Children's Talk: Money

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talk to the while
had i can talk to you about me you can ask questions to talk to get stuff you're right
and the finer things i want to talk day was about
money where money comes from
just your ideas about his money is pay for think the people
i don't think very often may take each other to explain to children about my mind about school too much it's grown for help out what i want to do you start out by talking about
where many where the idea of money that starting
and then to talk about where your money is wrong can continue your parents have you get your gun violence
right yeah i'll bet you haven't really thought very carefully about where that money comes from which you get vitamins
so first of all i wanted to tell you something how we don't know you're listening
which is that for most of the time he needs to be happening in need but
because people mostly
got food by funny or by growing pains is likely to have any coach and a pretty much had with either despite the net and if people wanted something
they didn't have like for instance suppose i was a hundred and i wanted a night i haven't done somebody else he might village head of night i would go to that person i'd say
i'd like a night and i'll give you
you give me that night that's called trading right you guys about training night
so for a long time mostly people could just get them to they needed by trade and seven and they just decide together
what would it be a fair trade for instance
cause i went to somebody and said i'd like your night and i'm going to give you this little piece of dust you're not able to a fair trade
maybe we're know what give you a knife room a said gas by so people would kind of work out what things were work than the word word
some things are worth lots something worth very much so for instance if you're a hunter you think a night is worth a lot of work
well it was alive because you can cut thing
spear is worth a lot and if you're cold a nice warm jacket is worth
so let's say that somebody else at night
the real warm coat your call you don't have a coat trade your night code and both you get what you want well
after a while people realize that he was easy to trade if they got something if they all can agree on trade with and so some of the first money with things like shelves
in certain kinds of stones shining star jewels and certain metals metals are
what's an example of metal called gold and iron copper silver copper
lines what else work on it
those are all metals all of those metals that you guys have mentioned have been used for money
and at first people just used metal their shells or things like that the money just loop sometimes aliens would put them live stream
which holds michelle's use those are very young and prepare a deal and nine the when his tribe a long time ago before whitening
points their money was a certain special climate shell very rare is called a den tod of shell entailing show and
people who were rich and long strings of shelves
that's what they used to trade so you could bite it would be shells and
yeah no
white people's cultures things that they used the money were mostly petals and eventually they they would stamp things on the metals usually they stamped the picture of the king of the country
how he was pictured all coins with the with a picture of like an emperor them
grc pictures

yeah that's right now money is is mostly paper that's really weird because paper is actually worth
can't use paper
yeah that's true it will course they have to make the money of paper money sort of special where else anybody can take it right so the money that we use now used to be used to be that that paper would say on it
did we have got
give know maybe right

thus had a nickel
well used to be for money would say on it money paper money used to say on it and if you went to a bank you can get metal body for that so for a while paper money was in place of metal body and paper when it used to say on it this dollar you can go to the bank and yet peace
silver silver dollars i mean if you've ever seen this over down
and at that time i've added to add that was i be used to be with silver dollars add a caveat
when they not a real sober and they were real big and heavy and they had dollars with silver dollar now there's a good down since look at it and see what it says
i think left
this is just a piece of paper but a special kind of paper and it's printed on a special press the only printing presses comes down and money but they do like a hash the bush i've heard that
ethics locked in edge covered
every page
oh seven power
coins and use this is one dollars is the united states of america one dollar turn it over
it says one one
you don't take any kids
and you guys know a counterfeit money years most network
counterfeit money is money it's fake that somebody made themselves people do try to make kind of company you can set up a printing press in their basement somewhere and they tried to imitate always keep money you can pass this rank you look closely money has all these by little lines on it those lines are so that would be very hard for
anybody else to make
just past the ones
he was always find the line doesn't very very hard for anybody you and also average writing papers various national
no one should really keep on weekend

