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i a
and i can century leave the eight gives us no such things and i found this floaters to find out what my parents' religion why they met down staples yes they added performance and they met a lot to them but it's within the dream it's an australian tribes were they do practice such having their anthem has come to speak to them that's what
what and or to speak for them that's what keeps him doing when he writes letters built drawn from think
he lets his spiritual ancestor by the way it's better than the ancestors of race or the ends or not though you may have a great insurance and these english and and shake various english by better than the ancestor about by race or by your genealogical descent because you adopt them
being adopted i have a a a a extract sensitive sense about god being parents if they got to adopt me i get to adopt parents and there's a form of adoption of a pot on the you adopt shakespeare and it sounds when you take them or and as your as your
father of but particularly not father's i get adoptive mothers h d with adoptive mother to me when i even got them me and i can in combat is that this is but when i say ancestors ah we bypassed by problem with bottom the mothers because
ancestors don't name when we go with the father of multiple and sectors ha ha those
to ah but from the round that is the media from york and they can't come any other way if you can get an a in a court in poetry and if you simply remember passages and put it all together in your head you'll do a better job getting and they than if you've found an to their that my problem taking a survey course
while the rather ancestors milton what's so much median ebitda for experiences that aka one the rely of the i couldn't move on or otherwise i had only the merced that and and and i would have not even done very well answer about the phone my my account would it be as garbled and a quarrel with my one of my immediate parents i mean if they wanted to put
our responses for what what i really like
it just think about it
you've got a slight bias point of view if you just entered back in before him into realizing the front
after watching the watch right weeks on let's see if i think i
it is disappointed you want to add that we will still be beginning with for download fun
i'm i'm used to in the course of the camera which and constitutes a live video he'd never got up to the magna carta and great joke between parts it was that was mandatory for law students and intolerance and yet it was restricted a restricted to fifteen students and the gone
apartment and cal demanded that you have a brief six law students in there and then he had all his favorites in the others and all of us were grinning oslo and medieval was regretting his we would that you think you'll get the magna carta yeah and a quarter last year for taking the course are very great scholar and constitutional law because they had a half well they choose a lot
and then and they had and if they thought they were a survey and we were in one of these things where where it could be on the wedding market and where if possibly was for weeks from him
well if i could get to work at a official for i'm living in the don't have an n right of for on the
backtrack and contrast tradition
in the double sense wanted the that one one the one that we've got because we are literature courses now have defined a for an english tradition with letters and and there's quite a and to quake extent american study i can find a tradition so in the tradition we know that the like on art of the in the tradition we know
know that ah
in the nineteenth century got to all are threatening emily dickinson and
mother of another one of whitman's found it hard to remember po that this will be an example of this is what it and not weddings i've even know that they could go and emily dickinson remotely equipment on the points it's pollux later we begin the name of and yet when we found somebody needing a tradition within him
american studies of road delrin are also what would not like in a weapon at all their authentic that he was as people is about as graceless admitting the possibility of weapon being this job as william carlos williams was with we had a considerable lack of grace and and and
and pounds alliances with equipment are are at best an alliance with an actual unsavoury
ancestor your comment on that he hoped the elliott was be checking up on he want something i can drive as frequently found does caught in between his sense of what was right the culture and sense that the middle class culture and his sense or something about forty
in there and american seeing let's say also came from from the trading of of american lit american with literature americans see that one american study
it's a bite up help or now bill to emerge
and and and still not admitted to the pot the the i need beats robert browning around the clock and clairol for a presenting us with insurmountable difficulties of syntax
and at the same time so if you have to confirm yourself to melville review real fuck
the whole generation of willingly converted themselves the wasteland
i'm not sure on there are instant conversion like a spin coffee and then and now they like the basement conversion but and to extend the wasteland was an for version the president's can get if it had a tone of the modern and and and but as occurrence in the dial in the series of magazines did make for fun
eventually conversion and white along with the the attitudes of the twenties had lots of guarantees within it that it and never talk at this level of all and we do have you can burn yourself a certain poetry compared with pounds we really have to convert it's off to to not novel to read if you lie
