The Bodhisattva Archetype

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Sunday Lecture

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my time of component to have had the opportunity to spend as much time and effort as i've been given to learn and working on the great gardens
every garden is a great guy never got to come out of the original garden so for me to have had twelve years to help develop our
crack and practice of farming as on center has been a real wonderful opportunity and i see a lot of people in the audience that we read a guide with makes me feel really good
two of our teachers here
both of them have gone under or as owner she said join the great majority a longer life
i'm definitely want to breathe
with all
there would be
harry roberts who was
for iraq indian prime irishman this year's calendar we're dedicating to harry so you've got a good look at him
he was a seminal teacher for me when if it mean teachings wife
and given to him by by his teacher in iraq showman
who said to him in the woods one day show me five flowers that have never been seen before
now this was the harry and other students other indian written and and then the teacher watched and some of the apprentices from for
and out into the wood into the great woods to prime five flowers that have never been seen before
and it's not watched notice
who among them would be the ones that would look down at their very seek to climb the find to find the five flowers
because right in front of you
there are five flowers that you've never seen for and trusting that kind of
that kind of trust in really
the basis of buddhist way or the garden or our daily life however we look at it and you under a grateful preparing for the teaching of the five flower
who'd also to be great pillar alan chadwick who ranted and raved and ah
stormed up and down this valley and gave him gave us his teaching as a brilliant brilliant shakespearean actor and are marvelous horticultural genius
when i was thinking about our and day when i went to the garden before coming here to talk with the all of you ah
i remember him mentioning how important it is too
when you go into the garden to recognize that you're going into a different realm you're going into a different time you're going into a time that's not your time
and you're going into a realm that's not your room
and he taught us very thoroughly and grammatically the plants are the great for givers and forgive us all of our errors
and anda
and they are the great givers as we know
in every garden al and good
he up at the opening to the garden he planted to plants and i brought them here today take them out

on the i'm on the left-hand side he had on
lavender color the queen of crops for the plant should lavender and you can see an are going when you go down lavender flanks the road
she's the queen of crops she was a gift along with rosemary for usually represented on the right-hand side of the garden as the king of fishes he's to class were a gift to adam and eve when they were expelled from the garden
they they went along with adam and eve to prosper their life and the big world where were all living now
lavender as the queen of crocs his forgiveness for the feminine
bounty and mercy and rosemary rosmarinus the king of fishes he earned that offers a mental clarity
and generally associated with the masculine with thought
there's rosemary that's for remembrance said shakespeare ah rosemary clears the mind and helps us on our way
so with rosemary and lavender i'd like to begin this morning's talk which relates a believe it or not it relates to rosemary and lavender on
we could say that there are two pillars
in buddha's way or in i think even broader than that we can say good as way but
we can fan out and and say in the way of the world there are two pillars that hold up the archer my life or the bridge of our life at which traverse
and and those two pillars are raise them clarity of thought
and compassion response of the heart
either traditional on pillars in and not in buddhism
and finding your place between these two are i should say supported by these two
killers is really the work of a follower of the way now i'd like to this morning talk to you a little bit about the voyage of the bodhisattva
often represented there's a bodhisattva of wisdom and a bodhisattva of compassion and i'd like to really i'd like to really talk about these two personifications of
our wisdom and compassion this morning
and i'd like to well can become very specific can bring up their individual qualities and characteristics my hopefully we can see them meld together this morning and we can certainly see the mel with we can now together if we look at the media at the garden
so that's my hope in able to do that and and then it in the very end of a talk i like to bring up something that my husband reminded me of am very grateful to them for doing this he said it's okay to bring up what a little bit raw he knew or not cook so what's a little bit raw in
me not not quite cook is
this very question of what is the responsibility
i'm a follower of the way to social engagement and social action i think it's a question that we have to look at and it certainly is a question that comes up for me that as a gardener
oh and as a student of gambling
what i'm going to do is open up this little book that has a lot of notes in it and that pick up them now and don't be dismayed
