April 13th, 1980, Serial No. 01915

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when we then to of rats and bowed to meet when we did thing as was about the me when we there in the world about me awake the living god

swans had come into picture and it's bad if i do a lot of people that but will talk a little about the news of the parade and the people that it
and in in this ghana as i said ocean is almost a is
after coming into the urgency of the oceans i'm sure to be and chinese doctor is when you can tell by awesome eyes when it occurred
what i'm talking about something like if you park where the world as an artist i'm not not the biography or a but but you draw on the people around them and they're grown into a art alum who grow up on the poems that happens that of all on the path now a world was emerging and minute and from one of the opening of this essay on bike for either
that that he had he was not only a for me as on a small company are permitted anybody with a van ah poetry for me a definite burden of primary greece and invasion from an entity are cultivate with the and mcgrath had appeared in my life a m and thirty it's clear that
that that that it was reciprocal of a that there were serious bombs and appearances of pfizer in my work and and
coming back the same way
the rats and swans and and world although to come forward to so that that they came in poem of and what you do a jack found this why i can immediate will themes which proceeds as bob swan and the
white swan night it appeared but in iraq and our theory home and a whole approach the bomb nothing could exist merely in the poem world
if you borrow up when somebody's corner you really were lot because they got you fall foul language so it had to be there with ransacked and searched and try to figure out where we've been where the swamp rats off about is about difficult but floods and but then jack found that the one place that you are sure to as if there were decals of sua
swans of the bathroom for of effort and every guy he's out of the you relating to value is one can we couldn't figure out where does one where we were in a it in in the in the most elaborate one of what it would all be together that would be no theory and when something appeared in a dream big
cause you haven't seen it the day before but if you had even in a green if a if you hadn't yet seen it in the day it wouldn't have gotten we cut into the it was the there were the realm called at the actual row and there's there were another round called dream both about one we eat where we pay very good thank you to of them
but the one way we wouldn't be like frightened as we wouldn't presume that that that you would find the root of theme something in the in the in agree of by finding out where to see the during the day but we've had something firmer if it was it a dream it was sure to be in the actual day
day and you perform an operation very much like brought him because if it wasn't the past it would be sure to be in the future but past and future didn't say goodbye but one none of it was nepal and you have a new busily anxiously look through grade and at day references all right
it was almost sure to be there but if it wasn't it would occur there and yet all of that didn't signify wasn't cause and effect that meant that it was throughout the things are the world of the and
the tapestry would be complete no matter how many world you possibly make as biker a especially like multiple world science fiction's is it as the as emerged from them
and add this world and building and and were referring back and or to or
to each other poems when we are read in that period was reading than a group of people reading intensively each other party also i remember
a leonard woeful emerges is nothing but a professor out as and cisco state university and and and doing them
probably making unfortunately hope undoing annotated dracula to annotate were will
i read read a book called hammock drive hundred and those years he was the typical of i don't want to cast his bear and the envoy to grandma's do the thing but a typical of the promising book on and and but his poem have wanting elements in
and then that we keep pursuing we kept trying to get it can connected with these things that would happen in the balaam and we find the found out and get one connect when he wanted to write when on like are comply or and get their hands and review and and it became damn close to it and then finally succeeded in nothing about it back but back of these one and elena
it's as we pursued them
a southern and indian is goliath
the at all
in medieval things the poem on the leia the blind quoted from the line lot from leonard woolf i'm a private building the all from a lot and hammock ride on we find lots of them well they give you an idea what the we was a jack by myself and and and then
not quite certain and along robin blaser because when started right foot
but we we we were how need a leonard woolf and see if we could getting connected if you have gotten fly been into the current you would have been a goner and we want of our borders we could be we saw most people were bright enough they were never going to get plugged in and i did
neither foolish enough you're brave enough fuel to get get on the ground when we went around the father is very good reason with these great elements and leonard woolf of a
live and he had been born in a transylvania and in a jewish community had some the jewish community handsome elements that are not i would think jewish name a remarkably like mit right at the l
leonard's parents deserted him completely left him with his grandmother when he was the baby i guess in the back ah the came over here they came over here in central baby when they get to get a job and get things going but one of my first reaction to the any was a was that here when into a massive diarrhea and the guy
