The Eighth Precept

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hey my color accuracy and clarity
if the financial situation myself and get shopping
of confusion paris
reception from is true type of
and first three separate country
is encouraged to basically
the rejection and repulsion trying to destroy
an hour push the way back beverage upset with you can store
guy said
the second piece which looks like it or not going to seem to be about to die but actually
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i think through trees that definitely to be good
i feel that as well as extra maybe the for the precise offers non are
can you have to deal with the announcement of dynamic track
the same that i think really enjoy do with that and clearly
have to do with
passion for profession
and the worrying is precise worrying and as a cycle of the buddha is not a was not given that i can give it
days to say it's not about stealing
i think an arch they are christian tradition we have a well developed sense of was stealing you can take something along the know
the idea of belonging is accepted
yeah takes you along the street
aviv you my shift is not
blanket time your like so forth and got it's okay that i hear there's gets especially given of the world and then we aren't a thing with a lot of belonging is accepted as
our precepts
west tax due respect the ability to pick that
i have my blog good luck
and we respect our respective
the reason you see the time unique be is ideal for logic as
the ultimate given her some weakness is a her feel the
and several of the other receptionist was ten attitude especially said
one later on the five history
this one one translations excited for reasons not processing
if the underlying basis of such research seems to be
that because the fundamental jewelers and of self other is not
a supportable although it's
i pretended to
or workable relationships and everyday sex it's all right because it's not fundamentally real are valid a procession to have a cell
but not something that i the arrangement he's not something that actually exists in the out and therefore
the controversial matter of stealing because fundamentally you can feel the lot
but rather
it has to do
how would you like to one another which be spent three reviews
so it says you don't take the time getting to be five
our relationship with a giver and given half of which renders apart from is different and
what belongs to me feel anything

and of course i think so you know originally guess
the created that i'm sure came and said buddhist months p m
they basically made a point of to body based on the case

so there was an unlimited funds to creating artificial we set up society
we were supported by a large by every are really gay by virtue of a strong statement voluntarily by
this is a very creative way to work
keep the runs on
get amongst become off the back up the way people to
abbreviated not good
it's the way people use kind of arranged for each media marketing research for the i say the judge and jury is out
can these presets dimension and throw your classes some of your age
major a is not remembering but in the literature of the precepts installation for
he called the transgression bridge you can share food buddha
and they say are they can play and crazy
the party way
literature which the way people
i grumbled were upset she created by gps were fun and they bring news contention in the line
and they face and wrote on her glasses
his moments not worthy of our name
we all want to support entrepreneurs
it investigates the investigation phase precession takes place to call for christmas
tossed back what it happened
then turn the store nice differences transgressions united states the group
the case lives and build up in afghanistan
so i can create any already have this problem with reading that comes from into the very practical sense which are assigned you to set up that buddhist monks with those shows only what given given
and limited your life today
but when you examined will why i so why why we saturate the sun set up i think we have to second
product wanted to be justified by the lives of those voting themselves
the teaching that
is it the way it is it actually is in wages for all hours
that we things that we use enough for the large with are
in some dynamic relationship to
giving her not to

so there's a lot of his way few words he said tuesday it implies first of all a certain general attitude on the part of prison trying to follow me he said
faded to say you are compelled to examine
what does it mean when some given
what we know
hobbies gives us
does be correctly happened
so let me know which is to end any getting theory something given then it must be some kind of given from intention to give
produces a relationship with a kid
so your fundamental idea of a gift is very important here you know his big article
i'll be covered
it must always do
and be helpful if she moved to get all kinds of again some immunity way
your status in that he died he was
no got on tennessee
the our society can be prevented the officer that has been designed pretty much determined by how much money
is reputable
minority with the money somehow
in practical terms overshadowed my side by location
yeah because it can you know and advise you to often where your money
you get the season of distress the pikachu was person selling such
so again art
harper jr historical circumstances with crowded protestant reputation
the whole doctrinal basis of god be more is those
work hard to town
kathy which created and tidy has very light from reaching back about a look much more fundamentally that a worldview british worldview in which
he has been no one percent thing that she felt

can do practical arrangement that has no no
i'm fundamental their actual validity and it's based on a motorbike
he was taken a wrong view itself
so what a look at theories
the difference between
the operation dynamic operation in the world between someone who best
especially in the south
a fixed conception of a soul itself self in her person
which obviously profession and someone groups
not happening
not that
a cursed liberated from the south would necessarily have to be soon to make it aesthetic wandered around a shell
and a few is actually was you're going to be like i just be rejected from so to any of the spiritual experiment
which underlie the conclusions of reason was performed quite a long time
how does been perform research
so you don't know
we were studying science and studying physics you know but we haven't had a lab and three hundred years and so all we had to go on but is different you know francis bacon and answer to spend heavily traveled to reproduce
he also in india there was very kind of almost chinese openness that every possibility of
