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a very nice to be here at for her and a or create your very good to me
come on and

settled but enjoy
now there are always problems anyway
i don't have very much time i have a practice period of my own going on a berkeley so i could only spend a few days i take a few days to come down
on that time
get you things that i wanted talk about mine is
then i won't talk about i want to encourage your practice give a talk to encourage your practice and but also what talk about how to pronounce the japanese syllables when you're chanting the japanese chance
so i don't know i do about it of in one park
but ah
i'll try
a flyers are encouraging your practice or this is the mid bracket period understand your pack mid bracket period skip
and when we start practice period where always inspired for know
we are undertaking we came out of the summer and we're already from the bragged of period and
and it has it occurred you know goes up or start up here and then at some point federal wobbling and things about a month and a half things started coming apart a little better take their boundaries start pushing out
and i
i desire start coming out could get tired
we'll start losing our inspiration
things started to come up a little bit and this is our
the natural curve
for practice period
let's start things start deteriorating get used to it you get used to brag is period and then things start deteriorating a little bit and around this time and when you need to pull back everything that can be together yet
so ah i just want to talk a little bit about pulling things back together in so to to get to fit your second wind
and continue the packers period of a good effort and a good feeling

i when i used to give practice page which i haven't done for several years beginning the package period i will always talk about the horizontal aspect and a vertical aspect
the horizontal aspect or the critical aspect is that everyone has a different position
and you don't necessarily choose your position
the staff chooses your position based on their understanding of your practice
and we accept that we say okay i'll be working in the kitchen she's say so or i'll be a general labor if you say so
or whatever i'll be on a dime rheology data and we accept that we chose to staff have returned to a decision either lancia you don't like it we go along with it
ah and some positions there's the abbot and time down you know for and then don't bottom looks like as general labor
kang i your students
and then
the horizontal aspect which is everyone in same every wondered the same practice around the same boat
we all have equal value which is beyond compare
there's no way you can pick compare anyone to anyone else and that ultimate sense
and and very important to recognize that in the ultimate sense each i was totally equal and beyond compare there's no way to compare your practice or somebody else's or your life or your existence where someone else's existence
and we appreciate each one of us as a unique being
and as a matter of fact
practice should bring out the uniqueness of our character

but bringing out the uniqueness of our character
does not mean bringing out our self-centeredness
we promote the uniqueness and demote diego
choke to
bring forth
the that to person
which is not ah
the to person behind
the ego or behind the self-centeredness
which is the person
two personality
we don't try to do to eliminate your personality
but only ah
what's not true to you
so ah
but you can't do that in a you can't cut off your arm even though i got tried
you it's like a snake in i check at the right point is you shed your skin
but we have the vertical and horizontal show and of are not a level each one of vicious totally equal
otherwise it wouldn't be able to practice together
and a vertical level each one in which is totally different and unique and we have each occupy a different position
well at em
the schedule is what drives the practice
so yeah oliver submit ourselves to the schedule
and when we following the schedule totally and
a taking responsibility for our position no matter what deposition ich kann each person's position is equal
the dolans position is equal to the kitchen person provision which is equal to general labor position which equal to the ad exposition
the abbott said jan give the lectures and can have a people around
but if you really take on your position you are
relating to the whole practice period from your position
and when you standing there in your position firmly and totally without ah
thinking of it as being higher or lower your controlling the whole practice period
here are the bosh and of yourself and
moving the practice period
just as anyone else in their position is doing exactly the same
everything we do in the practice period affects everybody else
so no matter what you do it's affecting it may be minute and people may not notice it but when you come to when i haven't have a higher in the middle of the practically that i can feel
what's going on you can feel it too but you feel it a bit from inside and i can see it from outside so to speak
and when you're inside you may not notice another
my niece just like in your own body you don't necessarily notice everything that's going on in your own body but the hope but the practice period
as a whole is one body with many
extensions limbs
and it's like ah i will locate the july with many limbs the thousand arms but here we have forty five it
fifty nine arms thirty nine hands and arms each one
are holding some unique tradition
how do you show unique means to help her bench to say sentient beings