you know these pictures on the one dollar bill the legal action to write and on a ten dollars building
who's that
hamish hamilton health and he's one of the people so running people called the founding fathers he's one of the people have started the united states
those is greenhouse
that's why i found a ten dollar ten dollars in is a lot of money
what he had passed on a in
does anybody know where this money is made runs paper money is made
does anybody know the name of the crime in place that makes money
no the net it's very close knit a mint is a place that will make money

tell that there's no time for jokes now
he's looking at the money when you're all through looking i'm going to say if you weren't expecting yeah we to that set up a second
did you ask you the little over the lines

once on the morning for you still have a useful i come with a little letter on that tell what which meant to keep on that's right but now there's only one yeah that makes point to it up in those days but the wind philadelphia
usb three one of them as he san francisco you have you ever been to the in san francisco high five years insects a great big tall building we use to actually make money they're going to make money there anymore why not because they don't need to plan for
and he said sort that sometimes initial random
those are the additions of them the guardian in system may be added know their initials and man was made the picture
the those claimants yeah
with me this point here i usually stance younger they should include establishing right on this one of my being a lot
the for a bad yeah whatever has really only because beautiful old coins
well this is a silver dollars and fifteen hundred has to have a collection of replace this is a silver dollars and eighty eight
beautiful i mean a real silver that's why it would set of black you to have something center we have one near there yet
well had to make what exactly like that
i'd like to ask you all a question which is how do you get on what does the ways you can think of to get money right
yeah got a job yeah amber
watch those are that's kind of job but other ways do you think of it
ten april one save people how to get money now
new you mean like if save somebody's life you might give you a reward use money we have like a dance yeah you get a real try to reward his cigarette like a way to get money
they think of any other way
have a government
i know yeah that's true that how to ordinary people like you like you and i get
we get like to get allowances you get the bank with bank just won't give you money
forget that ain't was one guy
it's a still in her expertise and how about finding money is that a way to get money for going on and on the street for selling
by august meet you some photos know my mommy and on which friend a one dollar got to the
oh and ben just mention that you can sell things
if money but he's only thousand and eight yeah because some people are here to they can listen to your appearance bottomless to do so let's think of it was a backwards yeah
so let's just think of all the ways we thought to get money you can you can have a job
you know that you know what it's kids you know what it's cloud when you get money for working in a job but what's that called armory salary early
bestiality soured loans and if you know all these worlds is what are you like cow that's right here are some these that we're we're talking about here don't the who cried out
can can be a salary
can be high school sorry no now sour s a m a i y okay to companies there's different ways to get a salary there's salaries were you paid for every hour that you work for you can pay for every saturday and that's called oh
he worked by the hour it's called a wage where i think so he was in line second you are usually that prevents it usually only by the hour when you work for the for an arrogance called the wage when you get a long time
well it depends on how much should be paid
a lot of exceptions if anybody know somebody who works at the bakery round san francisco and know how about michael's dad it's got to work right yeah yeah yeah he's the manager a manager to the person is in charge
and people at the bakery and other people like this at present center bakery you know what their wages like three dollars seventy five cents an hour
wait actually most people who work in bakeries make a lot more than that and people in zen center are taking less money because they want to help insects so so part of their way just giving back to san san and that that way said center can buy your food and by the milk that you get the kitchen that mean
all the things that we not get chicken
okay that's a wage and when you work for funny there's a word that it's the first that which is called money
to me a heart yeah right
and so on we're talking about that usually the you will get plenty is that they weren't right yeah they have some job and for their work and paid some money and some jobs a a lot of money in some jobs pay a little like scientists a lot the ivan and i were talking yesterday about different
kinds of job and how much you can pay and
it isn't always exactly fair how much money you can paint that it is true that certain jobs pay a lot more other jobs and just some examples of jobs a lot of money are people who make computers think a lot of yeah yeah that's pretty much money too much wine or
and then and something like that people that were run for famous commercials and appearances movies and know who else makes a lot of money market account businesses are attempting intelligences managers and businesses being a lot of practice doctors make a lot of money you know why of really lot of money is
a subtask a and has athletes baseball players baseball players make warming the president's and
yeah fine
it's like like a secretary
no one end it
why well because the manager usually on the business like let's say can you know is the manager of the bakery now kid has to think about all the different things let's talk about the bakery yoga into the basement yeah know what do they make it a bakery
posted you know where read
sometimes eyes and case okay what of those things made out of don't act on sugar flour sugar what else a new film of eggs butter
where did now where do you think the data gets those things
some sort of store that sells this right now are you waiting for the back kangaroo warehouse right and you think that the factory and warehouse gives the baby those things for great know after night after bottom with my money the bright so they have to pay somebody to get the things that you make
bread pastries and eyes out of right donuts
okay and then people in the bakery put all those you know those things you call the called ingredients can get worried
so you put all the ingredients together the flour and water and milk and butter and eggs and sugar all those things and you make something and then when that thing is all made people bring it out to be fun to take be and name so am i right
my me now
how do you know how much to charge people or let's say about bread suppose you charge people a petty for local grid know
why would that not be good because a lot better to into that
yeah absolutely
there's only one chef yeah but until i here
yeah until i just survey as how