how human life and they were extraordinary number
different possibilities they will try out in day by day pp
literally wander around make no concessions not even close as the climate let yourself
you're kind of expected
i fall away and but you know give me experiments for all a try maybe for several centuries prior to the explosion of spiritual life which occurred throughout asia enemies
experiment with what does it be to say something was extremely different that be performed in people exert itself
thirty resulted something between their whole life literally professional ethics and you know the result of the experiment was that well he be so literal spectacular point the point not whether you actually have
but rather what
of the relationship

and this would be a good as idea of the new that was nutrition
a living from extreme literal i hear it to pieces ideas for gravity should become an inner spiritual reality which provide expresses
and the other stream in buddhism that this was taken to be as i mention a few times for can be rather than a legendary of maida be looking lot thirty
who is it was an investment bank
he finished version was fabulously wealthy and have you lived like the maharajah as
you know a hair on them
how's your servants palaces so on and so forth
yeah he was a great a wise bodhisattva because you do not ever be
attachment or sense of procession is only idea was to use them for the benefit of all
so the white comes full circle and later good that impact
whether or not you possess such
he's not the point of all that is the underlying basis of your relationship to it it's like what

i always have to say or i can understand these doesn't have to warn people that there's only one new message healthy
the problem on such examples are luxury points being made it's always the mean on as rationalization your weakness
and i never think i've discovered study and like your teeth if you'd not crazy and we'll be cycled to
the site ha
security was great figures you have outfitters and to make a point but
it was not english from how pass on is particularly unusual way of life is so this country you are here to is
recently care chiaki probably reflected in china you were made this particular
but nevertheless i'd be good
dialogue about the issue of
procession and how you should live with going to suffer
again buddhism did experiments on all the and everywhere and and naked aesthetic like your he was trying out
he can be increases of his mom millennia of experimentation is
i would say the summary that ultimate no one recession anything for therefore if not what she possesses how you possess it
maybe point a and point b is but that he would act if you examine closely and rigorously through monastic practice meditation what i actually needed for life
the response that and
a competition
i'm fairly simple way that you if you don't have a vast excess over what vaccinated
and i think that doesn't actually have
although can be written down anywhere i would say that that's kind of explanation preceptor who is like that one of our full used and er doctor keeps to say that his summary all the precepts was don't harm the think live simpler very simple life
maybe i think that be the ideal for like an introduction of kind of moderate
modric lifestyle which you take care of yourself but don't accumulate thing out of it as censored it secures your free
is part of what it boils down to and say don't change what is not given
since reducing them to were given the
you're given a lot project he was used
i deserve to have to
your your life
and of course the he might be the fundamental problem the whole planet is that there's enormous victory
folks at deal
i don't have enough and it turns out that these days i read analysis of resources of with i was actually using optical and so
but it is very likely to play used effectively distributed so there's no there's no no overall planetary agreement about how to make a work for anybody from half
popular support
this an apprehension or know it to try to ascertain what i need for existence become a very difficult question because
at first if you were to ask me what i mean i could probably live far from and if anything
except appear that live down and be able to ascertain
what you really
it becomes very difficult care well that's why we should send you to a monastery for trump
i got to the purpose of as to call anybody you're about of lakers who said
it's been mentioned much simpler to find out what it is this is to you actually allow yourself to be in a situation where you need to be much simpler that they become different to have if i spent quite a bit of time chocolate i'm i'm going to carry my needs become different than just him they shift from them out or overt
material page to very subtle sort of psychological thing so that in a she sort of scale back in one way but you gear up in another because all the unique becomes like a logical on so he added and probably enough time to get myself to rid of those things but i found that sort of the
interesting dynamic that
the material sheds fairly quickly
but then the needs for attention and recognition and
perfection which can become sort of i itself if he couldn't stop reproduce those are the funding it not material watch those the ones work on practice those the face of
the material needs really are our corollaries or footnotes those course can it's the recognition of care that can produce the emphasis throughout the supply
the scrutiny of one's nearby as the basis of life rather than some albert adjustment which doesn't reach that's what you say it's very true and monastic life
quite characteristic reaction is to whether it's christian christian
magnify the industry
irritable details of crusher by now
fifteen just hard
if someone
it looks at you cross-eyed if the topic from scratch scotch discuss get for the coffee too strong
couldn't make it a coffee to construct a big deal for new town he forgot to get
turn your ambushed on township
details become immensely important in a situation where
you don't have heard many distractions and but of course that kind of life feels to that extent to which the ordinary to strange tales of everyday life
our mascot expression of these subtleties which we don't worry generic
so monastic life
in this day and age that most people is kind of bizarre if someone has kissed him
but those doing come to understand place about
was it doesn't make any sense to do it at all unless you're in a motor change for growth and
you know you might say much to kind of car driver is interested in west side carvery the most drivers are interested who dislike the word