so when you are totally in your position totally functioning in your position
you're creating harmony for the whole body and in a whole body has a feeling of wellbeing
and when something is off than the body suffers
so our effort is not just for herself but how we are
keep the whole body healthy and moving and
inspired and
so we don't do it for myself and we don't do it for each other we just do it for the sake of the whole body
and then i i'm helped and your help
this is actually the spirit of practice
in this situation

had another point

huh yeah the other point is that
the most important aspect of our practice which keeps us
is our intention
we start out with inspiration or inspiration inspiration is really wonderful for motivating
but we're not always inspired
inspiration comes and goes sometimes it's really steady with some people inspiration is just continuous but
for most people
inspiration is cows and goats
when it comes and then it goes
and when you're inspired it's easy to practice and when you're not inspired you wonder what am i doing
what is this
and outreach in and then you find you for being sluggish and wondering if this is what you should be doing
so inspiration is great but it's not foremost
foremost is your intention
i intend to practice whether things are good and whether things are bad weather i feel like it and where you don't feel like it i make this battle a practice
an avowed practice carries you through all the ups and downs of your psyche and your feelings and your emotions
it's not that emotions and feelings don't count
there are very important but they are not the leader
the leader is your vow or your intention your deep intention
feelings are very fickle
so you may feel i practicing for a while men you may feel like they're practicing
and your families will fool you
the feelings we bring our feelings up and
the one feeling was a for why i will they are this is wonderful and and and other feeling what can up and say why don't you talking about this is really you know all of your friends near your parents and your background they don't do this you should be doing something else yeah that's right because my legs hurt him
your intention your brow cash that's the most important thing and it carries you through everything you will carry you through the worst feelings and i will carry you through your delusion of enlightenment
we get some really wonderful feeling we think this must be enlightenment
that's just a delusion
and we hang onto their tenant illusion all the other feelings are all the other experiences we have seem like delusion
so this get one of the biggest problems you know that we have is when we have some wonderful kind of experience and we think that this is enlightenment experience
but if you truly have an enlightenment experience
then you realize that every experience that you have in your life for moment to moment isn't enlightenment experience
if you follow dow deep intention that's already enlightenment
dang with your intention of staying with your vow that enlightenment
all those other experiences are just experiences they are also enlightenment if
they're consistent with your vow
deep depression is also enlightenment
if it's carried with yoga now
you just carry along everything will be around it a pilot along
experience everything through
yeah well
i didn't used to like to use the word vow i wish is doing intention brad i think vow is actually correct word
conveyancing very extreme
but it's been in the right word
so as long as you maintain vow or deep intention as
the leader in your life then whatever situation you enter as practice but if that's not there
then it's not necessarily practice
whatever you do people say what would ever do is practice not seven whatever you do is practice when the leader is deep intention and ah
and we go through enlightenment minute delusion leave our way through enlightenment and delusion
to stand up in the midst of
delusion is enlightenment
to stand up with our vow in the midst of delusion is enlightenment
when we don't necessarily as dogan says you may have the enlighten you may have enlightenment but not realize it gets
the case of most people who practice
what they're looking for something somewhere else
am now
i went like about chanting and enlightened practice
but gave a question from what i was talking about
it's a can be packed and other the subject correct future books

hmm okay quiet about
what is the found that a good point
the vow is

to practice sincerely
we wish we say it a lot of time beings are numberless i vow to
are we can be less free save them
dharma gates are boundless i gonna do
investigate all of them
delusions are
our desires are inexhaustible i vow to cut through them
and i vowed to become the buddha's way
that's our intention

so if you find to the stranger on the buddhist emphasis
the names of those mattresses
i try to remember all the these rules for for pronunciation
i noticed in here we don't ask me do yeah
i went to a been cheated
here are some of the rules for a pronoun pronunciation again
when you have
the the pronunciation is at a o and valve ah a e a pool
it says senate ah
a a a o o k
and a double consonant gets to be a vow each round and separate and gives one beat so when you're chanting and any other camps across a i or are
oh you is not a rich oh you the earth or who each one gets a separate pronunciation each round gets a separate pronunciation
and he eyes
a i fell
i am an n or an m at the end of a word
get to beat
and a diacritical mark over
oh wow
get well gets a stress which i guess you could say it is an effort to beat her
you could say that so
i'll just chant the first line of this
deep on all the rest of the ah ah sounds are just they don't get an extra stress so
the bar she put to die die e o show by so he expressed the die right because it's to valve and it has a stress mark over it
just to tell you that
be bad shape in indiana
the past sheep
e show not to all and end is anyone beat and dai osho but we give it usually given an arrest and then i wouldn't be interval before the way out of next neighbor be cheaper to buy he show
the but you don't have to he can do it just target
he passed sheeple to die show she gave birth to die your show i liked that better because then there's no in separating the name so much it's just it's one continuous chant
the past she puts through tiny or show she keeper to tie your shoe shuffle boots the day or show poor the song now that all has a diacritical mark and when has you give it another beat caruso
one to to tie your shoe turner gone and you have and gone mooney you have a diacritic am i over the oh and and and yemen an in and m together
because what
the end of what