likes to like a and i fell for it but if you take a i would
well and everything in their crowed and and hot barn as the primary then you begin to get a perfect the socket and a national literature and it and it's a matter of fact in this i don't very
you know that a negative describe her of the american studies will be either winters you when presented with ericsson wants to find for reproof right away and when presented with off i was from roof and manages to find most curious on his you said this is a great tiger and and
ivor wynne and grown on and off years and an innocent another thing when with which says like a well isn't that this this isn't a nice woman it doesn't need me why we're so
sure that you'd be integrated program on the fate of the and he still describing the same however yeah still in mind when it does it trying to undo exactly the same series that i'm talking about that fixes itself on a nation's mind that once misleading to the power that beginning in yet forms right away
some place to walk some pies for more about where the
hope that the source mighty it's very close you
and then followed you will never do it because i found have already picked denatured poem for sure that if they don't get found each other one who control the same coverage and i don't mean that night that i just i it if it's like come nine anything if you're you're you're you're
got to be sure that your your euro and bobby not unwieldy and that you can teach frog and and it's impossible that if you have the awkward molly if you have when you when you get involved with any thought but politics i can't imagine that
they may either party may give them a few hands it isn't yet during a party the a whole parakeet to be turned on the light and and like awkward
there's a very good example in that he rises with just about i'm what think since his retire mind about the poem is is is it is polarity he does not need to have the idea of olympic it on mine
i don't get that they grow up the phone melton has never made me look
and blank but blake begins to have a negative relation were well known drive on directly and that is the one that of the world preceding the to the week preceding the bike outside the bible infidel work
old that the the memory milton lived on they make them paddle and time alliance with the classical world is a joke around the world growth a directly on and being of the same order of inspiration as as
the fun
and saw the complete the alpha and and draw it on elements are completely outside of love the judeo but also the greek islands in america have better the new testament photo of two to two entirely different world record guilty in plates we have the idea of series of world code sixteen and
and a drawing of on darkly that include a for the first time openly and he put visitation in
donnelly as if you think that were to and they were finally gave out and do myself and remember that no different public agitation that not only do they draw up on the world of poets and three and fifteen an outside the boundaries that are a beijing for their civilization on a previous simulation
ah but they draw up on
voices and so forth coming to them in dreams
and in blight talking and talking with the imaginary people have the wrong or off the phone
in blank blight will have made his alliance and declaration and his ancestors still made directly by challenging melting and right nothing
wrought by saying what for instance ah
he knows of what of
i'm not what we're saying and lot thing he will make his alliance is directly ties with chaucer's is just the fact that he sought to it the on did and proposed and thought to and that he did that
help him
cadbury grew and grew each one in terms of shop that he was in his poetry as i do not melt as having been penetrated that aspect of milton blight wanted to have what was the new traffic which
it was the faces of people
adkins that begin to be in johto their people
merry month of life for visionary the a visionary and not people but bright early forms of wonder before their part of the mythic like that and carry on pump why they are astounding grandma's of of people and then they already have faces like blake reassures that yes they do that faces because and job
authors that he finds where it is for his ancestor and that aspect of the of the times when that particular and absolute and not mythic
lifepath is
let's hope mine about but but but another thing that can happen for community
and and and in the major power than moving for a bot not not ever having to be repeated of and haunting it as a potentiality to pick that one can you know where to go as wouldn't be possible use if there was my man said would have him to joffrey you cross mild but what if not
not in tune with it so one of the processes of the pod is defined what need to be fine first is that music the pond power talk about inhabiting all form oh how asked to get even start hearing what those other two sound line but also opening yourself to the humanity if you
find only your to
that in fact one of the search for that one that that that is your boys and the very much needed
if that were the only thing it would be the narrowest gain and it would not open up to the vast human community that live in in the in in the other reason bullets goes to be entire expanse of poetry which is to dwell in a larger human community than their own access
the your own spiritual ancestors a broadcom
in more and more on my mind is and it's a thing that we face what the i can't think what we ever didn't face but we fight in a multimedia why today because we want
