Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Poems 2

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Copyright 1998 by Gary Snyder - Unedited Preview Cassette


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the coming weirdness

see slash who you love lie leaves ceaseless we love lie he leaves red sandstone
gleaming do all my he sees less we live like leaves red sandstone and white do all my eat
driving all night cells from reno through cool torched bridgeport past mold old expel glue past tongues of obsidian flow stopped chill and
the think gold granite feast of the east sierra front
ah here i am arrived in in bishop owens valley called pie yahoo not do not so long ago
ranger station on main street
i'm a traveler i want to know the way to the white mountains and the bristlecone pines she gives me maps here the trail to the role that timber lane where the old
oldest living beings thrive or rock and air
thank you for your health
i go into the pass term norse
in those days he climbing i find an opening where a steep dirt side road olds a perch in the road dry hill
prickly pinyon pine boughs she'd of view to the last chance range
and make a camp
near by a rocky point
passing a tidy skip arrangement on a ledge stand on a dark red sandstone strata outcrop at the edge plead after clean of desert to ridges darkening word in to blue black
he is
a voice says
you know be a fee once you those is the for blooms of mountains here is real
yes like the lines walking on walking underfoot earth turns but what do you law of minerals and stone for
a creature to speak of all that scale of time white far
still i'd like to hear that or
i answer back
the shooting stars mirror fuck the brilliant star of perseus crosses the rich at midnight i'll read it then
who am i talking to i think
walk back to camp
evening breeze up from the flats from the valleys salt and tests venus and the new model sinking deep blue glow behind the palace
seeds to the west needle clusters schering in the wind listen close the sound gets better
mountain ranges vile he's back fading in the east puffs of sailing dark clip cloud a big al's soft swift with between the trees unroll the bedding
stretch out blankets on the crunchy dry pine needles some war resinous ground
formations dip and strike my sleep
approaching in a dream
peter ghosts that kicked their own skulls like a ball happy ghosts that stick a flower in their old scholes mti good and de vaul that's another stupid dream for streams and mountains clouds and glaciers
is there ever an escape erosion always wearing down shearing thrusting deep plates crumpling still uplifting ice carved certs dendritic endless fractal stream bed riffs on hillsides better ghosts
it's the kick their own scholes like a ball what's it all for
a media or swift and streaking like a tossed white pebble or came down the sky
the mountain spirit stance their old woman like ragged hair
is the glint of algol altair denim solder altered bar saying i came to hear
i can't say no
so i speak
the boy the mountain spirit
walking on walking underfoot earth tones streams and mountains never stay the same
walking on walking underfoot earth turns streams and mountains never stay this
in to earth rock dives as the mountains left and open underground out deus dover seashell layers of
display how it leaves
but chris's fractured looming friction only soon to fall each face a heap of risks us sleeps below flakes better flakes it off the barry block trick of an old clicked on and settle somewhere ever lower down gives a glimpse
the of streaks and streams war and slide a braided gritty but wash blind where cliffs lean to the raise a necklace sky calcium spiraling shells no land plants than when sands and stones flushed down the baron flanks
of magma swollen up plans slurry to the beach ranges into rubble old shores buried by debris or laughing trough of lapping trough of tight flats at lagoons all i'm rich we've washed soothing shales and silts a thousand miles of just deep reef see bar
from referred wave squirrels turned entailed by squiggly slime swimmers many armed millions of tiny different tracks criss crossing through the mud
trial by winding salts lunch
calcite ridges dire time babies drifting all swash of quartz see st three hundred million years be rolling on and then
ten million years ago and ocean floor glides like a snake between beneath the continent crunch me up old sea bed till it's high as alps sandstone layers
script of winding tracks and limestone shyness like snow where ancient beings route
when the x strokes stop the silence grows deeper
peaks like buddha's at the heights send waters streaming down to the deep center of the turning world
and the mountain spirit always wondering the hillsides fade like walls of cloud pebbles smooth dof slashing in the see old woman mountain years
shifting sand tell the wind nothingness is sheep leanness
mountains will be too does then when bristle gone needles are green scarlet and de mon flowers are brand
mountains feed the people to stories from the past of pine nut gathering baskets quickly fall of help at grinding carrying healing
ghosts of last landscapes herds and flocks towns and clans rate teachers from all lands tucked in volvo cars and t hat stored in baby christmas mouse kneeling for
p in v mama securities one small room
gurus flocks creeping phlox lake long on time come again
walking on walking underfoot earth terms
the mountain spirit whispers back
all art and song is sacred to the real s such
bristlecone pines living long on the taste of carbonate dolomite spiraled standing coiling deadwood with the living for thousand years of mineral glimmer spaced out growing in
the see scary sky like bones under summer stars the mountain spirit that tend me
like ripples of the king green sea dance the pine tree old arms old limbs twisting twining scattered comes across the ground still the right foot down and
then she's gone
ceaseless we'll have lives red sandstone and white dollar mind
a few more shooting stars
back to the bed roll sleep till dawn
okay i'm going to finish with world
have you very much you're investigating
of easy united
the i learned to me catering for forgery and india
in north india and four or five hours is what i considered normal
but this last point is the most recent point i've written i just as the most recent
i haven't read just when in public he said to a few friends up in the mountains in fact when i wrote it i thought this is not a portmanteau of renamed anybody else he said people in on the locals but whatever
it's called the summer of ninety seven we built our an additional on your house with summer
at the same time that my wife carol
who is are wrestling with a very rare and complicated kind of cancer
i had to go into a very drastic surgery in washington d c and on when she was gone for good part of summer window then came back just when this thing was finished are almost finished and so she comes into the story too
ah so this is called the summer of ninety seven is written informed that i called dog or
you'll see what i might but i mean
west of the square old house on the rise that was made when the pond was dug where we used to sleep out where the trampoline used to sit
earth spirit please don't mind if cement trucks grind and plant spirits wait a while please come back and smile
ditches lines and dreams forms and pores and didn't doors the house begins some for power cedar for citing fresh skin polls for framing ravel for crunching and all engine for bikes
daniel peeling moss for singing map for pounding bruce for pondering chuck for plumbing david drywalling staining crawling stew for drain rock kurt for hot wire during for cold beer
carol for brave laugh till she leaves crew greaves give for painting each window frame gun read again garden cucumbers for lunch fresh tomatoes crunch poor for indoor paints and grimm's ten for roof tiles tarpaper cool
girls saw dust swirls trucks for hauling barrels for birding old bedrooms disappearing wild turkeys watching deer disdainful all frogs croaking david parmenter for bringing flooring oak at night though his mill burned down he's still coming around
down syndrome tracing manzanita on the tile wall shower sliding doors smooth new floors old house a big all now because a stable to bang the meat stein on the table robin got a room to write a point and no more nights out walking to the john
got indoor plumbing two years before the end of the twentieth century
carol finally coming all peaking at her many rooms oak and pine trees looking on old kit kit dizzy house now has another wing so we'll pour a glass and think this has been fun as ever the summer of ninety seven

