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the bad times rose

the morning
i'd like to walk a man who are here for the first time
and also those of you who were sitting there one day soon for the first time
the sun others here who will be certain size and all day
and many i beginning
our practice can i can cured of somewhat more
committed malpractice
it begins with a one day sitting so i'd like to make a brief mention of a little bit of the walking meditation in the same they're doing full windows seven like this doesn't give you a lot of space where a little bit crowded
ah so at the beginning when people have mobile rings will get up and some people lose for whatever reason and then we start walking meditation on the by and make the circle and more quarter of the zonda and sort of to run
out the spaces between and step forward or back sir the sediment even distribution of the space and then bam
as we been rattling if it turns out that the space in front of me that and ah
mobile you want to take slightly smaller steps
well as the space in front of you the worms to get longer maybe wanting the total longer stamps so take a couple of extra steps became kind of see that everyone has some will not going anywhere in walking meditation in
we're just continuing and medication but putting our lives a little opportunity to rest and it is in fact i find
a very effective meditation practice the walking meditation because since would and should do some physical activity with inch brass were actually taking a step with each breath it's it's very much easier to stay focused on bread for me i growing family
and then doing sitting meditation
and it feels like people who can't move fast enough simple as standing meditation just taking steps to keep up with your breath and then you even become irritated with salmon in front of him reading too slow
brief reprieve a different rooms where our breaths and not all the same length and so some people will take much more steps and others few steps ah
the adjust we're moving to someone else's proven proof naturally as nc
according to your own mood and just adjust the length of your steps so that we can move on
movies were together in the central banks to end the period of campaign step right out briskly until you come to that team a place in the sender

so far this next time weeks
anthony practice period the focus of a study
and the sort of a path of practice that we will look at is
this practice which is presented
bodyshop for china vitara the a guide the bodhisattvas way of life
wrong epic poem
the body sad for them
it was written by an eighth century
blog teacher at nevada monastic university in england
i'm as a kind of an interesting story about the about shattered over
who arrived already at no longer having developed quite some meditative
i don't know what caught some quotes and developed meditative practice but who put out of his practices at night
and in the bed time he said arrested and so he was considered by the other monks were to be rather lazy as a matter of fact he was called ah
the monk of the three realizations
the and
not holding them much respect than the were actually
boss that having him around with no wanted to try to figure out how to get him out of their movies where this will go home lungs and this guy didn't look like it was doing right at home
i'm so devised a way to have him give a teaching before the whole assembler and they thought he would be social know that he would lose
and it was at this teaching that shanti data presented
this text which has become a beloved text and voice centerpiece many as one hundred commentary sign it in the tibetan language alone
and the said that he got so carried away some ten chapters but about the month check and he started to sort of rise at the main was speaking about space and spaciousness and the rest of the ninth and tenth chapter where learn from to be heading somewhere that as first was still quite audible
so listen is and after this left another had to teach and sasa doing
but the learn that there was some
the controversy about whether nine or ten chapters and they went and saw them out and he wrote it all bound for them and and so we have it now
as the bodhisattva china voter guide the bone way of life
and he games
the teaching by especially as a good benefits of bodhicitta
i'll see continue and spontaneous state of mind that constantly strives to attain perfect enlightenment solo for the benefit of all living beings
this is pretty tutor
see the aspiration
for enlightenment to benefit by beings
it's interesting you know that we settled last the practice for of and she's teaching on the academic zhengzhou the
points to watch in the practice of the role he also because with talking about the importance of arousing racing line the importance of arousing bodhicitta
so as as and sanctions capital region issue guidelines for practice of moray and since advice about how how to practice so the a very shy over time and shanti davis advice on
how to practice the way
and just to to region of or to as so extolling the wonders and i will admit
a pretty cheap cheater
i'd like to just need a person to
it's a big wins by by paying homage and offerings to the best role models who have the d'amico and to all the herbs and to organize veneration i bow down
according to tradition i shall now in set forth an entrance to the bodhisattva for discipline

but i have to serve as i've said before and i am destitute of learning and obscure with words and therefore have no thought that this might be of benefit to others i wrote it only to sustain my understanding
and a man who gives this was force which is used again and again my precious perigee to take its purse the most of whom it has not taken birth
the world has been warned that not let it not cease but swallow and increase evermore and more