because our concept of of humanity is now total
it's about shocking to me how long it took after after science finally got down to it by biology and dirt that man with one species
in other words that they breed together it's not like a lion and tiger giving birth and cheat wrong and then it took a ages in anthropology to figure out and then they couldn't be primitive or some other species and then what they were talking about race must be an absolute sell on effective
they have there's as we know it would be of no significance at all the real significance is a good biological primary dealing with do later
do they breed
he completely and wholly and that should be the that that that's with the real ground meanwhile in the literature we have the problem was a translation and so forth and yeah only translation to broad certain integrates from other places i'm particularly i'm thinking of the glimpse i get round the australian
the care ones are the sole often back to bring it over orion pounds and of the wall surprise not mechanically in culture but on a catalyst because serious loot come forward out of an african story right into our american myth comes something that we could not about anyplace else except in what was viewed as a tribal myth one of
fake and death
and and and and and and that and that story is no longer a story just of its tribe in africa but become a part of the to think in other words that tried and the species by this time not only does it extend across time but more and more and
the world of man in order to have its broad of a that in which you find the threatening its strong residences may be found anywhere i have a very strong immediate residents to conserve to not only because in my masters phone that they can i can't help but but fiery had it before it appeared weekend
size that wow they except i've never been found but not in the culture at drawn upon such a lot upon provenience and searching back of that to probate as i came to the myth and then later it comes into the camp but at a family doesn't have will work it becomes to anybody can to him we
no longer have that not just what we would have named as the tradition the one of the traditions of our of the romance tradition starting in an infant when we gotta for gala we will be causing the tradition of wanted romance starts at a very different time and eleven than the cross country
and it may be a may be that today i'm a raise questions about a serious questions that we've got about how much did we get in this convention of the imagination of the psychodrama of enchantment
and enthralling
poetry than a drawl
no world and enchanted still a primary values for being one of the places where i more than sympathize with the one step of bear and they criticized that though they are i am often disappointed because they don't realize how much is involved in their criticism but some of the women criticizing a
h d poetry has been much more much more me it was because she had our party is entirely for to them wrong and problem it is extremely important to me emotionally and anthony and i picture that we may be trying to find a way for i'm i'm thirty i am a very much like the say damascus if
trying to find a wife or what was experienced before even a murder and certainly is terribly destructive force within sexuality to transform it into a i would love to transform it into the right up
the pressures and the lack of permission for for on what for the components on let's add a masochistic
complex the first described by fact that they might think and then is there and then it tackles and then buying the primary to a sexual nature and and raised questions maybe we are repressed sexually because we not found a way for the full sexual nature to be love with the long struggle of sex to be loved
for them to be united no reason for of the united law
so it isn't reason it's adventure his imagination it is poetry the world we create the that be one
meanwhile components and then you can see what your cat bites next of the other gap and so what better that better than that when they're separated out and repressed turn out to be murder turn out to be a terrible one may and that still live in the sexual world the exploration of this becomes primary
in the same why i see myself yeah thought we must be engaged with with with this element that's been in so important to it and increase as increase not decrease of holland prolly the poem it hollow crawling that point was when you first it but it was and it was if it was explained as the potentiality
that potentiality was surely on a potentiality bad for the good and there are no and the potentiality for good and equally potentiality you can fix potentiality you can be peace and potentiality so my collectively
power is the power to do anything i m m m m and the retracted the bowery you've been retract power because you're afraid and like the people but you've also retracted from a life couldn't be because you simply restrict the power
and that that transformation of the in throng of the home yet
when when when we return under nine that we have seven lectures i'm not going to begin on the wrong and i'm i'm going to begin on the and and better we get on this
how to broaden the challis think an adult and start with the cerebellum because zardari has to do with historic poet and and and with an account of the spirit of romance but by the second like your will be in the question them from will because the whole idea of romance was obedience
to the
the love object now look experiences object the master mistress is one of the marvelous terms they had
