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you guys voted for him
now under be charged for one when choosing how to pull for your britches to i try to feel of real top
let me talk to them
i'm sure my main talking
we asked questions
this is where very small group and see all you'll need to you
will secretly jay burchell my and chinese com
like and smooth

we talked last time ago
some of that on t v watching to be
most recent empty seats it's with africa
i want to talk about to do the difference between want
you fit about and i was thinking about
was it didn't work one
he's actually a supreme court
usually was people
children killed victims were children is play gonna steal his worth
and he's also thirty thing is kind of guy was with which perhaps community you will do with it
i'm going to the movies tv and watch t v is sometimes energy ganglion
to football games in two weeks because so many stupid things in a tv music kind of five it's not exactly
but now grown ups also plays the times we also can continue and sometimes it's worth and children also work
sometimes good
in sometimes on g
so usually when think of shooting event which will go out with lifetime realism and one one
music gonna do when i'm cooking up to good word
but gringos
it's not not so
that's a pretty fine the time
i like no going to talk about with it was really awesome get used to
with the beyond with is is the guy was good
i'm listening to you
most people who
during her time
the ability to encourage me it was people
pretty you room just work
because there is little enough to be posted many countries in the world just weren't all that interested in
because those countries are very for we have to live the average person on and states which is the richest countries
because it is where sausage there's lots of them to have time to play it in your team as well as to work children that was five years ago
good school time
the realization that you believe with me


google's mostly your children don't don't served
for capture the keywords
the of this improves the most of your parents no chores if you have to do some kind of work
this your insurance to do with workable
sometimes brought me the phoenix extra money for the stories and sometimes you don't get my foot so what does always be getting on sometimes it's just something we didn't have to deal with them
if you don't do that thing that kind of work that you liked this post world so if you're reversing yes you don't have a footprint will need to find your business weekend
atlas is some kind of work isn't just work for money it's work because you have to do it
no example to work on japanese
if you're not again this particular food is particularly

so that's them as the kind of work as a job we defeat
that that kind of work you don't worse which you get the money for you didn't put your liking
you don't have to do on christmas ever more expensive
amethyst capital it
me too i go know that she has to be this edition was to run was just didn't like things that the on his wash cars you know i'm just capital the wins car probably he was doing
how did you watch my partners for the fences with your plate work he's doing it because he was a money can do it with that money he confided the same monkey
vikings is one
maybe you combine things entertaining when video
the device returns in the video games several levels that was my initial work for them
so we wouldn't think of playing video games it's nonetheless his work with of in this play or team
smooth to through talking in the fuck machines so
i'm the grownups here
the lot longer than he would become a schedule of with
you know with great starts
we were hanging around nine when he goes to one thing and actually most regular jobs
more the phrase ninety five
the most jobs dog and to go from time to time where did you work in office people to work if they're not dead
the whole by
now farmers
like a real farms
like like the didn't work
get up following morning like five movies and yeah and you were probably into all such as at night to one
it's the season begins rolling so that anybody wish ninety five usually on work is on the scary part to the farm workers very point because forward is the work that makes the people that somebody getting forward and this
isn't even so even a green gulch going to school words that can not doing that work exactly because they've been paid to those jokes
give people some money

well this is so reflection
the best investment
right know what is needed
movable border city

