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Sunday talk.

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go on everybody
i would just like to take a moment to introduce or speaker this morning
lama surya das
we're really lucky to have him is wearing a green gulch he's a
very well trained
a very well trained in traditional tibetan buddhist practice
although his mother calls him the dalai lama
and what he
what he's so wonderful and doing for us is taking the richness of that
very complicated and thoroughgoing tradition and really bringing it down to an american idiom and that's what he does so beautifully and he has a he actually has a number of books but the one that most people know about his his recent bestselling book called awakening the buddha within which is a really good book about the abe
he sees a buddha dharma for our time
so he gave a wonderful dogs retreat her yesterday and i'm hoping that in the future this will happen again so this is a dharma teacher and whom i have a tremendous confidence and delight so lama surya das
thank you norman another during the lotus
my mother thinks buddhism is quite kosher now but it took her as she says you think i used to anything extra a few decades

and i bowed to the buddha within the oil don't have a looker
the annual
in the jaws the time i use the yards and two hearing
the merger news is the jaw corridor drama
the k k g the the sharing the larger issue so murder by mars the know
may our hearts and minds follow the sublime dharma path
may i practice in our lives unfold in accord with this great way of awakening
and following this noble path may confusion conflict and suffering be clarified and be dispelled
my confusion itself dawn in the light of innate wisdom
homage to the natural great perfection in a great perfection
the true buddha within all may we all realize it and enjoy it fully

