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like part of the make for a very dry nature of the black hat and our american speech at its own latin
we inherit
the identified all a south beach with a black accent
the them so that what watch the first of period of what would beginning to be aware of now you don't you were path the melting pot remedy with better because we're a world with apples right that's awfully done on my mind now we turn around and find out that you
can't melt away and simply take over and encumbered
all the jebra groups
but what was to become a composite have to admit their presence
you might get that across the first year with what where where we have a debt
in a brick very short period the first
hot of tatar beginning that we could be cause you have an actual if you can veteran with land and an actual heard the first real hold and what you find out you that a an american wouldn't
we bought them out the beginning of an american food to carry out and that appearing very much outside of of applied in america that nick okay that's a very different that's like a small japanese group contending with their japanese buddhism which is not yet an american buddhism yeah gap and
not yet american japanese have can't have anything but american buddhists to an ample bosom that part of this change how being of a generation i had all me to welcome my parents a lot generation ah up
i excluded from any possibility of a picnic in their entire framework that that the jewish world with anything but an ethic world
and yet the poet of half funded through haven't a the leviticus become absolutely primary and the candidates okay that to walk mean all of the all the old testament is is hesitant in canada and an american experience is that it is just hold back to massachusetts
the camp and appearance presumption that they are the true a hot cold testament girl it's the negative part of the palm the ones to screen high in so what it's at that point the most painful them all negative to mark the most poisonous while as picture with the that is going to picture in and a bot
he had no way for which the postulants not rise and form and open loan that a million other people walked around with not that will invisible
iraq and there is not passage in which for instance found that anti semitism doesn't arrive but plot is fair and horror shit doesn't arise and that same passage and syphilis and in in his path of passages great film were time my fantasy and and i don't picture that the manner as the nothing about the me
out a productive founded at st elizabeth ah but legions of the first thing he thinks thought that metaphor he was right he strikes deeper than any other twentieth and people if it weren't for the kanto we would lively zoo and and and disastrously that in the major of 'em
american body consciousness we never suffered like the germans did from anything furious and joke that
we're somewhat aware i'll heather wouldn't be aware of and he's a he's the straight legion and but a writer like mom knew this must be more caring for them but this must go deeper and more than that mom knew this go in the european consciousness monarch since he was german cats inspecting the german must be the
want to bring this than the european cup
and yet i think about the day one of them
black is beautiful
age bible but european mine is is what we all ended we have a strong one and america we want not the big european mind it look where this is this is part of what we're going to be going back for pogba traditional for let me read the patent here are eleanor
it is by the way could be any of that little group that pound a experience killed in the first world war i mean it it's underlying biology feels that in however his prophetic outlook because pound in writing before the war with great deal feeling
with the deck that what was one of our the have an easier to die
and as founded by the peace in canada is pound identifies himself with a decent not just the us is that you meet in homered
gallo but since pound was about reader of dante that of theseus is and in pounds mine met a man who was in hell because he had betrayed his men because he had betrayed his readers he had led them astray we have committed terrible hubris but he and law
all and readers into the river
the despair of pound over the cameras themselves
to enters into the feeding cattle deepens them you know if you can't divide the want the wonder just the wonder and and they offer the phone he feels the in all versions of it
ah he had some media human yeah would give that to at one time and enter the market of fine but allen ginsberg visiting and he says well i damn down a semitism yeah but his damn anti semitism
it is all is almost the necessary
many people under people have the same damn that i found kids the million sniff of might be a universal fm one i current that it ought to never showed up they they thought was pretty wicked and thirty five happens we're not really thought about that something much deeper and burden people think of a million reasons to bring people are not been for fry up cities and
not all offer northern africa thousand read chinese history of have some food is merrily i'll have to do is change regime for three different religions dollars buddhist and confucian than over and over again and got enough that my happy have it going on here
whoever you name it in period of people burning up i think it's infidelity with them burning that the death i'm talking about here is the death of of up the up
of hatred that that they cannot fine
the nature of the confection and start naming ethically and will find some but he also felt though adam he was still in the poem he didn't know the shape of the same one he wants to sell out on
in and with some parliament of for the what he did you find i think so let's picture not only he's going back to find arm of the shape of idea to take him a poem when you return with it
but birthday opener came our friend eleanor on cats on the wider limbs that we left in the house and therapy unwell unwrapped and sapele for and to tell toiled urged other pitiful spirit and i cried when hurried speech
eleanor howarth to prompted the dark coat came out hook up to a theme and he and haven't been to ill faith and abundant why i slept in thursday's angle going down the long ladder unguarded i felt a of the bucket shattered the name nerve the solo thought a bonus
the towel king i bid remember me on wept on barry he bought my arms be doing by seaboard and describe a man of no fortune with the name to come and set my or up that i flung ms bella and then declared game will might be go off and then to reach his favor even
holding and goal and one new me and folk for a second time why man of they'll start facing with son was dead and destroy of region sand from the sponsor leave me my bloody battle for suit say life step back and he strong with the blood said
then odious shalt return to spiteful neptune over dark the news all companion than adequate okay like by a eat with i mean that is that we have the most inopportune oh well lucky fifteen thirty eight out of homework and he sailed from that the mama schedule the when we come to sardar
lol oblige quiet where he talking about a chalet is written to come again at the palm
when we read essays lot that that present cases like this we're going to be returning these passages on this long as an opening for what will return to and and in fall and and and related back and forth when we come to the ninth of march but when is presented in bakeries and i find them all helpful
by scholars as they unwind some of these things and it these library
always makes it look as if somebody reading had picked up something entered
here the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that he absolutely was good it in
ah they look at the scholar it
this car reverted
and feel very excited because in a funny way of the scar confronted to always a sex time with all it you are
thirteen again where you want where you have been many cotton so you're essentially researching or you are searching and where where your pride pound call them poems to try where you try it has been many time though you're researching
the scholarly think they the boudreau a moment cereal you know that and looked over and over and over again and he find the things that belong to but he experiences as his thesis and prying about the very best public
