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morning everyone
i'm fool
one to cushions of you
actually i was thinking of sitting in a chair
this is my customer
recent years because i think you can do perfectly good zones in on mature
new as a matter of but no guns and xochi where i book to companies are kind of mother and sister were all of its students sit on chairs in their formal group so that he would let him sit on the floor
so are you over and over
sit in a chair
i'm aiming to form a new in-group
burn many good men group or the one who's a full load as on their over i would like to start a new england
the syrian kurt
she can possible
to sit just to sit
with no external goals
no agenda
no special techniques just to sit
not even with any goal whatsoever not even enlightenment just as it
not because you're a peer groups thinks it's the hen thing know
not for all kinds is very difficult to do just to sit
not because you have some five year self improvement program and we practically all do
five year program
sitting as part of my five year program
no rules sitting just center and i would emphasize not the physical posture i'm not that sense
but the pureness
we just sitting
one of the ways i think about that i think very helpful for me this is kind of a music analogy
that is say a symphony is forty minutes long as a period of zazen is forty minutes wrong perhaps
eight an aim of the symphony is not to get to the end of the forty minutes
no more music
it was just as zazen is not to get the end of the forty minutes period when you hear that love of a musical soundtrack
it's not the aim that's not the goal
so every moment of music finds it's called fulfillment in the moment of music
the only place it can be just as in or meditation how only place it conveys right here now
so that doesn't mean it isn't related to the past into the future just as a music there's this beautiful passage and indeed what procedure is very significant to the now what follows be in a context to of the now that doesn't mean it's high summer
made from the past or future it's orange related that buying bulls for and always in the moment
that not some distant place that we're going to get to
so they say like pavarotti some great operatic singer
porter themselves into the area
that's all there is right audio that moment of music
matter of fact secret ambitions i may frustrated secret ambition opera singer
i would love to be an opposite i don't have the voice for and unfortunately
i didn't have a particular fondness for that
analogy of music
and in somehow also it's kind of relationship to practice to do a meditation
an interest to me not there has been a set of them for games and which was devoted to music
back in the old days in japan there was cappuccino struggled with domains engine and went to china and study fluke
studied playing flute and yogic discipline or letting time would say how breath and mind it must be center must be seated deeply within in order to play the flu so this is for
gays and was for a while for a number of centuries in japan it was very common thing to hear often the distance maybe on some moonlit night the sound of some for gaze in wonder play flute
it was their way
propagating buddhist
they felt that the spirit the dharma the spirit of impure and lightroom and could be
manifest in playing the flute
so they had no scriptures they relied on music in the line on flute player as their practice and they wandered around japan they were wonder is leading a simple life
in their way of getting the dharma wants to play the flute and the return validity would give arms as was the custom the reached the monk is the dharma in the main thing is rice arms whatever so their way of giving the dharma
was made of you
so they were half monk and halfway
not quite month and not quite the here we call themselves the community of emptiness that community of jana
and breathing
was very important in their loot
an idea was that the mind and breath should be center should be grounded should be
center seated in the high
a growing consciousness
within us
within what the japanese called a horror very important thing by the wings in japan in japan and nothing when them was this idea of the horror of the center which is a little bit below the navel in the lower belly little bit below the navel is the
other in your mind and breath is to center in the autumn and when i'm getting this lecture on supposed to be center in up