we've got some people really don't want to drive the car must be know how clever is building a lot very lax now qualified to take it out to go are looking for the stairs for those people monastic life is the tool in order to perform that his family and provides you with a very intimate knowledge of of that kind
inner workings of i on site and a great deal of the access to what most people like a credit history which is it had worked to the psyche ruined i don't require much more to enter again
a kind of gov
simplify grid life by monastic life with some long periods during the day which not
to distract yourself like start and then all of this quite suddenly and remarkably our free services
and so of course the year
the in a me of a preset like not take wouldn't have given it comes
more than favorite on theoretical interest when good training life and i keep having to point out to
come here without much true knowledge of reason
like the kind of life that were your team he said no quite unusual and
he's not the way food is slid particular people often results
picking the students this is the way food is split or anything like include asleep cause revenue restrictions or way hundred and kind of obsessive compulsive sort of people who can't cope three continued which is why religions were well
and true for some if it's all right but the basic idea this was a way that you will
for a while in order to enable whatever like to return to the woodcutter
yeah you know there are many traditional buddhist cultures in which the ideal one for every
adults should spend sunday night
like energy
the woman there for her life would get kind of experience so
you know people learn
people even yesterday on the radio i was still during these commentators got a tease how governor brown reviewed her room with an accident or indirectly images really crept into their names her pupils consciousness they are talking about that you gotten this national weather new governor would weaken the guy and somebody
we have you ever had of her probably never will again if he chooses to sleep five ashes on the floor so forth but you know of the ground gets can quite a few years and monastery who make the kind of preschool
find value in that sort of
and yet you're a society that kind of
interest these continue to be a bit bizarre so it's not all it's not normally costs a very threatening to a lot of people because it's pointing out the orange color successfully simply and
anything can twenty she promised more than they find a desire in sort of a defensive play and that they don't want to be reminded that because when they are spending mega dollars trying to make ourselves comfortable to be reminded you feel the factory be comfortable with very little was is that there are things
dr if it seems to be with point i making history
for large sections of the world and for large parts of our own history and that was not considered threatening was considered admirable and so i just pointing out that kind of culture to working and right now is quite distinct from the roots of this kind of of tg whereas even that our own society hundred years ago would be considered
an admirable and better rather highly developed one of life so our own roots in this regard have become quite quite distant and so even in the catholic tradition which you know
hey one of the foundations of western civilization at the present time a a person personal public life who was attempting in some small way to remind himself were to continue to follow what my time that the highest form of life of that religion is to consider
little exchange so we have developed a kind of culture which
far from being skeptical of the idea of procession almost wish
the profession
i clean our highest goal
you can maybe it is to be hidden underpinning the you might say via via unwholesome underpinnings of to wasn't familiar with future
right beside his session
the normal that you have your recession has no on the best it
and that's freedom county had your after your property whatever and can be no not society it is acceptable to kill somebody
if they enter your property he's a big nine
self defense somebody instead of the property that your else nationally actually go right for children first certain standards may vary but you can you can be here
consider go which you responded admirably and perfect whereas for a buddhist the whole thing and for i don't even have for their unique through the whole concept
it's a bit crazy
the idea that one can own plan
the are not if you on my
geist not the primary reality primary reality if there's a social agreement
for everyone to mutually support everyone else's
a property right what you really have when you only edges and agreement by society to back you up he has anyone tried to call the sheriff we my family appears we can call the sheriff withdrawn until called way that but it
needs to own the land and so i think pages that you should know is that i'm just trying to fill in the background of
his idea what he's given away not given the
a buddhist view and not necessarily you say you should know planted in the sense that you can't get away from some practical arrangement of
of articles accused side he looked rather than one would hope he had a society which see through it
and not see it as something ultimate and final the rather see it hasn't be arranged did it is be it
and to see it as can see land is not something which is processed for something which give and stay here here and one use it in various ways use the white pudding for appropriate place using the he needs to produce exploited
you such a way that
the features to give her a very short space of time and i don't think we should we should have fewer of romanticize the issue world or other cultures we think it really only guy
exploited exploited and used natural resources badly i actually a various times most of the world
no universal problem like participants thirty two
i think it's been a problem for every culture every age three
a different region if you beg your kept
think she need to do what they did the land quick slowly the land was more in patiently and shellfish
thank you covered
so i think the issue that has brought up in norway's not for how much do you really need
this is an extremely variable think and for people with luke cage and that's all you needed to fill him plot
he didn't even need warm clothes because many of these yoga and stuff produce heat by go he practiced in which they weren't caused by concentrate so that maybe you need you know our first could do without back so
once you start experimenting you do realize the enormous range of what
it's enough
and i again i don't think this precept is necessarily
trying to you
point you toward some standard of living which is appropriate because that a very a lot about your situation was the only for a few or lakers so forth was perfect for