have any have you heard of this term a bodhisattva
anybody want to hazard
definition of a bodhisattva
luckily all definitions of body suffers immediately erased themselves as soon as you give them so
when it's wonderful method but with anybody like to call out what about he thought that is you know one thing we've worked on a lot in the last year working with norman as director has been a this big big work of training bodhisattva which is what we're trying to do agree green also
i thought since we probably a lot of you've heard this topic i we should talk about it this morning and then i got these two big breweries offered to help us so any anybody know what a bodhisattva is
i'll help you
when not might have good buddha is not quite the contrary in
someone working for all being not quite a buddha i will put second pardon
that's very good one to translate and communicate with buddha the buddha
who don't have something grow to yeah nobody thought a worth the board ship and when they begin with all any was imminent by kids usually shipped i went for a loan for for back to come
i signed off the ship that lived in the movies and stuff that i know that out and wouldn't have to drive with hour
i think that was probably are lucky to find with people they ever do no harm you
okay norm the children from you
no matter okay norman
we've been talking about raising themself right everybody's that the
okay i'll try

right i think we have enough material
brody suffer
it's actually true that a south is technically not a buddha or bodhisattva is an enlightenment being or one who postponed his or her own enlightenment and entry into final bliss or nirvana for the sake of all been
bodhisattva dwells nowhere and a cans or nothing
pretty big he
dwells nowhere
and the pounds or nothing
they abandoned the world but not the being in the world
the body those traditionally in good at teaching our the helpers and buddha their the broad nose out of buddhism i think that's how i look at them and this morning one of my good friend suggested to me make make sure you talk about something that's your own in the middle of august
so i was thinking how do i really i was trying to memorize all these definitions of body that i didn't decide i was gonna make you all do it at the time but anyway on
what came up for me it is a a feeling that the body thought was are the great compost makers i got them a bit of the world you know about compost compost is taking what everyone throws away and changing it into soil
and i think that the compost our definition holds especially when we get a little closer and begin to look at the bodhisattva of wisdom who is manjushri and the bodhisattva of compassion almaleki lucky cash for the one lou referred to as the
the help her with one thousand arms
now both of these gaudy such are great compost makers and i'd like to talk a little bit about how they work and and how how we worked together with them
let me first of all though before doing that talk about the path that a the cakes which is the same path that's used in training a bodhisattva

there's two ways of there's always you know two ways of looking at things at least ah
gary snyder says ah
a boy sat for her wisdom
woah that feels no pain is it real wisdom
now when we look at and i'll i'll get back to that little bit on the to pass that the bodhisattvas cake one is the ascending pair you could say it's the path of breeding in when it where air consented fills your body goes up through your body it's the path or the way that's generally associated with will
islam or stability not moving
we could say detachment or non dualism
also it's a little bit of a negative way this when it's going up to nirvana and understanding that this world that we're in the middle of is illusory and going up toward nirvana
now that's a one way of looking at the ascending path of the path of wisdom
the other the other movement that a bodhisattva makes his to the sand like breathing out where he settled down and this is the action of compassion are responding to suffering in the world and acting moving out to her deems descending to the world because
cause the world is illusory you join you go into it and i have a wonderful passage here from diamond sutra when i read you you have to remember that buddhism i'm right got the politics and philosophy of aristotle loves dichotomy and paradoxes so i think that'll be pretty clear if you listen to this pass
age are taught by the buddha juicy booty
here also booty a bodhisattva should think thus as many beings as there are in the universe of beings be they egg born are born from a wound or moisture born on miraculously born be they will form or without be they with perception put out perception or with neither purse
perception nor non perception as far as any conceivable universe of beings is concerned all these should be led by me into nirvana into that realm of nirvana which leaves nothing behind
so that everybody should go up to nirvana
and yet although innumerable beings have thus been led to nirvana know being at all has been led to nirvana and why nobody sat for the perception of a being should take place he would not be called and enlightenment been so this is understanding that
even though you go up in your wine and student also descend and remember that there is no such things going up to your one this is a what i mentioned about calm yourself or racing definitions of the gordie sampson