today i'd like to talk about this innate great perfection this natural great completeness and tibetan we zo chan the ultimate teachings of himalayan buddhism of the vagina of tibetan buddhism the tartaric vehicle the diamonds path contrary on of adrianna were
for simplicity's sake tibetan buddhism
buddhism as many
approaches schools levels isms and unfortunately schisms we don't need to go into all that as these and teaching say
at teaching pointing directly at our own true nature beyond scriptures beyond isms in schisms pointing directly at our true nature that's as and that's a dharma heart of dharma that's zope jan also where dogs then as i like to call it
to amuse myself
dogs and so jen
so chan is the ultimate teachings of tibetan buddhism but it's not
hey some kind of oriental philosophy anymore than zen is it's a way of life it's an introduction to reality to our true nature
that about belief it's about discovery it's about awakening not about subscribing
buddhism hadn't as no dogma no conversion ceremonies no beliefs that we have to believe in what it to be awakened or to be bodyside freeze or even to be buddhas
it's about discovering it's about recovering our true nature our true selves to use it on buddhist word that the speak english
it's a recovery program as it were an eight step recovery program
a full path a steps to enlightenment a step recovery programs recovering our sanity in are in a natural state of health mental health and well-being perhaps physical health and wellbeing too
i just read in my humanities this morning since i was staying in reb norman's room the abbot's quarters my monday says the pope totara which is the jewish word for dharma basically the law tower has two purposes
to heal the soul and to heal the body
let's not overlook the body our own body is nirvana kaja body of buddha as the zen master haku n g sang and so long as i said
this very land is the pure land nirvana is very body the body of buddha know monica so let's not overlook our body and our life and our relationships in our family and the elements of earth would fire air and space the natural world and nature or pets and all beings in this world and i'm in indiana
ahmet things it's all pneumonic nokia that's the body of love that's food is manifest body of love and compassion or my nokia let's not overlook that not just think dorm is here to heal our minds were already living up in our heads most of the time was grounded a little more let's bring it down into our higher
it's into our bodies and even in to our souls i think we needed more soul and our phones in our solace or not a no self dharma what do you think a little more saw a little spirit a little music little beauty a little sunlight that's the little sunlight here and young women tell
falling out of massachusetts where the weather's always grade i'm in california i wish will had more son in the zendo
i look out the windows and you only see the eaves i don't know whose idea that was
i want to see heaven i want to see the sky in the sinai minutes you know that's what i'm here for
in california
but seriously
healing the body and soul healing body speech and mind as we would say in tibet into three chi his body speech and mind our own bodies know monica the buddha's body of manifestation our own speech energy and expressions are energy is sam boga okay
at the buddha's body of creative the energy of creativity of vision sam boga guy manifestations and our own mind our heart mind is dharma guy the formless ultimate reality to are being primordial authentic being these are the three chi is our own body speech in mind
incredible that's the true refuge
i don't think we really want to take refuge in buddhist statues dharma books and sang robes only that's the external refuge the internal refuge is in our true nature these three jewels are natural mind is buddha my dharma makhaya that's the ultimate buddha refuge
oh natural energy and breath and expression that sam boga ukiah
the dime refuge
speaking truth
and i natural life or natural miss of body of being our true vocation the love and tenderness that's really in us in all of our hearts underneath it all called the inner child if you like
that's no monica that's not true refuge natural body is buddha body know monica natural my natural speech and expression and angie natural body this is the type that the god tathagata garba refuge the ultimate refuge the such as refuge in things as they
they are not in dead buddha statues excuse me
you know what are you understand even if we don't always not and dharma scriptures and books which are just more books on the dusty bookshelf too often in our collections and not just in robes and in form of beautiful that is that the outer refuge in buddha dharma sangha but in early taking refuge in our true
nature that's the true refuge that's a sanctuary that's a place we can rely on a true port in the storm of samsara of confusion a true port a safe port in a stormy waves of some sort of confusion of bondage of ordinary existence in this saw how world is tenuous floating
to drop like world
not just taking refuge in buddha dharma and sangha doctrinally but about let's look to and rely on buddha as reality as truth and take refuge find refuge in net
in truth in knowing truth
in recognizing reality and so on that's the true buddha moses
the dharma speaking truth is living through expressing truth the dharma practice let's take refuge in net practice not just dharma books and religious treatises and dharma talks good as that is as part of practice of course but taking refuge in dime
itself in reality in practice and living according to the principles of reality as we can discover them as they are well explained in dharma teachings
i third taking refuge in sanga in living truly not just in sanga club members or unsound a robes or and sound settings helpful as those are i've lived in their most of my adult life helpful as those are still even in a song or setting we can be nothing but a useless rice bag as the zen masters
used to cool the
right some lazy monks and nuns
what are we doing with our mind when when the dharma setting even in a session and even in the most intense zen practice session are we sitting on our cushions in chicken thousand and just being and in zazen are we sitting on our cushions making our to do lists
we're counting up how many i don't know boyfriends and girlfriends we've had or whatever the my the monkey mind gets up to
so the true sanga refuge is in living truly
we take refuge in living truly and finding our true vocation in life making a life not just the living in living truly in living with kindred spirits and living and loving truly not falsely not and genuinely
so then authenticity and genuineness becomes buddha dharma and sangha that's far beyond buddhism or any islam we don't even have to become buddhists to live that way that's what i think that this heart of dime is really a way of sanity and love for today it combines truth and love
or as we say my on buddhism wisdom and compassion wisdom prajna and compassion papaya skillful means compassionate paya the two wings that the body sought for uses to soar in the space of in freedom of enlightenment
as a bird can't fly with only one wing the bodhisattva can't sue or on the path without both wings of wisdom and compassion prize nine new paya or truth in love in english
sozo chen perspective what well i sort of ultimate or nine dual perspective on buddha dharma and sangha how we can take refuge in our natural mind as buddha mind international creativity and energy as buddhist speech sam boga tire buddha mind dynamic i a buddhist
peace and bulgakov and a naturalness and authenticity of body
natural living natural eating finding the middle way for ourselves as sanga as pneumonic monica as manifesting expressing moodiness boot activity in the world
in the world
and form
so that the foremost on a kaja and the formed rupa guy or manifested body of love in the world are not separate so we don't feel like we're straying from the dharma kaja from ultimate reality just because we're busy working in the garden or cleaning the diapers or for that matter arguing with our bore so or mate
not that i advocate arguing but the truth is if we don't know how to fight we can have a very good committed relationship i mean by noticed that therefore fighting must be a dharma practice some kind of fear and same relational fighting
i know we don't hear too often we generally here in the mahayana anger is poisoned anger is sin
but that's not the whole story anger also has its emotional intelligence there's some logic to it
the shadow size of our personality are nothing but light
they're the wrathful deities in the country iconography they too are sacred we shouldn't try to get rid of our emotions too fast be careful about that and you we didn't know need to use the diamond suppress ourselves our buddha nature
xo chan is the teaching of the great perfection the in a great perfection that's literally what it means
pointing directly to the fact as it says in many scriptures were buddha is by nature we only have to awaken to that fact we don't have to recognize whom are we truly are that's the meaning of awakening of enlightenment of sanctuary breakthrough
awakening from the dream of delusion awakening to reality we will boot is by nature it's only temporary observations which vale lad from us
so gender indirectly introduces us that is to the practice
of view meditation and action the view where the perspective of the natural state of things just as they are right view where per samma som de d
complete the a perfect view the first step of the eightfold path seeing things as they are that's the that's buddhist wisdom it's not views and opinions views and opinions which the buddha himself warns us about
it's not a mere opinions as the third patriarch of zen wars warns us about in his long poem
where he says do not seek for to truth merely cease to cherish opinions
who doesn't been mir mit mir views and opinions view means in the original sanskrit word is dog shot at means vision vision of reality sinks this as they are that's buddhist wisdom
so the whole practices about seeing things as they are and being
in english and dualistic thinking we have to say being with things as they are that sounds like there's me and them actually it just means being as is
being as is we are things as they are anyway for practice let's say being just being with things as they are as we doing zazen as we do doing zilch and sitting meditation we call nine meditation not doing meditation not striving to try to control our mine
ends or created a special state of mind by being as is being
present being
wakeful just being it's hard to just be so we have to do or something so we trick ourselves by thinking we're meditating look mom meditating don't bother me
but just being that's the essence of xo jed and i will speculate of zed
i know the six patriarch of zen i read his book once in my dilettante of studies
he said the essence of zen is not just sittings and it's being something like that zaza and is sittings and present itself as being zen whether you're sitting or walking or working whether you're moving fast or slow being is not changed that's where the phone
focus or the view with the attention can be that's the unchangeable unshakable dharma caio wrote them in nature
our own nature then we feel less identified with the momentary arises in our body and mind that that flow through the sky like this guy like infinite nature our nature then we have the view from above the bigger perspective then there's room for all kinds of things to flow through our bodies in my
foibles hang ups neuroses sounds sights for what's even thoughts are not a problem
through the true meditation
to the as as and true zildjian meditation where mahmoud reza call it also in tibetan
is not about stopping thinking
it's not about stopping anything
everything is equal in the great view of things as they are
in fact if you want to talk about stopping the truth is that everything is already perfectly arrest
but since our minds and our thought to move we need to work on that work with that
so perhaps a little simplifying our lives and slowing down perhaps cultivating mindfulness and awareness and attention to doing what we're doing what we're doing it can help us
to come back to the being the essential being that underlies all forms of doing
sitting meditation is like a laboratory or a microcosm of our life where we have the opportunity to focus the microscope of our attention attention which is the heart of the matter attention we can focus our attention on just what is up with us right now
we can arrive in the soundness
for once the truth is we are always
here and now fully one hundred percent but since we often feel scattered and distracted we need to take a path to get from here to here
not from here to there not from samsara to the other shore of enlightenment on the far shore of the big ocean of confusion but to get from here to hear that's the kind of drum that's the zen riddle how can we get from here to hear how can we become why we are
that's what so and again and they're like then they are very much a sibling practices addresses
how can we recognize what we are so we can more fully be who we are and be one with a we are already
that's why we also guess enlightenment in so and is a saying pre alignment alignment
as i said for everything is already perfectly arrest it's up to us to take rest a little bit at any speed we're moving
this is not dorm is not a pacifier it's a clarifier enough to pacify everything would have to stop by thoughts and feelings
enough to slow the world down to to slow motion
everything is fine the way it is of course there's plenty of injustice in the world and we certainly feel that and we want to alleviate it
that's true too
they may seem like a contradiction but so be it we can talk about that we want to talk more about dharma relative and absolute truths in the my yeah view and so on how does that if everything is perfect as it is
that things seem so fucked up much of the time but that's a little coward for us isn't it
just like to go on between being and doing or between in a work and outer life that's the edge that we live on the edge of the qur'an where the conundrum of life
how to be buddha right now if it's true as most of the buddhist scriptures say at hard and i just quote scripture if we need to but mercedes the trouble
and we will boot is by nature how is it that we don't realize in recognized it through and through right now why do we feel like so what from record and a quagmire so often like were a little tippy canoe in the middle of a storm on the vast ocean how is it that that's our experience most of the time
that's kind of the mystery of existence it comes to us in many forms my jewish read says if there was a god how could he have he noticed how could he have that left the holocaust
but everybody has this kind of thought
if there was a god how with children were born you a crack babies born with aids
it's the same co on
i don't think we have to lose faith in god
because there is suffering and evil misery in the world those who are not mutually exclusive but we're not talking about god today were buddhists today
for forty five minutes anyway
actually my new book or because i'm as need to i feel teach buddhism with a difference my new book awakening to the sacred creating spiritual life from scratch i'm talking more about god just because we have to talk in english sometimes about the divine and people need to pray you know even buddhists
it's prey so we need to use the words that we have for the ultimate and also many of us are hybrid buddhist jewish buddhist so christian buddhist or
rational most modern scientific buddhists are
k buddhists so i roll your own buddhists are feminists buddhists so the lane language has to expand and we need to think i think more about dime not just buddhism dharma
timeless wisdom of which buddha dharma is one of the best expressions i mean myself as a buddhist obviously i vote for buddha dharma but you know i'm just one of the we're all just chickens here in the courtyard
sarma will bring them with they seek no doubt in fact maybe before us because it really depends on one's own seeking and finding on our bodhicitta our way seeking mind bodhicitta our aspiration towards the ultimate
the essence of buddhism least according to the mahayana teachings as i understand that as motivation and intention
therefore if we practicing with confused or mixed actually we all have mixed intentions okay but to the extent that we practice with evolving and purifying and a clear intention we get an evolving and purifying and clear result this is a karmic law
cause and effect coming kind apple sees don't produce lemon trees
cause and effect coming kind crime causation therefore we need to check our attentions intentions a ted put attention to intention and motivation
are we just here to have a good time which is fine come on we are that's part of it we're going to make ourselves more miserable than we are let's face it but there's more that all we just here for ourselves
do we exist independently from the person sitting next to us or from our children's or made source and society members so as we expand our motivation our intention our scope or practice also expands i'm not on my meditation practice our spiritual practice our connection to dharma to true diamond expands
into the boundless space of true dharma our little hard boiled ego expands
we crack out of that eggshell and wow there's a whole sky out there
becoming less selfish and egotistical is not a sacrifice
it's like an offering it's an offering to our higher riser selves
it's an offering to all it's a service to the world and not only that we crack out of our ego and there's a whole ride sky they're bound the sky of joy of spontaneity of creative he's like splitting the atom
was nuclear energy come from how is a typical comes out of splitting the atom
i'm sure we'll understand that today well that energy was tied up and holding that little adam together
all of our he is tied up beholding our trip together holding our ego and presented together holding our trip together day to day moment to moment when we cracked that it's like a nuclear as much more than a nuclear blast
and it's not a harmful one it's a brat it's a
solar eruption of creativity and joy and spontaneity or light energy is released or a pure energy is released from holding get the ball of wax of on neuroses
as incredible energy pure energy that can take any form that has meant to take in our karmic pass it could be poetic where we're creative informal ways they could just be spontaneous loving energetic
activity booed activity creative proactive spontaneous booed activity rather than replacing comic reactive conditioned activity
we may not see see different things where we see everything differently it makes all the difference it makes all the difference is totally transforms ourselves in our world but this is an inner transformation again we might not see different things that will see everything differently and also we might not like look at different
you know the old saying if it's thief sees the st the thief only sees the saints pocket book
pocket so might not be that we have to look different
but everything is different for us which transformed into the atmosphere at our karma our world sooner or later since everything is interconnected
so in a search and view this is the buddha field and the pure land this is the boot of field of green gulch in fact
if you just go outside it doesn't take a walk i think it'll be hard for you to not notice how beautiful it is and how wonderful how much grace we are experiencing just to be able to be here if you've traveled the world you might notice that not everybody lives like this
i walked down to the beach and walk through the guide and just breathe there
you know standing that guide and breathing is like a meditation
a moment of grace is it's a contemplative practice
this is the buddha field and great perfection this is the dharma kyle and this is just three chi buddha field
that's why the zen master saying this very land is the pure land nirvana is very body the body of buddha know monica he wasn't referring to japan and his body long since cremated
he's referring to this right now rant wherever you stand and your body wherever you sit
we all buddhas by nature we only have to awaken to that fact practice awakens us
oh then say enlightenment experiences and epiphanies are like an accident when they happen we can make them happen we can force this moment of grace but practice makes us more accident prone
because practice spiritual practice authentic spiritual practices are in tune with cosmic principles these have evolved over the centuries and millennia through experience in a laboratory of spiritual seeking
it's not airy fairy
it's not an abstraction buddhism is very scientific
if that's a good word i don't know what you think of science but let me just give my talk here thank you
buddhism is very scientific is very rational that's why it's so popular today one of their main reasons is verging on a fad today but i think it's very relevant today to our postmodern disillusioned god is dead age it's very scientific buddha and the sages like buddha of which they have been millions many
we don't only have one began sign of buddha
anybody can become as enlightened as booted as the gospel of buddhism
yes even you i know you're thinking but what about me even you whatever your nickname for yourself is schlepp our snooki know a blob oh whatever you know harpo you know whatever the destroyer that the term that ever you know i mean you have your own i'll just tell you mine
how should never talk
nowadays to call me toby on the basketball court in high school the culture shock
hey i got em anyway
maybe tabby buddha
not all spandex buddha you know
as a zen master said on her deathbed sundays to the moonphase buddha damage happy buddha said buddha dying buddha being born booed every moment buddha full moon buddha cloudy buddha or so
we will participate in that bowden as even now
anyway practice is perfect we just have to do it
in the dual traditions and soto zen is old jan and advaita vedanta in mysticism of the world all these teachings converge in the essence of authentic being in mountainous there's the great crossroads where we live the crossroads of the past and future right now
the history of religion is irrelevant to our quest right now may be interesting but all of that exists for now so we can tap into this time with source we can plumb this timeless spring
this ever blooming spring there's ever rising great eastern sign as great master of trump or rep rip is to call it ever rising great eastern sun power doesn't mean asian son thank you great eastern sun ever dawning son not setting sun mentality
the i'm fifty now i'm on the back nine and i'll never make it
or i'm just a woman you have to be a man to be a buddha and sit in front of the room and make jokes nonsense it may look that way sometimes i'm afraid that least here in america we're working on that kind of patriarchal limitation
but you know the white female buddhists also
and i need to say that i made out to see that here because it's a beautiful americans and community with american zen masters and mistresses and quite a bit of an egalitarian process here but in the old country was know is that way and even today you my unfortunately stumble on some old buddhist
scripture to say only a woman scuse me freudian slip only a man can become buddha i know you find that hard to believe so please don't go in the libraries
we find all kinds of bad translations of the truth there
don't fall into that kind of week translation school
even if he says as the original pali language of buddhism or words of mere translation don't fall into the week translation school
anybody can be a buddha and is a buddha by nature some are sleeping buddhism or awakened buddha's we have our sleeping moments we have awakened moments that that makes all the difference
remember the great ever-rising eastern sun always doing son this very moment is the dawn of creation
god didn't create the world on some date i know seven thousand years ago or whatever however they try to calculate these matters
i don't put it down by saying that mythology but that is why is teaching mythology in a teaching tales exist to make a point if they didn't happen they should have
this is the moment of creation every moment is dawn this is the first moment
does the we are inherently free right now when we can be present enough aware enough to us as and to as okay meditation to pure presence through total attention
there is no past and future
and i know you know that otherwise wouldn't be listening to this rap it would just be bullshit
but it resonates doesn't it we've all had our moments haven't we
haven't we
and that's saying i'm enlightened than oil enlightened it's too soon to say that truth is it might be in some level but it's easy it's more poetic so we all buddhas by nature sleeping buddhas in a way computers but let's be more practical have we will have that moment where there's no past and future
i don't mean necessarily in the zendo are on a meditation retreat maybe it happened by accident when we were eight years old
a mommy told us don't talk about that anymore so we didn't we don't even think about it
maybe it happened in bed somehow cosmic orgasm or something i don't know maybe happened to love for giving birth or crisis when the headlights were coming straight at you and your car accident
anyway this is the moment this is the only moment first moment only moments right now as many masters say
i only practice is to access this moment that moment right now
that is where all the practices converge that is where all the practice practices stemmed from bad as the alpha and omega that is a beginning in the end
this moment
enzo jam we call that the timeless instant it's beyond past and future therefore even to call it the president is the wrong word because present time is the linear thinking time past present and future this is the time was instant and to practice we can enter it
we can access it
marchisio contradictory that made seem ready me to enter the present we are present will prove it how many things are you doing at once mr and mrs present
how present to you when you're driving your car from here to san francisco
are you in your car seat or is your minds are ready across the bridge without paying at all
bad karma
if snuck into san francisco
see we are totally present but we we shouldn't call the president we call it the timeless time is like the fourth time it's beyond past present future when we can actually access it right here and now and i think that's what the point is if chicken ties of just sitting of just being just walking of just working
and that is what the point of zo jan meditation direct access to total presence right now total attention
we might say our minds are scattered but the truth is there's nowhere for them to scatter to they are totally present
we might say he or she is a conscious being and yoshi is less conscious but that's just relative as i say sleeping and waking conscious and unconscious from the point of being or totality you are buddha nature it's all totally under percent president right now always
enlightened buddha deluded buddha
so in the zone and tradition we talk about discovering and developing
just because we have to tease it out a little bit there's the discovery or the recognition of the awakening similar to what you call centurion then and then there's the practice of living that out
discovery and development
actually zo gem we have it in three stages to make it even more teased out although it's only one thing which is idea and yang looks like to thing shadow and light but it's really one there's only light right it's just such a thing a shadow
is this is your thing is cold
there's only heat there's only like movement energy called is the absence of that and so shadow was less light but it's still light phenomena similarly to tease us out to twist emptiness a little bit so it's arms and legs can come out the tibetans saying if you twist the snake you get to see its arms and legs
i mean snake moves so it must have arms and legs right as alarm and told me
anyway it has the muscles are some way of locomotion similarly emptiness to get dressed up in drag and to move around that high speed as it does in all forms you will have to twist and turn that will be so to twist and turn out this we get our teeth into it we talk about discovering and developing and then stabilizing
we're really not developing stabilizing empty nester and gotta with developing and stabilizing our view of it through practice that's why enlightenment experience and know alone is not enough
the time was time has passed
enlightenment experience alone is not enough having said toy is not enough
even the great zen masters had that many sad stories before they were satisfied if that's the word
i think it was though jan but it doesn't matter who won them the wise guy said
fattoria is not the end of the path is the beginning of the true path if you get the point having an awakening is not enough thing you have to live in a way cool fashion not just go back to sleep again
or pretend you're asleep or continue sleep walking with eyes closed even though you awake so it's easier these days to get in line than to stay in line and i'm afraid that's where discovery has to be developed and stabilize so it becomes unshakable so that we are
there were we truly are
is the practice of the view meditation and action review of the great perfection the meditation of nine meditation of true being and the action of brewed activity of the great perfection of zone chen
i think it's parallel very parallel to zen practice for like gamma chi practice and and some bought a new monica practice manifesting your comment in the world whatever these are just words and he's very important for us today to recognize that the dharma today it's something we have to live in daily life
life integration is the name of the game that recluse in and seclusion
it's good to go on retreats it's good to have a daily meditation practice it's good to come here on sunday or whatever we do but there's still the other two thousand and three hours of the day it's the other six and a half days of the week that's where the rubber meets the road integrating in daily life bringing this view meditation it's action in daily life bringing
ing are
mindfulness and awareness and everything we do bad just sitting and walking and the zendo what about sitting on the bus and walking on the street downtown
it's really not different it just seems different because we make that distinction so we come here we come here as a little laboratory to remind ourselves that we can actually live truly out there in the rest of the world sitting and walking in the world
in the ultimate view this entire world is in walter and all who sit and stand on and either deities are the buddha's or the deities
that's the sacred view that's the way to see booed in everyone and everything with a baton we actually make it into a practice that bed buddhism is famous as path of rupiah many different skillful means in fact they were probably too many it's complicated i'm trying to simplify that down to basic essentials the practice i want to leave with you today having
talked about the view meditation and action and so james a great perfection teachings
is the practice we can't bend dark not or pure perceptions seeing the boot in everyone and everything
seeing the light in everyone and everything
and when you start to practice that i mean just look around you you might notice some other things will come up that's very revealing that helps clarify well of the projections and karmic perceptions that we have
it's like having a clear mirror we can see all the reflections in what is it is keeping me from seeing my difficult boss as buddha right now
me my acrimonious x as buddha right now
bring it into the now practical practice what is keeping me from seeing myself as okay as loveable as buddha right now
i'm not just right now my best month of my worst moments
if you practice that i think you'll be food everyday and you won't have to kill him or her booty will live forever thank you