person marine county may be for for person better five
but the same time the underlying basis of
of how we relate to the world and find ourselves has to do with
whether we are related to allergies refused possessive lee or
no emphasis
so for a buddhist freedom is freedom from the idea of professional the profession and processions are considered to be a bondage be so it's almost exactly the opposite of what our secular culture has come to to graduate
that to own things would have things
is too
make worry for yourself
and for added
and one of the main practical reason faction in the luxor only thing so he wouldn't have to worry about please
if you travel wandered round the feel quite comfortable you can do they didn't happen
so if people would leave them alone
we we try to rob faster
there's a nice set you know folktale has a story about and teachers who were
roger approached by bodies
he responded nicely for a free if they had several
how my house not at all
far as i really connected so i looked at robyn is kind of
well be viewed by that

wherever and whenever historically institution of relations
why are you know fashion pressure cloth so
the practice of those have fallen away
i know yeah sure to stay
how british britain
was able to be persecuted in china greater institutions came ways it was only kind of conflict
we were just stream for i was good condition but is
the main persecution of reason and a forty five a special party because the nasty supported it
they gonna perceive it to spend the breeze church pastor their oppressors
the only country the generosity of the landed ability
had left the greek temples with large tracts of land
became the landlords of at can importance
andrew bucks were death taxes and description so one was shining and received a buddhism has a part of proud of
and so after that
the older section rather than ever recovered and the only set and survive were in pure fact which was the devotional
and can't
and then survived the country
ripe ready
return to reformed return to the original spirit of to his wife has been for the most part movement in the countryside away from the city were very cool and so they were inspected things got back
i took over all china
a curse building
be your or close to the original spirit each failure so it's earn much like in ancient times the way people
defensive back to judge
on the monastic view and
engaged in a kind of historical oppression
when he probably have
i'm pointing this out farming submission don't get the idea that reason and somehow beyond this criticism of do not rush
recently posed the institution of britain is cause for the
it is corruptible and
this preset had
adjusted various ways over for retire to dry
breathe and even today know we we are filled with your aunt krista
he hoped to back touch with all people in some people would give our customers live more frugally
yeah pay credit would kill their ideal there would you like you are having with like to come up with
somebody comes up your copy of course just the highlight is pretty rigorous
right now i'm here is how cold
the and be outside
and not to his life but are three life and green those prices for you
i think that
understanding of discussion of
you by this question taking what does not given you
how big an invitation to investigated not something that could work out and particularly in i'm certain
have a precedent
okay i just like the present would killing from one point of view
everything that you get your take
there is no that good
the what have you been to present give
what is there to be had to get it
once you begin looking closely at everything that you have to
hey so what is it mean
visit the this issue that protect up for it
here's someone for instance criticizes and centers as you have too much you take what is not given at what point do we decide that
right now
when when is it we actually anything if we have something to take taken from somebody or something
priests were given donations and guilty
you give it that way
here for you
where does it all come from
how we've traced it all back so he took something out of ground
hilton cheaper catherine
up narrative he was somewhere other than all well companies

so the question of what he gave him not something that cited by god or by now
some arbiters somebody something guided by yourself
do you still have to be in the situation about
what's your what's your take up the world front
and again this is just as the first precept is that kind of a metaphor for your personal connection to
and it relates to next three separate passage you explicitly designed and desires
having to do with
you take
in a relationship with someone else
does what we see
whatever it might be
is it some actually given her you something
grasping ever taken a first without their permission yet
what this is the issue i i
was expected to do not work day
produce the issue for you and fisherman have something to
i'm tribute to an agreement for yes
any kind of call worry about
the key
we would not do
the receivers with left on team
he was the attitude for to see the computer
where you know
taking concern
i like the idea
hundred extremely breaking through the

was really feel like
safety switches over
well it's probably not emphasized that he could affect the easy part now i mean to express a that we cannot ship which are given an equally well state we see greatly what is given
but that's very easy to paris to the i do i've heard the on
to point out what the be the aspects of relationship to avoid worth unpacking com
obviously somebody is given in your attitude is great
and gratitude is
first side something over have no hello
gratitude might shave financial
hi volume
it's not something you have to develop his gratitude is my favorite ground dot
of human existence
when he's not carry over by he hell this is something which is
not usually demonstrable trip unless you have to be like fundamentally good trait but
how'd you if you were get back to have moved by chevrolet
called how can actually accomplish that task is quite often and character
and because
he next to per me
like to his fingers his most cherished professional
this in the process if you've moved away when he suddenly experience with you mentioned me
why which he dragged out to talk it out and he found this is i'm talking about the current administration like where found it whenever the doctors
start to tell about from new treatment they heard about it not the when to try i don't have since gratitude that cash if you've heard the crash when thought there was some actual hope reply
the conventional
that's was there when you're making up my life so you might face now we have to go
how degrading our future
you can practice
