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Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-01062

Story of Parvati and ...(?); falling in love - never alone; the entire universe in ten directions is the true human body; Coming of Age Program; samsara/dukkha; parenting a...

Samsara, Karma, Lotus Sutra, New Year, Continuous, Hate, Interdependence, Passions,...
May 20 2007
Green Gulch

Picking and Choosing

Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, Big Mind, Bodhisattva Vow, Equanimity, Happiness,...
Sep 02 2006

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-04732


Sanctuary, Bodhidharma, Karma, Ceremony, Practice Period, Instruction, Suzuki Roshi,...
Dec 05 2005

No Self

Serial: SF-00971

One-day sitting lecture: Bodhisattva Initiation - dharma names; Buddha's second teaching - "No-self Characteristic Sutta"; shamata - posture instructions; Bodhisattva precepts...

Bodhisattva Precepts, Ceremony, Precepts, Continuous, Separation, Posture, Delusion,...
Sep 17 2005
Green Gulch

Fall to the Ground, Get Up by the Ground

Continuous, Discrimination, Birth-and-Death, Four Noble Truths, Emptiness, Big Mind,...
Jul 18 2005

June 29th, 2005, Serial No. 04099

Ceremony, Zendo, Priest, Suzuki Roshi, Bowing, Continuous, Commitment
Jun 29 2005

Nirvana, The Waterfall

Serial: SF-03495

Sesshin 3 Day 2

Birth-and-Death, Big Mind, Subject-and-Object, Separation, Continuous, Composure,...
Mar 24 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Five Ranks, Daily Life, Absolute-and-Relative, Emptiness, Balance, Practice Period,...
Mar 10 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Ego, Discrimination, Birth-and-Death, Five Ranks, Karma, Delusion, Continuous, Non-...
Mar 06 2005

Ordinary Mind and Buddha Mind

Serial: SF-03578

Sesshin 2 Day 6

Ordinary Mind, Buddha Mind, Continuous, Composure, Suzuki Roshi, Dream World,...
Feb 25 2005

Expressing Yourself Completely

Serial: SF-03594

Sesshin 2 Day 5

Silence, Vows, Practice Period, Suzuki Roshi, Delusion, Teacher-and-Student,...
Feb 24 2005

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-01900


Lotus Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Nirvana, Bodhisattva Way, Practice Period, Buddha Mind...
Dec 01 2004

Four Motivations For Practice

Serial: SF-00928

Sunday Lecture: 1- rare to be born as human; 2 - impermanence of life; 3 - the effect of actions; 4 - suffering of cyclical existence. What is the practice? Letting go of fear...

Liberation, Impermanence, Happiness, Aspects of Practice, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go...
Oct 17 2004
Green Gulch

August 4th, 2004, Serial No. 03489

Birth-and-Death, Daily Life, Monastic Practice, Continuous, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen,...
Aug 04 2004

March 27th, 2004, Serial No. 04102

Practice Period, Zazen, Instruction, Zendo, Beginners, Impermanence, Suzuki Roshi,...
Mar 27 2004
City Center

March 3rd, 2004, Serial No. 04103

Practice Period, Sixth Patriarch, Nirvana Sutra, Daily Life, Birth-and-Death,...
Mar 03 2004
City Center

Just Being Alive Is Enough

Serial: SF-01094

The season. Vows. New Year's Resolution

Suzuki Roshi, Current Events, Vows, stubbornness, Faith, Continuous, Politics, Greed...
Dec 28 2003
Green Gulch

Zendo Lecture

Oneness, Religion, realization, Observe, Practice Period, Instruction, Repentance,...
Jul 02 2003

Not Always So Class

Karma, Suzuki Roshi, Offering, Anger, Teacher-and-Student, Demons, Continuous,...
Oct 30 2002

Arbor Day

Serial: SF-01071

Sunday Lecture

Commitment, Tassajara, Non-violence, Nirvana, Practice Period, Continuous,...
Feb 10 2002
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00073

Wednesday night.