one one kind of them level of because scholar emerges my mind and he backed into the level of melodic created scar would probably the very few that for the love representative gray dapple that they're in pure search your research search area do had to
thesis but it wanted almost like the liking on the way to be home and and it becomes more and more intricate in an offensive of a growing excitement through about the material on the the lower calming and you and at the end of it

presents to us something with method
well in writing the poem something you know with i drove but they're riding upon xanadu corey had done
been to alief libraries i mean competitor yes but he had omnivorously been for of much more reading that would be apparent there
experienced that reading is what part of my big part of my my ah well i want to get across their and why i'm part i'm going back part of my own experience
experience in at reading at kind and swim
things were experienced
read in such a state of confusion you didn't know what you read them or why they refrained somewhere else if they were solid media to now remember a scholar in researching his any gross
lost in what a reading and and his intellectual attention is to at once a lot like really got off and tap him on the shoulder he does the only attacked his pants what he is in peril
i think any any animal or become engrossed with something is the very great anger need that the scholar a bill in his and growth when leaving the book or walk and brought up our behalf and be knocked out of this will be there there
we have guests car so well the component we on a couple of what were the middle of a composition with that still there minding growth and nine competition are up there not that this is not a det finns think this would put a life and that oh they will signify they simply aren't totally and growth in and what they were working and
the and all the ones that we will take out as more a biologically more on important aren't they think they're simply not frightening
this this i act if i guess from that aspect can be rosemont and an idea of a briefer track and a lot of courage to do want the main matter the day which is the business of how man
cause relate to what appears as their material and and tradition and naming of it and and there and they bring back again and and and ah
the changeover we're we're engaged in all modern poetry i think at first level what were the world to have to do with reading writing writing reading and and back of that but some early
immediate the that
voices heard and on
story heard and bits and poems are our with that goes but from my i think kind of the boy preferred and must be a matter of temperament
and the tampering up a off this guy you move for the are the temperament for the language itself and current events that a place like mean
the see me ha to the have to have a our ultimate reality to be and clear of it can be revealing something and at the same time however emerging and an atmosphere of enchantment in an atmosphere of of being of the story delighted i are i don't fall
marie my own field where was it a people telling stories i think make like of with my were probably the family's story golf golf is a great source on my my constant the other
body my poetry that move around them matter of the supernatural the oct all this around that for no matter
although we begged the children to visit ghost a knock on wood once or twice and
the greatest goes the ball for sure when the ones that in for in stories or and hurt and home and had enough and and the most intensive invitations or on other ah for a fair point but but but coming to the palm was a long journey through
or earlier times in which elements that that ah belong to the fog fourth-round into society from and while and thirty with music free
and if it was a while and the speech speech had the attraction many and attractive the music and it will not yet a design music so that the first time you've heard and even the i'm trying to think now people were fighting for your we for the allow ah
it if it if it's first experience with what a strange name and and and total change other trying to speak on and other than another entirely other world come forward and yet what within that world was not yet a significant thing was that there was some kind of p
hop that or
what was not there at all was an idea that there was a tradition because want to taken it flies
because i was not a poets and they both are more fortunate than painters of painters often a study in studios with other painters and month the history of painting they study in the studio have a great painter and they learned the techniques of the great player and then if they are painted themselves have to go through
i'm a kind of insult the what they've learned in order to arrive at their own technique was not understood about technique is that while there are some basic things that you learn outside of the basic things in technique gaining another person's technique has to be dj on because you have tried something
you've got to do it the great my on to standing in the modern world because pound make it new was the pound of such an aptitude and law of being write something do you know my working on entirely of while i'm talking about between like and not shed any of my being like something yet to get uncertainty i had to come to avoid that
yeah that was mine and and and and to do that i had to undo what i had picked up monkey why buy an aptitude in other words i learned your trip sick isn't it exactly palm love these and when we come to robert browning one first thing we'll see
one of the greatest artful dodgers poetry
your trip your perks and tricks that that's what part of the fact that love to pick up from people
tip exactly that for a good so right for this
but say i want to say i take your whole bag of tricks letting your courts and tweaks and say to think an art form it is robert browning and south with talks about friends in an infidel will find them pop about tricks about them but the
thing you learn his tricks that the sardar upon finds that are going to remove him from challenge from from from the sublime likely to show it although they can kind of line with the proper probably even though it didn't have any danger of writing that fell
how do you get out from from that dramatic beach
in painting over not again john all happy to this song hate in jar with accused of of on
i kind of blasphemy and eighty of hating the preceding painting because it made such a drastic change in painting the fall while at times for them as a genius they experienced him as have been flask was not related to religion but i'm really into the great faith of the business relations he brought with a traditional thing
and made an individual file but he had to break and discounted master
but for me to study and to go beyond the old everything's about the and technique and amenities start doing things that but we're not that technique nothing he put a mark there he was also discard me what he had learned their poets have a very different groups that do not study with other for they find that
their poetry on infected and certainly had a great advantage in that on this is not however crew of the court out and said the it says the written the written printed poem that poets that this week and we find
ha ha ha ha both no policy starting another part do we come to the abomination barbaric and weekend workshop and with it might differ and and michael fuller for form as it is oddly enough i find that i swiped the title from a long time and series called
from milan and that's nothing that might gun
still a lot of me buddy meanwhile walk wrote like a model member of my and workshop in other words he wrote impact is very much on uncle involved with the technical problems and i added that i'm writing a letter i wouldn't know right like that forever and they have another meeting him in my direction but verifiably he was off
you got when you went to a workshop war the problems that the person you're studying with on had at the time and they were pretty convincing i mean the how do you praise of this land meanwhile any student could praise the fast and night but they didn't have the difficulty i mean one of these you learn when you when you're when you're supposedly directing them
on workshop is that a smart person sitting out there can see your problem
they don't have your problem
invite the day how they they can sit like a doctor and that you do it this way i mean you're the victim here that you're the one with and damn problem which is the is the different part that a difficult a workshop but but before this point there are no workshop and that's not how bot with so they fought they can still