the natural order of fine
which actually
vigorous muda the
recently the figures trying to keep the procedures it and he means something like my grandkids are thankful
i think it's my characterized by and
a realization that everything to do
he belongs to you were to be taken for granted everything gift
so that he have to parentheses next to you can you actually what does not given to be practicing you could say
everything is going to be great
but i think the one we need more is much cheaper
the ordinary life that's one we can to stumble over yet
ah to come to the state of mind as you can be he has actually be grateful for every week you know there is an idea if it isn't called boutique shop
which is as began to show you how difficult is rudy job is a word with no english equivalent is not a word for my language you can
no one has words with the nobel we don't really know that if it wouldn't shock me
me to experience joy the good forty to another
and mean it
bringing home to you what it means if you can work with a colleague of via to you like would you feel as a tremendous and for joined by therapy fortune
if you don't have a word for that
come up and go to the handbrake national
i can hear the topic
can you be nice
we nourish i know others
come into contact with us
it's the perfect important
he and the worried

yeah thank you can shoot
five years the be rather broad word
that filthy and last week got got to
you know it's kind of
the word we don't have precise vocabulary or
that particular explained apply for that can cure he's vertically
to rejoice with
but rejoice at some joy and
but yeah
that is actually not considered the highest point graduate
next time
and i formed the that you got the line
which is called a do
this is something that immediately people have some reservations
it was sometimes is translated as to catch him
and you know like catcher too much
he was no one should
did you should be able to feel your drainage
a buddhism
you how you gonna use a great deal understand the twist of these things take
and gratitude if you're aware of
he's not perfect
i mentioned last week he settled quality of spiritual pride
and what i said about can kendra gone to great so forces
he is he's good but
the yoga or
so a spiritual point of view there's something a little bit and perfect about
the most perfect form of gratitude is splendid you're not even consciously aware of no special idea about
i know a few years back it was posted in is very popular i showed a little boy on the beach to the arms stretch that is the sunset said can hike up as the natural state of the human mind is ecstatic wonder
i never felt entirely comfortable with posted
although it seemed to express the you know the site geist at the moment that
kind of
he is going around
did we need that kind of
message at time but you know this is not i would not be an expression of
fully built mine from a brief
a preliminary stage
but because of here
national state of mind or a good as it's not anything
and have something quite ordinary actually something no no no special content
and ecstatic wonder is if might say i a conditioned are limited to stay tuned
and graduates
as such a limited state
so yeah
highest form of not message is
what we call it a shot which again has no debt
equivalent in english because you picture
which means something like equanimity for sadness or evenness he reminded us to talk about old do you find you
it's an even mindedness which is produced by education it's not just me
kind of temporary
lack of desire for interest in simple but fundamental
a grounding in the unconditioned which is not affected by
for you might say a thin layer of people
more accurate so or even minded this means a kind of affective residence with the whole world of one
for the david said people often ask him about celibacy
christian monastic tradition
again so does he is something it doesn't have much press
but he said the districts and silva she needs to be in love with every
without can be narrowing down to anyone in particular is why it becomes an unconditional kind of a for everyone and don't narrow it down and that if it's not that way is true
celibacy not be repeated
but anyway this is very similar to target
this is very similar to i think what reason starting pitcher it's a kind of that
even minded warm that that emanates in all directions without increasing out period
i would say he couldn't expedia fullest expression a resolution of his preceptor
hi katie
they said you experience everything beat and to get
and because everything you extreme that way you don't notice
the good quality of anything in particular it was just it
just looks like that he can help
the the via
actual effect of this kind of attitude when it gets weird is one of them
quite complete flexibility
sauce for
here's a whole string of a technical turns good isn't it
and all means something like compliancy
our flexibility there's six of them that are often used to express a whole state of mind or thankful state of mind and they encourage you the ability of something to be stretched or hemorrhage achieve your show
it is to say that one's consciousness able to take the shape of whatever
it comes to for it
and so sometimes be awakened consciousness is is like for or
like to appear in the mirror reflects whatever its
without changing
you might say here ordinary mind
a more closed tourists like a funhouse yeah
dolce curvatures you should ban everything in the long way or something so that things are kind of bit like the gravitational field in short some ah
deep seated sense out
possess itself as fish
he's really not that he's really have much to do with material possessions as we've talked about
as much money do it
with the detail of your life
the your personal relationships in your decision to your judgment
and so forth again cast your tv's you like
yes you have such don't i try to identify a in exchange for the baby or that he was tackled are employed i guess was it allocated on talking on who were think a sort of everything is given
and guess what are three aspects against the recent acknowledging that and sharing and i think that oh yeah this identify with
we use that we realize that every breath it giving gifts and the process becomes very quick of acknowledging each moment the unit

and a few years sitting there reflection trying to follow these tracks i can get insight can come home to you not get you to cope
particularly if you're well prepared for it in your life is legit way and i think that if you
continue that you inside and and
try to bring your life wish you a with the that's also not so hard to pin the real work against which is what do you do about the broken food
and the fact that