as a flash of lightning cleaves the night and not score shows all the dark black clouds ahead
like was wrong through the buddhist power virtual states thrive this was proof and transient in the world
so the other fail to a virtual except the mind of perfect for cheetah there is nothing the able to withstand the goals and overwhelming strength of evil

so talks about the the

flipped of emotions
and how painful they are
and our our
i'm virtuous thoughts and how much how much suffering will cause us now not virtuous actions and how much they cause how much suffering root causes
and can expose us to a an emphasis on to develop this mind of awakening for the benefit of air beings of course this one from the identify was just this abuse yourself that results that we are there is one of these be
kings who will benefit by this
i reinforce the mind of awakening but it was not for ourselves and our is for our blows
and so he speaks of ah
overcoming in the second chapter of overcoming obstacles
and grabs to being are owning the thoughts and deeds
similar word or positive potential energy by virtuous acts and deeds
and then the fourth chapter is about conscientiousness of cheerfulness
and at the first chapter of in
an aroused racism mind having raspberry cheetah
ah the begins was the baby for vows and the
the presentation of the a practice of the six transcend the transurban imperfections which will call
the body site for
prior notice
andrew the i presented with donna or generosity as the first of the perfections for shattered over says generosity when it's it's combined with the dedication in the end where he dedicates the man
of all of this practice to our bills
and that is and any includes generosity of the tenth chapter than so he begins in the
ah six through through its chapter to talk about in the fifth chapter to talk about but generally thought of as the second profession of a second
apartment or of sugar or spiritual discipline
alertness on mindfulness
attempting to our actions the discipline of precepts are sheila
a camera to through a war of our actions
a garden conduct so that we don't create suffering
so it will truly virtual instead
the six to the eighth chapter discuss me
the virtues of the profession of patients
i'm jealous effort
meditative concentration and the ninth chapters on the wisdom and the tense as i said aside generosity and dedicating with merit
so this set of the outline of the text that will be studying or practice period
and blue outline of the text follows this this first that i that i read before the supreme and precious bodhicitta take birth who does not done so so this was the the first part of it from up the the
somebody chica and wishing that i think both where it hasn't done so there has been born may it not
when increase
so the practice of the parameters
well i
guiding our mindsets in position to doesn't decrease the motherboard has not decreased more abundant will grow
so this is the the
organization of the text
the wrong things that i like to to answer was that we can sort of these professions
as well i want to
i want to cultivate generosity in order to overcome or stinginess and i want to perfect
a virtue in order to overcome non virtue and i want to perfect
the patients in order to overcome impatience or anger irritation and i want to prefer the chairs effort of the not have to overcome
isn't as laziness or of sloth and torpor
the others will some sort of those professions
i do list of well as sir
i'm taking up this practice in order to overcome
sound levels aspect of our human condition
but if you look at the of
that really profession saddle and perfect meal is complete we have to look at we have to look at generosity
my patients are have any of these parameters to the homeless of moving at our lives and our practice and our human condition
take up the practice of data in photoshop the practice of generosity of giving and
sanford and our this will so come to recognize
stinginess and greed
shouldn't set 'em up one against to have it because in the practice of generosity is our preferred to see how suffering was caused by man generosity and to be able to work with what me find here which is a vote likes you know
perhaps at the very end of it all through those will my turn out to buy things from rather have a nine virtuous thought and love to a non virtuous act
worked with who we are and will include everything gets here
and when we plan we undertake
to practice let's say with with patience
and we discovered my patience as we show
then moved to be willing to be with
nine patients or anger or irritation
and still it
understand that understand the suffering redcar events causes so it will no one will want to abandon it
we don't want to abandon it because someone says it's a good idea because the buddhists and soul because chanting davis also because the dalai lama said so but because i said so her mother said so
the started our lives and we see also something i want to
i want to understand sale and so that it doesn't cause the suffering that i've seen causal
so as will take up each of these the each one
a on onto our life so much one a way to see our life and some suffering
and saw the possibility of an elder surfing through our own care
of but will find in our mind when we go to work as would work
and it doesn't follow that doesn't mean
a pushing it away or ignoring that advance understanding it
it means being willing to actually feel the suffering of it so that we are ready to let go of it
so we see that there's no advantage to presented by it
patties unwholesome states is night
that the only advantage is is to cultivate a wholesome states with nine
this is the way we can help suffering burns
well the food shortages push away the suffering that we find in ourselves and and pretend that was getting under control because we're sitting on a powder keg here
will push hello everyone who reminds us of that which means that will not be present with and for them to help them in their own something
if what will want to do
is to express the compassion of a buddha we have to be compassionate
to ourselves
lot of miles or on saffron
and through recognizing our suffering we can recognize the suffering of others and be present for them
this particular
cover a wide range of human experience
and enable us to see
a great deal of who are and how i
and particular when we come to was them will come to see
fun fact about exist in the world and the way that we thought that we did
we insist
interdependent was everything
this all beings that we ah want to look good
is completely
committed to this being that we think we are
and through his practice that will come to see this complete interdependence and interconnectedness
the whispering and all beings
we can see that will arise
in each moment from causes that house but never causes
me state of mind arises in each moment
from latin one cause but many classes and we come to see how
how sad so produced how emotions are produced have a phenomenon are produced