okay okay kernaghan name
cassia is always
when they're they're they're discussing a there
i'm getting there was
i was just as to do this i didn't know education kinda gone but that's the way we use a shave with a current i gone mooney right i don't think it needs to be extended beyond their turn i got an able to day or show crusher or than other has a decorative emotional because show as to beach and they always to beach
cause show but the dai osho shack come on neighbor to show my carcass showed that has to a tiger michael instruments and i got as show de ocio a man that day i show now i show die ios
show back he could that die you shall die neosho misha day or show russia me to die show but that denen die that's really nice it but ferdinand de saussure it really really swings
that's good
and you know when we do the danish and around it the danish and are only has a really nice places where it really swings you know and if you get into it when you're doing them a career and can feel that out then black power in it and if you just can't do it now
and i don't doubt that there is you don't need to keep time that way you know it's not just keeping time it's inside
feeling the subtlety a champ and and andrea syllables
and here it's it's important to feel the subtlety of the syllables and in the danish and irani it's really important for the person who is keeping the time and make are you to feel the subtleties and into you know emphasize that
but it's subtle and you have to kind of learn how to do it it just so young and i e o show yeah cacti ayrshire k i shut that day or show kumar at that time huge giant that guy or show
a shoe brands a or show minor at dai osho cora gonna die oh show she she bow tie dye neosho by share sheet that dai osho phone yummy tannery have to
i see you put the diacritical mark over the route before the two continents
in order to let people know there's a stress on the two continents
but anyway when you come to two continents together it just it's to beach
and and you know if you hold the t business out
for yummy
which is okay made but
so we put the tigers can make over the i phone a phone me
but i i actually prefer for yummy
and just actually yeah leave the space but somehow it and that signature right it's accommodating
yeah to come in
for near meet the day or show yeah so list devil consonant again and yet or a day or show about idee di rumah di and i am
two two valves together and both daruma i e di aroma you don't need it a critical mind but it's very help happy out though di di rumah di vaio show tiny so i can die yoshio can she saw can cheat so on and that
can she so and i e o show die he now does he dare many i which is he cannot he gets its on beat di di di da hsin tiny dose in tiny don't
goshen dai osho die man cone in day i shall die on a node i e o show j again yoshi dai osho thicket talkie send i e o show yeah que son again i show on
yeah and on joe dai osho toes on yokai dai osho own good though yoda yoshi ito and though he die oh show not the doggie though and though he is only one syllable but we tend to wonder it exp
tended because of the rhythm but if die he though he die oh show
when they die
though and i e bay he can prolong it
though one though he die oh showed on can she die or show rio rio giant real jan rio
rio's on
that's a tricky word
yeah i should be on
ah reo run in can die or show tie yoko again they'll shout out to toes to ensure that you it's one beat but not more toe toe a gift a toast to giphy
a day or show for yo for yo death stray tricky in their toes should be say die or show for yodel k dai osho tongue cache june or show joe rossi rio de or show ten
the saw a good guy or shows the church can die yoshida ten don't know joe di oh she's not ten down your joe according to this is it and know joe on your joe know joe yeah ten though know joe di
yoshio a not and dog and we usually tend to shorten it but it's a dog again
and we give it full compliment because of oliver was valve
is it a

a hey though again dai osho call in and snap co on oh job and a colonnade could go on a job
an angel co on something else
come on major
are very nice color because of them
oh own asia
oh a job di your shirt to guy dai osho case and joe kin by show cash son george good shop tiny again so she and i e o show pies are known on time
neosho joe joe thing in die yoshio shingle and dog good day show shinzo a side dai osho any oh cool that's a tricky when he a good show you a better know stretches there it just yoko
ten so a say he added each one of those areas short
shinzo shinzo a central a c e o show your good show you should be checking a yoga your good joe you your yoshio guy mugabe mugabe
qui gon die or show nash meant to men to your cuckoo ninjutsu yoga go
seems to me and i think they own the it should be alone know your cargo