Anger, Mill Valley, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, Bowing, Heart Sutra, Hate,...
Jul 25 2001

Sunday Lecture

Gratitude, Balance, Zazen, Cultivation, zen meditation, Priest, Conversation,...
Nov 12 2000
Green Gulch

The Whole World Is Medicine

Serial: SF-00078

"The Four Nourishments"

Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Continuous, Commitment, Passions,...
Sep 30 2000

Sunday Lecture

Precepts, Balance, Bodhisattva Precepts, Evil, Vows, Renunciation, Non-duality,...
Sep 26 1999
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-01872


Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Balance, Vows, Evil, Renunciation, Non-duality,...
Sep 26 1999
Green Gulch

March 13th, 1999, Serial No. 04079

Suzuki Roshi, Posture, Monastic Practice, Lay, Anger, Daily Life, Observe, Religion,...
Mar 13 1999

About Forms

Serial: SF-01038

Wednesday Lecture #shuso-talk

Zendo, Tassajara, Bowing, Hate, Suzuki Roshi, Priest, Zazen, Enthusiasm, Continuous,...
Feb 03 1999
City Center


Practice Period, Vows, Delusion, Aspects of Practice, Chanting, Continuous, Emotions...
Nov 17 1998

May 31st, 1998, Serial No. 01815

Suzuki Roshi, Dharma Transmission, Lotus Sutra, Continuous, Bell, Lineage, Tassajara...
May 31 1998
Sati Center

Green Gulch History

Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, Zendo, Passions, Politics, Lineage, Attachment, training,...
May 10 1998
Green Gulch

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Poems 1

Serial: SF-03521

Copyright 1998 by Gary Snyder - Unedited Preview Cassette

Zendo, Continuous, Politics, Religion, Ceremony, Fox, Patience, Mahayana, Chanting,...

Genjo Koan workshop

Birth-and-Death, Attachment, Letting Go, Dependent Origination, Separation, Funeral,...
Jun 14 1997
Green Gulch

Die Into Who You Are

Serial: SF-02711

Rohatsu Sesshin

Chanting, Suzuki Roshi, realization, Heart Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go,...
Dec 06 1996

Old Age, Sickness and Death

Serial: SF-03633

One-day sitting - Katagiri in Returning To Silence - Three kinds of thirsting desire

Two Truths, Four Noble Truths, Emptiness, Funeral, Zazen, Continuous, Obstacles,...
Apr 20 1996
Green Gulch

January 3rd, 1996, Serial No. 02706

Practice Period, Tassajara, Hsin Hsin Ming, Non-duality, Non-attachment, Suzuki Roshi...
Jan 03 1996

This Very Mind Is Buddha - Understanding Birth And Death

Serial: SF-00042

Sunday talk.

Birth-and-Death, Precepts, Repentance, Letting Go, Buddha Ancestors, Hindrances,...
Nov 26 1995

October 14th, 1995, Serial No. 02701

Faith, Vows, Hsin Hsin Ming, Continuous, Buddha Mind, Bodhisattva Vow, Bodhisattva...
Oct 14 1995

Meanings of the Word Dharma

Serial: SF-03094

Sunday Lecture

Birth-and-Death, Humility, Buddha's Birthday, Soto Zen, Zendo, Zazen, Family...
Sep 24 1995
Green Gulch

Tokubetsu Sesshin

Teacher-and-Student, Transmission, Ceremony, Dharma Transmission, resistance, Bowing...
Apr 03 1995

Jewel of Sangha

Serial: SF-03102

Sunday Lecture

Triple Treasure, Gratitude, Sangha, Fox, zen meditation, Happiness, Teacher-and-...
Jan 29 1995
Green Gulch

The Meeting of American Culture and Buddhism

Serial: SF-00135

Lecture Series

New Year, confusion, Suzuki Roshi, Peace, Diversity, Continuous, Concentration,...
Apr 05 1994
City Center


Emptiness, Mindfulness, Right Speech, Describe, Don't Know Mind, Commitment,...
Aug 05 1991
City Center

Gratitude and Generosity

Serial: SF-03928

Sunday Lecture

Gratitude, Obstacles, Hindrances, Daily Life, Offering, Zazen, Continuous, Posture,...
Oct 26 1990
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Emotions, Cultivation, Anger, Patience, Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Peace, Continuous,...
May 30 1989
Green Gulch


Renunciation, Zazen Mind, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Concentration, Suzuki Roshi, Ceremony...
May 18 1989

Sunday Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Liberation, confusion, Continuous, Duality, Gratitude, Concentration,...
Jan 15 1989
Green Gulch

November 26th, 1988, Serial No. 01910

Serial: SF-01910

Retreat - Description of Vajra

Liberation, Instruction, Doubt, Continuous, Obstacles, Buddha Nature, Attachment,...
Nov 26 1988

September 3rd, 1988, Serial No. 01909

Doubt, Emotions, realization, Continuous, Interview, Commitment, Enemies, Delusion,...
Sep 03 1988

Four Levels of Tantra

Vinaya, realization, Lineage, Buddha Nature, Mandala, Anger, Beginners, Continuous,...
Apr 06 1988


Happiness, confusion, realization, Emotions, Liberation, Karma, Continuous,...
Mar 28 1988