the however don't want wanted by shelley that it hard to that until they will be convinced by hundred convinced by a powerful
we have another step and the growing up in my family is that they were educated college education educated and and while workshop for of somewhat light date the thing we call english literature is also i guess now probably a century-old
before i didn't have a this literature you didn't go to college to read poems and not so fun and if you'd walked up the jellies and told the man you to terrific they're going to have a fourth call romanticism and they gotta read command and how so don't worry and and keeps why don't you go threaten around here because it
the fan is going to be very emirates
she didn't say yes to you because they're they're going to be a million earned his girl reading operate and yeah they'll be written you in high scholarly be reading in the eighth grade the and that they bell have left the the bible and been in the hockey and your and years and they won't care be around like you did it will take the core
the graduate of payment again and i love the funds but their part of what our education is a most people graduate from from quality and they pass the corner and they even and for item for us for contemporary if we get our money for the fact that the were presented in for
brussels and we can get that the people would take department and do exactly that they've graduated from paul's we don't even get get the graduate from were still struggle we can check went on and i'm like they think this qualifies can have covered so let's picture and other things that this is sewn into battle and and yet since it's happened their ideas in part of a world where
where near there are are and most of you have well have come into and so did i in the thirty site came in the book because it was already there to study i took got a freshman courses in calif and survey courses then i and then i i guess it's in my sophomore year i replied make the university any
way but but but when i found myself in a survey corps and and we came to me on ugly or i'm coming to melt and but as the survey for it man and they were already on shelley nice still on melton i can see that the plug letter what i do like can get off of this built and get all of that it was pretty fuddy i said i couldn't shift years
you can nothing will go live so you can't take a survey i went back to history right perfectly willing to serve survey and several countries by one of two
to cover the whole film
now haunts before
really found it com
i found their lead searching a literature not the first one i'm proposing to
ah even this is a short historical period to hit korea the debris and and the bitter period in the middle class and talking about
thanks there's day saw on stage and and and and the business of reading these places i've been reading this while still or to really well but many of the on what basis did manage to get have and around ah
and would be like contemporary form at the mimeograph pamphlet level they hit this world continue this this will continue but the one we draw the debate is deceptively a counterpart of one that homicide had to have was the name of the powers that poet do over and over again
the it's absolutely wallace can go back and belt melt with one where the method of milton's shortness and spencer it is and his his predecessor will be a good example ah but there's no one's already setting up a literature
he has to sell to a protestant parliament that the that the state government can come in and do a king used to do and have poets honor them and in wondering very convincing and right with by the latency or a bunch of london merchants to decide that that england was going to have a treasury and poetry a key
king had a personal price screen the fact the tutors at it
personal treasury and the back that
shakespeare and spencer and what the glorify around but it's very hard to sample of parliament is just for throwing kings out that the neat laurie one than what they really wanted their profits the a that is the a fruitless battle across the whole era and and sock have a much larger conjure
job the poets essentially built in their minds what a king was they can draw on by lot a whole bible could feed feed what a game was important create what it came and fleet is reprints of what their energy from metaphysical poetry it it's not been that
it's a quandary has not had a a a harder picture allying itself what
the terms that is penalized out woodward
the treasury trader that would still part of what the king had those things that the king had that the problem of to cover
that is it worth my time and what does it profit you if you do so it's all our questions that are accusations poetry is of by minute you ask that question
he ranted he ran into that this the savagery thousand and japan and the congressmen know that they're not going to be draped in black dragon it as the profit their kind to have somebody out there scribbling about the major because this is a joke brought this week but they are off would have an term
the bleakness of the the uneasiness of the faults of alliance but my meanwhile and not allied with this glass strikingly the party of our company comes with very few exceptions only from that same middle class only for the bourgeoisie
included breaks down and so that it's outside of the london complex somebody does not belong to i'm thinking the bourgeoisie of being personal living bourgeois living in the city of london that in the city of and then and eliza with industrial city but growing up an apple framework the one that's because it's described
webroot since economically and capitalism as capita but this economy in love with that isn't put walk on of the in i think i'm right that only of in our time
gregory so far one
least in the generation i'm glad when they only open product area he looked at road card if not proletariat wrath a mall graduate
columbia and so forth the we already entered i think middle class consciousness of his own discomfort good for
yeah what
what why getting at here is it's that with them within this middle class that a strange counterpart comes of the poets feeling of belonging to a community in time and what is rate is a thing all liturgy long before it's taught in school the middle class educate itself and and game
the culture and and you can hear milk and addressing hit the parliament and the convincing them that england must have a pride in its literature and that that parliament will then be able to hold its own with kings and queens in europe because their english literature will guarantee them
where before their king and with the ali act or attributes that same problems and architecture same problems that the beauty of the city
and and and and and all of them have to do with the court and with portland is by the way problem in religion were great cathedral to build wealth the orders like francis can build up great abby's and so forth and the other part of the religious world that wants no such show
on we're talking about the show world and good part from one times when i cried about the back to politics can eat or not but the fact that they that the that almost poetry of captain this and that itself allies itself with the show with grandeur with a whole three and since i still do i'm going to be talking from that but i will bring into question
ah the certain things of grandeur of of of enchantment things that belong to the the the world of a hierarchical order of of of the feudal order receiving the the the capitalist order and the peak
a that they can be called ghosts on the catalyst for the
and the ghost story the the nineteenth century the place where and then eighty begin the eighteenth century through the nineteenth century it is very much how important but ghost of a preceding order ancient ones are disturbing the all of europe the fact that marks as the spectre is haunting europe it is is exactly the same
the with elliot as with something pretty coming up on the ground and terrorizing the very real marks and solid and working with me is bourgeois consciousness to feel the golf when you kind of the working class all it had to do we get unions and the gotta fly into the five in ain't got no go i made it big and you can't tell them about spector's activist commitment