what do
where'd you very much worse

the women as i was going to answer questions yeah yeah that's right i said i would answer questions for heroes
back to work
i want you to long and if anybody would like to raise a point or two will do it
some of that stuff about the fiftieth millennium

that's why some of my friends and i call this year but you guys called nineteen eighty a record forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight two more years to the features millennium
well shoot i'll let you go home
oh okay
that what
the all
i don't know what i expected
yeah i guess so

guest room
well i hate to say it but the biggest surprise and i shouldn't have been surprising is how a certain number of certain certain corners certain territory's of them are american alleged to say white american buddhists sort of end up sounding like protestants
i shouldn't be surprised
we will work through that too
we really got a lot of time ahead of us
anybody else yeah

where we we're am here i can't understand what you're saying it
well it wasn't the same as the novel
there was not deceive us in the novel
well we've got two different histories going there now okay but you know what can i say it was obvious what was it like it was like life
he was like what you did then
the i'm not judge novel the dharma bums does reflect some real life events and situations and a certain tone and feelings sullivan is purely fiction not so it it isn't novel you know it's not a biography or something people have a hard time remembering that including some you know
rishi professors you should know better yeah
hi luck
yeah sure
oh yeah
what he's going so fast there so if there were those lines of boardroom or africa he's just making it up
what worth
out that
oh i'll leave that to the scholars into future to figure out
yeah it has it's points of intersection and also it's very different
it could be you know in somebody's sort of no draw my hands it could be made virtually into a no drama but i'm really not my intention for my intention is to push it out some place else but to borrow some of the conventions and some of the dramatic strategies of no drama which i admire as one of the most perfect dramatic forms in the world
and it is a poetic dramatic form that is the most of the of the text is poetry in know are sober it's wonderful for
ah i just love watching
over there yeah
how do i feel about going on
well i do notice it sometimes
although i didn't notice it till about four five years ago and then i started getting aches and my shoulders and you know what is it doesn't arthritis new get older there's little things that come along you know you have you learned that you figure i can go to adapt once in while but didn't we learn to adapt you just do other things know like i think i'm saving
europe for my old age
as long as i can keep going up in only in alaska or up your sea kayaking are moving out the moms zaki going out the mountains and then they'll be ready for culture when i'm in a wheelchair and it will be around darkness

yeah we make you

the point of one
what was the last version
the point of mindfulness is the you pay attention
i don't know that's the answer to your question the whole thing

i'll take one more what you folks ago yes the old lady

because i got cave art yeah oh i'm so deeply moved by cave art
it is such a puzzle
and there's not you come up against a wall where you know that there's never been any answers to some of these questions and so did it becomes really a place timidity really in the most frustrating thing about visiting the caves in france
ah most of them are they want to stay in the very long
i would have do you have talked about this we collect measure one night
you you'd have to get some special permission which isn't easy to get from the french bureau of archaeology to be allowed to go and spend twenty four hours or forty eight hours in some these caves using instead of electric lights say candles and you get the light on the walls that was there when they painted them and you
can see them as they were probably quote intended to be seen but also to feel the space feel the temperature which is cool the dampness and to try to put yourself somewhere towards the mind that painted and at the time they were painted
the next step in understanding and appreciating keyboard is going to have to be living wisdom and living that way in the caviezel them that nobody is about to do it at the moment ah so that's kind of frustrating
without having to go to france or europe you know there is a remarkable array of petroglyph and to graphic art here in north america
it's actually all over the place if you are careful and nowhere to look here and we don't always talk about it too much because there's a lot of vandalism wanted to but one can know you know indulge one's interest in rock ark speculation and rock ark visiting right here in north america wonderfully right here in california
love going very far and this is like a planetary it's a planetary treasure because records from and on every continent so planetary treasure full of images is a graph graphs and graphics that are suggested to us and we don't know how or why now so
there is so touching base there was something very our kid in a human nature that though some of us are working yet
so i call that for lack of a better word the ancient buddha
there's some great switchers about the ancient water
okay thank you very much more