i sat down from of haven't you figured out how much does so so or how would you know when it's i will take had a pounds let's hear what then must to say i think the the cost of know how much average about them how much money spend it to the ingredients
the and at a little more
selling yeah that's you make a little money as it's one that's good that's what that's what it means to have a business that's missed a good business sense of peace people who manage businesses if you are people like catholic and just a minute drive and i'm just answering andrew square ambulance and have got why managers of businesses are paid well because the manager is the morning
so much to charge to break out that with one thing out which probably you'd think of which is you also have to take into account that you're paying people to make that right
that costs money too
and taxes and other things so it also you have to pay
read to the man who owns the bakery because we don't all the big just a red light
the bakery has got to pay a man
i think right our pain six hundred dollars every month
to the man who owns the building the big reason and that's called rent you will know it wrenches flock is what you pay somebody to somebody who owns a house subject live there ivan
s o one of the
that's right
the or you can do it twice
the amount of carbon woman's costume or her i suppose you decided to sell the bread for twenty dollars not that you're smart idea of known in yeah nobody would hardly anybody would by why we why wouldn't they buy it because it costume and other places
yeah so other people could sell bread or less so you have to charge enough so that you you are you make money guidelines money but if you charge too much nobody will buy your bread because they know they can get read somewhere else aviation way to get a much softer the for pretty cheap amen
and lots of people come that's right now do you think that credit are big greek is really really good bread or people bad i a chuck it's good
you might want to get that we are supposed people in san francisco like argument that and he had regretted san francisco then after by does that mean that they probably pay more for are granted in somebody else script so part of what people a lot of when people think about employees and you know if something's really good right
as parents suffice
but if they're charged well if they wanna charge for the don't take it
take advantage of it
me either one one
does anybody know some other places insects a zen center has to make money besides the baby greens the restaurant and island
when the signature time is not something that demands placed on say that it's called a store physicians right years and center
the greengrocer live on the greengrocer and also as showing that them stuff and yeah well it makes a little and those are things from the field your media that's to and
tassajara what have how to of and make money goes like composer
yeah they pay money
and be there and use the hot baths and they eat food
have we have a good time because they like to go there people will pay money to to send center to go there and maybe you think you have any other places that make them your couple of war
yeah there's alliance to treat you all know lives to noticed place the because our as advertising that plants are no russa reps wife works there and and in somerville used to work there you no codes and classes
people work their hand there's also if you are that since center has a bookstore
yeah bring and the bookstore makes money because we buy the books from the people it's right near the restaurant
that way greatly bookstore open the older dogs too early i was problem
and a bookstore makes money because you ride the books from the publisher publishers are people who make books you buy the books in the publisher and and you sell it to people are a little higher price make money that way now guess what have i start to work than that you didn't hear that some more intention good we sell tintin books to that's good
yeah must be a pretty good books to page that the to implementing children's great get this one takes
is that
now what do you think happens to all that money to consider make some problems because it's a by food well first of all it all comes together and we collected off and then we help we give it to people were insects in your moms dads so that they can buy clothes and to and law
search box is no she now
zen center is not exactly a business and people aren't exactly here to make money so we use a little different word have been soured is the word you probably haven't heard he's typing yeah it's called a statement
the state our state and is a little different from the salary and explain s t i p n d is a for stipend you'll see it an sti gmt state well as it was offered in the sky can it have been a half
yeah we're almost finished i just gonna say a few things more sense of what is type a in is ah
it's actually sort of like grown ups version of an allowance and can get much more yeah but it's basically what we all do is all the money but sensitive has has put together and all the people insects and and share it divided up and we share it and we share it based we don't it's not exactly everybody gets the same it's she
seared on the basis of how much you need now who do you think it's more a person who lives all alone in the gaitan
it isn't married or have family with a mother and father of three children clarify that mechanism you think so either yeah because it takes up you have to buy clothes brother's children and you have to give them what allowances and you have to buy them popsicles and you have to buy their bus pass
on fox and you have to take them to movies and all that sort of stuff and i will i have the landscape can right if you learn all by yourself and you have any kids don't need to buy all those things so so we share the money and people get stipends and this tie pins are based on how much you need right
like my mommy allow for michael
right so that we help it to be happening
i aloneness alone
so that's where your money comes from one to explain that was true you like that the you have any questions before the stuff
my suggest press
to work my cash privacy well
there's two different kinds of work i can be to
no different there's the kind of work it's just the ordinary work that everybody does right by cleaning and cooking the flu growing vegetables because like now
and then there's special with that most people don't usually do and maybe that and like been some of you guys sold lemonade yeah well that's the kind of special work with you guys made the lemonade and then you saw it people
and that's that's a different kind of work to ordinary room and we can think it subways
if you guys think of some ways you can give me give me or mark
for gloria
suggestions of ways you have to make money if you think they're good suggestions will try to help you at the time
the bankers
hot southern solve it
the developers
that's true just like the bakery she has to pay for its ingredients what it would have the ingredients of hot chocolate
i look now
what am i decided to tell them a male contract rocks will be tracked on that no one has worked in school right around topic
they can get a chance of
that tantalizing