they're not inspect role at all and he bought one thousand percent for the night ward and can keep on making our rooms they've got married and be and especially if you don't open up union some more people getting under their umbrella this is like that so what is that alright the middle class mate is want to make the picture of a literature but
the literature of the counterpart of the tradition and the tradition is
has to do with a variety of what portrait is so intense
here i would go to a dark the darwinian principle of it's the greatest variety means there's an instinct to know that the greatest riding reduces they open possibility of the continued alarm is a simple as the fact that if if we do not have a great variety that we can call upon in our i a robber
duncan beginning phase if he faced five waters would have been shot of luck if there hadn't been something there that would be appropriate to his spirit
and only by opening all the way frost time
and by opening a great community some of which by find a way of went up and so we have to look at more than masterpieces and we look only at masterpieces and master to arrive at times when everything seems to pick their spirit and we have luckily greatness uffizi we have no great with at all
that's a great and authentic gerda or shakespeare are you
definitely so we don't need to have to worry we don't have to be in this territory of mom i think possibly have been great great doesn't signify if we had only great we would be a darwin observes and that's like if the poor horses had only great
race winning horses or great hurt or on carry the huge loads they wouldn't have anything like the variety of possibilities and and what you're working with need in an arc of the variety of possibility for a individual souls to find their language and that often means that a mouse
valuable poetry may be five hundred totally law street poems written which have the only just a faint suggested and what do you think hold on be present suggestions are quite enough war that left the for for the feeling of approach they still won't be the art
that's needed me that but out of them row almost with amazing swiftness just as an evolution the faintest shifts in in a species out of that will grow sudden possibility and this is what i think this is a perspective i have a lot tradition so in the
tradition why do we talk about when we talking about great for itinerary in our english language tradition i think of in programming of shakespeare all right really all alone in my mind
that's because within that there's such a variety that that that there seems to me i do not feel that a unique that i find me most there because i turned poet after photo photo find that and yet he won't cover quality and we won't ask you all
anna and and that quite a fun enough that that's what defines right or another one was thirty another symptom it seems to me as the variety life
and the almost keratoconus the variety
but what is the utter experience brought time robert browning with not going to be part is the one and gotten started and it can and work the site with a lot of might be to be a poet opened up i could have a voice and i realized in high school i was looking for something
that would be more meat and i was on and i would still be doing that it of back what i was the curious thing of south of ego not neither of impertinent to this
our voice
that would be ah more meat yeah i think wouldn't that would know not nothing in between nothing in between at all
that that direct finally and hints of what were right there and robert browning of in the fact that that you can speak as a bishop ordering his tomb and be more you than you were and in no way worried with this issue it's a farmers it's the dangerous point at this point because the actor we
think of as a person trying to find themselves and and one of the in in in the thirties of century there was a great deal writing a bot wasn't the artists looking for his identity or her identity i'm not talking about this at all off i had done it was too much robert duncan around all the time although is perfectly clear
get all sorts of trashy i'm trying to arrive and not identity identity or whatever they would not get in this way
but but the
and yet and and very much i think what would do something more true collection
i still think the media to some intuition about what of about a potentiality and this potentiality was not a potentiality person
me with the potentiality of a paltry and so right away the poet the one who was honored why already her way already poured poetry and if he has a thing that hardly find in the other reason for three because they draw on anything from poetry but one thing you have
and drawn and necessity yet of writing one
my experience rather ronnie was not yet ended and my is turned on by robert bradley was not yet at all the one of finding out much about what robert browning what was there going on and on survivor probably not much about the technique is a typical it was an immediate brought
port of potential
and in time are shaping and reshaping and i wouldn't n n and the my own these springs i've gone all the time pictures began to emerge of poets that i grew up
but before i want to go into the complex than that one i would be like how
but a or into the very first picture of the relation i want to take a follow-up or seems to be quite simple i think i brought the key to carry shakespeare used shakespeare even write letters would write letters all and quotes from shakespeare as nineteenth century wrote letters all and quotes from the bible
or all in quotes from bunyan's pilgrim's progress about wifi of a read i guess about ten or eleven and with all my life read over and over again although i do not write letters a quote from building product but it has that kind of mold and one old man in the moonstone i think it is
says you can find it is the they're the faced with a murderer he go to the pilgrim's progress and opens at the broad the start point to about it and that i'll answer the questions and find everything in there that act is essentially the way upon off of the my column when we can to a later stage about the content the first was not a promise
of content is the promise of a voice and them and immediate thing as an animal potentiality for for for it
the answer
has found a source and also a kindred soul as the very shakespeare
and while we find a bullet going fine eats carried shakespeare we we know that something deeper for instance the my ah my realizing the shakespeare what to the live feeds of the with that
and it would be like on let me hear up why
riding a mill and addressing and entire life as a third of melton and finally not know the counter at you play the latest
deeply and ball with no no probably have instances of poetry deeply involved with another for
and and a my involvement with shakespeare comes with certain key people with a othello of persons of of the up the phone or the foul on modifies i know for for what hamlet but with prosper out there that they are
i have
well they would i would have thought of them as identifications but out of australian world i get something more important than it as they are eternal ones in the dream to can do a grant apply and rent the poem and the eternal ones we turn become your ancestors their your adopted ends that the
the thought not let me return here the picture that in in literature you learn a literature of a country and that and that isn't the mind either drove a culture and that's a model for most positive sense of that is that it's a it's a culture of the sense of banana agriculture working the soil fertile
living it growing plants and drawing upon its resources and they become resources but resources in a world but voices and persons and resources and bot itself are both or like you're drawing on the brain but and in the dreams that you have often up
they are yours personally but the dreams across time and family for one of the same way thing if you come off of your that was joined with fried and a half a drink
and and and perhaps some aspect of my protestant origins
that it also assumes a moralistic character that why i feel a palm is bill made for education has been sacrifice to something other than the occasion the form of the poetry i actually take a moral to take on it for the morale and for the double bind morality is one of the
major places where on gets l may i mean a a a paw address to a moral occasion is one of the first places where this model is
arises in wrath and
and then personalize all situation so the poet gets deflated i hope in these like corporations that