you are
you see this
okay at that time
okay back to the full the for
well maybe not looking for place to start my don't i can't stay so want to do so i like to vote
shy shy of places to check
it a tv
so set sense to make just a type of i mean this was a well we have forget to the right if you sense that
south the kid once you call that work or play
the cover
oh along your face and crazy fun
how to
that's right now i checked brown noble cause
it also we worked at school at school and is a why
well when when you buy working smoke and like merging all that we haven't i see so will you think that would be work or would that be in your learning is poor form
it's work is work will
the impression i get to care for it so it doesn't work like a job right another still work
we have to pay down
well actually
wow you might have some way you get back and i'll get them why i mean a lot it's not let go it's not fun the new camera begins
this been the same of
you can constantly
because they can work
it gets a to table and this is coming over the scale say that was or
i we can they get paid for people say one
the for me
well that's something like when i was we trying to say it about the way grownups working with you know existed
most of us who work here mostly grown up so much here
if we wanted to make more money if money was what you're interested will go find a job
for like earrings was this really because be like it it's almost like play or so knowing his late why in the middle part of a place that isn't you can choose you can choose you can do what you want to do so in assets going to something goes to do what they want to give the still
so we have a choice and also we don't have to be so when she is an interesting are you thinking now unfortunately bringing children unfortunately do and how it made me feel you don't exactly have a choice it is you're here because for nice reviews
when you want to get not but still
is getting not even though she's pregnant return
supply know what i'm saying is that way mimicry guns isn't exactly like ordinary work isn't exactly like wouldn't play it's also planned route gone undetected going to school it's a kind of work on learning or education is the word
the getting an education is it is very important because
he helps you know about things that you need to with the good life in the grownups that of where goats are also nine six it getting an education in some competition which he is
let's say that buddhism is something like how to get out of them a good way
as a don't approach i can't believe it or not most grown ups even know they're real all don't necessarily know kind of went well and there's still learning
so what is it was my way help perhaps
that have their problems to learn how to live better get it
that's why we get all the difference to
school that
the death which was in debt
well and started right
that's part of what turn living a green known she's all about it is trying to figure out if there's any way to watch them to blow ourselves up because i'm think that would work or play or entertainment or would
on anyone's job
he is gone
ash in russia for work okay
well actually there's a little bit of an exaggeration most likely to blow up all of russia and all of the united states but it's not find enough to warrant the program and come with the australians the africans people like that with the all right because they're far away from his
so that we can certainly give a lot of the average median part of what grownups are trying to figure out how to get me out some of your own bombs and he has tried to figure it out if there's some way to
not have first of all not have so many
bombs so as there's not such a fair chance that will do that sort of like suppose there were two big kids at school inspection and three guns for knives epicenters two tanks and a water pistol
blackberry ensure both very manly children do you think as you can take away these chim guns and both the tanks and water pistol some of the guys and have west of a chance of getting job and with august
that's called disarmament
you can get us this argument means taking away weapons so the west weapons you'll have less even that it's a little less the less time begin so to people without guns knives can't reach a and curious bad things to people would come tonight so that's what disarmament his own kind of here are some so we're very interested in trying to get russian
and states to disarm
and talk of these talk about design
which they have no other
yeah seventy one million or three countries in africa
chaffin have no not germany
not japan germany to germany france
yes france china is one more than able right
germany and japan don't have nuclear weapons because of the very particular reason which is that they lost the last word
find us and so we have kept them from company
their own weapons to pandas have much an army they rely on the united states to in germany is the same but france england in china all mvp weapons not nearly as many as we do and we are several other countries that could happen before too long but it's very difficult to know to new episode requires a
very highly developed science lot of scientists from know how to do it said the most countries can do it was from nairobi when it was time for us conference
who are in question to answer
one of the reasons is that well
the next time through well where which has come from he is originally from things like oil and gold silver and farms and land and factories and things like that idea before equals europe white people came to america new weren't that many people living here so there there was lots of lot
so well lots of bitches and working the ground in the land and these things which no one can take it
so when people came from europe there was as very very big continue ticket
yes things
like oil gas coal countries was anchored on their it makes things that's how you get rich so for instance in japan we just finished preston
bristol conn on
in japan for instance japan has no oil virtual worlds we have to take bring all their oil from other countries ships are to
may to build a factory built cars and worse united states has lots of its foreign oil
so we were able to a lot of people recognize rich never going to have managed the rocket zone
well the rockefellers or probably the richest family for long time for the richest man in the world and why they will just because they either country sucking up oil on ground something to keep well that's because they got to the oil for anybody else can be found and so forth
this product and we got an angle to push different fish
each strip
the time

