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On Race

Serial: SF-03568

Sesshin 3 Day 7

Diversity, Lay, Hate, Discrimination, soto, Tassajara, Bell, confusion, Freedom,...
Mar 29 2005

Two Paths to the Dharma

training, Practice Period, Liberation, Bodhidharma, Mahayana, Study Period, Lineage,...
Mar 04 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Five Ranks, Transmission, Teacher-and-Student, Platform Sutra, Letting Go, Ego,...
Mar 02 2005

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-01923

#shuso-talk Sesshin 2 Day 3

Book of Serenity, Suzuki Roshi, Instruction, Offering, Buddha Ancestors, Manjushri,...
Feb 22 2005


Posture, Instruction, Branching Streams, Zendo, Zazen, soto, Birth-and-Death, Suzuki...
Sep 14 2002

August 18th, 2001, Serial No. 03921

Soto Zen, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Lineage, soto, Bowing, Silence, Duality,...
Aug 18 2001
City Center


soto, Five Ranks, Soto Zen, Emptiness, Nirvana, Renunciation, Oneness, Suzuki Roshi,...
Jan 03 2001

Genjo Koan

Serial: SF-00117


Karma, Five Ranks, soto, Dharma Transmission, true dharma, Transmission, Politics,...
Nov 04 2000
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City Center

Tenzo Kyokun Class

true dharma, Practice Period, Instruction, soto, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi, Big Mind,...
Oct 24 2000
Green Gulch

Women Ancestors

Lineage, Transmission, Soto Zen, realization, Priest-and-Lay, Emptiness, Ceremony,...
May 13 2000

Women Ancestors

Lineage, Ordination, soto, Bodhisattva Vow, Soto Zen, Funeral, Obstacles, Gratitude,...
May 13 2000

Women Ancestors

Monastic Practice, Ego, Chanting, Lineage, Letting Go, conversation, Ceremony, Echo,...
May 13 2000

Fukanzazengi Class

Serial: SF-03654

Monday Class

Zazen, Instruction, Soto Zen, Posture, realization, Dragons, Lineage, Suzuki Roshi,...
Mar 27 2000
Green Gulch

Works of Dogen Class

Serial: SF-03196

Tuesday Class

Birth-and-Death, realization, Freedom, Letting Go, Suzuki Roshi, Bowing, soto, Priest...
Feb 29 2000
Green Gulch

Fukanzazengi Class

Serial: SF-03661

Monday Class

Ceremony, soto, true dharma, Instruction, Soto Zen, realization, Practice Period,...
Feb 21 2000
Green Gulch

December 7th, 1999, Serial No. 03951

Letting Go, Emptiness, Zazen, Mindfulness, Karma, Faith, soto, Chanting, Lineage,...
Dec 07 1999
City Center

Wednesday Lecture

Bowing, Emptiness, Koan, Suzuki Roshi, soto, Chanting, Tassajara, Posture, Offering,...
Oct 06 1999
City Center

Intensive Class

Delusion, Intimacy, Don't Know Mind, realization, Chanting, Aspects of Practice...
Aug 09 1999
City Center

AIDS Bike-A-Thon, A Rolling Sesshin

Serial: SF-03983

Wednesday Lecture

training, Daily Life, Soto Zen, soto, Suzuki Roshi, Non-duality, Duality, Gratitude,...
Jun 23 1999
City Center

Eight Characteristics of Suzuki Roshi's Teaching

Serial: SF-03137

Sunday Lecture - first Sunday of practice period

Suzuki Roshi, Impermanence, Commitment, Vows, Lineage, Buddha Nature, Freedom, Faith...
Feb 21 1999
Green Gulch


Suzuki Roshi, Transmission, Lineage, Priest, Blue Cliff Record, Tassajara, soto,...
Dec 16 1998
City Center

Sunday Lecture

Religion, Priest, Buddha Mind, Vows, Precepts, Zazen, Chanting, Hate, Freedom, soto...
Nov 22 1998
Green Gulch

Saying Yes!

training, Soto Zen, Silent Illumination, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Dharma Transmission,...
Jul 06 1998

May 30th, 1998, Serial No. 01818

Serial: SF-01818

End of afternoon session [Dinner] Gil: Intro - 3 Films Mel Weitsman introducing Phil Wilson, Grahame Petchey, Ed Brown

Suzuki Roshi, Zendo, Ego, Interview, Bell, Anger, Rinzai, soto, Tassajara, Posture...
May 30 1998
Sati Center

May 30th, 1998, Serial No. 01800

Serial: SF-01800

Gil (Intro)

Suzuki Roshi, soto, Priest, Study Period, Tassajara, Soto Zen, Ordination, Funeral,...
May 30 1998
Sati Center

May 30th, 1998, Serial No. 01817

Serial: SF-01817

Gil (Intro)

Soto Zen, soto, Suzuki Roshi, Religion, Lay, training, Five Ranks, Priest, Bell,...
May 30 1998
Sati Center

Scholarship Conference Paper

Serial: SF-03238

Sunday Lecture

Heart Sutra, Lineage, Platform Sutra, soto, Religion, Study Period, Emptiness,...
Nov 16 1997
Green Gulch

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-03092

Case 10

Silence, Birth-and-Death, Interview, Rinzai, soto, Funeral, Book of Serenity, Soto...
Oct 21 1997
Green Gulch

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Five Ranks, Delusion, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen, Observe, Forgiveness, Echo, soto,...
Oct 07 1996
Green Gulch

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Five Ranks, Delusion, Absolute-and-Relative, Attachment, Emptiness, Soto Zen, soto,...
Oct 03 1996
Green Gulch

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

confusion, Four Noble Truths, soto, Rinzai, Absolute-and-Relative, Soto Zen, Five...
Sep 10 1996
Green Gulch


Dharma Transmission, Ceremony, Transmission, Practice Period, Soto Zen, Priest,...
Jan 21 1996

Causes and Conditions

Serial: SF-03660

One-day sitting

Emptiness, Posture, Book of Serenity, Subject-and-Object, realization, Buddha Nature...
Oct 14 1995
Green Gulch

October 11th, 1995, Serial No. 02703

Hsin Hsin Ming, Faith, Enthusiasm, Soto Zen, Nirvana Sutra, Gratitude, Vows, soto,...
Oct 11 1995

Tokubetsu Sesshin

Priest, New Year, Rinzai, Religion, Ceremony, Tassajara, training, soto, Transmission...
Mar 25 1995

Tokubetsu Sesshin

soto, Ceremony, Transmission, Precepts, Instruction, Subject-and-Object, Bodhidharma...
Mar 15 1995

Women in Japanese Soto Zen

Serial: SF-00097

Author reading from her book on the subject.

Soto Zen, training, Monastic Practice, Ordination, soto, Ceremony, Religion, Lay,...
Nov 25 1992

Hokyo Zammai Class

Five Ranks, Emptiness, Sixth Patriarch, Rinzai, soto, Buddha Nature, Evil, Darkness...
Feb 19 1992

Mumonkan Case 10

Serial: SF-00046

Seizei lonely and destitute.

Enthusiasm, Priest, Sanctuary, Sangha, Buddha Nature, Faith, soto, Balance, Zazen...
Apr 28 1991
Green Gulch Farm

Form and Inanimate Objects Teaching the Dharma

Serial: SF-00947

Sesshin Day 2 #shuso-talk

Ceremony, Bowing, Ordination, Bell, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, soto, Concentration, Lineage...
Apr 11 1991