grandmother and the town one who is ceremony where they split open an ox threw him under the hot
ah ah sodium up and we deliberately from an eye
there are a that it worked with his name and the past you had been as a romanian transylvania to remain your name and that means werewolf full of course we've been to do his birth booklets going to do with annotated and dracula and so forth
wow no wonder a lot of like in
a i worked for i don't think a pot shot at robin blades the delicacy of hinting that spicer who would be much more
refinements pressure was on on a subject

no sooner said that that in oh yes yes yes he was a bomb blast and they because it was an assignment and jack spicer some
a magic workshop
and maybe it's on the note from atlantic bridge shop here sure he said of a dense by oh yes and then using the lacanian language a you won't even find the other mentioned it's by from anywhere he didn't live in a world with the other
i i will do an awkward yeah robin may have another but does the other other is it is robin the other other and then i've gotten a whole other other other other in and went off than a distance of yarn for you know it's like not being born with drug generation you're either on the file at the cigarette and were not born in the other generation
the the other morning we get to even know where to buy food is there some other you fall in love and you do a foolish things like that and you can do or do not get there and stuff like busy the dial pity he's gotta accusations of god or something but that's not the other hand the ghosts or not the other
his definition of a blast me that he gave us because i took the magic workshop and from attacked by for
having invented it so that a job but meanwhile i mean why not get educated so enjoying it he assigned blasphemy that was one as a matter of back
i run home against blasphemy i think a court know i know it is a text that that is presumed left and if i can't remember but i do agree that drop baby spider i'll ever get out and get definition of a plasma had nothing to do with other sometimes for anything and they said that last me is when an order to have a a lot
a really big line on a poem you'll turn the whole the whole of a current the whole city on to light the light bulb and blow off of of give only india
your era to it and it was right that the wonder i was saying current we want we want to think we want to do we getting in on current at the current but scary enough to us in its own way
but the add the current and felt we were building stronger and stronger
the sense of what cause we were can can do with what who who are the preceding for
if a distinction where be made and eventually i uh i commit the first heresy so the long time before spies therein and robin blaser were prepared at all to read black mountain bullets because not only do i try to get him to read a magazine called origin but then i would have poems and that that
as the more outrageous and and and i never succeeded in getting them to read origin and certain not like math he wouldn't fear so wasn't underline the five fifty six what what wonder if they begin to the but i really been preaching out and there's i'm beginning to write a beginning to finish the book letter and and that began in practice
them again thankfully and they have that robin and his dog or right and get and jacket stop writing so so so op there a massive correspond trying to get them started writing because we didn't hear with the whole loss than been quite real and m
so essentially a
whereas bifurcate hold on by who doesn't take hold of the modern ceiling of the seem that you really belonged to his in the germs of magic
and when he names the magic poets are there are myself often ginsburg
amazingly enough
i can't remember that list
lecture that i should brought like for long because it's very interesting left me names of and it is quite some others in the eyes of his followers for instance at that point he did not include blazer is committed it it's it's almost definitive statement and then he didn't include often often had totally rejected fighting
and not have no interest in it but open a treaty would have been an average
five and to real would look for one month and after writing homage to creeley he said it it really in and
never got any response that's not the wound that it would have been that i've been very naughty boy and relayed the letter which high work to create the net
what what what the life but had an issue
and m p made nothing of it but it often the case also the route of really attack and jack directly and and in the face of the last year in july two years that's always power has the impression that they were not read the formed an index and they had the impression that were not to read are often yeah
very healthy would fight as yeah when it comes to get this last like your they're adults will get and as a primary as the magic and magic so i magic that surpass everything and it would people with the magic bullet before what line as yates is where a jack very much sentence and and that either to that
andre oh so forth yates and the ghosts come through the yoke the ghost that he played with earlier gonna ruin in a different way when they come in and yates his informants are the product i for the importance of jack later both that one to dictate the book but this is a bot and in which
in address
a directly to stevens and and stevens in the board that both rum flavoring and and spicer and then interestingly enough creating gap and aubrey have a while as convinced as a as a origin point where for the phone
and put a it but for the particular fissionable i am i currently have a noticeable amount of demons but have since i under
an omnivorous that it would not be driving is there a whole and yes i know my own origin point of a primary home there are a brother bradley