the with the rosary people in all religions use rosaries for prayers and chance and as censoring device so in buddhism also we have groceries
counting prayers using as censoring device counting the chance and other purposes
for example if you
let's say you have a module prayer that you chant every day
many times and over years if the ideas that it seems like the power of your prayer where the breadth of your inspiration serve the serves him how timely at this
so you can use it to remind you of that or even to like remind somebody else to he'll run by touching on and bezier different belief systems but if you enter into the realms of practice and healing or white magic or initiations and empowerments likely haven't himalayan buddhism than we sometimes use this for that too but in
general i think the first thing to say about a or rosary is that it's a centering device
and you can't mantras with it just like in zen practice he might count your breath to help you stay one pointedly a focused on breathing breathing in wine breathing out to and then you might notice you lose count so it helps you get some feedback say the come back and start again counting you mind one
are similarly there's a centering device and you would say your mantra or your prayer was a mantra like all money paid me home
i'm money in the monica me on my return room and there's a certain number like one hundred and eight which is a mystical number nine times twelve there's all kinds of numerology attached to a number is in new religions but we have to study out today but anyway in simple terms if you have to do hundred mantras than you've done us to look at and yeah
think about it he just constantly mantra and clip the bead once every time until you complete the circle and you come back to the head the you know you're done
it's a bamboo is practice we do thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands so it's very helpful to have something they don't have to count and count up these a lab because counters also so you can just click one of those to make up one one hundred to one hundred three one hundred than in here one thousand two thousand
three thousand the slide is little rings say it on a getting off the write it down or keep track so in that way when you spiritual bank book is for when you get enlightened