this particular quotation from the diamond sutra i think more than anything stresses on emptiness and i wanted to go a little bit onto the other side to which is a the emphasis from long shanti deva
may i be this is a valuable of the bodhisattva may i be the protector of the helpless may i be the guide of wait wait there's maybe like a boat a bridge a causeway for all the wish to cross may i be a lamp for all who need a lamp may i be a slave for all
needlessly may i be for all creatures a philosopher's stone and a pot of fortune like an effective right of worship and a potent medicinal herb may i be a wish fulfilling gem
excuse me may be a wish fulfilling tree and a cow yielding all that one desires
so i think that that some
a pretty good introduction to what the bodhisattva with the bodhisattvas valid
and we need only remember the story of a life of buddha
to actually look at the bodhisattva at work than an action in the world
i hadn't as sitting still under the lightning between the bodhi tree the victory in the garden
twenty five hundred years ago in india in northeastern india
ah buddha thought should i get up or should i sit here forever
what's the point of getting up and going out in the world
it's not going to make any difference anyway
how can i not get up and go out into the world
so on that on that axis who decided you to get up and to teach and his ministry continued for thirty to forty years and obviously on students and followers of the way are still investigating his
his world his work his way to them
i think that the example of shakyamuni buddha is really an important one for us because
he wasn't a social activists to and a scientist he didn't just sit still and he went out and responded to the world around him he planted trees he preached the children he worked with women
and he worked with sick people when you work with his peers
developed and trained monks and left the teaching that continues to the day i liked very much the sutra on of sigala a layman who was very upset because his parents had died and he asked the buddha how should i practice his father said to him and the end of his life when i die
worship the six directions which are on east west south north the ether for the upward direction of nina and the needed the bottom bottom of the world and sigma was very bereft and didn't know how to to follow this teaching and buddha said on
in the east you can see
your ancestors
your on
career and in the west you can see your spouse or your children
and in the north you can find your friends and your neighbors and your relations
and the south you can practice gratitude to your teachers
when you look down remember all the people that have supported you and help you and when you look up you can remember the countless people who investigated religious truth in philosophy trying to help me and with this
ah advice
cigarette was actually helped and able to to continue his own life whereas before i thought he should go
so i think on that note we can begin to talk a little about
have ah lucky to sry and manjushri
i'm going to begin with them
wisdom the ones that for wisdom with manjushri he seated in the center of i don't know traditionally in japanese and those
he sit still and the very very center of the soda or the meditation hall he's the inside buddha of the in the monks hall
there's a a lot of legends about manjushri the most common one refers to him as the bodhisattva who who was born on the mountain of five peaks in china
he went to from china into ah
check nepal out where he found a dried up lake and with his wisdom and and steadfastness raise the monastery on that lake and people monks him in the paul began to practice
the aspect of manjushri that i like a lot involved when it comes up in the myths and a story of his life is ah
the precision to go down at the very bottom of the ocean and offered his wisdom and teaching to the snakes vanagon the certain super kings who lived on the bottom of the ocean i think this is pretty interesting because the serpent kings represent ah the passion of nature the natural world the untamed ah
uncontrollable unpredictable universe that fits underneath the known world and wisdom went down to the world of the snakes in august and enlightened i think one thousand so the kings of wilkinson one thousand
snakes and actually you know in the life and the story of a life of buddha one of the most mysterious parts of that story is the part where when accosted by morra where the the god of illusion the lord of illusions a buddha was protected by one of the naga serpent kings that came up from the bottom of the see twined or
round the tree where he was sitting had to head and protected him from ah
discouragement or and moving because my the keynote illusion want a good at move and with the wisdom of a certain king he was able not to move to sit still now this is the position of manjushri body type of wisdom
as i mentioned he's often in the center of the medication hall in japan ah
there's a rather lovely tradition of mind you shall so manjushri with his name he
often he sits on a lions back and he carries certain emblems which i'll cut to a little bit about in a minute in japan he's that they believe that it's not necessary for him to sit on a lions back because not all beings can sit on the lions back it's enough that he sits empty chair