i what we will be beyond outside and software of this framework with a one of the great thing we start with right away by starting out with math the series before of beginning with star della
browning and maybe we'll venture into some other big gardens chinese poetry today is not exotic all ezra pound first and cafe and then add the wally by imitating cafe and calling a chinese and then snyder by imitating a wally and and pound and calling a chinese or japanese and so forth away he also went to
japanese and did the same trick that they did such a convincing job that that that's not exotic to us as matter of fact we're over convinced that a set of okay an american and then an englishman than another american road all that stuff that probably the chinese would be pretty disturbing you look at because we not very well
what it sounds like an american however when we come to victorian poetry that has been so closed off from our mind that the experience of reading it is exotic and is a quite a turn to realize that we have gorgeous poetry in the end the in the brine regular metered pong that are are in
rudyard kipling the perceived the stories and rudyard kipling to a book
keep to food
we'll keep your boots up and is a lovely theories you can run on that with and and and i still don't have a temperament for tennyson's because it was read about the by my family and
i have various as those you know my mother would be a barbarous that's a disturbed enough relation to a mother but my relation to the fact that my mother thought she was the maiden shallot or something like that makes it and that that particular mother would never appreciated the terrible mother that the unions worry about it nothing compared with the a lot madrid
who was and got minus minus minus points and makes it almost impossible to be tennyson i see flocks and mother coming in the window they'll look nothing but don't have the death of depth psychology and part of a chunk of depth psychology they don't know the terrible with
a inventions of with of that century and are a few i that shows me i must have the courage actually to read you
we'll tell you that this reveal at this point that i had exerted for sardar hello
i have little pencil marks they show me where to stop because why would to go one phrase more i would be embarrassed for my appreciation would father and they usually father over to skip parents of some of these lady also a current robert browning i think we might long cardigans and renounce them and
and obviously think that summary myself and first five minutes as we approach the question
some were going to where we're going to be launching with and it can infect the involved
but i sent them
of how curious it is that quality bills itself with and the dresses itself to be eternal
and how sharply we find ourselves turned away from what quality proposal does it's eternal moments
this is part of what happened with up luckily no know chinese so i can take this bench around but i'm certain from what check the what courts do and they translate is that they move
i love the get the chinese do that was going to pay off rexroth wailing about when he wasn't done fancies snyder rugs rug and and back of that power and
wally well not qualified but when but but why they enter what is the one who had good taste so we must remember that guy got one simple motto luckily our t v advertising has done it a star kist doesn't want to know
with the case that want to taste good and this pile and water is really quite a difficult because every grade as a very very sense and good taste and thanks good a pound arrays in the thirties and and and
that are being a pound added by the time i was sixteen or seventeen of masturbation was considerable it had greater a permission and it didn't have any provision in the thirties than the simple and burst a have a poetic line which was much more much more disasters descend into the pit
and so that the real gap in generation a black and for my parents and very good inversion of align with okay he isn't a lumpy and version emerging in south of comfort
and we came in they will share it for every kind of virgin was possibly great except for inverting it for declined and on me
in robert brown's round and syntax will meet things that can be done he said syntax only if you do compound emerging and then just amazing and version than you could not
get the surface of the pond that does appear one for the is not reproduce and in the poetry of our period read another thing i must explain to anybody bling ring who as the impression
sometimes i called erudite but it is would never followed by for teaching the poetry of the twentieth century because my ah
being in history nodded and in literature or and electric means that i've read only those thoughts that actually were drew me or what we're tracking and though in this first hour or more horrifying face that's what i want to start out
about but i will open with breeding the passage of pounds candles because from this of together starting out with or dello doesn't mean we're going to keep in the candles
and as always in these lectures i also think the
put gossip by and say wisdom of moment those of you are long looking for books he must go you this if you're stuck in a town the size of st louis reading it applies and you discover what arriving there that you're reading you were any into an english department not only the
that year but the ten years preceding and fifty years following will never have anything to do with your poetry and that you've actually been invited simply you've been one freak and the library with that of a decided to buy your letter are somewhat in a collection you learn first how this was lackluster involved after matters who went on
the library of congress but but was that george washington university and set up a policy in the
while nineteen sixty enlisted a list of some hundred bullets that they would buy and suddenly became an open market to buy at any price and i was among those poets the one hundred both not so it's like maybe this could be less my select i mean you can't but it was still a break a lot of money and and com
so i was there with poets i would never really even a and felt what and more than the libraries don't read they decide to buy you that's like of we will buy all the car models coming up this your with something on your time you end up in this life lot by that time our you knew if you're going to go to a place like say analysts and booty there the for
for a week or something in the middle of a festival
you hope somebody is ask you because that's you you go hoping that by believing that that that someone a many to people or something like that are concerned about the poetry but but you also know by that time that if you don't write ahead of time you don't get to see anything else because they have a packer parties well i knew i wanted to see the zoo
the because they got that great program on t v with and a st louis zoo
wild animals or whatever and so i said i wanted to see the to electro i did get thing
disable this is great now i've got nothing but sympathy but one of the things that wasn't aligned to pay back but the fact that i landed in a place where not the person you will lot and and can hit then and they work
looking even more than puzzle below i don't think i get a great job promoting what it to compete then feel like a way that a thousand and readers was i asked you have a bookshop where and large bookshop and they took me to a huge does the all bookshop and i look at it was hopeless i look at a couple of other things themselves they're not arranged
in any for her at all like poetry is not under poetry or anything it was just raised by one the books game and five
and nineteen sixty were at
so i went through the whole thing and why i found i mean i set up i want to be here all day and they didn't then same thing i would have to go back of my fuckin and this is an almost clean mint copy list rabbi repair patronage that's what i found an at
at the end of about six hours of going volume by by you
it does stand out and you reach its shell and because that yeah but what you really had to look i think it's sitting next to a cookbook and several books on geology and so what was sitting this and that
while i paid fifteen dollars for it has first edition fifteen dollars that was people are kind and sixty that was not it's price but it gives me then
the negativity it was the by their
does this book came out the nineteen now
