can except for two things which the jesuits found calling one his homosexuality that it was with fantasize both of which at the time or rather complex
a just thought well you know as a heated country what you expect but they're doing pretty well given the fact they haven't heard the good word and the course the japanese on the other hand started what they were seen
from the west was totally barbaric and yeah you know
if they couldn't believe how inferior your competitors
yeah for these first contacts between countryside
know pointed out the right it was and it made it is true that the by most ordinary standards of your health and be well fed and cleanliness all those things i japan and china were the most advanced civilization in the world for some laundry time
maybe about seven or eight years
they were definitely most major respects more advanced than
so it's true these cultures are much older man just developed differently
and yeah
maybe developed with less discount said solid feet
shamanistic groups of use practices which go back in estonia to one
maybe it has to do with also with the historical development of christianity wish for whatever reasons proved itself of many of those strands within it which became a yoga practice like not decision and other things
those things where historically purged from christianity quite early and so did not do remain in the dominant spiritual traditions of our society and they were never purged from india china based in his routine
he's a that also get could could figure enemy for instance the apparently the dock in reincarnation was was unacceptable belief in christianity children nine hundreds
on the most i general don't have read that relegated
but some counseling on a nice entry decided it was to go so it went on to that point on it was nowhere reincarnation to be talked out unless you wanted to be one of these people that
i got burned number definitely
anyway it's interesting to speculate why is that gap we haven't
somehow develop his side of myself
i certainly you did you say are aren't true
mean in america we don't we don't we don't even have the contrary european cars flash flashing handled he rejected the the extent to which there was continuity for iraq as part of what america was was the rejection of europe and it was built by people who rejected europe by feel joy
we're i think just now getting back to realize when the left behind the tear at much less europe
and we were getting a little bit partial funding to the man happy
the job
of everything in a very long view thousand years
i don't really like the idea of time
any race being superior to any other name of the radio the fourth hundred years ago
now they're filming home to she said and photos you made my overall of and work of senior which seems to me that you know maybe it depends on shipping it takes for having your hat and for something like can cook it be like i said i'm lucky that you liked that actually
here's my beautiful idea that our your honours can to bring up
a lot of oriental think that i mean it means a lot of weed early new vintages of basically could not see how people like us could that could make much headway in cooking for workers you weren't japanese mean idea
it was prevalent image in the picky about give more that shiny for to hide you know that they do
it was good art cars to encourage we always have an effect demonstrated
captain superiority that necklace i drive a japanese car and now
on the fiscal that all between you're talking about being in a quarter of your surroundings they coming out of the room is somewhat perfect and having to turn this off the record
it's i'm not wrong with the accountable to you or gotten the feeling that there is a of children and for my has been more record the things than adults are that maybe you have functions of a corporate things but you may lose at some point in your childhood or any any and buddhist psychology of people
becoming becoming lost wonderful three mistreatment and perhaps you know that the maybe they came out the window bit more perfect than mccain
became lost production this treatment and in well we have to get the right vocabulary really discuss these things accurately is a matter of perfect and imperfect
if you are born not black but was clearly delineated propensities for create a delusion
and the main reason
and anybody who lives my children knows that it doesn't take long to start expressing it began on a whole they expensive less restrained we than adults do i mean adults you don't learn but you can't scream and scamp up and throw a camp munroe on the floor to get what you want you could have to do they can have little man coming season for your way
the main reason that children appear to us to be somewhat more innocent and so forth his bit
it takes them a while to get carriage it
so they don't their patterns for those behaviors don't run so deep they have more ability to
to let go they don't hardly think quadri quality is something that you
developed by
karmic repetition but there's no idea of buddhism that somehow children iraq in a center pure because in fact absurdly they're not well i didn't exactly that i guess sort of two things partly probably had met the idea of the of the parents being acquired because it's not so much
that they're actually born with the patterns but they go the propensities and and the parents good at definitely that dispensary and then i met
if there's some idea that their last subject to
to journalism or to perceive and a subject can also kind of way or is that
that's somewhat hard to just
i'm i'm not sure i got this idea that i i
smell had this idea that that there was an idea and do different than that when you child to might be able to
but that's sort of run it by being an accord with your surroundings
the that that children might be able to be to be
to perceive instantly yeah will if they do it made us promise probably doesn't really count
because know it you know it's sort of insignificant the gets true and that is true children on older dogs were involved in i think a movie dogs are because you don't think summer so in access my or slightly more or less a dualistic in their perceptions their perceptions are more
you know
it's not awakened perception is it's that your misperceptions have not yet awakened and they're bound to awaken so it's nothing that you can really looked you a hopefully i mean
children lose it that's all you know quite naturally as they become interested more and more interested in trying to get what they want is often needs do and i'm afraid that