and he said still so you have a priest
will sure that a priest sitting in the center of the temple on the on a chair in a very solid form and a nice are very nice thing about this life in the inside of the m gender or the soil is that the monks in the winter very careful to cover him with a special clot or blanket for it isn't it
cold and that's gotta hear
so a rack em up and then they unwrap them when the day warms up and
hashimoto she reminds us that
don't think of my juicery as somewhere outside of yourself he sits in the center of the medication hall on a throne of mirror wisdom the chair ready to respond to that request and all of us to develop our own wisdom and stability and he he centralizes that qual
adding for everybody in the hall so that each person who comes and sits in this hall or any other hall devoted to meditation and to understanding the mind and responding to the cries of the world developed and sustain manjushri with them
steadfastness and we could look a little it via etymology of the word wisdom understanding of what is true right or lasting the main route is to see
with the seas
we saw go it's an open in old high german it's a fear or a profit about the whys the wise cracker come from that they are every person who sees and tells the true
ah going on in greek aidos or widows idol owed
and actually there's some possibility that the word haiti's comes from the same route which would be neat because that would be manjushri vow to go down to the bottom of the world and saved the serpents to go down into the and to be unknown even into the realm of death and enlightened
whit knowledge v davey daring to see to view to bring in division and also greek a day or idea sanskrit veda
these are all the roots of manjushri work he's very rude it
i think and and i'm going to go into the into my compost
the analogy now because when i think of manjushri i see and undisturbed field
ah or i also see a forest that hasn't been cut
you know in the in the middle ages there was an an admonition to follow certain sections of your land
in order that the land could regenerate from it ah
from a kind not your time not human time for you leave the land completely alone and when i think of manjushri sitting in the center of the zendo i get very strongly the image of a fallow field he opens waiting on
and is not it's not visible what's happening except for the vast regeneration that comes when you leave well enough a man
oh rescue tar token join us here and i hope many of you may have heard him talk
it was dedicated to manjushri oh he talked about i have to
manjushri gotcha
this is the tibet and equivalent of longitude osaka
mangia mangia three
first first of all we can break into three parts manju sri and gotcha
and i think in the name itself as in the roots of the word wisdom you can you can get a good sense of what's happening with this particular bodhisattva mind you is a clear smooth com soft mine
and with the evocation invocation of that word manager your mind smooths out and get soft sri is lord and actually ah
represents glorious body or a shining body which is another attribute of this particular bodhisattva and gotcha mean melodious speech when tibetan so do you see in this in this particular bodhisattva
hold her up of
one of the pillars of the way there's a purity of body speech and mind and manjushri gotcha in tibet is envisioned as a young boy sixteen year old boy radiant
ah usually with a with a area com
an article told us that from is from the top of his head he emanates tiny little buddha like a fog of buddha's it go into your body enter from your own mind and clarify clarify your own mind if you take his position which is immovable steadfast sitting position
anything you do not necessary this kind of city but any kind of city can be the sitting of them and the japanese monster them chair
and majesty gotcha from back from his heart he emanates tiny little fog a buddha that can go into your heart clarify and purify your body
we have in a tiny little far more buddhists were often orange little penguin and they go right into your mouth and clarify and purify your speech
so that's the advantage over cricket wisdom
manjushri is often have i mentioned riding on a lion
you're into the fearless rail carrying a sword in his right hand it cuts through our delusion
it's it's often called the sword that that gives life and takes away life and in his left hand on his heart he's holding the scandal the blue lotus the very tip of the bootloader that the stem is in his hand comes up
no very typical lotus rests the crushing of primate of scriptures or skirts it's a perfect wisdom
i hope grandson
introduction to one of these pillars
here's a wonderful story about them the famous layman the momma kitty it was a contemporary buddhist
he was married an excellent merchant successful in business and quite a marvelous teacher of good and buddhism ah he was ill when they and buddha called his disciples and he said who will go and see about the knowledge here to a
none of them wanted to go that could be on the molecules he had a mirror mind that showed them their own illusions and confusions all too clearly i can't go i don't feel so well besides he point out things about me that i'd rather not see so maybe he should go in there you should go into any way it went to a whole the whole pantheon a good is this