no that's
the same time accepting that
well how can you get married if you accept that everything changes
okay since you haven't answered that one
how can you do anything if you accept that anything changes i mean how can you put the t on to boil
and you have to draw a line somewhere you have to do something
he said i'm getting at
yeah if everything changes how can you just be frozen what kind of strategies that that's even sillier than making a commitment
we have to flow with change flow for i would change we also changing
it may be that our commitments will also evolve and change we have to be afraid of that they can be stuck forever here is because you know we're here now or because they closed the door there was a not lot
since you brought up acceptance this is a common question that we all have it's a kind of a co and ricotta and drum that we have to work out what is the balance between of course we all want to need to be a better person work for better will see a better world
bring up her children where do i work for you know better
let's not be too materialistic way grasping that better but you know as well as we can parenting or working it being in this world
so what is the balance between addictive always wanting more on the one hand that have a better everything a better made a better house a better car that a job a better body that a diet of i'm always the end of that
i mean that is really addiction there is no peace in that so if we're going to recognize on the one hand there is a definite genuine aspiration not just desire but actual aspiration even bodhicitta use the boost word way seeking mind for the better way the true way so
still doesn't have to be some other perspective on that to that this is part of that that were not just waiting til we get there that this is part of it right now that we can accept who we are who was trying to be a better person i'm a good enough person to be trying to be a better person right now
that's kind of balancing the future by past future orientation that with know like the essay a horizontal linear way we get from here to there we grow up we get better we wherever we learned buddhism better we get more spiritually wow that's very linear resorted to hi
horizontal dimension of right now it's all here right now
and if he knows that's a costs which is an ancient symbol of home as it's a mandel of homeless these two dimensions eyes on the where we live and exist in train and develop and the vertical which is very sad you ascended reconnected right now and the highest and lowest right now point that's where we live if we get to for and any
those elbows we did lot of wobbling and flopping going on so how do we tried to percent fact ourselves and lit have a better world in one hand and also recognize the perfection of that very process from beginning to end that's the colon
i think a zen master said somebody said well you say where or buddhism or or perfect than what's the point of practice what's the point of building a temple or growing a garden were doing anything and the master said i think it was your master suzuki roshi correct me if i'm wrong he said everything is perfect work is a i am perfect bridge
so like we are perfect yes and we continue perfecting ourselves endlessly says ah familiar to contain continue perfecting ourselves endlessly what is the exact
it could use a little improvement
hey even better just to make the point is that's how humans think
just a little tweaking
otherwise always we get frozen oh everything's perfect i'll just lie here in my right and not even get out of bed
i mean what's perfect about that you're free to get out of bed also why get frozen into that position it's also perfect to feel like getting out of bed then you get out of bed you accept that if you want to redress the injustices of world that's perfect please do it why hesitate why hold back it's all the next
oppression a buddhist even our desires and aspirations you have to recognize that's part of it i'll load desires just for things we want a pint of our larger aspirations for things that we don't even know about to want
bodhicitta longing for union or wholeness as aspiration for desire for a mate for happiness from you know love whatever that's part of it human love is the tip of the iceberg as the wish and frees ourselves in position not doing anything until we can add the rhine perfect on cundiff
she'll love
two little sloppy loving now and then it's not so bad
get a pet whatever it takes