the the idea of children be more period isn't just not really much reduced idea
if you want to talk about somehow to
get on costs in people total arable and for choice generosity you been loving something that is there is is that believed to be completely acquired the children that that you can all the women getting upset if you come out with anything hottest degree hate balls or the push for it
the other potential to are you have both and your the conditions that you olivia determine how it goes
yeah you know you develop according to the law of karma and that's part of your surroundings circumstances and so far as drink good circumstances to develop well you're in bad circumstances you go for it but it's not like you have to to train them to be to be to national logging and pulses their yeah yeah to treat you give me the first of all the
trial of the effect of it i think of the free agent
a child
every that if it's not part of everything outfit separate candidate must make the mantle a three man who pay for survival the man
if thirty
good if to make an end and time
if your draft and belong to those things would get the can you as a great to a baby
security so it seems as your order to get off professional behavior but don't have to be learn either there's a date think will work together and that the first thing that has been a child from the pan the charles main job is to grow up and buddhism relieve the gulf
fair and mistake
it is i mean i think the main buddhist idea for children and child reason that you raise the child in such a way that
the dharma is accessible to them when they're old enough to see it
but practically speaking
and the earliest age i've ever seen anybody practice dodging in sort of from their own observation feeling of why you would do it is about fifty and that's about i wouldn't go much really that i think you have to go through the work
making an adult body mind
what is going to circumstances is your parents and society can provide and there are apples for you knowing of the spiritual geniuses who had some great spiritual inside of the age of seven or eight but on a pole
basic situation of children in the air air they're just rather unconscious and everything that they do good or days on all not to conscious
you might say that you know where i tried to explain this before his death
the that job
buddhist practice is continuation into your whole life of what you do when your child into for figure out how to survive what the world's all about for the most people just don't continue that to stop when biologically process is completed but that's really the point at which
practice began to that will you have the equipment necessary to actually make some people
that we figured out five physical survival but of mr mind when you're talking there is that what we had at the ticket out our physical only realize you're thinking that there's a lot more than the big of
then you have to ask the question was what's going on what did i get all right i prefer to move back and that's right and that's why safe in the sense in adult fare and if it comes earlier in your life
because it's a pretty cosy you know some people are spiritually precocious they have a spiritual crisis really out and it's a kind of crisis that for other people that happens to young felt that it was natural to have a midlife that was the time biologically when it was now
you'll begin asking awkward questions or religious questions and
characteristically in buddhism if you look at the literature of when they imagine people becoming monks and so forth i think they felt it was an affair of early adulthood
but the decision to seek the dharma with something that would occur to you about the age of twenty and i don't think they allowed
anyone to be fully ordained into the song of a cord injury
twenty i should i thought that
did you have a child monks historically but that's not considered god i just you know
well i'm church school
so the actual decision to practice he's one of you have to make yourself if it's like you know been old enough to drink or drivers something old enough to go you have to have a kind of you go you make an adult decision yet but one thing i had actually that
if you like a child to grow up
right second
the fact that had in march
can get we want to it
that time
and that that situation
or even to like
a boy
actually be able to appreciate
how does the doctor
so that can perfectly content and be and a big difference in your life
great region different
throw up to the
right well it would be nice if it without strict straightforward
but unfortunately it's a lot more complicated and print and japanese children are a just the way to say but very few japanese young adult have the slightest interest whatsoever in anything else to do to prevent because there's a lot more going on
in a child growing up and the parents know the whole society and their cured and and just what seems to be happened to the amazingly enough most of us were probably not raised that way yet here we are each month which the music and song is releasing has be present
century as somebody was saying how very interesting
be to be
it's something that has come up in society culture in you're not be accessible
kind of is very mysterious and doesn't operate i mean you give you know on the whole the whole god was reverted to the incarnation is not central brief sort of something that buddhism took on an indian it because what would happen but and still there is a sense that
very difficult really adequately explain what happens to people on the date when you see just there like dislike it he raised one person perfectly and do everything for me become a criminal you raise somebody like that eleanor roosevelt
at is horrible childhood everything went wrong she's now treated she became the st
there are examples that always know that know just it's very hard to
you all you can say is that be the way in which people develop is not exactly fully accessible to the rational mind
as an actor with two children and you have children i mean to get back to his question children very very dramatically in and and when they are the people who get for finding can tell stories about how radically different than the word go moment they
come out you've just given and sancho it seem very non dualistic an infant all that other children profoundly dualistic from the first out
go on the magnificent of
actually you know i what we mean by non dualistic thinking of not really what children to mix a little bit more like