the if we think we're sensitive about me and she and are very visual media before the boys locker is that the middle ages were extremely sensitive to
and it's not about and much more serious thing what when an eleanor of aquitaine was aquitaine and and an absolute power that he and she and the fact of have been a this in a master before absolute if because class matter not a lot know i mean you had to break down in the inheritance of
of land and and to an elder son works something in order to bright bright that whole that but the others curious thing i'm going to be tracy when i get back of the sourdough is going into the actual thrive within two centuries and to the hubris arrogance in the ideas and romance because
poets a but more and more and more until at the end of the spirit of the romance not only have they separated not only have they defined the romantic love would be based on
a absolute exclusion of the possibility
sexual fulfillment
this is their famous called of adultery but it was awful that the odd tend to be that you would argue themselves into the unobtainable position or end of corporate law did this over and over again that would be services and third of tubes but they could not possibly arrived at their goal of heightened and certain that was an experience
over two centuries of a heightening and what we would call it this hysteria and that the end of the accuracy out of don't think we say the roman catholic church has a crusade against the poets themselves as such because they had advanced the doctrine and which chastity remember it's very part within the church cast which performed with thought on
as a way of gaining define or magic power
what is now thought of was the highest form of sexuality
non for and and kitten patient dollies as on the honor only man to think about ultimate perversion like chastity
and the church stared at documents were signed chastity is the ultimate sexual perversion when when when jerk belief that the security that the chaff themis jury and and poets are on at least this was a poetic got and never extend beyond the community or if it didn't find a way leigh
the to on
he doesn't mean that the pilots were riding these arguments are are among the great
good article was but certainly both at the heart of a matter of the mystery of be a tree chain we because dark for don days that he saw the a feature on he wants was not exactly he but that it had to be at a point when and that and she because they retired germ of the element
of a and former is in a tire skirts for world is sexual rule out and and he had sexual relations with mrs down they are not sexual relations at all they're simply breathing dante exum it's a combination of two houses work the bedroom and a feudal period when this weekend general marriages were not ever made for law
love they're all catastrophic a blog where and and into it but got is also remove the earth and then he urge the urge of love has been moved removed
there's no evidence and with loving for beatrice think that having lots of terms that are brave fog was and and make it much more complex for us to keep this matter of of of of what is love of what a loving and and and the promise of romantic fit so well i'm i
who else on the ninth of
martha as if the first second sunday in march and the therefore that than for for sunday's running running out of
we we will begin with sourdough and and by the second sunday i
hopefully will be
he'd still be inviting enough me relate a a a an essay a by contemporary canadian poet he never mathematics is fifty six so we were like oh who who doesn't mind was actually on the very first prove but our all we have but he known as
is it and that is the term error an errand with in there at night and so forth and that which means wandering on the fragments and valuable one french the error means to wander and see raise the question isn't the entire thing for the poet to wander is in line with wanders that if wanders into poetry
with our poem we have will be have this one this is but that doesn't upon by the father and eleanor of aquitaine and yeah i'm acting and and and at it in a magic it contains a model of proposition that complicates the picture then problem that enters in theory servitude themself what that are
that are that are i a cycle brown but also a sexual grammar i think we may have one more multan noticed more and more
how much we shuddered away and do a manufactured the sado masochistic world by are non transformation as a world of meaningless line on sluts library i mean we wouldn't penetrate what's going on in flight
when one is viewed as merely being an economic opportunity no one asked why i was inside like long
no one asked what will the other opportunity america with some sexy make finding opportunities and on with everybody else in the south is nearly gone to machine and put their slave onto the wage system early years of profit is ten times often but something that prevented them from ever catching on that all you have to do with
the emerson writing before the civil war noted that the slaves working in the northern factories or what worth on a million times and mean they're really caught where are the ones in the south and mean lets them after you supermassive the wickedness and not everybody's plot and stuff me because you're not getting anything like a pro
so then we have to at least there we have to turn around and what was it going on in libraries that kept that how how late it identifies okay so we are using an hour later we didn't get people to follow pages card

the new and
that for your client bullets from home yeah that you are the a friend to food them calm and collected new york and new home in a tendency to connection