kenyans to your cuckoo it just feels better to conduct in your pickup
day you're sure to throw a sickie guy or tie tiny fish is this show dying show numb or can tie and shirt so then you go die or show ten new so and tire she can and
jin to die or show job gopro and anti shinshu don't call dial show for ten k and taco to for den can to to today have the stress and last of for den and in the beginning again doctor for day
then again that the day or shirt guy issue and can die i should have ten grin can chew or show she's fund to then they'll shop foods on chunky day i should di san marco in the i shall say
and with the you should die keep your current tire shop in jaw can die or should show on horses with tire shop she's done to kitchen day i showed none so she should die or can convey took on die
shop cause consent by the tires cuckoo suggested care costs to surgeon
yakutia to sojourn day you show but the man sogar could die your show you could churn so on so so so on
i don't know i don't know
we can ask
yeah yeah said in a day the a christian so may say so on and finish easier
my yoga show the cushion meal the anguish of show a cushion or shop
so that's pretty much muslim
i also want to kind of go to the danish in iranian open to cut a different dash and running in japanese which i have an enchanted them

that's pretty easy our everything of the sand okay

good the bayesian know shin paul vi syria and iran stressors right
she couldn't she could all just didn't know stresses she could the bayesian know shin tall guy sydney i was the first there's no stresses niin kuin ne nearly dawn or a though nam but now have an m at the end of now
i'm so that by christmas stresses on the alien
because of the am so i went to it anymore lamb but good no son nash lamb a good know soon as she re again meal nicole care diary she needed to seduce should do or choose a room or notetaker curry my
il mio he really can know about my pescetarian the original lawn lawn each time that you still you one word no cure a good tofu a to as she takes a running out that little parties without stresses right such you have these parts that are not know stress is then he comes
the parts that are stressed and to make a distinction between the stress parts and the parts that are not stressed is what gives it its rhythm
ah kevin ryan up
i ship they serve as she tastes or ronnie i was terrific she as the raper could write new york a juicer shiki motors teaser a quarter nishi show know the roku or a nice run what george you know
koto ni can i may was say that go a work at sushi dai no show on the zucker on no sooner ha ha our aga caught toshi one and all that point without any stress and then it came to near she cause they were though ya missoula
oh witchy what king my makeover era me me were on joe and know what workers shit about com so she came out she come up each each in know how the or tiny nanny your they have borne puso home much as a book
caracas shoe nicheto be saw and pistol no-go or much you made juni a top paid to develop
daimler has an honorary saw a more debt or katana correct or if you just keep
in mind the difference between you just go on without stress and then when he come to a stress part is chanted and really stress at strongly
just as it is
well i say it's the same and when i say stress i mean it's elongated yeah and forgiven and let it be
may we can just go through a little bit of the sand okay together
i would just i want to announce it would just start
cheek good the guy he said no shin com die miserably i was named car near return or dog need lot of good as a as a re again on the car care she had a near
belcher said she shoes serve her
me the obama obamacare not very far as a lawn lawn is no cure a her for a daughter as she taser i like hershey hairdresser a back or i can you so
she came or she says or or nice you my alma mater rocker or quarter
what shaw jr pounds or thirty can now
may was say that are a no-go markets or she had no shop owners a car africa's cornerstone know ha girl that her toshi one has has a were me there were a hurry she can
amanda euro made me joe workers kirsty the right can such g
ha know how the a day
stop a minute standards definite sect
this this line when cheetah worker and so she writes about almost halfway through
cheater what can show she come up itchy itchy know how the or oh e day that we didn't stress so much the whole and he away and until hard but let's start there again a chic their what can show how she she know how neo it
hoon pursue how much as to bake era ship he served as a visa the merchant
do they
they are it and saw a lot they are countdown knackered journey time ten may or may so mall a mayor dan
hey i don't know how the ice sheet de hacer a nice and got know i am now got thirsty bar missouri or noses
rima seventy your direction