also as in brigades and they also were singers they some mantra may someone now i would i say sing or other than chin
in sensor music
they would sing mantra they would go around the countryside singing month one of their favorites was the mantra to a meta namo amida buddha
no mom made ah ha moon may would go around chanting
this a mantra to almeida
i think that when a very great influence on zen and on japanese culture have no symptoms partly because their founder studied with logan's and three hours a day for a number of centuries there was a close relationship to a hedge which is the
the home monastery good
sotos and school in japan
so i would say that
that tradition somehow continues in japan today although now the bouquets and sec is no more are they were outlawed about a century ago for various political reasons but in japan today still
amongst the laity you can find remnants of this old playing shakuhachi
enough to to when you hear it enough to know that it can be very very deeply moving experience to hear that glue and really
when special expression of the pure mind of enlightened still then somehow remnant form that still exist in japan today
and another way i think about music in zen
is oh sounds of soul is going around
it's kind of the drone tone
here's a solar nakagawa erosion
died about i think about ten years ago i'm very musical
if i don't know whether you perhaps her may have ever heard him sing that song from la mancha
may reach an unreachable star on but i come from he has no voice whatsoever but here and sing it is really something else
they really pours himself later
and he also was very fun the flu
and his mantra which he sang everywhere new and singing this mantra number of and i both saw
it was his practices
singing that mantra
no to the great bodhisattvas great bodhisattva buddha nature spirit which is in all sentient beings all being everywhere
hail to homage to salute to bow to a declarations to salutations to
di bellezza the great bloody santa
and interestingly enough know some of his western students had quite a problem with his mantra goes everywhere he would go in the inside as mantra
when on his daily rounds passing little wayside shrine and they were many he would always stop and bow and recite nom de beaune south
some of his western students had quite a problem with that one in particular felt after he was with nakagawa one one one day and he felt that that this was kind of a superstitious practice kind of mumbo jumbo one reciting these peculiar
formula as if some that stone idol would do some magic or something
very superstitious practice he so in mexico that in no uncertain terms added the from where i come from i would rather spit and bow to that i
and so that took someone a bit of background on either front about it for a moment and was response was okay okay okay you spits i bought
ramona on know what i e books not
sort of fundamental all the writing my and know what are you gonna do given spits or even a mouth
as for so i'm either one is okay useless
namo dying bosa
for so in it means
crossed the great bodhisattvas but one the great body nature in which is everywhere the buddha nature bodega buddha nature which is everywhere in a
in this endo in a flower
a speck of dust and you me
in the great saints in the great buddhas in the great bodhisattva isn't was great supreme being everywhere
great bodhisattva nature
no help
homage to bounty adoration is to salutations to
de rosa
so again was in the fruit gazing it's not that reciting the mantra that singing matters very much related to centering
mine and breath
deeply with him as the japanese would say in the heart
not just a thing something you do with you hit center from within within your be
so i think maybe common kind of reaction to now i bought some has a kind practice would be maybe you're supposed to say it three times three times may do when you get up in the morning just say three type
and so you do it as kind of a chore like as if it was to get the purpose was to get the end up to recited three times normal diverse are normal diverse animal guy bosa think
not much musical talk
ah i thought done
we might go
say none of none of that are clumped together this morning since we don't have any animals to sing you think
atlanta and maybe say it three times but let's pretend first as if it was a chore and the only purpose was to get you to nanda
so and and
okay everyone together three times as kind of a chore know more about as i die both signs died about a sign sounds like ordinarily kind to me
a sound one with urinate
no religious place perhaps
not very spirit
now let's try it once more
and not just with a hint thing know
but it's been a sense of being grounded with and round
so it's springs up from and ground be seated with consciousness your threat your spirit your mind with simple is grounded
from that
as if you had all the time in the world from three times a hundred times you get all the time in the world
hey let's try again
the summer
yeah that's a little bit more like in

i think that the flute mantra singing songs and all related very intimately so spirit of practice in all events very much in interrelated
and i think it's interesting to that
when singing
ah bet is very important and operatic singing for example that the seat of the voice is not in the head it's rather than throat
and saying the belly
that's the seat of your singing
not so different i think from on what we say in doesn't like your breath the breath should be seated
in the higher your mind breath showpiece grandma center seated
so i've been thinking that
that instead of saying shit like we say sitting meditation or something like that sit great
our way of translating the zaza or chic current cause or something that's sick i would like to maybe substitute word seat
so it's seated meditation
not sitting meditation but seated meditation and that has both an integrated and kind of the outward since it is your see that as we were seated reminded breath and seated
so she can taza them is just to be seated remind them back to just be seated
and then as we say in in in soto's no guns energy says for example that sitting in map
one of four pastures
it is not standing it is not working and it's not sitting it is not lying down
something more than that
and that's something more i would say is to be seated you can be seated within whether you are walking standing sitting
for lying down
that word in english i think has kind of a ring that the said is different
mike we say the seat of the government the county seat
rebel seat
the seat and spiritual energy
that's a different ring think to zazen and seated meditation sitting meditation also sitting meditation and sort of implies kind of an active things know i got shit i got this cushion over here and i sit
and i sit quiet
whereas seated has also kind of a passive sense like is the your breath and mind than the good an actor being seated in you
i think that
more inward sense is very important to thousand that's one of the reasons why know sitting in a chair and back as i suggested when beginning as that you can do perfectly good seated meditation on jerk
and said inward sense just so important
also add by the way i think also a kind of more kind of passive sense to be seated
is the buddha-nature seated new
that's the question
not whether you're sitting are you still sitting everyday was the buddha-nature seated in youth