a practical estates entering the room mr stevens on an early sunday morning war sailor whites and helmet he had brought a couple with him and they danced like bears he had brought a bottle with they meant the vapors rose from helmet naked bottle of couple
payload if and waited go
and looked like halo and that's ok the
he had brought a bottle with a man the favorite role of rome helmet naked bottle of couple of halo them and wake up but mr stevens listen and site and sense or dull and heavier than vapor and they cling and way with meaning to floor the bottoms of the see arise and them you are an island of our see this even graph
rare certainly covered with up growing vegetation you may consist of dancing animals the bear mr defeated maybe your emblem rampant on a white field or panting and girls above the floor and the ocean and you are very demiurge mr stevens licking vapor into the shape of your eye and fiercely insular out and sense insight into the
stephen you may unambiguously dance boy the help of than the couple the bottle and the dance itself but consider mrs even though imperceptible we are all so alive it is not right for future merely touches excitement because deepened any island or sleep needs a geographer a geographer mr stevens tastes
island pines in this macro cannibalism is online but microcosm to form of conceit mr stevens invite you to choose upon its flesh jews it mr stevens like dumb down to the very bottom an island mr even should be above such discoveries available but slightly mythological a revolt
the map will be misleading the with be drawn to even with the blood and flesh both superimpose as ink on paper it will be no picture no tourists postcard of the best of your contoured reflected on water it will be a math mr even that countries defendant symbol and that forty to fifty and
i have a geographer
well here's paul that this is a ball i think in which for for the first time although it's contained enough one that i read of the when the one addressing the lady as california in which a farm a formula entered of
formula that
yeah bulk of these bought to written about same time these are from nine to forty eight years when i'm writing the famous poem and so what and jack starks kirkby those involved in love with
and and that carry over disastrously into some were actually
he curses
follow the bomb grow and other words he comes he come to predestine them as damn and standing now and go with place still at the same universe and that carries ruin that in enough
so that you ruins and some
real love relationship
well ruin but i did of his powers so much greater than the pinnacle is harder it would not cycle dramatic jack you go to the first phase in which he was very happy and and and everybody
wow except that and were no way in which they were going to be there was the household was not was not a a a realm and itself if you're swept into the chemical if it's a poem grammar and and a pomegranate is beginning to appear that one in which the and think with
if the series of forms will end any time damnation
and these are individual homes where you got rps after the red itchy and artists saw to paul and both the divorce is cursing know some sense your energy and this is a now now now i think for here on the they they will all be
young men and and involved in these cases they've gotten them that i think i will venture
we're just the lava and the i donated to a real like orpheus after your energy
then i a singer and hundred fish in streams too deep for love a god through their i've got from their a wet and went like god through their men the men of a row inmate your too many is place his honey and full that may have brown brown sugar and he is that guy you
dear god i know he is god mellow mellow fatal and maybe a little mini drink wine i say greek coal red wine grow liquid spread yourself old rouge yourself intoxicate to itself dilute yourself you want to web the rivers of the world you want the blue the
tie together with yourself you look so innocent water would melt in your mouth i looked and saw and week for and to year have orpheus head raise the water guy that worked on each year mellow mellow bagel of fluminense and i left my mouth go like is
oh yeah marvel for had a voice i record sounds like henry fonda a second we shaped by something like what my mouth we were doing if it went to them
we very spooky when they bought recognized and everything but i recognized you put it on needle and you could i'd never separated the voice from the first reading in the way your mouth when it was going to is a cross between henry fonda or except is being done by envoy
why we can't remember this is done another one but he it is an activity you
that said
right now that movie voice check really movie voice in the later songs on two factors is very immediate be working orpheus song to apollo you a apollo had gone your horse to the wrong son you have picked the wrong flower break
a branch of the possible greens damned highest and you have found thorns and postulated to rose sometimes we all on like lovers as the sun almost catches the earth at sunset but at touch a horse less like an ox and another orbit of roses roses perhaps if the moon remained the cold
green cheese i can call you diana perhaps if a knife could peel that rosie ryan it would find new virgin as a star to opt to move nevertheless this psalm of good by you fool of how take your extra road with somewhere where the keep i liked your ass
f b arrangement but the sky too deep for fornication
between venice and serpent this is this is groundless came this series the night and for part
the driver you to read by
addition other
on first device and then read it in this original i think
a night for part
i think it's a i think i published this birth in in berkeley mental and so that they again where we are night before you
part one going to sleep
while the heart twists on a cold bed without sleep under the hot like of an angry moon a cat the cat crowd into cold places but the hearts days where the blood is