i really can't get into much detail buddy
what the way children are resembles that of a catholic but it's not for the bidding can like the same me
it's more like to be the full possibility of desire and selfishness haven't yet occurred
early may seem to video promoting in a fee of innocent but
it's not exactly the same at all
it's something that if it were know that this whole business would be much easier because we can just try to help preserve and keep it can be too hard
perverted or distorted but actually i think the message here is that this is a profound existential problem for all to be and it doesn't come naturally to anymore
in fact
that idea is something a little bit like wishful thinking
yet there's no real shortcut that there's and up in the text can be really good buddhism about it that proof that they give you can just point and buddha
he felt you know who is that you know spiritual genius arch life and basically get a terrible time as the most of the great
spiritual teachers and also that it does seem to be a start be the case of those people who develop into the greatest sages work the heart attack
and there was hardly anyone for whom it came easy
they an interesting point that suzuki roshi mentioned several times and if not commission he would teach teachers you can mention to many with vila which is that if you're superficially skillful at something you have a knack for something
you've actually end up having a hard time mastering
so in some ways actually historically those who had the most difficult
a spiritual journey i made the best teachers and think that would have most impact on people
and those who had a easy failing on hobby because we're not talking here about some kind of life being able to draw we're talking about
seeing through are fundamentally addressing the universal condition can be
and and that point of view the more you suffer the morning get it
i mean if you are insulated from older you get nothing that's why in buddhism to david
the celestial beings who for some long a period of time are kind of created a new and suffering are considered to be quite
historical sorrowful creatures because they they don't know learn
we just don't live in it and you know put it just kind of absorbed the idea that such being existing with actually examined too much nowadays they get there are such be a very very bad situation because
they can't get in touch with anything they don't stop on on our bodies they don't die and what have will actually that could eventually though it's good situational and and also you'll feel quite hear that they wasted so much time and what that means for us practically use that any human being in a situation like that
where they're insulated from all
facts of life so to speak or in a very dangerous circumstance
because when they wake up to it don't have so much remorse in feeling like a missed out that will be very hard for them to be covered
yes i just a fellow chosen chosen botox can recall yeah by the hospital now and spiritual leader the rap on the problem comes to good for every pound is very cool
educating him children
to some compassion
the thing is don't have to give i was in new york and i i almost went into it and i somehow thought it was one of these exorcist type and
the shows and you know i saw the shiny i did
the artistic exactly what back and let me tell them that might be interested in that
she's the six yes i have question is too early here and efficient
comfort aren't as active child you know i ended up but the average man gloomy beyond survival with and question answers feel free to take out a girlfriend i have some questions about this and for the credit
how about the idea is to as a society that one have to happen a comparable situation before when they died for it hundred
so on the other half a thin and five that people had come from having access to the of
thirteen educational experience and denied opportunities
how would it be
that you've seen here in other you know japanese culture
jackie school shooting a very strong sense of or
taking the best possible here show as wire controversy is japanese version of busy got a very hard to understand how we could possibly tournament monastic practice work with families because from a japanese twenty bpm a family your first responsibility is to be sure to your wife
to provide to give an education and not to deny him and he just was made that we were trying to do that the obviously you can maximize that the a pure religion a situation which is more closer to research systems although i think no actually you may not realize you're taking end user with
we are obliged to time
but still i think there's value in our society is you do the best tits you possibly can for your children up to not to a certain point when you just have for the best but you know this so
this business of
it's it's very mysterious how are you
the middle of talking about this here
about these people
whose history is mostly
having to do with
sexuality can tell the see or geometry or whatever your sexual misconduct which shocked
as metaphor or or game your again i'm lucky to do it
who were expected to be selfish and abstained fall sexual activity
and for a late lady of buddhism it abstained
the guy which i suppose to
did you married repairing relationships outside community
so it's not going to pyramids known to equal out of understand
as i mentioned last week
it was just so take for granted in india i mean can use our present day immature
and spiritual professional so sweet and a sustainable condition who is
we've taken some vowed spiritual practice get your your it
i don't think the buddhism as a and the
as a query on a spiritual gaps or spiritual home years but had to take her seriously these time kept ourselves
are there has to do with i think i'm a universal fairly universal idea in most cultures get a particularly prevent
special absolute resources of power and to a chinese or office
the realm for your relationship is partly to
back in it's supposed to be intensification concentration
i think losing that i've never seen a text which explicitly said that a contract
i don't think anybody can be the primary nephew few more to come his degree and are often spoken of yogic practices has been stored source out how are you
what is it not really sweeps in power yoga and effective rather was pleasantly and ensures going against them to them
a special powers
it seems that the main now aside from the traditional the expectation was that
desires r bondage