i will let me say one more thing is is very important point about action and nine action about doing and being is is a dualism about acceptance and transformation surrender and acceptance and equanimity doesn't just mean dropping out and dropping everything in that carrying its
very caring so the master in the tao te ching one of the great wisdom classic says the master does her best and let's go and whatever happens happens she keeps doing her best than letting go and whatever happens happens she keeps doing our utmost best and letting go because she knows that whatever happens
we do give it our best so that's the transformation and the aspiration part want to be a better person where for better world relieve suffering and injustice but we also have to accept and surrender enough to still to let go so because whatever happens going to happen we're not the sole do and what you know we can't determine our to going to work out we just make our contribution we
we can't do it all yeah we're not free to do nothing
no one can do it all even a great sages and saints
still we're not really just do nothing
i mean try to do nothing it's very hard work for you and impossible
this car
that's a good question i think we have to recognize that is these are both coexisted is the conventional press present and future i'm getting from here today approach yeah you are growing up
in the same way you are full how human being from youth to middle aged old right that's not linear how you hope and sapient from beginning to end right so cause and effect is in time in the conventional level in buddhist philosophy rather than trying to say everything is wine or everything is illusion
or any definite assertion is what's your process oriented flow impermanence indeterminacy any assertion can be undermined
these are just buddhist principles so
karma exists in cause and effect in sequence in linear time like if you read poison you get sick
that's com cause and effect in practical terms if you're loving gentle nonviolent helpful so you probably have mostly that kind of thing coming back to you
that's karma what goes around comes around we we brought we write whatever reaper we've sown
cause if epithets in sequence you see you do something and you get a result
now if you'd just the present moment that's more like this dimensions much more ultimate there's no before and after
if there's no before and after you can't really say that your homo sapiens because you don't have you know it takes too long to think that and snake and state that you follow there's just is this indescribable that this is just presence there is no i am you know there's no subject verb and action that's all sequence that's
the world of karma so buddhist philosophy cause this dimension the conventional a relative truth is horizontal dimension that we live in
and this dimension that is in every moment of this horizontal connect total totally every moment of this has this in and right
that's the absolute truth of the ultimate reality
so even while we're perfecting ourselves trying to wake up from be sleeping buddhism and turn into awaken is gradual sequence karma good actions brings good results pre-training brings awakening in this sense it's buddha training him or herself all along best not
carmen you can produce a buddha you can we awake to right
is there
think that's not karmic that's not caused it
on the other hand it is because you know it could just be a little more awake it is perfect yes but it really helps to have a little improvement