this this way of life and you're trying to follow is not understood are shared by any much too early and i even insights which which underlies it
again you
you have some real problems
that's are not soluble exactly quite the same way as one works someone's still so this is part of what being a boy died me to fit
you don't think of your own practice is finished as long as that world with fit
you don't ever come to the sense of oh i am now finished and high will now related the unfinished work use the that would be a kind of soul return of the tank itself
but it did can you because a big emphasis on withdrawal a chance so quite india it was the tendency for that kind of attitude to create natural enough and i be correct years
there was a corresponding know which became stronger and stronger could feel it pretty much took over which is that the terrain or domain of your spiritual work is every action
or put another way the boundaries of yourself
skin to every stuff
and if that by including you're acknowledging incompleteness of
our world spiritual speaker
that's the only authentic weight creature or practice to absorb the suffering or incompleteness of everything
and the actual
the actual test of these precepts really going
fully emerge until tax cuts range which you're trying to apply

what did we do about the fact that promise everything we are
er hat
one way or how to me
good feeling to smuggled out has had to put a towel on you know or you are seeing all the recently needed to fill
south africa
if you verified
if you were
if you trace the origin of source of any of the things which we take for granted in our life a of somebody in the site
what do you do about that
becoming a naked aesthetic it doesn't really altered at all
fact if she hits her
may actually here
decrease your opportunities for been influential
but it definitely was tried and it may still be an option for some
on the other hand if you just go about your lifestyle
place to play without a champions that's not do so
a question like that
when combined with change
the you feel better
where to live and for keeping my future career
what they want people i got him to take some time
sometimes i get anything
how can you defend
the terror bottoms you know
take these precepts quite literally and i'm he went there for terrified group
on occasion start
doctor and they have a little
i'm business is an example of what she says they have a little explanatory flyer for him to visitors to
the monastery
and one of the things that said is
the monks are not allowed to ask for anything so please be sensitive to back and children and know try to know him and his favor me his the rule list are not allowed to ask for anything from underwear
so if you don't give them anything i'll just sit there he called and be hundred and whatever be and you know we going to follow such an ideal literally but still it's an interesting idea
and there is a good sense of practice the fact that you wait for something to be offered to and producing offered you
except for
situation in which it's not off
you don't ask
probably to these presets that kind of literalist is picked up
it makes you think is though you're falling krista
the out an asteroid
but can be the well anyway it gives you the sensation of completely
the a sense you see the bodhisattva path emphasizes the reality of the incompleteness of situations including the precept is not complete
and even if you
even if you were
go to ask for anything even your breath still it's there's still some level of which you can follow the steps drills
but if you're interested practice ice to remembered you know because they also
fall into the more detail presets dirty things like that
have a month of caravan of monkeys not supposed to be in a room alone with a woman
the final rules and so were they have to be chaperoned by somebody else fast to be another person present
i'm not sure if that really needs to be so in our in our age but can be at the time
we have these elaborate rules about when when you come to the temple to be fantasy rather elaborate social setups they actually talked to the teacher's kicking now where to be alone
it makes it sound as though these bugs are rather dangerous people cream and a woman
hello emanates more from the latter's text there's a kind of indian cultural concert yeah man created the women are of the dangerous side of the pair the women are sort of uncontrollable and make them to keep them at artist life it made an advanced projects
them and their names on a challenge but
the you find his dropped to here to so a communities to help us a chance to reverse will talk about he's on his illness time with your it
stephanie how about know
well the third precept literally again says
no on to use of karma
since organises your face it that's almost always been interpreted to mean sexuality but
he literally it simply means your eyes your years who knows your tongue
your rich sense of touch the body and sexuality to be a kind of so category of back and then the six hundred twenty them the my york
your brain just think i have read these are the six senses on how the refers to all of them
and next week
he will not put any shipments or history i i'm not on attendee to to cabbage suggested bathroom which brings in the whole question of silva see
understanding of sexuality and marriage and all that reason she's a relic place
subject and is one of the areas
in which defense hundred case
has made the most experimental adjustments to the tradition although redoing is not me
recent it's not egypt against by
and usual
adjustment which remains to see how well
the function
when you come off the idea that perhaps you is
he to make an example hama
i am
well yes i could maybe get the discrepancy or the a famous accused of his efforts were noticed by
five electric boogaloo be the first to detect
you may have you it looking for company
like can be kind and caring
empty pan to
looking at the or something names are looking for something
the great question
what i'm looking little symbols if they find an office with the eye and pushing back the hoping that by
maybe it's simply a these things going to do them all they have to be done
with authority cops else you think you'd better not do to choose your basic fighting is quite conventional
having a little corner of your life as you publicizing and stake is not really going to wash in in on a good example would be much here to excuse to constructed to be like here to make any effort to disguise the fact
did everything exactly the way occurs in his bank station with few even went to cabarets and browse race track bars and did all it takes to everybody kids and appointed it was it because he is factual consciousness was by pure he was actually not pushed around and ruled by any of them