because when becomes very attached to them and these towards your tires and that six round you are most powerful the bani desire particularly once you have family and shoulder stuff for eating
quite naturally become very attached to that
and that you show
it reduces your
the absolute freedom of a group of person living in poverty
the and of course in ancient cultures is an economic bondage to be remembered man
you're responsible for their survival which means basically
you are like devoted to that the idea of the your class was really limited to much carry minor to be fun
the working
course the idea that women and the child fear and child yours please
conditional countries could have married like also v
yoga practitioners that included him he conceived
because it involves from respect
but the of your children namely twelve a children to push for five
the particular precept is wanted which i think
give someone for time to
economics with social structures and and cultural warriors and some of the other
and i think that in order to get to be the root of the police can you have to go below and them particular
i think the level of not killing are not speaking of for that the root of is fairly close to the surface but i think it in them in this precept to the root idea which hundred ninety it is is somewhat beneath the surface of morning
i think it actually the root of it's closer to the surface that you understand the layman stuff
just about it is to say you can have a fan of what is that what is the limit of appropriate to be
what's your what's wrong with you can be engineered or relationships with the problem
why not
when he would it have fundamentally boils down to the you almost every case such an event cause substantial
and so actually
basic understanding of this to take because this is kind of relationship for him very emotionally powerful
on sunday we can earn falcon that has very strong possibility of causing
and everything that next week have to xerox
for to rules that you can get bored i'm take my time on the monkey
history of visual in here
the middle of the on more accounting do for order if we rewrote precepts to see the shell to be considered to be the situation with the modern room and this particular reception movie the last you
in the entirely turned to create that over a period of
you can fit in this area is one which is fraught with potential for conference on machine
sexual expression to not have a lot
the sexual relationships one must be aware of future stuff in between five and to preserved and happiness of others respect the rights minutes ago
another way to previous is the attention to visit
you might say in our intimate relationships do not act in such ways and because deception for
before posting
the manipulation
so in a situation where we're not just giving up something delicacy your abstinence issues
in a way not really solving problems using conversion is to say this is brought up
he would be say praise was i nervous very nervous
did you do have probably gone to have a look
and you i am convinced himself and first he was ready tolerant of of mary the most for his people he regained were already married
he didn't ask me to divorce my life to speak for she was married themselves because he didn't want the that everything
you see in japan what happened was interesting be
this is all of your twist to the historical cultural side japan nominally followed the reason and priest coffee mary although
japan with it's rather challenges to shinto background has always been more relaxed that the stringency of the buddhist precepts and
if a monk had a girlfriend it was not really
horrible tank factory's pretty much yeah
tolerated although i think most serious ones not
when the meiji restoration crew into the sixties and they wanted to rapidly become westernized
and they wanted to somehow great be
political and social power of be
of the monastic monastic institutions
which because they were not
involved in families were outside the to control network society entirety he shows you buy by the can view of family network of the town and villages like next
i get people excited for the bugs
institutions of delegate to males particularly
take on a very powerful role in society because the outcry
outside your network of familial bond
yeah i'm going to support and can also do the institution can maintain himself economically very three children
leave institutions and where do they encourage or to europe
in asia tended to accumulate great power we will be just last and the you some lord gave you a hundred acres land thousand acres of land and fifteen ten
in nineteen fifties there it is worth know and remove the dollars which is the sunday
you know kobayashi to creek the been to drop of the esoteric or tantric school to and
went to the emperor of japan in the ninth century
he asked the ember to give them a whole mountaintop quiet higher
through the kind of flat now keep time
the emperor's can find cures
variegated to present day notice
religious community for more or less from a at one time he just fast
and in those days you just go ask the apertures and be held from him for on the dalai give it a you
and you know been part of the property of the she's not affect the police in every sense for over twelve years
and a real estate from a large monasteries in kyoto is honesty is beyond belief out guy
no kyoto you your total but property values in kyoto on and one square foot of a plan for how these work never mentioned not funny cause he founded the mountains room of and you turn the corner and the yoshimi which is about a new u c berkeley
the wall around the briefing you gave pedrosa can be figures with gate and build temples of harvey structures used if you everything they have no purpose whatsoever except they keep the city out because no one quite all these centuries has the gumption or torn down to make way for projects the
chemicals fifty down because day too fast and into stretches of land between the main temple do not even in his dirt
great spirit and you know the rest of kyoto tokyo armenian music goes up around it
so monastic is on any point of banality
monastic institutions to somebody political power and economic power support go at the time of amazing they wanted to create a nationalistic period japan and we can power of the competition and one way they showed a few dashes to allow efficiently allow us to me
and yet
right those priests besides do that you to be worried and social media stream and broke down be and seventy seven so
it's quite common now for a priest mary to be after the drastic changes