been seventeen or eighteen just before this one was better listen to book the was and dismay at one a young poet gets five like he a or a mommy regardless of their christie this is all that is the middle aged old is very different is he has a little jacket on not already to keep it clean
this is what to do and he hitchhiked with a bug and this is what you do when you're so eager that you paste into the body but not too good notices will take the and this is this one was because i had a another disaster with another pound they but listen to the contemporary article on is being arrested you this one i'd put him back
what a heat which helps but i've got another buying more i pasted justice not a article by time magazine end of the binding like i wanted to remember forever to for people who wrote that kind of think if if
my signature helps a little but not the condition of momentary this
but dogs come in closer to home and this is how the candles began and the and and weird we are starting up with sabella with that as a key until i read you the the opening
you can't have that we start out with them
poetry but i see i've gotta go to this volume the same text but i didn't have the pages with this one want am i even at this okay but it starts with a different kind of three candidates have a form of sunlight that's
just what the candle the word balance my macro at the and just call from candles but he had at the point when he called them three cat of us have a form of sunlight
there's a letter that he writes to his father was very close to his mother and father these are important clues they were part of us to him all the time just as henry james's parents are close to him and and at the end of rupaul that to parents were living in rupaul
and and the mother as i remember the and a after the after found is arrested and brought back the st elizabeth of they they read and were eager readers and his poetry it puzzled or supporters and his letters to them come more up our mind was he right
it's a great excitement to his father
and says i have i have written three kiddos have a ball of some way and i don't know what's going on in the park and realized that that he had for the first time perhaps
because what we don't have this picture of other form of to break by
if you picked your homer the wright controversy about is there a homer is that is perfectly apparent that homer a of inhabiting a matter that a grown up over centuries and when he began that when one be homer began to tell the iliad the odyssey was not in an unknown on that line he knew what he had to tell
ah there is no doubt about it and we may get into that because it's a a place whether the great disagreement between poetry and the theorists of of of a certain school in the folklore of want to pay attention to will pay attention the folklore and belief that the these elephants are what make it homework
leeds is mark everywhere with every evidence that there are a homer that was the disaster that if the epic material and we got prerogative light up and your remedies all object that homeward line but the law or had told the so long or artifice insists
it's wrong as history
if remedies insists that it's wrong and something and by don't give the way more of the shop and be insists that is wrong about a myth it fuck but it happened to the myth it's probably not neck what had happened to the religion because the original religion back of part of it you could kinda realized that the story of helen in
the elliot is bound up with things that were learned in the mystery it's about album that no one could speak up but what be on lug
helen existed very much like that
coexistence jesus increase dogs and the christian religion both as an historical person in the minds of the greed and i've be that to place we don't have a very he kind of place where christ is in history because know
no divine persons fit in what is history and yet there's a suspicion rightly they must have their historic location it's nice here because we can't locate homer in history and can't find his historic location but the evidence of the fifth century six and three weeks
that that they felt homer hat had lied mean that he had made up something in the place of the sacred history when a poet happens to sacred history the whole thing changes because creative banners and it becomes original all over again it really originated
and the great fear in rip in religions and the great fear in myth that will stop and telling your story of what happened is that a creative person may arrive and then they tell the story long
and part of what i want to talk about the our is this has something to do with the dreaded a trend tradition the keeping alive a spiritual identity with time and the advent of the creative with that at which the smallest creation by the way gets it wrong it's our first sensation about
the is that are likely to get wrong the material or what they tell it wrong
that it would look what did it really happened i will one of the other danger signs as the bullet
they would be polite will say but i really felt that and the poem was somehow not have ever created it were robbed of are occasion when we really felt something
and consequently don't create
that plays a part of what and i will be returning to again and again about the creative we are going to be dealing with created it is very different indeed from the true they can they create a world has its own sense of a true and and and
and will be offensive to almost and at any other sense of the truth quickly after arriving well let's go back to our com
and that he launches himself think in that letter to the father and that and and in the
and my sense from it but my sense right away at the excitement and the themselves when i began to certain not on the study any of i asked if i've only gotten them that mr bound have not understood what the work i might have found a little more reassuring but i didn't actually feel what i was getting them wrong
when i didn't understand thought they were about it all i was riding in excitement and nothing had appeared to me before the poetry that seemed such an open experience to ride and excitement while i'm at the time that i looked at the candle first class rep bill online that the candles have when power
tackles the question again and rearranges in the the rise of final one and then went down to the ships that killed the breakers on the godly see and we set up mask and sale on that war ship bore sheet a border and our bodies all so happy with weepy than those lines
when i read them are standing in a bookshop looking at them seem overwhelming i could not bear and they the that there's nothing was not something i didn't know but i couldn't bear the impact of was a
i can remember it only too well a physical pain of of apprehension or something at that age i was i just arrived at college a lot of been there for one term so a the in must i must have been already then
who will be eighteen send you a do something like that
a bluestocking and i appreciate and starting down my life and lady blues talking with whole of i i have been the only
a freshman editor on the occident and and i found out that the only one woking for a poem and all the rest were no known
so i asked if i could return with on and met one with these antoinette
crafts who look exactly like addressed in the hall and he was the most what i have not met a more severe flu to stocking since and and
over one of under-five i'm not sure what was the mood reprove reproved for my possible admiration
initiated to ago in a in about two days the existence of transition
a massively later the work of driftwood stein but
luis antoinette
male adjunct it can be part of a concubine i mean no censorship his he was in the highly her
follow it was doing as or
i i keep thinking you are thinking that travels when the proposed today which is also be quality in the thirties of new a luis and from the crowds
doesn't really come to the human dimension at all because some of the consequently never gave a rider we she wouldn't have dreamt somebody
he probably use if had people if topics he wasn't he wasn't even a sex our with an object and
here here and as in lot of dicks are selected
well i was plunged into existence time because he a robert haas we have around the first thesis on gertrude stein which was unhide and and gertrude stein
class done it you will pick up on integrated on i knew them all right let me get back with well they're descending from the i house downhill with the duncan
creating along and
rather said should he
read elliot
and louise antral and i'm thinking i either right now he's much true lurid already
