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we can read it appear for march
why should we
well i think i read a tube and also be viewed up your cv skies pitches but this is the only copy when he cast these pitches to her long on time to make some these be very careful with don't count a three
more than two thousand five hundred years ago northeastern india prince siddhartha gautama who was to become the buddha was born it is tool the good his mother queen maya devi was visited in a dream by six test
white elephant she touched her left side of a lotus flower and caused her to become pregnant with the do good
you'll see that
when it was time for the baby to be warned we maya devi was traveling to her
parents have emerged since it was important april day she and her attended stopped to rest of the beautiful spring grove of trees and me knowing that it was time for the baby sheep weren't reach of both branches of the giant solitary middle of the group baby buddha was born from her right some moments baby touch the currency raise his finger to be here and declared
if you would become a buddha then he took seven steps to the north into the east and seven steps to the message itself all of the trees animals the stones and the plants in the quarters of movie garden celebrated the bird good

close by the lumbini grove lived a hermit named as she jumped from is famous for his wisdom and for his power to understand signs king ciudadano the baby with his father called and she turned to the grown to see the newborn baby when the hermit drew near to the child's me we saw the way of the princess like
told his parents that there's so much either be a very powerful key governing many parts of india where a buddha weren't for the sake of everything living and the old hermit as she took with his head in his hands and to cry
the king was very alarmed when you asked a sheet of and crying that the answer you sad because it was for me and you can not live to get them prince teach the king and queen were very moved by the pyramids proxy be bound to do all they could encourage their scent of you came rather than religious teacher

i can read the full story and talk investment and i'll start us reason king donna order that his son never leave the palace grounds that you would not be exposed suffering outside gate when the prince was sixteen years old married his cousin so dark and soon a baby was born to them
however the prince siddhartha was never content to be a sheltered life one day he persuaded to serve in china taken by chariot beyond the palace gates he was this journey which changed the course of siddharth just like causing me to realize that you can never be a king and it was so much suffering room
upon i'm leaving the palace prince siddhartha china passed a very very old man bent over who supported by a stick
grants had never seen an old person floor and he was very effective
question in china he learned to no matter how powerful were kind of course might be everyone must grow old
it's it's going to see why
it's the old man there's there's transmitters and china the cheered

farther along the road they passed a woman who was extremely sick crying out gasping for breath yeah china explained to siddhartha than sickness can come to anyone no matter how rich are friendly they did and the prince was still more
so you never see me say this is supposed to be kept inside the palace the for his whole life because his father didn't want to know about
the first time

again they continued until they came upon a group of people carrying a dead person because he had never seen anyone die the prince was overpowered by sentence his eyes were now open to the great set of life