i talking about being young women gymnastics
the rule doesn't apply to them
he's got a young age
but the
world monks nuns japan and totally different he so on the to increase to manage and has a recognizable social role if you were eager monastic be
by march
it's very encouraging and tell to think i saw that you've already how times retrieved you can't get enough to play
that killed more than
right off the truth
well yeah i been involved celtic approach of
well it's a cultural value which and the greatest cultural values chosen to adopt him and and actually aggrandize because it's i would say and the present time here is a loosening up in the society at large
i don't see her on these research
women are are beginning to make your event
an argument
are being being a job he said
the go into the mainstream of boots that has get you can but it's beginning to but pm
japanese buddhism to still very medieval
so suzuki roshi was married in factories in this position including a temple priest in a town foundation and he was expected to be is is please been married for somebody to take care and white
you became so he actually married twice
his first wife time
and so he married a year or the very people but at a two point
because of here
real problems that people marry this guy into of people here again yeah for the end of life
have you kind of reaction again
at one point said he wanted some decided not to get married to be plugged lot of people are scared several people who live on
the even
gotta love these juries because the the
you know what's her deal
it was not so good marriage and he
the practice
so as you can see if that center
people are emphasizing families a lot
i feel
a majority of people in our and are already married effect god the first time in british history really nineteen
man who are married to each other both
which i don't quite know how moving out
i think retrieve ordination priest reputation and her as
really having mostly to do with a willingness to
make your practice visible
the other people and really rather
severed from apart from where do you carry
well there's two big difference i can't really tell you what to do is yeah because we have you become a positive
but everything both be expected to to a training roles which which is kenny you know you're rolling
in edmonton tassajara prince is dan and general can browse generous givers now the president for a month as hired she's giving lectures
smith students itself once you're doing a fence and role which is reserved is forbidden
she's doing that yeah it should not be because she will have be off
and so
we have for advice or trump
i know the kenny grow up in shastra or games you know it comes to and she asked to be salvaged
even of these father in the monastery so i don't quite know how that works out to
i'm actually from they will be used up having to get she'd got halfway through the hallway
but pm
the mean for point i think of you know this precept aside from the tradition is what is it
our human relationships with each other are fraught with possibility of potential of have heard from sorrow because we guests
so much or emotional
and so one solution that is just to avoid and the under the age that if you don't avoid it if you do a sufficient punches i was gonna burn
i remain aware of the possibility of
have something for stop
and you can do you just too
have maintained relationships with tsunami statute did you not
when you're not using the editors
the satisfaction you only but you're practically
he gazed reciprocal relationship of mutual satisfaction

no not that love and commitment
why i suppose by taking this point pujols
prostitution princess would not be approved by
society for bunch of that
it's not situation i love

get into action yesterday that i created a thank
having that we
the german
an effort
well malaya i explained the lecture is enough you should look from the less group same is great
i'm on class but i've been reading this french translation of a huge check this translates rhonda
on no one would love
the country
so i thought well that's interesting that he was more
a party kind of translation of reply to death maybe it's wrong but i decided to experiment to use the word love
instead of a be
and you will because he had to take but
and they can be propagandized backlash to mass culture
song to float supposed to be something
your project
the christian man
so the negative side of love something that we tend to not want to go to
love is actually a word so broadly courage to actually comes thoughts
covers both very positive side and also very tasty
so i thought they might just be useful to use the word
force people to think a little bit about what he would you can love be
i actually put it as much more precise terms for each degree and aspects of luck and happy with broad from
so we have raja fees
hashim passionately guy
and you have low on your speakers
and the of time properties
clear cache
and we have
ah come on down the street
compassion here
can we have read topic
and joyous and joyous feeling
for another
henry have a patient
kind of but i coffee and fifty degrees love doing that you're you even even mindedly conveyed to exit
an unlimited love night
those words all he loves
some men are just you know english
i think that our language is not
harry development to eric
we don't have a very besides to calculated for various shapes that love committed
we say we're in love with companies like if you observe the launch indicated of these two people of their have
we find out that seems to be making changes to the probably and eight as well
you get the others the a statistically true that if you're somebody who's going to be voted overwhelmingly likely she will be murdered by remembering that
an eighty percent of all orders are made in fact by the road
so this intimate regard your attachment or or relationship with check yourself
you know how wage is word raga cash
the also be passionate days
the passion of love

anyway i think that
the phrase misuse of the sessions
strangely enough to think about it could imply that the sensors themselves and okay
and why it would be any point in discussing the business you can read defenses group were back to begin with you just say the same period the sensory life for sensuous life avoided of don't do it by said it's going to misuse or wrong wrong to use them
i can be application which i feel is my experiences with his practice do that
the physical equipment of our body and mind is
not considered to be funny comment
as i mentioned