i think it's very important for us to recognize so we don't get paralyzed with some kind of idea that we read which is just a rumor were all buddhas or everything's perfect where we hear it today from some people who were influenced by the nine dual school of advaita vedanta of indian philosophy that says there's no need for practice than we paralyze ourselves were miserable
suffering unhappy creatures looking for a better life but somebody says this is the better life
and we say oh great
if was a charismatic powerful person in front of us is telling us that in my work for right that day were we there but what happens the next day or the next year when we go home
so the absolute so they've that the absolute truth i am criticizing now they have the absolute truth but they're losing touch of the conventional reality we live in if you drive on the left side of the road you can have an accident
we have to live in conventional reality now if you don't mind having an accident and whatever happens from that than go ahead but it's still might involve some other people to some children and the other lane and you know so you might think about that for you just say doesn't matter
so we can paralyze ourselves with you already enlightened way of thinking that's only half the story they are still could the truth of could need a little improvement
because what isn't growing is dying best if the truth of reality anyway
there's no end there's no like enlightenment like you get to the other shore and it's a concrete bunker where you hole up
it's much more big circus or cycle spiral whatever
there's no add buddhism is much more process oriented it's a great of ecology there's no way to to stop the fix anything
and we do have to live according to karma in the ultimate it may not matter very much
whether we feel good or bad or whether we take poison or medicine but relative day to day everything we do think and say matters a little you know it matters a lot that's the term is our experience every little thing counts in the conventional level day to day
that's the world of karma that's the relatives who that's where we live
of course in a sweep of cycle of cosmic time of billions of use a geologic time it doesn't very very much whether we have a good hair day or a bad hair day
but to you and you made a matters
so if you hold both is sort of loosens that up it matters but it doesn't drivers to suicide
we have a bigger perspective while we are dealing with every moment as it is
so then we want to know what the laws of the road are so we don't have these unexpected accidents and feel victimized why did this always happen to me you know some people seem to have a lot of acts the car accidents and others don't there's no accident
the some reason probably for that present might acts and so as we drive through life if we don't know what the principles of the road are
if we have our hands on the rear view mirror of a car we don't understand why we keep having accidents it's a little problem if we're not steering our karma were just steering our doctrines it doesn't steer our wheels it doesn't bring the results you know all my cause going less than you're turning the rearview mirror right they get your hands on
the wheel what is
the time that that's why causation is so important to understand and interdependent origination interconnectedness
most of us don't just get sick we make ourselves sick
physically mentally emotionally spiritually so of course is what are we doing and how to do it better accepting it is is the beginning is very important denying it it doesn't help ignoring it doesn't help first ufc and accepted then we can do better
in fact if we accept that we might do more relaxed so we really can do better rather than just floundering of your questions i'm talking too much
yes ma'am hello
that's a good question and in fact that's why i read my new book awakening to the sacred trading spiritual life from scratch to a metal different things that people do and have done and can do
so what are you thinking about the so we have somewhere to start what is daily practice entail mean piano practice was zen practice or prayer practice of yoga practice where you thinking that right
when she'd ask him

zen practice you challenging me
zen practice entails
total attention one hundred percent doing what you're doing that zen practice so when you doing his eyes and need one hundred percent just sitting
if you're walking cane in your doings and working practice just walking
if you're working you know what have we want to example as they just chopping
just i don't know tapping the computer keyboard you know whatever you're doing just doing that hundred percent
now we may entail some other some little you know tweaks maybe there's some questioning or exploring involve like a co-op you know like looking into who am i were in some other way using your mind the rational and also your intuition the plum deeper into the mystery are being because it's hard just to be so we do apple
doings in skillful means rupiah to help us be more fully
they may be some chanting that maybe some study the maybe some added to transformation you know my yeah i'm i'm training but he sat the vows and selfishness training all of us as zen practice
these and arts may be marched send in martial arts however you can work in a well rounded way to have a spiritual life that's what zen practices a well rounded spiritual life may we need to exercise so zen practice is not just sitting it's also walking it could be a martial arts that to taste your full attention where t sarah
moni kasumi a painting uninhibited one stroke painting or haiku poetry so we get into spontaneity of expression that zen practice learning can not at it
what comes up press
for specifically if you want know what do you do everyday is why i've written this book to say these are all things one can do with what do you do everyday where do you begin i think you have to begin at some beginning like where you are so you begin with something simple like sitting on the cushion every morning
and if you miss a morning and i'm going to go to hell let's be realistic psych exercise but if you get four five or six days a week year-round you have a buddhist practice
and then carrying little it i when you learn or attention into the day
mindfulness in the day not just on the cushion that zen practice and if chanting helps open your heart that that's a great practice
and then coming to retreat and diamond studies maybe teacher interaction that's a zen practice are doing these things you familiar with at what i mean wow