pull until finally a buddha started to ask the body south as who will go and see about not his health
and ah it was my issue with decided to go
into the well swept room of a golden green raymond the malik thirty
the well swept room with an empty tiny little room that opened out to include thirty two thousand that week i don't remember anyone up huge numbers of celestial beings and all came in here then discuss the dharma together
in the look record as a lives knowing about the molecule to and manjushri
they gather together in his room and the malek city asked manjushri
show me tell me what your address of active magician with last of all first the as very two other bodhisattvas how they understood the dharma gate of non-duality
snow right you're wrong new inside no outside what is this donna gate of non-duality he asked them and they all gay very good deal with the dances and that but then sound new doctor would correct then finally got around to manjushri and he said so manjushri what's the
what's the secret what's the that what's the dharma gate to non-duality
and manjushri said to him nor to give it to directly according to what i think in all things no words no speech no demonstration and no recognition no question and no answers this is the gamergate of non-duality
mind you she said but wait a minute good sir what about you the molecule to what's the dharma gate of nonissue alan
what was famous answer was complete silence
i like the story because it means that own
he reminds your sri descends to answer that question
when we go to the other side of the day and then there's a stalwart post about the dishwasher
regard heard the cries of the world the booty the buddha or bodhisattva of compassion
here of the sounds of the world ocean of kidding
quality fish bar has her items because this the form of this believe the bodhisattva is where it was distinctive in the buddhist iconography for taking a feminine form in many cultures she seems feminine the exception of india and tibet
is there a pretty pretty many seven informs that our kittens fun
her name means regarded of the cries of the world or liquid the great listener
in the buddhist pantheon this particular body software emerged from the right i have australia for perfect perfect on infinite light the buddha of infinite light
came out of his right eye the boon of light hit the ground and recited the famous mantra om mani padme of whom which is this made me bring it a little bit of a good as more for you that's the monster that used to call on compassion or help me with on to the suffering i feel in every
pour my money all around and when people felt that need that could call on our wiki described by reciting that monster

in about seven hundred in tibet
our wiki det var was pretty pretty dominant again always masculine always a masculine form and it was wasn't until somewhere between the seventh century and and the twelfth century in china that the femininity the feminine aspect of this particular bodhisattva began to ascend and nobody can
ashley pinpoint exactly how that happened some people think it might be because the classic representation of helicopter was pretty fearful
he often had eleven head the top one had a little head of shoulder and center of the headdress ah these hands looked in all directions and one thousand on to respond to all the different crime and and requests from the world
now i think that this could somehow they didn't settle with the chinese imagination they had on at a more classical sense of beauty and perfection and response to to come compassionate response so somehow and and a jumble of the of thinks that it might be it from melting together of tire who was the
bodhisattva of compassion in tibet and although olika dish for it together they somehow they got married and form the rather beautiful on chinese guanyin for the bodhisattva it responds to the cries of world that you can see in human statues now there's a lot of folk history involved with quoi
in oh she's worshipped by peasants on knowledgeable know erudite people alive from channel
often seen carrying a basket of fish she arose on an island in in china seas which is a direct connection with the abundance of fecundity of life fertility one she gathers fish feeds people and represents that same wisdom that that ah
manjushri tapped into when you went an enlightened the serpent kings represents the wisdom of nature or the unpredictability nature
i do i do want to tell you the via folk tale that arose and china associated with coin in the story of a temporal princess neal schon she was on the daughter of
a king i think of the tenth century or so in china and she was very protected she lived in a pow as very cloistered by her father and she was very curious because there was a dallas monastery nearby mt heard chanting and gongs and she always wanted to escape and go and see what was happening in this monster
this is a tristram somewhat apocryphal bringing she did finally one day get out of her temple her palace and she snuck at dawn after this our monastery which nobody had been able to answer her questions about every time she asked people would turn away and she figured it was because they