returning to the palace the prince was lost in thought he could find no answers for the questions he asked himself why was everyone born in old age sickness death with the only be more was there no end is cheap suffering looking up siddhartha saw me and sitting alone dressing a simple rove of a permit say
age the expression on the siege of face was calm and full life
instantly the prince and understood what you must do
so here's this permit for not considered hands as is the principles china doesn't look too happy to
the chariot his friends cheering drive
how can tell i'm going to reach today when reward extract
i'll leave it here recipe for
can we keep your some sunglasses
have you have it away during times of children here since can say
yeah i can put back
so you want you know what a legend is
yeah legend deserve a historic it's not exactly true but it's sort of june it's a story of the buddhist the it's not no one knows strictly true and i thought you should be our
well it's like that but not a lone rangers is actually made up story but a legend is partly true and partly
so the legend of the buddha's he's no one knows if it's true but it's part of it's true
yeah that's a legend because robin could really live but a lot of the stories that are told about him aren't exactly true
but the point about the buddha is he was somebody who
decided to live differently than the way how people live or particular reason and it was because the things that most people thought were important he no longer thought were important system in iraq
so of the buddha was a prince right he has all the money in the world is very powerful and use princess or are people that later become keeps their voice for men were the sons of keynesian with their fathers died and maybe have kids so it looked like
siddhartha gautama those with this means
had a really nice light all laid out because he can be the most powerful images parents
world but for some reason he didn't feel that was so great after he saw somebody that kind of things that he didn't see before like sick people or people who die
what was valuable to change as he learned about the world so that's where i want to talk about this word value of the i
different people value different things some people value money over some people value their family some people value be very powerful some people value the famous the famous is something that lots of people who value wanna be famous that and lots of
music of famous people but is present
pretty plans yeah
spain is because there was not my project
george washington
yeah display screens how much people who rely agreement
guess can be like me
people today's paper for
people want to hear right
i can tell that guy play handsome young age he also played pages but you know what he's a friend of bigger issues them
there's a word
yeah says that towards from
getting didn't really amazing they won't get into mature guys like you to visit person yeah yeah but you guys about like
cancer and he also played in he was also the guy can play for years in the last one in stay with harrison ford
okay well some people aged store here
some people are there are some people be famous and most important to make it gets you a valuable
some apples
unique as something like that they can see a
okay and and tear
enter into can urge to pay you can't say and can't see it from getting disappear okay let's get going to get back to how does this year this children can be watch what of what i want you to think about is that the way that we live here we live a certain way because we
certain things are valuable assets or of this same that
and the things that we think are valuable may not be things that other people think are so valuable and one of the things you'd find out as you grow older and can grow up in the room is that people lot of people value different things and that that's part of the reason why people fight even grown-ups as you know why just is just it is no children
a grownups fight to and sometimes grownups have a great big fight
call the war right
is that was little battles side yeah so even grown-ups can get very angry when another low countries
fight against each other mostly because of of differences in values sometimes we will have war is because they have their different religions there are lots of wars in history you get older your study in school about how in ancient times they were great big wars fought in various parts of the world over because people felt good that you're interested in
but a thousand years fifteen hundred years after the buddha there was a new religion in the world called is long and what have it is and the the people who follow the communism invaded india with big armies and they killed all the buddhists because they didn't like the goods food is prepared because they were different religion
and many many many buddhists buddhist priests and
edisto libraries universities were all destroyed because
of that war in buddhism was pretty much wiped out of india this was about eleven is about nine hundred years ago
and even today you know the all nova
nobody's husband paul
this is my son he's a director of customer
a probably won't get killed nobody can kill the power comes from a country called northern ireland do you know behind his knees
a lot like far
well the alexander
let's just a ha
yeah melody says
and i used to live here agreed anyway he comes from ireland and ireland there's a big war going on now between people who live in northern ireland who were protestant christians and people who is the seven room were catholics need right
people being killed all the shine into a cheerful factory was a man was a guest you're near and green gulch she's also from nottingham was doing
and they're watching ten like and fifty cats cheating scandal or well
they tried to me that they sent you know about again know what you're trying to do if they like a wow like they trash that is trying to
of the border line
and is what they've done the honesty or just to get around to play to be on other things i didn't me to love of lunch other person let's just happened as of the occasional thing it was a lot lot
i don't know me personally that's right for instance the last week war that the united states was involved in this country copy of not okay to care for sit down and and we sent hundreds of thousands of tourists here but we weren't able to really help at all what happened was that we cause a lot of things to go to go them even worse
and about fifty thousand americans were killed and hundreds of thousands of be a please yes rough
french and fight know what i hear that
better fighter with the boy let let let politicians right lot of times what's valuable to people is is their land that was part of like what land they own and what part of the land of it but you know how to show you here's the america
we are here here here we are can span for oh a huge catholic your san francisco right there okay to go cross the united states to new york and across the atlantic ocean will be here and there's ireland
nsf asap with a book like it wasn't such a big war and on one tried to explain to the on front of a recent why it's so they are already have that kind of fifteen thousand english soldiers in ireland but do not really helping because it's a guerilla war
it's not like a gorilla in sue it's a different kind of guerrilla aliens with people on here something know it means the people it isn't my regular war we have soldiers it's if you can't wear with people are sneaky and he set off bombs in scores of via the blog cars like and you can i can meet industry
in the even like a player a they'd put and and came down in the house sometimes
as well mention metallic creaking happened yeah sometimes so anyway the major point i'm making children is that he said
is that people can get very angry with one another because they have different systems of values and
we don't even though we live a little differently than a lot of people we will fight with people whose buddhists aren't supposed to write their supposed to live in ways that they don't have to fight and does
so i wanted to talk with you about some of the ways in which our life is different for our values are the different guys is probably people and also the way in which our values of the same sort of to