yeah that's what the mind as we all have that monkey the monkey mind grasshopper mind
singing right
laid off the further tally just throw the clutch
the understand clutches you throw the clutch the engine can keep spinning it will eventually run out of gas you no longer feeding in the usa throw the clutch the engine will not drive the wheels your karmic actions while proliferate you can just sit this is easier said than done admittedly perhaps from new york i have motor mind i know
no i've been there dentists use the data you might just writing you throw the clutch you drop into neutral gear
the mind is spinning but the wheels are unconnected anymore you're not reacting
the this was where you cut the tangle of karma there's no causation
it can spend all at once it's no big deal that connect anything the spinning is empty
unless your highness it then it drives karmic activity or you use it skillfully you use analyze things out you figure out the best route to get from here the home that's what the mind is for you don't to stop your mind to get a the bottom me become buddhas vegetable that's exactly the wrong direction that's the problem of
the quietest trend that we sometimes fall into because our minds are given such a pain in the ass
this because on that's what my i have the time but that's another story when we can elevate i thought a little bit it's a good thing too but still too much to what makes us a victim the intellect the thoughts are a good tool but a poor master
so tell me about your meditation you know you sit down in that happens to you know how to drop into neutral
so you need to practice meditation when to ask your teacher or read the is scripture you know how you drop into neutral what would mean like if he just breathing
that might help or little chanting about little work and work workouts some the energy so we can be more centered and all like you feel we're yesterday
yesterday to a little bit of starting to meditate breathing in breathing out that's easy we don't have to do that but we all know when we're breathing in breathing out or i'll we somewhere else we don't all know how don't know when we're doing it so you started to focus on breathing in breathing out in zen practice perhaps counting one to ten and starting again
saving get the ten is not as easy as this house before them grasshopper jumps off bad little train
so he started to learn that you can train your attention more and more than maybe you know if the cat and his father breath then maybe can breathe in deeply and feel it here you navel chakra hold it there and by stopping holding your breath you sort of stop and hold your energy so you their stop and all your mind a little and you can use to i can relax into that
stop but that's not the ultimate sister
that's the means that's not the end so you can find that place of rest in any speed not just when you stop this love
so if you're doing practice maybe ever teacher was in grammar friends you can learn from that's helpful teach a practice getting teachings reading studying whatever it takes very helpful coming here there's a great opportunities it's always available
good luck but practice it makes little difference is to hearing about it won't help much
yes sir

that's a good thing to start with because the mind can i was sort of think have one thought at a time or something just vaguely speaking so you can replace it with something else that's practice
as you just said but you also understand that's not really nice so very long lasting that's kind of reconditioning it takes a while also there's a little bit of delusion in that
because you're averse to what you've got and you're replacing with something you'd rather have if you see what i'm getting at so in a deeper sense one could cut right through to the point and see it as it is or accepted as it is or you to be in the bigger view of just say recognizing that
a bloop going around again
as one thing if the tape loop is just a television jangle from a commercially can't get out he had that's no big deal one can just listened to that and say this instead of watching the breath that you just make that your object of meditation but if the tape loop is your victim my trauma from your past and makes you miserable and sparks your now
give you know perceptions yourself or your bad habits reaching for a drink or whatever we do to insulate ourselves from and then maybe they'll take a little more forceful action in our to
purify it to transcend the you know whatever in different ways of thinking about it
to see through it to understand that so that it doesn't afflict us in the same way
one of the things most important practices is the practice of presidency if we can be more in the program or more in the present than the past as much less hold over us because it's only about memory and conditioning and habit we can throw the clutch and just be uploading neutral is just the analogy but you know what i mean go on

yeah right they have to go to the mattresses total war
they always her mother techniques more powerful ones but that may be an endless pursuit maybe you have to go to in a different direction and just surrender the battle
throw yourself into the the fire going to try and put it out can you imagine doing that
then go do i do in a jiffy right
you know there's an old story about the master trying to get in line joining in line trying to get enlightened trying to wake up then it became the day of the meeting of the masters and he was in the master yet and trying and trying to see things as they are not getting in the meditating all nine sitting up at the meeting was compared to one the next day and he's not getting enlightened and
getting lightened and finally he gives up any starts to go to sleep he leans over says i'm not enlightened and he got a mind
he let go he saw things as they are he told the truth whatever you want to say
he let go he stopped beating his head against that particular wall
maybe that changes everything
are you dealing with some particular thing that you've got your mind and psychoanalyzing public but you have something particular that you referring to so we get more but what is it
so me recently
recently many years ago
yeah that's painful so maybe we haven't thoroughly process the pain and grieved over it and we need to and i just wish we go away
it will go away eventually you can understand that but it's painful now so maybe we need to feel the a more thoroughly not just wish we didn't feel it
they'll be throwing yourself into it maybe need to grieve over it may you need to complete something bad at the yeah haven't you know
because if you want to pain to go away you might be like the insulating yourself were killing your feelings and then you know it my also ago would that some of the pleasure
maybe of your next relationship be careful if we desensitize yourself too fast that's a a bad habits and compensatory behavior
so yes it is painful
we're really hits us isn't and i love ability factors so maybe you could just work on that you know right through some loving kindness meditation or some kind of thing that worms europe
are not meditation some loving practice or service or you know help them other people so you stop focusing on yourself so much we can we work at our problems so much you know in a way service is the cost of a better life cycle of focus off ourself and pay attention someone else
you know it's like when you start to have children when has a lot less time to focus on one's own neurosis and preoccupation somehow
the kids were crying the middle and i you have to deal with it
guess that same as denying and arouses it almost just relieves the pressure that you're putting on the neurosis


you can replace that through in that moment when another thought you know we just oh my third now but it could be feeling practice because it's almost a practice the obsessing about that wound is a unique a code of practice is just not like liberating practice you might want replace the binding you know crazy glue practice
with the liberating practice
wherever that is for you whatever could work
it doesn't just mean put your mind that something else turn on the television
maybe working on the loving and giving out some love is better than thinking about i didn't get love
in a practices of love can help you
heal that wound also because there's a lot of love in this world here and there and everywhere not just from that one person
and i what it would help you feel loved and loved more
there's no easy answers you know these are things you can go to therapy for for long time and even in practice we have to practice with their maybe our whole lives because we have deeply wounded feelings of i love ability it didn't just happen from that person one year ago maybe that sparks off what you felt when your parents were divorced and your father
i left or died or something i don't know you your story
we have to remember that the law of karma sounds like a big mysterious thing but it has led to with conditioning in habituation if you have one of these i'm looking for then scroll in our and i don't know why i don't see one i guess there any other holes if you have a squirrel as rolled up this way
right that's like a habit away we do things is very difficult to just say let's lie out the scroll and leave it this way so we can all walk by and look at because you lie it out and then since you move by guthrie before you know if we have another look at next person has been rolled up that way for so long
so it takes a while if you hang it on a wall it'll still like crinkle up like this for log time till eventually it's like this
which was its original state right it was just a piece of paper was never a scroll and was born
that's like natural state or are natural mind or the present moment in a fluid it's not yet a chain of of thing is just a moment spark it's not yet a chain a barbed wire the candle is up and chain of thinking so far in the present moment the freshness of the moment that feeling comes up in and then it's gone
so it comes up the sound this or that it doesn't become crazy google or attachments and concepts i wish this that would go away that i can be peaceful through all that as the skirts of thinking of the change the role this up now if you have the scroll and swelled up like that and you have some experience with scrolls before we hang it on the wall
you wrote the other way round of this works with these elegant antique scrolls wedding that would account as well would certainly work you won't have the other way so we hang it on the wall the school doesn't know which way to bend anymore zanes just hang there so similarly we really can iron out and read condition air conditioning
until really we reached the d condition the natural state where there is none of this big history of being rolled up a certain way so we always assume that shape you know we're always bent outta shape a certain way oh don't touch what did we learn that that wasn't how we were born