i continue to be more and more lurid
he should read pound
a pigment i wasn't even sure i heard the name right you know if the awesome name and i i staggered away from safe and going to get bookshop took me two weeks to have the courage to go and find out what this would be an open that volume and read those quoting lines so in that same period i must say they didn't put in
virginia woolf i had already started to read in high school but are the waves had something like the us that i'm setting quality for me that the the if i were if i felt very very strong i can read it it wasn't matter has been hetty it with the matter just me so exact and in and to me
the card forever in in the lines that it is even opened with their profile that that that it became painful and it was an endo with a lot that was the quality of the of those lines and still for me today that he arrived that that's my for started and so let's go to
the first opening of the and why we start up with with with her delhomme
hang it all there can be but one sore dello but say i want to say i take your whole bag of tricks letting your ports and tweaks and of the things an art form your thought aloe and that the modern world need such a ragbag to stuff all its body in
saying that i done my catch shiny and silvery as fresh star games flapping and slipping on the marginal kabul i stand before the boom the speech but the truth is inside this discourse this boot is full of the marrow of wisdom give up the intaglio method tower by tower
red brown around and basis than the plan follows the builders when both cares slim grey beeps for was w base about the for mohammed windows for the alcazar have such a garden split by attaining small me the mole is ten yards wide
the inner courtyard half a swim with meyer trunk home there are not the rough men and form out and robes that are half rome and have like the knave of hearts and i discern your story pair cardinal was half for on or of dante are knows the trick of the unfinished agree
yes and half your day throughout you make your errors for that great fall for download sat beside is an immortal passage but the font is some two centuries outside the picture and know man goes move about me patch of history you had your business who set out so much thought that so much to him
motion and call a lot bordello work the evasion the setting figures up and breathing life upon them and that a place and isn't and your appear verona i walked the areas street see a small cobbled flair with poppy spoil his your a great day the corpus domini and all my chosen a pivot for
village and spread the scarlet blinds with on its lay on before i was up with poppy flowers mid june and up and out to the half ruined chapel not the old place at the height of the rocks that's play barn like church the renaissance and never quite got into trim again as well
became here here began cattolica home to sweet rest and to the way deep laughter the law they wait amid the border rushes this is our home the treaty got full of laughter and a storm black loud breaking the rhythm way on square sail rocks and here at the sunlight live
on the shaping water and the rain come forward with delicate thread walking for a la garda la soleil both feel it in the sun rain and as bachelor of fire dot in the libyan rebels lot with for done and the facing place for the spirits not the mores
not dark and wet shadow what go but ancient living would buy smooth as an inner bar and from of aspect and all that he would color not ugly but colored like the late and ali blog goalposts plough like the poppies wearing gold and green light on the air or
a trust in god the air is solid sunlight africa's sudden that we dwell here we would now for semi-auto third my when better than a solo your at an unseen your palace that my stopped down the seat was the dogan and bug with her and there were not though
those girl there was one flair one faced was all i ever saw that it was real and i can no more say what shape it was and she was young too young joo with venice and aquariums under the north arcade i'd seen other faces that had my role for breakfast drifted at night and seeing a live
the guild prof being flair from the martini and for what it's worth i have my background and you've had your background watched the soul or delos solar flare up and lap up life and the to the imperium work out the form meditated semi dramatic semi epic story
and what's left pre dawn traffic free boccaccio not are no not books and care god float in the azure air bright gods and tuscan back before do with shed it is a word were all like to be never so pale my friend did the for
just like not have like ernest and old girl and le meilleur have all the wood are all ethereum neo lives in the furnished mirror and the mount baldy and rebuffed are allied with thought all of the keeps our full of voices non the food it is not gone that desktop feel is right we have
that world about us and the cloud go over the lake and there are folk upon them going there when the wave moving bye reba by the western shore power and do not to and the water is full of silvery almond bike swimmer the syllabary watered blazes the upturn nipple
when atlas that down with his astrolabe he rather to prometheus fences
we left the chinos start our progress say it was motives birth year exult in chiang in spotless the sea monster involved with squarish bronze and dub out with louis garrel egypt remains in the turk law or granny gradual steps leaped up into a bit
the flat sprays and heavy feeders temple of teak wood and the guilt brown arches triple in gear banners wold them by wall finds screens depicted seaways girl high small boat to god upon bright flame above the river quantum floating up
both the but one loan paddled with what some proud fourth where genius leading along one hand upraised for gladness say is she his friend in the minute goddess seeing him he reads and all the routes and errand and flom be glad he garden with the name
but for through a flower what have i have this lot or even of gitmo a pleasant lie that i knew or meet believe the to be left with julia later do not even know which sword it with him in speak charge i have but smells with
life or preferably the box is that it would be paul's cathedral shall i playing infuse my own fantastic on or say that they'll be shown that circumscribed will contain the actual fun and views that thing i see what actually got behind are they got behind world we have
they've bought a jelly brain to restore on that great cockle shell is being a single after and sprang out defeat of spill all the air with their clear outline blossom were old enough behold i say she comes a pair of like the spring grace and through subsidies therapies such
world's enough we have have braved the chords and from these like we get the soul for man and building full of arab population panting and falsehoods maintain just starting or line and the new world about a barn light weight letter and right to pay not be
okay summer
in the final framework of the cantos the sourdough is not in the opening candle and appears you can go to the beginning
hang it all robert browning there can be but one sore down but sort dental and fine for dell loss loss or damage see full demote obama so shoe churned in the see seal sports and spray a wide circles of fifths watch sleek
head daughter of leader i would be back them on your black for bullet live blog of ocean and we have to go on quite a bit further
before we can do with another thing that is
i've been searching pound essays and criticism the descriptions and they don't carry it this far it is sort out in a in a browning sardar we will find it when we can come when we started going into cardinal who is sitting on the palace steps yet it's read all the way through because power
we went to venice because it's della fantasy went to i sat on the uganda steps by the gondolas cost too much that year no not those girls there was one phase and the boots and tarik twenty i got south is that the and the left cross beam that you in the moral thing
meet on grace they're gone is the step is currently a clear and these other ones that it is robert browning and rapper breath mints and who is sitting on the stats the magical stepson and venice on were actually for dell is awful sitting and saw the by the time pound going
too bad is going to the city of robert browning and gardella will be sitting in once seated on the stats of a are awkward looking at the canal is in a magic place where we cross time and all three come together and the end there are