so i think that one way or the one thing is very important to us is that we all get along as really important i think the green gulch is a place where grown and show them all live together and try to get along
don't we all know getting along
is that you don't have fights when you go
you don't tell lies to people that you don't
give me to britain
and most other people probably it you know don't live in a whole group altogether like that and give getting are usually people just living their own families in their own families try to get them off but you don't necessarily this hundred pounds so that's the first big difference is that green gulch is a place where lots of families in also people experience live together in the all
try to get along and the word for that is a community
that work
so green gulch she's like a little community and it's a it's a buddhist community and what that means is that
the teachings how the buddha
so i wanted the next few weeks start talking about some of the teachings superfood it because the buddha the buddha his way of life has been followed probably buy more people more countries all over the world and any other way of life
we followed by millions and millions and millions of people in many different countries and maybe next time we can make a list of all the countries in the world over the last two thousand and five hundred years where buddhism spin of life
is there are lots of different countries and in america is is one of the new countries where buddhism is aware it is hasn't been the way of life partnership till very recently it's only started to be the way of life in america the last fifteen or twenty years so it's very new in our country during other countries in the world like japan france
buddhism is very old way of like everybody in japan is very familiar with and knows about the way of life
our way of life for america is kind of an experiment
you know what to experiment has to say we're not sure exactly how it's going to work we haven't got it all figured out of work experimenting and trying to see if we can make it work in america and your children all live in that experiment which is called go to fix him and there are also others incentives united states not just ours maybe we can sometimes
talk about where those of these answers maybe she'd pick up we make a map with all of your sensitive side is your quite you
and they're also children and those others incentives who are living like you guys
in seven california los angeles los angeles in new york colorado
places you'll that's all i wanted to say the i had to go back to the staff the do you guys have a few questions you might hands

one whole bunch of course
that he water
well in indian legend they have an idea to live a different provides over and over again one of the parts inhalation of the buddha that's right is that he'd lived many different lifetimes in various different forms and animal it various kinds of animals and different as different kinds of people learning about how to live and then finally he was
born in his last time like the buddha and they are their stories really nice stories
many many hundreds of stories called jataka tales which are the stories of all good as previous lives and almost all those stories have a moral you know but stories of the moral like aesop's fables for the border was like a story that teaches you a lesson about things like you know the story of a lion and the mouse he sought
able to fly in the password with analyses for back to you and it ain't that the mathematics is very afraid of the line but because the mouse who on unless less
his health
anyway those kinds of stories have more ash comes to back
right well that's a story with moral it shows you a lesson that if you help your friends your friends would help you and so the johnny cattails which i could bring some real chance of time our stories that show various lessons about how to live and i learned it
i want
and all that get so fast
eight percent in the patient's case your question like yeah
if he and his the right after church of plastic supposed and tried to walk in blackjack with a vested fight for people
well here
that story had a moral
sort of games anyway goes or dennis right those are there are lots of stories like that and they and their they're actually various legends from from from indian culture the not originally buddhist but are interesting stories and we could be some kind of fun to read and they're all about and various animals buddha in the form of a tiger
and the food and far of a rabbit things like
i'm over
granting yeah was a monkey whatever the items read some of those stories are you black well he was a monkey with the king of the monkeys at one time
it anymore one of paint gushing one of the things about buddhism it's different from other ways of life is that buddhists have a lot of respect for all different kinds of living things not just people and so buddhists are very concerned with not just human beings but also burn
and animals and plants like that was a sage was a sage so maybe next time we can just a stages of wise person to person who knows a lot of about life how to do things
as for i went home

okay was that enough for today yeah okay thank you very much i'll see you in two weeks