was so developed that they didn't want to trouble her or abandoned her or tell her about their practices so she was always very curious and time she escaped actually it was a hornet's nest of er den of iniquity is critical a monster she didn't know certain her innocence he went up there they were the monks were
pretty gruesome creatures ne on kidnapped her and tried to her ah her father noticed that she was gone
and assume that she had some kind of clandestine liaison with no good young man somewhere and heard that she was in this monster so he burned the monastery to the ground prieto burn the monastery and
he rose in a white with the white dove to the heavens and went to her father and said you know i forgive you because now i have a sense of how much suffering and cruelty there is in the world both in your actions from the action of these monks and i'm going to dedicate my life too
my health including you he said to her father ah although you'll remain childless the rest of your life i will respond to the cries of the world take care of children in the world and
do what i can to help alleviate suffering this was her vow and from that from the time of this some legend in there are many other legends that fit fit into the crimean image not although it this far in china and other and japan and other parts of our both northern and
num southeastern asia began to be represented in a feminine form responded the cries of the world meet the earth goddess mother goddess the give the bringer of crops the protector of the hungry on needs one the secret children and
helps answer women's requests for from healthy happy childbirth
and so on and so forth and she is the active principle ah the one who responds to suffering compassion with passion with sympathy with on
what he that's what the wardens
you could say why do you have to look for suffering why does she have to respond to separate and is so much suffering if you just sit completely still on the middle of the world that amount of suffering comes up
and i think that's true but she represents which i think it's very important for for us in the then world to he represents actively participating in the second
taking the skin and moving moving from her bed person to respond
a tiny bit of the of child she was born of a tear shed by about dishwasher rinse the region
looking at the world avalokiteshvara privateer and cause spreading out of the tier she's sixteen years old is like mine usually often is depicted sixteen year old healthy
and beautiful feminine form of compassion and she's much much revered into that were one is the green she takes the form of green and white car right time sitting cross legged is fearless greenheart always gonna make up ready to respond and move to decried the world and often like a cash bar
is depicted also with one foot up ready to to go out into them
when get a free
this active condition
carrying a vase which port from which he pours on the nectar of understanding or nectar wisdom and compassion he also cares a willow sprig and the other hand which represents medicine the willow and you know from willow from them
who knew it from willow come on aspirin which relieve headache and pool have taken from from the willow plant and obviously they knew then in indonesia world
the blue lotus is her
st lotus is an interesting very interesting image because a lot as is represents absolute purity growing out of the muddy water
so you have the jewel of a flower coming out of dirt
and it's a lotus that supports

when i think of i'm a look at this bar
i like comes up
particularly this image of the console maker the one who takes the suffering enough transforms it
a good soil
for me she works just like the heat loving bacteria that begin to break down compost when it when it's next to work and she's just like the all the different fungi the come in and absorb all that heat into their body when mature compost he works for me she works with
the dark side of the world what you throw away what you can't stand what you don't want and she transforms it into
good soil
human root of humans human human life and in hebrew or the mom which means
and then then a damn son of the earth but then his son and a damn
so that me islam the wet that's the way that i look at our volunteer bar
so what can we do and people of the twentieth century people have a century where twenty children are starving new
where spend
that when we spend about one hundred and seventy one thousand dollars when nuclear armaments
i'm destruction when taking the pipe alone
and what do we do in a world that
for every hat and sixteen tons of topsoil kind of capsule that other wiki case for i spent a whole life trying to make goes out at the mouth of the mississippi with emotion
the gulf of mexico
what's our responsibility and anthem
bodhi thought was training
universal on me to run to the request of our time
i've a friend who's a clown
and she works in know
he chose to work in children's hospitals were kids are are dying of cancer terminally ill kids she works in now
burn units and also a new that's whether their kids out for terminally ill with cancer
she tells the story him
managing you know to cheer up kids through her work was the chair of kids
however she could
and when they going to the war she met the little black boy who then
a huge fire his face was pretty much obliterated she couldn't tell where his mouth what she had a clown costume on to can tell her eyes were back when he looked like burnt toast