to like sleeping
down in the world where the cat browse hearts matic and is climbing doll prepared for love spawns i spawns mouth spawn rope spawn genital heart is so launched with naked that the world recoiled
of shakes like a ladder space like a cat disappeared
part three wet dream
downward did plunges through the walls of flesh hard fall through lake and cavern under sleep deep like orpheus of beating mandolin plucking the black drum on the moon upon its dream it seems it saying it seen it seems we store
restoring really to do like oh take the husband and we turn away in things still deeper conjured by its bell your aridity the alley cat of hell yeah hell yeah how your age she's not dead oh find a cross eyed tom gap by my bed too late
maybe found the sound of sink in the sounds of how will become a warm angry orange flies and naked orpheus moon shriveled dies and rises leaping law firm ready to heart flutters upward towards humanity j did it halfway

it waits and under the new son
an old self slowly emerges this is no moon self shrinking from the sun this is no cat self linking from the sun only the sober way of the days passions narrowing reeperbahn felt wine part self like a watch it remembers the on them
the a mechanical the in human chase chases itself of water dresses was a dream i had a hard sell after can't answer
let me give you the the the second version of that
oh that forfar of wiki
partway twists like a cat on hot bricks beating off sunlight now the heart flames back to the blood and the day starts than the blood asks who was that lover of the thrash to around of last night and the cart at heart can't answer to god and a proposition self
the and cat so is
like a jack

how this is one of the grip of library again a kind of play
play took his in the land from under us role is like a boil and closing us within we waited in the blue sky ride with the while becoming black and death
play took his in the chairs from under us step cautiously while entering the room we were discussing yates it bought the wild and smiled and made it die play took his lap and reproportioned us swelled as to dizzy unaccustomed sides we die and prodigiously heard of while but left
a certain quiet in our i
no this year we find the body difficult to speak the faith to heart and year through we find that eyes and kissing stammer and that even ryan babel like idiots sexism ache of mouth the
squeak our bodies make when they run now against each other trying to talk like silent little children we embrace eighteen together and loved is emptiness a beard than is your we put a face against our year and listen to it as we would have shelled to buy roar you find the body difficult can speak
cross wall like stranger
when flow by reading some imaginary allergies they were the they were the peak of this period and neck and there are there are wanting devoted exult very much to a there's still some voluntary go forward in enough
the written the beast before before it comes to the forms that are the book but but but this will bring it to the place with

when more formal kind of we going to come together in and in a sense he knows what he's doing remember he's about thirty wedding of the is pathetic night but go back and about thirty two or one when the right after lot and would be the fifty seven
has a pointed to live they
he's spelling about the is yet ensure they run out of into the say that the
there's a better with this information in that in the the book and that is that that lasers as the spice has started writing after lock a while and dg magic workshop but buys was in an agony all the way through the magic workshop you could he couldn't be a couldn't couldn't write it on
silence there was one book written in the time the that a jack gilbert was in him
jeffrey with my workshop which followed gags on the workshop is selected by
came and took the examination so you can tell from the examination in sudden in on fire
what what the composition would be at the people in the workshop and
jack gilbert for instance wrote the one book he wrote in entirely within that workshop they did the majority of upon the narrow workshop assignments and border guards garden to grind eat it's a raw written before i got my patterns and for doing that right i for something and get forward read the whopping we can
make anything out of it and and and everybody who's about thirty sec jack and myself and then borrow i was utterly bewildered because he said why ship and and everything and we said located continue at least that getting nearly as bad as what you're getting important to typewriting and zone what did we go back and forth
but but if there were there were a remarkable number and a considerable number of on in helping the field are are up i would take action assignments as as as as happenings of that the fell in the form of open field jacket following you'll be filled it with written so
so there wasn't gonna current though he wasn't an intense agony that no on game to him i know very well i didn't like it was following that and then afterward became a flagpole as a flood
these are the imaginary elegies again all the philosophy a man needs his in berkeley w b yeats i think that barkley but if but it but there's a reason that and this is finally the i it is it is often cool
that the eyes of god and the alley yeah well i think you can you get a spot of the i can get neck in manager
and that the a platform a but i appear frequently a plot by the name of land as everson appears in this
but but meanwhile again and so transform this is like it is fun to look at a you of his portrait and and and and the photograph the person to see what we've done but it's not quite that simple
but but but for those of
