Browning's Sordello

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that what happens in marks is that the revolution has ceased to exist as a possibility in the actual world and has entered the imagination marks as a politics and which he vainly tried to make it happen after the fact of seeing that it has ceased its its moment has passed
and has come into the imagination of mark and so it appears as inspector it wants the mind of europe and haunts the working class will never see a working class like that again our present one just caches him i mean it ain't who ordered by that backpack three europe the spectre that haunts the early part of this century is is is that it is on
so the great century is of the transference of ghost stories from the gothic tradition into the ghost story know whose last expression will be in the wasteland one
when you've got able to cruise and outcome the same things from under the ground behind a to do to hot hotter haunt the twenties of all things that are there is yet a an inviting a project for those eager to return to it about us
about ghosts as they as they travel through
all right let's turn to the moment when in i let me look at my tell my time is doing yes well we doing after okay
file open i'll read the opening passage show you got a frame
these scholars seem to inform me more than once and so i guess it may be true and i'm not venturing that are my my total ignorance in the field that it's forty years from the ninety eight from the eighteen sixty three in other words is frankly the beginning of our century before any deep
browning robert browning reader notices who the narrator is in in and sort out all the nineteenth century presumed that the narrator up on this on happens to be robert browning actually when we read it and i hadn't been so i by and okay our minds are a different kind of mine would say
somebody and it is look a bit since robert browning was difficult for people to read
and in difficult for himself grade robert browning clubs formed right away to try to figure out what was going on a robert browning palm and they don't really drive until you come to the period of of the dramatic monologues we know
most familiarly people gave up on these first three ons
well they're not only gave up but the reputation that robert browning was totally understandable is due to soar dello that the the pauline had
a evoked a lot of readers oh word
ruskin and the real the contemporary readers who were earnest the on found marble going through pauline and and continue to bind marv marbles and and in paris office so when sort out all and its first edition of the author of parents else's it said and and and the
the ones keeping up know whereas that oh i've or to maximus i'll read the new maximum what the hell is going on and this on that neymar the they were grab and hold of this sort l o them and it came out it was a very young or
they gave up in droves
dunblane they jumped off the wagon and tons
and yet the poet must have expected it a must have anticipated that the four times of writing it was he was trying to both insisting that what was there was going to be
in it's see to i mean the the jewels we're not going to be brought forward polished here it is that it really is isn't and to are awful word ecology but we were almost been the ecology of writing not quite yet and the ecology writing but almost coming into it with robert browning not willing to do that step three yeah
a more writing and rewriting i guess the unsure now that the first version must not exist because there is a theory and the obviously wouldn't be a theory at the first version exists that maybe originally he wrote it in the data is that those who find his rhymed couplets very awkward in this which is not my sense of it
at all they have a theory that he must written in blank verse first years and that the chaos game about by putting it into rhymed couplets so we're obviously we don't have those first drafts i won't get to go run look at a first draft to see how much chalet came into the first round up
giving rise to this banishment
ah but what does family trip one way show it was that he scared in your seat in the sublime a
and have sex