so i'm
that mantra namo tae bo's on first where it is normal
and i think that at first word is kind of a key too many of the great mantra is included
what's the big it is the first word the beginning of many of the great mattress like no pasa the door handles are amazon but are song games with number no more on
and as take not and was having a slump in the retreat saying namo buddha nama and on my arm amazon the i am
adoration to the three treasures homage to the three treasures salutations number number of to the buddha amount of the dharma number to the sauna
and the one to amitabha buddha the buddha of infinite immeasurable radiance and life
no mom made no no no for an ammo again begins and our meteor and friends and the lotus sutra school know me or holding a gun on me your and get on your anger god no
me out and get them num num get normal
very important at first with matter of fact i think a keen to the spirit of monterey practices all in number and you can get that part right it's rest of it doesn't matter so much liberty isn't it
so as a matter of fact in the lotus sutra it says somewhere that are recommended as a practice just just normal that's all
and and one of its advantages is that
you can no wrong to anything and everything to an hour the key to do a great bodhisattva to the great gooders to the supreme being to the buddha nature in everyone
to anyone everything all anything to a speck of dust
but literally the no more guns from the root in sanskrit to bow
it's they have it's the local form
hello dolly
and of course rallying practice is very essential especially in circles in we bomb everywhere all the time
my wife when she first came and visited zen center staff was amazed
she thought we're all these self remind pipes from
here we were all all over the place
she doesn't like to borrow some hundred
and as we tell those students if the kind of first rule of zendo behavior in and or yogi behavior and all kinds of behavior is if in doubt about it
the correct
ten second rule is if enlightenment that
i always spell him
bow to decode teacups you wonder if i wanna move this will bet should i am i supposed about first
it's okay even if you're not supposed to golfers it's okay
just now to every
an interesting not in soto zen rebound to each other you the roshi bounced you and you're bound to the raunchy
who bow to the teacher the teacher balanced view most elite schools that's not true student bows
you might feel a little bit sharp if you're accustomed to our way
and and you're bound to some beaker were something done by back expression hardly changed here you are the expression i a changing their their sensor is that your bowing to the buddha me not to be good but to the bull and the has humbly trying to be a vessel of the buddha's teaching but
you're not bind to the vehicle you're going to actually to the buddha teaching so he doesn't bounce back to you
but for us is very important we bound to be other
that we number to each other
so but you can do it with a mantra to like not one
the vocal right after we bow without the buddha than we bound to the dharma results from the soccer came in here about three times and about the don't know that our man come on to resolve that we at all
i thought then
and we might know or know that number
and in no particular time i written now we just might come on on them more like the a from
and you can be pneumonia to anything you want know if you're at the spits tightening up from the navajo narco a flower i think probably right the online
that's one of its advantages and didn't put anything that you would like now more do anything to the sabine being a weather
so everyone know

so i've been thinking i was hoping that we might be an in-state to start an operatic mantra
not as a matter of fact that the back at all so cozy temple in in japantown san francisco the older women had a a
course ai which i don't know what you'd call them when i'm saying together they would sing these tobacco we will sing these verses by dogan and other
eight figures in the zen tradition of time musically was really quite usable
he would he would call it a song rather than a jet
and they would make little bells
that was really love with him
so if there is not a operatic my why i started here i'm going to go back the worlds of koji and joining
monsignor senior women's
the course
or maybe i should get a shock will hace right away if anyone knows and shot a good shakuhachi flute available somewhere then after metrics
please let me know
one other than their elders
indian religious custom
namaste to new greet another person with namaste
same when saying about namaste the from number to bow
in usually accompanied with a gun show and in the form of a lotus right
that like we do it the canon and then if you go to india don't like that that can understand like how could there be a louis funny
that i was in india number of years ago and
i got to be friends with an indian woman
and i made it her like that she said how can you do that know this is post in those pants and she was a lovely woman james particularly she had beautiful eyes like lotus pools or something like that i look deeply into her eyes and there she was noted
spread namaste ever since and i have been able to get my hands together
and has go like a fuck can heard the japanese when it just doesn't seem right should be a lotus
so that's i thought that i might that finish your we might hike with namaste

the it really easy to me