well i think if you really think it's good ways you guys make money to visit like usual by collecting eggs and of here
it's quite right we've grown ups here it goes from think it's quite like many guys like age because that's just part of the lives that would be nine and any kid who lives on a barge in certain things just because it's there the parents part of the farm and other things like for instance
maybe somebody can hire you to help clean the house or watched the with
washington or watch someone's car goes because only one who are in delightful when do i think july her yet
castile and either
how do i like that when you get as old as handwrite your have reduced latency
every the basics
technavio's usually have to be about twelve
it so the old after that is
any other ideas
me picture showing pictures
put into good one
my friend groups pixel camera

oh really
people walk lots of good idea is like
it says
exceptionally well
thanks to guts
maybe he doesn't it

he was are good suggestions if you guys think of anything else please let me help him and i think i've been to work
her sell your planet
well i think that what we usually do it's insane and with our old closely put them in the goodness of people asking atoms out of town
now he says the averages on my god
if he gets the blacks
amber it was just saying she has shed some tears as she didn't have war he added gets was place
cause i have much
guess i'm well as a concept or offers as ours
and tell my as well as other said that
and place for the rest does it will sell all things are usually places like that have their clothes given to them like he who got easier
i'd like you as possible to concentrate on things were you concerned somebody buying out of work
because that's the best way to make them as the way people feel best about you and i to go back to a meeting house when i got almost like your mobile device
i think that's possible because he has
yeah do i have to go back to the stand that i'm going to be with you guys again in two weeks and if you guys have any suggestions about something you like me to talk about i write them down you write them down a job with the glory and she can tell me
and people have sent report will happen
oh guys
that's right
that's a possibility we could hire you guys to read our gardens
we need to
okay thank you very much and i'm by