the buddha himself rejected
into asceticism which didn't take that view and how the body was the enemy or the problem and if one had to somehow weakened body
allow your spiritual body to emerge at the issue
take the attitude of this is part of what is meant by the middle way he is that the body itself is not about me
he's be use to which are intentional or karmic mine makes of arthur
that includes sexuality includes all of our
because buddhism is based on a kind of empirical idea than every successful week
so the body didn't have a good reasons why we have to check
clinton i
why we have
a by feel like a tongue
we can have such parties he probably with would survive on in two minutes
therefore the penal police
it would be no shoes ground
don't only be the realm of bodiless his body
in fact of having a human body is considered to be an essential prerequisite for being a buddha
which means having fences and their impact
alliteration be accomplished suited to divided
there is no experience of waking enlightenment that i know of the buddhist tradition which way to translate
it's always in relationship to stuff the sensory experience you hear a sound for somebody says something to or one case there was the same yesterday were delighted when i saw this process
and so forth
he would go get to and is a and transformation while he was in can get awfully to teach teacher shouting fear
and the person for your excellent his family often give our most important messages to the person next to the market
here about fifty
you or she would often all out yet
enriched patrons in front of anybody actually and the youngsters penetrate our equipment or can you take the person that you noticed care too much movies pay it's map
you can be saved to the person involved is school to be resistant to match the much
they have a don't realize for a few weeks fact we actually made comedy a basement
it can take on and you know i really got it for it i was me and
in fact that me
so this a dog a teacher miss sharing this guy next to about sweeping charge it
she'll go get some insight
charlotte when know but just because you have from work emphasizes really emphasizes the way he senses
buddhist literature does tend to fear into a kind of rhetoric in which it sounds like on defenses are
a problem
but really was the school mostly him
you married to a certain context to get kind of state
because practically speaking they are a problem
the main problem you that
he's not the pdf senses but got experience in our sensors killers have a great deal of believability such the deep compassion and beer
and that we can identify the ego herself
the relationship you our sensory experience that drop
so when it's widest sense
this precept
refers to what we call in buddhism in contact to be
dualistic discrimination or and identification of a world which is separate from my house time the boundary of oneself
this is they used that most people put their and of your body to the could used in that
it's use your senses to aggrandize expensive years from first get up to use the san diego for identification and oneness
i remember once i was giving a lecture about this him for some reason
an image from the books i mean huge have an island my son is reading the book you might be employees put the incentive offered by mark twain and as a charming little little infinitely many of the story with poor boy president could become switched accidentally him
the poor boy they paid for prince has gone crazy things you were a boy but they still think you can print to be boys looked to life
be and the whole lot of the story at the end turns on fact it
crazy credits to switch a great deal of england awesome if you know i could find it so kind of slow down his face disney and they give it a friend perish but have you friends with the i couldn't remember what he'd government of course because you to think us he was and the real cranes was out in the world
worse actually the been trying to get back his from and had very end at the coronation of the new king poor boy boys just about to be crowned that the real friends come here and these these two boys confront each other questions to reality and
the test to see who's the real prince is where's the great seal
so the prince are the real prince direct shabby photo the points to one of and great long as you said you go to my room and and a little drawer and if in there so this duke something goes to
it's a funny little incident where the duke listen to this boy just rang already hartigan about and looked at the other than working on these roads out and he carefully bows right in the middle between
but he's not he's not just in the and then the whole crowd chief mark twain and says guilty for the whole crowd and he turned little victorious victorious the boy to do so thirty eight the one lord god and he comes back he says
he bows this tiny guy more towards that oil on the throne feel if not there
and then that little voice in the throne doesn't really want to be this off for the to deal with comebacks of the project i think hard i don't want to tell you which remember when we were playing together in your room for five thousand constantly and you can so you're stuck it in that
arm of a suit of armor and is vision
to the lord goes back to the shirt off areas a pen
one of the story is that the imposter for
and been using the degree anything for his own use she didn't know it was and
he said old activate the deal i didn't know that's what you're talking about because i knew with that what i did use it for something they asked him what he believes in it for and sort of gets too embarrassed to say new the rifle francis just been recognized and she's all right to tell him when he says well actually
because i'm used to track long
have some
racial energies about what it was he trying to okay so somehow that you stuck in my mind is and you know the buddhist attitude towards nevada gdp he started his anything wrong with find that most people are using a change to crack longer
and to produce something which is rather to know
charles you to a comparison to what you might be using energy something quite important your song
so i think this really is the basic feeling of this receptive is it
defensive themselves or neutral theory but in practice the seductiveness of the sensory world is so great that almost everyone have to police it comes to be
illusion of accidents or reality of ourselves
which the centuries in combination of i
part of what meditation practice provide is