oliver's i think have come to practice because we have had
some glimpse
as the
our life
and we may have some feeling of urgency about practice you know the verse it's usually on the horn says
put some death
there's a big boom
everything's changing nothing nothing remains stable
what's up
don't waste your life
and so wasn't any of us have to practice from some very strong ancient sense that
this life is short
when i don't know when it will end will know surely that it will end
and so what should i do
life that we have

and i know sometimes
the people
i was noticing a little bit this morning in the zendo sometimes people are
a very serious about practice and that's good but sometimes that they have a look of putting site of grim about practice on
and the fact that the practices agent and life is short and those and this is
there's a big deal
still that doesn't know that you can't enjoy this life
if you're going to have eyes and try something else can we possibly have it except in the midst of birth and death
so to be really sincere about practice and still
in the midst of practice
to find some is enjoy
can this as a of life
we love to see the nature of our life
we need to see it's constant arising and passing away
solid was on a journey toward at it
it isn't there a terrible traveling thing was constantly arising and passing away
it's a very freeing thing it's very liberating
we can express our gratitude and appreciation for each moment don't swallow

when when shouted over
talks about practicing the bay side for way
in january bodhicitta she begins bass singing hazardous journey has a virtual to lose our bearings from the sales of the states of grief and places those who languish in the real and grams of bliss
the mean that was a virtual i rejoice which was the cause of the enlightened stoop exhausting in the food and never to be lost as living beings from the round of pain
a the bit of the protectors out aloud and in the stages of the buddha's offspring
he added to the heard that virtual oceans as that brings them happiness and benefit of all that lives such as my delight and all my joy
i joined my hands therefore and pull the bulls who reside in every quarter and direction that symbol now the light of diamonds are those who were bewildered and the day was sale
i joined my hands likewise and pro to those who have have the victory and long to pass beyond the reach of so not leave us now in ignorance remain among us for unnumbered ages
all this as since i have now performed a virtual have thus amassed may all the pain of every living being thereby scattered and destroyed

citation good joy
can you having ended the of practice
ah rather than concerning suit considering that as a kind of a group necessity
seeing it as an opportunity
that is actually quite rare

that we have been fortunate enough
in our life somehow
two from canada flash of lightning in the dark of night
what has given us
an opportunity to practice
and in that spirit of gratitude for the opportunity to practice
we then develop
this mind of a cheater
having the opportunity to the practice
we want to develop
the mind of awakening
for are being so that all beings will have this opportunity for liberation

once we have
aroused bodhicitta then we can take the bodhisattva vow
teens are numberless
i vow to save them we we didn't take us fall at the end of each left you in class here
sometimes actually likes better a little better the translation things are numberless i vow to awake and with them

delusions are not exhaustible
i vowed to end them
diamond votes are powerless
i vowed to enter them
and this country
i'm a guide to the website for way of life is one of the garment goats that we can enter
his way is unsurpassable i vowed to become it

so during the coming weeks
the we were in the practice period
i would like to recommend to you
i think i would like to with men instead of a commentary by the dalai lama
ah because the the translation or this is not that the full translation of here that the translations of the versions that are in here
i i particularly like
andrew yang
i will put some love
copies of the of the
dalai lama's commentary and the see the bachelors translation of the entire text and there
the commentary called
many new of hole in the in the living room
as a firms in the living room as reference for it for the study period

may the supreme and precious bodhicitta take both where it has not done so
what has been born may it not decrease
it has not decreased made abundantly go