there was a political process like that lead in the final flows but it also is picking up a sound that's out of the robert browning and robert browning enlists ardella when we can do it will be chalets goes that appears and has to be told to to leave the poem so that we get
sardar low and and more than that robert browning rightly fields that of chalet with there at all and he robert rattling wouldn't be able to ride he hasn't got delhi on our immediate melodic fall
not it back up i am not sure how many poets have that and and is overwhelming to apologize for point when you have a game like my we give to our group of the real thing you have on
and they and the and when they can be poetry the kind of poetry of the hall so they can be re inhabited and way but they are hot and and browning as that like quiet jolly on i don't certainly doesn't matter show his name to and good but go back want to courage in the middle
of the end of the first or at the i mean that the a ride in the midst of the
one pound puts his first candle and as a real him and his part of what is that episode one of what i'm really am when i thought about the transition our ideas of tradition and our ideas of of an awful how to do with of the difficulty that i haven't a poet thinking about our types
ah because we're not dealing with psychology we're dealing with the creative world ah
inhabited by whose creations are ultimately reveal a up when you meet them bomb you experience them as experiences and consequently i've met them in the created world and not the unconscious bias or right instead of the elements that could be called the unconscious and but who doesn't make any difference if i say they were written by martians if they're written out
side what you mean in the world of the poetry of the pollen that then and then you have told me nothing when he's an unconscious and i told you nothing when i say and you can't contradict me because they must go on public and i thought they can you can't lay claim to your unconscious as yours anymore than and or in any other way that you like
i find to them
to google marshes
difficult to europe despite the wanted them for sure that for them to be something worth the marshes and demons outside the idea of creation the but what what we begin the cameras with one pound shapes and and seized in a funny why i lead
or takes the lead
is that episode where ulysses goes down and call us up for his blog in the plaza and and call up in article up the raised us and and and learn what is
a fateful odyssey has to be more worried to go and and
the ordeal really need to undergo part of what was on pounds mine to with the point money in a row in shaping this step and as it's called up than the first one coming it's eleanor and and i'll read from the alpine are on a and can give you a clue about what it is
palm down to one he quarreled with ghz quad with yates on the subject of but
of sciences and the subject of the ghosts coming up and sentences and and a will they'll tampered
how outright
at at the idea of yates is going over and over again the medium he getting the voice of the dead of what yates you very well as well as found is that the substance of what do you ever bought from the debt is was very deep
the and a yates is major breakthrough for like pounds if it is in challis the blake found him wandering that like the yates found wandering jew who was one of the most central or informants to yates throughout inform what
it was why it's always wandering through our fine with based on that at an apparition in challis on not not something that sounds but it isn't only pound without range with flights going to say on statement i think we can remember that robert browning was outraged about i wasn't as bad
prouty going to sound stables and then even in high school at the very beginning with robert browning of my beginning enthusiasm reported will initiate initiation of what it could be and i think of with sad as sam table getting that i never heard of we didn't get to see
we didn't get to see what they got up in the south they will put on a couple of times i overheard it
heard them a million
going there's not anything
from as thrilling as it was from people who are an important new voices
i in the very beginning what i learned the proper brown and dark age by by the fast a bot back to no wonder the robber crime among all poets perhaps the belief that question thanks for the same spirit as the amount of
you'd have people have been a may seem to be everybody but safer
and about robert browning and habit and ghosts on a equipment
if the dramatic monologues be getting say i tell you was on your i mean anything and for anybody who could sit down and in the depth of a poem get ten times as much as anyone ever but five verifiably and bring bring around any and these dependence account of a
transcribed with a mild that thousand transcribe it none of them come up to come up the plot a robert brown will get a former self tremendously moving into another period and the into another person we call it recreate the article refugee we were playing cards are where we my way
titanic's going we have a whole series and things we do in life with all recreation and the time or what is it the anagram of meaning the holiday and mother to in recreating and recreating and recreation has hidden at some i guess i'm a and recreation and we're recreating our body in some sense by learning it really as
end of this blood and we have the double meaning reply on their apply but the going on on it and once the play's the thing
there for sure we will see cleopatra there for sure we will solve the weight was a macro will sounds seed make back the never in history are never by resurrecting are taking up the film or anything will ever become can it possibly become more real and in one stupendous example that is right
richard the third ah shakespeare will sell creating and more than that
to hide it hunting little jolt in a recreation the the tutors were falsifying history
almost exactly as if we were falsified in the period of stone on russian history of the revolution and shakespeare with thoroughly co-operative in the in a button rather cunning and strange way because while a great saint st thomas more had been asked to do a life
bridge is the third and it thoroughly done a large in norms of law or written than what the tudors wanted shakespeare just the one added thing we put a home on richard the third back something everybody you have not been on with the third fact the uk
didn't find a pork with the hop on it he made it a major thing and yet he made that richard the third so convincingly richard the third that he outdid the tudors and everybody else he showed that created story is more powerful any than on
historical perspective fun as you can either there is a wonderful detective novel by john v k r on that that is that is just the detective but onto the landing in the hospital doesn't detected job on richard the third one and the murder of a little princes and
what about of the penetrate penetrate back with the shakespeare but okay but then you have mere history and and it's not myth we're not talking about meth or even legend when we're talking about the creation of so that this that richard the third it it is
is in both immortal and internal which us the a historical more power one has been must be one of the time for and consequently on area right good but let's go in in this buried an now menorah we find only too soon as on because pounds
identification with odysseus with ulysses becomes quite clear i seeds of peace at once you've arrested but it isn't even they arrest
their shots through and what makes the piece and is extraordinary
is that how comes up against ah
his hubris
in order to come up against it he had to commit who who put that was unbelievable
the totally unbelievable
in the thirties as you advance got the deaths of that herewith are having some enthusiasm as media is not a major hooper is in i do not want to reflect on some of the cats i bought before
you might have i have to reprove me at a point when i was so scared than a nixon might get in that i sign a signing a document in which and i anticipated that one
johnson was going to me well by all those artists and and
i'd love to thank you nearly cheated us but but if you think about it i mean could it be can it be more on a folding for the guy in the adversity of course after the back that's true i mean by my blow up at the at the at the thought of johnson