an experience you'll foundation of the fact that the century world something constructive
it's mostly put together in the brain
the it's it's not
it doesn't have reality independent of our own interests and desires
have you should be very radical idea for the web to just now beginning to come into it's only forty thousand cubic foot and still i it was people find it to be very bizarre idea that somehow the will decrease we see an experience is the law
huge part of our own
a language language is derek before the of creative
languages what else we would all get languages d
connective thread that ties to get a sense
i know there's a year workshop for on of the exercises be as people do is to run around the room and shout out tomorrow my name's really
and and he asked me how we feel afterwards everybody records of
i didn't expect to be wearing the black on white
cause by being yourself from the the learn thread of but wish to become vacation can restore something had for blast freshness of a sensory world to video by by
i you the food it goes further than that you've been unraveled back to some extent to we could feed it and
the boundaries between things are created by you on pinterest inconvenience
and again it's not that this constructive world is wrong but they use not reality itself is do you think convenient construction which has its uses and which show
has its limits as well
so one of the
a final of places with was changing in of time have expressed in a passage from the utc trillion debt
the nature of green a gps device itself
it is to fundamental nature and the fundamental reality of art
we have our
distributed sensory world is actually worth the awake
you are
our entire sustainable
i'm not afraid it comes to mind
this very
earth is the pure land
which is no
there's nothing when i'm in the wrong places that involved with the world recap except a reader or used to distribute are using different on wildlife and one
you can do
so getting back to the specificity of of sexual by now
i would say producing in theory has
neutral is not mutual aid group for attitude when i'm married meeting with relationships
but in theory is ready cash i anybody practice with great caution
you can be observable outcome of how people live your life such that often turns out to be the biggest problem area of your life

so that's all i can say i i've been absolutely
if you have further discussions
i don't consider myself the extra that with to holiday lights
in have

yeah well it's a famous passage from be on your decision she's in nature the actual nature of real nature of the three point is divided yourself
the practical beat extrapolation that leads directly to touch which is get therefore to find your degree in
right an in-law ilocos of those phenomena
did you jog
and fairly
find a way to my by
press before
or avoiding
the credit by and now penetrate factory
has been turning over the president
america that
and it seems to be the the problem man would be when are capable of making it
the gray area that have been voided all the it
when can i had to the that against them
yeah movie
yeah we've learned how to be old enough we haven't had the teenager that we had from now have you can hardly be i e bay i think the real problem not
i think the real problem is that the way our society and develop the last feeling here
a physical maturity social maturity or began i think it
people married and the between eighty and they married into a network of personal or was provided
the computer backed by a cab for cutie role couple married and living household with their families and parties to him they all work because you have to
regeneration of
that any family or hamlet you know what you get are not ready if you got down becoming happy to center for health
and job because college know that it is another parking situation so we've developed an artificial situations which we can't call you
biological actuating to happen
programmed in based on another kind of like
and we're doing something happened so quickly problem
and of and video
i think the problem of the whole problem of what to do with people
the beams or about the age of twelve funny he recovered and i'm done
i mean they it seems to be the more i determine if the kids were provided with funding
fantasy world
wander around him
nobody quite figured out you
what an individual can do to figure out a good looking very
are held together i am the framework but the time
happy world outside how to get a real world right literally fan
well how are you can be week and reality
i think when you're little younger than yeah he's reality and mortgage payment
wait so
i think is
the textile because everyone party
yeah my consent to me that can be through
go out to be made from amount of market
jewelry and this is resolved market forces recognition and cold terms of became aggressive as smart smarter than people might on your heart
all the magazines gop rep rogers deal with cycled market
as profit most major and computerized before coming to school every week on the basis for that
i like shameful ammunition resources ministry of human knowledge i happened to be
one of those who knows what to do a long time and
impressed by this children money
and i feel is great service to shape our history he especially your employees which could solve remarkably over our lives
could sell remarked the over one the market huckster to a functional margin at newspaper
and it was enlisted for the implicitly route to me for the exploitation and sexualities only party expectations so as you say they be
he ages because they don't go on
the underlying he you use articulation and because of the episode little preparation
the most
your parents for he can be easy because parents of bet the process they now be able to them on these pieces as american countries
the frequently the parents not only are the targets but also the parents who designed the tories the parents who are the marketers who are the hospital she's one hundred dollars for a people
well these are actually taught for many years to
i sometimes save his be society at large the the on sunday to our society which the
the society never quite figured out how ready he has a car
shut us down be crispy
you know the value supervision
as thousand
are not value like money
can we bring up some issued like a here
although i think he used to see we don't take the idea that i gave him like those kind of an hour or the first things they do is shut down all the quality
dan all western directly from young
you know i think it is still very peculiar dish on the julio kitchen kingdom