do you phrases the bronze god derived from the sun and a person already to appeared to help be getting as bad as ball which if they falter written around the time and not sure i haven't heard a great confusion about the about four can do this interview that have been earlier and
and okay
one poetry almost blind like the camera is alive and site only for a second clip that go to the island of the i before movement almost as the word happen one would not choose the blink and go blind after the instant one would not choose to see the continuous platonic habit and birds
lying long after the street of birds and dropped or had nested lucky for us there they're invisible things like oceans which are always around continuous discipline add jump to the moment of site by but not so sweet as we've seen when i praise the sun or any broad god derived from the don't think i would pray
raise the very tall blond boy you wait all like potato chips of the read music is just that i won't see him when i opened my eyes and i will see the sun things like designer always there when the eyes open insisted his breath
one can only work of the cold and journal of whether support of what is absolutely necessary but not so sweet the temporary camps poetry tenth photograph temp i i conjure up from photograph the birds the boy the room and which i began to write this form all by i have seen
or ever could have seen i love i love the island clips icy cold poetry at the edge of their image it is as if we conjure the dead and they speak only you our own damn crumpets you are damn medium and they leave and need prince has been he had the boy sounds blonde and golf
love is leading you haven't the boy a voice on blonde and all i bought article will interact with a gigantic our roads and all the our the boy fell lawns and doll a law on the ball combine experience as we put our experience man ncic period way to be gazing at all
i guess we can see what he meant by be like physique and i
we will be raped oh sure yeah
i think
i think we i can visit something yeah they're recording of him doing it the lg you could take the affected entity
while they were laughing and spicer and laughing medical holiday what what i've done and talked about all this all his early bought her a in eight years when don with an answer in new york and then met if i keep getting a lot of like our office and out of that kinda anthology but he
the she couldn't get anybody interested in publishing gag by the ukrainian of nowhere
thought so out
the modified it was out of a great frustration of drunk of try and get certain key both published anywhere in any magazine man thank is that would ask him to and i think so what they've done paying you want to do and i thought
to god must have a big i to see everything that we have lost or forgotten men used to say that all last optic stay on the moon untouched by many other i the gods the moon is god's big yellow i remembering what we have lost or never thought that's why the moon looked ron ghostly of
dark it is the camera shots of every instant in the world laid bare and terrible the yellow cold it is the optics we never saw it as the dodo flying through the snow that flew from back land and greenland step but did not even see themselves the moon is meant for lovers and lovers lose themselves and others do not see themselves the moon does
does the moon does the moon is not a yellow camera it perceives what wasn't what on does what will not happen is not as sharp and fifty nine glass and could just old flow infinite exposure out the negative that cannot happen
fear god old i've had been shot the dice instead of blood periods and human mirror blank is lauren laverne fear god's move perhaps these thinking back and and forgotten doll spirit for wall for which witch's magic new jersey profiler drake the boy build the castle on the moon made of dead skin and glass here me
armed with machine stamp chinese watch and cookie full of love tarot cards make love to other carroll gardens your and you're just imagination sister bitch
this is the sun tormented castle which reflects the sun da da da da the gas with things dot i don't remember when i lost data the song that the hypocrites with singing data the boy is horns were wet with on data i don't remember dot forgot that
l old butter face who always eats your lover
hell somehow exists in the distance between the remembered in the forgotten hell somehow exist in the distance between what happened and what never happened between the moon and the earth and the instant between the ball and god yellow i looked through the window as the real moon seeing this guy around it brewed with raise but look now in this
this room see the moon children will bear and otter dragging the looked now in this room see the moon children flying rawlings with the burning they with beauty hear the whispered
the home go goal very well for five years know a lot riding or pension and rewriting or although they don't that the only one moment i think it is it was conversion to give environmental great deal with drug ram allocated to to shape
three gods other i'm good and gold so bright the sun to shine blind his eye is accurate his i observed the goodness of the light that shines than pounding like attack the bowers each golden trace of like they thaw and shine cat feet on now
of god the god god's goodness is a black and blinding cannibal the sunny teeth that only eats itself deny the like gods goldeneye brazen it is claiming brass and good intention it is noisy burning claiming brass light is a carrion crow coin and smoothing coins and so
whooping than that there is a sudden stop the day changes there is an innocent olds on white gold and cloud the a good sunshine stopped god is gone gone gone nothing was quite as good it's getting late put on your coat it's getting late it's getting cold both things happen