and therefore should be a very effective a fully-stocked
and each one of his dramatic
i'm a xerox up for the class and he registered that can be want to switch from the wanna be me
ah dramatic episodes he has to do with him god's reign flowers now on the assembly that are around me like you and the flowers state to the road of all the monks honey they don't stick to you on here to and the most can
history food as a rule and i supposed to have and the adornment on your body benefits
trying to it's not kind of ready to go and be like your teeth can find a fairly lax he says a whole lot
this flower use
yeah be funny to the point is that you know and consciousness was not involved with get it also wants to take another felt very funny thing is that like to having to do it men and women he has turned a guys comes to talk to one of the bugs
sorry creature is a real track which represents including the kind of uptight fuck
so was always been lectured to by he's wiser broader to the noise
will we fundamental
his guys sucking oh and while being in pain but year old comedy you can't be a food i tell you
he so she says i'm not either a woman or man my mind is not even ask questions so he said occupy so she have magically transforms his body into her body her body that his body
so he looks down and get on their body because you got his body and that that will now what do you think
he doesn't know what is pink and nothing and convert it's a kind of of little morality play about to go to put is actually does not have anything to do with whether you're a man or woman has to do with a level of consciousness which you
pre sexual transsexual
people are curious future is one of the few pieces of furniture that actually makes it explicitly most of the others don't
the year
the underlying message fear is the same as your require story about the flowers that the before he sought to mind is based on
at this radical or our main activity which is not limited by any concept or him
for any character
and that
these precepts hard descriptive analysis concerning the shape and appearance of this financial strategy
maybe we'll leave it at that factory convincing the next week i have a special use for it is written history will discuss with
plastic litter
ah three visually speaking

he took a long long time to the expected to that method of progression to to build up
so do the same way
the idea of dharma or of a way or the gao some underlying principle
the way things go is something which i think before the hard for us to have essential
maybe it we find it if it offends our higher
defensive individualism or more freedom africa and feel it going to create to create our own diamond it shouldn't be an unconstrained
have some
the or think that that's a little bit like saying we should be free the flock
have you been to be free to jump off a roof quiet and there's no reason why we should be restricted from that and you know the reason that we don't think that it because you know i suppose somebody try to punch a food that was all these fragmentation with necessary to determine the not something the average person shooter should really a couch
women's everyone bears out in a jar of that fence a fever for us to to to be able to fly and same way
certain things that you very much like to have we behave for instance be banished right for all been wonderful good
and behave how are they should i go
hundred and twenty one of the scoring points in buddhism practically speaking is that one has to get get through one get the fact the inescapable fact of
when we call something which we feel that he will be
principally haven't together to the a very well unless the training
we do not come out of the moon finished
and this is no the diamond of our particular nature the kind of consciousness that we have any kind of kind of ease that we are you we we're not finished being
we have to work
here's some special work that we need to do in i like to to complete our potential and is is called practice
again in in oil was fighting the idea of living your life without this into practice in the traditional society england is rather bizarre and it will be wiped off the human being from have original
hairy creature
happy for us we are images more it
and much as possible we should live free from all restraints are limitations you wouldn't want to do
just a very different idea and
you know that you go maybe others have mentioned it in in in chinese chinese and foreign languages there isn't a worthy corresponding correspond to our english with freedom
because if not observable back the local culture
or rather their words like being in accord with or the feeling of being one with
the dharma in a way that you feel your inward feeling is you feel good are a key
you have a feeling feeling but i do you don't have
i'm arbitrary ability to be whatever you want to do
i mean for i think americans freedom include we we would be ability to throw it in can out to lead a pet
why don't we think of you know should be within our maybe that's on the edge and mallory
some new interest from trying to to but you know the initiative the top he's really to try to legislate that by by by greed basically by making it
valuable monetary we're hoping to change people's behavior rather then i think you know in japan it's much more to thank you don't have a law about it that would be kind of thirty but you simply train your children are no one
now i'm just shameful know you go put into trash can be completely blocked by
two and he agreed to our family dynasty
because i know how pick it up
how for operating within what you just grow up
when you wouldn't get the keep your pants you in our culture never be considered the how pretty weird you get that is a job mean i think we accept that can dream
helping anybody would consider that to be you know a raft
yeah i'll have to do with where you draw the line
but the idea of time at its core that that
real freedom or real liberation really means to
fine defensive record with the diamond all around you
which requires
interesting your it
so again part of what you mean time to take refuge in dharma is to be willing to run
oh to expose your own people feel free the precipitation stuff
and kind of attitude of radical questioning that can expose the get an assumption will be all
it probably means
also to be willing to question the assumptions of a society which
required a certain energy and it makes food is particularly in in the west rather like
not exactly necessarily in accord with the of
i've done an assumption that society
i was going to stay fast food is and
hi tammy be going with a little too far but certainly
to be a buddhist
when the private circumstance
it makes you a little bit radical
because you're you're operating at level of basic assumptions in question