you can't stand that the out that you can be you can get it you i think the point that i'm related
hate delusional based on computers she studied may be tempting to think people died and the reef
and once you want to do if not somehow right more than passed laws to any ravage you'd be channel was retired for get away which you can truly satisfied
and the top of with with posting people go full text or video game have whatever
he's not a they're bad and law which is to just not that
that's why you're addicted because the satisfaction of last you have to keep that in a way
spiritual life is the right a to
reached through the veils
of all of that and find something like this cat
a which renders the all that other stuff on the necessary because it isn't good
do something that i think you'd be it looks about to become very few technical issues and actually
point i think of what has been probably any authentic prevention is to give people would be
a secure she said yeah you're a beginner voice to guide for a lifetime
when people really want the most used chance
thank you want
you and limitless and
if you can have that
the it was no
there's no market for a distraction to officially started reading
so reason there's a marketing to people who are compact
we have some responsibility as
definitely not to just say it's wrong and also
how can we do people do teenagers and would have to repeat
which i think is interesting
the think that there's a world in which stay down to play
and if they can be
where they've got what they commuted to
it gets
can be accepted destination last year's always rooted for stretch
the pick up
i just want to tell me i had some chance to clearly believe in the deficit yeah and what happened to ensure a lot of yeah the title
having a sexual energy and he to just allow me to get there and erasers he admitted having fleet they want to very cute pair them up
what i saw all those couples were very happy to basically
a year later production i think i've been there should be allowed to carry to curl negative thing we don't make any special effort to pair people up and seems to happen
he had a motif one extension that point was taken from teenagers playing in place i think the extension years for most people that places not
and i think the teenage years only an extension satisfaction and a white christmas inside
are you feeling about one hundred
the very hard to imagine that to agree
and educational therapist
introducing raising children right great deal a learn about yourself
well i think if you'd asked you know invention er i think the that
i don't think it's any accidents with people whose singular achieve
besides were again are already married i think you
he event the day they had reached a sufficient level of security of their life be remarried two children the the delighted seventy supply so i think they did in artist our society to be catholic churches finding this out
by he default so many of the best monastics be light
you can they feel the day
that am likely to fill their spiritual task and and in a lifetime that some of the season not with the i think it
it is a healthy individual to have the basic experience of getting married also
it can be a guide if your marriage is work you will be observe how you doing in company
encourage people anyway to to every say that our marriage there is a good marriage will encourage others
i think the a marriage stays together as courage by the people who have trouble
you asked
just like not if the within hours of children right
taking the parish priest was not required to be it for many centuries with the kind of political decision in some counselor other windy monastic orders can be punished with town for a friend gave me and i think so the idea that a parish priest whose
mission was to steer the lady
some of it is kind of a silly idea of basically can they have you experienced up that you staring was devised
and i think the ground into protectionism
the to the leadership at him you know it
it was a surprise to be to discover to what how late that idea convenient church bought a piece things that we think of reported stone or wherever
i was also told the reincarnation of to and thirty for centuries to decided against
so i think our practical experience presents interviews that
the left
give a society we didn't find people we have to be as happy family
can be user name
it does take a lot more image of question about it and
if you can have it if you're young enough to come to the practice enough to spend some time
these years anyway just by yourself
history's isn't always possible for experience
much better

are you a teacher
good way
why do you have to ask people who were were involved with are satisfying
i think to the fullest attitude would be
give their indicate least a possibility
have some something in the relationship strictly
find it up
gratification maybe such disgusting
and also have quality be ridiculous if you go to subject
a relationship began yeah can row
because you know i think the
i think part of the even undercurrent here the sexuality is to act
it's good for trying everything else in her life and because it isn't checked
it's more complete or satisfying when he draws in other aspects of them
maybe going to be somebody who through their own experience with weekend
we disagreed but
the experience i had
was case people use them
most people who go quickly when relationship to the editor he like
because it seem to dispel if the arrangement the two people have is if it's going to be to nine period ceiling
there's a lonely fall
game which grows up to the laundry stain
i think if you've got people to be honest with yourself be people who were doing that are in the background hoping that some quick
time democracy
he may be a big social experiment which is a of a dialectic dynamic outcome of a puritanical backlog experimenting with three bisa so in essence been deemed necessary his age
but i think any trend like that you just have to be watching and reading the class
iran is fine a deep sense gift so it doesn't last and i think if you examine history
what you find such behavior in britain
i'm certain social classes for certain years and he's not you not find retired so far and state
history family kitchen you don't find the society or culture in which has maintained a stable pattern of and casual from mysteries be easy
it's kind of fringe behavior that always beading sometimes a little bit sometimes a lot sometimes just the ability sometimes more equal society
yeah maybe with no contraception