i like when the sun goes down on the moon hasn't come in the earth dances most things happened in twilight when neither eyes open as this earth dances most things happen in twilight when the earth dances and god is blind with gigantic gigantic back the boys above the swimming pool with in the sun they grow
and the craft against the wet warm the men they looked as if a dream visit their body the rescue their body for the poison son shovel the dreamers they're like lobsters down ah read and private as a dream they'd bring about themselves they've even dream about themselves they dreamed a dream upgrades about themselves
a splash with twilight like a wet bath unbind the dreary public be like god
yes be like god i wonder what i thought when i wrote that the driver's side a bit as if five years and thickened on their flesh so this is the fuck for would be i letters the other long time fifty for industry moving back to forty eight yes be like god i wondered what i thought
lot when i wrote that the reverse side a bit as if five years and thickened on their flesh or on my eyes wake them with what should i throw rocks at them to the naked private body leave no let them sleep as much i've learned in the five years and what i've spent her time does not finish up for the dummies and
the empty fun out watch the fights wash in and out the thick old moonshine through the rotten timbers every time there's bunches clear they think the man who made us twitch and creek with the laughter and i wrote are just as cold as we the light throughout the lights are out now the oldest now
the smell of salt and burana sleep before you wait is much i've learned and these five years and what i've spent an urn time does not finish up on what am i gone into bed with all these years what have i taken crying to my bed for lot of the only the shadows of the sun and moon that dreaming drawings or creaking images only mice
well is there such rhetoric and make me think that i have kept the house while playing doll this much i've learned the five years love dinner that do i honest to god and still above by him once when i was young and once when i received with madness or what i see that mad because i saw him once he is the sun and moon made real
with eyes is the photograph of everything at once beloved that thanks to the blood run cold but he had gone oh really that old poetry is what i've learned in the five years and what i've spent better time does not finish your fall upon the old amusement pier i watch the creeping darkness ghana in west above the giant
funhouse and ghosts i hear the see golf ball and going west toward some great catalina of dream out whether for man does it add the both is don't like leave the birds
another wrong five another wrong journey another five-year i can't see the birds the item anything but vacant shifts and with the devil that these another five years i can't see or where they all right dirty the shifts in one sense and will work to and
other the birds flying they're inside the ease with her weight and daily not bags bird and offering up your life and someone anything is a pretty silly thing i can't see whether messages get me another five years that wings glittering in his black at sense for the bird
who would live or is torn out who live or is torn out from me the us the old dirty whether message and get in the shifts their beaks they're hungry beef but the birds are real only not only in ealing fee i think their when glittering in the black and
a sense from me the us our mouth water like an ocean and so i say you gym do not become too curious about your poetry that it speed into the tunnel by itself do not follow it did not try to ride it let me go into the tunnel and out the other side and back to you but you do important thing
yeah like loving and learning patient five year the train with it's utterly alien cargo will leave on the black track
prometheus with a guy who had liberated now by birds above the road of a black frame who is curious play it cool with william for paranoid been found but never write about the tunnel or look for a conductor to ask questions i did not ask a question at the black robe of the tunnel
me the brought me the a five-year the song thing for the black robe
that's really than fifty six
and fifty seven
he died died in seconds and sixty five
that were just these differing coming up to with this is actually written napped after work is this phone number five and six back again during the late avoiding i get six and get the ninety fifty united states so i really good i get a know what the program fifty eight
safe dignity dig nearly the extra syllable durham important have no dp no meeting isn't on this world nidhi here though syllables and dig is an obvious pump for digging graves or whatever that great degree doing at the moment the extra syllable around important i should have loved and yeah
they really or like that little window and alice work which you can go room because she's twenty seven feet tall because she ate a bottle called great week
oh aunt marie paule eatery bow every ball eatery that the each dress slow slow level is unimportant things
nice were dating earlier a loser
oh that's next week we will be back and or delaware into the pub on i wanna i was to go into somewhere
books and and the and then in the last one who really round up some of the things in the last quarter we're betting big on saturday a sweet because there a wedding after at the zen zen center in their residence in rather than here on sunday himself
will be saturday
and is the our one two three okay a are to is to to to for less people have led to a little better
when any any takes on it
what we put the morning and now
well we are on the least i have various believe to okay
that's why to like the afternoon
ah well we'll make what i think will make them one degree and saturday and and and and ah i think for the same fallen on following week saturday probably do that that the last one guy i think i checked out
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