no anglo-saxon because that's that's a good point but it's a little bit off the subject to could keep the bring a packed in here
yeah but they weren't very there are a lot more or less than the word also we brought from europe my people your block a lot of things that we knew how to get can use to communicate
like make factory to steal the weapons guns even more powerful new or not because they weren't as smart or word is very think it
beautiful things with their way of life but their way of life wasn't as aggressive with powerful time one so of paper will push the sign never
and that's part of one relations with because not only was america little of things in the ground that going to take out before but also people coming from here knew how to use those
and bake much is happening
as for their lives
at the smartest too smart
come to have a whole fulfil well we have caused ultra-flexible
it's true never was to your which is the most countries in the world surrounded by poor countries and have been conquered by wars
times into my friends
the americans surrounded by oceans it's until very recently when he was kept planes and things like that was hard to get and so americans never happens
conquered my
people in the country of origin
so we are we have experience
i'm going to have to go of
why we will start having
well that's an interesting question the last thing war is most the if it was spots or world war two
it will want him was spotted the car mostly against germany was by pretty bad guy
a or if it was a real bad guy he wanted to take over the whole world pretty much yeah hitler
german germany's german scientists from probably the best scientists moral and they knew about the possibility of splitting atoms to make a very kind when bullshit so human scientists were developing or the based of american scientists thought they would develop atomic bomb
nine craving ability don't be a ton of would actually be able to
and so will decide the only way to start that was asked to develop the atomic bomb burst that's what happened and
we actually were any to feature me more than forty developing ton of fun but then we were still to japan so to make the war and faster the for the united states it was true and that time decided to drop the atomic bomb two cities cognition nagasaki
he's thinking about that was it was hello isn't going to kill a lot of people he was afraid that and will not surrender mean you know the reverse it we have to kill any more people in children hemispheric will so we felt better to do that before he equipment by showing you can you could possible when
it was actually better than killing millions means working a lot of people after that a look back and seventy five it was a very bad thing should have done but anyway that's what happened and that's why
so that america was the only country in the world with good time they have nuclear weapons but shortly after that time he had a big country consequential on russia also
then other countries when to fields open simply
but wasn't why we know how to make nuclear weapons is because ah
on some scientific discoveries in the and albert einstein not really likes to einstein found out
how the very tiniest ones that matter come out to a game and in how to the wasted energy inside
because he found that out
people and we need to be decided to continue to the bombs
so that's how you feel this before einstein discovered that people didn't know unequivocally the strongest weapons people had with bombs be made out of tnt
tf tears it is a chemical explosive and it like dynamite
well you haven't been there was a lesson
he was but he he left germany you can see any given he came to america america during world war two
a lot of people to germany and that way give a keen pounds because they were afraid it will kill his problem
get your
what i like that to casuals out the western for most people think they differ killed himself because he realized that it lost the war
there's been plenty back
kind of hard to say he was real bad person
and he was that lot of people in that way that was also kind of large powerful country and we get ahead of launch powerful countries are also bad guy you have the power to be a lot of other people do want to say you know there are lots of bad people would like to kill other people mostly don't which she has to be like is going to scare the power and yeah
the power and given why we got the power facility going to continue talking about me is this this and and we will have a recent push american an island

the over and little church
well it's pretty clear to kill dining dying over to but there's always been rumors from this point on and maybe still alive argentina's is like him but most people don't believe those rooms it's just that
you know how representative people have a nonchalant must be starting people like to play it's probably not true it no problem for example
also to when for terrible toll
and that's exactly true
i guess i'm not again
a mile up
why would a rush i and become enemies

well that's pretty great savings at the why regime and this compression america has a different idea about how to make society where the society your preferences ideas are people in a country
the different ideas about how to make society were yeah
also we rush america both want
the same things i'd say it's a new activity both want to get bill now goes that he can gather you've found a vital
well russia and america both one to control other countries are to control media mentions of money controls
so forth so to some extent with bicycle with that we're not fighting weapons because the weapons and ever so horrible it no one could win so we're finding that we're not to fight like a war with fighting war what's used to be called the cold war interconnect connect cradles the cold war
war is more like finding the words rather than finding the weapons and that's more into english
yeah stop
ah yes was done
hey i showed me
right now much