when frankly she was stopped dead in her tax for compassion when a little bit
you know what to do
when she tells a story of a little kid come skating down the road down the war with his iv pole and of attached to him you know if they have their with the decide for kids that they and have their i ivan come on the mariners to make a move around right well this one kid came skating down the hall and took a look at the crib that is fit arch
child the burnt-out was early at a three year old baby looked at the crib where the little chat grandchild was locked in it's a you
totally just like that and my friend describes a kind of a gurgling cackle come out of this
face was little mashed faith and
second how the world came back in line for her when she realized that her kind of compassion had a limit than she had to respond no matter what and how they will a kid with the iv pole had found a way into the height of the burn child wouldn't you been able to
it helped her a whole lot after which she began to practice in a different way in that unit like when she was painting kids who are going through pretty severe chemotherapy
if she'd be relied about it she came their whole body when she paid the back of their heads to use like the kids were pretty sensitive to the fact that they didn't have any hair but he was able to
change realms a little bit and play with that with that world and also once you describe doing that i'm older kids head and a little kids said show a movie on my head whenever he put his head down and she got a little movie cranking showed him on his head and then we i like the story because for me it represents a way to respond
on on
this is in line with what's needed in our time and in it
for those of you who don't know this book by rhonda from program and it's a real good book
about how can i help it's called here's a little story
being a long term patient gives you a unique prescription on the world and i have to laugh although sometimes i must say it's a little bittersweet naturally i'm keen as helpless have to lift me moved me here with my bowels and all i don't look very nice or snow nine by course when i often keep coming in the room as well
asking for a general hospital newcomb miss aren't you looking better today which is funny to me that it's pretty clear i'm only barely holding my own interest stage left we have nursed wins
it's hard for her to look at me she's afraid for her own mother that she'll end up like me the doctors' strike and they should play pomp and circumstance over the pa system
they're examining my cake they find my case interesting my visitors they usually fall into the soap opera to and so do i i suppose
i'm it goes you'd be surprised at the number of people who talk to you and can't look you in the i even more than we normally can't with each other and nine if like a parade of attitudes in here what's funny i laugh i understand i really do i'm not a pretty picture they work as hard but sometimes i just want to cry out below
if anybody there hello hello

when the group click record that the story about all the petersburg
the amongst the blanche which talk flash talk about last week sweeping monks young union without who weren't sweeping this time this time union asked her brother gao rule
what is this all about responding with a thousand arm and i'm hands and on how do you do that
that was that what it's like reaching backwards in the night for your pillow
looking for your pillow
one the unions that understand
that was that you do what what you understand
the union said well it's like com
all over my body her hands and i
and i said well that's pretty good but it's only eighty percent right well then how do you understand asked him
that was that
throughout your body
your hands and i thousand
i'm gonna be different for
i leave it to you
the to run ask yourself you don't have how do we respond to the cries of the world
like reaching back within the night
course sitting still a much sure
authentic nhat hahn vietnamese monk and poet
tell us when when the boat people left thailand there was a lot of uneasiness they had a prophecy was very rough the presence the mere presence of one stable person in the both quiet and make that passage possible for all the passengers in vote
so we can ask each other
how can i be that person
what what do i have to do to be engaged and the take responsibility for
the world without sailing club

if someone sitting in the center of the meditation hall of the world
when there's another that was found in the world she's always room
my hope that we can find some way
take up
this work in our time with free
when twenty country

outside on the cable i put on some information about
we have the great fire the top green for will happen if you're interested you can take a look for information from i'd like to stop talking now and
like we did last week
work on would chant together the foregoing vows
gonna give you the revised edition again

i was writing is out and i realized that time manjushri and ability to for speaking for each other
manjushri said sentient beings are numberless and she answered i vow to save them
afflictions are inexhaustible i vow to cut them season defilements are inexhaustible i vow to cut them
channels the truth are immeasurable i vow to enter them buddha's way is unsurpassable i gotta be coming
sentient beings are the reserves
our to