and as you can be with the next one which is song that you end up
through this experimental
our investigation into predominant you end up inevitability
creating a somewhat different kind of the side of town
have your friday which is based on principles done yeah
it's not going to work
as the culture
more in coaching
yeah entire design it can be enough to be going the wrong direction that could be found lacking that fine
no not to put yourself in accord with what with a stranger hadn't called the foolish common people
you know this is afraid that actually technical term be
by any means you know just ordinary folks that don't have a sense of anything and they do all kinds of things that you
i don't know if we can
not much consciousness in it
so you align yourself in buddhism with
a vertical and horizontal society a vertical society of
of the lineage or the predecessor of those people in each generation of who had been through the foolish common people and they're doing coming
and if they are they are the society that you align yourself with to try to be exploited
and horizontally in your own side you allow yourself to align yourself with those people who are committed to
i'm kind of conscious life
and i'm actually not yet if the balancing act that it to be able to function within the flying
why your intent aligned with the different society and very big problem
they have found
if you have to function
everyday thirty people personality i'm a the the expectation
yeah in i think your ally
right now if you are a fundamental way the way down
well that's where the whole idea of sound that comes into you because the saga traditionally and i want to start with talking about the the traditional institution founded the saga has ever been a exclusive club with some time with you you are
hey the wall they've never been a wall
in which the song being separated from
this time and on the whole history of buddhism has been in the direction of
breaking down the wall to whatever extent it existed grabbing than go into a restaurant i'm talking about that the idea of the body fat without living in the world and favor i'll be of what i would say it buddhism started out with more sense of a wall and later
i came up with in there was more and initially of the world been the ordinary world been a dangerous place for spiritual practice and in one shooting some way a retreat from it or minimize your contact with this tends to emphasize
the monastic vocation
and that's what monks and nuns do
and early buddhism tended to uphold amongst known as the examples of those who seek dharma and everybody also been somehow company
more and more i think partly a thief and pressure from the non-market
who didn't get the go on to thank you there was a different movement included in which may be was parallel to it which was on the other direction to treat the saga not in a refuge from
and it's deluded society with you again but rather a
a refuge for the whole society
really it was ultimately there for the benefit of it
and of course for it to function as beneficial beneficially it hadn't had some
potion contact and role will unify and if they have you participated in society in great
ah but managed to the critical advantage of sanga for an individual is did it it gives you refuse to give you a place in which you can
the inevitable conflict and tensions between the kind of effort you're making to live a more conscious
developed life and the inertia of
saadi large and was always threatening to pull you down
the the samba gives you support to the yourself
if you look for it had been center
wherever we people come from wow
i mean how do they all get here and he wouldn't do the well
we don't really talk about this too much for them back the fact is infinity exists
he's fairly well known not only in the united states or countries
mean that from everywhere people either way
and whether or not they stay in length of time
what not
ah the mere existence of such a plate and the fact that there are people maintaining
an institutional continuity of buddhism
is extremely important people live i'm sure he would come back to your own life
the difference between now and twenty five years ago when you're only a few scattered books that you'd find in the way the metaphysical bookstores like inclusivity and ugali and furious exotic things now and now there's all these proliferation actual a dharna centers where they are
people trying to to live for teacher
it itches to the whole thing
and already i think you can say that
you know twenty years in the time and buddhism is not actually very significant yet but filling and twenty years i would say that be found in a voluntary and food is centered in the west we didn't have an impact on society at large
well but it's very difficult for an individual to do much most the individual can do is is join his or her energy with a of which condemned have sufficient impact you for you relate to the society at large best i think through
rather than you know if people off and talking about how difficult it is for damage buddhist
some affinity with would have to try to figure out how to cope with your work situations and and were other people are not happy
expecting yeah
on top about about have you go on but
but i wouldn't attempt you were to raise your hopes too high on export is not whole lot you do
as one person
just you know you against the world but through the yeah the port structure of the song i can do a great deal
no five or ten people together and saga
can do a lot more for themselves and for others and those same barbican people each offering alone are out there
well he can back of the
this is that the orient the option
like need to culture for all of the ancient that i'd have to a certain time
competition by the time
and beyond
and where we haven't world
more open to
because of the warranty
i the
that drive your car before
nowhere as worth of thing about a girl pen and that
a populate so
because to cover
recognizing that patients often
put your income is pretty old
a doubt
i mean i suppose you could think of various explanations to be different
i think they should probably the simplest explanation is created any which you could just get current of thing
it's something it has to go to keep by phone at atlanta interesting that when detected that
and but even here from how
here now you're talking around to go
yeah but of course in ancient india was launched at two hundred and people huge country
it took guy is any possible explanation you know one possible explanation which may not make us feel so good at it is good job
there is some racial different
are those cultures in genetic stock shed some more energy to yoga experience will be coming around to