well that's a good question many teachers are said this is a time of so gen because people don't at the dorm is dying in the east and into bed and also people today we don't have time ten or twenty years to way when not buddhists that are going to memorize scriptures and the rituals for twenty years before we hear with the
meaning of the rituals is so so can like then we'll go right through the heart of matters and remember was a reform the buddhism and china and india scuse me to get back to the heart of the matter beyond all the philosophy iconography theology rituals and so on right
it was a reform or teaching outside the scripture pointing directly at the heart of the matter that's a quote about zen
so generals are similarly so it is come in waves in tibetan buddhism whenever things got overly ritualized and tradition or bad tradition bound there was a new renaissance of people who were kind of clastic enough to try to go right to the heart of the matter sozo chen has always been taught openly is not a secret teaching him to bed
get to beds different than here it was an illiterate country so you know that people couldn't read the books unless a teacher read them to them people to know those books they will in the monasteries
and also it's a subtle teaching just like sand it's a formless teaching you know zen is not the most popular form of buddhism in japan
i were
the pure and schools and most popular form people praying chanting the name of amitabha buddha to be reborn in his to feel the after they die because that's what most people understand so in ways and is a secret teaching in japan
most people don't know it a lot of japanese don't like to go to zen temples you aware that they think of zen is very austere and very difficult get up at one he would sticks and ask you can possible questions
these that with if i'm tired the buddha will save us read him do the heavy pahlavi
so tibetan buddhism mostly you know
matzo general so but so gentlemen which is the heart of the teaching of course
so does the time to that and also look who i'm talking to
in bed it took ten or twenty years to educate the illiterate know mad herds person about buddhism until you could talk like this but i'm telling the people who've had been educated from sunday school for graduate school for thirty years and in therapy and read philosophy and come the buddhist said
enter so you've already done a lie that homework so what's the secret
when i talk about as in suzuki roshi his book which was published twenty five years ago
it will be more absurd to hold it is a secret not tell anybody what would that serve services the essence who would that sir so teachers want to give it the best i have just a parents want to tell the kids everything they know where it doesn't mean you tell the kids about sex will show them your sexual activity when the kids five years old
of course when the kids are ready we all hope will hear about it from the kids and we will talk to them bad sex of enough after here in worse places so similarly there's no secret teachings but it's considered an advanced teaching and esoteric the a mystical teaching you know it's like mr christianity is like a secret teaching today working
i find it
of course it's they are but you know some mystical teaching
so many teachers duty so chance that as i'm sure you know when you have been books on for decades in english trump or toy wrote about it was published the twenty years ago it's no big secret yes

that's right read the introduction

you never know right

that's a lot to try to understand i used to that buddhist practitioner
it only to do with will act as a lot of stuff to study and to learn about
what kind of practitioner are you
look can practice do you do
chapter ah right

that's right that's good thing about so of us in tokyo ripper j about this about absorbed care about what to do with that you know you're dying process in time
have you asked to teach you about this
yes to teach you about this

so did he teach you about dzogchen
so what this is somebody there to teach you about zoeken lama in lama when his up his assistance will they teach you that gen so you can practice option if he told you power then if you practice power what happens when you believe will happen
so you can do that
that's what you need the ultimate power is jan anyway where you are released into a big point and buddha mess

any questions

say more you talk about it what's on your mind
i'm a lonely guy now your turn
that's why i'm in love the sanga


well i don't think we have to shit on our heads you know by saying we have to make friends with loneliness long as as a hard thing
we will have a different strategies for dealing with but perhaps
you know it's not as simple as what you said if i make friends of my loneliness i just be alone all the time maybe the more you can accept to make friends with your loneliness that be more complete
you know integrated personality and then that sort of attracts rather repels if you know what i mean and then you don't have to pull back into solitude we also don't have to reach out all the time in a more complete being that can meet you know naturally interact with other more complete beings rather great partial bouncing and
pulling and pulling and pushing more time what other incomplete beings if you see what i mean i will will somewhat incomplete but you know just to say that idealizes that being complete perfect so we can meet another complete perfect being said i'm getting at

well what kind of practice you doing
in what style

he talks a lot about loneliness if you be quote trungpa you know like a as it our young friend over here said she got a lot of hope from were withdrawn was saying quote trungpa he would say is completely hopeless sad i give her that matters it is too strong medicine for boot her but maybe fears we need to hear trump would say loneliness is the naturals
that we will lonely buddhist there's only one you know i mean he would have is always saying been on getting it
we have to make friends with your aggression you have to make friends with your loneliness
my tree kindness used to be kind you have to like nurtured like a child when it has a tantrum
it doesn't mean to feed it and make yourself more loudly or more aggressive but you know
i think my tree practice loving kindness and compassion and practices in my yacht of mind training while john tomlin can help a lot with loneliness
but if you really get down to it i'm we were born alone and dial and this is a strong medicine that trump would give you a scientist translating for him born alone die alone come this world naked eye and with nothing except our karma and leave it the same way that's our so that's also true right now that's actually stand
it'll situation
but that doesn't necessarily mean that if you have to feel this way or that way about it best just how it is
that doesn't mean you have to feel lonely with the depressed that's not necessarily depressing places to fact you might be liberating
it's not just that we don't have anything but we don't have any burdens were not stuck with anything either right now we can get from here to anywhere there's a freedom in there
so how lonely are you willing to be and were throwing yourself into feed that demon feed yourself into that demon rather than trying to get away from the fear from the demon
of loneliness
song is a beautiful thing we take refuge in sanger because no one can do it alone
but we also have taken to buddha practice which is very solitary
buddha practice common practice and sound of practice and different fact
amounts at different times different phases sometimes when more saga practice sometimes more solitary buddha practice whatever that means
if you really get into practice mind practiced mind as yogi mind me is how you practice in the present moment not i'm in the process to neuroma tibetan buddhist that's just clothes